The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BEALLE HILL RD., 15413-Mary F. Rogers to William E. Bryant, $290,500.

HENRIETTA DR., 15702-Earl Jr. and Renita Genous to India K. and Paris Yates, $600,000.

HOLLY WAY, 16852-Michael N. Miller to Kristin A. and Bob Tripplett, $205,000.

HURON ST., 16701-Druecella and Glenn C. Little to Wicomico Associates Corp., $300,000.

MANNING DR., 17210-Lisa and Thomas R. Austin to Peter C. Dickens, $487,500.

STRAUSBERG ST., 1220-Ronald J. Oliver Jr. to Jose S. Argueta Baries, $575,000.

Adelphi Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 817-Bonerge Quintanilla to Miguel Martinez, $210,000.

CHAPMAN RD., 2206-Preeti M. and Medapalli A.K. Henry to Ruth Choque, $346,000.

HANNON ST., 1700, No. 212-Zahra Yousef and Massoud Javid to Ejaz Khan, $75,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1802, No. 207-Monika Choinska Powell to Roger McNorton, $110,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1826, No. 203-Iris N. Mata to Pedro A. Portillo, $140,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1204-Karen L. Payne to Franklin Carpio, $110,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1604-Gabriel A. Martinez to Kevin Acotto, $135,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 603-Pan F. Chan to Sherika Harley, $122,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 709-Taurin Carraway to Kwok H. Ip and Dino C. Ranti, $130,000.

24TH PL., 7202-Jamie A. and Sara Velasquez to Olivia and Raphael Gomes, $370,000.

Aquasco Area

AQUASCO RD., 19706-James K. and Robin V. Brady to Charlotte and Wycliffe Foote, $395,000.

AQUASCO RD., 20304-Ernest W. Garner to Robert R. Harms, $140,000.

Beltsville Area

CHAPEL VIEW DR., 3000-Kathleen L. Spelman to Audrey Smedley, $430,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11326, No. II-N-Joanna L. Cepeda to Salome Ndzulumbe and Jamiru Z. Nyonjo, $165,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11352, No. I-Y-Betty J. Adams to Carlos Flores and Leydy S. Castro, $165,000.

CHERRYVALE TERR., 11126-Afolake M. Amokomowo to Foday L. Jarra and Yema Kebbie, $321,000.

EVANS TRAIL WAY, 3718-William F. Dooley to Jacqueline M. and Audley O. Haye, $255,000.

GARRETT AVE., 4615-Jennifer L. and Bryan K. Addis to Cecilia R. Calderon Mejia, $330,000.

GREENWOOD RD., 4509-Harold H. Marsh II to Sherri D. Brenneman Bell, $370,000.

NAPLES AVE., 4619-Mahesh H. and Shakuntala M. Shah to Leonor and Jose A.A. Barahona, $400,000.

OLD BALTIMORE PIKE, 11610-Ugo Apug and Chukwuma E. Nmereole to Elizabeth Aiyepola, $365,000.

SEQUOIA LANE, 11512-Claude L. and Felisa M. Eba to Marie E. Dorlus and Louides Tachoute, $460,000.

Bladensburg Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 5619-Betty M. and Isaac L. Johnson Sr. to Beatrice Ahanmisi, $263,000.

BLUE HERON WAY, 4435-Della Ratta Inc. to Bernice I. Parks, $131,401.

BLUE HERON WAY, 4445-Della Ratta Inc. to Guy L. Adams and Pamela M. Isaacs, $132,503.

BLUE HERON WAY, 4449-Della Ratta Inc. to Shaila U. Jackson, $124,490.

NEWTON ST., 5206-Leonard L. Napper Sr. to Shonita Mason, $82,000.

NEWTON ST., 5217, No. 304-Lea Mejia Chavez to Carlos A. Mesa, $73,000.

54TH PL., 4111-Harold L. Wooten to Victor Bradford and Kenneth N. Brown, $168,750.

Bowie Area

ANN ARBOR LANE, 2605-Armand K. and E. Geraldin Bartlett to Maisha T. and Thomas B. Strong, $426,000.

BEECHFERN LANE, 12609-Nongluk Gritsadanuruk to Melissa Williams, $320,000.

COWAN AVE., 8404-Sophia S. and Darnell A. Murphy to Bryan N. Duncan, $302,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15831-Andrea J. King to Kenneth R. Hamilton, $206,000.

ECKHART RD., 16110-Glenn W. and Arlene M. Walker to Sundrie and Carl Brown, $510,000.

ENSLEIGH LANE, 15656-Meseret Tsegaye to Kwabena Mensah, $339,000.

EUROPE LANE, 3709-Vincent Jackson to Salome F. Harrison, $352,000.

FAWN LANE, 2700-Hazel Jenkins to Laura C. and Gregory J. Chandler, $345,000.

FLETCHERTOWN RD., 12705-Towanda D. Maddox to Wanda D. North and William C. Daniels, $150,000.

GOTHIC LANE, 6225-Jesse P. and Nadine L. Marks to Theresa O. Norton, $365,000.

