Fairfax County

The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1603, No. B2-Deborah J. Bernstein to Laurence A. Trembling, $252,000.

HOLLINWOOD DR., 1706-Charles B. and Rose A. Robbins to David T. Kim, Mee S. Paek and Gene Y. Paek, $875,000.

WAKEFIELD DR. W., 6719, No. B1-Lynn D. Clark to Jason L. Lazorcik and Jessica A. Sitko, $300,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

APPLEMINT LANE, 6701-Douglas and Elizabeth Depeppe to Raymundo and Mary E. Cancel, $628,000.

BROADMOOR ST., 5712-Melvin B. Harrington to David R. and Catherine H. Carpenter, $500,000.

BUXTON CT., 5339-Tiffany N. Kithcart to Laxmi and Sanak Kumar Upadhyay, $485,000.

REDWOOD LANE, 6041-Nancy E. Palmedo to Steven M. and Maureen L. Manzo, $700,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5743-Eric S. and Kathy A. Smith to Anthony J. Ajello, $465,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6645-Laura R. Rosage to Matthew J. and Shellyn Astle, $435,000.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6867-Paul E. Grim to Keith T. and Tracy M. Tashima, $600,500.

SILVER RIDGE CIR., 6416-Jacqueline Manuel to Romy Gelb, $345,000.

SULLIVAN WAY, 6724-Jeffrey L. Miller and Luladey Bekele to Samantha A. Laster, $650,000.

WALKERS CROFT WAY, 6224-Edward M. and Elizabeth C. Shipley to Kathleen E. Genung and Billie C. Youngblood, $470,000.

WELLINGTON COMMONS DR., 6152-David E. Nosal to Thomas D. Croci, $457,400.

WESTCHESTER ST., 5902-N. Sherwood Ferris to Glenn C. and Audrey C. Graziano, $555,000.

WIGMORE LANE, 6105, No. I-Douglas R. Moshier to Robert J. and Helen M. Carroll, $355,100.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4227, No. 102-Hyun S. and Sam G. Yoon to Ngoc Giau Phan, $240,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4931, No. 102-Margaret C. Reale to Serge Franjie, $240,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4955, No. 4955J-Joseph W. Wojtowicz to Erin K. Fagan, $210,000.

BRECKENRIDGE CT., 3337-April Kerr Miller to Janina S. and Bradley E. Keelor, $380,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 7455, No. 2-Jaime C. and Melvy Reguerin to Matilde Jordan, $289,000.

MONARCH LANE, 3393-Vaughn T. Collins to Clarence E. and Terri L. Pendleton, $647,400.

OVERLOOK PL., 7504-Linda S. and Norman R. Cooney to Richard and Kerry A. Willigan, $915,000.

PENNYS TOWN CT., 7153-Robert and Yoon Ferguson to Soncha Lee, $799,500.

QUARTER CHARGE DR., 4616-Kevin J. and Collette Driscoll to James P. and Janice L. Boland, $649,888.

QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD., 8347-Francis A. and Susan M. Keegan to John W. and Carolyn H. Blanco Losada, $725,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

DIEHL CT., 3449-Gregory A. McCaffrey and Diana Hull McCaffrey to Paul L. David, $560,000.

OLDS DR., 3200-Mary C. Cohan to Michelle Denetto, $750,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 1104-Harry and Mary I. Severe to Silva and Laura K. Gerety, $299,900.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 913S-Diane D. Devera to James J. and Nicola D. Early, $311,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3709, No. 207-Benjamin H. Ashton to Nezha Khaneboubi, $305,000.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9059-Michael and Ami Sheppard to Van Thang and Quang Nguyen, $416,000.

BEACON POND LANE, 10052-Ronald and Terry Karow to Wesley M. and Kari B. Denton, $405,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5910, No. 303-Quentin C. Robinson to David W. Laughlin, $311,000.

SKINNER DR., 6308-Enis A. and Annette W. James to Asher and Denise Dewhurst, $480,000.

SWIFT CURRENT CT., 5508-Shao Ming Long to Jiyoon Oh and Hongsub Song, $465,000.

WATERLINE DR., 9601-Charles F. and Elizabeth J. Graf to Robert A. and Jane E. Marek, $731,000.

WOOD FLOWER CT., 5854-Janie McKenna and Christopher G. Lalonde to Karen L. and James W. McGee, $391,000.

WOODED GLEN AVE., 9416-Jung J.J. Seo and Soon K. Ji to Un B. and Gui S. Park, $820,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CIR., 12285-Robert D. and Elizabeth A. King to Daniel Ruiz and Monica Jore, $430,000.

Centreville Area

ANTONIA FORD CT., 13969-Dong W. Hwang to Min Y. Lee and Myung H. Kang, $400,000.

BASINGSTOKE CT., 6025-Jorge E. Curo to Angelica Spicer, $305,000.

BATON ROUGE CT., 13910-Mohammad and Brandy Sepehrrad to Jose and Sandra L. Hernandez, $431,000.

BATTALION ST., 6224-Holly A. Schultz to Michael J. and Brenda Zizolfo, $401,000.

BLUERIDGE VIEW DR., 15317-James W. and Martha S. Hiney to John Lord and Nina Leko, $412,000.

LYNHODGE CT., 14813-Walter H. and Pamela A. Wood to Lisa A. Dellinger, $275,000.

NETHERTON ST., 6071-Matthew Goforth to Ann R. Kristal, $270,000.

PICKETS POST RD., 14716-Kathleen E. Eckels to Frank E. and Jennifer W. McNulty, $625,000.

SHEALS LANE, 5601-Meng Chang and Li Chun Mak to Anna Tran, $665,000.

SKIPTON CT., 14503-Kenneth Mullenax to Melvin Blanco, $362,600.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6515-Shamwail and Sumbal Malik to Young S. Kim, $366,000.

ST. TIMOTHYS LANE, 6398-Roland Azure to Jose Comatagua and Lynette Membreno, $452,000.

WINDING WOODS CT., 14341-Thanh T. Cherry to Rizwan Riaz, $455,000.

WOODSPRING CT., 14614-Ilean Keltz to Charles and Annette Luria, $370,000.

Chantilly Area

DEERWATCH DR., 4644-Mark J. Varacalli and Jacqueline M. March to Dimple Kapoor, $450,000.

GENERAL KEARNY CT., 4306-Stanley J. and Stacie H. Joseph to Andrew A. and Christina L. Prishak, $540,000.

RENOIR TER., 3713-Joseph P. and Marilyn C. McVeigh to Dennis and Jung Park, $700,000.

WEEPING WILLOW CT., 4110, No. 131A-Margaret S. Bagford to Redouane Ouamrane and Elizabeth Kiken, $355,000.

Clifton Area

DELL AVE., 7221-Sherry Harlow to Jeremy A. Lustman, $640,000.

FAIRFAX STATION RD., 12319-Thomas J. and Teresa G. Fannon to Theresa A. Calogero and Peter J. Lattanze, $990,000.

HARVEST PL., 13027-Peter Cho to Gregory P. and Kimberly S. Milewsky, $525,000.

WHETSTONE MANOR CT., 13923-Hyung Yol and Young Yoon Choi to Yun B. Kim, $720,000.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13686-Khadida and Anwar Bajwa to Dan Zhang and Yunping Kang, $360,000.

Fairfax City Area

ALDER WOODS CT., 3874-Robert Hummel and Nori Huckabay to Margaret L. Chernisky, $439,000.

APPLE ORCHARD CT., 12230-Thomas M. and Lia S. Moore to Elisabetta R. Rush, $474,900.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5545-Robert and Constance E. Taylor Sadacca to Michael and Stacy Rath, $741,000.

BROADRUN DR., 3723-Douglas K. and Sophia L. Bainum to Stephen G. and Mary E. Thomas, $780,000.

DANSK CT., 9814-William A. and Betty J. Newman to Scott W. and Sharon Zook Hubbard, $775,000.

FRANCY ADAMS CT., 5407-Robert A. and Deann McKoy to Scott M. and Monica L. Wascavage, $605,000.

FREEHILL LANE, 3741-Dennis S. and Lori D. Smith to Paul T. and Carol L. Do, $763,000.

GAGNE DR., 12898-Alan and Marilou Lim to John A. Chon and Khamphath Chanthapone, $825,000.

