The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

POTOMAC AVE., 6508, No. A1-Caroline G.G. Masterton to Tina M. Kraus, $247,500.

QUANDER RD., 6810-Robert C. Johansson to Jerome B. Armstrong and Shashikala Rao, $435,900.

10TH ST., 6607, No. A1-Amy M. Keller to Angelina C. Giancarlo, $306,750.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BROOKLAND CT., 5620-Gary F. and Jennifer R. Cosman to Marlon C. Hughes, $508,000.

CASTLETOWN WAY, 6174-Leo S. Lamont to Michael D. and Sabrina M. Johns, $479,900.

CLARA EDWARD TER., 6241-Joyce I. Sowa to Chris A. Davis, $545,000.

FIELDHURST CT., 7036-Gary A. and Donna L. Rudolph to Hewitt Relocation Services Inc., $512,600.

FOUNDERS CROSSING CT., 5928, No. 302-Marylyn B. Carter to Hae Chung Lee, $385,000.

GILLINGHAM ROW, 7419-Billy R. and Tracy E. Shepherd to Stephen A. and Elizabeth C. Haransky, $576,500.

GREENLEIGH LANE, 6638-Gary S. Griffin to Jennifer E. Breen and Brian D. Ellis, $431,500.

JOUST LANE, 6110-Chuck Rice to Virginia J. Mamani, $465,000.

LAWSONS HILL CT., 5727-Lisa Y. Alaoui and Elarbi M. Alaoui to Domenico A. Emmanuel and Mimi M. Habtewolde, $429,000.

MAPLEFIELD PL., 5516-Kathie A. Harting to Cecilia Ambrosio, $450,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6923, No. 6923I-Ji Hoon Kim to Joung Hun Park and Ji Sun Lee, $310,000.

MERSEY OAKS WAY, 6005, No. B-Keith H. Johnson and Robin L. Willison to Jacque Liu, $290,000.

OLD BRENTFORD CT., 6140-Brenda L. Crist to Israel Canada, $466,000.

SNUG HARBOR CT., 7102-Moris and Adelina Gluckman to Michael A. Malferrari, $418,000.

TOWCHESTER CT., 7450-Andrea D. Thorne to Robert L. and Lori A. Stringham, $425,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6906, No. D-Judith Austin to Trevin and Kirstin A. Mercer, $307,350.

WALHAVEN DR., 6021-Ellen F. Earhart to Paul Kindley and Mary M. Martin, $565,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5846-Sheila Ruble to Tsigereda Negash, $415,000.

WILTON CREST CT., 3361-Jennifer K. and Richard J. Martwick to Kevin Koelbel, $616,000.

WINDHAM HILL RUN, 6204-Daniel W. and Judy A. Pike to John A. Krisciunas and Linda Morawski, $586,000.

YADKIN CT., 6586-Raymond C. and Michelle R. Alexander to David I. Moreno and Karen Almansa, $369,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4303, No. 4303B-Smail Farid to Muhammad A. and Nasrin C. Rahman, $235,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4951, No. 104-Thomas J. Hardy to Nelly and Ignacio Bergara, $198,000.

ARLEN ST., 7723-Kevin S. Lee to Grover Ruiz, $552,500.

CINDY LANE, 7044-Dorothy T. Washington to Roy V. King and Emily Y. Chan, $500,000.

DASSETT CT., 7903, No. 301-Sheyda Aryana to Alexei Mindrili and Iulia Socolova, $280,000.

DELTA PL., 3500-Harry Mordhorst to Multan Ahmadi, $532,000.

ROBERTS AVE., 4406-Leonard B. and Theresa A. Fitch to Tran Thuan, $825,000.

ROSE LANE, 3518-Hiep Nguyen and Julie Ngo to Orlando Hinojosa, Monica Flors Cali and Sam Jeong, $550,000.

ROSE LANE, 3805-M.S. Hoffman to Hugo Fernandez and Alejandrina Q. Perez, $562,000.

SPRUCEDALE DR., 3617-Christopher H. Sullivan to Catherine E. Mullett, $546,000.

TOBIN RD., 8308, No. 32-Daniel M. Gelfand to William E. Vickers, $276,500.

VISCOUNT CT., 3215-Christopher E. Zeek to Gregory B. Galipeau, $403,350.

WILBURDALE DR., 7225-Douglas A. and Margaret F. Bechtel to Juan A. Miranda and Nelly Rojas, $550,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3312, No. 33-Brian J. Downey and Debra A. Burrington to Jennifer Pimentel, $260,000.

