The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BANDSHELL CT., 4008-Douglas L. and Virginie A. Park to Julia H. and Stephen W. White, $445,000.

CHRISTIANNA PARRAN RD., 5165-Joseph E. Dolores Dowling to Carolyn E. McNey, $265,000.

E ST., 8212-Steven D. and Patricia M. Bryant to Patricia C. and Michael G. Bryan, $363,000.

27TH ST., 3729-Robert E. and Margaret E. Mack to William and Suzanne McGowan, $163,250.

Huntingtown Area

ELBERTA LANE, 3720-Daniel J. and Cindy M. Pixley to Virginia M. and Clifton J. Everton III, $575,000.

EMMANUEL CHURCH RD., 1015-Nicole E. Scaletti to Dawn and Thomas Gallo and Nancy Ball, $385,000.

HOILE LANE, 130-Lorraine M. and Marcello E. Nucci to John M. III and Heather L. McInerney, $780,000.

HOLLAND CLIFFS RD., 1740-Eugene E. and Rachel A. Beall to Stephanie L. and Walter P. Fitzwater Jr., $450,000.

MAYBERRY AVE., 3140-John A. Franz to Karen Ackley and Kevin Mulvihill, $551,000.

OLD TOWN RD., 4200-Kathleen A. and Donald W. Mueller to Landdevoc Corp., $650,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD. N., 1380-Donald F.X. McIntyre to Chaploon Yee, $230,000.

STEPHEN REID RD., 5750-Christine M. Cook and Greg A. Tawney to Henry A. Shoener, $349,900.

Lusby Area

ALGONQUIN TRAIL, 12341-D. and D. Homes Inc. to Jennifer L. and Jerimiah C. Penny, $378,000.

BARREDA BLVD., 12892-Alex and Linda Osipchuk to Susan S. and Clayton Sanders, $249,900.

BARREDA BLVD., 12989-George A. and Letitia M. Nock to Deborah J. and Albert T. Edwards III, $245,000.

BREEDEN RD., 10390-Benjamin and Betty Cochrane to Kathy D. and William C. Clay, $350,000.

DOGWOOD DR., 415-Kim Marie Hanchey to Terri Garner, $210,000.

GOLDEN WEST WAY, 949-Harry B. Trueman to Shirley A. Kenney, $199,900.

HOLLY DR., 10965-Cynthia F. and Frank R. King to John W. Hudson III, $150,000.

LAKE VIEW DR., 12805-Lawrence G. and Sheri A. Rose to Lisa M. and Gerald A. Wilson, $359,900.

OVERLOOK DR., 418-Carl F. Faller to Jeanne R. Latham, $490,000.

RATTLESNAKE RD., 777-Jessica H. and Keith T. Gagnon to Michael Wise II, $278,000.

RIDGE VIEW RD., 8426-Olivia Salinas and Jose M. Vaca to Adekunle Adeshina, $340,000.

WHITE SANDS DR., 1138-Michael P. Bomgardner to Kathleen E. Fletcher, $245,000.

North Beach Area

EIGHTH ST., 3730-Marie Tighe and William C. Moore to Michael C. Derfler, $299,900.

Owings Area

AMBER WAY, 1151-Daniel Han and Su Kyong Chun to Chang Kurl Kang, $430,000.

CHANEYVILLE RD., 3691-David A. Reiss to Mary Louise and Stanley J. Wisniewski, $608,000.

DEERFIELD LANE, 2495-April D. Custer to Michelle L. Wood Stanley and James K. Stanley, $299,900.

KIP DR., 8620-Thomas L. Jr. and Kiesha L. Fischer to Joseph Ohireime and Misty Johnson Oratokhai, $450,000.

Prince Frederick Area

RACHAEL'S WAY, 330-Stephen D. Wilhelm to Celesta V. Jones, $315,500.

SUNSET LANE, 333-Charles G. Funkhouser to Tracey M. and James L. Reed, $259,900.

Solomons Landing Area

OSPREY LANE, 13521-Gerry R. and Valerie Cox to Jussandra D. and John B.L. Drake, $384,900.

St. Leonard Area

COVE VIEW DR., 5421-Michael D. and Nancy J. Liberman to P.E. Healy and Theodore R. Catchings, $569,000.

HILLSIDE RD., 5950-Kirk A. and Dina A. Lynch to Linda and Terrance J. Hughes, $420,000.

OVERLOOK DR., 1455-William L. Mastin to David M. King, $259,999.

PEACE CT. E., 1811-Eric S. and Danielle E. Brooks to Brenda and Joseph Pockey, $320,000.

