The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BEAR TOOTH DR., 42028 -- Centex Homes to Fahima Zahir, $576,175.

BERYL TERR., 41906 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Michael P. Alexiou, $452,220.

BERYL TERR., 41908 -- Christy and Kevin F. Kolbye to Abhishe Tandon and Olga Selezneva, $520,000.

DESTINATION SQ., 25206 -- NVR Inc. to Sandy and Steven A. Keener, $451,540.

GENIUS SQ., 25378 -- Valerie R. Conner to Patrick Haggerty, $494,000.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40444 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Mark Herb, $814,205.

MASTERY PL., 25279 -- NVR Inc. to Cynthia M. and Paul G. Lacombe, $643,080.

MASTERY PL., 25310 -- NVR Inc. to Valentia P. Alleyne, $675,837.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 41994 -- Centex Homes to Sina Reangber and Mansur Rahim, $557,405.

PYRITE CT., 42026 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Brett F. and Melissa R. Candler, $670,093.

VISIONARY CT., 41912 -- Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp. to NVR Inc., $112,844.

VISIONARY CT., 41912 -- NVR Inc. to Jyechi Shyu, $687,015.

VISIONARY CT., 41925 -- NVR Inc. to Chun Chiao and Wen Tsan Hsu, $662,070.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

ALLEGHENY CIR., 47761 -- Ngoc Bich and Nhuan Nam Vu to Rolando Castellon, $690,000.

BENTLEY DR., 39 -- Ava M. and James F. Carney to Sabrina Meadows, $505,000.

BERKELEY CT., 5 -- Jeffrey G. Leonard to Richard Logue, $287,000.

BICKEL CT., 61 -- Joy and Titus Onuoha to D. Pichardo and F. Mata and Mario Melgar, $366,000.

BURNLEY SQ., 20313 -- Ellen S. Gilliland to Kyle McAdams, $439,900.

CHELMSFORD CT., 277 -- Julia A. Drance, trustee, to Amy and Forrest Denson, $400,000.

DARIAN CT., 14 -- Anne M. and Joseph P. Gordon to Kyle Powell, $450,000.

DEVENSHIRE CT., 14 -- Bill R. Kenney to Sylvianna K. and Wayne F. Leriche, $555,000.

GLENMERE SQ., 20647 -- Linda Jones to Leroy T. Johnson, $505,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21148 -- Julia B. and Marvin Scott Olson to Wei Zhao, $464,900.

MONOCACY SQ., 46394 -- Julie B. and Kurt F. Werner to Ross E. Paulson, $375,000.

MOSS RD., 11 -- Judith E. and Francis A. Baker Jr. to Ying Wang and Kaisheng Bao, $650,000.

PRYOR SQ., 46345 -- Huda Mousa and Mohamad Ali to Monika Ganotra, $353,000.

QUARTERPATH TRACE CIR., 20439 -- Suni C. and Donald R. Erlanger to Elias Gamez, $690,000.

SERENITY CT., 20902 -- Shaista and Umar Siddiqui to Raisa and Dimitri A. Riabtsev, $685,000.

SWECKER FARM PL., 20439 -- Stephanie L. and Scott R. McIntyre to Simran Kang and Surinder Singh, $760,000.

TERRIE DR., 285 -- K. Chanthaphone and John A. Chon to Amanda D. Newman, $587,700.

Ashburn Area

ALDERLEAF TERR., 20421 -- Maureen Regan and Paul M. Merzlak to Marlin C. Naranjo, $384,900.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20704 -- Sterling Land Corp. to NVR Inc., $205,000.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20717 -- NVR Inc. to Katrina W. and Sam Cheng, $1.17 million.

ASPENDALE SQ., 19584 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Tarra Wong and Kevin Bixler, $539,044.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43498 -- Dawn and David A. Matta to Maria A. and James E. Yarbrough, $416,500.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43616 -- Neelum N. and Mohammad N. Raja to Saritha Ellanki and Venkata Malyala, $425,000.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20061 -- Belmont Land Lp to Galina Zagrebelnaya and Allan Askar, $602,037.

