The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

OLD BAYSIDE RD., 3460-Frederica Sheila Jones to Grace Starkes, $313,000.

ST. ANDREWS DR., 8515-Brent D. Bettino to Cheryl A. and Timothy A. Golden, $340,000.

Dunkirk Area

PALISADES DR., 12037-Surinder K. and Kamlesh Singal to Quinta A. and Richard W. Outridge Jr., $622,000.

Huntingtown Area

DARTMOOR DR., 1615-Kenneth A. and Nancy L. Roberts to Elizabeth S. and Tony L. Cothron, $770,000.

HUNTINGTOWN RD., 4990-Weems Custom Building to Mario and Gladys Lopez, $310,000.

LOOKOUT TRAIL, 2810-Paul A. Millonig to Joseph Lenk, $240,000.

PLUM POINT RD., 141-Keith A. and Karla J. Racer to Crystal Hebbelman and Colin C. Kirk, $351,000.

SHAY LANE, 5850-J. Bentley and Carolyn H. Davis to Eric O. and Christine J. Michelsen, $459,900.

Lusby Area

BALD EAGLE LANE, 701-Frank W. Cross to Veronica Hernandez and Rodolfo Flores Gonzales, $230,000.

BALSOM RD., 567-Ernest D. and Dorothy E. East to Christopher R. and Laura L. Quinn, $239,900.

CRAZY HORSE TRAIL, 760-Sean Everett Berry to Eileen and Arthur J. LeForge Jr., $274,900.

DEERFIELD DR., 12629-Gene F. Funk Jr. to Jennifer A. Wortman, $249,000.

EL PASO CIR., 1105-George W. and Daniel W. Martin to Dale A. Sr. and Mary Shaner, $189,900.

EVERGREEN DR., 8312-Kristina L. Lambert to J. Shane Childress, $187,200.

HIGH SIERRA RD., 12629-Timothy and Bethany Colborn to Evett J. and Terrence E. Lee, $237,500.

HOOFBEAT TRAIL, 11548-Sorena S. and David T. Fallin to Terrence George Parks, $269,900.

MANOR VIEW RD., 8516-Glenn Jr. and Mary J. Stephenson to Tracy H. and Donald L. Havermann, $899,900.

MARINERS CIR., 12943-J.A. McMorrow Sr. to Stephanie Y. and Gary A. Cartwright, $207,000.

MINOT CT., 930-Melissa A. Dudding to Ryan Michael Epstein, $223,000.

PINE BLVD., 7819-Newell G. and Shauna L. Williams to Jennifer M. and Steven R. Miller, $265,000.

RACOON LANE, 8220-Sandra N. Monger to Jeffrey C. Jacobs, $265,000.

SAN MIGUEL TRAIL, 651-Allan R. Stevens to Clarice N. and Francis A. White III, $199,900.

SHADY VALE CT., 839-Stuart Francis Debondt to Brandy and Homer Baugh, $300,000.

SIDE SADDLE TRAIL, 993-Percy C. Lichtenberg to C. Wiegand, $266,500.

SOLLERS WHARF RD., 470-James H. Ball to Anna E. and Carl A. Tankesley, $175,000.

STOCK DR., 8421-Kimberly A. Cabral to Stacie D. and William C. Reese, $251,000.

SYCAMORE RD., 8290-James T. and Vicki M. De Waters to Daniel J. and Delta L. Fetes, $220,000.

North Beach Area

BAY AVE., 8836-Charlotte L. Wilkening to Carolyn J. Hanson, $550,000.

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8594-Henry Alan Shoener to Joan Reese, $225,000.

Owings Area

HALL CREEK LANE, 3610-Dorothea E. Purcell to Susan M. and Jeffrey M. Beyer, $420,000.

WOODLAND LANE, 8137-Daniel C. and Kristin L. Fisher to Jeff Wink and Shannon Hickey, $289,900.

Prince Frederick Area

HARVEST GROVE LANE, 1925-Thomas and Bonnie Staves to Josephine F. and Eric Washington, $499,900.

Solomons Area

CLIPPER CIR., 13217-Rebecca B. Coleman to Samantha and Jason Lord, $238,900.

RUNABOUT LOOP, 1101, No. N-1-Thomas R. Manning Jr. to Carole and Donald Thieme, $48,000.

