The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3282-Curtis P. Litten to Charlene Robey, $339,900.

BAY HIGHLANDS DR., 1174-Robert P. Bishop to Christopher R. Harmon, $358,000.

BEARDS DOCK CROSS, 405-Kenneth F. Read Sr. to Paul N. and Laura N. Volkman, $1.114 million.

BREAKWATER DR., 992-Mary E. Dent to Stephen M. and Elizabeth J. Dulaney, $282,500.

CARROLL DR., 111-Richard J. Wilcox to William R. and Heather Montague, $475,000.

CATRINA LANE, 3105-Lisa G. Tate to Lucas K. and Sophia W. McDowell, $625,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7024, No. 7024-102-David A. Gantz to Ken M. and Candace S. Peters, $372,500.

CHATHAM LANE, 246-Marjorie L. Margulies to Robert J. Pfuelb and Shei Sai, $436,257.

CHELSEA CT., 7-Kathleen M. Gotimer to Trevor and Shawn Wise, $328,000.

CHRISLAND DR., 3272-Kirk Ncgowan to Seth B. and Maureen M. Canion, $735,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 760, No. 760F-John D. Holum to Michael D. Cox, $450,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 778, No. 778D-Andre C. Lessard to Lawrence J. and Sharon A. Blair, $400,000.

FARRAGUT RD., 71-Linda A. Doherty to Susan W. and David P. Adams, $600,000.

FISHING CREEK RD., 1328-Brooke Doswell to Eric D. Epstein, $335,000.

GREAT LAKE DR., 107-Julia D. Garvin to Amelia T. Spruill, $405,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 30, No. A-Denise Weimer to Michael Zuhowski, $219,000.

JANWALL CT., 12-Susan O. Hollingshead to Monique Widmer, $271,000.

JANWALL ST., 118-Paula J. Persaud to Modesta C. Benitez, $324,900.

MADISON ST., 1223-M. and B. Chiz Inc. to Wasiu O. Yusuf, $330,000.

NARRAGANSETT AVE., 3571-Hortense O. Whilden to Lance R. Johnson, $775,000.

ROSECREST DR., 116-Walter J. Fieseler to Gershon Hoffer, $199,500.

SANDSTONE CT., 40, No. F-RBH Family Partnership to Daniel F. Jayjock, $220,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 60, No. K-Pablo Willstatter to Robert G. Keck, $246,000.

SILOPANNA RD., 19-Chesapeake Development Group Corp. to Thomas M. and Stacey L. Mazcko, $449,000.

SOUTHBREEZE LANE, 1208-Mark W. Defriece to Richard J. and Jennifer J. Dengler, $2.95 million.

THOMAS POINT RD., 3337-John C. Menassa to Antonietta Gargano and George Luton, $370,000.

WALNUT DR., 400-Thomas C. Williams Jr. to Claire C. Niermann, $446,000.


Sandy Point State Park Area

AMBERWOOD N., 1450-Timothy N. Keenan to J. Kirk and Michelle Lynn Ritchey, $353,000.

BEACON WAY, 936-Robert H. Mosely to Theresa A. Wirth, $329,900.

BELLE DR., 1778, No. 7-Homes for America Inc. to Patricia L. Nevils, $177,000.

BURLEY RD., 607-William J. Engelmeyer Jr. to Douglas A. and Karen L. Gardner, $395,000.

CHARRED OAK CT., 336-Robert L. McCaw to Richard S. Newton and Mona L. Martinez, $240,500.

CHERRY GROVE AVE. N., 3-William E. Bodnar Jr. to Jonathan D. Martin and Kate J. Mehr, $520,000.

CUTTER CT., 614-Faustino Guillen to Marleny Durate, $190,000.

DREAMS LANDING WAY, 605-Douglas H. Henry to Dorothy E. Sample, $500,001.

DREVAR TRAIL, 1759-Roy C. Poerstel to Hadajo Enterprises Corp., $389,500.

EBB POINT LANE, 248-Gerard E. Grabowski to Carol T. Hall, $680,000.

ELKWOOD CT., 1621-Duane M. Gels to Josh and Kara Wise Ardison, $315,000.

EPPING WAY, 427-Christian C. Harrold to Robert B. and Patricia B. Berry, $507,000.

FAWNS WALK, 498, No. 50-Harrison M. Sandrock to William C. and Rosemary H. Wilbert, $445,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2013, No. 002-Geoffrey A. Giffin to Michelle L. Kelly and Frank W. Stone, $289,900.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2013, No. 204-Ryan J. Henry to Joel C. Cawthorne, $272,400.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 66-John F. Erskine Jr. to Sarah H. Spiewak, $312,000.

