The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE HAVEN RD., 1909-Thomas R. and Andrea A. Winckler to George K. Crozer, $2.038 million.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1109, No. A1-Lisa M. Kelly to Erin Marie Rynne, $290,000.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1803, No. A1-Joshua S. Trego to Peter B. and Lori J. Crouch, $240,000.

DERRELL CT., 6810-Scott P. and Cynthia L. Wiggins to Walker H. and Alice M. Dye, $515,000.

MARTHAS RD., 1917-Daniel M. Priest and Aylin M. Onulduran to James R. Wheeler and Sarah L. Watkins, $640,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 808-Juan C. Benitez to Christopher P. Rigano, $325,000.

WAKEFIELD DR. E., 6601, No. B1-Laura Marshall to Donna R. Price, $350,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ABBOTTSBURY ROW, 6209-Corazon D. Rivera to Thomas L. and Janet R. Ward, $515,000.

BERWICK CT., 7510-George K. Corey to Brenda L. Crist, $525,000.

CLAPHAM RD., 5804-Robb K. and Paula D. Rowley to Reginald and Sandra Mason, $524,700.

COLETTE DR., 6322-John E. Dillon to Thomas and Dieu Huyen Mai, $470,500.

CROMARTY DR., 6957-John A. Vincent to Gulnara and Americo Febres, $495,900.

CURTIER DR., 6017, No. B-Lawrence S. Wilson to Steven and Elizabeth Stern, $325,000.

DUNWICH WAY, 6603-Clementine K. Bunker to Christian A. and Megan E. Harris, $500,000.

EATON PL., 4386-Robert S. Moy to Jeffrey S. and Linda M. Haupt, $685,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5901, No. 304-Maurice Philogene to Chun Lin Zhou, $400,500.

GREENDALE RD., 6711-Michael Greene to Jihad Gebran and Shauna F. Nouhra, $390,000.

HEATHERFIELD LANE, 7402-Jeffrey S. and Karen Moore to Tigist Tadesse, $575,000.

HIGH MEADOW RD., 5919-Walter L. and Amanda J. Williams to Jeffrey W. and Amy D. Morgan, $470,000.

HOPARK DR., 5403-Constance Wood to Gary F. and Jennifer R. Cosman, $684,620.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6008-Xerxes N. and Maria C.E. Villanueva to Muhammad Rafique, $442,560.

JOUST LANE, 6124-Chad H. and Allison I. Van Iddekinge to Cesar Valencia, $495,000.

KATELYN MARY PL., 5814, No. B-Michael Washburn to Eileen M. Shinnick, $392,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6910, No. K-Roger D. Stous to Faiz Shakir, $337,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6923, No. E-Stephen M. Drennan to Cheng Hui Purvis, $220,000.

MERSEY OAKS WAY, 6005, No. A-Ashley Neese to John P. Lam, $261,020.

NORHAM DR., 5804-Steven E. and Heather R. Haney to Lisa M. and Mark F. O'Hara, $406,000.

OLD BRENTFORD RD., 6973-Jeffrey A. and Karen C. Reider to David Glawe and Perry Goerish, $387,000.

OVERLEIGH LANE, 6562-Jason W. Bailey to Karl and Patricia J. Lautenschlager, $417,000.

OVERLY DR., 5622-Edwin Loureiro to Charmaine Flowers, $390,000.

PARK TER., 6235-Peter E. and Kay W. Duda to John and Rhea Barr, $680,000.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6887-Perry A. and Irene M. Pederson to Amanda L. Brownfield, $595,000.

SUTCLIFFE DR., 6425-Michael A. and Catherine W. Schuler to Prudential Relocation Inc., $614,851.

THACKWELL WAY, 6603, No. E-Drew T. and Deborah L. Makovec to Ronald A.A. Lapid, $360,000.

TOPPER CT., 8064-Shannon Polyak and Steven J. Steffee to Joseph E. Cogswell, $400,000.

WELLINGTON COMMONS DR., 6142-Solomon M. Zeragaber to Carlos and Rose Mary Saavedra, $445,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4933-Lenny Quiroz to Regan Newport, $249,900.

ARARAT CT., 8462-Samuel M. Pulcrano to John D. and Linda G. Ingersoll, $679,000.

BRISTOW DR., 4910-Sunil and Geeta Grover to Fernando Velasquez, $548,000.

BRISTOW DR., 5017-Ronald James Ash to Karen E. Pickard, $452,000.

BUTTERFIELD LANE, 7844-Linda S. McAnulty to Linh Nghe and Thuy Vo, $470,000.

CHAPEL LAKE CT., 8306-Gary A. and Marcia W. Krasicky to Wayne A. and Karen C. Schroeder, $810,000.

CONWELL DR., 4526, No. 223-Alfredo V. and Rosa C. Basurto to Roberto C. Ventura and Carla Vanessa Ontiveros, $329,000.

DADE DR., 3801-Alan and Jacqueline Ahearne to Ronald C. and Rebecca A. Goodison, $860,000.

DASSETT CT., 7811, No. 301-Cecile M. Schelb to Matthew Feinberg, $231,700.

FLEMING DR., 5009-William Henry and Bobbie M. Morgan to Jesus and Renata Crispin, $515,000.

FOUNTAIN HEAD DR., 7462-Josh H. Choe to Chang Choe, $420,000.

GLASTONBURY CT., 8374-Laurie A. Unaitis to Sol A. and Amy Tillett, $407,000.

LAKE BLVD., 3908-Whitestone Investments Inc. to Terence and Phuong T. Vo, $1.275 million.

LITTLE RIVER RUN DR., 4513-Danny T. Sung to Yasar Aleem and Samina Yasar, $451,000.

MANGALORE DR., 4112, No. 401-Adam Im to Mi Ja Yi, $180,000.

PARKMAN CT., 4737-Eric A. Richardson to Mirna A. Delcid, $350,000.

PATRIOT DR., 7753, No. 5-Vida K. Peters to Choudhary S. Cheema, $299,000.

PENNYS TOWN CT., 7150-Yong H. Hwang and Kim S. Lee to Kunthea Keo, $700,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD., 8421-Parviz Farahani to Yen and Long Nguyen, $560,000.

RIDGE RD., 3913-Thomas F. and Ruth D. Keegan to Edward L. Cassidy, $636,000.

SAUQUOIT LANE, 4941-Chong H. Park and Bok S. Kim to Jung K. and Jong S. Kim, $425,000.

VALLEYCREST BLVD., 7319-Mirna S. Ayala to Alfredo and Rina Baptista, $505,000.

WEYBURN DR., 4527-William W. and Phyllis F. White to Emerson Sejas and Nelly M. Moya, $507,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3320, No. 24-Geoffrey M. Gregory to T. Loc, $284,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3701, No. 913N-Mina Ghafari and Faramarz Habibi to Winnie B. Binyam, $290,000.

GORDON ST., 3537-Manuel D. Reyes to Ruben Paredes, $610,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6135, No. 401-Cristina Sison to Hicham MacHale and Amina Batahi, $270,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6139, No. 404-Asim Roy to Robert J. Dougherty, $206,560.

