The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

ACCOLAWN RD., 16500-James E. and Teresa M. Suite to Abraham R. Vargas, $385,000.

BEALLE HILL RD., 15410-Gerri W. Nurse to Linda Carter, $267,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 16206-Gary A. Staats to Wayne Stinson, $140,000.

Adelphi Area

CHAPMAN RD., 2406-Mary A. Prodanovic trust to Elodia V. Morales, $290,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1802, No. 405-Denise J. Rosado to Tsega Demmeke and Eskinder Afework, $142,500.

MUSKOGEE ST., 2402-Nobuko and Chester M. Fortune III to Jo Ann B. Pena, $375,000.

RIGGS RD., 7957, No. 3-Dorcey V. Domally to Katis G. Umanzor, $109,000.

SARATOGA DR., 1942-Gertrudez M. Pagalunan to Elvira M. Cabling, $330,000.

TEMPLE ST., 7805-Raymond R. and Fiordaliza Moreno to Cita and William Helkie, $350,000.

18TH AVE., 7300, No. 22-Sallie M. and Eugene Bonds to Reina Rivera, $60,000.

18TH AVE., 7405, No. 203-Olga Brent to Santos E.C. Martinez, $57,000.

20TH AVE., 8311-Nancy B. and Thomas E. Skeeter to Joye F. Jones, $363,500.

22ND AVE., 6903-Irene R. and Mario Dippolito to Marcos A. Benitez, $320,000.

25TH AVE., 7415-Marta and Jose Molina to Paulino Gomez, $285,000.

Beltsville Area

BELTSVILLE DR., 11997-Dicy A. and Kevin Piante Butler to Mariatu and Umar Kamara, $255,000.

CHERRY HILL CT., 3521-Bibi N. and John R. Bryant to Oliver D. Etile, $280,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11348, No. 202-II-B-Amparo Berro and Maria Santos to Ana D. Cueva, $195,000.

HORSE SOLDIER PL., 11440-Rebecca M. and Philip S. Aponte to Charles E. Jackson Jr., $184,900.

Bladensburg Area

60TH AVE., 5025-Thomas J. Luers to Erich Chetelat and Eleanor Minor, $70,000.

Bowie Area

ALDERWOOD LANE, 16200-Sonia Martin and Richard Menard to Mary Rogers and Stephen W. Thompson, $278,000.

BAYTREE TERR., 1401-Sheila A. Gaither to Sandra Coles Bell, $490,000.

BELAIR DR., 2411-Arthur T. Murray to Sandra G. and Kenneth D. Wade, $375,000.

BLACKWELL LANE, 12601-Lillian and Edward Holober to Louie Rohme Jr., $347,000.

BLACKWELL LANE, 12615-John D. and Cynthia M. Pauley to Deborah S. and John F. Schorsch Jr., $319,000.

CHANLER LANE, 12619-Catherine M. and Gerald F. Knab to Lisa A. Kirsch, $334,000.

CHELMONT LANE, 4002-John C. and Geraldine A. Lugmayer to Nancy C. and Jeffrey M. Hughes, $248,700.

EAVES LANE, 3801, No. 141-Carl Miller to Michael Pryor, $240,000.

ELKHORN CIR., 3909-Daine M. Daiga to Alicia and Christopher Shaw, $315,000.

ELLIPSE TERR., 16401-Arleen A. Wilson to Esther F. and Earl J. Brake Sr., $190,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3712, No. 204-Tiffany M. Swan to Sadia Peal, $235,000.

GALLERY ST., 6203-Margaret J. and Warren Fussell to Lovie I. Bilbrue, $440,000.

GRASON LANE, 11902-Sharon K. and Robert E. Hunter to Mia B. Russell, $515,000.

GRENFELL LOOP, 6115-Thomas L. Adams III to John F. Johnson, $330,050.

IRONGATE LANE, 3705-Olusola Oyebade to Anne M.J. Baptiste, $365,000.

KEMMERTON LANE, 12304-Harold C. and Lula M. Schmelz to Pola C. and Hugo D. Pedemonte, $250,000.

KNOWLEDGE LANE, 12606-Naomi J. and Howard T. Halverson to Sheila Snowden, $355,000.

LOCUST WAY, 3204-Carl H. Hall Jr. to Claude E. and Charlene O. Langley, $320,000.

LONGLEAF CT., 4309-Lisa B. and Irvin I. Thomas to David M. Doggette, $545,000.

MADELEY LANE, 12200-Troy L. and Debra L. Keith to Donna M. Lee, $365,000.