HELAINE HAMLET WAY, 2555-Daniel Barham Jr. to Edmund M. and Rosemary N. Jaskiewicz, $479,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1546-Kathy N. Ross to William R. and Jennifer D. Minor, $240,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1577-Muhammad S. Akhtar to Mahreen Ali, $250,000.

LOG INN RD., 1478-Peter Penoyar to Gray Maggard, $279,000.

MARCONI CIR., 1929-Antoinette O. Powell to Elisabeth and Valentine Lakos, $325,000.

MATHIAS HAMMOND WAY, 502, No. 209-Jolanta F. Czarny to Brian E. and Tricia P. Schilling, $300,000.

MOUNTAIN TOP DR., 1038-Michael J. Lanham to Dana T. and Jolita M. Peterson, $404,000.

MUNROE CT., 6-Robert W. Ogle Jr. to Robert W. Ogle III, $215,000.

OLD PINE CT., 1315-Sean P. McGuire to Matthew J. Ormsby, $230,200.

PEACH CT., 406-Carol A. Martin to Kevin and Stephanie O'Brien, $240,000.

PINE HILL DR., 1249-Shakeel A. Barkat to Lee T. and Elizabeth T. Takesian, $426,500.

PRINCE GEORGE ST., 189-Marilyn W. Willis to Kevin G. Quinn, $369,000.

ROBERT SMALL RD., 1802-Brice A. Keegan to Benjamin Rodriguez and Ever A. Pleitez, $255,000.

ROSEDALE ST., 736-Ralph E. Robertson to Lawrence W. and Bonnie L. Sheffey, $250,000.

SEVERN RD., 334-Julian Savage to Darryl H. Savage, $1.2 million.

SPRING RACE CT., 215-Garvin D. Masengale to Frank T. and Sharon L. Costello, $675,000.

SUMMER VILLAGE DR., 128, No. 117-Charles S. Green to Jeffrey S. and Barbara S. Layne, $565,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2711, No. 9304-Jeffrey A. Melody to Michael J. Farner, $325,000.

TOLSON ST., 106-Elizabeth C. Burtis to Photos A. and Mylia M. Papanicolaou, $525,000.

TWIN LANDING COVE, 2594, No. 42-Patricia Bobbin to Gary K. and Valerie L. Bahena, $295,000.

SECOND ST., 116-Patricia A. McKenna to Alberto Serrano, $315,000.

Arnold Area

ALAMEDA PKWY., 383-Deborah S. Murphy to Creek Properties Corp., $310,000.

BAY DALE CT., 566, No. 51-Marie T. Myer to Noelle W. Maertens, $294,500.

BRIGHTLEAF CT., 1092-Susan L. Lennstrom to Anna Coates, $210,000.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 417, No. 35-Teresa L. Emeigh to Richard B. Baillieul and Melisa R. Jaure, $294,417.

HEARTWOOD CT., 1216, No. 52-Jane M. Chase to Nastos Group Inc., $200,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 654, No. 4D-Victor E. Zimmer, trustee, to Adam D. Griffin, $211,000.

LAUREL VALLEY CT., 478, No. 14-Florence M. Hartman to H. Douglas Schenker, $289,900.

OLD RIVER RD., 174-Ann W. Ventre to Thomas G. and Diane C. Williams, $325,000.

QUAKER RIDGE DR., 1246, No. 89-Stephan M. Shott to Ryan T. Edwards and Beth A. Kuch, $276,000.

RIVER RD., 349-John J. Gallagher to Matthew P. and Jessica L. Ferrante, $175,500.

SEMINOLE DR., 1256, No. 30-Matthew J. Chaney to Richard F. Galway, $289,900.

SHORE ACRES RD., 849-Timothy B. Lynam to Laurie L. Wells and Francisco Dominguez, $575,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 698, No. 5B-Eugene Walp III to Dorothy M. Vaught and Deborah A. Anglin, $205,500.

TALON CT., 600, No. 1-Anthony W. Peters to Thomas G. and Karen V. Sprink, $354,000.

Brooklyn Area

AUDREY AVE., 418-H. and R. Investors Corp. to Laura Willoughby, $168,900.

BALLMAN AVE., 5504-Anton Lukianczuk to Taras and Maria A. Lukianczuk, $200,000.

CEDAR HILL LANE, 21-Wesley J. White to Glen Abbey Corp., $175,000.

CEDAR HILL RD., 27-Dorothy Davenport to Kurt Dickey and Jessica Horton, $175,000.

CHURCH ST., 324-Edward L. Gillespie to Michael A. and Briana H. Adams, $240,000.

CHURCH ST., 416-Jeffrey A. Harmon to Gregory Owens, $125,000.

HARBOR VALLEY DR., 5639-Harold J. Rother to Robert E. Thompson III and Kimberly A. Schwabline, $245,000.

HOLY CROSS RD., 400-Thomas H. Plath to Pamela and Omar Williams, $190,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 173-Thomas W. Price to Donald and Margie Hall, $88,750.

PARK RD., 5508-Vincent Caropreso to Manuel and Sharon Garcia, $248,500.

12TH AVE., 111-Minnie M. Bathon to Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc., $215,000.

Churchton Area

BLAINE RD., 5709-Robert R. Boyle to Peter K. Stelnyk and Erica R. Nybro, $473,000.

FAIRFAX AVE., 1231-Raymond L. McCutchen III to Angel E. and Andra N. Perdomo, $349,000.

GWYNNE AVE., 1217-Lewis P. Boerum to Kimberly Michelle Arnold, $106,000.

HARFORD ST., 5518-Scott E. Jones to Jason D. Underwood and Elizabeth V. Shea, $280,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1875, No. 78-Douglas George to Douglas C. and Jennifer L. Lundin, $260,000.

ALBERMARLE DR., 1766, No. 1-John R. Smithson to John M. and Leah M. Arnold, $360,000.

CARLYLE DR., 1602, No. 2-Joseph E. Fazio to Marcia Hinkle, $292,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2429-Daniel C. McCabe Jr. to Diane K. Filo and Eugene Davis, $699,900.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1584, No. 158417-Kristin L. King to Elizabeth Whorton and Daniel Choi, $210,000.

FRIENDLY PL., 2053, No. B-Jasen D. Adams to Taija Thomas, $197,000.

GRASON LANE, 1630-Erin L. Hayes to Louis Bordewisch and Bordo Corp., $205,000.

JORDAN AVE., 1466-Kevin C. Newbury to M.C. and Catherine M. Manofsky, $445,000.

LACONIA CT., 2377-Nathaniel A. Lee to Samuel and Donna Ingenito, $350,000.

LEISURE WAY, 1703, No. B-Dalton Stupack to Anthony T. Valentine, $195,000.

LOG MILL PL., 1817, No. 2-Robert N. Price to Graham L. Waters, $265,200.

LOWELL CT., 1515, No. 7-Marc V. Sigrist to Ethel Williams, $240,000.

MARTHA GREENLEAF DR., 1233, No. 28-Robert K. Cole to Mark S. Ball, $183,000.

MOUNT AIRY CT., 1604-Charles G. Spinner to Benjamin M. Adams Jr., $267,000.

OLD MYSTIC CT., 2403-Richard W. Shrum to Angela R. Watson, $345,000.

PAWLET DR., 1946, No. 15D-Michelle L. Kelly to Cynthia J. Brittingham, $270,000.

PAWLET DR., 1962, No. 21A4-Andrew T. Watts to Peter Varga, $270,000.

PAWLET DR., 2002, No. 26A-Joseph M. Thayer to Robert H. McWilliams and Christine A. Cerutti, $270,000.

PEARTREE LANE, 1708-Paula J. Billet to Chad R. and Jennifer C. Houck, $625,000.

REYNOLDS ST., 1706-Judith P. Wanfried to David M. and Rachael C. Wood, $465,000.

SHARWOOD PL., 1854, No. 79-Elliott A. Hannum Jr. to Robert J. Zimmermann and Svetlana V. Oreshkins, $255,500.

TWAIN RD., 1700-Mary E. Luddy to Michael R. and Christa Hayes Forrester, $439,999.

WENTWORTH DR., 2469, No. 22A-Christina L. Cihiy to Marco Gentile and Nicole Donnelly, $256,000.

WORRELL CT., 2670-Wilford E. Clarke to Lisa M. Perez, $365,000.

YORKTOWN CT., 1656-Robert J. Etkins to Chad Martel and Melissa Petty, $255,000.

YORKTOWN CT., 1664-Kevin E. Herdeman to Charles E. and Eileen A. Richter, $232,000.

Crownsville Area

ASTON FOREST LANE, 300-G. Joseph Bradley to Justin W. and Julie M. Bonner, $576,000.

DEER RUN LANE, 1065-Bobby L. Adams to Tobias D. Ford and Linda T. Mundy, $620,000.

LAKE RD., 369-Robert C. Gruber to Matthew and Denise Weimer, $299,000.

PLUM CREEK DR., 1020-Steve Washington to David W. MacKenzie, $1.3 million.

SEVERNVIEW DR., 1221-Robin L. Dunnington to Brian G. Green, $280,000.

