The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

HART LANE, 8203-Carlos and Carmen G. Cantor to Mary E. and Clarence A. Tasker, $500,000.

SILVERTON LANE, 3412-Barbara and Kenton Koran to Ji Sun Lee, $319,000.

14TH ST., 4012-Thomas H. Vonk to Tara K. and Ronald A. Lindhart, $467,000.

Dunkirk Area

CHANEY COVE CT., 4010-Cleo C. and Donald R. Mowery to Thomas M. Contois, $545,000.

LACROSSE CT., 3155-Lyons Creek Overlook Corp. to Gayle H. and Craig R. Myers, $829,622.

WARD RD., 11370-Douglas A. and Laurie Mitchell to Eva W. and Roy M. Young, $355,000.

Huntingtown Area

CARRIAGE LANE, 500-John M. and Heather Lea McInerney to Deanna and Alexander Kekesi, $540,000.

DANIGUS LANE, 5055-John and Belinda Newberry to Stephanie and John Studds, $669,000.

LARKSPUR CT., 1511-Mark D. and Kathleen M. Koepke to Lisa A. and Gregory B. Monk, $707,000.

QUEENSBERRY DR., 2744-Kaine Inc. and Alexander Realty Inc. to Julie and Michael Johnson, $150,000.

ROBSHIRE MANOR RD., 17-Crystal L. and Dan P. Stallard to Timothy McAleer, $250,000.

Lusby Area

ALAMEDA LANE, 11554-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Tyseeke J. and Cristopher E. Griffith, $191,365.

ALAMO CT., 11257-Troy M. and Yvonne M. Dawkins to Estela M. and Jorge H. Costas, $269,000.

BAFFORD RD., 445-Sandra N. Monger to Michael J. Marra, $142,500.

BIG BEAR LANE, 11787-Robert M. and Stephanie P. Russell to Stacey M. and Ricky D. Stump, $32,000.

CANYON TRAIL, 11991-Chapman Jesse Gilbert to A.G. Cooper Construction Inc., $20,000.

CARLSBAD CT., 677-Janice I. Jackson to Dragos Constantine Ion, $240,000.

HAWTHORNE CT., 425-Carol C. and John J. Suarez to Mehrzad Larijani, $260,000.

LARIAT LANE, 11530-Darlene A. Lazard to Donna M. and William M. Walton, $327,000.

ORCHARD LANE, 7770-Susan Marie Elliott to Carmichael Enterprises, $30,000.

RASHAD CIR., 12327-Gregory S. and Lisa A. Longworth to Amber R. and Bradley L. Watters, $335,000.

RAWHIDE RD., 11430-Mark A. Weber to Russell Bertino and David A. Wallace, $190,000.

SACHEM DR., 331-Majestic Homes Inc. to Maria Graziella and Bryan Lee Bates, $424,900.

North Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 8806-Jody Pickens to Karla Medaker, $325,000.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 9116-Mary S. and Rick Jenkins to Marilyn K. Van Wagner, $286,600.

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8655-Melissa A. Oliver to Michael T. Branson, $221,500.

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8766-Jawad Paul Mashny to Melissa D. Galowin, $220,000.

FOURTH ST., 3619-Janet A. and Kevin R. Barr to Christopher Jeremy Edson, $292,000.

Owings Area

LAFAYETTE DR., 8810-Anthony J. and Kimberly S. Plutto to Julie White and James Newton Mitchell II, $375,000.

STRATFORD CT., 8825-Steven W. and Regina H. Chase to Christina M. and Mark A. Slabaugh, $620,000.

VALLEY VIEW DR., 8500-R. Stephanie Campbell to Nicole and Christopher Spargo, $510,000.

Port Republic Area

CHIPPINGWOOD DR., 850-Brian C. and Marisa B. Harper to Robin L. and Peter M. Boone, $585,000.

ERIKA PL., 5026-Walter V. and Dora A. Ramstedt to William E. and Katherine L. Platter, $399,900.

OAK RD., 2130-Holly Lusby and Zachary Seawell to Jamie A. Jefferson and Edward J. Rollyson Jr., $289,900.

Prince Frederick Area

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 291-Christopher G. and Jean B. Wye to Cynthia Short Andress and Stephen Bernard Ademski, $600,000.

SALISBURY PL., 546-Karyn V. Sneade to Amber Lynn Costanzo, $345,000.