ORCHARD PARK WAY, 8007-Rodger S. and Briana K. Christy to Agnes B. and Sterling S. Rooke, $495,000.

SUDBERRY LANE, 2812-Edward F. Jr. and Nell M. Younger to C.Y. Andrews and Frederick Penn, $375,000.

TALLOW LANE, 2909-Sharon G. Tru and Paul H. Townsend to Pamela M. Lyons, $309,900.

TRINITY DR., 3006-Erin W. and Joan L. Redmond to Ruth C.A. and Jeffrey E. Monte, $277,500.

VIEWPOINT LANE, 13010-Alison A. and Don N. Kauffman Jr. to Valarie Voncellis, $318,000.

WINCHESTER LANE, 3804-Stacy K. and Matthew A. Parry to Carlee A. and Gregory J. Novak, $342,000.

Brandywine Area

BRANDYWINE RD., 13100-Alison E. and Jeffrey G. Tillett to Darrien S. Brown, $208,000.

KNOLLWOOD ST., 7902-Mary L. Robinson to Jan Johnson and Beatrice Millen, $255,000.

TIMOTHY RD., 8505-Betty D. Peed to Tanya and Kenneth Kelley, $145,000.

Brentwood Area

ALLISON ST., 3501-Nancy A. Morina to Nicole R. Colbert, $183,500.

WEBSTER ST., 3410-William M. and Fleeta M. Linzau to Thomas A. and Brian P. Segee, $280,000.

39TH AVE., 3420-Gregory L. and Rachel Carter to Remberto G. and Jose A. Cossio, $259,900.

Capitol Heights Area

ALTON ST., 4111-Sharon L. and Roosevelt Ramsey to Regina H. Moore, $180,000.

BROOKSQUARE DR., 1600, No. 81-Brandy Leonard to Andre L. Hicklen, $120,000.

CEDAR HEIGHTS DR., 1026-Cerita C. Wimbush to Anthony Clark, $80,000.

COOLIDGE ST., 5621-Rosa L. and Hampton L. Logan to Michael A. Dayne, $115,000.

FOOTE ST., 6200-Mamie Y. Brewster to Glory J. Mushi and Peter K. Maghimbi, $175,000.

JANSEN AVE., 1007-Earlene T. and Jeffrey L. Barnes to Hansel Gamez, $121,900.

KAYAK AVE., 806-Daniel J. McCutchen to Valerie D. Dunaway, $170,000.

LARCHMONT AVE., 1006-Miriam and Samuel Adofo to Jeanette Andrews, $246,170.

PISTACHIO LANE, 4615-Gerald V. Hill to Keisha C. Henderson, $210,000.

POSSUM CT., 284-Thomas H. Greer to Ronnell C. Miller, $170,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6001-Julien Semi to Myriam Fanny, $165,000.

SHERIFF RD., 5433-Alfred Hagle and Dereky S. Martin to Roman Mezmur, $255,000.

VALLEY PARK RD., 6607-Joseph W. and Deborah Gatewood to Deborah Leo and Joseph W. Gatewood, $140,000.

WALKER MILL RD., 5702-Enide and Ronny Sawyer to Cherry Perkins, $182,500.

Cheltenham Area

GLOUCESTER LANE, 10424-Linda and Joshua Okundaye to Tracy M. Mason, $360,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

AVANTI PL., 706-Barbara J. Ladson to Miama and Garry Walter, $215,000.

BELLEVIEW AVE., 2340-Mildred L. Leaman to Luis Alvarez and Isaac Ortiz, $230,000.

BENDER RD., 7701-Betty J. and Hugh G. Bazemore to Dwight Elliott, $121,000.

BUCKTHORN CT., 2906-Barbara and Ulysses V. Manley to Abdoulaye Toure, $235,000.

BURNSIDE RD., 7615-Babalola S. Ogundeko to Carlton Thompson, $125,000.

GABES PL., 1318-Joi M. Bower to Don Turner and Carla Mann, $220,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 7605-Housing Initiative Partnership to Angela Mozie, $135,000.

HILLSIDE CT., 8902-William Barb and Lashunda Smith to Anthony Dozier, $215,500.

INWOOD ST. E., 7100-Brian Stinson to Jose and Hector Santos, $177,000.

LANDOVER RD., 6206-Steven O. Amoky to Manuel Martinez and Sigfredo Guzman, $215,000.

LOCKWOOD RD., 5726-Orla M. Smith to Denise E. and Daniel P. Ryan, $328,200.

