The following were among cases handled recently by the Washington Humane Society. The society operates its own shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW and the District's shelter at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730 or visit

Great Dane Gets a New Start

NEW YORK AVE. NE, 1200 block, Sept. 26. A Maryland man took a black Great Dane to the D.C. shelter, saying his son had found it as a stray. Animal control arranged for the dog to have surgery for a uterine infection.

Shelter staff determined from the dog's condition that it had had many litters. It also had calluses on its elbows, indicating it probably had recently lived in a concrete kennel. The dog, estimated to be about 8 years old, was made available for adoption.

Feral Cat's Caretaker Found

SEVENTH ST. NW, 4400 block, Sept. 25. An animal control officer caught a feral cat that reportedly had been stuck on a roof for two weeks. The cat had an ear mark indicating that it had been neutered and had a feral-cat caretaker. The caregiver was found and the cat was returned.

Terrier Mix Taken In

MATTHEWSON DR. NW, 4200 block, Oct. 1. A woman who assumed that a reddish animal hiding under a bush in her yard was a fox shooed it away with a broom. The animal, a border terrier mix, ran and hid under a car. An animal control officer caught the dog and took it to the D.C. shelter, where it was awaiting contact by an owner or adoption.

Abuse Investigation Conducted

HARVARD ST. NW, 700 block, Oct. 3. Investigating a report about a barking dog left outside for long periods, Humane Society officers found a shepherd mix chained to a fence. Before getting out of their van, the officers saw a woman hit the dog on the head with a broomstick. She said this was the only way to keep it quiet. The dog continued barking, and when the officers saw the woman's son approach it with the broomstick, they stopped him. The dog was impounded. The woman's husband later called the society to claim the dog, denying his wife would ever hit it. The man was told the dog would not be released until an investigation was completed.

Neighbor Shelters Puppy

BENNING RD. SE, 5000 block, Sept. 17. Police called the Humane Society after finding a pit bull puppy in a van. When a society officer arrived, the dog's owner was telling police that she was moving to a relative's house with her cat and dog, but the relative would only allow the cat indoors. As they were talking, a neighbor approached and offered to let the dog stay in her home.

A Doghouse for Displaced Dogs

ANACOSTIA RD. SE, 200 block, Sept. 30. Investigating a call about dogs kept chained in a yard, a Humane Society officer found a terrier mix and a basset hound mix tied in a yard with access to water but without shelter. The dogs' owner said she was an evacuee from New Orleans and was staying with a relative who would not allow the animals indoors. The officer said the dogs could not be kept chained and suggested that the woman have the fence repaired so the dogs could be loose in the yard. Several days later, the officer returned and found that the fence had been fixed and that the dogs were unchained in the yard. The officer gave the woman a doghouse to provide shelter for the animals.

Rabbit Is Abandoned

SPRINGFIELD, VA., Oct. 1. A rabbit was abandoned in front of a house by a person in a vehicle. A resident gave the animal to an acquaintance who works at the D.C. shelter. The rabbit was held at the shelter awaiting contact by an owner or transfer to a rabbit rescue group.

Animals Available for Adoption

The Humane Society will show dogs and cats that are available for adoption from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at Metro Pet Shop, 4220 Fessenden St. NW. Adoption fees are $70 for cats and begin at $100 for dogs. For information, call 202-576-6013.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS