The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


ADAMS ST., 219-Stephen T. Hudgens to Nathaniel X. Arnold, $315,000.

BRENTWOOD RD., 2836-Mary E.T. and Michael Jones to Wilma Tilson, $475,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 1208-P. Susan Lively to Jane A. Hoffman and Jill P. Strachan, $733,000.

GALES ST., 1667-Ezekiel Amusan to Pilgrim AME Church, $220,000.

I ST., 1946-Donna M. Mann to Lilian Shepherd, $250,000.

JUSTICE CT., 224, No. 57-J.D. Williams to Sheryl Shelby, $440,000.

L ST., 712-Cynthia Ellis to Corey Edwards and Richard Gustafson, $575,000.

LYMAN PL., 1700-Alexander Dixon to Kevin K. Batteh, $219,000.

MONROE ST., 1847-Donatus Uzoma to Adaku Ofoegbu, $425,000.

MONTANA AVE., 1535-Innovative Real Estate Services Corp. to Bryan M. and Carla D. Davis, $167,000.

OWEN PL., 1232-John W. Body, Addie B. Jones and Helen J. Wilson to Toni Y. Woods, $225,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 50-Yared Tesfaye to Lawrence Smith, $330,000.

SOUTH DAKOTA AVE., 4901-Cornell Houston to Gloria Owens, $240,000.

SUMMIT PL., 2018-Alemayehu Tarekegn to Simon T. Gebrekiros and Mhalet T. Nugatu, $285,000.

SECOND ST., 333, No. 105B-Sara Elkabir to Natalie M. Peeterse, $201,000.

FIFTH ST., 18-Estate of Susie A. Powell, Sharon P. Jones and Joseph A. Powell to Jennifer R. Goetz and David C. Kalinowski, $793,000.

SIXTH ST., 1038, No. 101-Ralph A. Richardson to Nancy Jo and Thomas Calvin Griffith, $168,000.

SEVENTH ST., 3000, No. 310-Cecil B. Tucker to Daniel Klebanoff, $130,000.

EIGHTH ST., 221-Roy Armstrong to Jeffrey Wager, $856,500.

EIGHTH ST., 5063-Lashon Crockett to Donald Gorham, $305,000.

12TH ST., 4721-Brian K. Roberts to Claudia J. Morris, $333,000.

13TH ST., 4445-Freda Maria Spry to Joseph R. Gaines and Christine Thurber, $390,000.

14TH PL., 227-Constance T.H. Deve and Estate of Hazel Hood to Kyle P. McNally, $330,000.

14TH ST., 509-Manoucher and Shirin M. Freidouni to Nicole E. Orr and Mark Wetjen, $549,000.

14TH ST., 95-Car Barn Custodian Corp. and Car Barn Revocable Trust to John P. and Joy L. Saul, $245,900.

16TH ST., 3012-Isaac and Shirley Williams to Robert J. Moriarty, $405,000.

18TH ST., 2516-Zyrus Cesare Campbell and Millicent Springs Campbell to Betty Ford, $549,900.

36TH ST., 327-Cynthia S. and Frank Arthur Earl to Andre J. Gould, $165,000.

50TH PL., 809-Willie T. Whitehead to Joell Gilbert Roy, $185,000.

57TH ST., 417-Lilly V. Evans to Rufus A. Garba, $208,000.


ADAMS MILL RD., 2611, No. 307-Frank P. Falesto to Jonathan Kadi, $303,400.

BANCROFT PL., 2323-Ann Fields and Gerald Harvey Bass to Stacy E. Costello and Grayce Trust, $3.55 million.

CECIL PL., 1041-Kara L. and Stephen J. Elias to Heather R. Henson and Kenneth B. Sawyer, $680,000.

DEXTER ST., 4540-Victoria A. Casey and Peter B. Teeley to David Gregory and Beth A. Wilkinson, $2.45 million.

ELLICOTT ST., 3019-Alexandra Cullman and Edward David Haslingden to Kens Place Corp., $3 million.

FOXHALL CRESCENT, 4703-Andrea and Read K. McCaffrey to Angel M. and Isabel M. Caban, $1.725 million.

GARRISON ST., 4400-Pierre Maurice Romand Heuyer to John R. Rudolph, $789,000.

HARVARD ST., 754-Anthony T. Green to Yalem T. Haile, $368,500.

ILLINOIS AVE., 4820-Dewitt C. and Gola M. Littlejohn to Christopher T. Ketcham, $380,000.

ILLINOIS AVE., 5014-Freddie T. Brown to Wilber R. Bonilla, $340,500.

INGRAHAM ST., 1345-Silvia M. Garcia to Stephanie Cas Medina and Nicholas Moses, $795,000.

KENYON ST., 1615, No. 56-Nancy Szemraj to Erica and Robert E. Gringle, $180,000.

KILBOURNE PL., 1735-Burc Gundes to Edward S. and Sung H. Jin, $1.185 million.

KLINGLE ST., 4535-Elaine R. and Francois R. Martino to Michael Kipp and Page Curry Kranbuhl, $1.31 million.

LAMONT ST., 607-Jason M. Mullan to Terra Weirich, $364,000.