SCENIC WAY, 1155-Edward L. Nead Jr. to Jeffrey J. McGalliard, $425,000.

Sunderland Area

GUY HARDESTY RD., 5050-Joseph B. Mattia Jr. to Ernest Ray Hostetter, $415,000.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

INHERITANCE DR., 16110-Gregory D. and Madeline B. Kies to James and Margaret Cigno, $385,000.

Bryans Road Area

STRAWBERRY LANE, 2001- Stephen McCarter and Louisa Dadzie to Timora M. Walker, $265,000.

WOODBERRY DR., 2353-Janet L. Cross, trustee, to Rebecca L. and Philip H. Todd, $265,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BELMONT CT., 16700-Vaughn I. and Carrie L. McDuffie to Harvey M. and Patricia L. Von Hollen, $501,000.

CARRIAGE CROSSING LANE, 16355-Charles V. and Kathleen A. Strangfeld to Heather D. and Timothy N. Hager, $460,000.

DENISE LANE, 7295-Michael E. and Sheryl Lee Fox to Margie and Charles K. Millard III, $350,000.

OAKS RD., 13820-James D. Brewer Jr. to John F. Parkerson, $405,000.

OLD FIELD LANE, 16814-Edward M. and Kimberly M. Sybert to Petria L. and Patrick A. Richards, $599,900.

PATERNOSTER LANE, 6025-Pamela A. Hailstock to Vanessa M. and Walter R. Armstrong, $525,000.

RIDGE PL., 13505-Jeanette Coleman to Patricia K. and James B. Sams, $525,000.

Indian Head Area

INDIAN HEAD AVE., 839-Margaret S. and Max L. Buff to Alvin L. Adams, $165,000.

WOODLAND DR., 117-Sharon L. Carter to Debra D. Ferguson, $205,000.

Issue Area

ETHAN CT., 11345-Sandra B. and Thomas F. Murphy to Lee Homes Inc., $180,000.

JENNIFER CT., 14745-S. Knowlan and Richard Gregory to Jason A. Goff, $75,000.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11804-Mark A. and Kimberly A. Hawes to Diana M. and James M. Lennon, $385,000.

La Plata Area

CHARLES ST., 11610-Marshall L. Hicks to Wendy J. and Greg D. Walston, $790,000.

CLOVERDALE CT., 4930-Timothy P. and Debra L. Bassett to Connie G. Bowling and John S. Hurley, $175,000.

HUCKLEBERRY DR., 122-Joan T. Miller to Steven J. Nichols, $320,500.

LA PLATA RD., 11642-Norma J. and William W. Henderson to Karen S. Navarro, $480,000.

MATTINGLY RD., 10955-Linda Marshall to Diane E. and Robert O. Tucker, $328,000.

QUAIL CT., 107-Stanley R. and Frederica D. Harvey to Sandra and Dennis M. Hope, $368,100.

QUAILWOOD PKWY., 105-Clifford C. and Angela M. Barnes to Nancy M. and Jason W. Jones, $333,750.

SILVER OAK RD., 9441-Raymond C. Tomasky to Debbie and Jamie B. Hinley, $456,000.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 133-BREL Corp. to Linda A. Palmer, $189,500.

WOODHAVEN DR., 7449-Shelton Plumer Jr. to Billy T. Williams, $386,000.

Nanjemoy Area

GILROY RD., 7940-John H. and Barbara A. Johnson to Gloria J. and George W. Terrell, $445,000.


Rock Point Road Area

HATTON LANDING DR., 15255-Margot E. and Ralph C. Grabis Jr. to KBG Land Corp., $1.7 million.

MEADOWVIEW DR., 9707-Ross Canby to Daniel and Donna J. Harty, $230,000.

OAKVIEW CT., 12436-Karen and William Holt to Sandra Washington, $220,000.

SYLVAN TURN, 9999-M.E. Mohler Co. Inc. to Joilyn G. and Richard A. Gray, $359,900.

Pomfret Area

WARREN DR., 8345-Christopher J. Henry to Kelly M. and William K. Burton, $345,000.

St. Charles Area

BRYAN CT., 1551-Ruth E. Bishop, trustee, to Crystal Figgins, $160,000.

GIDEON CT., 3102-Joy E. Stueckler to Shalita M. and Stephen D. Matthews, $195,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3114-Kevin F. Hassler to Lacole and James R. Cole Jr., $110,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3899-Kevin J. Dorr to Craig R. Dyson, $195,000.