MUESERBUSH CT., 2807-Robette S. and Donald L. Meads to Fausta Ndifor, $205,000.

ST. JOHNS PL., 3411-Shirley A. Frazier to Jose P. Ramirez, $155,000.

SHEKHAR CT., 3207-Kim H. Jones to Connie and Fred Stanback, $380,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1722, No. A-12-Brenda J. Branch to Olugbenga Akintoye, $110,000.

Clinton Area

BARNES DR., 5820-Yvonne T. Williams to Sowari Wilcox, $410,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5851-Marcis L. and Lisa A. Gressen to Jacqueline and Kevin White, $261,000.

GLISSADE DR., 11404-Elizebeath Holeyfield to Donna Parks, $260,000.

GWYNNDALE DR., 9420-Howard R. and Doris M. Adams to Beatriz and Francisco Perez, $290,000.

MARDELLA BLVD., 6013-John W. and Katherine A. Ball to Silvia J. and Ramon A. Fuentes, $350,000.

MARY CATHERINE DR., 11701-Leopoldo N. and Marion M. Juico to Augusto and Angelica Garcia, $286,000.

MIKE SHAPIRO DR., 7712-Lisa A. Wallace to Ricardo Green, $279,000.

PISCATAWAY RD., 11130-Mary E. and John J. Campo to Clara L. and Raymond C. Bell, $131,000.

PLATA ST., 4920-Kerry and Rhonda Darden to Ladonne Austin, $335,000.

RAINTREE WAY, 9901-Barbara M. Dickens to Floyd H. Richard, $215,000.

SAN JUAN DR., 5817-Juanita C. and John E. Turnipseed to Brandon L. Wright, $322,000.

SARAKAL RD., 7812-Daryl A. and Marshal D. Wills to Dora and Jose H. Argueta, $263,000.

SIMMONS LANE, 6416-Sabrina and Brian Jackson to Susan Neu, $316,100.

SMALL DR., 9513-Stephanie L. Prather to Kip S. and Jewel Douglass, $285,000.

TIARA CT., 6704-Melody and Harry Thornton to Loretta Bethea, $396,000.

TOVE CT., 12402-Edith M. and Ronnie L. Bumpers to Wilfredo Martinez Pinto, $245,000.

WILLOW WAY, 6304-Tia S. and Keith L. Stafford to Temilola O. Akinkugbe, $257,000.

College Park Area

CREIGHTON DR., 7509-Rogelio Encarnacion to Cirila G. Huerta and Rene A. Lazaro, $385,000.

GERONIMO ST., 5021-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Gumercinda Berrios, $320,000.

HURON ST., 5025-Dora G. Herre and Nain G. Garcia to Karen E. Hantman, $338,000.

KENNEBUNK TERR., 5118-Suntia Price to Kamala and Bellur Srikar, $387,000.

KNOX RD., 4313-Lisa and Brian Gallagher to Seyda Kocer, $190,000.

LAKELAND RD., 5003-Jose W. Guardado to Azar Nazeri and Ali Mosleh, $410,000.

MARLBROUGH WAY, 3624-Kimberley F. Rodney to Sung K. and Kyung S. Chun, $429,000.

QUEBEC ST., 5005-Rose and Albano B. Cutino to Paul A. Witter, $325,000.

ST. ANDREWS PL., 9012-Winnifred and Donal H. Godfrey to Chukwuemeka Nduagba, $365,000.

SEMINOLE ST., 5609-Trang P. Mai to Linh T. Tran and Tommy P. Mai, $300,000.

49TH AVE., 9523-Marion E. Galletly to Madhur and Sanjay Khanna, $259,900.

District Heights Area

DONNELL PL., 7310, No. C-4-RCB Group Corp. to Geraldine C. Hager, $78,000.

DONNELL PL., 7328-Barbara A. Robertson to Charmaine C.R. and Francis A. Canton, $85,000.

ELMHURST ST., 6315-William D. Matthews Jr. to Ronnie L. Bumpers Sr., $235,000.

FOREST PARK DR., 1626-Carlo Camille to Fontella E. Bullock, $165,000.

HIL-MAR DR., 6601-Roosevelt Johnson Jr. to Lawrence E. Goins and Robert L. Gibson, $275,000.

LENASKIN LANE, 8303-Lewis and Audrey Harris to Larry Dyson, $345,000.

LITTLE HILL LANE, 3422-Lashawn L. and Austin R. Bost to Teknica Evans, $233,000.

