The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

BROAD MEADOW LANE NE, 12050-Sau Bun Yeung to Bruce T. and Karen K. Pham, $888,088.

CHAPEL ESTATES DR., 11841-William Nolan Deehan to Ernest M. and Julie L. Graham, $1.2 million.

CHERRY TREE DR., 7402-Jon T. Schlicht to David A. and Katrina J. Roarty, $400,000.

CHERRY TREE DR., 7414-Suzanne C. Goll to Francis Timothy and Joanne Roarty, $500,000.

MOONSAILS LANE N., 6013-N.M. Thorsvik to Feng Ye and Yan Xu, $635,000.

Columbia Area

BLADE GREEN LANE, 8910-Benjamin Oshman to Mark A. Howera and Raissa J. Howera, $315,000.

BLADE GREEN LANE SE, 8971-Erika Ramirez to Robert and Sabrina Hendricks, $460,000.

BLUE STONE CT. S., 8418-Seth D. O'Brien to Brian and Nora Taylor, $417,000.

BUSHWOOD WAY S., 10989-David W. Bittner to Stephen Mongelli, $253,895.

CARRIAGE HOUSE LANE NW, 9130-Tahera Z. Jafari to Pamela S. and Joseph Ballo, $370,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9575-Thomas R. Rosser to Aimee J. Lundstrom, $290,000.

CONSTANT COURSE S., 9003-David E. Scott to Robert Michael Hackley and Matthew Vincent Unkle, $349,990.

CORDAGE WALK E., 10719-Brian T. Smith to Hasan Jamil, $300,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10578-Susan G. Miller to Susan G. Bolinger, $102,500.

DEEP CUP NE, 6997-Philip V. Kartanowicz to Xiaoguang Wang and Fang Yan, $358,000.

DELPHINIUM CT. E., 5484-Sanford L. Biars to Damon W. and Gareth S. Smith, $287,000.

FLAGFLOWER PL. SW, 5733-Peter J. Dolan to Paul Li, $290,000.

GALES LANE, 5915-Robert E. Wilmoth to Nicolas Hernandez, $378,900.

GRACIOUS END CT. SW, 9060-Carol A. Dupree to Anil Kumar Pawar and Vishalakshi Jadhav, $271,700.

GRECO GARTH NE, 9490-Takahiko Naito to Walsen Juan Carlos Martinez and Lorena Gonzalez, $291,000.

GULF STREAM ROW, 5630-Stephen R. Ober to Andre and Irene Enabulele Bogle, $276,000.

HARBOR LANE, 7227-Michael R. Clune, trustee, to Thomas and Catherine Deguzman Birchall, $343,500.

HAYLEDGE CT. N., 5233-Harold D. Hall to William A. and Pamela R. Hill, $352,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8727-Paul Nettleford to Lorne A. Campbell, $125,000.

HICKORY LIMB SW, 9405-Thomas Hruska to Marcia June Brooks, $252,000.

HICKORY LIMB SW, 9457-Linda M. Tanner to Sherry S. Wechsler, $249,000.

HIDDEN COVE S., 7355-Osmel O. Canales to Anne C. Towne, $410,000.

LAMBSKIN LANE W., 9037-Azelarab M. Fares to Victor Olaogun, $240,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6005-Mark C. Sung to Maurice Philogene, $174,000.

MORNINGBIRD LANE SE, 5866-Lisa M. Simpson to Geoffrey A. Martino, $255,000.

NEW COUNTRY LANE, 11905-Tempe B. Beall to Megan J. and Everett W.C. Litten, $342,100.

OAKHURST DR. S., 9548-Earl Lindsey to Bradley M. Siegler, $283,000.

OWEN BROWN RD., 10116-Samer E. Alomer to Harriet and Nazanin Hartoni, $479,000.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT., 9623-Dino Y. Carozza to Carl E. and Kelley P. Stevens, $259,000.

ROCKBRIDGE CT. N., 5610-Joshua M. Kaufman to Michelle Ann Carnabuci and Timothy W. Cook, $491,500.

SEA WATER PATH SE, 8108-Il Ok Sung to Nghiem and Phillip Vu, $445,000.

SHAKER DR. N., 10214-Albert I. Velasquez to Bridget D. Lyday, $430,000.

SILVER ARROWS WAY, 6115-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Matthew and Susan D. Fouse, $387,100.

SLEEPSOFT CIR. NW, 7220-Natalie Racks to Marcelle C. Adon and Jean Servais Dakaud, $261,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5354-Stephanie M. Sweeney to Stephen A. Price, $149,000.

SUFFIELD CT. S., 5511-John Joseph Ference to H.G. and Frances Suzanne Van Der Valk, $361,100.