WOODLAND WAY, 4812-Dennis Van and Renee R. Gilbert to William N. and Elizabeth L. Brocato, $704,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

DANNYS LANE, 3622-William T. Harding and Sarah N. Sowell to Robert S. and Alyce S. Phinney, $515,000.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3358, No. 5-2-

Giuseppe J. Crisafulli to Carol M. Chernish, $450,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6135, No. 406-T. Hien and Mai P. Vo to Gladys R. Torres and Edwin F. Pacheco, $251,000.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 6433-Akram Salih to Adraa Barjane, $550,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3713, No. 205-Judith A. Henderson to John F. and Evelyn L. Haught, $442,100.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 815S-Fouad Lahrime and Hakima Ezzaher to Mark Joseph Granada, $256,500.

VISTA DR., 6108-Khanh S. and Linh T. Ngo to Edwin B. Siles, $565,000.

Burke Area

BRIDGETOWN PL., 10310, No. 56-Roger W. Wechtenhiser to Jesus Martin H. Yap and Geraldine G. Jaminola, $300,000.

CARTERS OAK WAY, 10926-Thomas Lawrence to Paul and Katrina Ladue, $640,000.

CROWNLEIGH CT., 5710-Hwa Y. Jung to Imtiaz Begum, $412,000.

HILLOCK CT., 9616-Jeffrey W. Canavan and Dawn M. Kennedy Canavan to Eunice Korsah and Liza K. Jones, $430,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10294-Craig W. Fox to Jesse S. Nielsen, $361,000.

RIDGE FORD DR., 6026-Donald L. and Mary E. Brink to Laura Rosage and Stephen Rasmussen, $623,500.

ROBERTS COMMON CT., 5918-Darrin A. Johnson to Hyun Joo Lee, $425,000.

SCORPIO CT., 9602-Richard H. and Frances M. Meyers to Amjad and Manal Hosein, $721,600.

SILCHESTER ST., 5819-Isau Diaz to Soto Renan Merida, $426,000.

WALNUT WOOD CT., 10139-Tim McCarthy to James B. and Kathy L. Krajcovic, $370,000.

WILLIAM KIRK LANE, 9418-Jeffrey J. Moore to Adam and Jansen Alburger, $420,000.

WILMINGTON DR., 6303-Kwang Ok and Hyo Jin Mo to Jung H. and Grace Min Sook Lee, $705,000.

WOOD SORRELS CT., 5911-David A. and Rebecca A. Campbell to Elsa Mantilla, $440,000.

YARDARM LANE, 9515-Michael J. and Janice E. Marchand to Kathryn Stone, $595,000.

Centreville Area

ASHER CT., 6108-David R. and Irma R. McMurphy to Norma and Francisco Nunez, $436,000.

BENTLEY SQ., 14723-Peter D. and Sara Nelson to Karen M. Kondash, $339,900.

CLAY SPUR CT., 6067-Soo B. Park and Chang S. Kang to Shin C. Park and Yoon Y.P. Lee, $390,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14316, No. 102-Young N. Yi to Sangwoo and Kyoungsook Kim, $303,000.

CONNOR DR., 13357, No. I-Joseph Lowrance to John P. and Pamela R. Kulick, $315,000.

COTTINGHAM LANE, 6805-Lina Chatila to Othmane Najdi, $355,000.

CRENSHAW DR., 14625-Myong G. Kim to Canh Nguyen, $535,000.

GREEN TRAILS CT., 13900-Soma and Zarghoona Bakhtari to Young M. Kim and Kyong O. Song, $530,000.

HICKORY POST CT., 14801-Ralph L. and Sallie G. Volk to Christopher M. and Anne C. Lane, $745,000.

HIDDEN CANYON RD., 6322-Hee Kyung Yun to Sun D. Chung, $690,000.

HONSENA DR., 15215-Shane T. and Jeanne S. Nelson to Kristen E. Horn, $602,500.

JARNIGAN ST., 14704-Cynthia and William Glacken to John D. Jackson and Michelle K. Linderer, $555,000.

JENLAR DR., 6114-Shawn E. Wilson to Colleen M. and Michael A. Dombrow, $386,704.

LITTLEFIELD CT., 6327-Sonal and Mitesh Patel to Joseph E. Bajin and Cody Vandevender, $415,000.

MCCOY RD., 6411-Ganesh and Ramana Manjuluri to Martha L. and Rosa A. Trejo, $438,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14367-David K. Kim to Yeon Han, $280,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14455-Hae K. Park to Kyong Hee Pyon, $290,000.

SHARPS DR., 6318-Jane E. Morrow to Penny Bryarly, $435,000.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6542-Pamela L. Shavers to Bryan M. White, $355,500.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14475-David M. and Amy M. Messick to Joseph A. and Rosemarie S. Johnson, $295,000.

