The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41919-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Heather M. and Robert B. Carhart, $455,623.

HIDDENWOOD LANE, 42298-Hiddenwood Lane Corp. to Traci and Joseph Kester, $683,379.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24654-Rebecca and Alexander Montgomery to Carrie McKeever, $163,779.

PEACH ORCHARD LANE, 25443-Gloria D. and Thomas B. Roberts to Cheryl F. and Justin W. Thomas, $830,000.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 41998-Centex Homes to Qudsiya Abdi and Samad A. Darab, $585,427.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 42026-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Vaishali N. and Niraj N. Jagasia, $647,811.

PYRITE CT., 42022-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Margery L. and Scott C. Pratt, $636,787.

SUPREME DR., 25306-Phung Mach and Franklin Lourng to Holly and Jason Eglin, $615,000.

WIND RIVER DR., 24818-Kanwaljit and Pritinder S. Mann to Kathleen A. and Justin B. Callahan, $855,000.


Regional Park Area

ASHCROFT TERR., 20338-Patricia Allen Aquinas to S.L. Naulty and Stacie Del Valle, $450,000.

BANBURY SQ., 20595-Sarah Wolf and Griffith Garwood to Maria Pereira, $449,000.

BICKEL CT., 73-Robert and Marjorie A. Millan to Ana Roca, $360,000.

BLUESTEM CT., 46398-Ferhana and Asif Yusaf Ali to Sumayatu and Mohammed Diallo, $640,000.

BRIDALVEIL FALLS TERR., 20784-Isabelle and Nicolas Stussi to Akosua Amoah and Uchenna Amaonwu, $495,000.

BRIGHTWATER PL., 20408-Bonita and Richard L. Sherrell to Alvin III and Elizabeth Schalow, $800,000.

CHEYENNE TERR., 20925-Christopher A. Birks to Nazie and Christian Apostolou, $599,900.

COSWORTH TERR., 20908-Dana L. and Mark E. Drever to Stacy Hamilton and Brian C. Tatum, $486,500.

DOMAIN TERR., 21164-Jill D. Camp to Ada Vodopalas, $339,900.

EXETER CT., 2-Kathleen L. and Richard B. Rose to Heather and Richard J. Menster, $700,000.

HAWICK TERR., 20356-James L. Hill to Sean and Marianne T. Spurrier, $555,000.

HOLLOW FALLS TERR., 20756-Thuong Tran to Xuan Vinh Nguyen, $496,500.

ISLAND VIEW CT., 20270-Jane M. and Donald N. Manlove, trustees, to Jackie Y. and D. James Sturgill, $875,000.

LAKEMONT SQ., 45510-Joseph W. and Jennifer L. Burnett to Hiten R. Patel, $418,000.

MARGURITTE SQ., 20352-Jennifer A. Beard to Angela and Brian Pugh, $480,500.

MILLARD CT., 36-Bobby Thornton to Khalid Khay, $361,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21140-Padmatti and Egan F. Conway to Mengbing Shen and Jun Wu, $475,000.

PRIMULA CT., 46495-Stacey and Christopher Brewster to Flor I. Mendez and Juan C. Lizano, $595,000.

REGINA DR., 112-Nhena Nyagura to Edita De Mejia and Jose M. Mejia, $617,000.

RIPTIDE SQ., 20707-Jennifer M. and Luis A. Rose to Elisa J. Marmol, $560,000.

SANDSTONE SQ., 20944-Irene M. and Thessalonia Posey to Lorraine P. and Charles E. Elias Jr., $505,000.

STANMOOR TERR., 20941-Iram and Kashif Hashmi to T. Bakhtary and Enayatullah Naibkhil, $460,000.

SUMMERHILL PL., 46334-Brent J. King to Sysmall Warfield and Mercy Abbey, $740,000.

TEASDALE CT., 7-Michele N. and Walter H. Lynch to Debra K. and Thomas A. Shumaker, $689,500.

