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On the county Park Authority's appeal of a Virginia Supreme Court ruling that could keep Marymount University's soccer and lacrosse teams from playing at Lewinsville Park in McLean --

"The Park Authority is finally showing its true colors. What don't they understand about YOU LOST?"

"Something is wrong when our public agencies can't accept that to err is human. I am a member of McLean Youth Soccer and I think that they and the county were dead wrong in cutting the deal with Marymount. Parks for the people, not the privileged. Give up, Fairfax County Park Authority."

On a question about whether Fairfax County is prepared for a natural disaster or terrorist attack --

"I think New Orleans has shown that we must be our own first responders. We're told to prepare to be on our own for the first 72 hours of an incident and we must because it's logistically impossible for public safety and resources to reach everyone."

"Fairfax is faced with the potential onslaught of people from D.C. and Arlington during an emergency that calls for an evacuation, so that's out of our hands, too. The leaders of all those jurisdictions can meet 100 times and draw up binding contracts for what will happen, but if I'm in Arlington and I want to get out of there, I'm coming through Fairfax, despite the advice given. Loudoun County should especially be concerned because its road network is even weaker than Fairfax."

On the developer who wants to build a high-density mix of housing, offices and shops at the Vienna Metro station --

"I would like to see a development that balances the needs for more transit-oriented homes, offices and shops, with the needs of current neighbors of Fairlee/Metro West. I live in Circle Woods, and I am happy that I can walk to the Metro. But I do not understand why our supervisors feel the need to build such a huge mini-city here."

"There are ways to redesign the development to make it better, but at every turn, when citizens have brought them up, the developer has resisted them."

Impact on Washington

As the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina continues to unfold, this Web log is tracking the ways that the Washington community is touched by the tragedy.

Race to Richmond

This is a combination of commentary and news about the 2005 Virginia governor's race by Post reporters and editors, with an opportunity for you to comment.

Chats Lineup

From time to time, features a Fairfax area newsmaker, such as School Superintendent Jack D. Dale. Dr. Gridlock -- Ron Shaffer -- also does an online chat, as do Post transportation reporters Lyndsey Layton and Steven Ginsberg (look for "Roads and Rails"). Check the listings for a complete schedule.

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