BONLEE SQ., 43926 -- Kirk Gibson to Jorge Vasquez Olivera, $395,000.

BOWFONDS ST., 20423 -- Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to S. Challapalli and Linga V. Kumar, $479,860.

CHESTERMILL TERR., 43225 -- Mimi C. Hanley to Aparna and Shashishekar Godse, $430,000.

CHESTERTON ST., 42967 -- Jennifer R. and David E. Hawley to M. Faith and Michael C. McGarrity, $558,000.

CLIFTON TERR., 43284 -- Ruby Mae Painter to Leslie A. MacDonald, $435,000.

COOL FERN SQ., 20493 -- Dena L. Benson to Steven M. and Kathleen C. Cooker, $372,500.

CROSSBOW CT., 42841 -- Linda J. and Timothy L. Ludlow to Kathleen S. and Youkeun Lee, $675,000.

DESERT FOREST DR., 20126 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Deepa Purushothaman, $773,064.

DRAGONS GREEN SQ., 21786 -- Paul R. Sell and Erin M. Darnes to Sara and Robert McCreery, $370,000.

GALA CIR., 44089 -- Sallie and Fred Blanks to Annika and David Wang, $450,000.

GOOSE CROSS TERR., 21772 -- Fensterwald Co. Corp. to Abdul R. Khan and Khalid R. Khan, $431,000.

GREYMONT TERR., 20473 -- Melissa A. and Michael J. Firetti to Kim J. Lien and Richard O. Thomas, $435,000.

HALEY CT., 43793 -- Cynthia and Michael Rolin to Christopher Hoover and Lauren Foster, $735,000.

KENTUCKY OAKS CT., 20231 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Nga Thito Chau and Jeremy Dick, $942,251.

LEIER PL., 20287 -- Cynthia B. and John G. Plante to Pamela M. and Brandon J. Kinas, $541,000.

LITCHFIELD TERR., 44243 -- Peggy C. Cabrera to Bina U. Patel, $401,000.

MILLSTEAD DR., 20226 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Emelita and Rene Ayo and Renato Ayo, $680,891.

MOHEGAN DR., 20265 -- Richmond American Homes to Firouz Bassiri, $418,195.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44172 -- Viviani and Bruce McLean to Henry Valle, $392,000.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20062 -- Karen and Stephen Sopko to Cynthia and Michael Campbell, $739,900.

NATALIE TERR., 44106, No. 201 -- May C. Berry to E.B. Cryer, $320,000.

PANDORA CT., 44005 -- Richard J. Gurdak to Enrique Soto, $589,500.

POSTRAIL SQ., 43450 -- Phyllis J. Locklar to Jorge Diaz, $425,000.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20131 -- Hina Nabeel and Nabeel Haider to Ali Imam Shah, $543,000.

SCIOTO TERR., 20433 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Megan Mihalco, $147,227.

SHADOW CREEK CT., 19999 -- Rebecca A. and David J. Hirsch to Donna H. Boone, $849,900.

SHEHAWKEN TERR., 44248 -- Brian S. Dugan to Gary P. Herman, $542,000.

SILKWORTH TERR., 44296 -- Mark E. and Catherine J. Fultz to Janine M. Bourgault, $496,000.

SILKWORTH TERR., 44337 -- Sharyn and David Lane to Kathy H. Regan, $594,900.

SMITH CIR., 20040 -- Helen C. Poland to Parminder Kaur and Dilbara Pandher, $610,000.

STONECOTTAGE PL., 43105 -- Robin R. and Philip J. Pestone to Elizabeth and Thomas A. Moschetto, $665,000.

WACCAMAW SQ., 20281 -- Richmond American Homes to Sultana Kamal and Farah Jameel, $404,440.

WATERTOWN TERR., 44485 -- Mohammed A. Ali and Saira N. Aslam to Ronald White and Jeffrey D. White, $370,000.

Broadlands Area

CONQUEST CIR., 42779 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Hima B. and Madhusudhan R. Vuradi, $688,764.

CONQUEST CIR., 42787 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Misun J. and Sung H. Oh, $652,480.

CONQUEST CIR., 42934 -- Centex Homes to Carolyn S. and Robert M. Heier, $837,123.

