The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BEACH VILLAGE CT., 2123-T1-Paula Klepper to Daniel F. and Debbie J. Bowen, $360,000.

CEDAR RIDGE CT., 1051-Stephen A. Schultz to Katherine A. Dutton, $275,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2110, No. 2110-202-Elvia H. Thompson to Elizabeth Szollosi, $515,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2116, No. 2116-202-Doris A. Brass to J. Arthur and Patricia S. Rush, $564,000.

COLONY DR., 1315-James D. Schwenk to Russell V. and Lisa M. Parrish, $399,900.

CRUMMELL AVE., 1255-Robin E. Jung to Nita M. Settina and Michael J. Jankiewicz, $320,000.

EDELMAR DR., 11-Kimberly A. Roberts to John F. Noone, $363,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., No. 797E-Carroll H. Hynson Jr. to Robert E. Reynolds Revocable Living Trust, $279,000.

HENSON AVE., 3235-Craig A. Weedon to Gerald F. Hunter and Mary P. Fisher, $485,000.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 316-Richard A. Owens III to Brock and Janie M. Anderson, $562,000.

STONECREEK RD., 1391-Helen R. Goldstein to Martin Holm, $380,000.

WILLOW HILL RD., 2707-2707 Willow Hill Road Corp. to Torben and Carla Agesen, $630,000.

WINSLOW CT., 14-Joseph P. Torre to Claudette M.L. McComas and Darien E. Dommel, $290,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

ALLEN DR., 2068-John Colhoun to Center Street Holdings Corp., $150,000.

ALLEN DR., 2070-John Colhoun to Center Street Holdings Corp., $200,000.

AUTUMN CHASE DR., 251-Robert W. Polk to Duane M. and Julie C. Gels, $578,550.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1937-Joyce V. Fagan to Howard Beckwith, $790,000.

BAY HEAD RD., 1576-Rhonda L. Cornelsen to Kathleen H. and Virgil F. Keith, $1.2 million.

BELLE DR., 1788, No. 4-Carrie L. Hicks to Alice Washington, $119,000.

BLOSSOM TREE DR., 414-Spectec Corp. to Paul A. Cogan and Elizabeth K. Gray, $269,900.

BURTONS COVE WAY, 612, No. 150-Mary A. Fenneman, trustee, to Kimberly A. Stewart, $355,000.

CANAL LANE, 607-James J. Mandrin to Mark E. and Mindy L. Prager, $1.012 million.

CAPE ST. CLAIRE RD., 1327-Mary M. Lavoie to Robert M. and Mary F. Stern, $430,000.

CEDAR PARK RD., 1618-Charlotte A. Chenoweth, trustee, to Wayne C. and Gretchen B. Bretsch, $351,000.

COACHWAY, 880-Robert T. Peters to Rodney H. and Deborah C. Fisk, $940,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 1940-Gloria J. Kerstetter to Heather H. Holme, $301,000.

FORT HILL CT., 1203-Bradley W. Dellenbaugh to Jeffrey G. and Meghan A. Shipman, $725,000.

GENESSEE ST., 605, No. 15-Milos P. Kraus to Melanie Joiner, $165,000.

HAMPTON RD., 1160-Larry D. Jefferies to Miles G. and Veronica L. Alvarez, $269,900.

HARBOR DR., 2119-Florent B. Hughes to William F. and Virginia K. Jones, $785,000.

HILLTOP DR., 1201-Robert F. Burns Jr. to William L. and Debra L. Kampsen, $355,000.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 617-Douglas Hayden to Patricia A. Knight, $245,000.

MCKENDREE AVE., 114-John D. Harris to Shane E. and Jennifer D. Thompson, $420,000.

NATIVE DANCER CT., 1590-Mark A. Stockett to Courtney Wagner, $147,000.

PENNINGTON LANE N., 1315-Thomas W. Hall to KKHI Deep Creek Villas Inc., $500,000.

PURITAN TER., 2019, No. 140-Stephanie L. Brocato to John J. Shanley, $345,000.

QUIET WATER COVE, 2608, No. 261-Margaret R. Thomas, trustee, to Noveleene Broderick, $286,900.

RIVA RD., 2570, No. 11C-Hester White to Christopher Schneck, $170,000.

RIVA RD., 2716-John D. Rivera to Jenny L. and Harold Bausum, $300,000.

SNOW GOOSE LANE, 607-Peter D. Lima Jr. to Shubhangi and Harsha Mehta, $440,000.

SOUTHGATE AVE., 7-Michael J. Mulligan to Eileen F. Fox, $1.3 million.