STONE RIDGE DR., 5809-Russell P. and Barbara J. Pagano to Laureen O. James, $577,500.

STONEWATER CT., 14369-Wayne E. and Donna D. Bell to Richard Betts and Kirsten Sonstegard, $441,000.

SUNSET RIDGE CT., 6021-Francisco and Maura Hernandez to Weijie Wang and Rui Huang, $339,000.

TREE LINE DR., 5453-William W. and Naomi M. Bradley to Roxanne Eschle, $600,000.

TWILIGHT GLOW DR., 13466-Charleen Chung to Young H. and Kyung H. Kim, $550,000.

UNIFORM DR., 14392-Dion O. and Joey R. Casey to Jason H. Lee, $424,900.

VILLAGE FOUNTAIN PL., 5019-Tod and Rebecca Deveny to Luis and Kristina Infante, $525,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14001-Nam Soon Han to Tiffany Park, $440,000.

WOODGATE MANOR CIR., 14500-Kristin E. Horn to Sarine Kik and Son Hien Phuoc, $428,000.

Chantilly Area

CASTLE CT., 13905-Gary S. and Victoria A. Roach to Luciana P. Moran, $648,000.

DE HAVEN DR., 4305-Irene J. Laurence to Jose E. Ruano and Maria H. Castillo, $505,000.

PLACID LAKE CT., 4144, No. 59D-Rosemary and Brendan Caputo to Amarjit Chahel, $335,000.

SILAS HUTCHINSON DR., 4333-Tiffany A. Trofino to Shawn E. and Jennifer L. Wilson, $551,000.

WOODS EDGE CT., 4433-Ramon L. and Cecilia S. Caretti to Adam W. and Allison M. Smith, $685,000.

Clifton Area

CAVALIER WOODS LANE, 5608-Karl S. and Martha J. Reiner to Madhu and Praphulla Velamati, $729,900.

CLIFTON HUNT DR., 12420-Michael F. and Betty L. Davlin to Charles C. and Shirley Johnson, $1 million.

WOLF RUN SHOALS RD., 8224-Keith E. Neiman to Catherine J. Vanvonno, $1.05 million.

Fairfax City Area

APPLE ORCHARD CT., 12210-Shashi B. and Karen S. Gowda to Vishwanath and Ganga Ramabhatta, $435,000.

BYRD DR., 11102-Paul T. and Susan I. Belmont to Douglas W. Hansen, $484,000.

CABAT LAKE CT., 5515-Andrew Bell to Allan Aventino, $400,000.

FALKIRK DR., 12391-Charles D. and Terri B. Andrews to Scott L. and Jill S. Fernald, $1.21 million.

FISHERS HILL CT., 3621-Melvin and Joan L. Cwikiel to Jack W. Frickey, $620,000.

GOLF TEE CT., 3905-Guy J. Leygraaf and Nancy J. Orient to James B. and Yon K. Smith, $326,000.

GREAT HERON CIR., 4729-Robert K. and Georgia A. Shurts to Marc and Anne Marie Beauchemin, $545,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12106, No. 101-Soon Young Rowles to Erica L. and Matthew A. Tavares, $320,000.

HAMLET HILL CT., 5502-In S. and Bo Y. Choi to Ki Nam Kim, $950,000.

HAYES CT., 12501, No. 101-Gregory F. Berry to Dennis H., Jennifer M. and Seong Kim, $337,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3841-Susan W. Lund to Suzanne D. Booth, $561,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 8933-Hamid R. Tabatabaei and Tammy Lynn Droddy to Wiu W. and Keum Youn Kim, $630,000.

MANOR PL., 10010-Nicholas Bakopoulos to Thomas A. Beckett and Catherine F. Fiddler, $1.111 million.

MIDDLE RIDGE DR., 4425-Deborah M. McGrath to Jane Braegelmann, $527,500.

NOMIS DR., 4123-Frederick A. and Lynne S. Emerson to William and Meredith B. Wood, $738,700.

PORTSMOUTH RD., 5302-Lester E. Polisky to Christopher French, $580,000.

QUIET CREEK DR., 4004-Alicia M. Thomas to Hong S. and Christine H. Lee, $571,000.

STARTERS CT., 3925-Jeff Y. and Kristen M. Bae to Young Sun and Joung Rim Jin, $600,000.

STEVEBROOK RD., 9528-Sarah G. Entlich and Richard E. Entlich to Luke and Mary E. Frazza, $640,000.

TAPESTRY DR., 4767-Haywood S. and Elise F. Hackney to Marcelo S. and Silvia V. Flores, $550,000.

THACKERY SQ., 9652-Jeanne L. Eek to Victor T. Cu, $396,000.