MUNSON CT., 5905-Margaret Davis to Christopher M. Loveland, $612,000.

MUNSON PL., 6021-Marietta A. and Gregorio A. Jose to Patricia Chavez and Remi Torrico, $530,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 6539-Todd S.W. and Debra A. Turner to Jonathan M. and Betty J.M. Lash, $480,000.

PINEWOOD TER., 3845-Teresa Melgar to Dieter Hinojosa Vargas, $498,000.

RIO DR., 3245, No. 204-Adriana L. Gonzalez to Ali Amalou, $245,000.

ROSSER ST. N., 3706, No. T3-Dorothy L. Fields to Akram Nabi, $163,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 1311S-Linda M. Farria to Stephen J. Volle and Inoussa Kafandro, $300,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3709, No. 504-Shirley H. Lewis to Robert and Dorianne Daganhardt, $305,250.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 1503S-Alisa and Nedim Ridjanovic to Monboladji Agueh, $265,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 514S-Paula A. Winters to Ian J. Sliney, $320,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1604N-Helmi Elhadidi to Yeon O. Kang, $347,000.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9106-Fred S. and Diane A. Thompson to Oscar A. Kabayama, $580,000.

BURKE POND CT., 9864-Michael R. Nave to Jihoon P. Choi and Jae Hyon Ko, $422,500.

CAPELLA AVE., 6213-James B. and Elaine M. Marstall to Randall and Martha Lee, $535,000.

HERITAGE LANDING RD., 10401-Jennifer W. and Robert J. Caskey to Huma P. and Faisal M. Rana, $629,000.

HIGH WATER CT., 9767-Thanh and Nhi Ho to Jiwan and Gita M. Bhandari Giri, $422,000.

HUMPHRIES DR., 9315-Blanca Sainz and Karen Zapata to Mirna I. Morataya, $390,000.

KOZIARA DR., 6511-John A. and Gail M. Empey to Michael P. McGovern, $560,000.

ONION PATCH DR., 9446-William Merle and Teresa B. Harris to Nikzad Moradi, $627,000.

PARLIAMENT DR., 9106-Paul G. Byron to Kevin Stenstrom, $690,000.

POINDEXTER CT., 9694-Eric J. Fitzgerald to Thanh Mai Phuoc Nguyen and Tran Phuoc Dinh, $415,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10298-Song K. and Mi Y. An to John H. and Ann M. Galiatsos, $400,000.

RIDGE FORD DR., 5840-Frederick M. and Veronika Blakely to Hee J. and Mi J. Kim, $500,000.

SASSAFRAS WOODS CT., 10133-Cynthia P. Goldberg to Jack Goldberg, $360,000.

SHIPWRIGHT DR., 9519-Michael J. and Joanne M. Boyle to Robin and Mark E. Pifer, $599,000.

SPLIT OAK LANE, 10812-Bruce M. Barry and Mary E. Casciotti to Kathleen Whalen and Douglas E. Coulter, $449,500.

ULYSSES CT., 9415-Craig D. Partridge to William D. and Lynn A. Perkins, $470,000.

WARDS GROVE CIR., 10016-Stewart and Faith L. Ferencz to Aurelio and Jennifer A. Cabestreros, $682,500.

WATERLINE DR., 9520-Jae H. Jo to Patrick M. and Kimberly S. Delatte, $709,000.

WILLIAM KIRK LANE, 9446-Brendan J. O'Hara to Michael C. Wallace and Heidi S. Lessely, $505,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CT., 5857-Frank J. and Christine Grant to Mohamed Mautawalli, $399,000.

Centreville Area

ANTONIA FORD CT., 13987-Andy C. and Stephanie A. Lee to Behnam Attayan, $405,000.

BATON ROUGE CT., 13978-Mehmet and Nurten Degismen to Valerie B. and Erkan Baybas, $396,000.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14506-Etsuko Nishiyama to Christopher L. Smith, $411,000.

BEAUMEADOW CT., 14723-Jay R. and Karla M. Bickley to Laura E. Haring, $440,000.

BELLE PLAINS DR., 5243-Nobumasa and Kimiko Yamada to Khurshid Anwar and Lubna Khursheed, $537,500.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14484-Thomas W. Chapman to Jason and Rachel Kirkpatrick, $360,000.

BODLEY SQ., 14832-Don L. and Louise K. Baird to Ricardo Melo and Francy R. Perez, $375,000.

BRITTNEY ELYSE CIR., 5126, No. F-Soung M. Yoon to Yadira E. Fernandez, $298,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5879-Robert D. Bell to Mirtha Lopez and Michel Ludena, $340,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14325, No. 205-Lisa T. Morris to Jason C. Flynn, $301,250.

COMPTON VALLEY CT., 6901-Daisy D. Mejia to Robert and Valerie Howe, $415,200.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14768-Tonya M. Saunders to Bruce Long and Odette Kiyohara, $470,000.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14466-Martin Z. Gruszka to Robin Willison and Keith H. Johnson, $361,500.

GATWICK SQ., 14742-Daniel J. and Patricia A. Rossi to Rahim Ali, $337,000.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14217-Jianan Hu to Kimberly L. and Lamar Scarborough, $445,000.

GLEN MEADOW DR., 5183-Arthur R. and Ricky L. Blumen to Timothy Hoffman and Miyoko Kamei, $421,131.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14463-Hae Kyung Park to Laurie Kim, $300,000.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14746-Wade H. and Dora M. Tysinger to Patrick Spicer, $238,600.

GROBIE POND LANE, 14725-Bette A. Ward Scaggs to Zehra and Adnan Tekcan, $395,000.

GUARD MOUNT CT., 6410-Jeong Bin I. Lee to Seung S. Lee, $640,000.

HALLISSEY CT., 6563-Michael Charles and Michele Shapiro to Wan Joong and Dong Sook Kim, $1.03 million.

INSIGNIA CT., 6501-Somlak Charoenphol to Bu and Soo H. Kim, $420,000.

MILLICENT CT., 14838-Ehab O. Shammout to Hari Gouta Reddy, $335,000.

OAKENGATE WAY, 6113-Spencer R. and Donna M. Marker to Bradford N. Norris and Jane E. Morrow, $850,000.

OLDDALE RD., 15139-Pedro Dejesus and Isabel Martinez to Gregory R. and Deborah E. Youmans, $575,000.

PICKWICK RD., 5559-Bong Hwan Lee to Sofia Ahmed, $390,000.

RAVENSCAR CT., 14536-Brian L. Cooper to Liping Luo and Yucheng Zhang, $363,000.

RED RIVER DR., 14159-Iris A. Mejia to Fernando Lopez and Claudia M. Gonzales, $410,000.

ROYAL OAK LANE, 14167-Norma Camacho and Carlos H. Corrales to Ramnandan and Anuradha Singh, $380,000.

RUSHBROOK DR., 5204-Dustin T. and Jennifer Johnson to Patricia G. Curtice, $600,000.

SCOTCH RUN CT., 13292-Tara M. McCarthy to Yun K. and Jim K. Kim, $750,000.

SEASONS DR., 14678-Yeon K. Han to Kim Yun Son, $466,000.