ST. MARYS ST., 7-Barbara Openshaw to Michael B. and Lori Rettig, $725,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2707, No. 7101-C.J. Mumme to Rolando and Chantalle R. Romero, $272,900.

WOOD TREE CT. W., 1642-Karen Buoncristiano to Jacqueline L. Ayersman, $254,000.

SECOND ST., 120-John E. Melton to Land Research Associates Corp., $90,000.

SECOND ST., 120-Land Research Associates Corp. to William C. Chastain and Diana White Hanback, $126,500.

Arnold Area

ANDREW HILL RD., 609, No. 34-Ronald A. Rogers to Gregory A. and Nancy D. Master, $439,000.

ARGYLL DR., 1341-Carl A. Muly to James M. and Jennifer D. Whitney, $685,000.

BRADFORD AVE., 815-Michael R. Byle to James J. McNair, $309,900.

BUENA VISTA AVE., 329-Steven J. Marciniak to Diana G. Cox, $120,000.

CARRONADE WAY, 354-Trever P. Travis to Craig Grube, $217,000.

ELEANOR LANE, 489-Leonardo Cortes Nendza to Kevin and P. Rachel Velasco, $364,900.

HARBOUR GLEN CT., 1240-Kenneth R. Wiggins to Jonathan Parry and Michelle L. Galvin, $1.35 million.

LAUREL VALLEY CT., 452, No. 1-Ronald C. Hokemeyer to Ron M. Allen and Jayne E. Shatz, $319,900.

OAKMONT CT., 513, No. 82-Jeffcoat Family Limited Partnership to Carrie Asplen, $288,000.

PLACID CT., 1035-Margaret Williams to Nelson Laconich and Virginia Ellis, $583,343.

SHORE ACRES RD., 1061-Barry R. Gosnell to Chad S. and William B. Smith, $1.15 million.

SPOT CLUB RD., 108-Robert J. Kollet to Sheri A. Bellow, trustee, $835,000.

VOLLEY CT., 361-Ronnie G. Gollehon to David Eldridge, $180,000.

WICKLIFF PL., 421-Joshua K. River to Michael T. and Elizabeth T. Murphy, $369,000.

Brooklyn Area

BALLMAN AVE., 5402-Jeremiah C. Gray to Ventzislav T. Valtchev, $211,000.

BISHOP AVE., 227-Spectec Corp. to Faustina Hill, $164,400.

BRIAN ST., 604-Andrew L. Twigg to James E. Francis, $235,000.

BROOKWOOD RD., 5124-Charles T. Mulligan to Preston X. Kemp and Tina M. Fortino Kemp, $80,000.

GROVE PARK RD., 202-Anthony R. Sim Sr. to Janice M. Ferragamo and Lawrence J. Hooper Jr., $62,400.

HILLCREST AVE., 212-Elizabeth V. Ferreri to Betty L. Whitfill, $155,000.

LYNBROOK RD., 5908-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Chevera Brooks, $225,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 187-Bruce Schultz to Stephanie Briggs Poore, $115,000.

FIRST AVE., 1-Capital Area Corp. to Herman H. Wilson Jr., $224,900.

14TH AVE., 103-Stanley P. Stawas to Shelley Stawas and Susan Householder, $170,000.

Churchton Area

CARVEL ST., 5508-David S. Smith to Francis R. and Theresa E. Mudd, $212,500.

GLOUCESTER ST., 5569-Alan Fiterman to Douglas T. Hartley and Linda G. Hill, $475,000.

HARFORD ST., 5531-Edward V. Charters to Christopher P. and Joanne E. Guy, $299,950.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1722, No. 11D-George B. Rusche to Jacqueline R. Parker, $247,000.

AIRY HILL CT., 1611, No. 9A-Kirk Karwoski to Robert and Lauren Rowe, $220,000.

BELLEFIELD CT., 1702-Vincent M. Weber to James J. and Tracey L. O'Connor, $385,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 1984, No. 32-Karen L. Markley to Joseph N. Ngueneba and Julian A. Sirri, $255,000.

CHARING CROSS DR., 1114-Timothy A. Spencer to Stephen and Amy M. Dolina, $549,900.

CROSSGATE DR., 2115-John K. Werre to Lawrence W. and Julie A. Priebe, $600,000.

ETON WAY, 1507-Thomas A. Marbury to Raymond J. and Julie Marie Harvey, $590,000.

ETON WAY, 1648-Lawrence E. Ellis to Donald P. and Patricia L. Ayres, $564,900.

