The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Adelphi Area

CHILLUM RD., 712-Jose Ayala and Jesus E. Moran to Theodore O. Agbara, $350,000.

COOL SPRING RD., 3405-Lawrence K. and Kelly S. Yeh Yeah to Kermit C. and Phebe M. Curry, $295,000.

DANA DR., 1904-Leigh and James F. Harding Jr. to Julio A. Medrano, $370,000.

DAYTON RD., 1602-Linda K. Brandy to Hector Deleon, $310,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 707-Gabriel Avissar to Dorothy B. Waring living trust, $140,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9250, No. 714B-Karla W. Barnes to Denise A. Hill, $120,500.

EDWARDS WAY, 9250, No. 211C-Angela Lewis to Denise A. Hill, $141,600.

FLORAL DR., 10507-Louis and Magdolna Fishkind to Santos G. Bonilla and Jose S. Alvarez, $315,000.

LANGLEY WAY, 1706-Jennie V. and Richard A. Hitchcock to Shane Umstead, $257,000.

LEWISDALE DR., 2202-Junia Willis to Terrence Vyfhuis, $250,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1824, No. 103-Ky Adderley to Oluseun Oshosanya, $113,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1830, No. B5-Keith M. Dillon to Sabine T. Sinkam, $140,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1526-Gloria J. Boone to Sheny Montoya, $145,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 523-Lord Moses to Jose Arevalo, $145,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 525-Joseph W. Garris III to Tsega Demmeke and Eskinder Afework, $145,000.

RIGGS RD., 7300, No. 104-Iqbal M. Alami to Maria F. Mejia Espinoza, $90,000.

EIGHTH AVE., 6515-James A. and Marguerite S. Gulli to Brian E. and Robert E. Lee, $295,000.

23RD AVE., 7208-Maria D.C. To and Jose L. Fuentes to Maria Garcia Bonilla, $309,000.

Aquasco Area

ST. PHILLIPS RD., 16000-Alan J. Gwynn to Charles Harris, $350,000.

Beltsville Area

BRIGGS CHANEY RD., 4300-Evelyn and Frederick E. Boswell to Nelson A. Pimentel, $280,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11216, No. T1-Oscar H. Magana to Van Buren Watts III, $145,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11232, No. T1-Jose E. Castellon to Masrur Hossain, $145,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11310, No. 204V-Ricardo A. Sosa to Vilma Gonzalez, $160,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11322, No. 301P-James B. Olsen Jr. to Albert Gomez, $124,000.

GARRETT AVE., 4503-Indumati N. and Naginbhai J. Patel to Edwin R. Lopez, $625,000.

LONG FEATHER CT., 11411-Celein C. Glasgow Gerald to Rotimi O. Wan, $260,000.

NARROW TRAIL TERR., 11304-Rose O. Omang to Eveline B. Keyi, $245,000.

Bladensburg Area

MONROE ST., 4917-Yvonne V. and Winston A. Williams to Carlos L. Hernandez, $181,500.

TAUSSIG RD., 5442-Mario and Marcelina E. Gonzalez to Reyna Bravo and Jose Aguilar, $229,000.

UPSHUR ST., 5207-Errol F. Wiles to Magdalena I. and Juan A. Lazo, $180,000.

Bowie Area

ARABIAN LANE, 14803-Michael P. and Gina M. Hatheway to Celia C. and Timothy Stickler, $490,000.

ARDEN FOREST LANE, 2605-Christopher C. and Cathlee Newman to Cathy Mansperger and Robert Bunge, $425,000.

ATLANTIS DR., 16105-Kenneth and Teresa A. Majors to Rashida J. and Steve K. Chapman, $485,000.

BARTLETT LANE, 2711-Elizabeth S. and Ronald D. Nelson to Triana D. Bash, $318,000.

DEEPWOOD DR., 11401-Erin M. and James R. Coyner III to Michelle L. Davis, $235,500.

ELDBRIDGE TERR., 3910-Mark Y. Reynolds to Fay L. Halliburton, $275,000.

ETTRICK CT., 3931-Wanda Y. Govan to Dwayne Crowder, $262,500.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15606, No. 103-Marie T. Parks to Brenda E. Dews, $210,000.

FLEMING LANE, 12209-Michael J. Bartosiewicz to Binu Radhamaniamma, $365,000.

GRESHAM CT., 13500-Pamela D. and Michael A. Scott to Emma S. Banya, $340,000.

HYSON PL., 2203-Lorraine and William E. Spencer to Francisco J. Escalante, $335,000.

IDLEWILD DR., 13407-Walter P. Fitzwater Jr. to Paula A. Winters, $325,000.

KEMMERTON LANE, 12313-Kelly C. and Matthew M. Sargent Jr. to Roderick Johnson, $365,000.