TOPAZ ST., 9217-Xiaogang Zhang to Elie K. and Magnus Rhyu, $899,900.

VALLEY RIDGE CIR., 11713-Anthony N. Tarsia to Barbara M. Wood, $475,000.

WASHINGTON BRICE RD., 12340-Andrew M. and Valerie J. Joesten to Peter C. and Kristen Dowling Hyatt, $739,000.

WEDGEWAY PL., 12157-Matthew E. Citron and Beth C. Canestrano to Nabil and Carine Abdo, $420,000.

WHITACRE RD., 4206-Ronald A. and M. Sue Kunihiro to Gopal and Jaya Krishnan, $683,400.

WOOD WREN CT., 9946-Melvin D. Hansen and Bertella A. Hansen to Patrick R. Stone, $366,500.

Fairfax Station Area

DOGUE RUN DR., 5622-Suek San and Young S. Kim to Jeffrey A. and Stephanie P. Weatherbee, $780,000.

HERON POND LANE, 8503-Lawrence C. and Lisa M. Hale to Michael E. and Elizabeth A. Campbell, $700,000.

MAKELY DR., 6039-Preston J. and Dale P. Smith to William and Katheryn Hesse, $830,000.

OAK BRIDGE LANE, 7985-Jeffrey B. and Patricia A. Lubin to Robert D. and Amy L. Nelson, $752,500.

SHADOW LANE, 10618-Thomas R. and Glenda G. Decker to Mercedes M. Marinay, $1.05 million.

Falls Church Area

ALGER RD., 7100-Ana M. and Richard H. Deazagra to Freddy Camacho, $500,000.

CAROL PL., 2506-Joseph K. and Mary K. Alejandro to John W. and Cindy A. Blakeley, $800,000.

JEANNE ST., 2613-Summerhill Homes to Lisa M. Phelan and Daniel S. Metzmaier, $1.1 million.

KENNEY DR., 3233-Samuel E. and Cathy P. Brandt to Chanthary Koch, $410,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2914, No. 6-Jae Young and Soon Y. Jun to Hao Thi Nguyen, $310,000.

MOLY DR., 6628-Jorge A. Juvinel to Tom and Rosemary L. Chota, $710,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2833-Luis Nakpil to Frederick B. Wynn and Meredith L. Cotton, $401,000.

PINE SPRING RD., 3025-Michael A. Miess to Katherine J. Walker and Helmi G. Elhadidi, $503,000.

PUTNAM ST., 3409-Suzanne F. Medvidovich to Virginia Baya, $900,000.

ROGERS DR., 2923-Mauro Scappa and Christine M. Kennedy to Christopher G. and Kate R. Schaefer, $592,000.

ROSEMARY LANE, 2912-Steven D. Brodsky to Walter A. Palencia, $455,500.

SEWELL AVE., 7203-Michael J. Buddendeck to Mauro and Christine M. Scappa, $700,000.

WOODLAWN AVE., 2901-John and Traci Padgett to Leonard William and Kira Gallagher Wood, $629,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

HERRELL CT., 2537-Elaine A. and Scott J. Sullivan to Alberto Campos Peraza, $445,000.

HOPEWOOD DR., 1968-Robert K. Lane to Wooshik and Eunsun Kim, $612,500.

HURST ST., 2418-Erik T. and Monica Lokkesmoe to Kirk Winkler and Kristy J. Haima, $623,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2144-Hormat Raissi to Chul H. and Yoon Y. Chong, $479,000.

SAVANNAH ST., 7610, No. 201-Ricardo C. Abarca and Maria U.T. De Contreras to Erlis Bonilla, $239,050.

STORM CT., 7405-Laura T. Blake to William N. Johnson, $480,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BAINBRIDGE RD., 8112-Tomi and Carole O. Harman to Alexander M. Shulkin and Kristina Van Doren Shulkin, $570,000.

COTSWOLD CT., 8601-Steven T. and Bonita R. Sheffield to Michael B. and Stefanie D. Wilson, $775,000.

FORT HUNT RD., 8201-Joseph Leon and Suzanne Clapper to Stephen R. and Eleanor F. Krause, $545,000.

GREYLOCK ST., 9028-Christopher A. Ryan to Grace M. Endres, $625,000.

LEO LANE, 1903-Richard L. and Wendy Kirschner to William S. Clark and Heather L. Watson, $650,000.

Great Falls Area

BREVITY DR., 10535-Juan C. Marin to Chan H. Bae, $770,000.

FALCON RIDGE RD., 205-Chad J. and Jennifer Fredrick to Timothy H. and Whitney M. Fitzgerald, $1.19 million.

FORESTVILLE DR., 1200-Mehdi and Shannon G. Maibodi to Keith D. and Margarett E. Smith, $975,000.