SHEALS LANE, 5617-Meng Chang and Li Chun Mak to Kenny K. and Helen H. Chong, $649,990.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6526-Jonathan Thacker and Jennifer J. Vanburen to Larry E. and Donna L. Foster, $380,000.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14700-Johann Jonsson to Arvin Morales and Dina O. Aguilar, $526,000.

TREE LINE DR., 5455-Gale L. and Jennifer A. Miller to Eladio E. Gonzalez and Carmen E. Estrada, $485,000.

TWILIGHT GLOW DR., 13474-Chi Y. Jo and Jeana H.J. Lee to Gi B. Kim, $530,000.

WELTON DR., 6252-Tyler J. and Jennifer C. Frech to Robert J. and Laura Y. Whitton, $782,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14065-Jae Y. and Nan S. Kim to Chungsu Kim, $425,000.

Chantilly Area

BLACK SPRUCE WAY, 13691-Steven G. and L. Colleen Avey to John P. and Carol Ann Makolin, $859,900.

BRIARTON DR., 4524-Barry A. and Dorothy M. Matthie to Sirva Relocation Corp., $501,000.

KIMBERLEY GLEN CT., 4030-Jakir H. Chowdhury and Yasmin Gracy to Juan R. Rodriguez and Evelia Martinez, $420,000.

LOUIS MILL DR., 15232-Fred J. and Ellen M. Lindhjem to Gregory F. and Maya M. Berry, $582,600.

SOUTHERNWOOD CT., 13715-John G. Spicer to Bettina M. Stopford, $511,000.

TRAVERS CT., 4170-Daphna Shai to Lawrence A. Brown, $707,000.

Clifton Area

COBBLE LANE, 13054-Christopher M. and Anne Catherine C. Lane to Hong K. and Han W. Lee, $536,000.

GOSLING DR., 5603-Sharon J. Wong to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $396,000.

STONEBROOK DR., 6682-Daniel C. and Laurie J. Duquette to Corey W. and Cheryl Mina Ray, $585,000.

TURTLE VALLEY DR., 7913-Virgil K. and Brenda D. Collins to Brendan J. and Elizabeth L. O'Hara, $810,000.

YATES FORD RD., 12500-Curtis I. Guckert to Luigi Armanca, $525,000.

Fairfax City Area

ANDREW LANE, 11354-Syed M. Asghar and Shaheen Hossain to Ronald and Brenda Vargas, $805,000.

BABASHAW CT., 3112-Alan A. Hammer to Nicholas S. Powers, $310,000.

BARN SWALLOW CT., 10608-Jack C. and Libby J. Riley to Hye Kim, $567,000.

BESSMER LANE, 10198-William F. and Caroline S. McCollough to Young H. and Byung A. Jung, $535,700.

BIRNEY LANE, 4291-Astocha M. Evans to Hussain Allawi and Layla Makiya, $705,000.

BROOK MIST LANE, 13104-Lewis W. and Brigitte E. Still to Gale A. Woodland, $530,000.

CARONIA WAY, 4720-Gregory A. Stiger to Chad and Alanna C. Williams, $530,000.

CARTERWOOD DR., 4737-Norman R. and Joyce L. Howes to Le Kien and Thieu Nguyen, $562,000.

CAVALIER LANDING CT., 11565, No. 204-Richard R. Jenkins to Susan K. Jones, $550,000.

CENTER WAY, 3769-Henry H. and Martha Z. Rentz to Aaron S. and Martha W. Hullman, $706,000.

CHRISTIE JANE LANE, 4807-Denis J. Roark to Michael D. and Joanna H. Kim, $860,000.

DANSK CT., 9704-C. Michael and Wendy E. Hicks to Jay K. and Sheryl White, $750,000.

ENGLISH MAPLE LANE, 12018-Gu Chen Shen to Mary C. Tuddenham, $670,000.

GRAND JUNCTION CT., 3807-Cameron M. Freeman to Firas and Maya Shoorbajee, $400,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12895, No. 12895A-Jeffery W. Cassidy to Theresa M. Carzon, $214,170.

GREEN RIDGE CT., 3804, No. 301-Allison Lazun to Matthew A. Norton, $333,000.

HARBOR TOWN CIR., 12209-Kalyan Pathuri and Silvija Valleru to Kwang C. and Young J. Son, $950,000.

HEATHERSTONE CT., 4064-Edward E. and Tracey K. Barrett to Ryan J. and Nicole A. McCarthy, $552,999.

HECATE CT., 5587-Ji Y. Oh and Hong S. Song to Matthew J. and Mary K. Baehr, $349,900.

HIDEAWAY RD., 2911-Walter E. and Dorothy C. Steidle to Tariq Khan, $710,000.

HUNT MANOR DR., 3811-Lynda K. Bailey to Nader J. and Violet N. Neshewat, $904,000.

HUNTERS GLEN WAY, 2927-Eugene A. and Cindy L. Kiernan to Eugene T. and Nancylee H. Ryan, $694,000.

HUNTING PINES PL., 9119-Chung I. and Sang S. Nam to Young G. No, $515,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3809-Marion and Judy Hales to David P. Schroeder, $530,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9717, No. 201-Frances I. Scott to Christiane Canavan, $281,000.

LITTLETON ST., 8925-Andrew S. and Joyce A. Brenc to Chong Suk and Ok Kyung Lee, $685,000.

LT. NICHOLS RD., 12535-Richard V. and Patricia A. Allison to Daniel D. and Jean P. Shaw, $650,000.

LUXBERRY DR., 4666-Eliza G. McBride to Stephen A. and Juanita M. Pappert, $550,000.

MIDDLE RIDGE DR., 4426-Yosuf Taraki to Cerita Akram and Farid Sediqi, $456,000.

MOSS RANCH LANE, 13216-Jeffery S. Carstens to Jonathan M. and Tracy L. Magwire, $425,000.

OLLEY LANE, 4226-Kenneth F. and Cathy F. Simmons to Ronald M. and Kathleen F. Reed, $599,000.

PAVILION LANE, 13133-Adam W. and Allison M. Smith to Steven J. and Kristina B. Sample, $537,500.

PAYNES CHURCH DR., 10694-Arthur F. and Carla Rosenfeld to Eric I. and Janet A. Groom, $633,000.

PLUM DALE DR., 3588-Joseph W. and Patricia A. Shea to Neal J. and Sarah E. Rothleder, $676,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 3817-Vera A. Shirley to Edward A. and Avril N. Donat, $715,000.

RED ADMIRAL PL., 13042-Zohreh Ohi to Roya Badri, $785,000.

ROSE PATH CIR., 12463-Carl E. and Paula R. Gossard to Sang M., Young O., John J. and Woo Jung Cho, $630,000.

SAN CARLOS DR., 4302-Charles R. and Barbara L. Sensiba to Andrew Fisher and Ashley E. Dicker, $480,000.

SLEEPY LAKE CT., 12300-Yvonne D. Pitt to Lloyd Coleman, $460,000.

