The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


ADAMS ST., 303-Vincent L. Abell to Cerece Rennie, $239,000.

ANACOSTIA AVE., 319-Alvin D. Whitley to Zsolt A. Csiszar and Andrew Silverberg, $101,000.

BLAINE ST., 4002-Estate of Roy Phinise Kay and Karen J. Miller to Renina L. Fleming, $169,000.

CHANNING ST., 1505-Travis Johnson to D. Norma Gardener, $360,000.

CRITTENDEN ST., 813-Edwerta N. Hughes to Kassu Gebremariam, $305,000.

DELAFIELD PL., 1244-Douglas Carter and David Jones to Felipe C. Delgado and Maria A. Velazquez, $300,000.

DOUGLAS ST., 322-Michael Barnes to Joel B. Blank, $332,500.

DUNCAN ST., 1418-Devonn L. and Tanya W. Shuford to Cecilia P. Carmody, $430,000.

E ST., 1212-Mae Helen McGill to Noel G. and Scot A. Montrey, $505,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 1380-Donna L. and Hossein Goal to Lillian H. Zakeri, $590,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 1404, No. 1404-Car Barn Revocable Trust to Pat M. Michalski and Claude P. Pruitt, $447,900.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 1450, No. 1452-Car Barn Revocable Trust to Abbey Blake and Jonathan Levenshus, $422,900.

F ST., 601-Philip E. Guire and Sarah R. Wilson to Yolanda Comedy, Donald Milanese and Linda Milanese, $669,000.

G ST., 504-Gregory N. Britto and John S. Burson to Five Brick Road Corp., $452,000.

GIRARD ST., 603-Alufa Olufemi to Emerson Njoku, $310,000.

HAWTHORNE DR., 3061-Afra Brown Mangrum to Lauryl Dodson and McClinton Jackson, $309,000.

ISHERWOOD ST., 1521-Omololu I. Oyekan to Miracle Adebanjo, $363,000.

JAY ST., 5060-Estate of Willie Mae Mickens and Harrolee Gibbons to Soho Financial Asset Group Corp., $150,000.

L ST., 1734-Ojo Akinwale and Donna Harrison and Channing Family Trust to Pearl Yvonne Jones, $181,000.

MONTELLO AVE., 1311-Kevin M. Gray to John T. Austin, Deandrea Duarte and April J. Ward, $280,000.

MONTELLO AVE., 1502-Steven M. Wright to Elsa H. Wubeneh, $249,900.

MONTELLO AVE., 1628-Christopher Campbell to Sam H. Paylor, $236,000.

MORTON ST., 630-ATC Development Corp. to Diane Sovereign, $362,500.

NICHOLSON ST., 552-Adolphus C. and Alice Ukaegbu to Arturo A. Contreras, $298,000.

ORREN ST., 1210-James T. Wright to Bobby George Henry, $180,000.

OTIS ST., 2415-Lindsay D. Boone to Banana Enterprises Inc., $175,000.

PARK ST., 1111-Laura M. Grosso and Christopher J. Peot to Gordon and Leyla Mahbod Kenny, $472,000.

R ST., 135-Karen L.B. Evans to Amy S., Peter Paul and Sarah C. Rispin, $480,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1015-Zyrus Cesare Campbell and Millicent Springs Campbell to Ronald Stribling, $359,000.

ROSEDALE ST., 1826-Adrian Hardnett to Karen W.R. Humes, $330,000.

SOUTH DAKOTA AVE., 2923-Estate of Mable Atkinson and Mattie Roberta Simms to Elizabeth A. Onjoro and Mark A. Meassick, $356,000.

UHLAND TER., 171-Mary E. Johnson to Jean Claude and Nicole B. Amisial, $210,000.

WYLIE ST., 1237-Roderick L. Davis to Jonathan K. Snow, $399,000.

EIGHTH ST., 651-Dana Otto and Paul Souza to George R. Dodge and Athena Robles, $529,500.

