The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

GUILFORD RD., 7270-Susan E. Miller to Charles and Marylou Cole, $725,000.

PRESTWICK DR. NE, 6413-Michelle H. Goldstein to Yoon Sook Cho, $758,000.

Columbia Area

BANJO CT., 7105-Steven E. Huhta to Peter J. and Heide K. Dolan, $370,000.

BRIGHT PLUME, 6325-Rhonda A. Green to Christopher A. Smith and Wendy A. Phipps, $385,000.

BRIGHT SOUL SE, 7148-Michael W. Miller to Melinda Jean and Jeremy Lew Villanueva, $309,000.

BRUSH RUN SW, 9267-Lorna L. Sweet to Dorothy Kuhlman, $379,900.

BUGLEDRUM WAY NW, 6891-Louis Elias to Chong Ok and Dong Hee Jun, $340,000.

CALM SUNSET, 7248-Michiel Hoenderkamp to Tae Seybg Cgiu, $381,000.

CLOUDBURST HILL, 5005-Thomas E. Strohmeyer to Laura Granada and Jorge Valencia, $395,000.

COLLEGE SQ. E., 10322-Surreatha L. White to Gerard P. Lioi, $320,000.

COLUMBIA RD. E., 5177-Albert E. Edgecombe to Chong Suk and Sun Ah Hong, $349,900.

COMMITTMENT CT., 6146-Howard Levenson to Robert L. Pearson Jr., $230,500.

CONSTANT COURSE, 9028-Relocation Advantage Corp. to Sampson K. Opoka and Lydia Ampofol, $362,000.

COPPERWOOD WAY NE, 7019-Amanda H. Johnson to Michael C. Ramsey and Fern Vangingoven, $355,000.

DARK HAWK CIR. SW, 8588-Richard A. Maier to Joseph T. and Maryellen C. Smith, $475,200.

DASHER FARM CT. NW, 7028-Thomas J. Trimble to Jae Hee and Nae Y. Lee, $376,000.

DEEP CUP NE, 6973-Ronald E. Grim to Win Myat Thet, $359,000.

DELPHINIUM CT. E., 5484-Sanford L. Biars to Damon W. and Gareth S. Smith, $466,000.

EARLY RED CT. SW, 6301-Kristina L. Robinson to Chris Toscano and Anna Dipietrantonio, $265,000.

EL CAMINO, 5428-Mary R. Baxter to Ladrian Ingram, $229,900.

EMERSONS REACH S., 9102-Karen R. Matherlee to Noman Habib, $350,000.

ENBEREND TERR., 5477-Adeola A. Akinleye to Dane Dusdafson, $255,000.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10538-Kim J. Hughley to Jennifer M. Lloyd, $180,000.

FLAPJACK LANE, 6754-Fernando H. Francisco to John F. and Carolyn E. Bonistali, $400,000.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8971-Steven E. Stover to Syed Ashraffuddin and Jannatul Ferdouse Ahmed, $245,000.

GOLD SUNSET WAY NW, 8409-Sarah E. Nutter to Todd M. Adams and Sarah P. Condon, $325,000.

GOLDEN BELL WAY, 6128-Daniel F. Perez to Jeffrey W. Hutchinson and Deneitra M. Hutchinson, $595,000.

GRAY SEA WAY NE, 6318-David Ik Sung Choo to Colette Tamangwa, $371,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10850-Erik Russell Neperud to Amin Fayazi, $140,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5033-Bettie Lee M. Baker to Mario and Cristal Moncur, $128,800.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5039-Joseph C. Grow to Michael T. Lohneuer, $162,500.

HASTINGS DR. E., 9602-Scott G. Heinlein to Young Suk Son, $260,000.

HAWKEYE RUN N., 6687-Alicia Lynn Wooster to John A. and Nora L. MacLaughlin, $260,000.

HERDING ROW NW, 10014-William Whitelock Oliver to Robert D. and Roberta A. Forsten, $439,900.

HIDDEN COVE S., 7322-Donald L. Schwarz to Cesar Armando and Martin Romero Armando, $281,000.

HINGSTON DOWNS SW, 9624-Ronald Francis Potter to Stephen Cohen, $218,500.

HONEYCOMB GATE E., 6107-Jacqueline C. Toussaint to Hyun Joo Kim, $405,000.

LASTING LIGHT WAY, 7184-Vanessa G. Pinto to Martin F. Krapcho and Maia S. Alloy, $308,500.

LASTING LIGHT WAY, 7174-Laura K. Kirkwood to Usha Jain, $272,000.

LIFE QUEST LANE SW, 7230-Shawn Gannon to Michael J. and Katherine Mae Leone, $327,500.

LITTLE FOXES RUN E., 6110-James B. Preston to Marlene M. Jackson, $372,000.

MANY MILE MEWS, 9530-Deborah Faison to Mirelle A. Grangenois, $525,000.

MARGROVE MEWS NE, 5734-John C. O'Connor to Jennifer L. Shaver and James T. Smith, $351,000.

PEACE CHIMES CT., 7157-Helen Nachby to Gary R. and Lucinda K. Ross, $260,000.

