The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on Government, then Agency Index.

Injured Eagle Euthanized

BRANDYWINE, Accokeek Rd., 5300 block, Sept. 28. An eagle with a broken wing and an open wound was found in a wooded area and turned over to an animal control officer, who took it to a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Because of the severity of its injuries, it was determined that the eagle would have to be euthanized, but no one at that facility was qualified to perform the procedure. Animal Management transferred the bird to a second wildlife rehabilitation facility, where it was cared for overnight. A veterinarian euthanized it the next day and a wildlife rehabilitator said that the eagle would be sent to a Native American tribe for burial.

Groundhog Dies in Trap

UPPER MARLBORO, Boykin Pl., 13000 block, Oct. 3. Responding to a report of a groundhog caught in a county trap that had been borrowed to capture stray cats, an animal control officer found that the animal, which had been in the trap from at least 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., had died. The resident who was using the trap was advised that county procedures do not permit traps to be set between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., and that they are to be monitored every four hours. The case was continuing.

'Injured' Possum Just a Slowpoke

LAUREL, Bolvelder Dr., 8800 block, Oct. 2. Responding to a reported sighting of an injured opossum, an animal control officer picked up a slow-moving but apparently healthy animal and returned it to the wild.

Wounded Deer Retrieved

CLINTON, Windbrook Dr., 12100 block, Oct. 2. An animal control officer responding to a police report of an injured animal picked up a juvenile male deer. An examination at a wildlife rehabilitation facility revealed internal injuries. The deer did not survive.

Two Dogs Die in House Fire

COLLEGE PARK, Chestnut Hill Rd., 5800 block, Oct. 2. The Prince George's County Fire Department notified Animal Management that two dogs needed to be removed from the scene of a house fire. An animal control officer removed two deceased American Eskimo dogs. The case was continuing.

Aggressive Beagle Back Home

FORT WASHINGTON, Jessica Dr., 800 block, Oct. 2. Responding to a call from a woman who said she was being menaced by a white dog with black spots, an animal control officer picked up an 8-month-old mixed beagle female from the woman's front yard. The owner was identified through the dog's tags, and a notice was posted at the home address. Five days later, the owner claimed the dog after paying fines and fees of $215.

Mastiff Found, Later Claimed

ACCOKEEK, Accolawn Rd., 16000 block, Oct. 2. Responding to a report about a big brown stray in front of a property, an animal control officer picked up a neutered 2-year-old mastiff that had a collar but no tags. The dog's owner paid fines and fees of $90 to claim it the next day.

Shar-Peis Held as Strays

UPPER MARLBORO, Van Wagner Rd., 14900 block, Oct. 1. Animal Management received a called about two Shar-Peis sitting on the front steps of a residence. Although they had reportedly spent the previous night on the steps, the dogs were gone by the time an animal control officer got there. The two were, however, located a short time later in a yard a few blocks away. Neither of the 3-year-old males had a collar or identification. They were being held at the shelter as strays.

Dogs and Cats Available

The Prince George's County SPCA/Humane Society will offer dog adoptions from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Petco, 6181 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia; and cat adoptions from noon to 4 p.m. at Petco, 15461 Excelsior Dr., Bowie. The pets' foster owners will answer questions and accept adoption applications. The adoption fee is $115 per cat and $180 per dog. For more information, call 301-262-5625 or visit

Shot Clinic

The Prince George's County SPCA/Humane Society is sponsoring a low-cost shot clinic, 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday at the facility's Spay/Neuter Clinic, 8210 D'Arcy Rd., Forestville (across from the county animal shelter). Rabies shots cost $8; a vaccination against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo virus costs $12; and microchip ID implants are $25. All animals must be on a leash or in a carrier. Animal owners not obtaining rabies shots for their pets must provide proof of a current inoculation to be eligible for the other services. For more information, call 301-324-0807 or visit

-- Compiled by LISA MARTIN