STONINGTON DR., 5217-Shawn Harrison to Julie Yeager, $535,000.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12464-Linda D. McAllister to Edgar and Karina Saby Cubas, $473,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 4627-Burton and Lisa K. Field to Oscar A. and Staci N. Merida, $675,000.

VALLEY RIDGE DR., 3917-Jody M. Antol to Shelley E. Sanders, $490,000.

WEDGEWAY CT., 12151-Christopher B. Foley to Christian J. Smith, $400,000.

WEDGEWAY PL., 12147-Esteban Sarzosa and Soledad Portilla to Helen C. Cho and Stephanie C. Hernandez, $434,900.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 3045-Jonathan Dietrich to Anant Kumar and Shalini Shikha, $492,000.

WORCESTER DR., 4221-Roger L. and Martha I. Bernardi to Erin and Bjorn Sunde, $510,000.

Fairfax Station Area

FAIRFAX STATION RD., 11105-Carl Leon and Betty J. Barker to Jose L. Gamboa, $460,000.

JOHN WAY, 9114-Mark T. and Janet L. Weaver to Michael L. and Barbara B. Bruhn, $760,000.

LAUREL OAK PL., 9600-John B. and Robin N.L. Oliver to Shawn D. Grunzke and Anne B. Kernana Grunzke, $650,000.

MAKELY DR., 6021-Larry Donald and Constance L. Budge to Christopher S. and Kristin H. Kelley, $747,000.

SUMMERWIND LANE, 10505-Joyce W. West to Holly Y. Sorensen, $885,000.

TABOR LANE, 8294-Thomas W. Williams to John R. and Margaret A. Landry, $840,000.

UNION CAMP DR., 6107-John F. and Ellen Shull to Andrea J. Chambers and Lowell J. Chambers, $780,000.

Falls Church Area

CHANUTE PL., 8003, No. 5-Mauricio Baires and Silvia Giron to V. Tan, $322,000.

CHESTNUT AVE., 6927-Dana E. and Judith A. Sotherlund to Aaron M. Johns, $540,000.

FAIRMONT ST., 2907-Jose N. and Nelson J. Sequeira to Leo R. and Juana D. Sequeira, $435,000.

GRAHAM RD., 3201-Edward V. Donahue to Yildiz Yilmaz, $593,250.

JAMES LEE ST., 6705-Tommie L. and Donna J. Bradley to Aasef Shafik, $355,000.

LAWRENCE DR., 2863-Alberta C. Newton to Nicole G. Teser and Stephen E. Parker, $525,000.

LEE HWY., 7611, No. 201-Diane M. Hite to Scott Dijulio, $236,024.

LEE PARK CT., 7041-Christine D. Schmidt to Valentin Andia Rojas, $530,000.

MEADOW LANE, 2923-Phylisann Courtis to Carlos Zuniga, $458,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2815-Curtis H. Vonancken to Diana K. Dean, $410,000.

OAK ST., 2345-Victor A. and Abby M. Contract to A. Paul and Jennifer Zarnowiecki, $770,000.

OAK RIDGE RD., 7111-Charles W. and Esther G. Cook to Patrick B. and Deborah A.S. Mezzetta, $328,000.

POPLAR DR., 1018-Kathryn M. Carmody to Marc R. and Toni L. Genberg, $632,000.

ROOSEVELT AVE., 7200-Bridget E. Kapcar and Kriss J. Eglitis to Ricardo Soto, $505,000.

ROUNDTREE RD., 7001-Shoichi Steven Hotta to Assadullah and Homa Sharif, $552,208.

SEVEN OAKS PL., 3005-John W. and Ruth A. Young to Ramhari Subedi and Ranju Aryal, $510,000.

SYCAMORE DR., 7813-Marion M. Endres to Eric J. and Christine E. Hodge, $493,000.

WALNUT HILL CT., 3406-Katharine Rhodes to Phyllis Woodring, $779,600.

WESTLEY RD., 3124-Phan Ut to Lawrence A. and Pamela C. Hall, $635,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7618-Nancy F. Ortowski to Anne Quick, $289,500.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CARTBRIDGE RD., 2289-David A. Cox and Kirsten M. Wright to Michael J. and Elizabeth R. Ortner, $550,000.

FISHER DR., 7500-Leonardo and Laura C. Baliwag to Delfin and Erik Lorenzana, $490,000.

GLENHEATHER DR., 2216-Galen T. and Diana L. Willcox to William L. Beach and James D. Cleary, $535,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 6805-Daniel A. and Melissa D. Laitsch to William K., Susan M. and Charles E. Brancato, $600,500.

HOLLY MANOR DR., 2558-David W. Bennett and Lara L. Jowers to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $830,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 2756, No. 101-Jose L. Cruz and Matilda Villatoro to Delia M. Castillo, $165,000.

LUNCEFORD LANE, 7700-John W. Maley to Mehdi and Mehrdad Sarbaz, $400,000.

MARSHALL HEIGHTS CT., 7739-Joshua Atkin to David M. and Courtney J. Benedick, $550,000.

MONTIVIDEO SQ., 6828-Thomas G. and Michelle M. Lee to Jeffrey P. Draim and Jeremy R. Lena, $540,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2046-Lloyd F. Miller to Susy Lozada and Eric Rodriguez, $455,000.

TREVINO LANE, 7708-Jeffrey D. Hoffman to Elizabeth A. Fretz, $485,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BAINBRIDGE RD., 8106-William C. Hare to John and Courtney Dillaplain, $520,000.

CAVENDISH DR., 2417-Frank L. Norton to John M. and Rita P. Filmonchik, $470,000.

CROWN COURT RD., 8301-J. Donald Schumacher to Sean P. and Jennifer L. Casey, $732,000.

CUSHMAN PL., 8617-Gerda Gussie to Michael S. and Therese E. Bell, $685,000.

LYNDALE DR., 1210-Marlene P. Hawe to Lewis R. and Diane C. Cabe, $877,700.

WITTINGTON BLVD., 2408-Homer E. Schott to Kenneth L. and Susan D. Kladiva, $611,000.

Great Falls Area

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 11001-James A. and Edith H. Frazier to Jennifer E. and Bahjat Saleh, $850,000.

GREAT FALLS WAY, 11601-Philip R. and Doreen D. Wilson to Juan J. and Susan M. Hernandez, $1.56 million.

HOLLY SPRING DR., 11921-Titshing A. and Anna M. Li to Lochini R. Johnston, $885,000.

LAKE WINDERMERE DR., 10914-Richard C. and Teresa E. Duncan to Philip J. and Jean S. Pifer, $1.975 million.

MILLWOOD LANE, 963-Douglas E. Colton to Allen C. and Bonnie W. Young, $1.4 million.

NEDRA DR., 10108-Alexandra Bennett to Hassan and Maryam Sedaghatpour, $1.6 million.

RIVER PARK DR., 213-James A. and Kathryn G. Chmura to Roger C. and Lisa N. Vasiliadis, $1.6 million.

SENECA RD., 905-Allen S. and Rosa R. Finch to Steve Brisbane, $841,500.

WINDY HOLLOW RD., 9909-Mark and Lisa M. Gercenstein to Eun Suh, $1.925 million.