CONQUEST CIR., 42950 -- Centex Homes to David and Homaira Miskinyar, $732,433.

DULLES GAP CT., 22744 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Katherine O. and Mark R. Reitz, $809,944.

EMPEROR DR., 42689 -- Centex Homes to Laura E. and Andrew P. Lissak, $824,698.

ENGLESIDE PL., 21859 -- Abigail D. and Felix Y. Salcedo to Alison K. and Kenneth G. Ermellini, $970,000.

FOREST RUN DR., 22583 -- Wendy M. and Tommy F. Day to Rebecca J. and Donald Ray Lowe, $880,000.

HALBURTON TERR., 21929 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Sohan Toor and Parminder Kaur, $521,140.

HARPER MANOR CT., 43253 -- Michelle and Tony Newgen to Nhung Cam Nguyen and Bac Van Tran, $925,000.

IREDELL TERR., 21590 -- Joseph D. Livingood to Neeraja and Prashanth K. Ravva, $453,000.

LAGO STELLA PL., 43025 -- NVR Inc. to Adrianne and David L. Blackistone, $857,515.

LAGO STELLA PL., 43033 -- NVR Inc. to Tonya and Mark Speck, $907,660.

MILFORD DR., 40393 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Tony T. Tran, $639,080.

MINERVA DR., 23028 -- Gulick Group Inc. to Majdood Popal, $1.14 million.

MINERVA DR., 23044 -- Gulick Group Inc. to Han N.T. and Victor J. Stemberger, $1.33 million.

QUAIL POND PL., 22102 -- Vicky A. and John D. Buhl Jr. to James Jensen III, $990,000.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42761 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Ann Thi and Ya Hsiang Wong, $874,612.

SCHOOLHOUSE CT., 21567 -- Nancy G. and William P. Fox to Linda S. and Timothy Tribby Sr., $750,000.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43252 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Edgar and Maria Ana Oliveros, $598,885.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43266 -- Kelly and Quang Nguyen to Mary Ann and Jack M. Lewis, $654,900.

WATER RUN CT., 22070 -- Kelly M. and Patrick L. Scanlan to Heather K. and Coy R. Gibbs, $807,500.

Dulles Area

BOX CAR SQ., 21981 -- Carol A. and Alan C. Paterno to Khaled Mohamed, $440,000.

FONTWELL SQ., 22982 -- Mary Eunicarre and Bien Nicolas to Delma and Antonio Gutierrez, $390,000.

GUILFORD STATION TERR., 22029 -- Julie J. and Bradley R. Johnson to Reza Tabasi Holland, $415,000.

ROCKFOREST CT., 43470 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Chang J. and Oh Soon Yoo, $935,021.

SMOKETREE TERR., 45745 -- Kimberly and Christopher T. Nolan to McLean West Corp., $531,650.

WARDEN DR., 43577 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Sarada and Ramaiah R. Vemuri, $802,290.

WARDEN DR., 43585 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Ralph Hendershot, $776,524.

Great Falls Forest Area

MCKEAN CT., 10214 -- Lorraine and Christopher W. Yost to Richard Sandstrom, $562,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 10136 -- Sherry L. Rose to R. Villanueva and E. Avila Escobar, $534,900.

Hamilton Area

BETTIS DR., 38590 -- Richmond American Homes to Mary M. and Keith D. Balderson, $631,215.

BURKE CIR., 4 -- Heidi C. and Daniel G. Conley to Mary K. Conaway, $400,000.

DITCHLING PL., 38476 -- Interactive Builders Inc. to Elizabeth and Thomas R. Francis, $777,679.

DITCHLING PL., 38498 -- Interactive Builders Inc. to Onzy and Dana Elam, $805,351.

TAYLOR RD., 17934 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Julie B. and Richard A. Sayles, $777,847.

Leesburg Area

ARROYO TERR., 19060 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Sang J. An, $787,510.

BALLYBUNION TERR., 43804 -- Lora C. Lehman to Christopher A. Price, $565,000.

BARTON CREEK PL., 18506 -- Susanne W. and James P. Vecchio to Leslie A. and Richard G. Snyder, $1.13 million.

