The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

C ST. E., 903-David L. Pearrell to Garry Brooks, $240,000.

GALYN DR., 109-NVR Inc. to Carolyn J. and Volker Fessmann, $523,551.

PARK AVE., 736-Sealco Construction Inc. to Daphne C. and John J. Church, $304,500.

POTOMAC ST. W., 819-Carla S. Prosser to Patrick R. Hubert, $255,500.

Buckeystown Area

DOWNING CT., 3489-Susan D. Moxley to Julia M. and Daemon T. Price, $535,000.

Emmitsburg Area

DEPAUL ST., 285-Catherine Lowe to Dionne M. and Ricky L. Favorite, $155,000.

Frederick City Area

ADELAY CT., 6210-Mary Hoff to Nicholas Makuch, $272,500.

ALGONQUIN RD., 1714-Mark S. and Rebecca D. Madsen to Tabitha A. Garst and James R. Hale, $462,000.

ANDOVER CT., 99-Mary and Andrew L. Stimson to Hipolito Molina Velasquez, $284,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1598-Mark J. and Lori A. Taylor to Anwar Hossain, $305,000.

APPLETREE CT., 1303-Stanley W. and Munoz Merino to Telma and Jose Rivas, $323,000.

BARRINGTON DR., 6406-Christina and Ashley D. Frederick to LandAmerica OneStop Inc., $517,900.

BENTZ ST. N., 308-Duane E. Browning to Patrick M. Hannon, $165,000.

BOONE AVE., 5614-Charlotte F. Messenger to Jennifer B. Imbach Schmitt and David A. Schmitt, $140,000.

BUTLER DR., 103-Frank and Jennifer Marshall to Catherine Eleanor Weitzel, $275,000.

CANFIELD TERR., 247-Rosibel Castillo to Rosina Tetteh and Yakubu Wangabi, $239,000.

CASTLE ROCK RD., 1738-David A. and Sandara W. MacNeill to Sandra E. and Aaron R. White, $525,000.

CENTER ST., 405-Susan V. and Henry J. Mitts to Bernard L. Wiles, $158,326.

CHILLINGHAM PL., 5408-Craig M. and Lisa A. Foltyn to Laura S. and Daniel L. Rhodes, $480,000.

CHINABERRY DR., 1037-Randall L. and Esther K. Smith to Maria R. and Leonardo Salgado, $405,000.

CLENDENIN WAY, 9049-Fred J. Kim to Nancy W. and Robert P. Gibbons, $615,000.

COUNTRY RUN WAY, 1835-Jenifer J. and John C. Beatty to Barbara J. Robinson, $320,867.

CROSSING STONE CT., 1939-Sally A. Shelton to Ingrid M. and Eduardo E. Saenz, $357,500.

CROSSING STONE CT., 1948-Christine and Christopher M. Perez to Kevin L. Howell, $310,500.

DILL AVE., 218-Charles D. Sealing Jr. to Alice H. Faison, $320,000.

DOMINION DR., 2400, No. 2C-Judy Rae Boyer to Mayra Albino, $230,000.

DOMINION DR., 2406, No. 2-B-George T. Chaney to Joao Antonio Soares, $230,000.

DUNBROOKE CT., 810-Ralph A. Morgan, trustee, to Matthew F. and Geraldine E. Newsome, $450,900.

EDEN DR., 1479-Ruth A. and Terry L. Myers to Rosa Mera, $299,900.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6540-Marianne R. and James C. Lantz III to Susan P. and Brian R. Klein, $301,000.

ELLISON CT., 588-Ronald and Melissa Pelton to Sara and John Thompson III, $339,000.

FIELDCREST DR. S., 6105-Vicki L. and David M. Buechele to LandAmerica OneStop Inc., $541,000.

FOX RUN CT., 1381-Wm J. and Patricia Jablonowski to Hely and Raul Uk, $375,000.

FREE TER., 1811-James A. Sawitzke to Maria Herrera Hashmat and Fazlurahman Hashmat, $332,500.

GLEN VALLEY TERR., 6220, No. 3J-Hope F. and Harold D. Daniels to Thomas P. Kjellman, $271,900.

GOLDSPIRE CIR., 515-Ricardo Villacis to Tia Lawson and Patricia L. Archinal, $299,900.

GROUSE CT., 1426-Sonja Hodge to Marie Claude N. Canning and Steven R. Canning, $395,000.

HAMILTON AVE., 2-Charles E. Winpigler to Tina Gantt, $195,900.

HURDLE HILL CT., 5788-Marcelino Sr. and Teresa L. Vicente to Margarita and Javier Suarez, $509,000.

INDEPENDENCE ST., 2213-Jeffrey M. and Martha L. Esmont to Loretta L. and David Mitchell, $480,000.

JUBAL WAY, 904-Allison Smith to Altholia Nettles Martin and Howard Martin, $326,000.