St. Leonard Area

JASMIN ST., 6756-Debra A. Miller to Michael J. Klock, $150,000.

LANCASTER DR., 4440-Daniel P. Bass to Jonathan Smither, $385,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 4804-Charles H. and Charlotte A. Rice to Thomas Rickett and Lori Castleman, $253,000.

SOLOMON RUTTER RD., 1450-Franklin D. and Dorothy A. Buckler to John W. Windsor and Terri L. Chrisman Holder, $315,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

AMHERST RD., 6793-Audrey C. Hartz to Carole McCullough, $177,000.

FENWICK RD., 6664-Arthur L. Harrison Jr. to Patricia and Michael Samuel, $251,000.

HEATHER DR., 6973-Kenneth and Tisha A. Hemsley to William and Latoya Johnson, $203,000.

MICHELE CT., 6405-Tamala L. and Christopher L. Burress to Germaine Hazel, $225,000.

MONMOUTH CT., 5800-Mamie Gaines to James H. Hadden, $247,000.

STRAWBERRY LANE, 2011-Carolyn E. Cason to Edith K. Peterson, $206,600.

WALDEN CT., 2008-Patricia Green to Andrea Brooks Blue and Eric D. Blue, $325,000.

WALDEN CT., 2017-Gwendolyn N. Brown to Lisa M. Watkins, $345,000.

WALDEN CT., 2036-H. Neal Onoda and Kenneth E. Neal Jr. to Wanda H. Scott, $319,900.

WOOSTER DR., 3045-Larry R. Killillay, trustee, to Matthew W. Adams, $250,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

EASTVIEW LANE, 12000-Michele J. and Matthew Q. Buscher to S. and S. Miller Jr., $400,000.

Cobb Island Area

HIGH AVE., 14293-Eric J. Ships to Mary E. and Thomas H. Kellum, $265,000.

MAIN AVE., 13422-Betty and Charles Armstrong, trustees, to Renate Kucherov, $160,000.

Faulkner Area

CONOY PL., 10110-David L. Carson to C.A. and Douglas S. Christian, $425,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

GROSSTOWN RD., 12230-Douglas E. Snell to Dawn L. and Nelson E. Tucker, $529,000.

Indian Head Area

ELLERBE DR., 205-James Goldsmith to Frances G. Ford, $196,000.

OAK ST., 7-Hershel G. Barron to Cecil Grigsby, $224,000.

Issue Area

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11230-Brian S. and Marilyn Gavigan to Steven G. and Nikoshia D. Johnson, $449,900.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11362-Jody S. Powell to Margeaus E. and Alan B. Frank, $310,000.

La Plata Area

ARLINGTON DR., 317-F. and T. Homebuilders Inc. to Marisa Gaudreau and Michael Riley, $306,900.

CORNWALL DR., 1213-William E. and Diane R. Battle to Holly L. and Brandon N. Shaffer, $500,000.

LEGEND CT., 7829-Barbara J. Henson to Kerri Robbins and Bryan Pumphrey, $550,000.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 135-Brel Corp. to Donna Genovese, $194,000.

Marbury Area

CHICAMUXEN RD., 3825-Randall B. and Janice L. Howells to Jamie Fraley II and Francis S. Penny, $160,000.


Rock Point Road Area

FENDALL LANE, 9427-Brenda D. and John H. Bowling to Jack Freimuth, $60,000.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9415-The Vestry of Piney Parish to Jeffrey E. Leadmon, $80,000.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9424-Pamela Selbo to Mark Williams, $110,000.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9438-Trade Winds Properties Inc. to Crissy and Joseph D. Boling Jr., $100,000.

St. Charles Area

COPLEY AVE., 936-Claressa Williams to Lezael Haynes and Deangelo Rorie, $299,999.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3021-Pamela Murrell to Steven Walter, $149,500.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3077-Kevin M. Halter to Daniel Lutu, $160,000.

IVY LANE, 1020-Gilbert R. Schroth III to Tosha J. Nicholson, $282,000.

KING JAMES PL., 5-Kurt Kopanke to Anthony R. Waul, $185,000.

MIDDLETON RD., 221-Joe F. Coleman to Stanley A. Neal, $114,000.