KEYBERRY LANE, 2402-Daniel and Jean Taylor Wilson to Kelly C. and Stephen M. Barry, $345,000.

KEYSTONE LANE, 2731-Willard N. and Bonnie A. Bieler to Jay R. and Sheila C. Bieler, $260,000.

LONDON LANE, 14534-Dennis A. and Kimberly Singleton to Terence A. and Michele R. Anderson, $285,000.

LONG RIDGE LANE, 12017-Myron E. and Gracie L. Beasley to Donna and Truman Barriteau, $360,000.

MARQUETTE LANE, 13040-William T. Bourne to Joseph W. and Carla H. Nowlin, $250,000.

MONT CLARE LANE, 3315-Louis H. and Felacita King III to Caryl and Brian Banks, $180,000.

OAKLYN LANE, 4505-Chyrl Y. Andrews to Waheeda and Shonne Spencer, $325,000.

OAT FARM CT., 8101-Gregory S. and Amy E. Smith to Ramon and Allison G. Pena, $530,000.

ORCHARD RUN DR., 15517-Kimberly and Denton Washington to Barbara J. Spragan, $538,000.

PALACE LANE, 1606-Terese M. and Paul D. Degere to Joseph C. Welch, $165,000.

POSTWICK PL., 917-Barbara W. Johnson to Kevin B. Chatmon, $334,000.

PRIMROSE CT., 13708-Linda C. and William J. Balach to Lloyd H. Cravener Jr., $487,000.

RIDGELINE TERR., 4701, No. 285-Lisa M. and Thomas M. Sylvia to Jeffrey F. London, $284,000.

SCARLET OAK TERR., 3200-Robert J. Cusack to Nellcinne J. Crooks, $310,000.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 12319, No. T23-Lillie L. Warren, trustee, to Lois Barker, $154,900.

SUPERIOR LANE, 3205-Martha M. and David C. Hall to Clayton R. Saltsman, $315,000.

UNDERMIRE CT., 8612-Yimin and Weixin Gu Ji to Yessika A. and Walter A. Guzman, $442,000.

VISTA GARDENS DR., 10518-Charles L. and Glenda F. Shipp Jr. to Tapika C. and Jonathan L. Bryant, $359,900.

WOODHAVEN LANE, 4007-Charles N. Burnett to Terri A. and Aaron M. Harger, $258,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 13319-Jerrianna M. and Raymond M. Fox to Kathy A. Dingess, $300,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 13434-Timothy B. and Cynthia C. Johnson to Pamela A. and Usher A. Moses, $350,000.

Brandywine Area

BRANDYWINE HEIGHTS RD., 14518-Brian A. and Tiffany L. Bell to Fay F. and Darryle Madison, $154,000.

DANVILLE RD., 4808-Kathy L. and Joseph C. White to Gumesindo Maldonado, $449,900.

HEATHERWICK CT., 12807-Crystal S. Dickerson to Olga N. and Victor M. Delgado, $255,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 9605-Wayne C. Miles to Amat E. and Michelle I. Ballard, $535,000.

SOUTH HILL RD., 13510-8 Metree Way Corp. to Cynthia and Alphonso Wilkerson, $399,000.

Brentwood Area

QUINCY ST., 3710-Earl R. and Phyllis J. Lowe to Maria Medina and Jose L. Hernandez, $246,000.

37TH AVE., 3407-Matthew E. Johnson to Gabriel E. Herrera, $154,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 6029-Mfon Umoren to Angela C. Shinholster, $175,000.

ADDISON RD. N., 4311-India Peters to Ivelisse Vanderhorst, $170,000.

ADEL ST., 6904-G.E. Mortgage Services L.L. to Wendy Berrios and Ismael A.O. Pineda, $126,100.

AQUAMARINE CT., 6956-Kate K. Yunmbam to Rachael A. Owooje, $236,000.

BEACON HILL PL., 5902-Michelle and Malachi E. Robinson to Gloria J. Belton, $182,000.

BOOKER DR., 728-E. Ron A. Pruitt to Eustace L. and Avril V. Rutherford, $144,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 318-Michelle S. Stephens to Lidia and Daniel Nunez Paulino, $164,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 502-Richard D. Okoye to Marta Vaquez and William Soto, $235,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 502-Richard D. Okoye to Marta Vaquez and William Soto, $235,000.

CHAPELWOOD LANE, 1221-Nse B. Obong to Michael Taylor, $189,000.

DRUM AVE., 813-Janet Nicholson to Ozell Cooper, $87,000.

DRUMLEA RD., 7421-Gloria L. Valentine to Biyi Gbadehan, $110,000.

GLACIER AVE., 1101-Kwasi Wadie to Fidel A. Rivas, $285,000.