GARDEN GATE DR., 8930-Susan L. Khoury to William S. and Jean M. Buskirk, $810,000.

HERMOSA DR., 9149-Kyung M. and Jung S. Oh to Sang D., Sung W. and Soon J. Lee, $640,000.

LOCHLEVEN TRAIL, 4172, No. B-Scott L. and Blanca L. Robinson to Michael Diconti, $499,900.

LONG BOAT CT., 5405-Nancy E. Howard to Joseph A. and Sarah E. Boland, $425,000.

LYNFORD LANE, 12013-George and Alex Wish to Sung I. Kim and Candice M. Duong, $642,850.

MEMORY LANE, 13209-Jeffrey A. and Joanne P. Arnette to Andrew H. and Lisa S. Bream, $534,500.

NORTH LAKE CT., 12521-Barbara C. Gwaltney to Kevin J. Venhuizen, $500,600.

PELFREY LANE, 13120-Peter and Raquel B. Tims to Barney E. and Judith A. Johnston, $450,000.

PLUM RUN CT., 3933-Arvin L. Cortez to Jan Pervaiz, $433,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 3129-Garnett Smith to Woody and Joanne Y. Chang, $675,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13103-Brian D. and Douglas C. Jenkins to Terrance S. Williams and Dale J. Crittenberger, $410,000.

ROSEBAY CT., 3938-Juan Huang and Yinghai Li to Quan Huu Dinh, $435,000.

ROWAN TREE DR., 12205-Wade A. and Anita J. Raines to Milton R. and Angela Ninde, $604,000.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 4080-Kelly So to Steven L. Patrick, $632,300.

WEDGEWAY PL., 12124-Brien Davis to Victor Cruz, $359,000.

WILD HORSE DR., 12186-William A. and Amy L. Strickland to Raymond D. and Mary R. Ferrari, $1.25 million.

Fairfax Station Area

BURNT OAK DR., 9608-Donald W. and Barbara Long to Steven D. and Erin N. Williams, $700,000.

CLARA BARTON DR., 11006-Phe V. Ngo and Chau T. Nguyen to Kevin and Anna K. Heaney, $842,000.

CLARA BARTON DR., 11127-Nicholas J. and Sally S. Hoover to Juan E. and Lynn M. Neal, $852,000.

FAIRVIEW WOODS DR., 5806-John D. and Tricia T. Cooper to Keith O. and Tracy Coleman, $1.33 million.

HOLLINGTON PL., 7925-Kirk L. and Kristen M. Jowers to Thomas D. and Tanya S. Clark, $903,000.

SPRUCE RIDGE RD., 8967-Bo H. Huh to Timothy Antisdel and Diane Stencel, $755,000.

WOODLAND HILLS LANE, 7950-Barbara A. and Blair A. Peterson to Voradeth and Khouane Ditthavong, $995,000.

Falls Church Area

BEECHWOOD LANE, 3104-Lindsey Holaday to Douglas Deluca, $855,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 7407-Ralph H. and Madonna L. Roberts to Thomas M. and Jane C. Torok, $527,000.

FALLOWFIELD DR., 3304-Jeffrey S. Yarbrough to Epaminontas and Tasia Dalakouras, $560,000.

PINE SPRING RD., 2913-Hilary D. Relton to Kimberley A. Young, $475,000.

SUMMERFIELD RD., 2804-Scott F. and Andrea J. Lawson to Dominic A. Arni and Sarah M. Brackney, $675,000.

TYLER AVE., 7211-Johnny Sharp to Joshua and Roger M. Velez, $350,000.

WESTMORELAND RD., 6945-Veronica Vansco to Thomas M. Kossan, $350,000.

YANCEY DR., 7961-Sarah C. Rohrbach and Jason M. Peter to Valentina Garcia, $572,500.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

BLOCKER PL., 2761-Wasi U. Khan to Nasir A. Khattak, $455,000.

BURNSIDE CT., 7613-Asl Marziyeh Bastani to Jesus Rojas and Leonor Gutierrez, $600,000.

DALE DR., 2344-Doris M. Williams and Reed F. Maier to James E. and Margaret E. Johnson, $475,000.

FRIDEN DR., 7213-Timothy D. and Donna K. Thorne to Pablo Mendoza, $505,000.