HEARTH CT., 11307-Mary L. Oliverio to Andrea Sax and Linda Fitzgerald, $2.025 million.

HOLLY SPRING DR., 11922-Christopher H. Batenhorst to Mark A. and Lorna G. Coffey, $900,000.

HOLLYVIEW DR., 11693-Kenneth C. and Sharon B. Willard to Nathaniel and Pamela Friends, $1 million.

NEDRA DR., 10102-Eric J. and Nancy A. Guidi to Luis Fortuno and Luce Vela Fortuno, $1.375 million.

RIVER BEND RD., 339-Noah S. and Laurie S. Asher to Michael J. and Theresa A. Norton, $1.815 million.

SYCAMORE SPRINGS LANE, 10801-John and Carol Taylor to Sang H. and Sanghee E. Kim, $1.418 million.

WYNKOOP DR., 10704-Richard A. Curd to Christopher T. and Mary J. Slack, $822,000.

Herndon Area

ASPEN DR., 519-Waseem Mehmood to Santiago Morales, $515,000.

AUTUMN BREEZE CT., 805-Pierre E. and Nathalie Khattar to Jose and Reina Murica, $675,000.

BIRCH CT., 705-Carlos and Alejandra Neves to Meenakshi Nagendran, $373,000.

BOND ST., 1256-Dean and Betty Trakas to Jeffrey and Shelli Lynn B. Glynn, $405,000.

BRAMBLEWOOD LANE, 13120-Angeline B. Davis to Young Chun and Ji Seon Kwon, $627,000.

BRANCH DR., 957-Jose R. and Anna Campos to Anael Portillo, $357,000.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1181-Mandeep K. Gill to Yasmeen Durrani and Naila Alam, $375,000.

EXBURY ST., 12254-Thomas C. and Patricia K. Tamaccio to Jairo H. Caballero and Luz S. Gomez, $550,000.

FLOYD PL., 1110-Marianne G. Lewis to Patrick D. and Rebecca L. Wickline, $375,000.

FLYING SQUIRREL DR., 13597-Hong Huang and Aiqin Hu to Jaime Wilson, $530,000.

FRESHRAIN CT., 1113-Sean Heath to Manuel Castellanos, $320,000.

HANNAHS POND LANE, 3123-Lawrence J. and Bernadette M. Schumann to Robert J. and Susan J. Stoney, $815,000.

JAMES MONROE CIR., 2529-Mohammed A. and Gulshan A. Ali to Pratyush Nutalapati, $501,000.

KINGSTREAM DR., 1421-David J. Belchior

to Alejandra C. and Carlos M. Neves, $500,000.

LADYBANK LANE, 13134-Mark R. Reitz and Katherine A. Olejar to Sowah Roma Edoo, $580,000.

MAGNOLIA LANE, 1254-Robert L. and Patricia M. Cookston to Jorge Avelar and Orbelina Navarro, $480,000.

SAYLERS CREEK LANE, 12619-Everette Eugene and Sharon L. Gray to Mahjooba Salimi, $500,000.

VINE ST., 902-William Noakes to Steven S. Schantz, $480,000.

WESTWOOD HILLS DR., 12246-Thomas R. and Anne W. Tower to Alice Wang and Yu Li, $753,000.

WHEAT MEADOW CT., 2505-Donghwan Kim to Kyung R. Lee, $410,000.

Huntington Area

ARLINGTON TER., 2240-Clifford F. James and Patricia Howard to Jose R. Lara, $370,000.

HUNTINGTON STATION CT., 2376-Edward R. Collum to Ji Ceng and Seo Qing Tam, $550,000.

WYOMISSING CT., 5826-Glenn G. and Myrna Lackey to Mark J. and Carol A. Goodman, $440,000.

Hybla Valley Area

ARUNDEL AVE., 3312-Carl E. and Mary A. McKissick to Brett D. Rice, $340,000.

BOSWELL AVE., 2813-Fidel A. Rivas to Rodolfo A. Aguilar, $435,000.

GROVETON ST., 2911-Michael S. Krause to Alfonso Rivas Zelaya, $440,000.

HARRISON LANE, 6733-Peter Wade to Al Mirza, $365,000.

HUNTINGTON GROVE SQ., 2952-Dechen Gyatso and Lhakpa Dolma to Qamrun Nahar and Mohammed Yasin, $510,000.

LICHEN CT., 6906-Charles P. and Josephine Weber to Maria Barba, $500,000.

RANGE RD., 7614-Evelyn G. Parks to Helen A. Depolo, $600,000.

TOLLIVER ST., 7132-Linda A. Berg to Alla Brodovska, $340,000.