MANE LANE, 7605-Robert L. Lyles Jr. to Algin Pulliam, $235,000.

MASON ST., 7011-Kathleen T. Smith to Jo Linda Johnson, $156,000.

OCALA AVE., 2805-Godlove Vumombi to Rebecca L. Jones, $182,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 7817-Omar and Nancy Rueda Torres to Nikita R. and Jean Deburgo, $325,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8649-Carolyn Rhodes to Jessica R. Dandridge, $220,000.

VICEROY AVE., 2905-Bennie A. Vanhoose to Irvin Church and June White Church, $239,000.

Fort Washington Area

BELLA VISTA TERR., 8401-William J. Gunneson to Jada Wells, $350,000.

BEVERLY CT., 301-Gloria N. and Claude G. Murrell to Oscar D. Garcia Cruz, $365,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 2306-Larry S. Hester to Denise McLeod and Nathan Carter, $114,000.

DANIA DR., 1710-Maria L. Grayson to Lorenzo Lewis, $260,000.

DEVON HILLS DR., 8642-Desundera L. Williams to Doris A. Hughey, $200,000.

DEVON HILLS DR., 8722-Barbara A. Crews to Shawn Lancaster, $150,000.

FORT FOOTE RD., 9503-Nancy L. and Clinton Rogers to Euclides Moreno, $356,000.

FORT WASHINGTON RD., 11801-Gloria J. Edmonds to Frances M. and James H. Greenwood, $370,000.

HART RD., 7914-Lucius Jr. and Celestine G. Baker to Santos R. and Arminda Amaya, $305,000.

HOUGH LANE, 1401-Georgette A. and Barry J. Duchak to Natividad D. Carranza, $325,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3304, No. A-2-Kermit E. Pope Jr. to Waymond D. Culbreth, $126,000.

JOLLY LANE, 8603-Sandra R. Burton to Michael M. Crawford, $275,000.

LAVONDA CT., 7211-Allyson R. and Curtis L. Chappell to Sandra D. Witcher, $435,000.

LYNNALAN DR., 8900-Rose H. and Donald P. Hicks to Kimberly M. Bredell, $186,000.

MONROE AVE., 12805-Nancy Beauchamp to Cengiz Bolayir and Ismail Elmas, $207,000.

PENDLETON ST., 13409-Adrianne and Willie K. Goode to Melinda R. Thompson Hamilton, $360,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR., 1530, No. 203-Robert K. McConnell to Mark D. Douglas, $185,000.

REID TERR., 804-Renee P.L. and William T. Stoakley to Kelly R. and Stacey M.R. O'Donnell, $580,000.

TRAFALGAR DR., 2102-Barbara A. and Horace L. Daniel to Deborah D. Driver, $235,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 11006, No. 2-Priscilla and Vincent R. Truslow to Terence R. Higgs, $350,300.

Glenn Dale Area

LAKE GLEN DR., 7616-Stephen R. and Terry S. Klein to Karla and Bryan Balch Reno, $605,000.

WOOD POINTE CT., 10610-Melvernor R. and Vincent S. Griggs to Darryl L. and Nicole T. Rochester, $507,000.

Greenbelt Area

CLOISTER PL., 7816-Sharon E. Blake to Virginia Takuva, $315,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8449, No. 201-Jay B. Onion to Amal Diwaneh, $167,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8457, No. T1-John P. Magerowski to Leonie P. Bernard, $171,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8491, No. 101-Anil Chandel to Iyabode O. Lawal, $135,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8677, No. T2-Theodore Payton to Lloyd McCoy Jr., $135,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8697, No. T1-Eugene R. II and Margaret E. Lynch to Bukola Ogundairo, $155,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7732, No. 103-Beverly A. Lewoc to Rose E. Johnson, $126,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7746-Kanae K. and Tristan P. White to Charles Prouty, $165,000.

MORRISON DR., 7443-Barbara L. Batchelor to Maud B. Adjei, $288,000.

ORA CT. S., 7216-Eric Mouapi to Ernestina and Eric Nyarko, $302,000.

ORA CT. S., 7246-Anthony Y. Tse to Earlene Emanuel, $290,000.

SOMERSET CT., 7859-Marian G. and Chauncey E. Woodland to Selamawitt Gedamu, $342,500.

Hyattsville Area

GREENWAY DR., 5309-Stephen M. and Zigrida Schmidlin to Nohemy and Elmer and Jose Ortega, $292,000.