HOWARD CT., 7332-Juan C. Garmendez and Celia L. Villatoro to Luis Romero, $435,000.

KINGS GARDEN WAY, 2102-Saed Ghalayini to Won Ok Park, $630,000.

METROPOLITAN PL., 7014, No. 304-Donald J. Carsto to Milosav and Jadranka Simanic, $447,000.

ROOSEVELT ST., 6526-Frank Mitchell to Thomas A. and Ann M. Francis, $500,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BAINBRIDGE RD., 8117-Gary A. Feth to Michael A. and Nicole M. Pettingill, $575,000.

CAMFIELD DR., 8821-Deron Triff and Trang Dang to Eli and Elizabeth L. Konikoff, $552,000.

CANDLEWOOD DR., 2406-Warren L. and Edna J. Banes to Billy R. and Eva G. Humphreys, $585,000.

CAVENDISH DR., 2506-Joel G. Cardon and Claire E. Friedman to Charles P. and Eileen M. Hooker, $546,803.

CROTON DR., 1109-Klaus D. and Kristin E. Keckeisen to Michael H. and Alexandra Downie, $600,000.

Great Falls Area

BRANDENBURG CT., 10302-Christopher A. Probe and Dede Duncan Probe to Alejandro Mordini and Stephanie Adrian, $835,000.

HOLLY BLOSSOM CT., 928-Raymond I. and Leily Kaddissi to Fan Mo and Tan Wenye, $843,000.

JONQUIL CIR., 1100-R. Edwin Redfern to Fred K. Lininger, $1.38 million.

KIMBERLY PL., 1001-David W. and Lisa W. Burns to Raymond I. and Leily Kaddissi, $1.188 million.

MILLER AVE., 743-Hee M. and Elizabeth H. Yang to Behzad Jarahi, $714,000.

NALLS DAIRY CT., 501-Stewart C. Lawler and Mary A.J. Puleio to Arthur T. and Theresa L. Minson, $1.625 million.

SENECA RD., 820-Mark C. Cabrelli to George and Marcelle Nemr, $1.09 million.

SPRINGVALE RD., 528-Robert B. and Krista L. Mixon to Juan A. and Lauren E. Mencia, $850,000.

WINDY HOLLOW RD., 9893-Curtis A. Ugone and Lisa C. Blum to Robert J. and Michelle M. Labelle, $1.475 million.

Herndon Area

BAYSHIRE LANE, 1313-Robert D. and Pauline B. Washington to Sergio Blanco, $599,900.

BOND ST., 1273-Concepcion C. Sia to Dannie Lee Butler and Shu Chin Hsu, $411,000.

BRANCH DR., 928-Silvia E. Portillo to Jose G. Hernandez, $350,000.

CAMPBELL WAY, 751-Mitchell A. Levy to Roberto Gonzalez, Sylvia Delgado and Patricia Oyala, $421,000.

CAVENDISH ST., 406-Thomas A. and Debra K. Shumaker to Lucila Huitz, $465,000.

CEDAR CHASE RD., 11619-Jorge A. Fernandez to Ann Park, $1.525 million.

CEDAR RUN LANE, 13606-Holly Y. Sorensen to Lin Chenye, $649,900.

HIDDENBROOK DR., 1602-Gideon Lee Roland and Erika Larson to Shaheen Begum, Adil Khan and Muhammad Usman, $536,000.

KINGSTREAM CIR., 1557-Thomas D. and Lisa C. Wando to Paul J. and Michelle A. Haase, $703,100.

MADDEN CT., 3072-Kathleen M. Westergard to Amelia A. Gersema, $335,000.

MAGNA CARTA RD., 12690-David Nemetz and Janine Leete to Thant Htike and Wah Pan, $566,000.

NESTLEWOOD DR., 3220-Paul A. George to Perry Ahmed and Christopher Kelly, $560,000.

NEW PARKLAND DR., 13120-Michael J. and Joy L. Florio to Sridhar and Sirisha Dhandamudy, $685,000.

SIR RAMSAY WAY, 13406-Himanshu Bhardwaj and Geetika Sharma to Vankata and Vadavati Amirineni, $560,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1241-Steve K. Habati to Hugo A. Ramos, $298,000.