GRANITE CT., 1709, No. 35-Anke C. Sullivan to Eudora E. Parker, $184,500.

HEATHER PL., 1610, No. 18-Nick M. Pittas to Keith Wai Kee and Rebecca Y. Mui, $271,900.

HIGHTEE CT., 2420-Hubert A. Jenneskens, trustee, to Debi and Troy Keith, $611,000.

HYANNIS LANE, 2424-Edwin M. Watson to John and Jill Hosinski, $337,000.

JUDICIAL WAY, 1826-Denise P. Berman to Michael and Adrienne Roth, $459,900.

LESH CT., 2502-James F. Post to Cyril G. and Pauline Hardy, $345,000.

MONTAUK DR., 2304-Charles J. Shriner to Kristi K. Rocha, $304,000.

NEEDHAM CT., 1254, No. 23A-Mark A. Ledbetter to Carrie A. Snidar and Chad Aleshire, $291,750.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1608, No. 130-Trevor Gillespie to Joseph P. and Jamie D. Iskow, $260,500.

PAWLET DR., 2040, No. 32D-Deborah A. Ondek to Callie B. Wickline, $255,000.

PUTNAM LANE, 2319-Brian A. Smith to Kristin G. and Christopher F. Lonegro, $546,900.

RIEDEL RD., 1623, No. 9-Dianne L. Sams to Steven and Shelane M. Toal, $225,400.

SHAFTSBURY AVE., 1793-C. Douglas Faison to Mark D. and Danielle M. Jensen, $475,000.

STOW CT., 2567, No. 52-Douglas M. Deavers to Camvan Ozler, $360,000.

STRONGS CT., 2706-Thomas Saskiewicz to Maureen P. Ellis, $610,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2513-Daniel E. Jarrell to Michael S. Belz, $295,700.

WALDEN DR., 2523-Richard J. Otero Jr. to Ronald S. and Deborah I. Alexandrowicz, $460,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2559-Linda D. Springer to Andrew R. Shanahan, $350,000.

Crownsville Area

DIGGS RD., 981-Michael J. Ellison to Marc T. and Phoebe S. Gilbert, $850,000.

FOREST TRAIL E., 324-David W. Stevens Jr. to Mark and Marilyn M. Brody, $250,000.

LONG POINT RD., 273-Pierre Bely to Marquis D. McClure, $980,000.

OAK TRAIL, 819-Emily E. Connell to Susan R. Connell, $240,000.

RIDGE PL., 1123-Francine C. Boyce to Donald Boyce, $520,000.

SEVERNVIEW DR., 1131-George W. Hilton III to Christopher C. Woodin and Laureli G. Rodgers, $355,000.

WALNUT TRAIL, 362-Michael R. Cunningham to Ellen R. Vieyra and David M. Pulz, $280,000.

WILD CRANBERRY CT., 1434-Lawrence E. Bungor to Steven and Linda Williams, $1.245 million.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESTNUT COVE DR., 897-Edward T. Jackson to Jaday Investments Corp., $220,000.

COX COVE CT., 1309, No. 431-Brian M. Gossman to Renata D. Freburger, $260,000.

GARDENVIEW CT., 7120-Marc T. Dare to Charles N. and Patricia K. Hahn, $250,000.

PARK PL., 1008-Charles F. Boblitz to Charles E. and Nancy L. Robbins, $259,900.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1375, No. 374-Tobey L. Patterson to Cal F. and Mendy S. Waits, $265,000.

SEASIDE CT., 7885, No. 300-Laurie L. Denne to Vickie Mick, $243,000.

STONEY BEACH WAY, 1522, No. 95-Aaron Bruchis to M.L. Mitchell, $238,000.

WATERWAY CT., 1314, No. 181-Kempa M. Carriere to James P. Muglie, $300,000.

Davidsonville Area

GREEN ASH RD., 3298-Andrew Herman to Richard P. and Eleanor T. Minor, $800,000.

LAVALL DR., 1299-John T. Dunn to Howard S. and Kari L. Marks, $690,000.

VALHALLA RD., 3748-Homes of Finley Inc. to Jeffrey Warren, $350,000.

Deale Area

TYLER POINT RD., 709-Ida Norman to John R. and Tina L. Severson, $239,000.

TYLER POINT RD., 715-B.A. Rojahn to John E. Fletcher Jr. and Tara A. Hamilton, $300,000.

FIFTH ST., 5972-Christopher Guy to Lucinda Sheckels, $236,000.