BRIAN THOMAS CT., 612 -- Maria L. and Thomas J. Moore to Courtney and Harwood Martin, $770,000.

BURNSIDE TERR., 641 -- Martha Beatty Clayton to Karen M. Kelly, $450,000.

CANAL CREEK PL., 43267 -- Courtland at Coton Commons Corp. to NVR Inc., $152,600.

CLAUDE CT., 125 -- Richmond American Homes to James A. III and Heather McCloskey, $482,915.

CLOVE TERR., 531 -- Steven G. Snyder to Mekedes Gizaw and Bayu Kassa, $370,000.

CONNERY TERR., 228 -- Elizabeth A. and Gregory A. Powell to Jacqueline W. Graham, $413,200.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 625C -- Rosemarie and Joe Terry Swaim to Kimberlee Ann Rariden, $285,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 625C -- Ann M. Walroth to Rosemarie and Joe Terry Swaim, $270,000.

CRYSTAL LAKE ST., 43296 -- Evelyn A. and Carl R. Morin Jr. to Laleh and Jeffrey C. Packard, $975,000.

DAVIS AVE., 341 -- Lisa A. Hawthorne to Renee J. Meintel, $410,000.

EAGLE POINT SQ., 18375 -- Renaissance at River Creek Towns Corp. to Ladene L. Roberts, $863,790.

EMERALD HILL DR., 723 -- Janice A. and Delroy M. Murray to Urmila and Sharad J. Langhnoja, $684,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 115-C -- Shannon M. Wajciechowski to Jarod Keren, $223,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 121-B -- Jonathan Cousins to Evella W. and Donald W. Wallinger, $241,100.

GATEWAY DR., 664, No. 317 -- Eileen L. and Robert T. Gray to Mid Atlantic Development Co. Corp., $193,000.

GATEWAY DR., 674, No. 701 -- Stephanie S. Toumi to Lorilie M. Sims and James M. Neckel, $250,000.

GENERALS CT., 103 -- Beauregard Overlook Associates Corp. to Debbie and G. Umemoto and Ted Kalriess, $931,175.

HAGUE DR., 1401 -- Doris C. and Gary R. Selin to Kara L. and Sean P. Pugh, $689,900.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 108 -- Amy S. Haglund and Ward E. Bell to Andres Javier Hernandez, $414,000.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 130 -- Maria L. and Ronald A. Wunder to Claudia L. and John O. Callahan, $400,000.

HANCOCK PL., 126 -- Sharif Ahmed to Mohammad R. Alam, $74,000.

HILL HEAD PL., 43264 -- Cynthia A. and Ronald G. Sheardown to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $882,500.

HOWITZER TERR., 618 -- Jocelyn S. and Felix A. Alfonso to Oscar Lafuente, $510,000.

KALMIA SQ., 582 -- Judith A. and Thomas V. Kappel to Jenny and Andrew Beck, $399,000.

KALMIA SQ., 588 -- Beth A. and Thomas Jason Bagby to Patricia and Carroll Stang, $411,000.

KINGSMILL ST., 18374 -- Reginald and Ruth E. Royster, trustees, to Elizabeth Anne Ross, $1.17 million.

LEES MILL SQ., 43782 -- Kim Byung Won and Hyo Chin to Young Wan and Chang Jik Lee, $540,000.

LILAC TERR., 588 -- Roxana Huda to Keramuddin N. Fazil, $425,000.

LOUDOUN ST., 243D -- Karel N. Maurer to Ryan Shepperd, $249,900.

MCARTHUR TERR., 542 -- The Drees Co. to Shahida Ali Butt, $372,210.

MCARTHUR TERR., 547 -- The Drees Co. to John N. Hill II, $373,547.

MCARTHUR TERR., 548 -- Rui Zhang to Jessica and Christopher Bridgewater, $420,000.

MICHAEL PATRICK CT., 601 -- Grace A. and Walter R. Bosco to Jeanette and Marvin D. Moran Jr., $580,000.

MILL DAM PL., 19360 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Jean K. and Mark L. Garrell, $812,940.