SUGARLAND VALLEY DR., 12050-Geoffrey A. and Jacqueline S. Keller to Konathu Raghu and Lekharani Sakunthalabai, $770,000.

SUNRISE CT., 1204-Jennifer E. and Gary L. Saylor to Jose H. Carcamo and Yesenia Axume, $520,000.

TREVINO LANE, 1047-David and Anne Joyce to Juan P. Rodriguez, $436,200.

TURBERVILLE LANE, 12765-James E. and Joan E. Campbell to Michael F. and Donna J. Slevin, $595,750.

WEST OX RD., 3122-Jonus and Nam Gerrits to In Soo and Bo Yong Choi, $730,000.

Huntington Area

KINGS CROSS RD., 3507-Diane E. Snowden to John and Mary Tregoning, $575,000.

SCHOOL ST., 2712-Kong N. and Inn Saleun to Edgar G. Ramirez, $320,000.

Hybla Valley Area

CLIFTON FARM CT., 8208-Francis Y. Kim to Michael H. and Melanie M. Downie, $403,000.

LERIC LANE, 7532-Sara M. Wessels to Richard J. and Carrie S. Leveridge, $695,000.

LUDWOOD CT., 7225-James J. Harrison and Julie A. Holdren to Robert E. and Patricia Feidler, $751,900.

LYNNFIELD DR., 8007-Holly L. Najarian to David W. Williams, $544,900.

SNOWPEA CT., 7510, No. C-Nancy J. Kasulka to Jeremy L. Sullivan, $335,750.

Lincolnia Area

BRADDOCK RD., 4408-Jason L. and Christine C. Smith to Anh T. Nguyen and Dang Tri Anh, $651,000.

CHIEFTAIN CIR., 5432-Barbara A. Murphy to Edward L. and Marcia K. Lyons, $639,900.

FENTON CT., 6325-Jose A. and Reina Ventura to Hector R. Machado, $510,000.

GRAFTON ST., 4916-Harding W. Nicholson to Daniel J. and Susan Choi, $416,000.

HAWK VIEW CT., 6351, No. C-David Rude to Newon Parakavong, $450,000.

SAUCON VALLEY CT., 4515-James S. Bell to Meseret Alemayehu and Samuel Aberra, $460,000.

Lorton Area

ASPENPARK CT., 9124-Yong B. and Kyung D. Min to Won J. Song and Seung M. Jung, $325,000.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8328, No. 15-Robert J. and Marilyn C. O'Neil to Catherine D. Webster, $310,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9256, No. 302-Rachel R. Hughes to Floyd H. Richard, $315,000.

CHIPPEWA CT., 8529-Robert E. and Theresa M. Carroll to Bryan T. and Meredith M. Adams, $325,000.

NEWINGTON COMMONS RD., 8780-Patrice M. Sheikh to Linda Pollock, $370,500.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8331-Jerry W. and Sybil C. Kintz to Jose J. Morales, $370,000.

STONEGARDEN DR., 9153-John W. Heath to Cary J. Petrovich and Michelle L. Dietz Petrovich, $627,500.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8787-Gail W. Holzworth to David and Kimberly Luther, $329,950.

THOMAS NEVITT ST., 7984-David Armah to Jong S. Lee, $539,999.

WILMA LANE, 7414-Antonio M. and Carla L. Calderon to Epifanio and Marlenis Funes, $425,000.

McLean Area

ANTHONY CREST SQ., 6615-Basudev and Beena Dahal to Paul J. and Teresa F. Nelson, $795,000.

BIRNAM WOOD DR., 8006-Anton M. and Ana C. Rychener to Brendan B. and Cassandra Walsh, $715,000.

BROOKHAVEN DR., 1528-Albert Jenab to Kevin D. and Anna J. Harkins, $900,000.

CAPITOL VIEW DR., 7002-William E. and Christy G. Slade to Michael A. and Agata S. Troy, $934,000.

EVANS FARM DR., 1464-Lourdes and Ken Schoen to Francis A. and Arlene F. McDermott, $2.4 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8350, No. 201-Jack H. and Hue T.T. Robinson to Afsaneh Valenjad and Kamboozia Ahmadzadeh, $615,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 110-Hisham Nabil Faour to Clarissa Huynh, $330,000.