WARWICKSHIRE TERR., 47744-Donald Scott Bollar to Amy B. and David A. Albanese II, $570,000.

WILLOWOOD PL., 46774-Linda J. and David J. Fisher to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $660,000.

Ashburn Area

ACUSHNET TERR., 44290-Sandra Padilla and Yamil J. Chaar to Darrick L. and Heather A.P. Brown, $570,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43626-Mary Amanda and Jeffrey A. Mattingly to Maria R. and Guadalupe A. Romero, $470,000.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20021-Belmont Land Partnership to Anju and Govind N. Sharma, $632,075.

BLUENGREY CT., 42986-Wanza L. and Bruce R. Wiley to Wanda and Fernando Ramos, $600,000.

BOWFONDS ST., 20415-Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to Ravi K. Posani, $469,760.

BROOKVIEW SQ., 20192-Silvia S. and William J. Michalek to Haroon Rasheed and Kayani Rasheed, $421,000.

CAYUGA CT., 20277-Richmond American Homes to Eugene Anemojanis, $513,090.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20903, No. 102-Joseph Huff to Annabelle Trettin, $344,900.

CHESTERTON ST., 43036-Annemarie and Kevin E. Mason to Dana L. and Mark E. Drever, $780,000.

COBHAM STATION CT., 44261-Molly E. and Gerard P. Lynch to Robert D. and Catherine R. Stewart, $615,000.

COG HILL TERR., 43757-Ratima and Jaideep Kataria to Belmont Investments Corp., $679,111.

CONESUS SQ., 20890-Frances L. and Joseph T. Evans to Marilyn L. Tinker and Robert B. Tinker, $530,000.

CORNISH LANE, 44269-Twila L. and Jonathan P. Hankes to Nicole Gantz and Jonathan Murray, $453,000.

CORNISH LANE, 44328-Romaldo F. Desouza Jr. to Parul and Vikram Gupta, $461,000.

CRIPPLE CREEK SQ., 21068-Brian Damico to Robiah Iman and David Brantley, $385,000.

DEEPSPRING CT., 43392-Catherine S. and Brian E. Pettit to Susan R. and Wayne R. Sherba, $725,000.

DURYEA TERR., 20934-Nasima and Mahmood H. Jaghori to Mari and Ahmad O. Noori, $525,000.

FENWICK DR., 20811-Maryanne and Peter J. Hraba to Kristen P. and David P. Goodman, $710,000.

FERNCLIFF TERR., 44033-Mark Polansky to Deborah and James McClay, $387,000.

GALA CIR., 44007-Retta and Michael Schwartzstein to Prabh Rani Bhandri, $430,000.

GATWICK SQ., 43142-David L. Hartman to Katharine G. and Richard T. Barber, $427,500.

GATWICK SQ., 43250-Paz and Efren Y. Galang to Shruti and Swapnil U. Gadkari, $411,000.

HARTWELL ST., 20365-Karen I. Roberts to Christine L.C. and Aaron D. Cropp, $420,000.

HEDGEAPPLE CT., 43021-Kelly G. Tees and Daniel D. Kessler to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $715,000.

JARVIS SQ., 21808-Lezlie and Daniel A. Reed to Deborah L. Smith, $370,000.

KINGS CROSSING TERR., 21716-Adelaide Nyamedi to Angel Roa and Bryon P. Roa, $449,900.

LADIESBURG PL., 44366-William and Kathy Lam to Heun A. and Si Yo Ok, $690,000.

LIVERPOOL ST., 21673-Cristina E. and Jose M. Teos to Luis Semidey, $630,000.

LIVONIA TERR., 44406-NVR Inc. to Wanda M. and David G. Francis, $513,100.

LORDS VALLEY TERR., 43973-Jean F. and Ronald E. Yates, trustees, to C. Fingeret and Timothy Ouellette, $550,000.