Lincolnia Area

BURGUNDY LEAF LANE, 6343-Joseph J. Lamb and Susan S. Buell to Huseyin Dogan and Yonca Poyraz Dogan, $580,000.

EAGLE RIDGE LANE, 6324, No. A-Maria Carl to Patricia Anderson, $464,125.

EVERGLADES DR., 6311-Mary M. and Julie Abraham to Lubna Yousaf and Muhammad Nadeem, $470,000.

MEDINAH LANE, 6600-James S. and Abbey L. Robison to Stephen M. Drumm, $471,000.

RYNEX DR., 4508-Luis D. Tineo and Nora R. Castillo to Tigist Mitiku, $585,000.

EIGHTH CIR., 6364-Maria G. Rios and Sergio D. Kehl to Farzana Kausar and Tahir Ali, $410,000.

Lorton Area

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8982-Mimi T. Nguyen to Michael and Elizabeth Kubala, $780,000.

ENOCHS DR., 8577-Richard J. Tilney to Ethiopia G. Ephraim and Mesfin A. Sima, $389,000.

FOX GLOVE TRAIL, 5974-Avis C. and Stella J. Cox to Muhammad and Shahnaz Aziz, $300,000.

FUREY RD., 9068-Michael A. Mathes and Thomas M. Hagedorn to Cedric and Insuk Bullock, $724,900.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LP., 8285-Najibollah Karimi and Zahira Murtazavi to Sachin and Roshni Amat, $625,500.

MIDDLE RUDDINGS DR., 8336-Isabella A. Elvir to James A. and Chun Cha Mulligan, $685,000.

OX RD., 9405-Emily C. and Tammy K. Crouch to Rosario P. and Antonio Villalva, $575,000.

PORTERS HILL LANE, 7739-Joseph K. and Elizabeth L. McKane to Tuyen K. and Don N. Vo, $755,000.

TEA TABLE DR., 7740-Ahmed and Qudsia Hairat to Keith L. and Amy H. Green, $719,900.

UNITY LANE, 9502-Ellis J. and Margot A.C. Alexander to Khoa D. Nguyen and Tracy Ngoc Linh Tran, $355,000.

McLean Area

BIRNAM WOOD DR., 7804-Paul J. and Sarah S. Cusenza to Mark E. and Pamela S. Erath, $1.435 million.

BROAD BRANCH CT., 1014-William Giuliano to Hassan M. Al Atrash, $1.3 million.

BROOK RD., 8746-Parisa Davoudian to Nasrollah Jahdi, $1.25 million.

CRIMSON CT., 6031-Habib E. and Hind Debs to Mounir Badawy and Parisa Davoudian, $1.725 million.

FOXHOUND RD., 7809-Michael B. and Susan A. Ferguson to Ted Lai and Ivy Leung, $1.05 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 316-Sean D. McCullers to Iradge and Homa J. Afsar, $317,000.

LABURNUM ST., 1448-Susan M. McDowell to Michael G. and Julie A. Lepre, $900,000.

STUART ROBESON DR., 1225-B. Ben and Marcia A. Baldanza to Benton Burroughs, $1.525 million.

SWINKS CT., 7614-Dean R. Silverman and Elizabeth J. Akers to Susan G. Buck, $3.1 million.

TOWNE LANE RD., 6745-David H. and Eileen R. Helmer to Dorsey Davidge, $685,000.

WARNER AVE., 1705-Francis P. Reardon to Andrew and Jennifer Clark, $695,000.

WOODACRE DR., 1531-Mary J. From to John M. and Diane G. Gillam, $985,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8607, No. D-Ali Hooshmandnia to Silvia J.L. Chavez and Walter R.L. Linares, $221,000.

BIRCHLAKE CT., 4301-Roy M. and Gina M. Marion to Vinh Q. Vuong and Kim Ngan T. Nguyen, $405,723.

BREVARD CT., 4419-William J. Kovatch and Lamphanh S. Kovatch to Mohammad S. Mrida and Mohammed B.A. Shonar, $325,000.

EL CAMINO PL., 3895-William L. Hein to Manfredo Jordan, $203,000.

FRYE RD., 8109-Jose S. and Ana Y. Romero to Pablo Gonzalez and Ana J. Portillo, $407,500.

HEATHER GLEN DR., 9313-Kenneth A. and Sallianne Schagrin to Robert L. and Mirka Sussman, $667,000.

MCNAIR DR., 8890-Dennis J. and Julie S. Murphy to Max W. Collier, Catherine L. Cralle and Elizabeth Aldridge, $775,000.

SOUTHLAWN CT., 8566-Michael J. and Jamie L. Day to Sonny Tang and Thao Trinh, $341,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8606, No. D-Glen D. Waldis to Newton Hau, $189,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3936, No. 21-John Simpson to Edward Simpson, $170,000.