KENNEDY DR., 1967-William John Rolser to Christina E. Hess, $400,000.

LANCIA DR., 1328-Robert R. and Terry R. Morrow to Michael and Susan A. Ferguson, $1.363 million.

OLD DOMINION DR., 8023-Catherine C. Baker to Patrick H. and Elizabeth Baird, $1.42 million.

PATHFINDER LANE, 1414-Clarence W. and Millicent M. Edwards to Jeong H. Lee, $640,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 6202-Theresa K. Rhee to Sahar Sheikhani, $339,000.

WAVERLY WAY, 1100-Fairfax Building and Remodeling Inc. to James P. and Renee T. Hennessy, $3.625 million.

Mount Vernon Area

ARENDALE SQ., 4532-Mohammad and Shormin Mostafiz to Gretchen A. Brockfeld, $390,723.

MOUNT VERNON CIR., 9380-Robert E. and Elaine M. Harar to John and Carolyn Sable, $3.425 million.

NOEL ST., 8009-Doris W. Manyfield to Bertila Lovos, $450,000.

OLD MILL RD., 4815-Max W. Collier to Silvia R. Castillo, $598,500.

WOODLAND LANE, 3305-Michael M. and Lucy P. Skinner to Gerald L. and Petra A.M. Gray, $800,000.

WOODLAWN MANOR CT., 5507-Angela Sterlin to Johan K. Milbrink, $320,000.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8521-Thanh T.T. Cao to Michelle D. Obispo and Ronald P. Gagan, $535,000.

North Springfield Area

BOSTWICK DR., 6738-W.H. and J.M. Armstrong to Khang Duc Nguyen, $480,000.

EASTBOURNE DR., 5520-Voradeth and Phouvimalakesy Ditthavong to Luu T. Nguyen, $520,000.

ELGAR ST., 7312-Bing Tang and Shao Ping Ong to Hebry Alba and Rogelia Baldelomar, $520,000.

GLENALLEN ST., 5525-Brian J. and Debra A. Sweet to Reza and Abian Farhadi and Rushan Taheri, $431,000.

LONG PINE DR., 7605-Gordon M. Slaymaker to Won J. Cho and Hye E. Min, $533,000.

LONSDALE DR., 5266-Sheila Deringis to Justin D. and Kira B.K. Taylor, $415,500.

Oakton Area

BORGE ST., 3126-Ming Zhang and Jiping Wu to Joongho and Seonyung Kim, $483,000.

CAPPERTON DR., 9923-Zonoozi Rasoul Termeh to Cory Adel and Parisa Aharipour, $399,900.

CAPPERTON DR., 9946-Jong E. Lee and Kyung S. Moon to Myung Min Kim, $338,000.

EAST RIDGE CT., 2701-C.M. and B. Byrley to David A. and Shelby M. Dyer, $850,000.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2940, No. 8-Elmer Quintanilla and Clara Zacarias to Rana Ezmerli, $429,900.

MARSHALL LAKE DR., 2799-David J. and Lucinda Levy to James M. and Stacey W. Graham, $1.65 million.

SLEDDING HILL RD., 2617-Dale F. and Faye Hogg to Gregory E. and Barbara J. Montone, $1.425 million.

TROUSSEAU LANE, 2984-Richmond American Homes to Sabina and Alexander Gordeuk, $1.006 million.

VALENTINO DR., 10199-Francis A. and Catherine L. Turley to Sang Won Yeam and Yeam Mi Ae, $552,000.

Reston Area

BENNINGTON HOLLOW LANE, 1647-Christopher and Lynelle Kirsanoff to David C. and Roxanne N. Shurtliff, $550,000.

BLUE SMOKE TRAIL, 11718-Robert A. MacDonald to Jason and Michela Calhoun, $620,000.

BRASS LANTERN CT., 11565-Alan S. and Carol A. Costa to Gary A. McQuown and William P. Murray, $600,000.

CEDAR HOLLOW WAY, 1682-Robert J. Kleinfeld to Richard Shawn Cooper and Milagros Del Carmen Velez, $635,000.

DORRANCE CT., 12232-Richard L. Nolan to Jeffrey and Doris Yang, $783,000.