MALIN CT., 43387-Keith L. Jansma to Xiaoli Gui, $570,000.

MOHEGAN DR., 20271-Richmond American Homes to Abdelilah Alkteifan, $137,397.

MOHEGAN DR., 20279-Richmond American Homes to Muhammed K. Ahmed, $351,315.

MOSSY GLEN TERR., 21096-Mohamed S. Aly to Ahmed Ibrahim, $409,900.

NAVAJO DR., 44268-Richmond American Homes to Sathyamoorthy Varadharajan, $501,065.

NAVAJO DR., 44273-Richmond American Homes to Rita M. Harchelroad, $488,415.

NAVAJO DR., 44277-Richmond American Homes to Mohammad Jawid Abdullah, $560,240.

NEEDLELEAF WAY, 20437-Chris and Ji Park to Belva and Chad Billings, $734,990.

NOOTKA TERR., 44273-Richmond American Homes to Nga T. Tran, $137,397.

OLDETOWNE PL., 44261-Millennium Associates Corp. to Lynette Wagner and Samuel Anderson, $861,900.

PETWORTH CT., 21825-Norma and Geovany Bonilla to Kristen M. and Jonathan K. Chase, $355,000.

PLYMOUTH PL., 21438-Mari Jo and William Boynton to Katherine A. and Anthony Q. McCray, $645,000.

PORTSMOUTH BLVD., 20286-Linda Montoya to Belinda Barrows, $372,000.

PORTSMOUTH BLVD., 20346-Ankush Manocha to Lawrence Haye, $500,000.

SHADY GLEN TERR., 44132-Mona Salloum and Omar A. Mahmood to Alexander Ravelo, $370,000.

STONECOTTAGE PL., 43081-Nestor S. and Fabiola Tezna to Tanya E. and Kyle H. Matyi, $619,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 20950, No. 303-Holly Dawn Robbins to Charles Boyce Carriker III, $296,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21012, No. 201-Sally Y. Cowan to John M. Cherundolo, $295,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21029, No. 302-Susan E. and Patrick D. Gilbride to Carlye Ann Pfisterer, $274,900.

WACCAMAW SQ., 20271-Richmond American Homes to Marilynn Ison, $411,240.

WINTERGROVE DR., 43200-Melissa K. and John W. Hane to Erin S. and Ryon P. Klotz, $702,000.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill Area

AIRMONT RD., 20546-Christine D. and Morton N. Adams to Leslie A. Chelstrom, $435,000.

Broadlands Area

BELLE TERRA DR., 22413-NVR Inc. to Anamika and Probir Goyal, $776,565.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22039-NVR Inc. to Norma Y. and Geovany Bonilla, $545,425.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22115-NVR Inc. to Ahmad Farooq and Golam Chowdhury, $542,170.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43162-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Priya and Vinod Moorjani, $420,640.

EMPEROR DR., 42680-Centex Homes to Amy and Austin Rosenfeld, $663,115.

FALLING ROCK TERR., 21425-Amy Morehouse and Brian Maguire to Laurie K. and Gavin L. Martin, $540,000.

FOREST EDGE SQ., 43113-Glenn A. Stone to J. Lentini and Jerrilynn Magbanua, $520,000.

HALBURTON TERR., 21943-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Richard A. and Stephanie Rahnama, $481,444.

HALBURTON TERR., 21947-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to S. Lenser and Christopher Capistrant, $519,449.

HIDDEN POND PL., 21293-Pamela S. and James S. Rogers to Yajing Liu and Erming Tuo, $690,000.

HIGHGROVE TERR., 43238-Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Katherine B. and John A. Sampogna, $469,990.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43075-Francesco Romano to Cynthia M. Stegall, $546,000.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43109-Jennifer Neblett and Aaron C. Bird to Judith D. Everding, $555,000.

LAGO STELLA PL., 43036-Batal Builders Belle Terra Corp. to NVR Inc., $172,000.