NINTH ST., 221-Timothy M. Howlin to Edward K. and Eileen Jimenez, $699,000.

10TH ST., 908-Cora L. and John Lee Easton to Megan E. Brown and Jennifer C. Duke, $360,000.

11TH ST., 613-Stephanie A. Ostapowich and Howard H. Wright to Dwight Arthur Dougherty, $505,000.

12TH ST., 3725, No. 206-Christopher Lopiano to Tanya Cruz, $194,000.

13TH ST., 315-Lia Beth Epperson and Benjamin Todd Jealous to David P. and Lina M. Brunton, $618,000.

14TH ST., 4401-Miva Missionary Vehicle Association Inc. to John P. Gilbert and Craig Meskill, $625,000.

16TH ST., 1252-Brenda Hunter to Penthouse Properties Corp., $127,500.

17TH PL., 341-Wilma Tilson to Stewart G. Meny and Amber Wills, $442,521.

20TH ST., 4501-Larry C. Gardner, George T. Simpson and Roderic Williams to Jamal Ibrahim and Lesley Stewart, $359,900.

22ND ST., 4020-Hattie L. Jackson to Christopher M. Fisher, $270,000.

52ND ST., 926-Daniel E. Wood to Kofi Asante, $172,000.

55TH ST., 929-Maxwell Asenso and Ekua Quartey to David Njafuh, $375,000.


ADAMS MILL RD., 2611, No. 3-Monioue M. Means to Carol O., Jonathan E. and Susan M. Sanford, $326,110.

ALASKA AVE., 7305-Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp. to Walter Kamiat and Norma Dee Mahan, $914,500.

BENTON ST., 4027, No. 201-Jonathan M. Kuhn to John Patrick Wiese, $307,000.

BLAIR RD., 7416-Mable M. and Raymond E. Hawkins to David A. Carrington, $475,000.

BRYANT ST., 26-Jonathan Kolo and Karen Thomas to Barrie R. Daneker, $539,900.

BUCHANAN ST., 1117-Michael Wipranik to Steven Babylon and Susan K. McFarlin, $773,000.

BUCHANAN ST., 1523-Lloyd M. and Monique F. Mitchell to Joshua G. Hurwitz and Erika J. Vexler, $505,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1839-Gordon M. Clay and Steven A. Elmendorf to Samuel Rodriguez, $1.6 million.

CHAMPLAIN ST., 2382, No. 417-Fred H. Steckhahn to Joy E. Drucker, $1.25 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3901, No. 405-G. David Maddox and Marta L. Tellado to Jill Chodorov, $710,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4007, No. 406-Richard D. Maiore to Myron H.W. Yuen, $372,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4707, No. 502-Robert S. and Ruth R. Albert to Sarah B. Holmes, $512,300.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5406, No. 608-Francesca Biancaniello to Charles R. and Ellen Weil, $235,000.

DEXTER ST., 4521-Edith G. Thayer to Dana E. Landry, $1.65 million.

DUMBARTON AVE., 2706-Dariush Vaziri to Kara L. and Stephen J. Elias, $711,000.

ELLICOTT ST., 2907-David H. and Nina Eisenstat to Aleksandra P. and Harwant S. Gill, $1.216 million.

FARRAGUT ST., 817-James R. Billings to Sarah E. and Thomas M. Durkee, $410,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 903-Ricardo Mamani to Kristen A. Blauvelt, $400,000.

GRACE ST., 3225, No. 222-Michael D. and Nicholas Mosunic to Kristen N. and Nicholas J. Sanservino, $590,000.

HARRISON ST., 3705-Norma Dee Mahan to Alexandra C. McPherron and Barry J. Spargo, $753,230.

HARVARD ST., 763-Deborah Chin to Matthew R. Metcalfe and Julia C. Ray, $337,000.