PENFIELD RD. W., 5114-Albert Hammett to Albert and Sandra Hammett, $400,000.

PHELPS LUCK DR. NW, 5352-Robert M. Sprinkle to Katrinia D. Mitchell Cooper, $345,000.

PIRATES COVE, 9212-Becky L. Schneider to Jorge G. Macedo and Carmen R. Enciso Puga, $271,000.

QUEEN MARIA CT. SE, 8999-Joel C. Sackett to David W. and Julie M. Ash, $302,000.

SAME SONG SQ. SE, 6009-Elizabeth Hirshfield to David Neka, $242,000.

SINGLE WHEEL PATH NW, 7241-Russo Neil Dello to Michael J. Borsi, $467,000.

SOARING HILL RD., 9306-Jame V. Duffy to Alexander O. Meservey and Allison McGee, $455,500.

SUMMER CLOUD WAY SW, 6483-Ronald L. Thuma to Dennis R. and Angela M. Caicedo, $590,000.

SWEET GRASS RIDGE, 9508-Robert J. Lengyel to Kevin and Rosina O'Brennan, $499,900.

SYMPHONY WAY N., 10744-Craig R. Mazeska to Nicole T. Allen, $325,000.

TAMAR DR., 5915-P. and G. Properties to Mohamed Elmorabiti and Youssef Idir, $165,500.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5163-Rosemarie Felton to William M. and Mindy Burroughs, $405,500.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5860-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olumide Ojo, $149,820.

TOLLING CLOCK WAY, 10549-Robert H. Spicer Jr. to Nima Asgharnia and Shadi Ghazi, $277,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10596-Verna Jean Proctor to Marie Parker, $162,500.

WALNUT GROVE CT. S., 6556-Alan Firlein to Opher Ganel and Risa L. Davis Ganel, $462,000.

WHITE MANE, 5402-Christina A. Bahl to Pablo Manzanera and Jenai L. Manzanera, $217,000.

WOODENHAWK CIR., 5533-Sandra M. Breese to Cynthia Brown Laveist, $230,000.

Cooksville Area

MONTICELLO DR. NE, 14618-Samuel G. Spicknall to Jun and Yanmei Wang, $469,900.

Dayton Area

LINTHICUM RD., 4675-George Peter Margelos to Thomas B. and Joan C. Carpenter, $665,000.

TEN OAKS RD., 4940-Lois E. Peters to Jason and Sabbena Allen, $520,000.

Elkridge Area

AUTUMN SPELL SW, 5962-Joel Mobley to Kenneth S. Barron, $381,500.

BELLANCA DR., 5818-Marcus J. McMakin Jr. to W. Todd and Melanie J. Kelly, $500,100.

CALVERT DR. N., 7005-Jeffrey E. Miller to Alberto and Elizabeth Aguilera, $635,000.

DEBORAH JEAN DR., 5932-5072 Property Corp. to Verlon R. Chavis and Mary J. Chavis, $428,465.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6950-Michelle Laplante to Julie E. Miller, $251,000.

EUCLID AVE., 6369-Carol Denise Wolfe to Ronald E. and Eloise J. Davis, $312,000.

GREENFIELD RD. SE, 6304-Jessie R. Elder to Jose R. Benitez and Maria C. Diaz Quinteros, $245,000.

HIGHLAND AVE., 6640-William E. Sunell to Steven A. Beyers, $195,000.

SOUTHAMPTON CT., 6416-Dale C. Legal to Alexander and Sarah Valentin, $454,000.

Ellicott City Area

ALPINE ROSE BEND, 4528-Leslie Joel Greenberg to Frederick Johnson and Cathy Bach, $650,000.

ARJAY CIR. SW, 4056-Lynn Douglas Ferguson to Sunil G. Desai and Kavita S.S. Desai, $519,000.

BITTERSWEET CT. N., 11009-Timothy M. Tully Jr. to John M. and Michelle A. Hays, $1.24 million.

CHATHAM RD., 3629-Irene A. Seivold to Creighton E. Northrop III, $335,000.

CHATSWORTH WAY SW, 4627-Allan Irvin Klaff, trustee, to John F. and Judy Y. Pontin, $770,000.

DONCASTER DR. S., 4537-Kevin M. Biglan to Clinton and Dorothy Jones, $535,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8605-Danford Shamuyarira to William D. and Kathleen D. Driscoll, $239,500.

GREEN CLOVER DR., 10169-John T. O'Reilly to Robert M. and Leslie L. Donohue, $465,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT. SW, 8571-Susan C. Tanenholz to Wade A. and Colleen A. Coble, $372,500.

HAYWAGON WAY NW, 4506-Paul C. Katzmark to Kyung Un and Eun Kyung Kang, $531,000.

HOLLOW CT. E., 3302-Mary L. Scott to Il Sung Yun and Sok In Son, $365,500.

KINGSWAY CT., 10317-Michael E. Shearer to Huamin Henry Li and Juan Joanna Yu, $1.3 million.

LEE FARM CT., 4900-Robert L. Hendricks to Dong Yon Oh and Jun Hyoung Lee, $349,900.