RED LION PL., 2771-Karen A. and Julius L. Camp to Olga G. Richardson, $185,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2551-Yaquisha L. Neal to Idowu D. Olaosebikan, $174,900.

ROBINSON PL., 2571-Daniel E. and Stephanie M. Shantler to Carlos Garcia, $170,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12461-Jennifer Tuttle and Louis Guy to Tyron Ward, $265,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3195-Abol F. and Janice B. Fotouhi to Louise A. and David E. Novak, $187,000.

WHITE FIR CT., 3405-Spencewood Investment Properties to Shane H. Blandford, $250,000.

WILSON RD., 1338-Patricia A. and Frank Salerno to Carlos N. Burgos, $290,000.

Waldorf Area

ACTON LANE, 11490-LandAmerica OneStop Inc., trustee, to Marie and William Moore, $435,000.

ALBERMARLE PL., 2720-Shelina Dhanani to Irfan Naveed, $262,000.

BARNSWALLOW PL., 11201-Benny L. Goldsborough to Hafsa and Mohiuddin M. Mansur, $280,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4120-Rhonda L. Hall and Thomas L. Butler to Ghulam G. Khanlodhy and Yaser Ezzat, $210,000.

BONNIE LANE, 2205-Omari and Carolyn Wooden to Ha and Hiep Nguyen, $260,000.

CARIBOU CT., 6904-Clifton E. Bowie to Liyin Cheng, $200,000.

CARIBOU CT., 6910-James R. Sr. and Doris M. Pierce to Joanne C. and Michael S. Grant, $235,000.

CARIBOU CT., 6911-Gerard M. Forest Jr. to Sarah A. Van Camp, $225,000.

CHEETAH CT., 6302-Jeffrey M. and Michele R. Haynes to Jackelyn Manson, $308,000.

COLOGO CT., 6825-G. Rhodes and Donald J. Treyes Jr. to Charlotte and Christopher Armstrong, $320,000.

CONSTITUTION DR., 10863-Kurt A. and Susan J. Oxley to Brenda L. and Edwin D. Shellman, $460,000.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12581-Lynn E. and Steven M. Smith to Gerald A. Johnson, $319,900.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12646-Kim M. Law to Carolyn N. and Robert D. Carter, $290,900.

EAGLE CT., 4376-Richard A. and Dawn M. Baggett to Theresa L. and David J. Fajt, $206,000.

EAGLE CT., 4390-Mildred U. Green to Aaron W. Lucas, $206,000.

EAGLE CT., 4434-Peter D. Craig to Tonya L. Edelen, $200,000.

EAGLE CT., 4457-Larry W. Michels to Simon B. Yammine, $197,500.

GADWELL PL., 4677-Anita M. Gronczniak to Claude Clevenger, $187,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11311-Quantane L. Higginbotham to Paula and Aaron Conn, $250,000.

GOSSETT CT., 3254-Joseph J. III and Robin L. Thompson to Marsha J. and Jimmy Butts, $530,000.

JAMESON DR., 12922-Richard N. and Barbara A. Sellner to Gladys and James Washington Sr., $274,900.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3735-Emanual and Beverly Chandler to Craig R. Dyson, $182,000.

LANCELOT DR., 11704-Christopher P. and Tina A. Clark to Joy A. and Terry M. Epperson, $255,000.

LOGTEAL DR., 4164-Barbara S. and Arnold E. Glidden to Courtney M. Ramsey, $209,900.

MANATEE CT., 6702-Susan J. Evitts to George F. Francis, $340,000.

MANATEE CT., 6708-Darielis and Michael P. Williams to Elizabeth A. and Joselito S. Ignacio, $345,900.

MANNING CT., 3210-Harold J. Canter to Trinette Hawkins, $170,000.

MIRANDA PL., 3057-Karen and Melvin Wallace to Shonda R. Talley Green, $315,000.

MIRANDA PL., 3085-Angela D. and Ryan A. Palmer to Dwayne C. Johnson, $285,000.

MURRE CT., 11816-Angela M. Thompson Smith to L. Jones Warren and Robbie J. Warren, $430,000.

MUSKRAT CT., 6610-David A. King to Lana R. and Howard J. Henderson, $380,000.

