Isn't it funny? Have you ever met a citizen of Fairfax County who doesn't feel that it is an exceptional place to live? That it has tremendous assets, in terms of places to go and things to see? Who isn't exceptionally proud to show off the county to family and friends and yes, who doesn't also feel that somehow as a county we do not seem to have done a very good job of getting our

story out?

The market plan that follows is going to change that and change the area's "best kept secret" to its "best known secret."

Fairfax County does not

offer the traveler a sense of place. Visitors do not know what is and what isn't Fairfax County. Because it is relatively far-flung, it is confusing to them to determine where attractions are, how far they are and how to get to them.

While Fairfax compares

favorably with its surrounding competition outside of the District of Columbia, many of the county's assets are little known within the general public or the

tourism community.

Keep it simple. Those words represent the stake in the sand that cannot be compromised in rebuilding The Web site must operate as the workhorse for the organization, serving both Visit Fairfax consumers and constituents as a marketplace, planning tool and industry forum.

SOURCE: Marketing and Sales Plan 2005-06, Visit Fairfax