SUFFIELD CT. S., 5563-Steven M. Walker to Vladimir A. Tigay and Galina G. Fedina, $352,200.

SUMMER PARK CT. S., 9708-Kevin S. Parker to Aaron Broderick and Janelle Cree, $270,000.

SWEET FERN, 6558-Anthony M. Pierantozzi to Loida and Joel Alonzo, $250,000.

THELO GARTH, 5650-Keith A. McFarland to Luke C. Verdi, $415,000.

TIDESEBB CT., 8818-Brian C. Swartzfager to Maria J. Biondi, $370,000.

VANTAGE POINT RD. SW, 5530-Dennis M. Desousa to Gustavo Vecino and Consuelo Petro, $339,900.

WANING MOON WAY S., 6632-John M. Foley to Jim Wang, $295,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7513-Robert Michael Hackley to Joanne L. Smikle, $215,500.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7533-Suzanne Southan to Robbin Shoemaker, $215,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY NW, 7585-Cinde Dawson Tofte to Suan C. Gold and Aviva S. Karpe, $226,000.

WOODENHAWK CIR., 5524-Jeffrey Alan Stone to Nathan S. Ward, $263,100.

Elkridge Area

CRITTER CT., 5877-Robert E. Smith Sr. to Angela M. Arnts, $225,000.

GREENFIELD RD. S., 6395-J. Rebecca Rawlinson to Heather L. Barber, $205,000.

MANCHESTER WAY NW, 6222-Dae Eung Kim to Jose C. and Jennifer E. Monroy, $368,000.

MONTGOMERY RD. S., 6548-Roland Peter Bakunas to Jose R. Lagarda and Milivia K. Lagarda, $379,900.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5861-Susan Katz to Roddy Mercado and Omayra Pineiro, $228,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5875-James E. Maulfair to Lucy A. Dembin, $236,000.

STRATFORD CT. W., 6223-Francis X. Scrivener to Troy A. Scogland and Danielle N. Magnes, $379,000.

WINDROW CT. W., 7826-Nick Marinucci to Nick and Marcia Marinucci, $360,500.

Ellicott City Area

AVOCA AVE., 4901-Elmer C. Smallwood to Virginia M. Rouse, $365,000.

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7692-Kenneth Bin Yim to Brian D. King and Sara B. Raley, $371,000.

BREAKSTONE CT., 7810-Thomas M. Donovan, trustee, to Lorie J. Nichols and Brian J. Kannee, $634,900.

BRIGHTWOOD CT. SE, 8069-Elise M. Scott to Marvin and Deborah J. Schneider, $332,000.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7610-Patricia R. Kosiba to Dalila Birem and Chafika N. Boumechal, $290,500.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7626-Ayesha Bajwa to Kathryn E. Gardner, $245,500.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4800-Philip R. Messick to Eric Manas, $270,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4950-Kathy Lee Lineberry to Concetta Cho, $196,000.

FONT AVE. N., 5208-David J. Tack to Edward and Kyong Barnett, $385,000.

FREDERICK RD., 9290-William R. Grim to Hong Gao and Victoria Gong, $395,000.

GLOBE DR., 10202-William J. Sonntag to Joseph M. Chuisano, $595,000.

GROTTO WALK E., 3020-Mark G. Fielding to Ahron P.K. Fenlon and Karen L.K. Fenlon, $532,140.

HARVEST VIEW CT. E., 8512-Dong Sung Lee to Jung Suk Park, $343,000.

HONEYSUCKLE CT. NW, 8610-Thomas L. Johannesen to Ki Park, $520,000.

MILLBROOK RD. N., 9305-Frieda M. Miller to Eylem Demirel, $360,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8341-Kristen Alina Erickson to Nicholas Krajewski, $225,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8360-Ho Gun Lee to Yeong H. Khim and Soon Khim, $220,000.

NOTTINGHAM WAY, 8025-Eric E. Holy to Weichert Relocation Reserves Inc., $487,100.

NOTTINGHAM WAY S., 8038-Florentina Chiu to Kirmanj M. and Zagros M. Ahmed, $400,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 3997-Richard A. Espy to John J. and Susan R. Fitch, $540,000.

PETERSBORO RD. S., 10435-Sun Tae Kim to Tae Hong Seo, $575,000.

PINE NEEDLE DR. S., 2904-James P. O'Donnell, trustee, to Mark A. and Susan G. Watts, $735,000.

RIDGEWOOD DR., 13363-James L. Magruder to William P. and Rena Heneghan, $1.15 million.

ROBERTS RD., 8498-James S. Graham to Brian and Jennifer Shipe, $500,000.

RUPPERT CT., 8724-Buna B. Cumbie to Weicheng Hu and Ye Rong, $385,000.

SAND CREEK CT. E., 3806-King Ti Lin to Kenneth M. and Agnes T. Wojdon, $685,000.