LIVINGSTON TERR., 22890-Jung H. and Soo I. Kang to Patricia and Douglas E.W. Meadows, $575,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43516-Teresa B. and Norman Abaya Galang to Wilma Y. and Emerito M. Galang, $800,000.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42709-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Julie A. and Stanley D. Maoury Jr., $851,805.

WHISPERHILL CT., 22135-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Gulrukh and Jahanzeb A. Syed, $779,578.

ZULLA CHASE PL., 22793-Susan D. and Jeffrey G. Thompson to Jacquelyn Ting and Staffan Wassvik, $979,900.

Dulles Area

FREEPORT PL., 43518-Xin Tao to Anika Handa and Rahul Marwaha, $890,000.

HUTCHENS SQ., 45535-Ruby Kaur to Tarlochan S. Hundal, $405,000.

JOSEPH TERR., 21106-S. Kolli and Madhu Allugubelli to V. Donepudi and Aparna Krishnamanaidu, $455,000.

LOCOMOTIVE TERR., 21850, No. 301-Philip Craig Welch to Michael Crawford, $330,000.

MOUNTAIN PINE SQ., 45760-Jessica V. and Kevin B. Quire to Helen Whitman, $560,000.

MOUNTAIN PINE SQ., 45813-J. Manimaran and Ramalingam Manimaran to Srinivasa Vaddi and Mahesh Vaddi, $510,000.

ROCK HILL RD., 22983-Sarah Casey and Robert K. Wallace to Robert U. III and Jessica G. Foster, $539,900.

WHISTLING TERR., 45498-Stacie Essex and Ross Mikels to James K. Sonnhalter, $335,000.

Hamilton Area

ALFALFA CT., 38246-Toll Land IX Partnership to Melissa A. and Chris A. Simonetta, $1.01 million.

VIRGINIA AVE. W., 313-Carlos Echeverria to Milagro Velasquez, $410,000.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18837-Lansdowne Community Development to Haeson Lee, $682,365.

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18841-Lansdowne Community Development to Emily S. Salas and Ryan S. Salas, $743,675.

BLACK GOLD PL., 40777-Cynthia E. and Robert S. Whitehead to Clayton M. Barnard, $1.25 million.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 745-Carole Z. and Joseph G. Terrazas to Syed Jahan Zaib, $715,000.

CAMBRIA TERR., 1174-Susan M. Duffy to Sun S. Yoo, $486,000.

CANAL CREEK PL., 43263-NVR Inc. to Ademola O. and Adeleke G. Adetunji, $783,705.

CANAL CREEK PL., 43286-NVR Inc. to Savera Kakkar and Rajinder Kapoor, $795,840.

CASTLE HARBOUR TERR., 43488-Kathleen and Patrick McFarland to Kathleen and Patrick McFarland, $536,295.

COREOPSIS TERR., 18977-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to G. Oteng Attakora and Mary Boateng, $746,656.

COTON COMMONS DR., 43407-Kelly and Richard D. Blevins to Arix Oliva and Jamin Oliva, $649,900.

COTON HOLDINGS CT., 19259-NVR Inc. to Laura A. and John F.G. Jackson, $679,660.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19375, No. 509-James E. Fargo to Thomas King Sr., $230,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19375, No. 807-Anne S. and Robert F. Weismiller to Rosario E. and Marcus W. Brooks, $360,000.

DAVIS AVE., 111-Doris E. Moon to Bullock Carpenter Properties Corp., $311,000.

DAVIS AVE., 241-A. Ehtasham and Ejaz Ehtasham to Zolaikha Aziz, $376,000.

EDMONTON TERR., 509-Farjana Bublu to Sara K. Julian, $479,000.

FAIRWAY OAKS SQ., 18378-Renaissance at River Creek Town Corp. to Nadine J. and Darrell L. Ackmann, $919,512.