KEYBERRY LANE, 2419-Melissa A. McCoy to Jessie L. Brown, $330,000.

KIMBLE LANE, 2612-Jacqueline S. Priester to Jane Kansook and Kevin Green, $285,000.

KNOWLEDGE LANE, 12605-Michael T. Hester to Countrywide Home Properties Corp., $266,000.

KORNETT LANE, 12610-Joseph A. and Kerry Trahan to Emina and Dragan Miljkovic, $345,000.

LAVENDER LANE, 4204-Robin A. Cunningham to Shawn C. Hurt, $357,500.

LODE ST., 12704-Thea E. Bruce to Wilafredo Larios, $385,000.

LONDON LANE, 14502-George Dawkins to Adekunle O. Adegorusi, $230,000.

LYNNS RETREAT DR., 5208-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Crystal Washington, $375,136.

MARIES RETREAT DR., 5206, No. 133-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Jonathan Gray, $395,881.

NEMO CT. N., 15517-Adrene M. Mitchener to Lelandria and Oriora A. Ubannwa, $260,000.

NEW OAK LANE, 3047-Terri M. and Victor L. Bradford to Carla Diggs, $220,000.

NORWALK PL., 3907-Bernard H. and Jessica Agnew to Aaron Shrieves and Bryan Leonard, $333,000.

OLD BARN RD., 7909-Kelly E. Baldwin to Michael A. Brown, $655,000.

OLD CHAPEL DR., 7615-Dinah and Samuel L. Slay to Christine O. Ukaibe, $550,000.

OVERBROOK LANE, 13116-Pamela J. and Steven L. Forbes to Cara M. and David J. Greene, $332,900.

PATRIOT LANE, 1254-William M. Morgan to Keith M. Brown and Tracey L. Elliott, $210,900.

PLUMWOOD CT., 15607-Shed M. Jr. and Jean T.W. Jessup to Kenneth L. Perry, $320,000.

RARITAN LANE, 12202-Terrence L. and Lori S. Glaze to Natasha S. and Daryl K. Alston, $360,900.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4777, No. 51-Ylonda Y. Chestney to Robert R. and Cybil W. Redmond, $280,000.

ROCKLEDGE DR., 12403-Leah A. and David Tidler to Shahid Munir, $348,000.

SILVER MAPLE CT., 13106-Michelle M. Truitt to Natalie Wagstafee, $320,000.

STANFIELD DR., 12105-Steven W. Meeks to Hannah and Peter Pipim, $495,000.

STRETTON LANE, 12406-Daniel T. O'Brien and Phyllis I. to Maureen and Kurtis M. Jones, $340,000.

WILLOW CREEK RD., 6807-Patricia E. and John F. Donahue Jr. to Valerie Brown Holder, $375,000.

WOODGATE WAY, 4501-Steven C. and Holley W. Huffine to Frederick D. and Jamie E. Johnson, $490,000.

Brandywine Area

ACCOKEEK RD., 5917-Jonathan P. and Sarra J. Daniels to Shauna M. and Grace P. Roye, $335,000.

BALD EAGLE SCHOOL RD., 15916-Roland L. and Joan D. Early to Barbara S. and Kenneth E. Bond, $260,000.

BENJAMIN RING ST., 15402-Washington Homes of Maryland to Sean A. Nixon, $281,396.

BRINTON WAY, 15308-Washington Homes of Maryland to Keith L. and Tia S. Stafford, $446,697.

HEATHERWICK CT., 12813-Eunice E. and James H. Hopkins to Clarence O. Capers, $269,000.

KENNETT SQUARE WAY, 15500-Washington Homes of Maryland to Pachcala Crews, $321,533.

Brentwood Area

PERRY ST., 3715-Jose V. and Santos R. Ama Reyes to Shawn Cassatt and Jason A. Barron, $335,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 5108-Elenora Sutton to Cedro Limited, $96,500.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS BLVD., 701-Prosper Osei Wusu to Genara Rodriguez and Luis Ramos, $240,000.

CAPITOL HEIGHTS BLVD., 707-Paradigm Holdings Inc. to Nse B. Obong, $115,000.

CASTLEHAVEN CT., 1111-Norris W.C. and Tameka C. Anderson to Derick Graham, $200,000.

DILLON CT., 1211-Lynn C. Huff to Jules F. Anounog, $223,000.

ELLIS ST., 4101-Larry W. Medley to Rudolph L. Hesia Ti, $221,000.

J ST., 5914-Joseph W. and Goldie V. Francis to Linda J. and Jack G. Bannister, $35,000.

J ST., 5917-Paradigm Holdings Inc. to Maria I. Hoyos Alvarez, $120,000.

LARCHMONT AVE., 630-Vishnu K. and Brahm Persaud to Tyrone Bryant, $157,500.

LEROY GORHAM DR., 4727-Annie L. Wright to Naeemah A. Raqib, $54,000.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. HWY., 6310-Ramon L. Davis to Lisa Y. Randolph, $200,000.

