The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

DOWNING CT., 3486-Cendant Corp. to Robin R. and David L. Rezash, $570,000.

UNION RIDGE DR., 5884-James E. and Lisa M. Cross to Colleen M. and Gerald T. Nusser, $499,000.

Brunswick Area

B ST. W., 217-Shauna and Leland Davis to Robert C. Johnson, $170,000.

SOUDER RD., 612-Briar Patch Properties Corp. to Rita C. and Melani T. Ranasinghe, $249,900.

Emmitsburg Area

ANNANDALE RD., 16906-Bernard P. and Dorothy H. Krahm to Lynne M. and Robert F. O'Brien, $550,000.

IRISHTOWN RD., 17511-Sustainable Conservation Inc. to Christopher Larose, $450,000.

MAIN ST. E., 220-Richard L. Shank Jr. to Kevin E. Wantz, $155,000.

TANEYTOWN PIKE, 10631-Kenneth E. Myers to Donna K. and Robert E. Riley, $175,000.

Frederick City Area

ANDOVER LANE, 1511-Michael G. Talamantes to Jose Hernandez and Melissa Dantzic, $310,000.

BEALL DR., 5439-Edith A. and Charles N. Johnston Jr. to Amanda K. Francis, $520,000.

BEVERLY CT., 1500-Vallery Vail to Lisa Miller and Brandon J. McQuay, $270,000.

BRIDLE PATH CIR., 7720-Brian E. and Janet L. Jenkins to Kelly R. and Jonathan R. Blaine, $383,000.

BUCKEYE CT., 8392-Jane and Anthony Atema to Nautilus Construction Group Corp., $600,000.

CAPTAINS CT., 8042-Matthew L. and Christina M. Popelier to Pamela C. and Ellen A. Moll, $327,500.

CARRIAGE WAY, 1758-Floyd D. Roark Jr. to Elvin Philip, $223,900.

CARROLL PARK WAY, 224-Kimberly Mellon to Rebecca A. Lash, $425,000.

CATALPA RD., 7080-Alvin Brashears to William Ledman Sr., $240,000.

CATOCTIN CT., 2500, No. 3A-Marsha L. and Lawrence W. Lantz to Diana L. Key, $262,000.

COACHMAN CT., 504-David H. Porter to Maria H. Lainez, $325,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1633-Raymond W. Holt Jr. to Danielle C. and Thomas E. Adams, $194,000.

COLONIAL WAY, 1646-Christopher B. and Tina L. McLeland to Heather M. and Omar R. Zeballos, $240,000.

DERRS SQ. W, 1717-Andrea L. Guertin to William G. Becker, $317,500.

DOGWOOD DR., 1604-Deborah H. Winall to Guinevere and Jacob L. Vandebrake, $310,000.

EARLES CT., 5217-Keith and Kristen H. Delauter to Michael Vincent Barclay and Kathleen S. Hughes, $275,000.

EIDER CT., 6605-Jerome Marshall to Rebecca and Justin Skelly, $355,000.

EVERLY DR., 2616-Roland K. and Tanya Bass to Sandra P. Wolfe McNaughton and Pamela A. Gross, $336,500.

EVERLY DR., 2653, No. 9-Patricia Arlene Strange to Ronald L. Freeman and Natasha V. Maharajh, $253,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 514-Lauren D. and Gareth B. Koogle to Gail Ann Kelley, $499,900.

FRINGETREE CT., 5794-Alexandra Nuwame to Ramiro Dominguez, $283,000.

GOOSEANDER CT., 6629-Jessica M. and Michael S. Curran to Jonathan D. Howe, $414,900.

GRANVILLE CT., 6638-Nicole K. and Christopher R. Dillard to Mandy L. McAteer, $329,000.

GRANVILLE CT., 6648-Lata A. and Milind A. Ubhayakar to Gina L. and Jason R. Montgomery, $333,000.

HAMES CT., 7011-Carolyn P. Foote to Jose N. Granados Campos, $213,000.

HARPERS CT., 1911-Raymond J. and Stephanie Tekin to Peter G. and Elaine M. Stuffer, $320,000.

HEATHER LANE, 1717-Michael and Raynelle E. Clark to Robin C. and Dexter E. Williams, $214,900.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 1001G-Julia M. Curry to Hua Jiang and Xiaodi Guo, $134,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 800J-Donald R. Hauser Jr. to Brian Higgins, $130,000.

HILLMEADE SQ., 1755-Greg C. Adams to Joana Isela and Jose R. Lobos Lopez, $230,000.

IVYWOOD SOUTH DR., 5224-Lori R. and Chris E. Hanson to Martha Nafpaktitis, $438,000.

JUBAL WAY, 901-Charles D. and Sok B. McLeod Jr. to Carlos G. and Mireya Diaz, $305,000.

KLINE BLVD., 110-Stephen W. Pierce to Michael J. Casey, $415,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2443-Jennifer Kneller and Lester Bowers to Amy E. Rivera, $284,900.

LAMP POST LANE, 2235-Daniel R. Martin to Jennifer Nichole Spillan, $389,900.

MORNING DEW LANE, 8210-Sandra L. and Sergio A. Fuentes to Ronald R. Patterson, $330,000.