Edgewater Area

CEDAR GROVE RD., 318-Stephen L. Casey to RMG Investments Inc., $150,000.

COLONY POINT PL., 332-Harry C. Blumenthal to Raymond A. and Irma J. Beirne, $519,000.

GRANGE RD., 1623-T.P. Friend to Jerome J. Steinbach and Vanessa J. Arnold, $318,000.

HAVRE DE GRACE DR., 1718-Donna L. Russell to Brian E. Kloby, $141,437.

HILLTOP RD., 1618-Oliver Leinemann to Michael E. and Kathleen J. Meyer, $370,000.

HOLLY AVE., 876-Richard L. Clow Jr. to Annette Cassanese, $299,900.

MILLSTONE DR., 1607-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Meghan Winlack, $190,000.

MONARCH DR., 3435-John E. Skowronski to Donald M. and Darlene R. Howe, $949,900.

OLDTOWN RD., 1642-Michael R. Gonzales to Andrea Wilson, $200,000.

ROCKHOLD RD., 1600-Joseph Vito to Craig J. Fiore, $235,000.

SHORE DR., 819-Albert W. Owens to Frank and Nancy Dimauro, $150,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 4103-Jerry M. Earl to Neven A. Popvic, $825,000.

Friendship Area

FRIENDSHIP RD., 480-John H. Bailey to Richard and Lisa Burkhart, $650,000.

Galesville Area

BENNING RD., 1025-James E. Moreland to Douglas Monteleone, $400,000.

Gambrills Area

FLOWERING TREE LANE, 2430-William C. Frey to Jessie W. and Cynthia E. Thornton, $318,000.

MAYTIME DR., 2312-Mitzi L. Hannebohn to Dainna L. and Kevin P. Bowlin, $303,000.

MOUNT TABOR RD., 2407-Ralph E. Bolin to Mount Tabor Corp., $700,000.

PREAKNESS DR., 1682-Carmine M. Volpe to Zebbie D. and Joan S. Atkinson, $670,000.

SNOW VALLEY LANE, 869-Joan E. Dodge to West River Investments Corp., $315,000.

WINTERGREEN WAY, 2496-John H. Hildebrand to Gregory and Jennifer Lowe, $351,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ANDOVER RD., 314-Eric T. Gauger to Soumaya and Ziad Shaalan, $149,000.

CASTLE RD., 803-Miguel A. Reyes to Maria R. Montenegro, $233,000.

CLEAR DROP CT., 6526, No. 303-Jaimie E. Tavenner to Kristian J. and Cindy M. Lamothe, $190,000.

COLONIAL KNOLL, 6444-Carolos R. Diaz to Kip Reinheimer and Sarah L. Moody, $134,000.

CORNELL CT., 468-468 Cornell Court Corp. to Benyam Samuel and Jill S. Harding, $212,000.

DELMAR AVE., 416-Daniel A. Edmondson to James S. and Cathy A. Edmondson,


FERNDALE AVE., 6-John P. Shay Jr. to Barbara A. McWilliams and Marion R. Booth, $225,000.

FORTUNE CT., 613-Thomas J. Frey to Samantha K. Yu, $224,000.

FOXBRIDGE DR., 7913-Michael Stanson to Jong Son and In Young Yun, $249,000.

HOLLYBROOK RD., 7504-Cendant Mobility Services Corp. to Brian E. Hansel and Carrie Heffington, $305,000.

LARSEN ST., 5806-Charles Carey Jr. to Rita S. Vollerhausen, $277,000.

LENNON CT., 12-Kenny H. Kelly Sr. to Esho and Tania M. Joseph, $355,000.

MAJESTY GLEN, 370-James A. Ryba, trustee, to James F. and Lucinda A. Salmon, $325,000.

NOLBERRY DR., 616-R. Elaine Rounsley to Anthony J. and Stephanie M. Bizzaro, $325,000.

OAKWOOD RD., 1014-Betty A. Backes to John L. and Judith M. Holt, $267,000.

PHIRNE RD. E., 7982-Carole M. Gibson to Dolores Javier Diaz, $320,000.

SHETLANDS LANE, 316-Paul G. Willinghan Jr. to Bonnie L. Flannery, $210,000.

SPRITE WAY, 665-Jerry W. Mills to Towana N. Green, $237,000.

TALLY CT., 942-Ronald L. Gurnsey to Brian A. Hough, $268,000.

THIRD AVE. SW, 429-Michael Gayhardt to Thomas and Ashley Harig, $277,000.