MATLOCK PL., 3622-William N. Shill Jr. to Tisha L. Blue Bailey, $270,000.

POSEY CT., 4022-Gary J. and Tracey M. Schweitzer to Angela J. Gary and David A. Harley II, $295,000.

RIVERMONT DR., 316-Jordan W. and Mary R. Mayo to Marsha G. and James C. Benya, $155,000.

ROSE PL., 3451-Catherine A. and Edwin A. Keller to Hyung Goo Kwak, $270,000.

TACOMA PL., 2391-Victoria L. Heyliger to Kanika M.N. Hampton, $310,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12421-Betty J. Cromwell to Richard L. Greenfield, $265,000.

TYLER CT., 1001-Dustynne M. West to Sharon Cook, $250,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3987-Camilla Pugh to Monique Wilson, $196,000.

Waldorf Area

ANGEL FISH CT., 5022-Deborah L. and Alan C. Prather to Patricia A. Butler, $322,500.

BIGHORN CT., 6209-James K. and Kimberly D. Fairchild to C. Griffin and Peter K. Birmingham Jr., $285,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4011-Wendy S. and William Binkley Redell to Danah Roane and Kenno Telfaire, $205,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4015-Mary and Herbert Reynolds to Christopher H. Webber, $197,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4038-Ruby A. Cave to Kerry A. and Rhonda C. Darden, $195,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4116-Ernesto T. Marez to Waldemar Velez and Ana Tarango, $205,000.

BLUEHEAD CT., 5078-Tammy H. Williams to Tawana Kane, $300,000.

BRAMBLEWOOD CT., 3028-Daniel L. and Cathy S. Stueckemann to Sheila and James M. Menge, $425,000.

BRISCOE FARM RD., 5032-Charles B. and Rhonda S. Waggoner to June R. and W. Kent Chadwick, $590,000.

CAPTAIN DEMENT DR., 3292-Bruce L. and Bonnie E. Gordon to Debra A. and Murray C. Crocker Jr., $420,000.

CYGNET DR., 11703-Suzanne R. and Charles E. Hamby II to Carlos M. Garcia Sr., $445,901.

DECLARATION CT. S., 3105-John R. and Cindy L. Helton to R.H. Schlichten and Karen A. Esaias, $399,900.

DORIS DR., 5308-Heidi B. and Philip W. Budenbender to Francesco J. Hayes, $270,000.

DOWITCHER CT., 2508-Ada M. Mitchell to Timothy D. Wilson, $385,000.

EAGLE CT., 4368-Tina M. and Paul S. Parr to Kelly L. Vennemann, $215,000.

EDMONT PL., 11845-Daniel M. and Othella G. Contee to Christie M. Mar and Mark A. Carruth, $225,000.

FUR SEAL CT., 6307-Christopher L. Evans to Stephanie A. and Kevin W. Riddle, $353,800.

HAMILTON RD., 2775-Michael R. Jarboe to Minh T. Vo and Anthony H. Nguyen, $344,000.

HARVEST FISH PL., 5418-Joseph M. Hare III to Adrian N. McLendon, $269,900.

KANGAROO DR., 6881-David C. and Margaret R. Cyr to Penny S. and Kim R. Saxon, $335,000.

KENTSDALE DR., 10411-Tim R. and Jana L. Carter to Casandra J. and Jemal D. Simmons, $425,000.

KIPLING DR., 11652-James A. and Astrid L. Trabue to K. McQueen and Devron J. Wright, $316,500.

LAMPREY CT., 5204-Christina D. and Joseph P. Boudreau to Sara B. and Michael A. Anderson, $285,000.

LOGTEAL DR., 4186-Margie and Charles K. Millard to Nicole M. Hein, $200,000.

LOIS CT., 2715-Jeffrey M. and Olivia M. Cohen to William D. and Ana M. Middleton, $424,900.

MICHAEL RD., 1911-Susan A. and Raymond H. Jacobson Jr. to Rita V. Adams, $322,000.

MIRKWOOD CT., 2633-Estherlee Norvell to Janis R. and John J. Flanagan, $225,000.

MOUNT EAGLE LANE, 14098-Michael J. and Deborah A. Speedling to Sharon E. and Stewart W. Allgood, $689,900.

NUTRIA CT., 6513-Cheryl L. Willis to Patricia A. Warring, $310,000.

OAKLEY DR., 2618-Donald L. Jr. and Teri J. Noble to Terri M. and Brian R. Brown, $332,500.