MOUNTAINBERRY CIR., 8920-Harry G. Annis III to Courtney Poland, $770,000.

MOUNT PHILLIP RD., 6009-Darlene Kennedy to Melvin Irani, $500,000.

NEWPORT TERR., 6135-Teresa and Todd Kilby to Mary Elizabeth Kearney, $315,000.

NORTHRIDGE LANE, 1733-Sharon M. and Michael R. Trivette to Sean C. McLean, $219,900.

OAKLEY TERR., 6400-Kelly Gardiner to Teresa K. and Robert H. Baker Sr., $406,000.

PRENTICE CT., 2406-Eileen Denise Owens to Rebecca M. and Bradey R. Gotto, $271,000.

PRIMUS CT., 582-Jared L. Hammarlund to Sumesh Suri, $288,000.

RIGGS CT., 527-Scott E. Doherty to Classic Property Management Inc., $190,000.

RIGGS CT., 534-Milagros Algeviz to Salomon Samen, $175,000.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 219-Jeffery J. Hermansen to Amelia Gonzales and Ramiro Sulca, $365,000.

SOMERSET TERR., 7510-Bryan D. Gilbert to Ronald M. Johnson and Jean E. Carter Johnson, $430,000.

STRATFORD DR., 812L-Becky Jo Harden to Julie R. Krop and Clifton A. Redmond, $175,000.

TOLLHOUSE CT., 111-Kevin S. and Heather Y. Porter to Wanda J. and Dexter J. Davis, $319,900.

TRAIL AVE., 729-Roger L. Anderson to Robert C. and Jennifer Bennett, $244,900.

VICEROY CT., 5417-William D. Montgomery IV to Rama Sastri Garimella and Prakash Maddipatla, $315,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6408L-Dawn K. Kincaid to Donald E. and Rose M. Cooper, $165,000.

14TH ST. W., 12-Richard K. and Christina M. Taylor to Cara J. Williams and Dameon V. Huether, $337,350.

Garfield Area

TOWER RD., 13821-Scott E. and Gwynn E. Shelley to Anne M. and Randolph E. Whitby, $219,000.

Ijamsville Area

DR PERRY RD., 9820-Howard J. and Judith A. Clemons to Jeanne K. Mullen Landes and Norma J. Mullen, $865,000.

ST. GEORGES PL., 7702-Rosalind A. and David L. Peters to Marc Oliver Stulz, $710,000.

Middletown Area

CONE BRANCH DR., 300-Elizabeth K. and David A. Dague to Paula Maia, $574,900.

FERN LANE, 7042-Harry J. and Kathryn S. Boniface to Molly H. and Brian J. Bentz, $445,000.

HOLLOW RD. W., 4293-Gary A. and Vicki L. Jones to Michael G. Piatt, $340,000.

MORNINGSIDE CT., 6522-Madelene Foote to Laura and Michael Cartner, $350,000.

PETE WILES RD., 8738-Robert H. and Beatrice F. Bertin to Jerrie L. and Frederick J. Hughes II, $278,000.

Monrovia Area

LEE HILL CIR., 5004-Janice B. and Larry W. Seaman to Arnold D. Ridpath, $405,000.

MIDDLETON DR., 4020-John D. and Renee P. Patterson to Bill and Jennifer Galanis, $434,900.

WONDER CT., 11912-Eric E. and Kathy A. Gettleman to Kim Loveland and Keith Hillman, $460,000.

Mount Airy Area

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10237, No. 104D-Todd J. Brown to Douglas E. Clime, $148,000.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10273, No. 102D-Tamara L. Klosko to Ronald S. and Bryan D. Coffey, $146,000.

WOODVILLE RD., 6518-Joseph T. and Linda C. Winter to Alexander J. and Julie K. Rhodes, $325,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

MEADOW POINT TERR., 6958-Daniel A. and Holly R. Bernabei to Andrea J. and Todd W. Hardwick, $400,000.

Rocky Ridge-

Creagerstown Area

OLD FREDERICK RD., 14340-James and Ann Muller to Rose Anne Bolyard and Donna Lynn Martin, $280,000.

ROCKY RIDGE RD., 10109-Betty Jane and Wilson M. Baker to Timothy L. Christianson, $177,600.

Thurmont Area

BENNETT CT., 220-Richard L. and Lori A. Shank Jr. to Joseph R. and Andrea J. Perhach, $369,900.

MOUNTAINDALE RD., 6504-Jane D. and Richard W. Foland to Kathleen E. Bradley, $358,000.

Urbana Area

DRIFTWOOD CT., 2500, No. 2B14-Donald R. and Tanya L. Gordon to Lisa V. and Stephen G. Anderson, $245,000.

Walkersville Area

ADAMS CT., 113-Ray K. Tyndall to Anthony W. Tyndall and Samreth K. Heng, $240,000.

DUBLIN RD., 9931-Serina A. Roy to Carol C. Huff, $300,000.

TYLERTON CT., 200-Brian F. and Trenna Kelly to Emily L. and Timothy J. Morhiser, $535,000.

WILLIAM ST., 25-Gloria and Lawrence W. Roller to Michael J. Socks, $307,000.