SEQUOIA WAY, 2608-Glenn E. Wheeler to Lee D. Agee, $530,000.

Solomons Area

RUNABOUT LOOP, 503-Jane R. Lateer and Arthur L. Dixon to Bruce C. and Jenifer A. Boehm, $267,000.

SPINNAKER WAY, 934-Bluford H. Putnam to Clare Hutton Kelly and Phillip David Zecher, $326,400.

St. Leonard Area

BANDIT AL LANE, 6005-Jacquelyn M. and Patrick J. Davern to Ryan L. Jett, $269,000.

CALVERT AVE., 1606-Denise Lee, trustee, to Catherine L. and Patrick F. Lerche, $285,000.

CALVERT BEACH RD., 1561-Carol M. Rockhill to Shannon Jones, $220,000.

CANARY LANE, 6120-Robert L. and Andrea N. Whittington to Denise C. and Robert V. Lacey Jr., $388,818.

DECATUR ST., 5004-Helen C. and Eric K. Koehn to Karen Ritter, $369,900.

QUARLES RD., 6005-Kimberly Ruth Gott to Jody L. and Brian Gregory, $425,000.

Charles County

St. Charles Area

DARNELL CT., 2000-Timothy and Michael Williams Moore to Gloria Baker and Larry Killens, $323,969.

DUCHY CT., 2118-Tonya L. Miller to Jesus Torres, $345,000.

HACKNEY LANE, 2895-Mary A. Paniccia to Martha L. and Hector Otero, $335,000.

PINE CONE CIR., 3606-Gerald D. and Donna S. Howsden to Eric W. Hill and Betty J. Barnes, $305,000.

Waldorf Area

BERGAMONT CT., 9693-Ranjith K. and Bindu Koikkal Varma to Valaria D. and Shemei G. Levi, $510,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4157-Roxie and Dale Carnegie to Derrick L. Johnson, $172,900.

DRAKE CT., 4197-Danuta Bialasiewicz to Sterling E. Watts III, $195,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11306-J. Kuehl and Clarence Hutchinson III to Carol A. Davis, $251,000.

HOMESTEAD PL., 11915-Sharon R. and Richard D. Wilkerson to Jenae Hellwig, $208,000.

STONECAT CT., 5108-Ewart S. Smith to Dawn M. and Richard A. Baggett, $335,000.

TALISTER CT., 9341-Centex Homes to Robbie W. Robertson, $478,010.

TREFOIL PL., 406-Patricia and James Akowskey Sr. to Laticia S. Tyson, $165,000.

White Plains Area

BILLINGSLEY RD., 10421-James B. and Veronica E. Coates to Linda Rogers and Gary A. Wilson, $450,000.

KING ARTHUR CT., 7855-Todd A. and Carol A. Ivener to Tina Lawrence and Thomas Washington, $425,000.

RAVINE DR., 4145-Kathleen J. and Charles R. Talton to Linda L. Stanton, $460,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

ACORN LANE, 23027-Linda H. Densmore and James E. Densmore, trustees, to Rosemary and Terry A. Shepherd, $345,900.

KINNEGAD DR., 22652-Hickory Hills North Limited to James K. Hopkins, $226,919.

OLD HEWITT RD., 22463-Essex South General Partnership to Josefina M. and Douglass C. Vandegrift, $314,020.

SHORT BOW CT., 21950-Cheryl A. Clement to John Nugent, $459,000.

STONEY HILL LANE, 23210-Randall B. Gross to Anna M. and James P. Hood, $379,900.

SUGAR MAPLE CT., 23309, No. 4A-Jamie P. Lesh to Scott D. Taylor, $150,000.

TAYLOR LANE, 22737-Metropolitan Development Corp. to Jennifer D. Kessler, $189,500.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 23247, No. 4C-Matthew C. Daly to Kelly A. and Kevin S. Winchell, $155,000.

WOODLAKE CT., 44757, No. 3D-Christopher L. Evans to Steven E. Long Jr., $155,000.

Great Mills Area

BOYNE CT., 45566-Christopher and Christine Morgan to Erina and Michael J. Garner, $265,000.

CLIPPER DR., 22071-Cindy M. and George A. Long to John T. Thompson Sr., $269,000.

FAIRFAX LANE, 45980-Cherry Cove Land Development to Eugenia D. and Richard J. Burry, $364,900.