SPRUCE RUN CT. SE, 8618-Jacek Grabowski to Hun Yul and Eun Kyung Park, $325,000.

STONY CREEK LANE, 7641-Bert C. Roberts III to Diane Phillips Laguerre, $285,000.

TRIADELPHIA RD., 11820-Richard L. Dahlberg to Yogesh and Romila Tiwary, $497,000.

UPPER MILL CT., 3500-D. Glenn Taylor to Xiaoyang Zhang and Suping Li, $369,900.

WILLOWIND CT., 12183-William R. Moleton to Mary Lawley, $1.3 million.

WOODCREST DR. SW, 6310-Samuel T. Sander to Wei Wei Rao, $540,000.

Fulton Area

BROOKWOOD FARM RD., 8131-Charles M. Lyons to Kenneth R. and Jacqueline D. Rathbun, $875,000.

MURPHY RD., 8210-James A. Duke to Traditional Acupuncture Institute Inc., $335,000.

RESERVOIR RD. W., 8214-Laura Stewart Wallace to Francisco and Nadia Cantori Ward, $995,000.

ROUTE 216, 12357-Bruce Edward Crow to Neil Patrick Garner, $425,000.

WAYNERIDGE ST., 11718-Steven P. Metcalf to Caroline Romero, $415,000.

Hanover Area

FAIRBOURNE CT. NE, 6245-Richard F. Barnwell IV to Earnestine M. Stewart, $387,000.

Highland Area

BUCKS HAVEN LANE E., 7421-Thomas L. Patz to Todd M. and Carrie E. Weitzman, $890,000.

HIGHLAND RD., 13220-Robert Jefferson to Laura Rasar and Robert Kenneth King, $499,000.

Jessup Area

OAKWOOD WAY NW, 8905-Jann Larri Cooksey to Sharon Davis, $320,000.

PINE TREE RD., 8619-Cody J. Teems to Laura Eppard, $213,000.

SHAREWOOD DR., 7701-Adelia Marcia to William E. and Teresa M. Kromer, $280,000.

TWELVE SONS CT., 8929-Raffi Sariboyajian to Ronaldo Osorio Navarro and Meybelin Menjivar, $320,000.

Mount Airy Area

FREDERICK RD., 17366-Robert B. Witte Jr. to Richard Bret Mosher, $310,000.

Savage Area

SAVAGE GUILFORD RD., 8326-Howard N. Rittenberg to Jeffrey and Kay Harkleroad, $350,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BREAMORE CT., 9364-Gary L. Filmore to Helene Fredericks, $341,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9102-Maria A. Wells to Jimmy A. Hernandez and Delores Abreu, $207,500.

CARDINAL FOREST CIR., 8790-Michael A. Conner to Michele H. Conner, $524,000.

CITATION WAY N., 10310-Thomas E. Lawson to Thomas H. and Tamara L. Alsbrooks, $695,000.

DALY CT. SE, 9313-Housing Solutions Corp. to Wayne Fisher, $345,000.

FENS HOLLOW, 9482-James M. Nugent to Francisco E. Almeida and Andreza C. Almeida, $310,000.

LAWSON LANE S., 9301-Rhonda A. Maynard to Baldwin E. Asala, $320,000.

LILAC PARK DR., 9100-James M. Bojalad to David C. Wajsgras, $200,000.

MAYFLOWER CT. NE, 9419-John K. Little to Adolfo Martinez and Karen M. Ruano, $220,000.

OLD LANTERN WAY, 9524-Alexandre Adao to Camilien Lubin, $346,500.

WHISKEY RUN, 9787-Glenda K. Tyson to Rachael Mabyou, $205,000.

WHITEROCK CT., 10603-Kenneth L. Yannacci to Gregory K. and Nicole Jensen, $299,900.

WOODSONG CT. NE, 9414-Kwang Woo Ro to Hong Sun and Bong Eui Ahn, $285,000.

Sykesville Area

BARBERRY WAY NW, 13763-Charles B. Waldhauser to Joseph and Sandra McQuaid, $491,000.

Woodbine Area

STARTING GATE CT. NE, 3212-Craig R. Zimmerman to Bradley R. Gollner and Emily D. Hoponick, $685,000.

TIMBERLEIGH WAY, 17480-Cort M. Kane to Carol Schantz, $540,000.

Woodstock Area

ASHFORD WAY SE, 10600-Richard P. Aquino to Kyung Hee and Kwang Kyu Park, $500,000.

FOLKESTONE WAY W., 10773-Brian J. Kannee to Shekhar and Ashita Singh, $542,000.

PETERSBORO RD. N., 10426-Melanie R. Decker to Richard and Elizabeth Aquino, $662,900.