PEBBLE CREEK CT., 7965-Ronald P. Bender to Yolanda Pelzer, $450,000.

PIN OAK DR., 1559-Tina L. and Tyrone D. Craven to Ghulam Khan, $185,000.

PINE CONE CIR., 3833-James J. and Robin A. Harrell to Lisa M. and Tracy A. Ross, $347,000.

PINFISH CT., 5611-Mary M. and Edwin K. Blasi to Mark W. Wilkerson, $387,500.

QUILLBACK ST., 10607-Mildred and Allen Rubio to Rosalie E. Powell, $395,000.

RABBIT CT., 6707-Barbara J. and Joseph D. Kunysz to Anita M. Lindsley, $309,900.

REGAL PL., 2501-Jenny M. Taylor to Brandi M. and Ryan D. Long, $173,000.

SEA RAVEN CT., 5302-Charles E. and Susan G. Baker to Donna C. and Gregory J. Ridolfi, $379,900.

SEBAGO CT., 5405-Brian C. and Sharon K. Musser to Christine and Christopher S. Patton, $329,900.

SIRENIA PL., 6070-Randall Wayne Danchak to Susan Johnson, $165,500.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5718-Angela D. and Eric M. Salce to Douglas R. Pagel Jr., $210,000.

SPRUCE ST., 1005-Pascual and Pascual Pena Sr. to Jennifer Glass and William M. Condo, $285,500.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2035-Timothy McKoy to George Monk, $175,000.

TEMI DR., 1722-Donald M. and Barbara A. Auman to Sarah Stoudt and Ronald Wolff, $286,000.

TOPSMELT CT., 5406-Heather K. and Jeremy D. Ramsey to Tannika R. and Marcus T. Nix, $331,000.

TORPEDO CT., 5509-Barbara T. Shrewsbury to Joyce and Marco Monteiro, $360,350.

TUMBLEWEED PL., 352-Bryan G. and Annette J. Devore to Margarita and Charles D. Sissell, $140,000.

WAHOO CT., 5607-Steven N. and Joyce D. Bowles to Latish and Francis Jones, $395,900.

WESTDALE DR., 229-Brenda L. and Edwin D. Shellman to Veronica Mosley, $220,000.

Welcome Area

CEDAR GROVE DR., 6875-Charles V. and Helen L. Barbara to Carol L. and Paul C. Luskey, $360,600.

White Plains Area

PRINCE EDWARD DR., 3515-Michael T. and Diane A. Smith to Jill A. and Thomas Yanick, $428,000.

TREE FROG PL., 10174-Thomas Yanick to James M. and Julie S. Brennan, $310,000.

WINDSOR HEIGHTS PL., 4060-Roxie M. Blackmon to Anne F. Bisese, $277,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

GIBSON RD., 37227-Leon R. Johnson to Roger A. Colaizzi and Allyson L. Senie, $275,000.

OWENS DR., 36774-Vander A. Trammell II to Jack Beckwith and Karen Towne, $106,547.

California Area

BUTTERNUT LANE, 22987-Harold D. Warner to Ding Jen Liu, $329,000.

OTHELLO LANE, 22699-Charles A. Berry to Cheryl E. and Charles E. Casteel Jr., $135,000.

REDWOOD LANE, 44564-Claudia A. Knowlton and Warren Kunz to Andrea B. and Robert C. Mroz, $478,780.

Callaway Area

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 20475-Joseph D. and Deborah F. Knott to Armondo and Paulo Fernando Rodrigues, $350,000.

Chaptico Area

CENTER AVE., 35987-Benjamin L. Jr. and Shirley B. Hughes to Yvonne D. and Michael J. McRae, $155,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

CHEYENNE CT., 38050-Joseph Gary Edelen to Barbara A. and Donald M. Auman, $329,900.

MOHAWK CT., 37755-Donald H. Nolan Jr. to John Peter and Patricia Ann Moir, $300,000.

Coltons Point Area

WINDY LANE, 20155-Thomas H. Bell to Janice M. Bitetti and Sheree R. Kanner, $652,000.

Dameron Area

FORD'S LANE, 49405-Helen Elizabeth and William F. Young to S.R. Smith Contractor Inc., $40,000.

Great Mills Area

BARKENTINE CT., 21981-Robert E. Newton to Jackelyn M. Manson, $250,000.

BROUN TERR., 45875-Annette and Victor Lee Brown Jr. to Cedro Limited, $151,000.

HARRISON ST., 21533-Andrew J. Shriver to Lori S. and Arthur E. Harvey, $304,900.