KNOCKEYON LANE, 45559-Elizabeth and John Pugh to Aaron Mathis, $184,900.

ST. CLEMENTS CIR., 22098-Kathleen B. Edelmann to Richell P. Dizon, $179,000.

Hollywood Area

HALF PONE POINT RD., 24275-Karen Alford Brooks, trustee, to Stephanie Renee and Nicholas Michael Souders, $415,000.

HENRY CT., 42518-Wayne and Karen Tabor to Mary Ann and Christopher B. Enos, $270,000.

PEMBROOK DR., 23062-Stephen and Dorothy A. Lichtenberger to Katie R. Smith and David C. Morris, $470,000.

PEMBROOK DR., 23290-Qualshire Land Development Corp. to Stephanie D. and James I. Kurtz, $376,170.

PEMBROOK DR., 23369-Qualshire Land Development Corp. to Vanessa P. Baker Waters and Isaac G. Waters, $85,000.

ROSALIND'S DR., 43245-Parnell S. Thompson to Scott D. Tingle, $440,000.

SCOTCH NECK RD., 45284-James D. Keen to Josephine Dawn and John Harvey, $959,000.

SOTTERLEY RD., 24926-Dawn M. Wathen to Laura M. Wible and Charles K. Cusic Jr., $194,000.

SOTTERLEY RD., 26055-Joan Cecelia and Lewis Berkley Armistead to Deborah M. and Patrick E. Dugan, $325,000.

Leonardtown Area

BLAKE CREEK RD., 43751-Christopher L. Craw to John P. Balfe, $240,000.

DUKE ST., 22740-Cherry L. Delahay to Jacqueline S. and M.S. Hoffman, $215,000.

J.M. GOUGH CT., 23678-Villages at Leonardtown Corp. the to Gail D. and Barron M. Roper, $433,531.

Lexington Park Area

CARTER LANE, 19780-Ellen Sexton to Terrie and Mark Richardson, $35,000.

CECIL RD., 46266-John W. Adams to Renee Davison, $368,000.

DUNLEIGH CT., 46337-Quality Built Homes Inc. to James D. Sweeney, $308,313.

DUNLEIGH DR., 22565-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Hojong Yu, $276,846.

FAR CRY RD., 48270-John G. Smith to Dawn A. and Robert B. Gant Jr., $55,000.

JENNA CT., 21094-Paul S. Miller to Ehtibar Hussain, $185,500.

JENNA CT., 21096-Sandra K. Curtis to William Sean Mehaffey, $188,000.

KETCH CT., 45848-Robin Courtney Good to Cassandra L. and Kevin E. Woodland, $268,710.

KETCH CT., 45856-Robin Courtney Good to Wayne D. Allums, $282,755.

LUCCA WAY, 46113-Matthew L. Dobogai to Anh B. Nguyen, $162,000.

OXFORD DR., 21505-Robert L. and Diane E. Byers to Carol Ann and David Gean Dickson, $360,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46676-Party Walls Inc. to Tami L. and Frank C. Ramos, $291,524.

ROGERS DR., 46841-Thomas and Catherine F. Kelly to Charles J. Spillar and Richard Kevin Spratt, $75,000.

RONALD DR., 21832-Melody N. and James N. Elele to Francis I. Webb, $150,000.

RONALD DR., 21857-Jerry D. and Kimberly A. Nokleby to Lakshmana and Virginia Manoharan, $148,000.

SEWELL RD., 47388-Margaret V. Butler to Gladys and Theodore Newkirk Jr., $5,000.

TOWN CREEK DR., 23040-William J. Clark to Laura A. and Cordelle B. Thomasma, $275,000.

WEATHERBY LANE, 21626-Robert G. Mutschler Jr. to Francisco E. Gonzalez Jr., $226,000.

Mechanicsville Area

HEARTS DESIRE LANE, 39773-Sallie Valentine to Dotsy V. Moroney, $178,400.

MORGANZA TURNER RD., 26466-Dorothy T. Roland to Carolyn M. and Rey W. Johnson, $425,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 31271-James H. Jr. and Betty L. Butler to Patricia Ann and Alfred L. Denyer, $435,000.

Tall Timbers Area

LOIS MARIE LANE, 45080-Robert Hammel Kopel to Laura Setliff Davidson, $190,000.

SHORE DR., 44997-Bruce C. Law to Jennifer and Christopher Goddard, $247,000.