Curtis Bay Area

HOLLOW GLEN CT., 1350, No. 350-Marcia E. Drenzyk to Patrick M. and Deborah K. Marr, $269,000.

Davidsonville Area

ALCOVA DR., 1565-Laura J. Shouse to William L. and Hannah B. Philpott, $340,000.

FOX CREEK LANE, 2412-Catherine Killian to Marie E. Rowland, $900,000.

FOXHALL DR., 3501-Joseph J. Dimeglio to Donald Bennett and Chun Yen Hsieh, $669,900.

ST. GEORGE BARBER RD., 853-Richland Homes Inc. to William B. and Heather S. Travis, $375,000.

Dunkirk Area

GREENRIDGE DR., 280-Dennis R. Legler to Andrew T. and Shawn C. Watts, $489,900.

Edgewater Area

BEACHVILLE PL., 604-Stephanie J. Schooley to Catherine and Jay Lusby, $330,000.

BOYD DR., 3722-Rachel C. Atkinson to Timothy Shaw and Catherine O'Dell Penn, $760,000.

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1616-Nancy J. Ryba to David C. and Donna M. Eddy, $295,000.

COLONY CROSSING, 99-John S. Ward to Mark J. Vandegrift and Sarah Cummings, $1.1 million.

FAIRMOUNT DR., 304-Linda S. Anderson to Paul and Krystal Paolucci, $237,900.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3820, No. 69-Jason D. Santiago to Billy S. and Robin L. Burk, $455,000.

HOLLY DR., 3861-Steven L. Bleemke to Kenneth J. and Dawn M. Hayden, $434,900.

KEYMAR RD., 1813-Trever J. Perkins to Robert and Charity Gleeson, $250,000.

LAKEVIEW AVE., 215-Dale E. Styles to Waterman Inc., $256,000.

MIDLAND RD., 1643-Patricia A. McClure to Redge A. Mahaffey, $215,000.

MIDLAND RD., 1700-Daniel Lazer to David C. Robinson, $285,000.

MURRAY DR., 1110-Hope Properties to Scott Church, $425,000.

QUANTICO RD., 1709-Daniel W. Weichert to Thomas A. and Carol L. Robinson, $210,000.

RIDGE AVE., 51-Tina M. Hale to Sandra Lofgren Sargent, $146,535.

RIVER CLUB DR., 3901-Norman A. Kessling to Bryan G. Agee, $290,000.

RIVERTON PL., 171-Primacy Closing Corp. to Richard S. Ireland, $475,000.

SHORE DR., 1808-Chad A. Aleshire to Christopher Carey, $287,500.

SHORE DR., 637-Athena H. Heddinger, trustee, to Wesley A. and Lee M. Matheu, $380,000.

FIFTH AVE., 3654-Frank A. Attiliis to Donna J. Owens, $334,000.

Friendship Area

FRIENDSHIP RD., 78-William J. Jackson to Daniel C. and Pamela Townshend, $375,000.

Gambrills Area

APRIL CT., 1018-Raymond Johnson III to Ronald A. and Liza M. Zanarotti, $349,900.

HALLMARK DR., 3010-Charles F. Henry to Peter D. and Aimee M. Devaris, $101,996.

HUNT VALLEY WAY, 2213-James J. Ackermann to James H. and Kimberley S. McCarl, $775,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ARCHWOOD AVE., 113-Donald Simmons to Meg Imig and Lanning Kann Jr., $231,959.

BROADVIEW BLVD. N., 1210-Samuel Decoteau to Carl V. Adams, $210,000.

DARTON CT., 477, No. 7-Diana M. Reed to Robert W. Corbett and Kelly M. Davis, $195,000.

FOXCHASE DR., 111-Eileen C. Reichenberg to Mark W. Koenig and Carrie M. Macharola, $254,000.

FOX FARM LANE, 7840-Michael T. Storm to George and Katie Clemes, $256,900.

FOXVIEW DR., 154-Jamie G. Lorio Jr. to Sandra K. Buss, $275,000.

HOME WATER WAY, 6505, No. 304-Michael P. Dutton to Arthur F. Lembke III, $172,900.

MACKINTOSH DR., 295-Bryan A. Rupert to Brenda Oliver, $250,000.

MAGNOLIA AVE., 3-Roger J. Meadows to Larry and Alicia Haynes, $142,687.

MCHENRY DR., 1130-Fred Vollmerhausen Jr. to Edward Roesser, $287,000.

MOUNT VERNON LANE, 6476-Jacquelyn T. Cooper to Brian Bennis, $168,000.

MOUNT VERNON LANE, 6490-Christopher J. Dietrich to Brooke A. Bell, $120,000.