NORTHLAKE OVERLOOK TERR., 43113 -- Lauri S. and Gregory T. Hill to Joyce A. Myers, $610,000.

PADDINGTON WAY, 117 -- Maria I. Fuentes and Jose A. Andrade to Anabela Aguilera, $305,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 107-D -- Lawrence S. Gordon to Guadalupe and Oscar R. Saenz, $230,000.

RIDGEBACK CT., 18804 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Harrison III and Patricia Fisher, $1.14 million.

RIVANNA TERR., 117 -- Maryanne Fay to Mary F. and Christopher Davila, $430,000.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44088 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Timcor Exchange Corp., $839,735.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44097 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Jorge Morales and James H. Frost, $851,499.

ROCK SPRING DR., 338 -- Evelyn D. Alderman estate to Deborah C. and Dennis Welsh, $255,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 597 -- Maria Irma Rosa and Jose Alvarado to Arcenio Alvarado, $300,000.

ROCKFORD SQ., 865 -- Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Rodney E. Lau, $397,575.

ROSSBACK TERR., 18979 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Clinton A. Ferguson, $733,441.

ROSSBACK TERR., 18983 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Jane C. and John J. Marcello, $768,163.

ROSSBACK TERR., 18985 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Alisa and Gregory P. Bibbs, $750,000.

SCENIC CREEK WAY, 43143 -- NVR Inc. to Phuong Nguyen and Hoa P. Nguyen, $816,212.

SCENIC CREEK WAY, 43158 -- NVR Inc. to Susan L. and Christopher J. Spring, $871,375.

SHIRLEY SQ., 267 -- David M. Chagnon to Donna M. and William H. Paige, $335,000.

SILVERWOOD TERR., 18805 -- H. Dhillon and Samarjeet Dhillon to Rauf Jaghoori, $500,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 1067 -- John B.W. Simpson to Iris Portillo and Oscar Castro, $369,900.

SMARTTS LANE, 831 -- Dawn E. and Jonathan P. Bougie to Ingrid Molina Chavez, $352,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 917 -- Nancy J. and John K. Lauer Jr. to Brian P. Ours, $320,000.

SPARKLEBERRY TERR., 511 -- Arlene F. Guerrier to Masoud Al Majid, $406,000.

SPRINGFIELD LANE, 41350 -- Geraldine E. and Timothy F. Horner to Tammie Umbel and Syed Ishaq, $910,000.

STABLE VIEW TERR., 353 -- Maria M. Nunez and Jesus Gonzales to Rosario Zevallos, $362,000.

TAYLORSTOWN RD., 13087 -- Marsha McKay and Robert T. Bishop to Taylorstown Historic Preservation, $375,000.

THOMAS LEE WAY, 18782 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Kimberly A. and Adrian L. Tarquinio, $866,627.

TUDOR CT., 406 -- Kelly A. and Derek Khlopin to Stasia G. and Charles T. Whitacre, $659,900.

TURNBERRY ISLE CT., 43423 -- Jennifer B. and James F. Kerr to Judith Kehoe and Victor Toneatti, $820,000.

VESTALS PL., 43340 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Peichieh Lee and Wei Jen Din, $1.01 million.

WASHINGTON ST., 220 -- Virginia Duncan and Danny E. Osteen to Maricela Mendez and Jose D. Rivas, $339,220.

WILDMAN ST., 311 -- Catherine L. and Neil M. Christie to Patricia E. and Mark F. Janosy, $575,000.

WYTHE CT., 1001 -- Yvonne M. and Robert R. Watson to Antonio Rafael Majano, $326,000.

YORK LANE, 617 -- Soukmany and Somachai Surakkhaka to Dominick Dinh and Andrew Q. Lu, $297,000.

Lovettsville Area

FOREST GREEN LANE, 13171 -- Hunt Country Homes Inc. to Dana B. and David L. Carmichael, $558,636.

POTTERFIELD DR., 44 -- NVR Inc. to Wasima Farooq and Mohammad F. Umer, $574,990.

POTTERFIELD DR., 45 -- NVR Inc. to Adelaide Nyamedi, $673,590.

