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Recent excerpts:

On a question about whether the county Board of Supervisors is vulnerable politically on the issue of development:

"The reason our region is booming is because it offers jobs, great public education and good quality of life. But there's a point at which more development means diminishing returns, i.e., horrible traffic, overcrowded schools and parks and degraded air and water quality. Sadly I fear our county has hit that point."

"I strongly disagree with the sentiment that there has been too much development in Fairfax County . . . I think there is a huge need for more well-planned higher density developments along the proposed Dulles corridor Metro route. This is happening in Reston but there needs to be more [affordable] developments in McLean and Vienna."

"The vast majority of my neighbors think that the Board of Supervisors cater to their developer friends."

"Citizens who get their three minutes at the microphone at board public hearings firmly believe they are speaking to the wind. The decision to approve a development project has been made long before the hearing date. Citizens would like to believe there is a level playing field. There is a field all right, but the players are not those citizens who devote their time, energy and money in hopes of preserving their neighborhood."

"I think the Board of Supervisors is trying to do what is best for the county, and in doing so they become an easy target for civic groups who have tunnel vision. The county has needs that need to be addressed, and the Board of Supervisors has a responsibility to address those needs and they do a good job at it. It may mean that some citizens don't get exactly what they want, so they choose to attack the board instead of trying to be constructive and be part of the solution. Until these civic groups learn that they can have more success trying to be part of the solution, there will always be hard feelings between them and the board."

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