NORWICH RD., 1920-William S. Getty Jr. to Danielle C. Ross and Jenny L. Rodenhizer, $183,000.

OAK AVE., 105-Ronald D. Wasmus to Adam B. Wasmus, $226,600.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1721-David G. Medford to Candice M. Murphy, $185,550.

TURN LOOP RD., 8129, No. 45-Aaron Hayhurst to Robert and Melissa Ciccarelli, $190,000.

VALIANT CIR., 407, No. 40713-Joshua D. Bowen to Matthew Broderick Krauz, $210,000.

WEST CT., 590, No. 12G-Eric H. Fischer to Seyed Hasan and Alia Sultana, $97,800.

WHITMAN DR., 1336-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gladstone A. Yearwood, $176,600.

FIRST AVE. W., 4-Stephen T. Thomas to Robert W. and Jeanette M. Cahill, $260,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7815-Homewood Contracting Inc. to Michael Beauchamp and Valerie Y. Acosta, $239,900.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1105, No. 2C-Magdalena Chenowith to Dena L. Warfel, $150,654.

FOREST RD., 106-Nicki L. Rabickow to Anthony Miele, $236,900.

FURNACE DR., 1620-Earl L. Jenkins to Ernest O. and Cheryl M. Heinl, $525,000.

GLENWOOD DR., 101-Nicholas S. Hizer to Ryan C. and Yumi Delcore, $275,000.

HARVARD RD., 2-Richard L. Katz to Richard and Wanda M. Hasselberger, $165,000.

HIGH OAK RD., 8012-Brian Hansel to Rolf and Kathleen C. Johansson, $384,900.

LINCOLN DR., 478-Jack Boney to John and Susan Hewitt, $95,190.

QUEEN ANNE RD., 16-Lee A. Brandt to Angel A. Manzanares and Karen P. Posas Cruz, $265,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6603, No. 104-James B. Frank III to Kathleen M. Hilker, $150,000.

SHORELAND DR., 989-Iris E. O'Neil to Linda Riggio and Malgorzata F. Jancewicz, $130,000.

SOUTH MEADOW DR., 102-David R. Burke to Jennifer Andrews and Kristi Houghton, $250,000.

SOUTH MEADOW DR., 167-Stacy H. Hockett Jr. to Kevin D. and Brenda L. Martin, $105,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 202, No. 302-John E. Ralston to Richard Gustafson, $166,000.

SUNNYBROOK DR., 909-Randall M. Holbrook to Wayne Maxfield, $200,000.

SUNSET DR., 103-Rich D. Bigley to Daniel J. Wilson and Tina M. Riley Wilson, $250,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 206, No. 303-Dmitrius Dantinne to Erik C. Lynn, $185,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 209, No. 302-Robert L. Sexton to John H. Lancaster, $159,000.

WHITE WATER CT., 6701, No. 201-Gershon Hoffer to Steven A. and Christine A. Marshall, $160,000.

Hanover Area

ARAGORN CT., 7717-Henry D. Flach to Vesta Inc., $392,000.

BOULDER LANE, 1436-John P. Simmons to Leonard and Sherell Brooks, $350,000.

Harwood Area

POLLING HOUSE RD., 387-John W. Rogers Sr., trustee, to Jean Grierson, $525,000.

Laurel Area

DOMINION S., 3332-Sivert W. Ritchie to Rafael Herrera Sanchez, $315,000.

JACKS REEF RD., 8613-Jo Ann Buckler to Prithipal S. and Manjeet K. Sawhney, $297,500.

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3576-Satta Kanagbo to Wilber N. Zelaya and Robert A. Bautista Portillo, $241,000.

PINEY WOODS PL., 3517, No. E101-Mina Jones to Stefanie Blejwas, $223,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3109, No. D302-Eric Nixon to Harold Nixon, $188,000.

SPADDERDOCK WAY, 8212-Vincent E. Waddell to Tia S. Ross and Osama A. Ahmed, $270,000.

STYLE AVE., 3368, No. 47-Kimberly S. Johnson to Kelle Evans and Jai Copeland, $207,900.

Linthicum Heights Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 6852-John E. Mitchell Jr. to John Patrick and Lori Ann Mitchell, $180,000.

CHURCH CIR., 320-Ching Huang to Charles M. and Jeansue Mueller, $327,500.

DOGWOOD RD., 511-Agnes L. Murphy to Jody A. McCullough, $224,900.

GREENTREE RD., 703-Cathy R. Hinton to Steven C. Schwaab, $360,000.

GREENWOOD RD., 523-G.W. Birx to M. Layne, $310,000.

HELEN AVE., 731-Mary B. Wayson to William A. Gilde Jr., $257,500.