NINTH AVE. NW, 15-Louise L. Trumbetas to Roger D. and Kelly R. Sayer, $205,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BUSKIN LANE, 6611-Kevin Butschky to Brian Kruszewski, $270,000.

COTTER RD., 720-Anthony Giunta III to Tina L. Bast, $205,000.

DORCHESTER RD., 107-Terri L. Mathers to RMG Investments Inc., $148,000.

DUMBARTON RD., 1025-North Arundel Properties Corp. to Chad D. Lane, $219,000.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6505-William A. Manchini to Terrence J. Mulich Jr., $269,900.

GENINE DR., 1024-Claudia L. Bankert to Robert P. and Melissa L. Montroy, $225,000.

HAMMARLEE RD., 257-Rene J. Barresi to Capital Redevelopment Corp., $345,000.

LEIGH RD., 7733-Gustavo Flores to Anthony S. Sampler, $330,000.

M ST. NE, 431-Michael J. Eder Jr. to William and Kristen Sherfey, $150,000.

MARLEY STATION RD., 114-Harold C. Groom to Michael and Tracey Daman, $295,000.

NORMAN RD., 1912-GHT Investments Corp. to Michael L. Brown, $210,000.

OPEL RD., 610-Gregory E. Salisbury to Serena Andrews, $297,000.

QUEEN ANNE RD., 6-Dennis Smith to Mary L. Albright and Bryant R. Ried, $160,000.

SOUTH SHORE DR., 890-Richard H. Wilson Sr. to Denise L. and John D. O'Donnell, $339,900.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 210, No. 102-Carole V. Clarke to Clifton E. Hayes III, $173,900.

THOMPSON AVE., 285-Kenneth G. Jamerson Sr. to Lawrence McKnight and Brenda Duret, $102,059.

WARSAW AVE., 7717-Richard E. Golanski to Donald Bolander, $75,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 201, No. 202-Thelma R. Lawson to Robert A. Bickel and Marla K. Williams, $194,900.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 103, No. 302-Kelly McClain to Angel T. Anderson, $177,000.

SEVENTH AVE. NE, 306-Hugh J. Mullaly to Mark J. and Mary Motley, $254,000.

Hanover Area

FAIRBANKS CT., 7601-Frank R. Romero Jr. to Shani Fleming, $229,900.

Harwood Area

POLLING HOUSE RD., 361-Joseph B. Brady to Robert J. and Debra L. Etkins, $525,000.

Jessup Area

JESSUP RD., 2893-Joseph P. Butts to Richard C. and Julie I. Vogt, $369,000.

Laurel Area

FLOATING LEAF LANE, 3555, No. C203-Amir Ikram to Jeffrey J. Pfister, $220,000.

FOREST HAVEN DR., 3551-Oscar D. Salazar to Jaime E. and Viola Foronda, $450,000.

KOKOMO CT., 402-Choun B. Kim to Young Lim, $350,000.

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3624-Michael A. Hatley to Lavon K. and Gary L. Heffner, $250,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3463-Cheryl E. Parker to Anthony T. Hemphill and Crystal D. Boney, $260,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 233-Marvin A. Guevara to Freddy U. Guevara, $285,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 338-Mary C. Messinese to Julio N. Centeno and Azucena G. Lopez, $285,000.

PATUXENT LANDING LOOP, 8014-Nathaniel D. Holland to Cheryl Joseph Sonceau and Jacquelin F. Sonceau, $530,000.

PATUXENT LANDING LOOP, 8030-Ulysses M. Currie to Vincent A. and Hazel A. Hiza, $535,000.

SPADDERDOCK WAY, 8309-Liangming Wu to Rhonda G. Golden, $270,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

CHARLES RD., 8-Joann M. Argentino to Curt A. Windmiller, $259,900.

FOREST VIEW RD., 601-Charles M. Berberich to Alison R. Brown, $270,000.

GAYLE DR., 450-Harry J. Dombroski to John and Ivy Medcalf, $335,000.

MAPLE RD. W., 429-Ray W. Schoeneman to Frank J. Scott Jr., $266,000.

Lothian Area

BROOKS WOODS RD., 5606-Roger D. Duelley to Roger D. and Mabel A. Duelley, $70,000.

FIORENZA DR., 912-John J. Little to Steven L. Caudle, $640,000.

TRAVELLER CT., 616-William K. McKenzie to Donald B. and Barbara B. Messenger, $780,000.

Millersville Area

LAZYWOOD CT., 331-Wayne A. Nissen to Ronald L. and Julie T. Siefert, $669,000.