I ST., 2411-Nori L. Uchida and Satsuko U. Young to Cleveland Lincoln Page, $725,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 1343-Patricia L. Jones to Tamara A. Herdener and Sean C. Stanley, $413,900.

K ST., 3299, No. 302-Thomas P. Keeley to Angela T. Digiovanni, $430,000.

KALORAMA RD., 2011, No. 1-Barry W. and Doris A. Lowenthal to Frances, Joel M. and Ryan C. Temme, $349,500.

KANAWHA ST., 3606-Jeffrey Travis Cann and Susan L. Crosby to David A. Coleman, $750,000.

KANSAS AVE., 4817-Grace P. Goins to Daniel M. and Laurie MacDonald Brumberg, $399,000.

LEGATION ST., 3826-Veronica Kenny MacPherson and Robert I. MacPherson to Andrew T. Levin, $800,000.

MANCHESTER LANE, 1408-Erika L. and Robert J. Burleson to Peter W. Lahm, $600,000.

MARLBORO PL., 4000-Marcos Antillon to H. and T. Realty Corp., $135,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1711, No. 602-Robert C. and Shelva J. Davis to Wilson A. Castelli, $275,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4200, No. 913-Richard D. Bingham and Claire L. Felbinger to Alexis A. Sepulveda, $737,500.

N ST., 1420, No. 411-Gerard Janco to Hawro Mustafa, $209,000.

N ST., 2117, No. 2-Richard Holliday and William Vincent Quinn to Joseph Albrecht and Ketayoun Darvich Kodjouri, $503,500.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1816, No. 902-Michael and Robyn Maher to Benjamin K. Rinehart, $350,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 5203-Georgette S. Powell to Sarbdeep S. Multani, $405,000.

NEWTON ST., 1716-Khaled Mohammad Abu Ghannam to Carol Ann Middleton, $589,000.

NORTH CAPITOL ST., 2024-Cristina V. Farr and Eric Martinis to Austin Pearl, $505,000.

OAKWOOD TER., 3425-Eric Vincent Guichard and Evelyn Laurencin to E. Keith Kibler, $615,000.

OGDEN ST., 1444-Pamela Hill Ballard, Torrise D. Gayle and Yvonne D. Henderson to Hugh Warren Conal McElroy, $625,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 322-Ivan and Judy Mitchell Brandon to Elizabeth Denise Curtis, $339,000.

OLIVE ST., 2717-Kenneth Ward Smith to Isabella P.S. and Thomas P. Johnson, $1.875 million.

ONTARIO RD., 2303-Anthony Floyd to Marion N. Smith, $555,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2755, No. 115-Amy L. Sweeney to Samuel P. Papkin, $265,000.

P ST., 137-Lola J. Williams to Mehran Golnia and Azita Vedadinia, $350,000.

PARK RD., 1325-Pan American Construction Corp. to Steven A. Stenberg and Emily T. West, $799,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 701, No. 1121-Harold John Stroehmann to Michael D. Donovan and Lewis F. Payne, $776,000.

Q ST., 1334-Edward W. and Wilhelmina H. Kleppinger to Daniel J. Cave, $850,000.

Q ST., 1615, No. 607-Jane A. Hoffman to George I. Gutierrez, $410,000.

Q ST., 2500, No. 338-Michael A. Mordecai to Jafara M. Turay, $241,273.

QUEBEC ST., 4810-Mark Hestrin to Mark and Yasemin Lewis, $1.565 million.

R ST., 2127-Bernardo and Gladys H. Hirschman to Charles J. Faselis and Dominique Howard, $1.8 million.

R ST., 313-Pauline Pilate to Jose Fernandez, $710,000.

R ST., 3306-Anne Phillips and William Andrew Copenhaver to Allen R. and Julianne H. Cross, $1.76 million.

R ST., 448-Neal A. Gorman to Mark E. Schamel, $446,760.