Herndon Area

ANGELINE DR., 2495, No. 103-Christopher G. Schaefer to Satya S.R. Venkata and Sandhya Kudlu, $354,000.

ASPEN DR., 520-Joseph M. and Susan L. Moon to Jaime Flores, $525,000.

BARTON OAKS PL., 921-Milton J. Herrera to Moris Sandoval, $360,000.

BOND ST., 1258-Karmela R. Barron and Anthony C. Summers to Jose Santos Ayala, $412,000.

CRAYTON CT., 11910-Harvey A. and Barbara C. Bazarian to Jon D. and Heike J. Pilon, $1.019 million.

DOGWOOD CT., 855-Maria E.P. Villaneuva to Dora Henriquez, $335,000.

FARM BUGGY CT., 2401-Brian J. and Elizabeth A. Lewis to Zubair and Zohray Talib, $475,000.

FILLMORE ST., 502-David P. and Laura F. Wartel to Eric and Diane Smith, $520,000.

FOLLEY LICK CT., 1615-David Marc and Sharon Rubenstein to Jose M. Benitez and Sonia Y. Medrano, $576,000.

GILMAN LANE, 11681-Steven M. and Reagan Gotschi to Miklos I. and Terri L. Bitter, $960,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13114-David C. and Roxanne M. Shurtliff to Ernest N. Litorja, $435,575.

MADDEN CT., 3068-John F. Veigle to Mary D. Turner, $335,112.

MADISON ST., 642-Debra Dios to Kathleen Weeks, $630,000.

MONTEREY ESTATES DR., 13051-Brian K. and Carol L. Erwin to Frank Gongming Cheng and Vivien Huining Hu, $535,000.

OLD FARMHOUSE CT., 2433-Lawrence P. Robinson to Anthony S. and Soon Y. Ko, $427,000.

POWELLS TAVERN PL., 1510-Manjushree and Mahendra Badlani to Robert and Melissa Hancock, $556,000.

RICHLAND LANE, 12107-Deanna K. and David C. Johnson to Paul V. and Elizabeth T. Puzzanghero, $1.1 million.

SANDBOURNE LANE, 2551-Fredrik Kauma to Allison K. Fong, $427,000.

SCHWENGER PL., 13324-Reina M. Martinez and Maria I. Murcia to Sandra Edelmira Portillo and Jose Cisneros, $305,000.

SPRING KNOLL DR., 908-David A. and Lisa G. Tyler to Medardo Saravia and Guillermina Rivera, $675,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1275-Tom Hessen to Shamim Chowdhury, $286,000.

TURBERVILLE LANE, 12778-Michael and Donna Slevin to Christopher M. and Amy E. Smith, $530,000.

TWAY LANE, 1126-Maria I. Lucas to Lawrence B. and Benjamin Sevilla, $400,000.

VIKING DR., 2625-Cynthia and Richard Chambers to Robert and Amy B. Thompson, $532,000.

WELLHOUSE CT., 3300-Jayaprakash Doraiswamy and Kavita Gouindarajan to Tushar and Swaha Mahapatra, $629,900.

Huntington Area

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059, No. 1514-Kevin D. Schlemmer and Don C. Clark to Mark A. Orlando, $289,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2100-Helen B. Woideck to Howard Wallach, $446,500.

QUEENS GATE CT., 5812-David H. and Carol E. Bradfield to Dana Botwick and James Delduco, $675,000.

SABLE DR., 5727-Don S. and Marta K. Montgomery to Blanca Sainz and Karen Zapata, $490,000.

Hybla Valley Area

BEDDOO ST., 6710-Donald S. and Bertha E. Connors to William E. and Pamela Pineda, $468,100.

CLAYBORNE AVE., 3213-Maria P. Guardado to Ana M. McDonald, $630,000.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7553-Syed Agil Maricar and Srividya Sprinivasan to Erika and Terrence Kelley, $436,000.

HAMPTON CT., 3715-Judith A. Fishel to Stacey A. Theodorou, $345,000.

HARRISON LANE, 6713-Dwark Parikh to Al Fatha Mirza, $388,000.

HUNTINGTON GROVE SQ., 2932-Henry L. and Laura E. Boudon to Ram and Neeta Shrestha, $475,001.

LANTERN PL., 4511-Peter J. and Frances B. Hughes to Matthew and Rebecca Gehlhoff, $466,000.

LYNNFIELD DR., 8006-Barbara A. Gallagher and Sara Elizabeth Larsen to Gina Wolery and Brian Newburn, $550,000.

RANSOM PL., 3634-Gregory A. Cord to Luis B. Crespo and Nicole A. Gallagher, $413,000.

Lincolnia Area

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5710-Judith K. Sandall to Victor A. Paz, $380,000.

INTERLACHEN CT., 4561, No. J-Roger A. Ramia to Carlos A. Lamas, $379,000.

KEMPER LAKES CT., 6509-Yeon K. Han to Carl F. and Mary R. Stout, $495,000.

MARTIN ST., 4729-Melissa R. Castro to Mehrdad Nikzad and Jacqueline Regalia, $585,000.

SUMMER MOON LANE, 6301-Jennifer K. Anderson to Karyn K. Ablin, $551,000.

WEYANOKE CT., 6578-Lorraine C. and James A. Maetzold to Jeoung Ho and Mi Young An, $605,200.

Lorton Area

ANITA DR., 10825-Li L. and Wai Fu to Neville and Leah C. Bradshaw, $620,000.

ARDGLASS CT., 7435-Eric F. and Kristen M. Miller to Kwame Acheampong and Beatrice Kankam, $426,000.

BLACKFOOT CT., 8555-Diane M. Good to Michelle E. Szczepanik, $346,225.

CARPENTERS HALL DR., 8805-Cary J. Petrovich and Dietz Petrovich to Hector and Shawnda Cruz, $640,000.

DOGUE INDIAN CIR., 7864-Raymond A. and Sandra D. Savoy to Mark A. and Connie S. McNair, $400,000.

GUNSTON COMMONS WAY, 8240-Eric Strasser to Daniel M. and Karen B. Donovan, $609,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9775, No. D-Paula C. Logan to Jose Hernandez, $207,000.

HAMPTON STATION CT., 8804-David W. and Doris J. Holland to Mark J. and Donna M. Sullivan, $865,000.

KANAWHA CT., 8778-Linda D. Beuchert to Mid Atlantic Development Corp., $265,122.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LP., 8249-Navid Vardi to Chad J. and Mary K. Bryant, $639,900.

MASEY MCQUIRE CT., 9619-Thomas G. and Kathy A. Simonton to T. Alexander and Alana M. Anyse, $530,000.

PARSON MASSEY PL., 9631-Jeena Yoon to Oscar and Helen F. Gonzalez, $578,449.

TIDDLE WAY, 6814-Walter and Terrie Sherrod to Habib Ahmed and Mehreen Zehra, $602,000.

WOUNDED KNEE RD., 7490-Kathleen M. Kearns to David S. Oler and Angela T. Gregory, $330,000.

McLean Area

BELLAMINE CT., 6515-John C. Chester to Gerald A. Boutcher and Cheryl L. Freeman, $1.3 million.