KAYAK AVE., 918-Daniel T. Schellhorn to Joseph Luptak, $80,000.

MANN ST., 4708-Paul J. Walker to Seraphia Roberts and Cecile Payne, $197,000.

MARLBORO PIKE, 5215-Pete Lambden and Sons Inc. to Tomasa Urbina and Luis E. Claros, $65,000.

MIGLIORI CT., 7005-Senetra Hopkins to Claire C. Kotomale, $250,000.

NOVA AVE., 1107-Timothy L. Weston to Jose M. Benitez, $265,000.

ROLLINS LANE, 5503-Joseph E. Laird to Evette and Darrell Collins, $135,500.

SAMUEL DR., 1309-Patricia A. Jackson to Michelle A. Mitchell, $198,000.

SHADY GLEN DR., 328-Sheila Chavis to Henry A. Thompson, $200,000.

TUNIC AVE., 19-FYI Enterprises Corp. to Tina McAllister, $176,000.

VINE ST., 4115-Margaret E. Littlejohn to Sophia Littlejohn, $146,200.

VINE ST., 4217-Lawrence E.E. and Nathan Carter to Reginald Gayles, $96,000.

58TH AVE., 1003-Pledge Property Corp. to Angela Minava, $90,000.

69TH ST., 206-Prosper O. Wusu to Fermin Vasquez, $235,000.

Cheltenham Area

BARNSDALE DR., 10602-Wanda Y. and Clarence H. Bright Jr. to Stephanie J. Ridge, $310,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 10907-Daniel W. McCutchan to Albert L. Reed, $315,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BELGRAVIA LANE, 7415-Ramona and Raymond Rivers to Rita C. Jordan, $261,000.

CEDARWOOD CT., 1804-Terri C. and Angela S. Bru McCoy to Malofo A. Donzo and Musa V. Sackor, $178,500.

CEDARWOOD CT., 1831-Confidence C. Obadare to Celica Innis, $168,000.

CENTRAL HILLS TERR., 6712-Tyrus Rudy to Ngozi Ahatanke, $225,000.

CRANE PL., 7435-Arnele Maldonado to Gwendolyn E. Cooks, $208,999.

ELI PL., 1303-Louis and Cynthia McClam to Josue R. and Solomon E. Guzman, $275,000.

KENT VILLAGE PL., 2416-Babafemi Adenuga to Jamine Hill, $150,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9712, No. 303-Katrina Lombre to Tupac Derenoncourt, $205,000.

MATTHEW HENSON AVE., 2405-Herbert E. Bonnette to Edward Hobbs, $140,000.

MICHELE CT., 903-Sean A. Hill to Debra Hewitt, $210,000.

RAY LEONARD RD., 1800-Bulah Kittrell to Johnetta Walker and Pernell Ward, $161,000.

Clinton Area

ANNE CT., 7905-Grace L. Wilson to Lucia and Nelson Aguilar, $332,000.

COLCHESTER DR., 7409-Ruth W. and Seth T. Young to Alicia N. Lemay, $270,900.

CRALEY CT., 8704-Willie L. Davis to Joanne Byrd Williams, $245,000.

DANGERFIELD RD., 8609-Daniel F. Craney to Peter Hunt, $213,000.

GLEN VIEW DR., 9601-Curtis E. Cusey to Denise L. and Frank E. McCray, $243,000.

GLISSADE DR., 11500-Rupertha P.R. and Johnny T. Jordan to Mohamed Daramy, $330,000.

GWYNNDALE DR., 9517-Vivian C. and Lebron E. Dickerson to Tammie A. Norman, $287,000.

JUNALUSKA TERR., 8818-Derrick and Jacqueline H. Tongue to 8818 Junaluska Terrace Corp., $170,000.

KIDDER RD., 3301-Larry J. and Selma M. Martinette to Paul E. and Carlotta T. White, $529,900.

PARKVIEW LANE, 6109-Ronald E. Woods to Clifford Mason, $300,000.

SIMPSON LANE, 9010-Carl S. Campbell to Krishna M. Gilchrist, $230,000.

THUNDER CT., 8307-Martha L. and Rickie J. Williams to Michelle A. Minor, $345,500.

WINDBROOK DR., 12411-Stella and Florence Cole to Niquita R. Robinson, $305,000.

WINDBROOK DR., 12508-Isha Amos to Diane Flowers and Roy B. Harley, $280,000.

ZENITH WAY, 7606-Sean L. and Shemetric Q. Spriggs to Zoila A. and Rosa E. Jimenez, $325,000.

College Park Area

AUSTIN CT., 2-Christine L. Nagle to Abdul Ghaffar, $245,000.

DUKE ST., 3429-Dennis C. and Jean J. Richards to Dawn M. and Guillermo A. Diaz, $375,000.