MONCTON CT., 303-Raymond L. Reed to Margaret A. Miller and Robert W. Laura, $336,000.

OBRECHT RD., 337-Lynda N.L. Yagodka to Michael A. and Kara J. Leahy, $249,000.

OLD MILL RD., 523-Diane M. Touart to Christopher G. Burrus and Fara Page Abrams, $330,000.

North Beach Area

WALNUT AVE., 1066-John W. Winkler to Walter E. and Joanna R. St. Clair, $160,000.

Odenton Area

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 8747-Amie Jo Davis to Jessica Lynn Duggan, $297,000.

BEECHNUT PL., 2423-Marc Blair to Robert A. and Shira Roth, $315,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2443, No. 203-Wayne W. Benny to Lance R. Benny and Jennifer L. Dolney, $230,000.

BRIGADIER BLVD., 2006-Yong C. Fazio to Donnie L. and Johnetta Thurston, $384,900.

CHAPELVIEW DR., 1322-Betty A. Johnson to Carri L. and Christopher G. Campbell, $170,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2200, No. 209-Herman Redman to Mercy Padilla Cirino and Jose Cirino, $313,000.

COMMODORE CT., 2110, No. 295-Wesley P. Tavera to Tawanna J. Runner, $259,900.

CONQUEST WAY, 2254, No. 24-Christopher Roberson to Annie S. Blackwell, $285,000.

GATEHOUSE LANE, 308, No. 308D-Sandra Foster to Tia Hardeman, $190,000.

GLEBE CREEK WAY, 1705, No. 90-Christopher S. Saulter to Peter W. and Jennifer E. Zumwalt, $289,900.

IMPERIAL SQ., 534, No. 18-Rufus R. Foutz III to Christopher J. Kirk, $239,000.

INDIAN SUMMER DR., 2247-Leslie Courchaine to Parinya Arunyavikun and Atchara Ngamsomjan, $309,000.

MEADOWMIST WAY, 530, No. 6-530-Rochelle Powder to Alison S. Whitmash, $269,000.

MILITIA PL., 130, No. 123-Norman C. Grahe to Emmanuel Adeniran, $300,000.

OAK LEAF CT., 2718-Thomas C. Moore to Steven M. and Ellen Talson, $244,900.

PINECOVE AVE., 116, No. 9-Penelope A. Marshall to Catherine T. Brown and Katherine M. Davis, $305,000.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 256, No. 38-Stephanie E. Gorman to Diane Grooms, $326,000.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2616-Chad R. Houck to Earl W. and Marjorie T. Cole, $366,800.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2508-Roger D. Hockensmith to Alison C. Gordon, $289,500.

TENBROOK RD., 1323-Ralph J. Musser Jr. to John Musser, $180,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8639-Bruce W. Bryant to Somieh Rezakhan and Amin Amertousi, $253,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8649-Susan M. Rhan to Rachael H. Guntzel, $245,550.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8650-Julie B. Peterson to John F. and Kathleen D. Dawson, $235,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

CEDARLEA DR., 5134-Patricia R. Richards to David J. Moore, $399,640.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPALACHIAN DR., 8204-Joseph T. Hill to Wayne M. Muzik, $216,000.

APPALACHIAN DR., 8225-Faith M. Bothoff to Uchendu Offurum, $265,000.

BAR HARBOR RD., 78-Mark G. Lowry to Tammy L. Kungis, $249,900.

BAYSIDE BEACH RD., 1725-Daniel J. Fraunhoffer to Richard M. and Kathy M. Antlitz, $425,000.

BEACHWOOD RD., 238-Karl E.G. Anderson Sr. to Paul W. Paesch, $688,000.

BELL TOWER CROSS, 8198-Ronald C. Dillon Jr. to B.G. Leachman, $595,000.

BOOTH BAY HARBOUR, 1158-Charles J.A. Schulte to Eric B. Johnson and Nicole S. Ward, $245,000.

BRUMMEL RD., 4021-Carroll Gaither to Ameri Star Homes Inc., $250,000.

CENTERGATE CT., 7847-Lori L. Enright to Sean Ryan Fitzgerald, $280,000.

COOL BREEZE CT., 346-Sanat N. Doshi to Gale L. Mitchell, $249,900.

COTTAGE GROVE DR., 101-Jimmy V. McCloud to Stephen A. Adegbite, $270,000.

CUTLER HARBOUR, 1013-George C. Whitaker to Antonio and Tiffany Staffiero, $307,500.

DAVENPORT CT., 3503, No. A-Claire A. Lambkin to Paula M. Belz, $136,000.