FERNDALE TERR., 839-Carmen Santiago to Lin Ma, $446,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 125-D-Cynthia L. and Eric M. Christenson to James M. Hoffman, $216,800.

FOXRIDGE DR., 481-Charles E. Stiles to Victoria S. Zuloeta, $435,000.

GIDDINGS LANE, 41832-Colleen M. and Warren A. Brasselle to A.M. Korab and Stephen M. Makranczy, $675,000.

GINKGO TERR., 443-Katia Valencia Tapia to Omar Coronado and Evaristo Coronado, $407,000.

GLEEDSVILLE RD., 19990-Anita and Michael J. Freeman to Suzanne and Robert Slatkin, $1.11 million.

GLYNN TARRA PL., 41996-Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Melissa A. and Matthew R. Duncan, $705,311.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1116, No. 302-Virginia Colvin to Rachel L. Reyes, $216,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1119, No. 202-Stuart I. Silverman to John R. Frassanito, $223,500.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1128, No. 201-Salvatore Costagliola to Mid Atlantic Development Co., $197,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1134, No. 301-Blanca and Juan A. Villeda to Mark T. Hartshorn, $276,000.

KIPHEART DR., 18774-Lansdowne Community Development to Jae H. Jo, $924,415.

KIPHEART DR., 18783-Lansdowne Community Development to Pamela and Brian Feikema, $933,155.

LINDEN HILL WAY, 12-Kathleen and William E. Wilson IV to B. Scarcliffe and Elizabeth I. Wall, $468,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 191-Tammy K. Bates to Juan A. Fajardo, $336,000.

PLAZA ST., 66, No. 117-Kenneth E. Conklin to Tiffany and David Tomasso, $191,000.

RASPBERRY DR., 41362-V.M.K. Associates joint venture to Leslie S. and Richard G. Haddon, $1.19 million.

RICHMOND SQ., 529-Ritha J. Wolfe to Sara Long, $380,000.

RIDING TRAIL CT., 312-Charles G. and Lucy M. Dartley to Clare and Paul C. Lehman Jr., $529,900.

ROANOKE DR., 316-Diane R. Lee and Valerie A. Magner to Het Thi, $280,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 593-Jose L. Merino to Jose Humberto Henriquez, $325,000.

ROCKFORD SQ., 856-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Mary K. Baker and Thomas J. Dinneny, $312,098.

ROSSBACK TERR., 18989-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Jeffrey Colon, $758,331.

ROY CT., 112-Richmond American Homes to Theresa K. and Dennis M. Reimer, $585,365.

ROY CT., 118-Richmond American Homes to Vinita and Ashish Gandhi, $573,390.

SCENIC CREEK WAY, 43150-NVR Inc. to Jim Pickren, $897,375.

SHADETREE WAY, 102-Christine L. and Ryan J. Graham to Laura M. and Lucas E. Dabney, $595,000.

SHADWELL TERR., 113-M. Clark and C. Raymond Steen III to Kristen L. and Shane M. Johnson, $418,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18535-Judith D. Everding to Linda Pooter Day and Michael Day, $490,000.

TOBERMORY PL., 17586-Cathi and Michael Forment to Galiena and David Patten, $1.13 million.

WOODBRIDGE CT., 1620-Philomene E. and Markus Schweizer to Patricia A. and Lane H. Michaelsen, $705,000.

Lovettsville Area

BERLIN TPK. S., 2-N.V.M.S. Property Corp. to Anne Fletcher and Fred George III, $301,000.

FOREST GREEN LANE, 13195-Hunt Country Homes Inc. to Christine and Keilan Palacios Jr., $569,327.

LONG LANE, 37864-Linda D. Tees and Harvey B. Wilson Jr. to E. Potanko and Andrew M. Crush, $538,000.

POTTERFIELD DR., 36-NVR Inc. to W. Chandler Hamilton, $595,045.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 14234-Kristin M. and Charles H. Carter to Brenda M. and Robert J. Smith Jr., $620,000.