MARYLAND PARK DR., 138-Doris H.D. Et and Jaime R. Payes to Carlos M. Ferrebu, $220,000.

MENTOR AVE., 912-Timothy H. Moore to Daniel Alexander, $158,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6504-Rhonda D. Sykes to Gwendolyn L. and Kevin R. Wheeler, $118,000.

SHAMROCK AVE., 1517-Diane C. Smith to Ronald A. and Joan M. Brown, $252,000.

SUNBURY CT., 5608-Jeffery A. Cherry Sr. to Valencia and Mark Dickens, $200,000.

WALKER MILL RD., 7303-Marie M. Wade to Tynette W. Brown, $249,900.

68TH ST., 507-David L. Brown to Ernest Musseman, $82,500.

Cheltenham Area

FARRAR AVE., 10314-Brady Cloyd and Dawn Taylor to John Richardson, $257,000.

SARAH LANDING DR., 10301-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Candida L. Jones, $420,000.

SHEET CT., 9701-Milton R. and Theresa Williamson to Cassandra and Derrick Griffin, $500,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CENTRAL AVE., 7900-Adelyn Harriette to Bailey K. Adou, $125,000.

CHESAPEAKE ST. E., 7009-Mark A. Eddy to Samuel Owireko, $335,000.

FOREST RD. E., 7302-Ellen V. Evans to Jerry Jewell, $90,000.

HEIDI LANE, 3506-Leon M. Hill to Ronnie Byrd, $355,000.

JAVA PL., 1205-Kenneth Henry Jr. to Beatrice L. Ndikum, $260,000.

JOSLYN PL., 6311-Michael Jr. and Patricia A. Rodak to Richard S. Conroy and Bevin A. Clare, $317,500.

KENT TOWN DR., 6915-Dorothy W. and Ruben J. Daggett to Francisco Lebron, $160,000.

KILMER ST., 6325-Deanna W. Suggs to Madison Properites Inc., $165,000.

KILMER ST. E., 7205-Tawana Fenton to Edith and Samuel S. Alfaro, $183,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9709, No. 301-Larry Buggs to Anthony Robinson, $202,000.

LOMBARD ST., 6109-Tracey Gantt to Sevan Khatchatoorian, $270,000.

MEADOW WAY, 303-David B. Gargac to John O. Strong, $215,000.

NALLEY RD., 800-Hattie Tru and Donald Miskowich to Christopher W. Jorgensen, $186,000.

NORMANDY RD., 7730-Thomasine C. and Jamal D. Carroll to Francisco Lebron, $187,000.

OTIS ST., 6103-Rosa M. Brizuela to Jose A. Ramos, $245,000.

POST OAK CT., 219-Thomas E. Chester to Sharief Williams, $185,000.

REICHER ST., 8623-Johnny L. Ford to Ronnie McGill, $250,000.

SUITER WAY, 7916-Tonette Beamon to Rennee Boller, $218,000.

VERMONT CT., 6725-Clementine L. Payne to Lillie Smith, $161,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1818, No. D-105-Ernest P. Gregg to Swan Properties Inc., $100,000.

YELLOWWOOD LANE, 10210-Ray D. Lowe II to Greta and Alfred Walsh, $490,000.

63RD AVE., 3406-Marlon and Patricia Young to Urania R. Ruiz and Ismael Beltran, $300,500.

63RD AVE., 3603-Maria F. Cruz to Tomasa Olivar, $340,000.

Clinton Area

BALLARD LANE, 8912-Margaret M. House to Simon Steele, $5,000.

CRAFTON LANE, 6907-Lakisha and Oronde King Quander to Irma and David Harris, $330,000.

DANGERFIELD RD., 8807-Brenda L. Herd to Rey and Medardo Perez, $325,000.

DENTON DR., 7904-Doris M. Eason to Madison Properties Inc., $200,000.

GATOR CT., 10602-Henry D. Kinnaman to Roger L. Gaines, $340,000.

HALE DR., 9601-Linda and French F. Thompson Jr. to Stacie Tillman, $295,000.

JERVIS ST., 12919-Charles and Robin Exton to Eric C. and Dionne A. Jones, $495,950.

KAINE DR., 6408-Christy Akinfenwa to Shinobu Anzai and Glenn Campbell, $273,900.

MILLIGAN LANE, 7614-Denise A. Banks to Velma R. Lewis, $350,000.

PHYLLIS DR., 9007-Tracey L. Williamson to Calvin L. Stith Sr., $220,000.

ROCKFISH WAY, 5502-Shannon S. and Hasan T. Staton to Dawn M. Perry, $289,500.

SHANNAN DR., 8806-Elizabeth A. Kirksey to Cathy Coleman, $379,000.

SONAR RD., 8102-Cynthia O. and James A. Richardson to Ronald Banks, $265,000.

SPRING ACRES RD., 9005-Rhonda P. and Dennis V. Johnson to Vivian Penda, $207,000.