CEDRUS LANE, 1061-John J. Mingo to Tae S. and Meeree Yun, $1.195 million.

DUNAWAY CT., 6283-Lawrence S. and Linda S. Hoffheimer to David H. and Eileen R. Helmer, $1.525 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 304-Paul E. Leisz to John Ivica and Gordana Soldo, $350,000.

HARDWOOD LANE, 1512-George B. Newton to Alan M. and Ellen G. Greenwood, $869,200.

HORATIO ST., 7808-Morris A. and Catharine D. Ward to Paul W. and Elizabeth K. Terry, $1.065 million.

LINCOLN WAY, 1504, No. 316-Richard A. and Kristine R. Slifer to Carla J. Pellegrino, $310,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1524, No. 211-Steven Y. Lee to Dae S. and Hye S. Shim, $380,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1535, No. 301B-Killee Jung and Seang Kim to Ryan S. Ban, $315,000.

NORTHWOODS TRAIL, 1006-Jaleh Hafizi to Mark A. and Tania Tretiak, $1.33 million.

OLD CEDAR RD., 1116-Daniel R. and Victoria W. Quinn to Cheryl L. Nicholson and Jules C. Clifford, $1.512 million.

OLD CHESTERBROOK RD., 6331-Konstantinos Alexakis and Laura F. Faibish to Heidi L. Wagner, $1 million.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 301-Jane F. Pafenberg to Tara E. Wiedeman, $330,000.

ORLO DR., 1178-Loretta B. and Wharton B. Rivers to Raphael V. and Deborah K. Lupo, $3.75 million.

SAIGON RD., 932-James Chang to Edward S. Chang, $850,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1530, No. 9208-Jong S. Lee to In Gyoo Lee, $460,000.

STONEHAM CT., 1225-Robert J.J. and Eileen C. Picardi to Mihir Desai and Deepali Kothary, $900,000.

STUART ROBESON DR., 1231-Jack L. and Joanne E. Powell to Martin and Patricia A. Binkin, $1.5 million.

TUCKER AVE., 6522-Matthew and Susan Munafo to Matthew Weed and Gretchen E. Akerson, $875,000.

VISTAS LANE, 7224-Hung M. Nguyen to Mi Suk An and Moo K. Shin, $800,000.

WARNER AVE., 1702-Jean W. Wall to Kevin C. and Autumn K. Clayton, $850,000.

WHANN AVE., 824-Julia A. Dunlap to Nasrollah Jahdi, $1.05 million.

WILSON LANE, 1908, No. T1-Richard E. Reed to Jason and Margaret McMahon, $339,000.

Mount Vernon Area

ALAMEDA CT., 8417, No. 70-Christopher P. and Rita L. Dettmar to Anne K. and Mark D. Planning, $180,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8601, No. A-Quyen Doan to Monica L. Rios, $240,000.

BREVARD CT., 4406-Simone D. Farrar to Jose A. Torres and Maria Del Carmen Ordonez, $315,000.

CEDARLAKE CT., 4314-James J. and Jeanette J. Puryear to Mohammad Munwani, $365,000.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8369-Willie L. Bohles to Ana and Carlos Alexander Chavez, $401,000.

LARAMIE PL., 3808, No. 126G-Michael T. Giampa to Oscar A. and Gilda Berrios, $234,000.

LUDGATE DR., 9304-Lisa B. Webster to James W. Devaul, $1.295 million.

ROBERTSON BLVD., 4304-Gregory W. Briggs and Dianne Baucom to Robert F. and Elizabeth R. Brokamp, $665,000.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 3959, No. C-Natividad M. Flores to Jose Franco and Cristina Rodriguez, $227,000.

SONORA PL., 3929, No. 81A-Roberto and Saylis Fuentes to Jose Argueta, $247,000.

VAN CT., 4820-Charles G. and Ruth E. Demoss to Maria E. Gracias, $430,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8604, No. B-Kimberly J. Follett to Jose Alvarez and Maria D. Moreno, $238,000.

WAGON WHEEL RD., 8364-Thomas W. and Irene C. Honeycutt to Charles D. and Patti H. Lingafelt, $510,000.

WALUTES CIR., 8728, No. E-Rebecca C. Cheek to Dolores Canavan, $218,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3928, No. 14-Robert L. Watson to Gwendolyn M. Kemper, $235,000.

WOODLAWN MANOR CT., 5500-Aqsa Khan to Hilda Noemi Romero, $365,000.

North Springfield Area

ELGAR ST., 7314-Loretta L. Naydock to Christopher Seidel and Emily Reinertsen, $505,000.

FERNDALE ST., 5406-Harry Spencer and Sumiko I. Limbocker to Maria D. Herculez, $475,000.

HUSKY LANE, 7315-Nghia D. Nguyen to Maria Zurita, $469,500.

JERVIS ST., 7307-Shadi Shannaq to Paul G. Mardelli, $486,000.

LEESTONE ST., 7023-Bernice B. Brown and Joseph Assante to Laura B. Thibodeaux, $460,000.

LEEWOOD FOREST DR., 7084-Gracie M. Quaid to Kimberly J. Follett, $411,007.

RAVENEL LANE, 5680-Ming F. Jin and Ming L. Li to Adam J. and Mary A. Sowa, $500,000.

VENTNOR LANE, 5524-James E. Hey to Robert R. and Brenda M. Nau, $530,000.

VICTORIA RD., 8639-Alexander Garcia to Richard Prado and Karla Rocha, $515,000.

Oakton Area

BUSHMAN DR., 10313-Ignacio E. and Guillermina Calles to Eun Y. Park, $435,000.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2860, No. 35-Roger T. and Judith A. Valliere to Kathleen M. Pierce, $410,000.

LINDA MARIE DR., 2722-Mark and Gail A. Garrow to Michael K. and Elizabeth H. Murphy, $1 million.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10166-Rebecca L. and Kevin C. Harris to Karen E. Bray, $352,200.

V LANE, 3350-Matthew Fitzgerald and Nick Bobruska to Dae S. Seo, $1.08 million.

WALKERTON LANE, 10208-Mark W. Dieste to John J. and Maria C. Stanwich, $670,000.

WILLOW GREEN CT., 3510-Nancy L. and David R. Winter to James and Michelle R. Gregory, $645,000.

Reston Area

APRICOT CT., 1617-Kirk M. and Anne A. Hubbard to James B. and Maia D. Lucier, $508,000.

BEAVER TRAIL CT., 11176-William D. Shipley to Elizabeth K. Bedsole, $276,075.

BLACK CAP LANE, 2416-George H. Larson to Andre and Suzanne Ropeta, $660,000.

BRETON CT., 11838, No. 21B-Damon A. Runion to Sean T. McIntyre, $398,700.

BROMLEY VILLAGE LANE, 11616-Stephen G. and Elizabeth B. Graves to Kathleen M. Wolcott, $775,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11248, No. 250-Richard D. and Jay M. Jurgens to Ahmad Daneshvar, $315,000.

CLUBHOUSE CT., 11603-Hugo G. Amelink and Catherine L. Silansky to Tracey Shaffer Carey, $625,000.