KNOX RD., 4313, No. 608-Michael G. Forakis to Chris Appleton and Siegfried Behrens, $168,900.

PADUCAH RD., 5206-Sue E. and William J. Kelly to Johan A. Ramos, $350,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 8615-Courtney S. Danforth to John S. Wilkerson, $259,000.

VILLANOVA RD., 7603-Albert J. and Sara E. Walukonis to Sealani B. and Alan H. Weiner, $374,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 1810-Sybil W. and Gerard F. Laredo to Majorie Collins, $130,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 405-Ulrich Lachler to Khaymattie Paltan, $130,000.

49TH PL., 9516-Jo Ann and Philip E. Ziegler to Christian Ziegler, $200,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1733-Jones Family Trust to Tyree Hunt, $122,000.

DONNELL PL., 7314, No. D8-Earl J. Batts III to Annabelle and Robert Obey, $117,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 6918-Randolph J. Green to Tina Faunteroy, $200,000.

FOREST PARK DR., 1739-Marcia and Marcellos Collins Sr. to Christina Johnson, $207,000.

FOSTER ST., 7120-Marjorie D. Purcell to Loretta Taylor, $240,000.

GLENDORA DR., 1900-Mary A. Carter to Gail Floyd, $275,000.

HIL MAR DR., 5207-Wiletta V. Jones to Adrienne C. Gant and Michael S. Odom, $215,500.

LOGAN ST., 3018-Karen T. and Mitchell P. Smith to Kandra Coleman, $205,000.

MASON ST., 7200-Ronald J. and Hazel P. Phillips to Aaron and Angel Goodson, $242,000.

MILLTOWN CT., 6805-Whaley Brown Jr. to Nicole Gunter, $130,000.

PARKLAND DR., 2716-Worster L. and Lucille E. Ellis to Jorge Granados, $185,000.

PHELPS AVE., 2708-John H. Desarno to Lilian Lopez and Agustin Cruz, $225,000.

PINEVALE AVE., 3308-Jill S. Alexander to Beverly A. Townes, $170,000.

PLAZA DR., 2806-Eric and Bonita L. Glenn to Christian and Armando A. Vasquez, $310,000.

REGENCY PKWY., 3449-Brenda F. Smith to Samson Durand, $180,000.

TIMBERCREST DR., 2410-Donnie J. Anderson to Raymond J. Ngah, $260,000.

TODDSBURY PL., 5107-Duchess Y. Queen to Rachel Anderson, $198,000.

TULIP AVE., 1639-Kelly L. Joppy to Berry Bolden, $191,000.

WALTERS LANE, 2903-Mildred and Frank A. Crew to Tamara Swann, $150,000.

Fort Washington Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 7519-Mark A. Sansbury to Martha Robles, $177,990.

ASBURY DR., 12304-Keiko and John C. Harry to Natividad D. Carranza, $325,000.

BLUFFWOOD LANE, 8800-Frances A. and Arthur E. Marshall to Nicole Byrd, $265,000.

BOCK RD., 7816-Barbara J. Johnson to Ruben D. Nunez, $259,000.

CUMBRIA CT., 8736-Sheila Dorsey to Donald Spruill Jr., $101,328.

IVY BRIDGE RD., 2811-Christopher A. Lewis to Maria and Jose V. Sanchez, $250,000.

JAFFREY RD., 7400-Brenda Jefferson to Damon Moats, $192,769.

KLOVSTAD DR., 7812-In K. and Sang W. Hyun to Amilcar Flores, $299,900.

LAMPTON LANE, 12808-Robert D. and Theres Christensen to Jessica Huynh and Kai Yu, $180,157.

LIVINGSTON RD., 11036-Amy T. and Thomas G. Alexander to Dana M. Williams, $450,000.

LUMAR DR., 3821-Paul A. Frazier Jr. to Lisa Dickerson, $244,900.

MILL ST., 9017-Veronica J. Lee to 9017 Mill Street Corp., $148,000.

OAK LANE, 8838-Frank A. Scot and Juana Rodriguez to Romy W. Torres, $277,000.

OLD ALLENTOWN RD., 9610-Maria B. and Elmer H. Tippett Jr. to Janice F. Powell, $305,000.

PALMER RD., 1240-Yvonne A. Lewis to Eliza J. Young, $177,500.

PARKTON ST., 12202-Derra N. Brown to Dionne F. Brown and Anthony L. Johnson, $316,900.

PATS LANE, 7804-K and R Investments Corp. to Edgardo D. and Eddie D. Hernandez Jr., $205,000.

PELICAN GAR., 206-Victor E. Jr. and Brillia E. Perez to Lilian A. and Juan Canales, $410,000.