LOWLEN CT., 3556-Wendy K. Yi to Erum A. Yavuzel, $300,000.

LOWLEN CT., 3568-Young Chul Yoo to Chun Shil Ha, $329,000.

MIDDLESMOOR CT. NE, 5014-Thomas H. Alsbrooks to Robert E. and Joyce M. Gubler, $529,900.

MONTCLAIR DR., 2911-Joseph Day Sr. to Sarah Kumja and David Sungjoo Lee, $429,900.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8391-Frederick Handel to Shannon T. Connell, $216,000.

MUSTERING DRUM S., 4526-Elliott L. Golub to Steven M. Tove and Wendy C. Favorite, $650,000.

OAK WEST DR. N., 3359-Robert M. Donohue to Seung Yon Oh, $325,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8800-Fred M. Driver to Mohammad Zafar, $400,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8848-Jeffrey F. Wiegand to Robert E. Newman Jr. and Kelley K. Farren Newman, $399,900.

PINE RUN CT. NW, 8539-John W. Kozikowski to Dmitri D. Toptygin and Vera Toptygina, $320,000.

PLUM TREE DR., 3569-Gerald R. Schrader to Gregory Alexander Overton and Nancy Harper, $105,000.

POLAND SPRINGS DR. S., 2943-Viswanathan Natarajan to Sherri Lynne Gilliland, $750,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3203-Jung Suk Park to Young Kyun and Kyung Sook Kil, $295,000.

STAYMAN DR. W., 9221-Dorothy D. Duerr, trustee, to Matthew W. Beall and Tempe B. Beall, $400,000.

STONEHOUSE DR., 8749-William E. Weakland to Amy Goodwin and Alberto Raymond, $705,900.

WILLOW LANE, 2811-Lynn J. Ulman to Sanfeed Deforest and Linda Marcia Johnson, $446,000.

WORTHINGTON WAY, 5021-Louise A. Long to Richard and Mary C. Lawson, $398,900.

Fulton Area

LOVAT RD., 9436-Terrance Glazar to Eugene L. and Deborah S. Reynolds, $753,000.

Highland Area

CORTINA DR. W., 6744-Kerstin Mahoney to Charles A. Dorsey III and Karen S. Alder, $888,000.

HIGHLAND RD., 12857-W. Lawrence Patrick to Focal Development Corp., $500,000.

Mount Airy Area

MIDDLETRAIL CT., 740-Howard E. Schisler II to ERW Homes Inc., $170,000.

OLD FREDERICK RD., 16201-Philip T. Mercer to Joel O. and Amy L. Rainey, $290,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

ALADDIN DR., 8016-Gloria Pfeiffer to Thomas Biancodine, $490,000.

BALTIMORE AVE. S., 9525-George A. Barnard to Douglas R. Fisher, $339,000.

BALTIMORE AVE. S., 9655-Laurie K. Allen to Luciana Long, $365,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9244-Santiago Lugo to Victor L. and Terri M. Bradsford, $251,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9302-Ellen Lawrence McGowan to Alma Yesenia and Gerardo Campos, $250,000.

CRESTHILL CT., 8709-Stanley E. Robinson to Ronald Bondurant Caldwell, $320,000.

HALSTEAD AVE. E., 9650-William R. Park to Amit Garg and Vineeta Bansal, $530,000.

HERONS FLIGHT NW, 8854-Susan M. Stasiewicz to Charles C. and Lisa L. Simmons, $670,000.

KNOX CT. SE, 9125-Steven Spicher to Sabeen S. Gondal and Asad A. Gondal, $405,500.

LAWSON LANE N., 9314-John M. Terzolino to Anthony Rhea, $347,000.

MARTOWN RD. SE, 8015-Steven W. Fisher to James and Margaret Slane, $552,000.

MCIVER RD., 7809-Wayne R. Young to James E. and Stephanie A. Osborne, $405,000.

OXLEY FOREST CT., 8924-Michael J. Wingreen to William Y. and Rebecca V. Eng, $319,500.

STEEPLE CT. SE, 9306-Mary Kathleen Jacobs to Gillian Evans, $315,000.

STEEPLE CT. SW, 9374-Pamela Nixon to Kimberly Blount, $300,000.

TYMAT CT. S., 9109-John Bruce Magoon to Gregory N. Masenheimer and Alysea A. Schloer, $310,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9885-James Arthur Cobbs to Erin K. and Stephen A. Cobbs, $185,000.

WHITEROCK CT., 10645-Bernaro J. Michels to Edward M. and Jennifer M. Talcott, $289,000.

Simpsonville Area

AMHERST AVE. N., 6274-Eric W. Pye to Adam and Elizabeth R. Hebert, $475,000.

Sykesville Area

UNDERWOOD RD., 1097-John Lee Williams III to Kimberly S. Edson, $360,000.

Woodbine Area

AE MULLINIX RD., 16790-James William Brown to Patrick J. and Robin M. Amone, $570,000.

Woodstock Area

FOLKESTONE WAY E., 10784-Paul J. Lebling to David G. and Heidi S. Brown, $595,000.