SPRING ACRES RD., 9103-Mark Henley to Lawrence T. Davis, $299,999.

SPRINGBROOK LANE, 6415-Craig L. Jones to Ramona Creel and Matthew B. Boorstin, $285,000.

SURRATTS RD., 7615-William H. and Bonnie S. McKenzie to UPMG Inc., $190,000.

SURRATTS MANOR DR., 9412-Michael E. and Douglenia Wilson to Kisha M. and James E. Goodrum Jr., $450,000.

TELLICO PL., 9329-Yoo S. and Esther Y. Park to Denise and Robert Schlesinger, $455,000.

TOWNSEND LANE, 9108-George L. III and Vivian Anderson to Stephen D. and Farrah L. Garcia, $265,000.

WINDBROOK DR., 12410-Jimma L. Elliott Stevens to Dalip Dharam, $260,000.

College Park Area

AUTOVILLE DR., 9118-Mary S. and Barry L. Jarboe to Judith W. Wang, $350,500.

CADDO ST., 4708-Victori and Christopher Z. Amaize to Francoise F. Debuc, $330,000.

CHEROKEE ST., 4810-Lewis B. Manning to Elizabeth W. and Christopher M. Taylor, $340,000.

CREIGHTON DR., 7512-Jerroed D. and Patricia Roberson to Cindy and Phillip Mueller, $382,500.

CUNNINGHAM DR., 8825-Janice E. and George E. Tanner to Zhang X. Zheng, $402,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 5013-Felecia G.F. Sharps to Miguel A. Medrano, $302,500.

MANGUM RD., 4702-Frederick I. and Nerval L. Travers to Desna Lamey, $180,000.

MARLBROUGH CT., 3404-Jimmy K. Ngoke to Hugo E. Villatoro Torres, $370,000.

PADUCAH RD., 5207-Maria M. and Alan J. Nun Hernandez to Reina M. Lopez and Maria D.C. Murcia, $371,000.

PONTIAC ST., 5701-Wilton L. and Dorothy E. Todd to Dana and Tim Phares, $390,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 8515-Chester A. Dyrud to Athena D. and Michael A. Grass, $335,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 1018-Jane S. Parker, trustee, to Jerald M. Fountain, $243,000.

47TH AVE., 9802-Mary A. Anagnost to Arnold C. and Brandy D. Celnicker, $304,300.

48TH AVE., 8125, No. 207-Parkside at College Park to Kamran Saleem, $225,000.

51ST PL., 9623-Christoph and Elizabeth W. Taylor to Francisco Ramos, $277,000.

District Heights Area

BENTONIA CT., 2333-Michael Jenkins to Kimberly Taylor, $227,000.

CHARRED WOOD CT., 2938-Michelle D. and Wayne G. Jackson to Shirley A. Patrick, $238,000.

DONNELL DR., 3802-Negasi Gebreyes to Cathy A. Morgan, $295,000.

DONNELL PL., 7232, No. C-8-Earlene Emanuel to Anthony Glover, $111,000.

EDFELDT DR., 2700-W. and G. Inc. to Yatisa Dupree, $203,000.

FOREST RUN DR., 3226-Mary R. Wes and Gregory C. Steele to Linda Price, $214,000.

HARWOOD RD., 2004-George C. Awkward to Allen R. Adon Jr., $232,000.

HIL-MAR DR., 5809-Constance B. and Kelvin Anderson to Deborah Leo, $130,000.

KEYSTONE MANOR PL., 3702-Penelope H. Vails to Leonicio O. Marquez, $167,000.

KIRTLAND AVE., 2605-Deborah E. Penamon to Jasmine Y. Broadus, $166,000.

LEONA ST., 7305-Thomasine A. Green Tipps to Otis Ross Jr., $175,000.

MASON ST., 7111-Mary L. Mundell to Tawanda A. Felder, $260,000.

QUAY AVE., 2800-Abel and Felicia Oladugba to Cecilia Obando and Edgar B. Henriquez, $183,000.

WALKER MILL RD., 6821-Busselm and Fawaz Hani Kabbani to Mohomed Sikder and Hani Fawaz, $395,000.

WINTERGREEN AVE., 2116-John L. and Tawana R. Gibson to Carolyn and Warren Ford, $205,000.

Fort Washington Area

CALTOR LANE, 9600-Robert C.G. and Gloria J. Dunlap to Santos Andino and Pantaleon Cerda, $310,000.

CALVERT MANOR CT., 9509-Brenda B. and Bernard C. Williams to Quinton Allen, $460,000.

DAUPHIN DR., 1705-Linda E. and Harold T. Elliott to Sandra E. Whisonant, $350,000.

DENDRON PL., 12306-Meda M. and Donald O. Woodiel to Donald O. Woodiel, $401,000.

DEVONSHIRE DR., 1211-Segal General Partnership to Omri A. Rivera Mendez, $275,000.

ENTWOOD CT., 6423-Jeanette C. Spraggins to Deborah A. Burton, $185,000.