REXBURG AVE., 303-Keith B. and Loretta R. Pitt to Altamont Reid Jr., $174,000.

RIVER VIEW LANE, 8305-J. Marcelle Joyner to Sonia Bizzell, $347,000.

VAN BUREN DR., 1200-Otto J. Bibb to James B. Proctor, $235,000.

WOOD HOLLOW PL., 2701-Sherri Y. Dickens to Carlos Arriaza, $165,000.

Glenn Dale Area

GLENN DALE RD., 6727-Linda M. Seeds to Contina and Aboubacar Djaouga, $260,000.

MARGUERITA AVE., 10008-Thomas L. Gregory Jr. to Pitiecha Cummings Reese, $285,000.

WORRELL AVE., 10006-Brian K. and Easther Segre Lewis to Shannon Meade and Omar Y. Qudah, $319,000.

WORRELL PL., 10115-Earle S. Thornhill to Victoria Olokungbemi, $375,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBROOK DR., 7543-Secured Improvements to Deon A. Daniels, $339,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6972, No. 201-Edmond E. and Mary E. Walsh to Joyce Brown, $165,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6996, No. 302-Eleanor Oppenheimer to Erin M. Sines, $139,900.

LAKECREST DR., 7732-Theresa L. Lewis to Darnell R. Martin, $225,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7912-Audrey J. Barnett, trustee, to Michael J. Thompson, $175,000.

MANDAN RD., 7931-Glen A. Reynoso to Tori and Matthew Miller, $227,500.

Hyattsville Area

EMERSON ST., 5304-Sabur A. and Mary A. Nuriddin to Marvin C. and Edgar R. Diaz, $186,000.

KENNEDY ST., 4302-Flora E. Hatcher to John Graham, $195,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 212-Patrick C. Obi to Patricia M. and Anthony G. Wheelock, $125,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 509-Rafael Cisneros to Barbara J. Coleman, $81,000.

54TH AVE., 5015-Argentine B. Blackstock to Edson B. Ochoa and William E. Salinas, $275,000.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9203, No. 204-Carina Mack Caldwell to Jhumky R. Sarrao and Joseph Rozario, $136,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9205, No. 105-Ana L.D. Pitts to Sunirmol Costa, $160,000.

Lanham Area

ALCONA ST., 9332-Keith N. Boyd to Martha Herrera, $330,000.

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8622-Garrett Coble to Molly and Hari Prasad, $215,000.

BROOM LANE, 10322-Mary B. Ray to Mande F. Moffa, $275,000.

BROOM LANE, 10341-Robin C. Cooke to David M. Rawles, $278,000.

DUCHAINE DR., 5506-Wasiu Katayeyanjue to Juan C. and Jose L. Villegas, $270,000.

ELBROOK CT., 7506-William F. and Annick O. Kelley to Antwain Yates, $300,000.

ELLARD DR., 10108-David Harris to Jacqueline and Milton D. Price Jr., $545,000.

FINNS LANE, 7318-Dolores I.E. and Juan Rosso to Niurka E. Valenzuela, $305,000.

FORBES BLVD., 6823-Jessie D. and Kareem N. Mallard to Rebecca L. and Roy E. Cruz, $290,000.

FRANKLIN AVE., 9429-David A. and Norma Wallac Foster to Veneize Murray and Jonah Nelson, $323,000.

GLENREED CT. W., 3201-Tyrone A. and Leeta R. Ellis to Jean D. Queen, $238,000.

MCHENRY LANE, 9001-Norman E. Brown Jr. to Carolyn N. Israel, $265,000.

PALAMAR TERR., 7057-Adama C. Kamara to Fatu Conteh, $220,000.

PALAMAR TURN, 7018-Jacinta Oduro to Charles E. Williams Jr., $228,000.

PALAMAR TURN, 7039-Craig M. Parsons to Phyllis E. Moulder, $280,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 9125-Joseph M. Settles to Jose Montoya, $330,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 9502-Marvin and Juan Campos Lizano to Maria A. and Juan G. Reyes, $299,000.

WESTGATE RD., 5714-Donna M. Lee to Ermelando Romualdo, $265,000.

WHITFIELD CHAPEL RD., 4920-Dannie and Hazel C. Smith Sr. to McCrae Properties Corp., $112,000.

WOODBERRY ST., 9806-Byoung S. and Hye S. Choi to Evelyn M. and Richard O. Gabbidon, $385,000.

WOODSTREAM LANE, 6920-Tracy and Brenda Blocker to Adedamola O. Lawal, $247,000.

WORRELL AVE., 9423-Grace T. Smead to Beulah and Isaac Daniel, $228,000.

WYATT DR., 9305-Copperfield Davies to Alex O. Guerrero, $276,000.