EDGEMERE CIR., 12023-Sheila H. Rouse to Lana M. Obradovic and James S. Marthinsen, $564,000.

HARBORSIDE CL., 11310-Hirad Najafbagy to John G. and Carol A. Steele, $749,900.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2213-Diane P. Comi to Daniel Rosenhoch, $350,000.

LAKE CHAPEL LANE, 11153-Kenneth Karpinski to Jerry Brashear and Pamela Newton, $805,000.

SUNDIAL DR., 1346-Duane J. Rhood to Claudia M. Donald, $549,900.

THANLET LANE, 10900-Mark E. Dillen and Anne M. Chermak Dillen to Todd E. and Armella Schroder, $828,350.

THRUSH RIDGE RD., 11009-Theresa Campo to Chahdad Bolouri, $429,000.

Seven Corners Area

ANNELIESE DR., 6304-Kevin D. and Anna K. Heaney to Warren J. and Carla S. Kennedy, $627,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 816-Ghaiyath Naanou to Rukeube Esi, $310,000.

BARGER DR., 3420-Virginia A. Lathrop to Ana R. Rodriguez, $650,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2924, No. 201-Ranbir Singh to John and Amy Kittell, $213,525.

Springfield Area

BERTITO LANE, 7600-Arthur E. Tryon to Ralph O. and Deborah A. Baker, $709,500.

BLUE JASMINE CT., 7812-Larry W. and Melanie K. Davis to Michael G. and Julie B. Macrina, $595,000.

CASTLEFIELD WAY, 7251-Robert J. and Jane C. Gumbrewicz to Tibebe Tilahun and Mesay Zemariam Mekonen, $595,000.

COLORADO SPRINGS DR., 8000-Michael Ray and Mary S. Regner to Dean P. and Laurie D. Mallory, $510,000.

CUTTERMILL PL., 8725-Gary W. and Judith A. Pfeifer to James and Elizabeth Anne Larkin, $605,000.

DAKINE CIR., 6364-George M. Clarke to Saintuya Mishigdorj, $480,000.

DANA AVE., 6315-William C.M. and June S. Hwang to Kenia Hernandez, $530,000.

DEEP VALLEY CT., 8298-Raymond E. and Elizabeth F. Correllus to Inderjit Singh, $425,000.

DEEPFORD ST., 6541-Caroline A. Boubin to Sukanya Yingyoud, $457,000.

DEERLEE DR., 7907-Robert E. and Karen J. Ferris to William S. and Sally T. Murray, $750,000.

ERVING ST., 5918-Nelly Rojas to Hilda H. Rocha, $525,000.

GAME LORD DR., 7110-Robert H. and Pernilla Urps to Ann E. Corrigan, $585,000.

LORETTO ST., 6003-Elizabeth Corker to Robin C. Crumpler and Matthew O'Connor, $510,000.

MILVA LANE, 6535-S. Eileen and Kenneth W. Nimmich to Jean L. and Mary S. Boulanger, $425,000.

NEWINGTON FOREST AVE., 7702-Rene A. and Santos A. Coreas to David A. Bascope and Raul Becerra, $450,000.

NORTHUMBERLAND RD., 7998-Elizabeth A. Pangrac to Samantha L. Quigley, $400,000.

RESERVATION DR., 7300-Ronald W. and Carolyn M. Johnson to Gary D. and Joan C. Brown, $576,100.

ROCKDALE LANE, 8609-Michael L. and Kathleen U. McCarthy to Michael Howard and Robin Clarke Anstice, $790,000.

SEABROOK LANE, 7595-Stephen A. and Mary S. Wojcicki to Jared and Kathryn Dean, $634,250.

SPANIEL RD., 7020-Philip L. and Sonia C. Hoehlein to Thomas and Jennifer Flammia, $585,000.

STAGG CT., 6380-Richard W. and Kathryn C. Karp to Ali Ghaderi, $430,000.

Vienna Area

ALLARD LANE, 2832-Jeffrey C. Snyder to Orville F. and Elizabeth J. Grimes, $699,000.

BEULAH RD., 1523-William P. and Stephanie L. Moore to Brian and Michelle Butler, $800,000.

BEULAH RD., 1700-Evelyn L. Smith to Shirin Narimian and Hossein Panah, $607,500.