HOMEWOOD RD., 115-Henry W. Engelhardt Jr. to Timothy and Angela Feehely, $299,900.

Mayo Area

COLLISON RD., 1107-Roh Homes Inc. to Robert M. Ames and Sharon A. Setzer, $785,000.

Millersville Area

BELMAWR PL., 565-Robert A. Sargent to Sherry Krest, $171,000.

BELMAWR PL., 576-Asifa Farooq to Robeena Ismat, $170,000.

CARTERS LANE, 8245-Adam E. Saylor to Jane N. Stewart, $329,900.

CHALET CIR. W., 248-Helen P. Yonker to Abimbola Dawson, $190,000.

DICUS MILL RD., 1151-Heidi Joan Mintz Pappas to Lydia B. Taghavi and Gladys C. Baal, $505,000.

JUMPERS HOLE RD., 160-Michael Firkal Jr. to Kinder Park Homes Corp., $550,000.

JUMPERS HOLE RD., 8207-Thomas J. Duvall to Gerald E. Curtis Jr., $175,000.

LIVE OAK CT., 740-Joseph C. Redmond to Douglas and Robyn Toth, $589,900.

LONGFELLOW DR., 117-Yung Hyo Park to Craig and Penny Stahl, $835,000.

MATTAWA CT., 701-Marjorie M. Cooke to Ralph E. and Catherine A. Bolin, $405,000.

MICHELE CIR., 270-Charles F. Stewart to Mary K. Carter, $205,000.

NORWOOD DR., 8325-Cory Eslick to John Bruce and Beth Karageorge, $160,000.

RUPERT RD. N., 8228-Ruth M. Foster to Nicolas C. and Silvia M. Moliterni, $240,000.

SUNNYVIEW DR., 8314-Robert Keck to Jeremie H. Kregelka, $320,000.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 520-Michelle K. Wright to Edwin P. and Cherie C. Spuler, $225,000.

WOODLAND RD., 8421-Stephen P. Smith to Woodland Homes Corp., $650,000.

North Beach Area

CALIFORNIA AVE., 655-Edward M. Voorhaar to James M. and Mary K. Colton, $251,000.

Odenton Area

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2454, No. 304-Jonathan Theel to Daniel W. and Mandy B. Sands, $235,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2440, No. 204-Charles W. Leonard to Kerry J. Spatz, $238,500.

BREITWERT AVE., 1205-Charles L. Dickerson to George E. Epps III and Michelle L. Haynie, $339,900.

CAPISTRANO WAY, 8713-Shane J. Sura to Stephen M. Shylanski and Rena J. Hull, $300,000.

COLONEL WAY, 2150, No. 8-Michael W. Lowry to Clinton C. and Wakia L. Hayward, $348,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2170, No. 224-Thomas W. Lowe to Erich Flack, $255,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2174, No. 222-Thierno A. Diallo to Price K. and Naomi Tailey, $257,000.

GILL ST., 1305-John P. Valent to Floyd and Rosalea Hause, $180,000.

GOLDSBOROUGH LANE, 1830, No. 17-William R. Gardner Jr. to Paul M. and Erin M. Zitsch, $283,000.

GRAPE ARBOR WAY, 8709-John E. Fuller to Tariq Islam and Nazia Sabrin, $308,000.

GREEN CLOVER CT., 8701-Eric S. Mulzer to Greg and Judith N. Cardwell, $301,100.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 127-Walter Jenkins to Feliz Guzman, $295,000.

PASSAGE DR., 1340-Vincent L. Fauntleroy Jr. to Redge A. Mahaffey, $127,000.

PINECOVE AVE., 194, No. 48-Amber R. Ryan to Son Cha Royer, $316,000.

PINECOVE CT., 109, No. 119-Rodney A. Gumbish to Biby J. Thoms and Smitha P. Jose, $301,105.

REALM CT. W., 630, No. 20-132-Andrew L. Zundel to Brian J. and Helene Claire L. McLaughlin, $250,000.

RESTY LANE, 600, No. 102-Bradley J. Crofts to Ramesh and Jyothi Bhargava, $142,000.

RITA DR., 489-Cleota P. McQuighan to James D. and Stephanie M. Harrison, $360,000.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2331-Thomas S. Dziuban to Alyce M. Modesto, $362,500.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 232, No. 50-Jacqueline L. McFarlane to Kenneth A. Stossel, $305,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2612-John E. Skelton to Laura and D'Juan Chapman, $349,500.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2719-Bernard J. Hennessy to Richard Berman, $389,000.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2488-Warren L. Carruth to Nishant L. Mehta and Catherine E. Orlicki, $334,000.