42ND PL., 5201-T. Jason Debosky to Nayyirah and Arif Naseem, $255,095.

Lanham Area

BARKER PL., 5416-Il P. and Yong H. Kim to Regina and Sunday Umude, $260,000.

BARRS LANE, 6314-David and Regina P. Del Villar to Kpanneh and Edward Sherman, $450,000.

CHESTNUT AVE., 6601-Beltway Properties Inc. to Joel N. Sanchez, $318,000.

CIPRIANO WOODS CT., 7002-Jamie Evans to Shadonna Williams, $240,000.

ELLARD DR., 10114-Diana and Reggie Williams to Linda I. and Paul E. Irabor, $540,000.

FORBES BLVD., 7105-Aliue O. Gunter Jr. to Dale J. Matthews, $300,000.

FRANKLIN AVE., 9433-Melverlyn A. Logan to Marta A.A. and Benjamin Duran, $310,000.

GOOD LUCK RD., 7907-Harry A. Jr. and Jeannette Gamble to Yong A. and Young K. Yang, $335,500.

GREENWOOD LANE, 9206-John K. and Louise N. Cook to Bonel Meres and Debra S. Payne, $315,000.

HADDON, 5601-Brian L. Mann to Neva Davis, $271,000.

HEIDELBURG CT., 7400-Cheryl S. Higgins to Ramesh Mahanand, $240,000.

LANHAM SEVERN RD., 9520-Mildred M. Keesee to Cecilia C. Long, $260,000.

MARTINA TERR., 6300-Gloria and George P. Lewnes to Andrew J. Cencarik, $325,000.

SEASONS WAY, 8569, No. 8B-Sherifat Fakoya to Bolarinwa A. Oreagba, $175,000.

SPRING AVE., 9019-Taebok and Chong Ye Kang to Craig D. and Linda D.B. Hawkins, $375,000.

TREETOP LANE, 10118-Ernesto and Agnesanne Da Geisler to Kara and Donald T. Lampasone, $384,900.

TREXLER RD., 6820-Yoshie H. Hoppenjans, trustee, to Vanita Murray, $299,900.

WELLINGTON ST., 9301-Allan K. Fakeye to Luis Lobos, $250,000.

WHITFIELD CHAPEL RD., 5000-Brenda Owens to Tyra S. Yiare and Dorothy B. Robinson, $383,000.

WOODBURN CT., 8904-Carole Boucher to Tina H. Doung, $365,000.

THIRD ST., 9219, No. 104-Janice S. Wisdom to Terri L. McMillan Solomon, $300,000.

SIXTH ST., 9206-Jose and Janeth Ramir Arias to Brenda Ndongku and Dieudonne T. Mbaku, $300,000.

93RD AVE., 6308-Eric L. Wood to Luz and Melvin Lemus, $289,000.

Largo Area

AZALEA CT., 172, No. 23-5-Diane P. and Gregory A. Blanche to Nishelle A. Nicholson, $199,900.

BARBERRY CT., 7, No. 40-4-Irma M. Johnson to Joan Thompson, $185,000.

CABLE HOLLOW WAY, 5, No. 52-3-Debra Riley and William Orji to Quincy Drayton, $157,500.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10114, No. 302-8C-Thomas M. Tolliver to Anthony I. Patterson, $74,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10124-George S. Smith Jr. to Nicole and John L. Dacruz, $148,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3109-C-Sheila Wood to Trina D. Butler and Tracie D. Dow, $135,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3169-C-Lemuel R. and Josephine Jones to Adrina Stokes, $130,000.

DARCY RD., 9139-Mattie L. Alston to Marc Elliott, $190,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8911, No. 4-201-Aryn J. Coleman to Stacyann N. Llewellyn, $205,000.

WATER FOWL WAY, 12713-Keven E. Jones to Emmanuel and Bolanle Imani, $570,000.

WEST BRANCH DR. W., 11506-Rosita P. Johnson to Cynthia Booker, $287,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7605-Lisa E. White to Mary M. and Lawson Williams Jr., $240,000.

ASHFORD CT., 14825-Reginald B. and Phyllis A. Taylor to Pedro P. Garcia and Mario E. Ramirez, $284,900.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14131-Edwin F. and Diane L. Jones to K. and S.B. Proctor, $170,000.

CHAPEL COVE CT., 14302-Kevin A. Trussell to Herbert Johnson, $251,000.

GORMAN AVE., 502-Legend Builders Inc. to Laura A. and Michael T. Collins, $265,700.