FIFTH ST., 9129-Yongnan and Robert E. Haines to Eluid and Balmoris Alvarenga, $317,900.

Largo Area

BOYKIN PL., 13017-Ellen M. and Jeffrey L. Knight to Tamara Washington, $309,900.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3275-James and Sandra Grey to Terri Valentine, $140,000.

RINGNECK CT., 13105-Louis M. Effa to John A. Pedro, $425,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8951, No. 301-Andrea J. Taylor to Dwayne C. Johnson, $151,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT. E., 7660-Maureen B. and Ronald C. Roloff to Ricky D. Russell, $172,500.

ASHFORD PL., 14905-Tennile T. and Michael A. Rubin to Mirta Miletti, $290,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7611-Cesar E. and Rosa V. Hernandez to Doris M.A. De Lar and Walter Vazquez, $260,000.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 15041-Andre M. and Nitirwork Armstrong to Makeda Afework and Mesfin Gebeyehou, $210,000.

COURTLAND PL., 15007-Ruben A. Rojas to Alusaine Sulaiman, $290,500.

CYPRESS ST., 8315-Gloria D. and Darryl D. Bauman to Olutoyin J. Coles, $395,000.

DORSET RD., 15601, No. 302-Andrew M. Brenneman to Jessica S. Mann, $117,000.

DORSET RD., 15607, No. 303-Carlos A. Brenes to Wendy R.H. Yu, $115,000.

GORMAN AVE., 321-321 Gorman Avenue Corp. to Edis Carranza, $348,000.

LAUREL OAKS LANE, 15025-Jan W. Shulse to Florence R. Tilkens, $206,000.

MAPLE ST., 8411-Wayne D. and Nadine L. Shewell to Susan M. and John D. Gledhill, $431,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15891, No. 4-Ronald M. and Jane L. Cohen to Manuel A. and Juan A. Vasquez, $264,000.

REDMILES RD., 7013-Immaco and Benjamin F. Holland Jr. to Shermeen S. Baig, $385,500.

SPINNAKER RD., 7808, No. 21-Osama Ahmed and Tia Ross to Jennifer Jones, $202,100.

SPLIT RAIL LANE, 7329-Terri L. Brown to Brieka Hampton and Leshanda Gibbs, $227,000.

VISTA DR., 14004, No. 5-Patrick L. Fortney to Olusegun Olatunji, $185,000.

WEST CT., 1024-Lisa M. White to Oladotun O. Oyenyin, $150,000.

Montpelier Area

BRIARWOOD CT., 8603-Nasim A. and Muhammad Asim to Cecilia Martinez, $335,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 13405-Nelson A. Castellanos to Francisco Romero, $330,000.

BRITTANY PL., 12208-Kim D. Porter to Nelson A. Castellanos, $400,000.

CLAXTON DR., 12703-Aaron Johns to Anton B. Harris, $347,900.

GOLDEN OAK DR., 13107-Milton E. and Christina M. Goss to Maria and Edgar Castellanos, $380,000.

GREENVIEW DR., 14219-Samuel O. Grim, trustee, to Hiep Ly, $330,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11304-Ellisha R. Smith to Latoria N. Williams, $128,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11368, No. 46-Dawn A. Henry to Beth M. Lemkelde, $135,000.

OLD CISTERN LANE, 11303-Candace and Robert M. Montague Jr. to Eyisha Cooke, $417,500.

PALMER PL., 9315, No. 33-Carla Shedrick to Craig A. Welsh, $261,000.

Mount Rainier Area

PERRY ST., 3608-Elizabeth Bost to Laura N. Wilson, $290,000.

34TH ST., 3701-Chance N. Bartee to Hopper Homes Inc., $200,000.

New Carrollton Area

ADRIAN ST., 6609-Eugene T. and Carolyn Sharpe to Utebeye V. and Peter A. Ugbong, $325,000.

BARTON RD., 6906-Gloria A. Taylor to Jose I. Diaz and Zulma B. Majano, $302,500.

CARROLLTON PKWY., 8430-Paris R. Swilling to Judith Washington, $242,000.

DECATUR ST., 6944-Ethel M. and George S. Brown Sr. to Manuel S. Gonzalez Pimentel, $175,000.

ELDRIDGE ST., 6714-Oseas I. Villalobos to Maritza and Mynor Pelaez, $265,000.

FONTAINEBLEAU DR., 7603, No. 2318-Bamidele O. Osinowo to Adetoun Adewole, $90,000.

GARRISON RD., 7757-Kingsley U. and Michael O. Achikeh to Georgina and Samuel Atiemo, $235,000.

HANSON OAKS DR., 4056-Cynthia B. Key to Sharonne Williams, $170,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5507, No. 1026-Andrew B. Stephenson to Mohammad A. Ashfaq, $77,000.

