The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

Stray Shepherd Taken to Shelter

ROUND HILL, Hayman Lane, Oct. 14. An animal control officer found a neutered German shepherd, about 5 years old, running loose. The dog was not wearing identification, and it was taken to the animal shelter. Reports of lost animals were checked, but no matches were found.

Deer Stuck in Basement Is Released

ASHBURN, Ingersol Way, Oct. 15. An adult doe was found trapped in the basement of a home under construction. An animal control officer caught the deer with a snare pole. He then used a second pole to secure its rear legs and a third pole to secure its front legs. Construction workers then helped carry the deer out of the basement. The deer had minor scrapes but was otherwise uninjured, and it was released in a grassy area nearby.

Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot

STERLING, Sully Road, Oct. 15. A white female pit bull mix was reported abandoned with a blanket in a hotel parking lot. An animal control officer took the dog and its blanket to the animal shelter. The dog was scanned for identifying microchips, but none were found.

Girl Reunites Dog and Owner

LEESBURG, Wolfe Court, last Sunday. A girl found a dog wearing a county license and called animal control. An animal control officer traced the license information and called the owner. The owner contacted the girl and retrieved his dog.

Sick Raccoon Euthanized

STERLING, Victoria Place, Monday. A sick raccoon lying on the back porch of a home was taken to the animal shelter, where it was euthanized.