FOUNDERS TERR., 8304-Bryan A. Baird to Juanita E. and David E. Maclin, $257,000.

GEMINI CT., 303-Timberlake Frankln Square Corp. to Christopher M. Franz, $596,337.

KINGSWAY RD., 3218-Brenda Mahab and James Vinson to Angela R. Whitehead, $340,000.

OLD CANNON RD., 1412-Steven T. and Sharon D. Baynes to Crystal D. and Calvin T. Davis Jr., $535,000.

SWAN CREEK RD., 301-Dana Calloway to Ernest and Colletta Claggett, $370,000.

TANTALLON DR. E., 611-Judith P. and Caldwell B. Beattie to Robin A. Penn, $368,000.

TAYLOR AVE., 1612-Victor G. and Sarrah T. Johnson to Maseray and Hassan J. Koroma, $370,000.

TINKERS BRANCH WAY, 3307-Steed Estates Corp. to NVR Inc., $55,000.

TREGIOVO PL., 11817-Flaim Brothers Inc. to Leticia O. and Trevor F. Sampson Sr., $175,000.

WEBSTER LANE, 7508-Gregory C. King to Oscar Castro, $378,500.

Glenn Dale Area

DAISY LANE, 12301-Thomas O. Gainey to Hanh and Thanh Nguyen, $235,000.

FRANKLIN AVE. E., 10033-Juliana and James O. Amoonarquah to Samuel Plumpter, $340,000.

GLENN BROOKE CT., 11106-Linda Williams to Iris and Marvin Lattimore, $520,000.

GLENN DALE WOODS CT., 5116-Lawrence Jr. and Odessa Chapman to Maryam Zafar and Arif Zobairi, $400,000.

HILLMEADE RD., 6406, No. 130-Patricia E. Waldrop, trustee, to MAFC Residential Inc., $370,500.

KEDLESTON RD., 11400-James Jr. and Gwenith Holcomb to Joyce and William Leapart, $540,000.

WOOD POINTE DR., 6512-Wanda A. and Albert S. Davis to Margaret Heyward Tyson, $530,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8429, No. 201-Olajunji Olanlokun to Lucia B. Edwards Coleman, $167,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8487, No. 201-Haydee McGugan to Yonas Haile, $170,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8647, No. 202-Tiffany R. Baskerville to Tiffany Motley, $125,000.

LAKECREST DR., 8114-Irma R. Bern to Lorena M. and Edward Garrido, $198,000.

MANDAN RD., 7919, No. 710-Akter Khalida and Babul Meah to Muhammad I. Qureshi, $174,600.

MANDAN RD., 7921, No. 694-Reginald A. Stuart II to Yin P. Yu, $160,000.

MANDAN RD., 7927, No. 650-Donna and Robert Hines to Sherrill M. Abramson, $150,000.

MANDAN TERR., 8148-Kelby N.B. and Jeanette A. Pereira to Walwin Metzger, $286,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 5004-Joan L. Holloway to Noe Cano, $100,000.

GALLATIN ST., 5601-Geraldine V. and Clarence Size to Isabel C. Rivera, $250,000.

52ND AVE., 5015-Gerald A. Eddins to William Harris, $255,000.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9201, No. 202-Izattoure K. Grant to Philomina R. Gomes, $165,000.

Lanham Area

ALCONA ST., 9237-Norma and Gene R. Sutphin Sr. to Olvin N. Majano, $285,000.

GRANT DR., 7901-Martha E. Standifer to Yanira Ayala, $175,000.

HUXLEY DR., 9804-Damion and Chandra M. Quaye to Elie Etienne, $540,000.

KINMOUNT RD., 4311-Alice C. and Sinclair C. Alleyne to Deborah Vickerie, $375,000.

RED WING LANE, 8509-William V. and Carole A. Keene to Rayshawn and Moses P. Robinson II, $356,100.

WOODSTREAM LANE, 6928-Walter A. Ngome to Elisabeth Bouah, $271,000.

WOODSTREAM TERR., 7036-Milton D. Price Jr. to Agbeko O. Kumordzie, $285,000.

FOURTH ST., 9008-Geraldine M. and Tyrone A. Mathis to Wilson Cuevas, $290,000.

FIFTH ST., 9107-Wilson Mancho to Mayasara Abdalla and Gedila Musa, $319,000.

Largo Area

BIG CHIMNEY BRANCH, 126-Allison R. Holland to Karen M. Bollers, $159,000.

BLUE WING TERR., 1111-Joseph and Maria V. Villafane to Scott Chatham, $390,000.

BOX TREE DR., 2611-Washington Homes of Maryland to Kevin Watkins, $454,617.

CABLE HOLLOW WAY, 50, No. 43-2-Cheri D. Marsh to Ademoluyi Olatunji, $111,000.

CLEMATIS CT., 11503-Washington Homes of Maryland to Katrice M. and Brian E. Ashton, $405,765.

COPPER BEECH DR., 15700-NVR Inc. to Derrick J. Reddick, $752,704.