LANHAM DR. W., 4902-Dainna Barno to Oscar R. Guzman Hernandez, $225,000.

MONROE ST., 5507-Selvin O. Lazo to Blanca E. Monto and Rosalina E. Avalos, $255,000.

MONROE ST., 5704-Jennifer Gilliam Anderson to Katherine M. and Aly Diop, $319,000.

NEWTON ST., 5703-Yvonne E. Parker to Alphonso W. Felton, $245,000.

QUINCY ST., 6921-Renee Gilliam to Caroline Huitz, $265,000.

STANDISH DR., 6821-Gloria D. Smith to Felix V. Gonzalez, $200,000.

WESTBROOK DR., 6102-Nellie G. Harr to Katina Burrows and Sandra Thomas, $285,000.

66TH AVE., 4827-Leonardo Luz and Dayssy Davila to Teresa Gil, $280,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ABBINGTON DR., 7101-Yo Sun and Walter A. Watson Jr. to Matthew L. Dunne, $290,000.

ALICE AVE., 2071-Sherry L. Jackson to Marquis Jones, $146,650.

BIRCHWOOD DR., 1511-Aaron S. Medlock to Mario E. Salamanca, $245,000.

BOULDER DR., 5105-Joann M. Williams to Nakesha Abdul Saboor, $223,000.

ELKINS AVE., 6907-Alice S. and Bernard J.E. Matthews to Jose Torres and Edilfonso Guzman, $233,000.

IVERSON ST., 1806-Steven L. Brown Sr. to Kisha S. Webb and Leslie H. Bailey Jr., $214,500.

SNOWFLOWER BLVD., 4614-Patrick B. Caple to Allen Elliott, $265,000.

WEALDING WAY, 4951-Dorothy J. Franklin to Phyllis Powell, $220,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 569, No. C2-Sharon L. McLean to Temesgen F. Tessema, $59,200.

Riverdale Area

INGRAHAM ST., 6819-Olamide G. and Flora B. Olayinka to Eileen S. Bland, $184,000.

PATTERSON RD., 5315-Regina M. Campbell to Manuel A. and Zoila E. Mejia, $231,000.

PATTERSON ST., 6306-Alfredo Casarrubias to Suleyma Reyes, $240,000.

QUEENSBURY RD., 4906-Liza E. Briggs to Jennifer A. Pompi and Nelson H. Gibson, $293,600.

TAYLOR RD., 5305-Men T. and Soi D. Nguyen to Valerio Martinez, $300,000.

57TH AVE., 6310-George F. Takam to Eric G. Bonilla, $330,000.

62ND PL., 6115-Abraham Ventura to Dorcey Domally, $322,000.

63RD PL., 5803-Alvaro Espinoza to Nehemias and Lemuel Benitez, $275,000.

66TH AVE., 5805-Cynthia J. and Paul G. Withers to David Robinson, $189,000.

Suitland Area

CABLE AVE., 5911-Raymond H. and Diane J. Davis to Lisa A. and Gerald S. Smith, $275,000.

CAMPBELL DR., 1905-Mary J.B. Blucker to Michelle A. McIlwain Anderson, $222,000.

PINE GROVE DR., 6715-Joyce Davis to Leticia N. and Marvin S. Guzman, $142,000.

WHITEHALL ST., 2307-Dawana Johnson to Leonard A. Moore, $295,000.

WOOD CREEK DR., 3432-Doris R. Barnes to Titus S. Thomas, $207,000.

Takoma Park Area

16TH AVE., 7503-Genet Solomon to Anke H. Scultetus, $350,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE N., 2125-Herbert Cole to Carlton S. Ward, $146,000.

ANVIL LANE N., 2141-Robbie L. Turner to Tamika Thompson, $185,000.

BEAUMONT ST., 3233-Daniel Wilson to Karen Bolling, $168,000.

CHADWICK TERR., 2015-Thomas B. Davis to Patricia L. Richards Altmon, $180,000.

DUNLAP ST., 3705-Franchesta E. Manigo to Carmen C. Ford, $155,000.

FOSTER PL., 2300-Lynda P. Young to Ben Rosen, $195,000.

GENEVA LANE, 6707-Doris A. and Kenneth S. Estepp to Raymond Williams, $345,000.

IVERSON ST., 2425-Leona L. Sims to Segayle C. Walford, $95,000.

RANGER AVE., 4325-Victor and Maureen Wyse to Maureen and Victor Wyse, $276,000.

RAYBURN DR., 6000-Enock Adewuyi to Johnny E. and Mary L. Robinson, $280,794.

ST. CLAIR DR., 2323-Lashonda M. and Anthony O. Jackson to Maryvenia L. Johnson, $115,198.