LEE PL., 622-Gerald E. and Antonia B. McNitt to Lisa C. and Kevin T. Muravez, $269,900.

MARKET ST. N., 702-Susan A. and William E. Stull to William L. Clem Jr., $202,000.

MARLBOROUGH TERR., 6455-David W. and Angelia C. Joy to Gina A. and Todd P. Weedon, $635,000.

MARTINGALE CT., 10895-Bruce R. and Eulalia Norris to Jonathan L. Sale and Teresa L. Mulligan, $324,900.

MONOCACY FORD RD., 2613-Wormald Development Co. to Kimberly L. and Aaron T. Heaton, $357,714.

MOTTER AVE., 815-Penny Taylor Rife, trustee, to Jennifer L. Tisch, $299,000.

ORCHARD WAY, 1340-Barbara A. and Harold L. Domer Jr. to Alfonso Martinez, $339,900.

RIGGS CT., 527-Classic Property Management Inc. to Charlene F. and Dwayne L. Collins, $235,000.

ROCKWOOD DR., 7501-C. Brad and Rita K. Allen to Amanda K. and Philip C. Little, $445,000.

ROLLINGHOUSE DR., 1393-Robert L. and Alison T. Lynn to Salvadore E. and Rafael L. Medrano, $325,000.

RUTHERFORD CT., 6395-H-Susan J. Shaw to Timothy Henry, $215,000.

SADDLEBROOK LANE, 6461-Matthew E. and Melanie M. Greskovich to Elizabeth B. and Daniel Bilow, $564,900.

ST. SIMON TERR., 5031-Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services to Jennifer V. Eppoliti and Nathan J. Lippo, $271,000.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 212-Miguel Jr. and Yalixa Rivera to Kathryn C. Sain and Kenneth R. Giroux, $369,900.

SHELLEY CIR., 2513, No. 9-3B-Echo Glen Builders Inc. to John Christian Lenz, $294,625.

SHELLEY CIR., 2513, No. 9-3D-Echo Glen Builders Inc. to Faith Arlene Carpenter, $259,400.

SPRINGFIELD LANE, 1786-Marjorie Lee Brigham to Melissa F. Bara and Wanda S. Jenkins, $210,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6501, No. 8404-David A. and Betty T. Breen to Nicole Eileen Weiss, $239,000.

THAMES DR., 207-Jose N. and Dianna M. Santoni to Kate B. and Craig A. Koeller, $348,990.

THAMES DR., 238-Craig and Erin Anderson Main to Cheryl and Edward G. Crosby Jr., $320,000.

THORNHILL PL. W., 369-Teri G. Thorowgood to Santiago R. Boteo, $224,000.

VALLEY PINE DR., 4908-Robert G. and Joyce K. Yates to Stacy M. and William B. Hayden Jr., $479,900.

WALTER MARTZ RD., 8301-Jeronimo Delcid to Carol J. and Gary M. Marraccini, $275,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6408-A-Elizabeth A. Weisgerber to Daniel J. Gardner, $215,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1780-Susan Gayle Sandy to Theckla and Nickolas J. Pantazes, $304,900.

WILSON PL., 612-Carlos and Kristina Sandi to Adel D. and Sonia S. Demiray, $323,000.

WILSON PL., 1109-Vu Thien Nguyen to Roberto and Miguel Monarca, $305,500.

WINDING RIDGE WAY, 5817-Antonio F. and Laurie Faudale to Christine and Andrew Linthicum, $524,900.

WINDSAIL CT., 7986-Peggy M. and Jamie N. Rhoderick to Barbara Bladen, $270,000.

YELLOW SHEAVE CT., 6814-Michael A. Campbell to Sean Brink, $165,000.

NINTH ST. E., 3-Alberta J. and Kenneth E. Willard to Michael E. Dorris, $250,000.

THIRD ST. E., 246-Valley View Properties Corp. to Thomas G. Farrell Jr., $319,900.

13TH ST. W., 3-Delores and John E. Hovermale to Kimberly R. Johnson, $330,000.

14TH ST. E., 3-Daniel J. Schiffman to Jayme and Roy Claxton III, $319,900.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

DUNCAN PL., 6580-Gina M. and Jason B. Schmitz to Barrett C. Grieb, $330,900.

Ijamsville Area

BRAVEHEART DR., 3881-Advantage Homes Corp. to Kevin P. and Brian T. Helms, $574,900.

CHARTERHOUSE RD., 9230-NVR Inc. to Edna S. and Glenn R. Shonk, $890,000.

DISTILLERY CT., 4604-Gregory W. and Nancy G. Weakley to Eileen S. and Eugene C. Hickman III, $450,000.

KNOLLS PKWY., 3322-Joseph R. and Sandra Lea Bressi to Susan V. and Paul A. Hynes, $776,500.

