The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. E., 1417, No. 1-Kurt Shickman to Sandra Chavez, $304,999.

ANCELL ST., 30-Stephen J. Havas to Patrice Kortuem, $452,000.

ARELL CT., 35-Victor and Johanna Culver to Carlos M. Recalde, $591,000.

BRAWNER PL., 5245-Dorritee and James W. Cockerill to Stevenson M. and Joyce A. Wallace, $925,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE CIR., 26-Gene V.J. Maciol II to Richard C. Murphy, $535,000.

COLFAX AVE., 5438-Micheline and Richard T. Williams to Hailu Fekadu and Negatu Alemayehu, $612,000.

COLUMBUS ST. N., 421-Mija Romer to Robert E. and Janice L. Howard, $599,000.

COLUMBUS ST. S., 318-Patricia J. Homer to Kelleen H. Griffin, $603,500.

COMMONWEALTH AVE., 121-David M. and Carol A. Turkaly to Erin T. and David J. Thornton, $541,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5130-Mordini Alejandro and Stephanie A. Adrian to Sean M. and Sara E. McGraw, $633,500.

EISENHOWER AVE., 3847-L. Heckman and G.L. Beattie to Howard A. Olsen, $655,000.

FAIRFAX ST. N., 308-Elizabeth R. Hughes to Patricia A. Korb, $1.215 million.

FAYETTE ST. S., 302-John McEvoy and Laura Templeton to Daryl C. and Caroline C. Andrews, $1.15 million.

FAYETTE ST. S., 630-James C. Sweat III to Diane A. Reece, $448,150.

FENDALL AVE., 41-Susan and Robert Ruiz to Dean M. and Crystal T. Kaplan, $460,000.

FILLMORE AVE., 5625-Dorothy Tieman to Steve and Rowena K. Freeman, $530,000.

FITZGERALD LANE, 1639-John P. Healey and Carolyn Ostermann to Jennifer C. Sands, $380,000.

JUNIPER PL., 915-William H. Piper III to Elaine K. Clem, $620,000.

KENWOOD AVE., 1805-Douglas A. and Christine Garvin Simon to Jennifer Anne Cush, $445,000.

KNAPP PL., 5126-Renee M. and James E. Howard to Patrick C. and Judith D. Neary, $750,000.

LAVERNE AVE., 324-Charles E. Terry Jr. to Rupal Naik, $430,000.

LEE ST. S., 605-David A. Metzner to Mary Page F. Hickey, trustee, $1.4 million.

LURAY AVE. E., 105-Teri Johanna McGrath to Ronda L. Estridge, $663,513.

MADISON ST., 400, No. 707-Tyra W. and Phillip E. Hilliard to Gregory J. Street, $510,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 3223, No. 849-Julie C. and Tristan P. Pelligrino to Ryland S. Copeland, $304,000.

MOUNT IDA AVE. W., 6-Jane A. and Eric N. Peterson to Mark V. Hutto, $960,000.

NICKY LANE, 2590-Kathryn A. and Jack F. Lane to Karen L. Garcia, $481,000.

OWEN ST. N., 606-Sandra K. and Carl M. Forti to Sandi J. and John H. Wilson, $580,000.

PATRICK ST. N., 423-Simon L. Shupak to Philip B. and Carrie L. Schuyler, $629,000.

PAYNE ST. N., 634-Ann M. Miller to Allen Zeman, $751,000.

PENDLETON ST., 902-Jennifer Gibbins to G. Steven Vanni, $465,000.

PRINCESS ST., 1312-Ellen M. Mosher to Heidi N. Sause, $650,000.

PRINCESS ST., 1320-Craig P. Witmer to Thomas P. McMahon, $625,000.

RANDOLPH AVE., 2509-Sonia E. Connor to Courtney L. and Brian T. Brownwell, $545,000.

RIPON PL., 1600-Krystyna Krasnicka to Michelle E. Seck, $383,900.

ROUNDHOUSE LANE, 1404-Julia A. Staunton to Humayun Hasan, $540,000.

SUMMERS DR., 407-Marie A. and James H. Franklin to Jeffrey A. Finkle, $725,000.

TIMBER BRANCH PKWY. E., 819-Mark R. and Jo Matthes Merrick to Daniel P. and Audrey E. Nolan, $790,000.

UHLER AVE. E., 109-Catherine Lane Martin to Edward J. Sweeney, $525,000.

UNION ST. N., 156-Steven C. Parker to Scott Greenfield, $520,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500-Eugene D. and Jean P. Milbradt, trustee, to Heidi A. Holland, $208,500.

WALNUT ST. W., 208-Kathy Z. and Thomas J. Price to Anne B. Parish, $1.175 million.

WASHINGTON ST. S., 1250, No. 105-Martha T. and Larry G. Bedsole to Jacqueline E. and Daniel Spigai, $1.1 million.