DOUBLETREE LANE, 9900-Thomas N. Flagg to Henri S. Job, $331,900.

EASINGWOLD LANE, 15705-Mid Atlantic Builders of Beech, trustee, to Crystal Y. Atkins, $576,044.

EASINGWOLD LANE, 15706-NVR Inc. to Lisa and Anthony L. Cason, $639,195.

JOYCETON DR., 10527-George E. and Linda T. Ruff to Nenita and Mario Villavicencio, $205,000.

MESSENGER PL., 13502-Geraldine K. Cherry, trustee, to Arlene C. and Jess R. Mitchell, $329,000.

MOUNTAIN WOOD CT., 2006-Washington Homes Inc. to Patricia C. Smith, $672,444.

PERTH AMBOY CT., 138-Debra Dockery to Deon Mason, $315,000.

ROYAL COMMERCE PL., 9946-Cheryl J. Wilmer to Belinda Baah, $330,000.

WATER FOWL WAY, 12605-Otis T. Jr. and Joanne L. Ashton to Janet E. and Ira L. Mills, $399,900.

WATER FOWL WAY, 12615-Lennox Callender to Kimberly and Dennis Singleton, $550,000.

WHISTLING DUCK DR., 1515-Reginald L. and Katrice L. Pasteur to Larry J. Badal and Toni S. Leefook, $510,000.

WILLOW SWITCH LANE, 2104-Washington Homes Inc. to Blanche D. and Waynard A. Smith, $556,912.

Laurel Area

ARBORY WAY, 15307-Timothy L. and Christine S. Epkes to Athena R. and Keith J. Schaffer, $208,000.

ASHFORD PL., 14910-Matthew Smith to Anthony K. Yeboah, $295,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14119, No. 311-Angelena R. McCorkle to Angelena R. McCorkle, $92,500.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14313-Barbara E. Wright to Janet S. and Nicholas Yakubik, $220,000.

BRADFORD DR., 15705-Luisa and Benito Vazquez to Benito Vazquez, $145,000.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 15035-Donnie E. Lawrence to Matthew Wilner, $210,000.

CHESTNUT RIDGE DR., 8702-Telma and Joaquim E. Nazario Jr. to Lorna P. and Ricardo P. Sicat, $159,900.

COMPTON AVE., 411-Virginia and James I. Newton Jr. to Kwesi Aaku, $230,000.

DARWIN RD., 6418-Deborah Hammersmith to Indira Persaud, $395,000.

DORSET RD., 15716, No. 104-William F. Dooley to Linda L. Nash, $139,000.

FOREST MILL LANE, 6211-Evelyn A. Johnson to Albertha T. Johnson, $395,000.

HEARTLEAF CIR., 7402-Michael Harris Development to Rita R. and Gerald L. Chiappetta, $440,166.

MAYFAIR DR., 14400-Julie A. Ward to Olaniyi Ashiru, $295,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15664-Manny J. and Samantha Jargroup to Juan A. Lara, $270,000.

MILLBROOK LANE, 15701, No. 022-Augusta M.E. and Warren J. Ambrose to Linda A. Stith, $265,000.

NICHOLS DR., 931-James and Laura Robison to Kayotta and Thomas Durlewanger, $296,100.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14016-Jeneal T. Wilkins to William R. Caal, $289,900.

PARK AVE., 704-Robert A. and Amy M. Abernathy to Jose E. Clarke, $395,000.

VISTAS DR., 14036, No. 100-Monica Brewer to Caron Carroll, $201,234.

EIGHTH ST., 1009-Harry B. and M. Nancy Krams to Vicente Guerrero and Fidel Saavedra, $290,000.

Montpelier Area

BRIARWOOD DR., 13609-Juan M. Reynaga to Obika C. Nwobi, $349,000.

CLAXTON DR., 12818, No. II-Colleen M. and James D. Crafton Jr. to Samuel Twene, $245,000.

CLAXTON DR., 13006-Walter R. and Deena A. Groshong to Saul and Juan A. Zuniga, $380,000.

ENGLEMAN DR., 13602-Scott D. and Tracy J. McMaster to Duong H. and Cindy C. Duong, $365,000.

NORTH POINT LANE, 12804-Kenneth L. Wright to Gerardo G. Alvarez, $390,000.

VAN FLEET CT., 9212-Phillip A. and Georgia E. Hardy to Cynthia Chinh and Frank X. Mac, $356,000.

Mount Rainier Area

EASTERN AVE., 3607-Craig L. Wilkins to Edith Andino, $286,000.

EASTERN AVE., 4625-Helen M. and John R. Bowman to Lynne T. Colbert, $389,000.

PERRY ST., 3600-Concepcion S. Mejia to Alvaro M. and Carolina Saballos, $355,000.

New Carrollton Area

EMERSON ST., 6927-Ayodeji A. Burihan to Patrick Avumegah, $136,000.

LANDING WAY, 6420-NVR Inc. to Jared K. Ellison, $268,200.