PANDA CT., 6303-Carole J. and David C. Shisler to John and Kathryn Van Vliet, $342,000.

PIERCE RD., 12005-Richard B. and Rita A. Davis to Cheronda Albury and Daniel E. Ritzes, $345,000.

PIN OAK DR., 1644-Ethel D. Valenzuela to Audra Jones, $215,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2743-Thomas S. and Bettie Harmon to Sara J. and George W. Bucklew Jr., $274,900.

RIDGE RD., 2808-Richard A. Georgian to Harry B. Stock and Mark T. Kristofik, $365,000.

SAGEWOOD CT., 2462-Verdia C. Smith to Sean P. Wutka and Corrie A. Ballard, $220,000.

SEA LION PL., 6133-Doris A. Fell to Leanne M. and Gary M. Mead, $225,000.

SEA LION PL., 6165-Michelle R. and Michael Alston to Camille Harris, $245,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6008-Tanisha R. Jarrell to Lachain M. Glenn, $212,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2086-John M. Swann to Robin R. Frank, $185,000.

TEMI DR., 1705-Annette M. Huskey to Johnnie M. and Ernest L. Cephas, $289,900.

WESTDALE CT., 3223-Paula L. Rouse to Kimberly Millner, $200,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2195-Pearl P. Keng and Carlos M. Sandoval to Robinette and Adrian D. Barry, $296,000.

WESTWOOD DR., 2256-Dana Y. Berman to Christopher Roby and Khrehaan Ebah, $250,000.

WOODRIDGE DR., 5546-Betty J. and John M. Veatch to Jackelyn M. Manson, $408,000.

Welcome Area

BISHOPS PL., 5480-Steven D. and Patricia L. Shannon to Regina M. Larrabee, $598,500.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 7005-Richard and Matie Duvall Hash to Amy M. and Brian M. Plavi, $120,000.

White Plains Area

LEE LANE, 4080-Donald A. and Terri H. Kennedy to Katherine K. and Kevin Gessner, $419,900.

MARSHALL CORNER RD., 9980-Robert M. Roach to Tonya and Edward Fernandez, $333,000.

PRINCE EDWARD DR., 3690-Ronald M. and Cherie J. Mason to S. Sam Duckett and Wilbert C. Duckett, $470,450.

WELLHOUSE DR., 9875-Sharon B. and Lewis O. Moon to Timothy A. Rinehart, $315,000.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4140-Francesca T. and Joseph L. Green to Jeneen Caldwell, $290,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

BARINGER DR., 45615-George Y. Richardson to Beverly A. Clark, $280,000.

BROOK DR., 21978-Stephen H. Vandenover to MAFC Residential Inc., $223,000.

INSURANCE CT., 45264-Thomas S. Mroz Jr. to Ha Huynh and Trung M. Tran, $245,000.

JOAN DR., 22529-Maria and Anthony Dittami to Gregory B. Burkhardt, $220,000.

SPRINGSTEEN CT. S., 45883-Christopher J. Comstock to Thomas F. Cooper, $148,500.

WOODED WAY, 23278-Michael and Kara Rawlings to Hilma M. and William Andrews, $325,000.

Callaway Area

CANVAS BACK DR., 44889-Brenda S. Myers to Vicki Lynn Burroughs, $192,000.

WIDGEON PL., 44913-Gregory A. and R.R. Stanley to Virginia L. and James K. Carver, $352,000.

Chaptico Area

WOODMARK CT., 25133-Hallmark Homes and Development Inc. to Terry Haffelfinger and Wayne B. Davis, $225,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

GERSHWIN RD., 30060-Virgie B. Orfield to Audrey E. and Gary L. Dieffenderfer, $314,950.

MOHAWK DR., 37820-J. Ashton Kesler to Gerard M. Forest Jr., $297,000.

Coltons Point Area

BAYVIEW RD., 38441-Quinton B. Moulsdale to Linda Schwab Deutsch and Steven M. Deutsch, $600,000.

Dameron Area

DIAMOND LANE, 49750-James A. Iagnemmo to Glenwood J. Coombs Jr., $1.15 million.

Great Mills Area

BRAWNY ST., 45529-Jeffrey L. Harmon to Patrick L. King, $319,425.

GREENVIEW CT., 22444-Randy J. Radeackar to Kim Lawson, $115,000.