WALDRAN AVE., 7105-Kodzina D. and Dornell Griffin to Hezekiah Faison Jr., $335,000.

WALNUT ST., 5915-James and Mildred Lipscomb to Willie and Veronica E. Reynolds Jr., $255,000.

26TH AVE., 3894, No. 21-Gale V. Adams to Jorge B. Menacho, $125,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

COMMANDER DR., 3925-Felix D. and Geneva B. Paolucci to Brittany and Andrew J. Feiner, $699,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 2803-Thelma L. Tucker to Ana M. Zavala, $220,000.

LANCER PL., 3307-Ann M. Strangman to Rosalind Kennedy, $230,000.

MADISON ST., 3533-Nicole L. and Jermaine M. Ayala to Juana Nolasco, $250,500.

MADISON ST., 3537-Karen L. Franklin to Marlo S. Velasquez, $255,000.

MARYHURST DR., 5807-Iris E. and Edwin R. Lopez to Flutildo Perez Bercian, $350,000.

OLIVER ST., 3502-Antonio and Virginia Puglisi to Mariam S. and Thomas Rozario, $350,000.

TOLEDO TERR., 3450, No. 703-Maria C. and Jamie Gomez to Mesfin D. Negussie, $117,000.

33RD AVE., 5801-Hugo Saravia to Elmer Castillo, $329,900.

36TH PL., 5606-Holle Living Trust to Mildred J. and Leisa H. Hart, $300,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BEAVER KNOLL DR., 10300-Mark S. and Kris M. Connolly to G.W. and Eshetu T. Eshete, $348,000.

COLONEL FENWICK PL., 4614, No. 390-Clarisa E. and Douglas Brooks to Adrian L. Ifill, $284,000.

DORCHESTER PL., 16905-Samuel and Vera J. Winston to Nikta R. and Jean P. Deburgo, $215,000.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 14000, No. 3406-Lorraine A. Clyburn to Candice Canteen, $190,000.

FRANCISCO CT., 8906-Carrae L. Echols to Nana K. Sarpong, $260,000.

HALLOWAY NORTH N., 3745-Robert U. Manago to Terry and Anthony Robinson, $228,000.

HATBORO PL., 2913-Pamela Y. and Arturo P. Diaz to Karen C. and Andre A. Bowlding, $439,990.

JAMES ST., 8305-Dennis C. Williams to Duane Moses, $290,000.

LORD DUNBORE PL., 13470-Rose M. Kreider to Meeka S. Smith, $150,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13558-Gwendolyn Lewis to Kristeal Cunningham, $140,000.

OLD COLONY DR., 12472-Angela and Dewaine L. Ho Taylor to William D. and Takyra C. Blackwell, $272,000.

PECONIC PL., 1008-Henry Odenton to Bibitayo A. Falana, $265,000.

PENZANCE PL., 4603-Brenda Edwars to Leslie J. Watson, $266,100.

PINEMIST CT., 10305-Rhonda A. Lightfoot to Myra A. Thomas, $324,900.

PRINCE PL., 10216, No. 9-Mary A. Reid to Tomara Harris, $145,000.

PRINCE PL., 10222, No. 11T2-Nicholas R. Evans to Alaina Addison, $146,000.

PRINCE PL., 10243, No. 106-Summer M. Brooks to Sandra G. Dunnigan, $87,000.

RUTHERFORD RD., 14223-Ellen R. and Harold D. Hall to Harry U. Clayton, $390,000.

STOCKPORT WAY, 4350-Reginia F. Suggs to Laetitia and Mark Cheltenham, $270,000.

TUDOR RD., 4118-Ronald E. and Pamela M. Cobbs to Patricia and Lawrence Barreto, $400,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 217-Delores S. Kirkwood to Lisa M. Ramey, $373,000.


Lake Arbor Area

BALD HILL RD., 10211-Claudette V. Perrine to MAFC Residential Inc., $275,143.

CLAIRTON DR., 3703-James F. and Mary A. Gregory to Letitia L. and William R. Lawson, $475,000.

CLEARY LANE, 9703-Colvin A. and Delores A. Shepherd to Albalucy and Vito Harris, $422,700.

DELCASTLE CT., 1116-Pascale and David Loomis to Lynette Grant, $440,500.

GOLF COURSE DR., 1504-Angela T. Coley to Kisha A. Smith, $338,400.

KINGSFORD CT., 12210-Lashanda D. Branch to Agnes Ihediohamma, $300,000.

KINGSGATE ST., 1515-Oluwafolajim Akinrinbade to Christopher Akinribade, $375,000.

MANORFIELD CT., 1859-Jan M. Kelley to Tiffany Yusuf, $359,000.

PARTRIDGE LANE, 1406-Deloraine and Kenneth N. Hopkins to Robert S. Hammond, $468,000.