MARYWOOD ST., 7104-Rosa M. and Jose S. Hernandez to Susana Mercado, $250,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 8305-Eraina V. Brooks to Marlene and Rigoberto Rivera, $295,900.

PARKWOOD ST., 7425-Adelogbe Adeala to Alhaja Balogun, $295,000.

RANDOLPH ST., 6816-George E. Battle to Sussy Rodriguez, $205,000.

67TH AVE., 4828-Celso and Lucia M. Garcia to Julio and Antonieta Urla, $290,000.

70TH AVE., 3900-Christine and George W. McGruder to Elsy Y. Blanco, $240,000.

85TH AVE., 5420, No. 202-Cynthia and Garry E. Wi Randolph to Ruijing Yao and He Li, $125,000.

87TH AVE., 6218-Sadie M. Gallagher to Edward J. Belanger, $296,000.

Oxon Hill Area

CARSON AVE., 606-Richard A. Poeske to Thomas W. Brotherton, $117,000.

CATONE CT., 7501-Sharnta L. Adams to Silvia M. Giron and Mauricio S. Baires, $378,000.

DEAL DR., 5217-Constance and James L. Bronson Jr. to Kevin R. Nesbitt Jr., $145,000.

DUMFRIES ST., 1009-John E. and Gladys J. Mattingly to Maria C. and Jose W. Galvez, $189,000.

GULLY CT., 4911-Kimberly Jackson to Adam Jackson, $226,000.

HURON DR. N., 120-Thomasinia Stevens to Jerry E. Cromwell and David Bailey, $75,000.

ONONDAGA DR., 139-Gerald E. and Laneen A. Hollis to Deborah Davis, $227,000.

SPRINGMAID LANE, 4700-C.B. Fosters Overlook Corp. to Cheryl Weir, $303,870.

WOODLAND DR., 5804-Dorothy F. Moton to Elmer A. Romero, $245,000.

Riverdale Area

POWHATAN ST., 6618-Amy K. and Ebrahim M. Eizeldin to Merle M. Munroe, $195,000.

RITTENHOUSE ST., 5814-Richard Mino and Erich Chetelat to Jose W. Rivera, $278,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 6015-Janet M. Mackesy to Nery D. and Jose E. Reyes, $285,000.

64TH AVE., 6033-Yvonne Makinde to Brigitte M.C. Ngangoua, $195,000.

64TH PL., 5701-5701 64th Place, trustee, to Maria J. Arevalo and Jose M. Villanueva, $260,000.

Suitland Area

JUANITA CT., 6403-Saba Abebe to Stanley E. Sanders, $317,000.

OAKLAND WAY, 5115-Justin D. Barnes to Jose U. Vasquez and Filadelfo Benitez, $280,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3823, No. 203-Willie E. Jones to Regina S. Devese, $95,000.

SUITLAND RD., 6520-Patricia D. and Jerry K. Lovelace to Nettia Isley, $185,000.

Temple Hills Area

BEAUMONT ST., 3217-Milzena P. and Terrance Cardwell to L. Noriko Reid, $155,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 4908-Eda M. Evans and Sven B. Carlson to Caar Corp., $100,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3142, No. T-2-James H. Hadden to Seneca Dent, $110,500.

CLARIDGE RD., 6203-Elizabeth F. Vermeire to Waltraut D. Nelson, $235,000.

COLEBROOKE DR., 2579, No. 7-Denise Williams to Stephanie M. Jennings, $125,000.

HOPE DR., 6005-Debra A. and Thomas P. Reynolds to Tracey M. Foreman, $295,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3337, No. T-1-Robert E. Jones to John T. McCain, $110,000.

IVERSON PL., 4705-Ronald Edmonds to Jerry Jones, $280,000.

KEPPLER RD., 5513-Secured Improvements to Marvin A. Lopez, $325,000.

LIME ST., 2712-Craig Witherspoon to Ramon A. Compres, $243,000.

LYONS ST., 4021-Marie C. and Ryland C. Anderson to Beauford H. Mensah, $155,000.

LYONS ST., 4212-BestHomes USA Corp. to Reina I. Sanchez, $263,000.

OLD BRANCH AVE., 5911-Steven and Doris Smith to Karen D. Sealy, $125,000.

SHARON RD., 5112, No. 2-Dallas O. Williams to Rosa G. Rodriguez, $250,000.

SUMMERHILL RD., 6506-Carolyn P. Kirkland to Jose T. Ruiz, $309,950.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 5086-Lorraine Dale to Winston McCaskill, $300,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 6703-Olivia and Joseph Dixon to James Thomas, $290,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 7604-Frances D. and Terrence Barton to Tanji and Johney A. Williams III, $261,000.

28TH PKWY., 3112-Lisa K. Johnson to Alexia T. Jordan, $155,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

NICHOLSON ST., 3507-Javier Szuch and Jose Rodriguez to Lilian Avelar, $385,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 3814-Grant L. and Sherry L. Enfield to Jason B. and Erin B. McCray, $350,000.

