These D.C. intersections had the most accidents in 2004.

RankLocationQuad.AccidentsInjuriesFatalitiesWard1.Bladensburg Rd. and New York Ave.NE7140052.Florida Ave. and New York Ave.NE594105/63.Benning Rd. and Minnesota Ave.NE5533074.North Capitol St. and New York Ave.NE/NW523305/65.New Jersey Ave. and New York Ave.NW4922066.North Capitol St. and Michigan Ave.NE/NW4628057.Montana Ave. and New York Ave.NE4523058.Firth Sterling Ave. and Suitland Pkwy.SE4448089.S. Capitol St. and M St.SW/SE39290610.Minnesota Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave.SE391607/811.S. Capitol St. and I St.SW/SE39150612.Stanton Rd. and Suitland Pkwy.SE38390813.14th St. and Constitution Ave.NW38181214.14th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.NW3780215.18th St. and Columbia Rd.NW3760116.Southern Ave. and Wheeler Rd.SE36210817.North Capitol St. and H St.NE/NW32130618.First St. and New York Ave.NW311405/619.Branch Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave.SE30280720.Chesapeake St. and Southern Ave.SE30220821.Benning Rd. and Southern Ave.SE30200722.M St. and Wisconsin Ave.NW3030223.Benning Rd. and Oklahoma Ave.NE292805/724.First St. and New York Ave.NE292605/625.Georgia Ave. and Missouri Ave.NW29130426.14th St. and K St.NW29110227.Eastern Ave. and Kenilworth Ave.NE2880728.14th St. and U St.NW28601/229.North Capitol St. and Channing St.NE/NW27220530.L'Enfant Sq. and Pennsylvania Ave.SE271707/831.North Capitol St. and New Hampshire Ave.NE/NW27140432.Connecticut Ave. and Nebraska Ave.NW27111333.East Capitol St. and Benning Rd.NE/SE27110734.14th St. and L St.NW26170235.Third St. and D St.NW25250636.North Capitol St. and Florida Ave.NE/NW25210537.Fourth St. and Rhode Island Ave.NE25110538.North Capitol St. and Massachusetts Ave.NE/NW2590639.Mount Olivet Rd. and West Virginia Ave.NE24170540.14th St. and W St.NW2490141.North Capitol St. and K St.NE/NW2470642.Fairlawn Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave.SE24607/843.Third St. and New York Ave.NW23220644.Ninth St. and Constitution Ave.NW23190245.Fourth St. and New York Ave.NW231402/646.14th St. and Independence Ave.SW23130647.34th St. and Benning Rd.NE23111748.Good Hope Rd. and Naylor Rd.SE23907/849.Howard Rd. and Interstate 295SE2370850.14th St. and F St.NW23602SOURCE: D.C. Department of Transportation