Middleburg Area

MILLVILLE RD., 35183-Elizabeth J. and Jeffrey B. Rice to Paul F. Lucas, $500,000.

Purcellville Area

CANDLERIDGE CT., 828-Washington Homes Inc. to Kristen L. and Jacob T. Hickman, $564,600.

CASTLE CT., 17246-Michael Partain and Katrina Wells to L. Rojo Quesada and Ricardo Rubio, $530,000.

CROSMAN CT., 416-Lisa M. and William M. Novak to David Cohen and Katherine Bergstrom, $571,000.

DESALES DR., 145-Deborah S. and David A. Ciccarelli to Kathleen M. and James R. Harkey, $609,000.

ELDER TERR., 200-Toll Virginia Partnership to Susan and Andrew Morris, $493,841.

GRASSY RIDGE TERR., 205-Toll Virginia Partnership to Michael Winslow and Anthony Bowers, $401,927.

POSITANO CT., 140-Catoctin Meadows Corp. to Joanne E. and Michael S. Ryan, $619,900.

ST. LOUIS RD., 20652-Fairhaven Properties Corp. to Victoria L. and David N. Atherton, $983,545.

SNIDER LANE, 37060-Linda Dawson and Marcus John Ruef to Angel Castro and Sergio V. Lainez, $586,000.

Round Hill Area

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 35535-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Michael and Audrey D. Wesley, $787,500.

LEGEND DR., 36099-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Debra S. and Robert G. Orbacz, $485,055.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17555-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Neil Kumar and Muhammed Sarwar, $442,602.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17559-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Jennifer L. and David H. Gesell, $485,000.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17192-Jennifer L. and Eric M. Jewell to Elsi E. and Salvador D. Benitez, $535,000.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17280-Marie E. and Paul A. Towers to Ritha J. Wolfe, $412,500.

SASSAFRAS DR., 35511-Debra A. and Gary W. Schneider to Heather M. and Matthew E. Holway, $530,000.

SIMMINTAL LANE, 17016-David M. and Abigail C. Roberts to Patricia and Richard Allison, $749,900.

TEDLER CIR., 17561-Riaz M. Hashmi to Mark Nemish, $485,000.

TEDLER CIR., 17660-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Valhalla Farms Corp., $469,000.

TEDLER CIR., 17660-Valhalla Farms Corp. to Donna L. and Michael A. Redmond, $559,950.

South Riding Area

BROWNBURG PL., 43774-Pulte Home Corp. to Stephen C. and Joan F. Parsons, $752,100.

BRYSON DR., 25387-Laurie and Jack Hodges to Jessica L. and James S. Fernandez, $420,000.

CEDAR HEDGE ST., 42794-Lisa K. and Luis F. Pitarque to Elizabeth C. and Gregory K. Coats, $476,500.

CROSSFIELD DR., 25532-Maria Soler to Hyun Young Kim, $515,000.

DOMINION GLEN WAY, 25827-Pulte Home Corp. to Chhavi D. and Rohit Anand, $644,950.

FLINTONBRIDGE DR., 26116-Charlene E. Carroll to Roger A. and Samantha J. Villegas, $610,000.

HOLTBY SQ., 43113-Anthony J. Kemper to Ralph Buchanan, $525,000.

KATLING SQ., 43454-Ming Wang and Jian Shen to Prakash Hosadurga, $414,900.

LAKE MIST SQ., 25320, No. 201-Stacy and Michael Mendler to Arthur Gattsek, $340,000.

LAKE SHORE SQ., 25260, No. 301-Ralph Buchanan to Michael Fiumano, $355,000.

LONGACRE DR., 42534-NVR Inc. to William H. Truslow, $901,285.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43623-Freddy Qreitem to Ann and Jeffrey Sedlacek, $900,000.

NELLIE CT., 25882-Linda and Keith Halsell to Heidi and John Rackoski Jr., $769,900.