COLTS NECK CT., 2101-Louise K. Crane to Carlos M. Dasilva, $345,000.

COOPERS CT., 11859-Frederick S. Brownworth to Richard G. Thrash, $300,000.

CREEKBEND DR., 12000-Robert Richard and Ann Carol Downin to Robert L. and Cynthia M. Magielnicki, $850,000.

DEEP RUN LANE, 1314-Robert L. and Sally D. Price to Christopher M. and Julie Koppang, $700,000.

EDGEMERE CIR., 12077-Cotton Niquelle to Nikhir and Nupur Kumar, $575,000.

EMERALD HEIGHTS CT., 2353-Darrin M. Fentress to Edward A. Scrimger, $305,000.

FREETOWN CT., 2319, No. 11C-Rosalin Hanamura and Van M. Ngo to Tran My, $259,000.

GARDEN WALL CIR., 1367, No. A-Dwight J. Zscheile and Blair A. Pogue to Anthony J. and Laura M. Porto, $377,250.

GLADE BANK WAY, 2319-Eric N. Holmes to Marie E. Uehling, $425,000.

HUNTERS SQUARE CT., 2334-Tarrance and Marva D. Williams to William Lifford and Megan Dougherty, $380,000.

KINSLEY PL., 12117-Robert W. and Sandra L. Reinecke to Paul A. and Carol C. Howard, $785,000.

LAKE CHAPEL LANE, 11141-Donald C. Colwell to Lee G. and Sarah P. Solomon, $803,500.

LAMPLIGHTER WAY, 1275-Jack P. and Margaret M. Graceffo to Steven L. Gibson, $725,000.

MURRAY DOWNS WAY, 1318-David E. and Odil Tunali Payton to Scott L. and Blanca L. Robinson, $825,000.

RIDERS LANE, 11821-Peter M. and Linda R. Berg to Brian E. and Marjorie A. Thomas, $721,000.

ROUNDLEAF CT., 1478-Janos Nagy and Catia Giacalone to Brian T. and Laura A. Witten, $500,000.

SIERRA WOODS CT., 1673-Jeffrey T. and Wendy K. Thomas to Bret A. and Denise H. Lansdell, $366,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2380-Ramiro and Finlandia Gutierrez to Santos I. Avila, $315,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11655, No. 1B-Frederick A. Rose to Tina K. Gizinski, $240,000.

SWANS NECK WAY, 2002-James E. and Teresa M. Slider to J. Michael Teate and Barbara M. Sootkoos, $525,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1932, No. A-Patricia S. Bacchus to Piers C. and Christine M.E. Osborne, $286,000.

WATERVIEW CL., 11487-James B. and Betty C. De Luca to Marcus R. and Cindy R. Smith, $475,000.

WILD HAWTHORN WAY, 1261-James D. and Brooke Simmons to Danielle L. and Timothy B. Peterson, $605,000.

WINTERPORT CL., 1909-Lee G. and Sarah P. Solomon to David Schweikart, $505,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. T10-Henry S.J. Fitzgerald to Kimtuyen T. Do, $309,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 627-Paul Davis to Holly E. and Sharon J. Spanier, $277,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3101, No. 723-Lois E. Ryan to Hatice and Dilberhan Shermat, $325,500.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3101, No. 915-Toguu Simanjuntak to Yura Socolov, $291,999.

PEACE VALLEY LANE, 3256-Judith L. Miller to Steve F. Brault, $585,000.

SHADELAND DR., 3104-Edwin E. Baer to Ronald Mirones and Clelia Espinoza, $616,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2923, No. 101-Karan Hazrah to Rapkat Abdurahman, $205,000.

Springfield Area

BERTITO LANE, 7626-Matthew P. and Marianne C. Branigan to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $712,000.

BUBBLING BROOK CIR., 7930-Jessica R. Summerville to James D. and Tanya J. Kendrick, $411,121.

CARMELA CIR., 8429-Robert A. and Charlotte E. Thompson to Christian Glander and Angela Raque Glander, $505,000.

CHARS LANE, 7751-Michael H. and Kathy A. Bedsworth to Ralph C. and Elizabeth W. Thompson, $637,751.

ESSEX AVE., 6922-Myung Guk Park to Jose Flores, $530,000.

ESSEX AVE., 6946-Virginia E. Medley to Sang Ho Kim, $524,000.

FLOWER TUFT CT., 7203-Dolman F. and Helen M. Baldwin to Lee Ok Min, $639,000.

FREDERICK ST., 5901-Oscar A. Kabayama to Jimmy Romeo and Barbara Mercedes Menjivar, $505,000.

FRONTIER DR., 6100-John J. and Francoise W. Hresan to Nasima Khanom, $505,000.

GAMBRILL CT., 7946-Richard P. and Heather G. Wagenaar to Tracey L. Stallwood and Edward C. Gardiner, $455,000.

GAVELWOOD CT., 9076-Gregory W. and Katherine A. McDonnell to Lemuel F. Marlow, $452,050.

HALIFAX PL., 7212-Hector S. Cuellar to Jaime Magne, $440,000.

HUNDSFORD LANE, 7115-John M. and Gayle H. Greene to Michael and Kimberly Bartlett, $650,000.

JOHN RYLAND WAY, 7269-Pamela J. Jeckell to Christopher S. and Tamara C. Povak, $620,000.

KITCHENER DR., 8497-Jorge E. Claros and Sandra Galvez to Mario and Zulma Orihuela, $372,500.

LAMAR DR., 7101-Drew Vernon and Bonny L. Dean to John Deboer, $450,000.

LEVI CT., 6240-Thomas C. Keenan to Rahel Kebede, $515,000.

MILVA LANE, 6495-William L. and Lauralyn P. Rodgers to Robert L. and Carol W. Labadie, $496,000.

OLD KEENE MILL RD., 7310-Mijung Ohpark to Anuwat Rungcharoenpornpachee, $453,000.

RAINBOW BRIDGE LANE, 8495-Tony F. and Gina R. Silva to Angel and Diane Vazquez, $525,000.

ROCKY FORGE CT., 8306-Narendra Kumar Batra to Oanh K. Vu, $345,000.

ROLLING OAK LANE, 7320-Roya and Shirshan Zamani to Malkeet Singh, $408,000.

SEABROOK LANE, 7605-Thomas C. and Kathleen K. Young to Robert O. and Catherine R. Gray, $840,000.

SHADEWAY PL., 8510-John R. and Carolyn R. Pflug to David J. Zadareky, $849,500.

SKYRON PL., 8816-Dorothy M. and James D. Grace to Andrew Trapnell and John Langlois, $502,100.

SLEEPY BROOK CT., 7902-John C. Meuchner and Michele D. Dubach to Franklin D. and Jessica M. Woodruff, $737,000.

SOUTHERN OAK DR., 7606-Jack L. and Lisa A. Wolfe to Andre Helou and Mary Ataya, $416,000.

STAGG CT., 6393-T. Shawn and Angelique B. Close to Philip Corbin and Peggy Anne Fouts, $460,000.

SWEET GUM PL., 8818-Seema and Zuberi M. Iqbal to Philip L. and Tabitha A. Hoyle, $545,000.