Hollywood Area

DRUM CLIFF RD., 43575-Michael Hiram Kleinbeck to Donna and Julian Souders, $380,000.

PINTO DR., 25315-William L. Long to Frank W. Thompson, $238,000.

SCOTCH NECK RD., 45214-Stephen N. Sweeney to John J. Delozier II, $360,000.

SOTTERLEY HEIGHTS RD., 26057-James A. Kenney to Susan L. and William H. Butcher Jr., $495,000.

Leonardtown Area

GUM SPRING DR., 43164-Colin R. and Patricia A. Burns to Nazia Abrar and Ahmed Sattar Abrar, $469,900.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 23301-Eleanor M. Delahay to Jo Ann M. and Dean A. Beck, $210,000.

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39623-Lewis G. Cargill to Jessica and Joseph W. Thompson, $181,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 22575-James D. Cryer Sr. to Scott Massey, $190,000.

SINGLETREE DR., 41555-Rodney P. Anderson to Tracy Grant Larson, $395,000.

Lexington Park Area

ARK CT., 20860-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Amanda A. and Daniel Eric Bradley, $294,500.

COLUMBUS DR., 46357-Gregory M. Reynolds to Nola J. Rodgers, $139,000.

FLOWER DR., 46844-Melvin Brown to Cheryl and David A. Gaestel, $115,000.

KNIGHT CT., 22216-Kara L. Mattingly to Kitradom T. Sewell and Michael D. Henry, $165,000.

LYNN DR., 21518-Gregory A. and Carol O. Hartzer to Jana L.M. and Blaine S. Lorimer, $208,000.

OLD HEWITT RD., 22457-Essex South General Partnership to Eleanor M. and Christopher C. Conley, $325,930.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 20426-Arthur W. Corson Jr. to Cheryl C. and John S. Blazer, $59,000.

SUNLIGHT CT., 20836-Donald Wayne Hartsell Jr. to Thomas M. Rothman, $295,000.

SYLVAN CT., 46211-H.W. Miller and Sons Inc. to Nora L. and George H. Hollman, $199,105.

SYLVAN WAY, 22646-H.W. Miller and Sons Inc. to Lawrence H. Shields, $208,151.

WOLFTRAP ST., 20725-Lori and Lee M. Johnson to Joel M. Wexler, $250,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35763-Primary Closing Corp. to Leslie Hubbell, $309,900.

BIRCH CIR., 29691-Doreen Sciarratta to Linda D. and Brian S. Pratschner, $340,000.

BRUCE RD., 29778-James C. Higgs to Jonathan Shawn Howsare, $250,000.

CARPENTER DR., 27220-James R. Goldsmith to Patricia A. and Alfred J. Garner, $326,000.

FOREST VIEW LANE, 30060-William K. Buffington to Lori V. and Mark D. Stillwagon, $434,900.

JARRELL DR., 39536-William Rudolf May to A. London Schuessler and Rick Schuessler, $295,900.

JOAN DR., 36722-Leo F. and Rebecca L. Hofmann to Jamie M. and Michael T. Deasel, $305,000.

LAWRENCE ADAMS DR., 26716-Thomas J. Kidwell Jr. to Deborah L. Fischer, $248,900.

MECHANICSVILLE RD., 27070-Elmer F. Jr. and Hattie Marie Buckler to Connie B. and Matthew W. Hardesty, $138,000.

MRS. GRAVES RD., 39880-Alan and Rose Marie White to Rachelle A. and Robert S. Houlihan, $320,900.

OLD HORSE LANDING RD., 40649-Robert T. Schools to Wood Rental Properties Corp., $215,000.

OLD HORSE LANDING RD., 40659-Brenda L. Tucker to Karen G. and Glenn E. Buckler Sr., $80,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 31279-Andrew Jr. and Margaret M. Palko to Margaret J. and Michael P. Somers, $550,000.

SANDGATES RD. N., 27030-Stephen F. Chance to Tina M. Alsup and Brian Knott, $269,900.

SHANNON CT., 28979-Stephen J. Whittaker to Michael Patrick, $255,000.

THOMAS DR., 39488-Robert P. Kozloski to Jennifer A. and Kevin M. Bidwell, $340,000.