BEULAH RD., 512-Robert C. and Sallie G. Jones to Bruce W. and Deborah L. MacPherson, $600,000.

COTTAGE ST., 8212-Tanya Tran and Hoang T. Man to Mark and Abraham H. Kang, $700,000.

DIFFICULT RUN CT., 1291-Chun Chan to Thoi V., Hiep T., Lauren T. and Mike S.Q. Vo, $1.01 million.

ECHOLS ST., 1002-Thomas G. Frazier and Cynthia Barros to Eric R. Haapapuro and Julie K. Brown, $653,500.

FAIRWAY DR., 928-Donald H. Havermann to John R. Davis, $690,000.

JACKSON PW., 2430-Justine Dandrea and Jeffrey C. Tapp to Scott T. and Kimberly M. Sauer, $660,000.

LAGERSFIELD CIR., 9511-Philip W. Chu to Holly M. Chu, $606,300.

LAWYERS RD., 10515-Stephen L. and Kathleen T. Albeck to Gregory B. and Kathryn H. Knudson, $1.113 million.

LEWIS ST., 315-Bhavna and Ajay Gandhi to Farshad Adlgostar, $625,000.

MANHATTAN PL., 2772-Gary and Jean R. Simons to Yoon Y. Choo, $625,000.

MEADOW LANE SW, 604-John C. and Sharron A. Neely to Chang S. and Hwajeen Lee, $565,000.

MEADOW SPRINGS DR., 2023-Ke R. Chu to Sang Bum Kim, $720,000.

MILLER LANE, 8948-John L. and Martha L. Campo to Elizabeth Murphy and Richard A. Stark, $725,000.

RIVIERA DR., 2332-Herbert M. and Debra M. Jones to David B. and Lisa M. Grant, $650,000.

ROBNEL PL., 9375-Herbert and Beatrice M. Kreinik to Francesco Marra and Ana Cerna, $735,000.

SAWTOOTH OAK CT., 2335-Albert Parisian to Teresa A. and Orville M. Collins, $922,000.

SHOUSE DR., 9421-Agnes T. and Ronald F. Virostek to Fred C. and Susan L. McKinney, $844,798.

WESTCHESTER DR., 8326-David Abrahamson to Farid Hassani and Tina V. Osque, $644,500.

WINDOVER AVE. NW, 544-Kerry Washburn to Eric T. Slinkman, $500,000.

WOLFTRAP RUN RD., 1411-Kathleen M. Wolcott to Stephen A. and Maureen Malone, $849,000.

YEONAS DR., 428-Andrea C. McCarthy and Babak Yektafar to Eric C. and Joy T. Johnson, $575,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

HARITHY DR., 2216-Michael J. and Beth K. Koren to Wade M. Berusch, $962,000.

West Springfield Area

ALBERTA ST., 6316-Tamim Ehsan to Elva Tapia, $550,000.

BARRINGTON CT., 8548, No. 929-Amanda M. Kelley to Jean A. Hanson, $355,000.

FOREST CREEK LANE, 6167-W.D. and Marilyn A. Webb to Eric M., Alicia, Thomas M. and Carol A. Cryan, $437,500.

LANGPORT DR., 8619-David A. and Jeri L. Rose to Sung B. and So S. Park, $510,000.

MOVERLY CT., 8812-Mark K. Call and Son H. Call to Oscar F. Reyes and Armida D. Flores, $523,100.

ROLLING RD., 6829-Paul B. and Nancy M. Wallace to Randy B. Brobbey, $440,000.

SELWOOD PL., 6039-Marion K. Avolt to Hai Ta and Linh Duong, $355,000.

SMITHFIELD AVE., 8103-Anh Tu M. Vo to Khanh Van Nguyen and Mai Phuong Anh, $500,000.

SYDENSTRICKER RD., 6922-Thomas Lambert Cobb to Thomas R. and Julianna L. Farleigh, $543,000.

TIVERTON DR., 7702-Erick C. Lopez and Linda V. Flores to Ganbat Galsandori and Gantulga Purev Ochir, $356,000.

WAINFLEET CT., 6425-Kevin L. and Elizabeth L. Hannes to Brian and Simone Moffett, $515,000.