R ST., 70-Rebecca Glover to Shaun D. Anderson, $451,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 4825-Andrea Klein to Joseph W. Serene, $795,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1317, No. 402-Darian L. Twigg to Ashleigh Payne, $340,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 51-Carrilyn Strickland Arnold and Ernestine Alice Strickland Curtis to Timothy Walker, $337,500.

RODMAN ST., 3106-William H. Monagan to Gary and Jami Adams, $772,200.

RODMAN ST., 3855, No. 45-Estate of Helen C. Harty and David A. Philibin to Charles R. and Deborah R. Both, $349,800.

S ST., 1613-Dana S. Hovig to Wayne Hinson, $872,000.

SCOTT CIR., 1, No. 105-Alina R. and Pedro S. Gonzalez to Christopher James and Samuel Jacob Roche, $250,000.

SHEPHERD ST., 1825-Gloria and Spooner Underwood to Daphne D. and N. William Jarvis, $1.2 million.

SHEPHERD ST., 534-Esteban Beamon to Stacey J. Young, $426,000.

SPRING PL., 1509-Denise D. Saunders to Grace and Vincent N. Schiraldi, $487,900.

T ST., 1825, No. 102-Paul Sliwka to Nesti Gjeluci and Pei Chun Lu, $205,000.

TUNLAW RD., 2408-Neeta C. Patel to Edward A. Taylor, $740,000.

UPTON ST., 5120-Ruth Satterthwaite Hartmann and Leyla Satterthwaite Revocable Trust to Kristin and Thomas Roesser, $1.15 million.

WEAVER TER., 5030-James Alfred Hoch and Judith I. Urba to Stephen B. Goldstein, Dana Margulis and Mark Margulis, $750,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3010, No. 208-Michael Vanni to Ryan M. Mason, $310,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3100, No. 304-Elzbieta M. Mazur to Michael N. Patmios and Galina Yordanova, $197,000.

FOURTH ST., 1809-Sutton Development Corp. to Afolarin Banjoko, $205,000.

FIFTH ST., 1604-Joseph Grier to Sunrise Academy, $450,000.

FIFTH ST., 4603-4603 Fifth Street NW Corp. to Amber and Claude Walker, $285,000.

SEVENTH ST., 5527-Glenmoor Home Corp. to Traci Higgins, $400,000.

EIGHTH ST., 1603-Beverly and Donald P. Bolin to Mignon Marie Bowie, $450,000.

NINTH ST., 5908-Henry L. Jackson to Faraji Whalen, $490,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 201-David M. Hall to Benjamin L. Butler and Laura B. Rosenzweig, $515,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 502-Edward F. Gerber to James M. Palanchar, $339,900.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 804-Sammy Khosh to Edward F. Hwang, $346,500.

11TH ST., 2611-Agnes L. Jackson and Dorothy Elizabeth Parker to Catalan Dematties, $430,000.

12TH ST., 6217-Bernadette Tavernier to Aaronissa Alleyne, $329,000.

13TH ST., 1225, No. 601-1225 13th Street Corp. to Frank E. and Ronnie B. Green, $399,900.

13TH ST., 5712-Nathea C. Lee to Akil Burton, $419,000.

17TH ST., 3105-Francisco L. Guzman to Amjad H. Atallah and Zainab T. Salbi Atallah, $672,000.

18TH ST., 1601, No. 814-Michael D. Scott to Thomas Martens, $233,000.

19TH ST., 1625, No. 39-Tamara Gelboin to Justin P. Kenny and Jennifer Knoll, $385,000.

21ST ST., 1411-Tak Hung Cheung to Kathleen A. Costlow and John D. Damore, $321,000.

21ST ST., 1721, No. 301-Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership to Damon and Emily Ansell, $713,500.

23RD ST., 1111, No. S2G-Melissa Neal to Clayton G. Lawrence, $731,300.

23RD ST., 1140, No. 407-Jack W. Beddow to Amit Aulakh, $350,000.