MAYFAIR RD., 6919-Conrad E. Reynolds to Sarita Nadav, $285,000.

OXFORD DR., 14317-Gerald A. and Joyce J. Lentini to Charisse and Sefton Robinson, $329,000.

PARK HALL DR., 6639-Louis and Margaret A. Dorin to Shirley D. and William F. Dalius Jr., $500,000.

RUNABOUT CT., 14311, No. 616-Obami Wray to Latoya T. Mosley, $183,750.

VISTA DR., 14008, No. 1A-Gregg L. Goodman to Renee S. Border, $185,000.

YARDARM WAY, 14107, No. 1106-Nakita T. Parker to Michael D. Shaughney, $163,500.

FIFTH ST., 1005-Mark E. and Bernadette M. Schmidt to Paula and Juan Pacheco, $363,500.

Montpelier Area

APACHE TEARS CIR., 12101-Roshawnna N. Scales to Rosie M. Johnson, $357,500.

CLAXTON DR., 12809, No. II-Maria M. Tyler to Hugo Sanchez, $210,000.

FAIRLANE PL., 9205-Patricia Roberts to Monica and Jerry Grissette, $325,000.

ORVIS WAY, 11911-Barbara and Russell J. Burton Sr. to Marina L. Sanchez, $430,000.

OXWELL LANE, 8706-Mary and Thomas Dugan to Samuel Jobi, $375,000.

Mount Rainier Area

PERRY ST., 3207-Suzanne N. Mamodesene to James A. Benjamin, $144,000.

New Carrollton Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 7304-Jean M. and Donna M. Hawthorne to Aaron Longus, $173,000.

EMERSON RD., 7745-Innocent Otugo to Eugenio Vasquez, $275,000.

FAIRWOOD RD., 6802-Marie E. and Carl S. Hubscher to Segundo I. Vega, $280,000.

IAN ST., 6600-Ijeoma D. and Emmanuel Nwankwo to Augustina N. Nwanonenyi, $350,000.

MENTANA ST., 5909-Yvette N. Napper to Rafael Barahona, $287,000.

SHEPHERD ST., 6821-Neva C. Davis to Miguel Fuentes and Elda B. Portillo, $205,000.

STANDISH DR., 6829-Maxine V. and Frederick O. Baker to Benedicto G. Villatoro, $260,000.

57TH AVE., 3500-Linda Williams to Olakunle Ogundeji, $225,000.

68TH PL., 4722, No. 100-Mark I. Onwuka to Arturo Torralba, $275,000.

70TH AVE., 4204-Johnny B. Williams to Lakeisha and Gary Estep, $235,000.

85TH AVE., 5426, No. 102-Rita A. Gaines to William H. Wright Sr., $90,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ALEXANDRIA DR., 100-George E. and Roberta A. Sullivan to Cuc and Xuan T. Nguyen, $380,000.

ALEXANDRIA OVERLOOK, 10-Calvin A. Henry to Candice and Donald Thompson, $360,000.

ALICE AVE., 2040, No. 102-Gary W. Cooper to Kolas Elion, $147,000.

CHESTER ST., 5005-Larry L. Holmes to Boyd Allen, $161,000.

LEYTE DR., 6902-Shirley A. McNeill to Santos H. Amaya, $235,000.

MODOC LANE, 802-Rochita R. and James A. Dunn Jr. to Inmar Gonzales, $215,500.

MOHICAN DR., 207-Ibrahim A. Aziz to Myles Spires and Diedra B. Henry Jr., $167,714.

VINSON ST., 1111-James E. Hal and Andrea L. Dickens to Earnest Hedgeman, $153,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 550-Annablelle and Robert Obey to Benjamin C. Knightner, $130,000.

WINSLOW RD., 335-Victor C. Ibeh to Malisa T. Blakeney, $235,000.

Riverdale Area

EASTPINE DR., 5814-Mercy Otighigbo to Olanike C. Akintimehin, $120,000.

MADISON ST., 6011-James P. and Catherine Hicks to Catherine A. and Joseph O. Afrifa, $195,000.

SECOND ST., 6805-Hoang V. Tran to Leila A. and Clifford W. Becker, $399,000.

60TH AVE., 5907-Barbara and Raymond H. Beitzell to Maria Campos, $303,000.

60TH AVE., 6511-Edith L. Stuckey to Darran and Carrie Edmonds, $170,000.

62ND PL., 6313-Yoeun and Tha Bu Young to Lan T.T. and Quoc V. Nguyen, $250,000.