PLANTING FIELD DR., 25224-Pamela L. and Michael B. Hummel to Melia and Christopher Stopa, $595,000.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25758-N. Shariatzadeh and Sasan Afsoosi to Masud Qamar and Munawer Qamar, $750,000.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25783-Loan Ngo and Binh Duong to Daniel and Alin Great, $824,500.

RIFFLEFORD SQ., 25252, No. 302-Nancy P. Holter to Bora Bakal, $352,000.

SARAZEN DR., 25979-Louise M. and Joseph O. Arena to Lisa K. and Luis F. Pitarque, $585,000.

SHALER ST., 42824-Bradley L. and Maria T. Bennink to Sung Hae Lee, $408,000.

Sterling Area

ARGONNE AVE. N., 707-Robin E. and William M. Lucas to Teresa Flores Rodriguez, $445,000.

ARGUS PL., 419-Giovanni Perrucci and Elba Gomez to Juber Hernandez, $325,000.

BACKWATER DR., 46781-Wendy Bucey and Boniface Ngassa to Elizabeth and Dale M. Pontiff, $710,000.

BALDWIN SQ., 21823, No. 302-Kirstin Sipes to Lyudmyla and Vitaliy I. Ulitovsky, $346,500.

BRIXTON CT., 1047A-Tomasa Ramirez to Maagali Cuevas and Edgar Moreno, $218,500.

BUCKINGHAM RD. S., 1003-Belgacem Mkaddem to Asma Saddam, $469,000.

CAMBERS TRAIL TERR., 45507-Rachel and Mark D. Parkinson to Rachel Z. and Jon C. Hutchison, $440,000.

CARDINAL GLEN CIR., 212-Vanessa M. and Ronald P. Fieeiki to Cam and Yianni Papadopoulos, $530,000.

CHEVAL CT., 11-Robin Tracy and Brian G. Smith to Connie N. and Marte V. Mangiliman, $480,000.

CORNELL DR. E., 215-Peter A. Cerick to Charlene A. Wiggins, $186,500.

ESSEX SQ., 28-Linda K. Walker and Sally L. Walker to Teresa A. Tancre, $283,000.

GARFIELD RD. N., 124-Margaret C. Poteet to Warren K. Savage, $300,000.

GREAT TRAIL TERR., 22318-Janet L. Dakin to Alexander Lim and Katrina A. Arpa, $420,000.

KOJUN CT., 402-Susan H. and Nicholas A. Harrison to Alfonso Castro and Santos Aleman, $493,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21745-Jamie H. and Raymond D. McCoy to H. Wardak and Jalaluddin Wardak, $379,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21793-Ramin Noori to Agnes Baffoue, $398,500.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 109-Xuyen Huu Bui to Yan Feng G. Chen and Min Xing Li, $530,000.

PARK HILL LANE, 113-Kathryn A. Breen to Michael E. Beard, $455,000.

RUNNING BROOK LANE, 15-Miriam J. Spruill Green to J.A. Clavijo, $460,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22394-Alison M. Flora to Yvette Castillo, $320,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 216-Peggy A. and John H. Finley to Maria I. Murcia and Miguel Lopez, $275,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1046-Sarah E. and David P. Irey to Maria Dominguez, $347,500.

TRUMPET CIR., 46803-Vanessa L. Jones to Eloise C. Nunn, $395,000.

VERNON ST. N., 805-Teresa L. Belew to Oyuntsetseg Baatarchuluun, $439,000.

VIEW GLASS TERR., 21058-Charles E. Harshbarger, trustee, to Giovanni Perrucci and Elba Gomez, $420,000.

WINDSOR CT., 905-Barbara Sue Hume Holbrook to Jose E. Flores, $285,000.

Waterford Area

BANKFIELD DR., 14886-Toll Land IX Partnership to Elizabeth Brew and Eugene Koranteng, $769,514.