23RD ST., 1155, No. N8B-Karen Basil Mavrides to Dawn L. and Stephen Ciccone, $640,000.

29TH ST., 6230-Charles H. and Maya A. Emmons to John M. and Kimberly K. Beahn, $767,000.

31ST ST., 2615-Clarence Stephen Angle to Majda and Poul M. Thomsen, $2.15 million.

32ND ST., 1684-Amina and Stephen Mark O'Neill to Glenda Garson Oltmanns and Larry K. Oltmanns, $1.65 million.

35TH ST., 1318, No. 5-Arthur J. Murphy to James A. and Lesley Bruno, $363,000.

39TH ST., 3551, No. 511-Chung Shun Yuen to Dena M. and Pablo E. Moglia, $432,000.

42ND ST., 2325, No. 318-Karen E.B. and Sean McKenzie to Laurel A. Shuster, $312,000.

42ND ST., 5212-Robin S. Kalman, Linda S. Rodbell and Richard John Southcott to Pamela S. Jennings, $690,000.


B ST., 5536-Alvin E. Gross to Kenyan McDuffie and Princess T. Woodruff, $185,000.

BASS PL., 4801-Laura Tasker to Rock Development Corp., $120,000.

C ST., 315-Lori Leigh and Steven Bruce Buchsbaum to Laurie D. and Mark T. Gillman, $1.45 million.

DUBOIS PL., 4328-Agnes D. Pinkney to Doris C. Woodard, $185,000.

E ST., 1615-Claudia Ann H. and Raymond C. Leak to Kimberly A. and Peter Gaytan, $515,000.

G ST., 1501-Mellwain Harold Barber to Chris K. and Chrysanthi C. Kyrgos, $480,000.

GORMAN TER., 4308-JBN Realty Investment Inc. to Gwendolyn Cherry, $195,000.

N ST., 3421-Estate of Marion W. Rayford, Rollen F. Jackson and Jorge A. Thompson to Devonn L. and Tanya W. Shuford, $480,000.

NEWCOMB ST., 431-Catherine Barber to Hariett W. Moten, $97,850.

RIDGE PL., 1324-Bintu Olaniyi to Rowland Ajibade, $185,000.

RUMSEY CT., 120-Charles H.W. Verbeck to Joseph W. Wall, $310,000.

SOUTHERN AVE., 606-Willis C. Crockett to Saidah Nash, $194,000.

SUITLAND TER., 2139, No. 201-Claude R. Labbe to Wayne E. Schwandt, $95,000.

WALTER PL., 1218-Anne L. Cook and Margaret G. Coulombe to Reenah L. Kim, $580,721.

THIRD ST., 402-Prudential Residential Services Limited Partnership to Suzanne Hayes, $875,000.

FIFTH ST., 3429, No. 44-Arthur Stroud and Habitat for Humanity to Kevin J. Cordova, $51,900.

SEVENTH ST., 419-Robert C. Snyder to Brian M. Ansley, $786,500.

12TH ST., 4313-Sharman S. Dyson to James P. Norris, $210,000.

15TH ST., 264-Jason Montgomery to Yomma Cohen, $360,000.

18TH PL., 2435-Sarah Beth Vaughn to Milton Franklin, $145,000.

24TH ST., 3475-Alfonza and Peggy J. Jenkins to Eulyssa J. Jones, $184,500.

27TH ST., 1607-Carl Reed to Basdei H. Archer, $162,270.


BRANDYWINE PL., 96-Jeremiah Wright to Ayanna Canty, $185,000.

GALVESTON ST., 6, No. 303-Tamara Beaver to Olga Coffman, $61,000.

N ST., 333-Gregory Anthony Jackson and Paul Rocco to Tony L. Chauveaux, $325,000.

FOURTH ST., 1435, No. B401-Joseph M. McNutt to William J. Battle, $119,000.

FOURTH ST., 611-Julio Cuellar to Eleanor Drabo, $590,000.