OLIVER ST., 3924-Aida Morel to Harry W. Ridge III and Greystone Properties, $260,000.

WELLS PKWY., 7210-Wu Pang Tseng to Wilbert K. Jones, $399,990.

30TH AVE., 5702-Barbara and Thomas W. Sheldon to Marcelo Flores, $245,000.

36TH PL., 5024-Jeremiah and Marie B. Harrington to Denise A. Vinson, $205,000.

40TH AVE., 6011-Karen Fuller to Natalie N. and William E. Hawkins, $296,000.

40TH AVE., 6500-Nain G. Garci and Dora G. Herrera to Hannah S. and Joel B. Ard, $599,900.

Upper Marlboro Area

BIRDIE LANE, 10009-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to John M. and Nadene H. Archield, $470,345.

BROOKWOOD AVE., 10816-Jonathan Barnes to Vera and Dennis Brummell, $260,000.

CAPTAIN DUVAL DR., 4524-Berthena L. Berry to Kimberly M. and Derrick L. Coleman, $257,000.

CHIP SHOT LANE, 12117-Patriot Homes Inc. to Michael A. Freeburn, $487,680.

CHRISTIAN ST., 14012-Cecelia Y. Sails to Rhonda and Jeffery A. Cherry, $430,000.

CRESCENT DR., 14600-Lucille A. and James A. Borer to Guadalupe D. Lopez, $315,000.

GREAT GORGE WAY, 8809-Jacqueline V. and Bernard R. Jones to Joyce H. Thomas, $295,000.

HALLOWAY NORTH, 3408-Samonia and Juanita Ha Whisonant to Ryan J. Pullam and Michael Ritchie, $204,800.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14201, No. G-501-Stephanie C. Johnson to Angela R. Robinson, $205,000.

KING FREDERICK WAY, 13819-Jewell W. Tilghaman to Candace N. Lawton, $235,000.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13808, No. 2-Carolyn J. Watkins to Ginger Plummer, $230,000.

LYNDIA PL., 9911-Geri L. and Ike L. Crudup to Marvin N. Brooks, $292,000.

MAPLE SHADE LANE W., 5109-Lanny M. and Tammy J. Weese to Derrick and Nickiea Ingram, $365,000.

MARLBOROUGH LANE, 14333-Yvonne D. Curry to Tyzcer L. and Timothy E. Henson, $174,000.

MIDLAND TURN, 9116-Siccola K. and Thomas L. Clark to Georgie C. Solomon, $185,000.

MOUNT LUBENTIA WAY, 10902-Gregory and Howard M. Gilbert Jr. to Saima Iqbal and Affandum Ali, $290,000.

PRINCE PL., 10117, No. 103-Bertha A. McDuffie to Nicole Jones, $110,000.

PRINCE PL., 10208, No. 5-207-Phyllis D. Powell to Lucinda and Duffy Nobles Jr., $145,000.

RIVER WALK TERR., 10002-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Janie L. and Neville J. Weekes, $520,660.

SPRING WATER LANE, 10200-Natalie and Eric T. Strother to Keith L. Parker, $515,000.

STURDEE DR., 12508-Sophia Graham to David E. Holeman Sr., $306,000.

THURSTON DR., 30-Olusegun A. Okegbenro to Afolabi J. Badero, $375,000.

TIBERIAS DR., 9506-Michel A. Calvin to Sean and Rita M. Lawson, $285,000.

TIVERTON PL., 1307-Dorothy M. Foster to Angela D. and George M. Humes, $310,000.

TORBAY PL., 4911, No. 34-Tari A. Coates to Lenell Mackall, $275,000.

WALLACE LANE, 12400-Harold L. and Barbara S. Vance to Sandra A. and Anthony L. Johnson, $300,000.

WELSHIRE DR., 10317-Walter E. and Crystal Coleman to Craig B. and Nancy N. Jones, $450,000.

WYMAN WAY, 9727-Cindy L. and Thomas H. Walton Jr. to Jay Adams Property Corp., $260,000.


Lake Arbor Area

CLEARY LANE, 10111-G. Russell Donaldson to Erin C. Rhodes, $449,000.

DANSHIRE CT., 1901-James G. Sakellaris Family Partnership to Pamela and Ernest A. Smith, $518,486.

DAVIT CT., 2219-Washington Homes Inc. to Joanne and Ronald B. Johnson II, $667,943.

DRIFTWOOD RD., 14405-Washington Homes Inc. to Tishona B. and Lawrence O. Elliott Jr., $836,160.

DUNWOOD VALLEY DR., 14102-Bernita M. and Martin Kane Jr. to Onuoha Nwokoro, $675,000.

SPENCER CT., 10408-Geraldine M. Edwards to Sharon McDonald, $250,000.

SYCAMORE HEIGHTS CT., 1814-Leslie D. and Carlos Johnson to Tara D. Williams, $280,000.

WAESCHE PL., 1804-Stephanie and Frank Stubblefield to Barbara J. Woolfolk, $440,000.