Hollywood Area

BATEMAN CT., 24573-Douglas S. and Kathleen A. Lavery to Angela G. and Nicholas J. Rudman, $500,000.

RICKY DR., 25866-Beth A. and William E. Chalk to Darren R. Kujawa, $335,000.

THREE COVES RD., 44679-Maryland Home Contractors Corp. to N. Anita and Garyton C. Echols III, $735,166.

Leonardtown Area

ARMSTRONG DR., 22318-William R. and Jean H. Coates to Sue Ann and William A. Yingling Sr., $410,000.

GUM SPRING DR., 43131-Bonnie L. Fuller to Patricia A. and Colin R. Burns, $524,900.

MEDLEYS NECK RD., 41067-Kenneth R. Hall to Luvina and Norman Lacey, $265,000.

POPE ST., 22785-Samuel J. Flowers to Terrance S. Roth, $100,000.

TIMBERLINE CT., 22146-Richard J. Sullivan to Sherry Lee and Omer A. Bly, $279,900.

WICOMICO ST., 22226-Robert T. Mortell to Valerie and William Allen, $239,900.

Lexington Park Area

BOAZ ST., 22992-Ronald S. and P. Marie Cheshire to Sandra I. and Russel J. Flowers, $268,000.

BUENA VISTA LANE, 47892-Marie V. and Jeff J. Barratt to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $575,000.

EASTON CT., 48262-Joel A. and Tami L. Yates to Kara M. and Justin J. Willis, $354,900.

ESSEX DR. S., 21560-Daniel D. Robbins to Tranyan Lei and James W. Smith, $236,000.

LEE DR., 21411-James R. Kingham to Linda and Gary Glaser, $234,600.

LYNN DR., 21335-Michael L. Mullens to Stephen D. Harms, $199,900.

MIDWAY DR., 46685-Raymond D. Leggett to Christine M. McCambridge, $168,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46672-Party Walls Inc. to Phyllis A. Bowden Morse and Gary D. Morse, $356,900.

RONALD DR., 21886-Ronald W. Glockner Jr. to Gregory Cooley Jr., $84,500.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 47481-Sandy N. Monger to Eric T. and William A. Young, $124,900.

SUNBURST DR., 48374-Kathy Ridley to Amanda S. Fast and Samuel L. Septembre, $297,000.

SURFSIDE DR., 48381-Richard R. Deml to Mai V. Nguyen, $270,000.

TEDDY WAY, 19721-Kimberly A. and Robert B. West to 5606 Freshaire Corp., $130,000.

WARWICK CT., 21514-Bill Jay Isley to Marc Pare, $245,000.

Mechanicsville Area

ARMY NAVY DR., 35891-Michael and Latrice Moses to Ashley M. Maxwell and Jesse S. Walter, $250,000.

BEACH DR., 40415-Diane L. Rison to Crissy and Joseph Boling, $555,000.

CRESENT LANE, 26120-Leonard B. Davis Jr. to Kenneth L. and Tricia Kempf, $280,000.

EDISON CT., 29481-James H. and Jessica M. Hagy to Christine and Robert M. Brewer II, $300,000.

HILLS DR., 25796-Mary Katherine Decker to Wayne Krikstan, $275,000.

MAR-A-LEE CT., 26258-Ronald W. Scott Jr. to Fitzgerald Family Enterprises Inc., $174,000.

MOUNT STERLING CT., 25134-Timothy A. Thompson to Valerie Ryan and Glenn Cullins, $391,000.

RONALD DR., 29966-Gregory Scott Dunn to Carol Diane Jones, $310,000.

SANDGATES RD. N., 27111-Michael W. Mattare to Elizabeth Anna and James H. Morgan Sr., $183,000.

YOWAISKI MILL RD., 26804-John B. Quillin to Dwayne Tyree, $265,000.

Park Hall Area

SNOW HILL MANOR RD. N., 19905-Terrance Roth to Tamara F. and Robert M. Miller Jr., $450,000.

Piney Point Area

SHEAFFER LANE, 46059-Patti Lynn Goldstein to Christine C. and John T. Trauth, $375,000.

St. Inigoes Area

R.L. OWENS LANE, 48722-Kelly L. and Larry R. Hutson to Stuart A. Didsbury, $250,000.

St. Mary's City Area

SNOW HILL MANOR RD. N., 19357-Ann B. Haskell to Elizabeth C. Reisman, $980,000.

Valley Lee Area

ABERDEEN LANE, 45843-James A. Weaver Jr. to Christopher W. White Jr., $150,000.