North Springfield Area

BRADDOCK RD., 7221-Joseph C. Tomarchio to Ericka Otera, $562,000.

CATLETT ST., 7121-James B. and Cathleen A. Reilly to Eugene L. Banez, $460,000.

DUNSTON ST., 7404-Nicole Burns to Mark Wood and Linda McAnulty, $521,600.

DURHAM CT., 8516-Robert G. and Patricia A. Nicholson to Anthony and Nancy B. Wann, $485,000.

YORKSHIRE ST., 5524-Teap Chhouk and Sovann Soun to Rosa Herbas, $510,000.

Oakton Area

BUSHMAN DR., 10204, No. 304-Zane P. Blanchard to Prajwal and Charu Malla, $310,000.

FOXVALE DR., 3204-Lawrence J. and Dorothy D. Levengood to Felipe Turriago Borrero, $700,000.

MILLER RD., 10711-Roy and Lily McDonald to Larry and Patricia Palkins, $849,900.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10039-Mary L. Hall to Theodore A. and Joanne L. Wyka, $321,000.

PALMER DR., 10168-Mitchell A. and Lisa D. Johnson to Timothy Shin, $920,000.

TIMBERLINE DR., 11309-Bruce and Doris Nussbaum and Michael P. Wright and Christine A. Wright to Raigan Winthers, $769,500.

VALE RD., 11337-Samuel M. and Patsy D. Inman to Richard H. Gilbert and Soon Y. Rowles, $1.157 million.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12180, No. 303-Christopher T. and Karyn M. Jones to Martin Klaiber, $500,000.

AMBLESIDE CT., 10900-Todd E. Schroder and Armella A. Schroder to Jesus Centeno and Jennifer Cavaliere, $526,600.

BLACK FIR CT., 2630-John William and Beverly A. Jordan to Thomas and Karyn Kern, $720,000.

GLENCOURSE LANE, 2206-David L. and Deborah C. Callahan to Lazar Dimov and Valentina Kiprovska, $430,500.

LAMPLIGHTER WAY, 1278-Barry B. and Laura K. Hunter to Melissa Delgado, $675,000.

LEATHERWOOD DR., 11220-Charles M. and Anne Johnson to Charles M. and Delly Greenberg, $635,500.

LINKS DR., 11525-Todd C. and Jessica S. Hogan to Seda Kocharian and Dyana Williams, $477,000.

OLDWICK CT., 2605-David O. and Janet T. Mazur to Timothy and Shawn E. Salvador, $760,972.

PARK GLEN CT., 1523-Norman D. Vander Plaats to Haley Cochran and Steven Thomas, $439,000.

SAFFOLD WAY, 11003-Oscar A. Sierra and Liliana Sierra Loschiavo to Marty Idalia Dominguez and Kenneth Marty, $440,000.

SENTINEL POINT CT., 11960-Deborah M. Sweetman to Deborah A. Bair, $465,000.

SOUTH SHORE RD., 11221-William J. Wacker to Cynthia Gunn and Linda J. Zimmerman, $665,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11606, No. 1B-Maria L. Barron to Aurang and Afsari Zaib,


STONEVIEW SQ., 11657, No. 2B-Somboon Tearegkalaph to Zahoor Ahmed, $248,600.

VANTAGE HILL RD., 11613, No. 22B-Anna L. Penrod to Karishma Sabharwal, $270,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1944, No. A-Omar C. and Nelida T. Bordatto to Shannon N. Irving, $253,000.

WHISPERHILL DR., 1717-Jennifer L. Martinez to Brian J. McAllister and Jessica L. Miller, $386,500.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 414-Mohammad Tehrani to Cristian and Maria Ascarrunz, $232,500.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 905-John Pineau to Dennis and Tu Vu Dohung, $325,000.

CROSSWOODS DR., 6339-Malcolm W. Devers to Emily Y. Chan and Roy V. King, $769,000.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3101, No. 120-George M. Staples to Loan B. Nguyen, $232,000.

VALLEY LANE, 3123-Robert M. and Martha L. Nazak to James R. and Melissa P. Steele, $529,000.

Springfield Area

AMHERST AVE., 6010-William P. and Jill T. Rizer to Rene A. Espinoza, $505,000.

ANDREW MATTHEW TER., 6358-Harry A. and Theresa M. Rissetto to Jean and Valerie P. Cymes, $425,000.

ARLEY DR., 8909-Robert V. and Linda S. Dolson to Joseph and Stephanie Pettoni, $640,000.

AUGUSTA DR., 6105-Nicholas Snyder to William Almanza, $452,000.