Suitland Area

ANDOVER PL., 3406-Maurice T. Hines to Calvin E. Johnson, $275,000.

GAYLORD DR., 2335-Celia Olson to Victoria L. Gibbs, $120,000.

KENDRICK RD., 4640-Doris Reid and James Gaylord to Yvetta Sears, $133,000.

MORGAN RD., 4408-Marta Bertola to Jose R.M. Mendez, $249,950.

OAKLAND WAY, 5113-Roy A. and Starr A. Purnell to Tonora A. and Albert W. Littlejohn Jr., $99,950.

PORTER AVE., 2615-Barbie M. and Willie F. Johnson to William McConkey, $145,000.

REAMY DR., 4503-Baka Kasule to Mary O. MacKall, $260,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3821-Robin D. Alexander to Crystal R. and Walter E. Shepherd, $85,000.

SHADYSIDE AVE., 2215-Holly Bryant to Payne Properties Inc., $50,000.

SPAULDING AVE., 2007-Guardian Express Corp. to David Scott, $163,500.

Temple Hills Area

ALLENTOWN RD., 6629-Christopher Leigh to Lawanda Wimbush, $280,000.

ANVIL LANE, 2216-Tuwanda Porter to Leprenia Lindsay, $201,500.

BRINKLEY RD., 3136-Lindolph Marcellous Sr. to Natasha Durant and Fritz Timo, $79,900.

BUCK CREEK RD., 3908-Lee E. and Inza W. Graves to Michelle B. and Kelvin L. Howard, $257,000.

FERNANDES DR., 3603-Shirley A. and Ronald R. James to Carlos Pineda, $338,900.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3103, No. S-509-Guruswawy M. and Sulu Ayya to Annie R. and Lucius C. Slade, $43,400.

HARRISON LANE, 7405-Norma L. Greer to Aura Y. Hernandez, $242,000.

IVERSON ST., 1875-Valarie B. Voncellis to Jose I. Sorto, $253,000.

NORCROSS ST., 4204-Arron A. Goods to Bradford Cunningham, $280,000.

OLSON ST., 2309-Vanessa D. Scott to Sabrina McCree and Rene Dormeville, $66,500.

SIMMONS LANE, 4500-Joann Davis to Dianne D. Calhohn, $235,000.

TAFT RD., 5111-Tyrone I. and Shelly J. Taylor to Anna and Randiboy Tamayo, $310,000.

WALDRAN AVE., 7011-Victoria and Alexander R. Crumity to Arel Properties Corp., $195,940.

WOOD RD., 4808-Robert A. and Andrea P. Neville to Stephanie D. and Darwin E. Colbert, $337,000.

25TH AVE., 3604-Charles W. and Etta J. Waugh to Alva Robinson, $269,000.

26TH AVE., 3506-Mishawn Morse to Belita and Barbara Robinson, $275,000.

26TH AVE., 3892, No. 20-Henrietta Izzard to Shawnise and Tennyson I. Thompson Jr., $100,000.

27TH AVE., 3206-Marilyn L. Carpenter to Pamela D. Jones, $160,000.

27TH AVE., 3500-Shannon D. Doyle to Olivia Salley, $215,000.

28TH PKWY., 3520-Mabel L. Steele to George Cooper Jr., $215,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

JAMESTOWN RD., 5611-Moti and Nisha Vashisht Lal to Wendy and Jose A. and Candida R. Argueta, $357,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 6009-Maribel M. and Carlos A. Cerros to Teresa J. Marquez, $325,000.

LANCER DR., 3109-Rosemaire and James P. Kelley to Williams Blanco, $206,000.

MADISON PL., 3521-Edward J. Belanger to Melissa L. Hurst and Gerald M. McMahon, $255,000.

MARYHURST DR., 5816, No. 4-Mark K. Bett to Angelo Villatoro, $249,300.

OLIVER ST., 2014-Rosa M. and Jose N. Colindres to Jose M. Ochoa, $237,000.

OLIVER ST., 4105-Marianne Broughton to Simon C. Osorio and Pablo Contreras, $325,000.

PATTERSON RD., 2008-William J. and Betty A. Jenkins to Jose A. Aguilar and Misalia Turcios, $265,000.

QUEENS CHAPEL RD., 2205-Henrietta Asare to Jody Windsor, $340,500.

TOLEDO TERR., 3450, No. 218-Samuel N. Hicks to Estelle R. Shipp, $100,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 4101-Melanie Becker to Andrew J. Campbell, $565,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BROOKES RESERVE RD., 10604-Anthony L. and Sandra A. Johnson to Michaela Parker and Lael B. Leone, $700,000.