WATCH POINT CT., 2002-Kimberlee V. Huff to Tawanna Green, $265,000.

WILLIAMSBURG LANE, 508-Henry R. Garufi Jr. to David A. and Megumi Shaffer, $339,900.

Owensville (West River) Area

GEORGES LANE, 935-James E. Howes to John R. Mauck, $900,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BEDFORD RD., 8414-H. and R. Investors Corp. to Thomas and Anne Kay, $180,000.

CARROLL RD., 176-William J. Folks III to Thomas Dunaway, $270,000.

CHADWICK CT., 3635-Elijah Ogden to Charles E. and Eileen A. Richter, $210,000.

D ST., 655-Stephen G. Waltz to Rlyan J. and Amanda R. Bertoglio, $325,000.

DEERING RD., 843, No. 8K-Patricia M. Valley to Linda L. Vogel, $175,000.

DISNEY AVE., 105-W. David Whittington to Rhonda L. Middleton, $280,000.

DUNGATE CT., 2895-John S. Charney to Jeremiah W. Ross, $287,900.

GOLDEN FLEECE DR., 2907-John Randolph Jr. to John J. Pastorek, $355,250.

GRANADA RD., 204-Stanley M. Redwood to James R. and Debra L. Sherman, $340,000.

HALIFAX CT., 3414-Luz M. Hein to Robert C. and Carrie A. Kozora, $309,900.

HANDEL CT., 3639, No. 75-Mary Drehoff to Laura Bartkowiak, $209,000.

INLET DR., 182-Scott A. White Sr. to Winston and Victoria Kawaley, $330,900.

INLET DR., 200-Joan L. Patton to Sandra Yim Mosko, $269,000.

JENKINS RD., 8536-Mary C. Kampe to Vernon E. Hornberger and Michelle R. Frank, $230,000.

LAKE DR., 2115-Michael M. Landon to David L. Smith III, $207,800.

LAKE DR., 2116-Frances M. Schmidt to Gregory A. Keagle and Jared A. Vogt, $586,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 25-Rebecca L. O'Brien to Mary E. Mossman, $242,500.

LAWRENCE AVE., 7755-Chaffin Parker Properties Corp. to C.A. and David M. Tillery, $295,000.

LEEDS DR., 7908-Kevin A. Deeds to Louis T. and Mary C. Tortual, $280,000.

LEONARDO CT., 7811, No. 14-Matthew T. Bass to Janice H. Cannon, $255,000.

LITTON DALE LANE, 113-Frederick W. Shultz to Reese W. and Joyce W. Diggs, $550,000.

MAYFORD AVE., 7832-Kathleen Bowers to Robert R. Luehrs, $297,500.

MEADOW WICK CT., 8240-Bryan J. Malar to Ray Goodard and Robin A. Paiva, $230,000.

MERRYMOUNT CT., 300-Jack Campbell to Adventino Dasilva and Elizabeth Powell Weston, $284,555.

MOUNTAIN RD., 4785-Harold E. Fink to Gary L. and Barbara Aschenbach, $420,000.

MOUNTAIN ESTATE CT., 8189-Kenneth J. Watt to James T. Flannery III and Robin L. Pedersen, $260,000.

NEW BEDFORD HARBOUR, 8658-John J. Pastorek Jr. to Nicholas T. and Tracy T. Exarhakis, $224,900.

OLD CROWN DR., 3434-Jeff A. Ornduff to Richard A. Simonetti, $317,500.

QUIET RIDGE CT., 203-Jeffrey A. Richardson to John M. Kovacs, $264,888.

RIPPLEVIEW LANE, 7807-Patrick W. Hendrie to Michael T. and Karen J. Lukenich, $350,000.

ROBIN AIR CT., 3626-Dennis W. Barnhart to Melanie N. Mattoon, $208,000.

ROCKANNA RD., 7748-William P. Smith Sr., trustee, to David C. Huff, $640,000.

WALL DR., 1608-Vincent R. Hewitt Sr. to Donald R. and Mary Kay Ellenberger, $600,000.

WOLSEY CT., 8075, No. 156-George E. Fauth Jr. to Keith S. Brown and Kathleen M. Ebbe, $225,000.

WOODHOLME CIR., 8015-Richard D. Pickens to Junior L. and Sharon M. Chapman, $265,000.

208TH ST., 767-Gregory Hanes to Troy Au and Courtney Li, $286,000.

216TH ST., 753-Mark Rohmann to Chad E. and Tina L. Woodmancy, $234,000.

220TH ST., 816-Lundy Holland to Karl A. Smith, $170,000.

Riva Area

ESCAPADE CIR., 3234, No. 1574-Jacqueline Kernisan to Laura E. Hatch, $401,000.

