GOP Can Do Without Black

As former chief of staff to the Republican leader in the Virginia House of Delegates, I take pride in how far the GOP has come in the last 10 years. None of it, though, is thanks to Del. Richard H. "Dick" Black (R-Loudoun). He is the 800-pound gorilla the party no longer need suffer.

If we want to maintain our credibility and further our agenda, we must work to convert Democrats, family by family, and no longer endure this candidate.

It matters not a whit whether a Democrat holds this eastern Loudoun seat. When the General Assembly convenes in January, I fully expect that the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general will again be Republicans. Republicans will maintain a 62-37 majority in the House and a 24-16 majority in the Senate. The overall numbers simply marginalize one seat, and a new Republican candidate of substance can challenge in 2007.

Voters should know, from someone who predates Black in local Republican politics, that he was an accidental library board appointee who carpet-bagged his way into office in a low-turnout special election.

Even the Virginia Conservative Action PAC recognized deadwood and dumped Black from its 11-candidate slate. "Our board went through a very thorough process before deciding on these candidates," VCAP Executive Director Robin DeJarnette said in the organization's Oct. 5 press release. They understand how big a loser Black is.

As a conservative, an NRA member, an anti-tax advocate, a U.N. basher, a Limbaugh caller, a Bush supporter, a former Washington Post subscriber and a pro-life organizer, I am sick of making excuses because of Black's incivility, ineffectiveness and shallowness. Unfortunately, Black never learned the J. Edgar Hoover adage, "Don't embarrass the Bureau." Black is an embarrassment to us all. My "BlackOut 2005" bumper sticker rests alongside my tattered, five-year-old Bush sticker and my new Kilgore ones.

Loudoun Republicans must have faith that our conservative agenda will move forward gracefully and more effectively without Dick Black.

John Feegel


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