DERO DR., 7848-Beth A. Nolan to Catalina L. Phippen, $312,600.

EAST RD., 7819-George W. Wood to Christopher C. and Isabel M. Schipper, $185,000.

FERNHILL AVE., 7848-Scott A. Brown to Robert B. Myers, $270,000.

GEORGE WILLING AVE., 8016-Jeffrey M. Wiseman to Eric Ziolkowski, $319,900.

GLENCREST TER., 1226-Donald T. Leuschner Jr. to Thomas and Cathleen Hall, $699,900.

GUERDON CT., 1562-David R. Kniess to Gary W. Helmick, $350,000.

HANDEL CT., 3652, No. 96-Sherry Shaw Vasquez to Theodore Turnblacer and Michael Ruppert, $195,000.

HENSHAW LANE, 4715-Michael K. Mahoney to Michael L. and Kristin F. Bloom, $544,900.

HIGHVIEW RD., 8079-Ray W. Gilliss Jr. to Richard A. and Donald W. Smith, $470,000.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1284-Steve Allen Foland to Mark P. and Wendy J. Olson, $219,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 159-B. Eleanor Krokos to Louis Golis and Jerry Heins, $400,000.

LITTLE MARVEL CT., 403-Stephen P. Graham to Garet L. Howard and Jacqueline L. Baer, $581,000.

LITTLETON WAY, 3391, No. 3A-Karen L. Miller to Kevin J. Wajek, $172,000.

LONG HILL RD., 8055-Henry Baquol to Marilyn A. Payne, $364,900.

MAGOTHY BRIDGE RD., 335-Joel H. Meshorer to Theodore J. and Margaret A. Lidz, $885,000.

MEADOW VIEW RD., 1219-William C. Trevillian to George and Gayle Kirchenbauer, $460,000.

MIDDLEGATE CT., 7736-Roni M. Garland to Richard J. and Christine E. Renfro, $215,900.

MILBURN CIR., 18-William F. Cieslak to Scott R. and Julia A. Wicks, $595,000.

MONTCLAIR DR., 1303-Kara Mae Brady to Howard Leslie Warfield, $225,000.

MOUNT DR., 1139-Kathleen P. Davis to Geoffrey Ennis, $160,000.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 7-John J. Herbert Jr. to Mark S. and Valerie J. Tress, $349,900.

NOTLEY CT., 1091-Jorge Castillo to Joseph E. Latham, $199,900.

OUTING AVE., 7814-Bruce A. Downs to Allan S. and Vicky L. Parrish, $269,900.

PASSAMAQUODY HARBOUR, 1020-Paul J. Macuirles to Heather L. Davis, $230,000.

PIKE RD., 227-Larry E. Mossman to William F. and Darlene D. Cieslak, $575,000.

QUIET RIDGE CT., 226-Jaday Investments Corp. to John Stover and Shana Gladstone, $265,000.

ROSE CROWN CIR., 2959-Steven S. Lapier to Louis C. Brown Jr., $289,750.

SAGAMORE CT., 2808-David C. Pierce to Margarita O. Herrera and Enrique G. Gonzalez, $486,000.

SAGAMORE WAY, 8124-Howard J. Beckett to Christian and Bridget Jakovics, $485,000.

SAIL CT., 8331-Bryan P. Athey to Tobey L. Patterson and Joseph F. Baker, $479,900.

SAYBROOK HARBOUR, 1052-M. Morgan to Cynthia L. Wonderling, $234,900.

SHADY NOOK CT., 8256-Brian T. Stolar to Brandon J. and Stephanie Porter, $264,000.

STROHM DR., 187-Joseph M. Holman to Scott A. and Laura P. Brown, $390,000.

WILLOWBY RUN, 723-Susan J. Adams to Robert L. Langley Sr., $230,000.

WILLOWBY RUN, 753-Gershon Hoffer to Herbert E. Chisholm, $225,000.

WYE DR., 1774-Ernest J. Donaldson Jr. to Randy and Tammy Walker, $380,000.

11TH ST., 179-William N. O'Connell to William H. and Tamae L. Custer, $350,000.

12TH ST., 185-William H. Seuss III to James F. Smith Jr., $285,000.

213TH ST., 677-Jeffrey B. Critchfield to Tammy and James Keith, $312,500.

225TH ST., 748-Dawn M. Blackburn to Albert P. Bembe Jr., $234,900.

Riva Area

BRECKENRIDGE CIR., 1326-Sheila R. Leone to Con M. Errico, $431,000.