TARPON RD., 3039-Paul D. Craig to John A. Franz and Charity S. Harbeck, $343,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1805, No. 13C-Alpha Housing Group Corp. to Marcus P. Hairston and Felipe Hernandez, $57,300.

BLUEJAY CT., 1821, No. 5-Kimberly Taylor to Raymaze Z. Barnes, $160,000.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1710-Thinh N. Nguyen to Jong Suk Cheong, $297,000.

CITADEL DR., 7805-Cheryl J. Neill to Michael and Heather Rothstein, $307,500.

CITADEL DR., 7942-Charles M. Armstrong to Micheal J. Loher, $309,900.

CROSSBAY CT., 1715-Robert C. Seavers to William E. and Sandra L. Culp, $399,000.

DISNEY ESTATES CIR., 1867-Dannie O. Stanley to Benedict U. and Eucharia N. Ohanyerenwa, $531,000.

DUNFIELD CT., 8201, No. 8201-John W. Harley Jr. to Toyin Fabayo, $132,000.

DUNFIELD CT., 8223, No. 8223-Harbans S. Chhabra to Stephen S. Phipps and Bradley J. Herrell, $140,000.

EVERGREEN RD., 912-Phil Ho Ahn to Denise Brown and Hazel Beasley, $320,000.

FOXHOUND CT., 1918-Bols and Associates Inc. to Charles E. and Eileen A. Richter, $247,000.

LASALLE PL., 1802-Scott B. Green to Hanh T. and Sang Le, $261,000.

MERRIMUSIC CIR., 7402-Ronald A. McGinn to Steven D. and Stephanie D. Bonnefond, $510,000.

OLD BAY LANE, 1610-Jundy C. Walker to Phuong N. Dam and Frederick L. Allen Jr., $470,000.

PIONEER DR., 8544, No. 3-A-Pauline Harrison to Nilson A. Guerra, $119,000.

RED GLOBE CT., 7905-Richard R. Brawner to Scotty N. and Jennifer Y. McCumber, $500,000.

VALLEY CREEK RD., 1403-Joseph M. Hardesty to Vesta Inc., $337,000.

Severna Park Area

BALSAM DR., 101-Robert N. Ernst, trustee, to Jennifer King, $344,900.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 727-Douglas W. Diehl to Richland Homes Inc., $250,000.

BENFOREST DR. E., 551-Thomas Barrett to Julian R. and Dorothy A. Spangenthal, $495,000.

BENFOREST DR. W., 514-David J. Serafin to Stephen A. and Fernanda M. Larocca, $485,000.

BERRYWOOD DR., 100-Leslie E. Hearn to John C. and Jennifer L. Hooper, $500,000.

BUCKINGHAM COVE RD., 856-Carroll E. Stevenson to Thomas A. Lefler, $450,000.

CEDAR POINT RD., 14-B. Wayne Fowler to James P. and Eileen Burns, $2.5 million.

CLARENCE AVE., 131-James J. McAdams Jr. to Lewis E. and Caroline E. Bailey, $425,000.

FAIRHAVEN CT., 3-Raymond A. Goodmuth to Molly Seerey, $399,900.

HILL RD., 33-Leroy Singletary to Brandon E. Trevillian, $85,000.

LOCKLEVEN DR., 102-Alan J. Binstock to Rochelle Shin, $565,000.

OAK CT., 264-Francis X. Steffens to Kristi M. McNeilly, $725,000.

REDWOOD RD., 39-George T. Butler III to Ryan C. and Cristie E. Nolan, $432,500.

RETFORD DR., 477-John A. Phillips to Robert E. and Karen L. Fernandez, $399,900.

RIVENDELL LANE, 434-Harry C. Goudy III to Lawrence M. and Elizabeth A. Oakey, $975,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 84-Vivi A. Cullens to Barrie M. McInnes, $480,000.

ROBINSON LANDING CT., 44-Albert R. Richburg Jr. to James L. and Susan Mann, $600,000.

ST. ANDREWS RD., 45-Sara L. Noble to Thomas A. and Alison C. Barrett, $757,000.

Shady Side Area

HAWTHORNE ST., 1242-Patricia L. Faber to Bradley L. and Joanne I. Prebula, $325,000.

HINE DR., 4912-James T. Sugarman to Deirdre T. McMahon, $310,000.

LERCH DR., 4978-Roby L. Whitfield to Edward W. Ward III and Joann E. Medved, $636,000.

Tracys Landing Area

HIDDEN VALLEY RD., 213-Kimberly M. Plumb to Craig Allen and Catherine K. Hartley, $599,000.