WESTERN OAK DR., 8605-Robert L. Carson to Omdurman Ismael and Feruza Hussen, $401,000.

Vienna Area

ABBEY OAK DR., 1805-Lana B. and Marvin C. Wingate to Jaime A. Castaneda and Rocio Hoefken, $856,025.

ABBOTSFORD DR., 1825-Ann R. Blatchley to Babak Yektafar and Andrea McCarthy, $790,000.

CLOVER GLEN DR., 10162-Thomas C. De Loach to Donald J. and Astrid Nadine Fix, $1.075 million.

COLONADE DR., 9404-Ping Zhu to Lin Gen Iu, $550,000.

COLVIN FOREST DR., 1331-Linglan Edwards to Shirin M. Kashani, $865,000.

COTTAGE ST., 807-Marjorie C. Hirst to Bryan J. and Michele A. Kline, $515,000.

COTTAGE ST., 8513-Paul Joseph Bernazani to Stephen G. and Karin McFarland, $636,000.

GLENRIDGE CT., 8850-David C. Haas to Tony Nguyen and Stephane Truong, $891,000.

HUNT VALLEY DR., 8423-Judith A. Neiger to Robert H. and Molly R. Allred, $595,000.

JACKSON PW., 2300-Ronald T. and Barbara A. Muse to Konstadinos and Kathy Petrakis, $600,000.

JAMES DR., 100-Inderjeet and Asha Mani to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $555,000.

LAFORA CT., 2838-Elba P. Wongus and Tomasa O. Negron to Chad R. Ausburn and Tracy A. Barr, $485,000.

LINDEL LANE, 9931-Dennis M. and Elsebritt Fitzgerald to Alain G. and Christina Gemond, $745,000.

MEADOW SPRINGS DR., 2018-Naji Nader to Sung W. Kim and Sujin Hwang, $701,255.

MILL ST., 425-Betty J. Riner to Vickie Sue and Victoria Lauren Lessa, $470,000.

MOOREFIELD RD., 502-Martha J.N. Morris to Adam Huffman and Oliandoniaina Andriamamenosoa, $527,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9851-Jennifer D. Funkhouser to Courtney M. Nero and Sabrina L. Wesley Nero, $450,000.

PINSTRIPE CT., 1307-Mohan G. and Gita Gopal to Hossein Danesphayeh Mohamad and Samimimofakham Sonbol, $1.25 million.

SUNNY MEADOW LANE, 2433-Fred C. and Marianne A. Schoeneborn to Abbas and Pamela Yazdani, $1.45 million.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 136-Christopher E. and Francis J. Simal to Wen Zhu, $432,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

SANDBURG ST., 2448-James E. Mazur to Saad M. Ali and Noha Kammouna, $654,000.

West Springfield Area

BARDU AVE., 6400-Rita J. and Tracy L. Winborne to Mauricio De La Fuente and Susana A. Tapia, $530,000.

BAYSHIRE RD., 5906, No. L-Randy L. Simmons to Tony W. Burford and Linwood Barrett, $210,000.

DARLINGTON ST., 8338, No. 483-Edward Joseph Banas to Musa I. Awadallah, $330,000.

ETTA DR., 8608-Randall F. and Barbara R. Scott to Evan C. and Natalie D. Thomas, $622,200.

KENTFORD DR., 8612-Philip C. and Myra A. Purdom to Steven P. and Lynette K. Whitney, $530,000.

KERRYDALE DR., 6267-Brian J. and Amy L. Rall to Teresa B. Harris, $442,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5904, No. K-James A. Conway to Samuel D. Birchett and J.M. Johnston, $261,500.

OLD SCOTTS CT., 6420-Chris and Catherine Foca to Kurt and Kent Montavon, $433,500.

OLDE LANTERN WAY, 7211-John D. Hodapp to Hoa and Lien Vu, $450,900.

OMEGA CT., 8969-Gary S. Torrico and Maria M. Espinoza to Maria C. Perez, $380,000.

PRINCE JAMES DR., 5916, No. 77-Kristina L. Weldin to William H. and Erica M. Wood, $332,000.

REGAL OAK DR., 6354-Il K. and Young H. Kim to Yoo Shin Kang, $485,000.

REYNARD DR., 6629-Ross B. and Deborah A. Deblois to Mark A. and Marnie L. Moore, $550,000.

SPRINGFIELD VILLAGE DR., 7917-Denise D. Heller to Thomas M. and Juliana M. Jones, $600,000.

SQUIRREL RUN RD., 8116-Ronald J. Malone to Judith A. Fishel, $486,250.

Fairfax City

The following sales were recently recorded in Fairfax City. The information was supplied to The Washington Post by the city's Real Estate Assessment Office. This list is published at least twice a month in the Fairfax Extra. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the city and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

AUTUMN CT., 4036-Janet Hitchcock to Ngoc B. Nguyen, $645,000.

CHANCERY PARK DR., 4302-Joan F. and Robert L. Karas to Yu Zeng and Yuan Fang, $830,000.

COLONY RD., 3619-Tolliver G. and William Henry McGowan Jr. to Margaret E. and Terrence J. McCollom, $626,000.

DANIEL'S RUN CT., 3807-Patricia G. and Kenneth S. Lobingier to Katherine and Timothy Robertson, $1.275 million.

ESTATE CT. 10816-Hewitt Relocation Services Inc. to Maria Carmen and Richard E. Bankhead, $670,000.

FAIRFAX BLVD., 9447, No. 102-Mohammed Aslam Khan to Jaya and Shrawan K. Gangele, $246,000.

FAIRFAX BLVD, 9459, No. 104-Loretto Rose and Maureen Alanna Sullivan to Christina Ross, $219,000.

FAIRFAX BLVD., 9471, No. 202-Cynthia D. and John J. Fisher to Pedram Rasouli Farahani, $226,000.

HAYNSWORTH PL., 3811-Mary C. and Henry P. Evans to Federico Lopez Hernandez, $642,000.

MAIN ST., 10570, No. 210-Denny Chiramel

to Andrew L. Sanjines and Kelli Braun, $255,000.

MAPLE ST., 10641-Virginia Litman to Gladys Bayarri, $331,000.

MASON ST., 3712-Reilly Newell and Joanne M. Dembicki to Stephen C. Spishak, $550,000.

MOSBY WOODS DR., 10007-James H. Rose to Maria Lourdes Flores, $310,000.

ORCHARD ST., 10928-Suzan M. and Luther G. Stuart Jr. to Lajwanthi and Paresh Wadhwa, $590,000.

PROVIDENCE WAY, 10517-Eva D. and Dexter J. Bjurstrom to David L. Bonanni and Laurie K. Seaton, $650,000.

ROBERTS RD., 4022-Catherine and Jose C. Pereira to Ortiz and Associates Corp., $425,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 3607-David C. and Krista L. Penny to William Riano, $590,000.

WEST DR., 10724, No. 104-Thomas W. Triplett to Mohammad R. Bahadori, $175,000.

WOODLAND DR., 4034-Kristin and Lee Petherbridge to Amy S. Lewett, $455,000.