BROOKES RESERVE RD., 10608-Jagdish S. and Sylvia J. Gill to Marjorie L. and Dale B. Johnson, $1.15 million.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 14617-Fatoumata Thiam to Michael A. Ashley, $340,200.

CHRISTIAN ST., 14203-Jon M. Mekeal to Jerry R. and Ericka Toney, $450,000.

DULEY STATION RD., 11821-Henry and Nora T.P. Dawson to Jose Cunha, $330,000.

ENDSLEY PL., 3801-Chances Enterprises to Carolyn R. King, $305,000.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 14000-Lorraine A. Clyburn to Candice Canteen, $190,000.

FIRETHORN CT., 126, No. 15-5-Nancy E. and John A. Clark to Darcy Parris, $165,000.

GOHAGEN RD., 16904-Samuel K. Adofo to Joyce Tamakloe Akoto, $291,000.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14246-G-Mark A. Lewis to Michael G. Freeman, $215,000.

HARWICH TERR., 4521-Bernnadette Johnson to Cathy Dooley, $240,000.

KETTERING CIR., 11311-James S. Taylor to Teresa Okala, $260,000.

KETTERING PL., 11314-Ila A. Blue to Grizell D. Johnson, $245,000.

KING PATRICK WAY, 4935, No. 506-Edward J. Johnson to Mark Balanquit, $210,000.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13903-Milton J. and Kathleen M. Reuwer to Christa N. and Ronald J. Rulli, $238,500.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13929-Matthews Drewery III to Greg T. Kundolf, $325,000.

MAPLE SHADE LANE W., 5112-Leisa A. Coles to Jeanine and Dwayne Davis, $325,000.

PERSIMMON RD., 12422-Monica Swann to Erica L. McCoy Owens, $182,000.

PRENTON ST., 214-Felicia Adegbite to Jin G. Bai, $300,000.

PRINCE PL., 10228, No. 14-304-Martha W. Whitfield to Ryan A. Brice, $105,000.

SCOTCH HILL DR., 10162-Cleo B. Washington to Richard Brown, $170,000.

SHERBORN LANE, 4517-Hakeem Oluyadi to Eric D. Leese, $272,000.

SKIPTON CT., 4327-Nathan A. and Antoinette C. King to Akinwole Akinola, $288,000.

STOCKPORT WAY, 4333-John D. Massaquoi to Roselyn A. Abayomi, $281,000.

SWINDON TERR., 4315-Charlene Tarver to Myra Moxley, $237,000.

SWISS GAP RD., 118, No. 8-1-Michael J. Chisley to Sharone Reid, $162,500.

THORNBERRY DR. W., 8419-Marian E.M. and Fay E. Compofelice to Yvonne D. Curry, $350,000.

TRUMBULL DR., 13019-Katrice E. and Reginald L. Pasteur to Alexis Pasteur, $235,000.

VILLAGE DR. N., 3605-Kay F. and Andre R. Brown to Eric F. Ball, $250,000.

WACO DR., 10811-Katara Jones to Marcia M. and William O. Wimpye, $385,000.

WHITEHOLM DR., 12610-Austin H. and Sarah H. Henry trust to Katina M. and Jerome O. Holmes, $182,560.

WOODLAWN BLVD., 10800-Georgia L. Williams to Sybil O. Felton, $190,000.

WYLD DR., 10613-Amat E. Ball and Michelle I. Smith to Stephen Choh, $305,000.


Lake Arbor Area

BALSAM POPLAR PL., 10111-Ray A. Carr to Gregory L. Williams, $365,500.

BAYBURY CT., 1121, No. 6-303-Frances and John B. Gagliardo to Jason Logan, $142,000.

ELDERS HOLLOW DR., 10421, No. 302-Sheila Brooks to Derrick R. Jacobs, $250,000.

INVERWOOD LANE, 3416-Joan C. and Fred D. Rose to Michael Boodoo, $340,000.

KITCHENER CT., 10701-Cornell and Delois A. Terrell to Carrie V. Staton, $283,900.

MILLPONDS CT., 914-Cindy Sinanan to Melanie L. Bene and Randolph R. Smith, $249,000.

TULIP TREE DR., 10115-John L. Robinson to Yvonnia Brown, $355,000.

WETHERBOURNE CT., 1905-Carol T. Hall to Pamela E. Hunter and Ronald E. Evans, $515,000.