BENT ARROW CT., 8668-Daniel Fisher to Ray B. and Yeny Cobean, $375,000.

BONNIEMILL LANE, 7307-William J. and Jason A. Baker to Syed M. Ali, $543,000.

EDINBURGH DR., 8106-Albert S. and Marian M. Zuidema to Favio L. and Maureen M. Lopez, $505,000.

FLOYD AVE., 6922-David W. and Annette C. Wimmer to Colin L. and Lauren F. Hood, $533,000.

GALLA KNOLL CIR., 8041-Allen S. and Karen L. Jones to Manish and Prerna Chauhan, $512,000.

GOLDEN HORSESHOE CT., 7407-Howard Fein and Carolyn Raines Fein to Catherine A. Hendrickson and Caridad Larowe, $407,277.

LOIS DR., 6811-Cristina Mata to Norma Vidaurre, $509,000.

LOWMOOR RD., 7763-Mohammad and Azita Keshavarz to Said Charki and Halima Sadki, $624,900.

RED HORSE TAVERN LANE, 7132-David A. and Mary E. Luoma to Roger and Susan Grooms, $564,900.

SAMPAL PL., 7216-Wayne E. Justice to David J. and Lynne M. Poirier, $612,000.

STONE HILL PL., 8727-Michael C. and Ann Baum to Kevin F. and Joanne Y. Sullivan, $460,000.

SUGAR CREEK LANE, 8471-Charles F.T. and Jacqueline Hadel to Tai Nguyen, $329,000.

TERRY DR., 6504-William Elton Burnett to Suebsakol Swatdisuk and Mathurose Napakhan, $599,950.

THOMAS DR., 6203-Ryan D. and Rebecca J. Mantz to Jeanne W. Stolcis, $540,000.

WOODSTOWN DR., 7580-Matthew A. and Charlene B. Nichols to James D. and Diana S. Loyd, $529,000.

Vienna Area

BETTERTON CT., 8523-Stan J. Trachtenberg to Ali Hooshmandnia, $637,000.

BEULAH RD., 1657-Eugene T. Klein to Kitiphan Srisawat, $1.095 million.

BIRCH ST., 509-Robert I. and Charlotte S. Bocknek to Nikhil Gupta and Meiko Ueyama, $595,000.

GALLOWS TREE CT., 2036-Matthew Prosser to Alkesh Tayal, $675,000.

GLENCROFT RD., 2685-Alice L. Chambers to Alan Cavacas, $665,000.

GRAMPION PL., 1829-Thomas H. and Kathleen M. Kane to David B. and Rachael V. Jennings, $685,000.

MADRILLON SPRINGS CT., 2005-Paul R. and Lisa F. White to Julie Bacon, $630,000.

PINSTRIPE CT., 1300-Jimmy Y. and Cathy Nguyen to Fizza Hussain, $1.1 million.

RAGLAN RD., 8520-Jody C. Duggan to Thomas E. Polivka, $620,000.

STONEWALL DR., 8407-Robert G. Mark and Songliu He to Yeqiang He, $560,000.

TELFER CT., 9312-Edwin R. and Marjorie L. Budd to Eugene McGuire and Kathryn Trevett, $687,000.

WEST OAK PL., 8520-Mary C. Bigelow and David F. Kurzawa to Vladimir and Maria E. Jadrijevic, $752,485.

YELLOW PINE DR., 10319-Dennis R. and Ilka T. Marsh to Shelley A. and Richard M. Kirkpatrick, $929,900.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

HARITHY DR., 2179-Robert A. Harding to Idil Yaveroglu and Tolga E. Yaveroglu, $955,000.

West Springfield Area

ARMENDOWN DR., 9003-Lawrence Robert and Eileen F. Wolfe to Navin Jaffer,


BARDU AVE., 6119-Aditya and Elise Alexander Bhagwat to Charles B. Smith, $527,500.

BLARNEY STONE DR., 9110-Debra M. Bonner to Sandra Ayres, $370,400.

EASTLEIGH CT., 6413-Raymond W. and Valerie Bryant to Nancy King, $509,000.

FENWOOD DR., 8409-Eileen W. Fenrich to Ahmad and Lailuma Yaacoobi, $649,000.

KOUSA LANE, 7239-Wendi K. Cooke to Youssef Aitsaid, $388,000.

REXFORD CT., 5765, No. F-Thanh V. Huynh and Mai L. Nguyen to Daniel and Breanna Nelson, $244,000.

ROLLING WOODS CT., 7880, No. 2M2-Michael D. and Fern S. Goldstein to Betty A. Hollis, $450,000.

WINDING HOLLOW WAY, 8806-Yong P. Kwon to Eduardo C. Silva, $420,000.