Paeonian Springs Area

NESTLEWOOD FARM LANE, 41177 -- Wetherburne Homes Corp. to Merrill N. and William C. Gale, $1.21 million.

Purcellville Area

CANDLERIDGE CT., 809 -- Kelly A. and Robert Ian Munro to Donna D. and Scott A. Thorne, $725,000.

CANDLERIDGE CT., 820 -- Hirst Development Corp. to K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc., $98,306.

DEVON WICK LANE, 37179 -- McCarthy Enterprises Inc. to Mary and R.L. Corrigan, trustees, $1.43 million.

FALCONHURST DR., 16723 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Sharon Schoem and David J. Harris, $1.09 million.

FRAZER DR., 101 -- C. Dunford and David McKenzie Jr. to May C. Berry, $350,000.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16545 -- U S Home Corp. to Haiyan and Eric A. Ingold, $792,761.

HESKETT LANE, 36442 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Hemant Kumar and Harsh K. Dubey, $667,104.

INNISBROOK CIR., 36692 -- Traci and Charles Brunner to Michelle and Stephen G. Donches II, $775,000.

KINVARRA PL., 623 -- Patowmack Associates Inc. to Kathleen H. and Douglas J. Evans, $573,368.

MCDANIEL DR., 316 -- Donna L. and Matthew C. Hallam to Jose Martinez and Jose A. Chicas, $356,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 431 -- Jackie C. Freeland to Natalie C. and Cristhian C. Cabezas, $345,000.

OAKMONT WAY, 17842 -- Rhoda H. and Thomas K. Tandy Jr. to Holly H. and Carl E. Nichols Jr., $731,500.

OAKRIDGE HAMLET PL., 18245 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Jeanie and Patrick Palmer, $609,804.

OXFORD GLEN CT., 300 -- David S. Mertens to Shah Naimi, $440,000.

PAXSON RD., 35985 -- Andrea Lee Elrod to Barron Homes Inc., $300,000.

SERENITY GROVE TERR., 909 -- Toll Virginia Partnership to Sonia and Alem Mashuq, $546,394.

SHOEMAKER SCHOOL RD., 36471 -- Diane K. and William S. Reed to Carolyn and David Higgins, $675,000.

18TH ST. N., 221 -- Leonard R. and Peggy B. McMaster to Jennifer D. Perlich, $309,900.

Round Hill Area

AUTUMN RIDGE CT., 35538 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Bonnie E.S. and Jay A. Saur, $775,000.

CARNOUSTIE CIR., 35325 -- Mary and Richard L. Corrigan, trustees, to Elizabeth and James Szabo, $740,000.

HARRY BYRD HWY., 34797 -- Christina M. Anderson to Douglas S. and Anna M. Romine, $485,000.

LEE DR., 35532 -- Mary Helen and Kenneth A. Seal to Dena L. Benson, $570,000.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17546 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Sherri L. and Mark A. Salamone, $416,817.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17566 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Amy S. and Chad A. Virostek, $457,500.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17574 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Nancy A. and Andrew L. Wilson, $465,503.

South Riding Area

ARTHUR PL., 25568 -- Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Hyun Joo and Soo Keun Kwak, $1.08 million.

ARTHUR PL., 25580 -- Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Marisa and Dean A. Moore, $893,479.

CLARECASTLE DR., 43361 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Ju Yeon and Sung Kun Chang, $842,600.

COMMONS SQ., 25808 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Jee Yeon Cho, $505,000.

DOMINION GLEN WAY, 25822 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Dawn M. and Andres E. Lorca, $654,500.

DOMINION GLEN WAY, 25823 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Chul Min Kim, $627,250.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25220 -- Kelley D. and Christopher L. Dodd to Mariah Fillers, $495,500.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42844 -- Janice Balmaceda to Maria F. Bautista, $500,000.

INTERVAL ST., 43456 -- S. Phuenphiphop and George Fielding to Jennifer and Bruce Rietheimer II, $435,000.

KATLING SQ., 43439 -- Janine A. and Kenneth L. Shuck to Suong Doan, $630,000.