ROYAL ST. ANDREWS PL., 10246-Timothy R. and Susan L. Thompson to Patricia A. and Joseph W. Staggs, $624,750.

Jefferson Area

STOCKTON PL., 4214-D. Bryan and Nina J. Young to Melody and William K. Sutherland II, $499,900.

Middletown Area

BEECHTREE LANE, 7288-Joseph A. Conte to Valerie D. and Roger K. Roosa Jr., $325,000.

BOILEAU CT., 71-Leah Dobbs Edgell to Martha L. Kinkead, $205,000.

MIDDLE RIDGE DR., 3253-E. Suzanne H. and Thomas F. Young to Kenneth A. Film, $529,000.

Mount Airy Area

BILL MOXLEY RD., 4212-Timothy and Sharon Cook Holt to John J. and Barbara J. Cummings, $424,900.

COLDSTREAM DR. W., 6687-Richard E. Jr. and Claire M. Pingree to Eva M. and George W. French Jr., $374,900.

COMMODORE CT., 6633-Dawn Hardgrave to Helene G. Brenner and Larry N. Letich, $296,500.

DEER BROOK CT., 13585-Kristin K. and Robert T. Blakley to Lisa Trejo Kelly and Shawn M. Kelly, $459,000.

EDGEWOOD CT., 10746-Christopher and Martha Freeouf to Shanna and Christopher P. Keene, $280,900.

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6603-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Thomas Albert and Holly Bonker, $304,900.

LOMAR DR., 4014-Steven B. Fleisher to Arlene and Leslie Szabo, $579,900.

NIGHTINGALE PL., 6494-Five D Inc. to Carlos R. Porges, $135,000.

POND FOUNTAIN CT., 11107-Robert A. and Cynthia L. Bell to Jessica L. and Lloyd A. Farber, $430,000.

SANANDREW DR., 11312-Janet M. and Norman Hoffman to Erin and James Watkins, $500,000.

Myersville Area

MOUNT TABOR RD., 9903-Jeannette M. and Kenneth L. Rippeon to Ruth M. Vaughan, $365,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

JOSEPH CT., 5697-Richard Brian Tasker to Millie Pearl Grotte, $286,000.

MOSS ROCK WAY, 5780-Linda L. Clay to Darlean J. and John W. Wagner, $452,000.

WORCHESTER DR., 11117-Jacquelynne S. and Kimberly Ragan to Sharon A. Riser, $340,000.

Point of Rocks Area

WISE RD., 1630-Joan L. and Edith Simmons Babb to Kimberly K. Davis and Robert Lee Williams, $299,900.

Thurmont Area

ANGLEBERGER RD., 11128-Lynda J. and Ralph J. Clayton to Aaron D. Whipp, $375,000.

EASY ST., 113, No. 24-Charles M. Lenhart, trustee, to Arlene M. and Pierce L. Smith Jr., $226,000.

Urbana Area

DRIFTWOOD CT., 2500, No. 1D14-Catherine and Walter Chaney, trustees, to Erin Sue Lawrence, $233,000.

HARRIS PL., 9065-Mark E. and Greta A. Oehlert to Agnes T. and Torrence L. Parham, $575,000.

WINTHROP CT., 9459-Lisa K. Cook to Quinton Bernard McHenry, $410,000.

Walkersville Area

CAPRICORN RD., 124-Washington Homes of Maryland to Stephanie L. and Cameron M. Egan, $452,560.

CAPRICORN RD., 130-Washington Homes of Maryland to Kelli D. and Raj A. Patel, $448,778.

CAPRICORN RD., 132-Washington Homes of Maryland to Stephanie and Raymond J. Tekin III, $430,127.

DEER RUN DR., 224-Suzanne B. and James T. Hall to Lisa M. Roberts, $449,900.

DREAM PL., 8380-George F. and Merijane Lamas to Michele A. Walsh and Jon L. Garver, $189,000.

FREDERICK ST., 65-William M. Eisenschmid to Edith I. Degrange, $300,000.

GRANTHAM CT., 117-Michael J. Roberson to Laronda Devone Jones, $259,000.

KENWOOD PL., 291-Frances L. and James R. Salko to Dorothy L. Etzler, $469,000.

POLARIS DR., 149-Washington Homes of Maryland to Sheila A. and Carl A. Dejesus, $450,638.

SWALLOW FALLS CT., 203-Deanne E. and David C. Bardo to Kevin E. Fonjungo, $480,000.

WATER STREET RD., 8525-Roland G. and Virginia M. Tober to Sharon L. Steam and Tony M. Stream Sr., $243,000.

Woodsboro Area

MAIN ST. S., 206-Mildred P. Eyler estate to Laura L. and Amos F. Grimes, $257,500.

WOODSBORO RD., 9958-Questar Development Corp. to Sandra G. and Dwight S. Palmer, $559,810.