CENTRE RD., 3061-David M. Barber to Scott T. Lawson, $379,900.

ESCAPADE CT., 1392, No. 1444-James F. Feddon, trustee, to Randall S. Carter, $410,000.

RIVA RD., 3774-Robert A. Barnett to Harwood Homes Inc., $330,000.

WESTBURY DR., 361-Thomas I. Eisiminger to Jude D. Breitwieser and Judith J. Reid, $570,000.

WESTBURY DR., 367-Joan W. Tomasello, trustee, to Steven F. and Catherine B. Kellogg, $530,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1960, No. 2H-Wesley C. Redd to Eddy E. Pinto and Belci M. Cordon Pinto, $102,000.

BURNS CROSSING RD., 206-Terry L. Atas to Suzanne R. and George P. Robertson, $355,900.

DELMONT RD., 1248-Gerard T. Sigismonti to Gerard F. Bush and Christopher T. Sigismonti, $290,000.

DENSON DR., 110-Ellwood S. Harvey to Jean M. Neville, $231,223.

GRAINFIELD RD., 8221-Frank S. Stackhouse to Maurice L. and Rose M. Baldwin, $200,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7907, No. 133-Lenora M. Queen to Linda O. and Kwasi Yirenkyi, $295,500.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7911, No. 131-Lee E. Squires to Tariq Mahmood and Rukhshanda Najmi, $275,000.

JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1767-Kristin L. White to Albert and Patricia Hillian, $163,500.

LENORA LANE, 8306-Hobert C. Downin to Renee Reda, $237,500.

MONTECRISTO CT., 352-Jennifer R. Novak to John W. and Ana Bangs, $500,000.

PIONEER DR., 8351, No. 9A-Pioneer Associates Inc. to Lalchand Ramcharran, $77,300.

PIONEER DR., 8508, No. 6E-Jerry Carson to William M. and Ernestine Ziegler, $90,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1840-Erik B. Neumann to Brent J. and Theresa M. Legere, $310,000.

QUEENSTOWN RD., 483-Kenneth R. Jones to Beverly J. Cornish and Joyce Forrester, $225,000.

ROBIN CT., 1852, No. 6-John D. Cawthorne to Kirby D. Harley and Gary Murdock, $120,000.

SEA PINE CIR., 1711, No. 148-Virgil A. Baker to Ralanda Miller, $305,000.

STEVENSON RD., 858-Elton McComas Jr. to Duane M. and Denise A. Boswell,


THRUSH MEADOW PL., 7904, No. 3-Eranie G. Taylor to Yih Juin Pan, $255,000.

WEST VIRGINIA AVE., 107-Jean Marie Neville to Stephen and Joy Neal, $384,900.

Severna Park Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 520-Won Lee to Thomas Cesky, $390,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 776-Tracy N. Miracle to Joseph D. and Victoria Burke, $365,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 861-Mabel White to Craig Boyko, $550,000.

BENFIELD RD., 302-Donald A. Miller to John and Carol Minion, $434,000.

CREEK RD., 651-Marianne Brandon to John R. and Joyce L. Mackley, $1.55 million.

DIVIDING RD., 748-William R. Howard Jr. to Douglas George and Susan Wagner, $375,000.

HARTMAN DR., 406-George Gibson to Robert C. and Sheri L. Smith, $640,000.

JEREMY CT., 513-Robert J. Hallet to John W. Liccione, $420,000.

NORFOLK ST., 316-Thomas Hall to Brian McCloskey, $467,000.

SEVERN AVE., 132-Roy F. Niederberger to Julie Barrett, $255,000.

SOUTH DR., 342-Jerry Roberts to Donald D. Brazeal, $373,000.

Shady Side Area

ASPEN ST., 4905-Eugene T. Eichelberger to Melissa Kovalakides, $232,500.

CEDARHURST RD., 1510-Michael E. Hartkopf to Bradley W. Robinson and Lindsay A. Dove, $213,000.

FELLNER DR., 1749-Jeffery L. Alderson Sr. to William H. and Christina T. Winston, $543,000.

JORDAN DR., 1350-Wallace R. Josephson to Thomas R. and Michele L. Moreland, $300,000.

SNUG HARBOR RD., 1537-Michael E. O'Donnell to Mario and Alyssa Repole, $428,000.

STEAMBOAT RD., 1280-David M. Horrell to Steamboat Road Corp., $148,330.

Tracys Landing Area

SHORE DR., 6208-Francis R. Mudd III to Shari L. and Joseph C. Collinson, $615,000.