LANDS END DR., 26104 -- Ann Basart and Ashraf Gabal to Brenna and Dennis Ranalli, $460,000.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25244 -- Stacy D. and Mark E. Knick to Dalia Georgi and Michael Fam, $539,000.

MOSHUPE WAY, 43180 -- Valerie and Michael Malley to George Chun Yuh Chow, $421,000.

OBRIEN SQ., 43626 -- Christopher J. Sutherland to Quest Financial Corp., $420,000.

PROVIDENCE RIDGE DR., 42256 -- Richmond American Homes to Lori Gheitanchi, $525,365.

QUINLAN ST., 25897 -- South Riding Partnership to M. Nalamalapu and Thati Krishna, $660,146.

SCARLET SQ., 43648 -- Anita Bonnette, trustee, to Elma and Roy C. Bradley, $490,000.

SOUTH VILLAGE DR., 25790 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Tobi and Dennis Park, $783,311.

STIRES DR., 42570 -- South Riding Partnership to Duyen Luu and Khanh, $783,235.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25834 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Amrit and Ravi Malhi, $135,000.

UNICORN DR., 42476 -- South Riding Partnership to Kwanhathai S. and Panya Chua, $666,664.

VALIANT DR., 43196 -- South Riding Partnership to Kyung J. and Young J. Bae, $1.03 million.$1,028,485.

Sterling Area

ARGUS PL., 100 -- Saul A. Jovel to Ngoc B. and Phuc V. Nguyen, $330,000.

BUCKSKIN PL., 46944 -- Cecilia Habes and Albert Heering to S. Lee Jessee and Pietro P. Magri, $686,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 705 -- Marlin C. and Pedro Luis Naranjo to Edwin A. Zambrana, $472,000.

CLARION TERR., 46880, No. 202 -- Khalil Nader to Julia A. and Dennis J. Connors, $345,000.

COURTYARD SQ., 46984, No. 301 -- Shannon Logan to Neelima and Sarat Tarak Goli, $340,000.

DICKENSON AVE. S., 603 -- Cecilia and Israel Perla to Cruz Portillo and Abel Portillo, $473,500.

DINWIDDIE ST. N., 1503 -- Porfirio Martinez to Adrian Villalobos, $437,000.

EDINBURGH SQ., 176 -- Patrick McGee to Walter Gary Sharp Jr., $291,500.

EMORY DR. N., 201, No. 10 -- Marcela Glogau to Justino Portillo Lopez, $226,000.

GABLE SQ., 45302 -- Jose Luis Gonzalez to Evan M. Jones and Ronald B. Hodge, $365,000.

GLADSTONE DR., 21056 -- Betty P. Caceres to Silvia M. Matz, $435,000.

GREENTHORN AVE. S., 1103 -- Dolores Husman to Manuel Amaya, $435,000.

KENNEDY RD. N., 122 -- Patricia E. and Jon E. Spanka to Jasmin C. Bendezu, $495,000.

LANCASTER SQ., 333 -- Jeffrey A. Boswell to William L. Schull, $314,900.

LOWELL CT., 21042 -- Jason D. Force to E. Jimenez and Fredy Rodriguez, $495,000.

MARGATE CT., 1013C -- Kelly J. Barker to Heather E. Hughes, $285,000.

MYCROFT CT., 1068 -- Timothy E. Baltz to Edwin and Erminia Osorto, $275,000.

OAK TRAIL SQ., 45444 -- Katrina Hearn to K. Sandifer and Kenneth Miller, $396,000.

ST. CHARLES SQ., 129 -- Silvia Picon and Jaime J. Benites to Oscar Mercado, $300,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22157 -- Elia D. and Cesar Nolasco to Heriberto Nolasco, $440,000.

TRAIL RUN TERR., 45498 -- Vanessa E. and Brian K. Maley to Sundaram Sivakumar and L. Palaniappan, $465,000.

VERNON ST. N., 719 -- Joan and Donald Fuller to Maria Orozco and Mary Rojas, $445,000.

WILLOW TERR., 231 -- I. Chantharangsy and S. Vongphakdy to Jorge A. Jovel, $329,990.

Waterford Area

BANKFIELD DR., 14924 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Wendy W. and Nile P. Coates, $848,770.