WOLFE ST., 801-Timothy J. and Elizabeth G. Barnes to Mary J. and Joseph E. Davis, $831,000.

WYTHE ST., 508-Kathleen L. Greenan to Sue F. and Charles M. Harris, $880,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

BUCHANAN ST. S., 2853-Sarah C. Shepherd to Karen L. Shaller, $454,000.

COLUMBIA PIKE, 1830, No. 414-Arturo V. Garza to Kathleen C. Healy, $364,500.

FAIRFAX DR., 4810, No. 2-Karin A. Kirchoff to Edward Lee McCarty Jr., $479,000.

FAIRFAX DR., 6924, No. 124-Roberta J. Farrell to Michael W. and Joanna P. Conroy, $449,900.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1501, No. 12-Yoko Nakade to Noureddine Benbouchta and Rachida Yajjou, $267,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1525, No. 3-Robert J. Gehrke to Sarah L. Shaw, $228,780.

GREENBRIER ST. N., 2705-Dara Toll and Evan A. Baylinson to Jennifer T. and Joseph T. Breedlove, $602,000.

HARRISON ST. N., 3101-Betty D. and James J. Kirchner to Frederick J. and Diane O. Gatchell, $769,000.

HUDSON ST. S., 15-Irene B. and Artur P.N. Lopes to Jose R. Ceballos and Angela Paula Henstridge, $669,888.

KENILWORTH ST. N., 1210-Rosemary Griffith to James Moshos and Nicholas Lagos, $930,000.

LORCOM LANE, 4019-Mary C. and Kenneth S. Schoultz to Innovative Real Estate and Services Inc., $1.25 million.

LOWELL ST. S., 2114-Kenneth and Tania Jefferson to Jose Ismael Flores, $405,000.

MADISON ST. N., 859-Kelly T. and Eric M. Nyman to Dean A. Wauson and Diane K. Baker, $658,419.

NELSON ST. S., 1316-Peggy Barker to Joel R. Rhoades, $725,000.

NOTTINGHAM ST. N., 1906-Helga Thomas to Kara M. Callahan, $544,500.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 502-Barbara R. Bradford and S. Jack O'Dell to Francis A. Lesieur, $605,600.

RICHMOND ST. N., 2653-Jean R. and J. William Broadway to Dara S. and Douglas S. Levy, $948,500.

VERNON ST. N., 1122-Todd R. Slamowitz and Christy A. Prunella to Jeffrey M. Holland and Francis A. Barbosa, $745,000.

WAYNE ST. S., 507-Isabel Virasingh to Ivan Eric Raiklin, $405,000.

THIRD ST. N., 3007-Lydia and H.L. Boihem Jr., trustees, to Nicholas J. Onufrak and Lisa A. Hare, $1.135 million.

THIRD ST. S., 5921-Luis Sandoval to Israel Antonio Alvarez, $750,000.

EIGHTH RD. S., 4701-Thomas M. Palance to Melissa Bishop and Stanley Curtis, $675,000.

11TH ST. N., 6111-Brian A. Amorosi and Siobhan C. Rausch to Kelly Blevins and Jason Matthew Knott, $655,000.

12TH ST. S., 3700-Alicia Salinas and Francisco J. Sosa to Simona and Eric S. Wexler, $560,000.

12TH ST. S., 5201-Milton Bruce Ruble to Clifford M. Krowne, $446,000.

13TH ST. S., 3115-John F. and Keri L. May to Kent and Mihee Pansiri, $505,000.

15TH PL. N., 6285-Stephen P. and Susan Owens Horneman to Abid and Abderrazak Karrakchou, $700,000.

19TH ST. N., 5111-Madge A. and William Rose Jr. to Nurul Huda Patwary and Rahela Begum, $470,000.

20TH ST. S., 1012-Henry S. Howard to Erik L. Winchester, $715,000.

20TH ST. S., 615-Darwin D. Roberts to Gregory Lambert, $748,650.

21ST ST. S., 609-Stephanie M. and Arthur S. Mirrow to Sandra K. McCannel and Robert Nicol Jr., $714,000.

25TH RD. N., 4918-Nancy M. Ovuka and Frank J. Kapriva to Suzanne Simon, $799,000.

25TH RD. N., 5118-Jane Tuttle Kuhm to Harriet B. and John A. Runkle, $700,000.

27TH ST. N., 5314-Melissa A. and Kevin R. Petty to Todd R. and Kelly V. Overman, $645,000.

29TH ST. N., 6046-Jo Ann Nutter to Carolyn Lee and Sam Ayoub, $1.3 million.

30TH ST. S., 4813, No. A1-Bernard F. and Mary C. McKay to Malloy and Catherine McDaniel, $410,000.

32ND ST. N., 5201-Dorothy V. and John P. Doyle to Jennifer Sinclair and Michael Haas, $701,000.

37TH ST. N., 4522-Patricia M. and Paul E. Bird to Ruth and Adam H. Gordon, $1.218 million.