LEGATION ST., 3806-Henry M., Joan A. and Phillip L. Sherman to Daniel S. Schneider, $788,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 5008-Heidi M.W. Richards to Frederic and Nathalie Louat, $925,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 5411-Linda C. Mikkelson to Eugene R. Sullivan, $800,000.

MARION ST., 1629-Elizabeth D. Long/Malley to David C. Fathi and Robin M. Maher, $521,500.

MCKINLEY ST., 3215-Mark H. Matthews to Courtney Wells and David Justin Shott, $759,000.

N ST., 2130, No. 207-Hastings Court Associates Corp. to Barbara F. Schubert,


N ST., 2143-William Crowe and Jeff B. Feinman to Keyvan Ejtemai, Bahram Mehrrostani and Said Saidian, $1.05 million.

N ST., 3414-Charles L. Frischer to Christine Belson and Robert B. Smart, $1.775 million.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1316, No. 404-Danie Pesachowitz to Julian Craig, $223,000.

NEWTON ST., 1432-Anna C. Vredeveld to Tony Rudy, $565,000.

O ST., 1017-Richard Brawley and Edward N. Yoe to Lowell T. Harmison, $1.135 million.

ORCHID ST., 7947-Peggie H. Protos to Sean P. Conley and Antonio L. Hardy, $725,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2711, No. 13-Allison L. Remsen to Tai Miyamoto, $378,800.

P ST., 1737, No. 202-Timothy L. Isgitt to Alexander D. Mundt, $390,000.

Q ST., 3251-Colleen C. and Eric Carl Christensen to Elizabeth and Steven K. Barentzen, $1.495 million.

Q ST., 37-Constance, Darwin D. and Rodney D. Michaels to Ashkan Aazami, $620,000.

QUEBEC ST., 3422-Grace D. and John M. O'Connor to Karen Henry, $834,056.

R ST., 2102, No. 4-Wayne H. Jarons to Severina Mladenova and Matthew R. Nicely, $1.433 million.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 212-Walker Enterprises Corp. to Scott D. Jones, $350,000.

ROCK CREEK CHURCH RD., 19-Gwen E. Benson Walker to Brian and Carl Kampel, $350,000.

ROCKWOOD PKWY., 5165-Estate of Grace P. Hudson and Dale L. Jernberg to Michele Seiver Corp., $1.55 million.

S ST., 1123-Carrie Tew to Terence A. Merritt, $763,500.

S ST., 30-Linda L. Thorne/White to Tamaki Kurusu and Romi Satoh, $582,000.

SCOTT CIR., 1, No. 601-John Gary Rosselli to David M. Gratz, $332,500.

SHEPHERD ST., 919-Marta Lilian and Valentin Henriquez to Sylvia Ezekilova, $400,000.

SHERMAN AVE., 3338-Raphael G. Urciolo to Sheng Si Lin, $350,000.

SUTTON PL., 3261-Christine and Pedro Jaime Beauchamp to Shani Dilloff, $520,000.

SWANN ST., 1509-Eric Felix Kleinfeld and James Darrell Mangum to Joseph Price and Victor J. Zaborsky, $1.277 million.

T ST., 1213-Anthony J. Mirando and Thomas J. Shank to Eric Andrew Bensky and Amber Lynne Cottle, $889,000.

TILDEN ST., 4815-Susan K. Straus to Jonathan H. Talcott, $970,000.

UPSHUR ST., 1316-Eugene Nyambal to Cameron Napier Cohen and Lisa Wise, $430,000.

V ST., 348-D.C. Properties Corp. to John Burnett, $350,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 748-Eleanor F. and Warren A. Lewis to Joel J.W. Napier and Victoria Soberinsky, $550,748.

WARREN ST., 4988-Arthur Farber to Betty R. McDonald, $1.4 million.

WEBSTER ST., 1627-Daphne and William Jarvis to Judith Keyserling, $815,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2111, No. 309-Renee Dhaine Duvivier to Jani Laakso and Silja Ruokojarvi, $601,000.

YUMA ST., 4600-Eric Knud and Mary Beall Koefoed to Nafali Bendavid and Dara Corrigan, $845,000.

FIRST ST., 2030-Lawrence J. Seitz to Scott E.M. Graham, $430,000.

SECOND ST., 5405-Banana Enterprises Inc. to Isidro Rodriguez, $417,000.

THIRD PL., 5825-Pholesha Johnson to Dana Hurley and Beth A. Reiber, $415,000.

THIRD ST., 4226-Eric Van Speights to Cheryl M. Roberts, $411,000.

FOURTH ST., 1623-Carolyn R. King/Mayo to Ilyssa C. Parker, $440,000.

FIFTH ST., 3809-Rosa Lopez to Francisca Infante and John Zoltner, $517,990.

FIFTH ST., 4519-Dewayne Bell to Richard Costa, $391,750.

FIFTH ST., 5118-Harold J. and Minto C. Clarke to Cory R. Brown and Victor N. Veizaga, $350,000.

10TH ST., 3620-Steven Kramer to John Kevin Gooch and George T. York, $685,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 705-Ali A. Afsharkhalaj and Tayebeh Ashoori to Jason Anthony Yauney, $530,000.

13TH ST., 1245, No. 901-Lai P. Chan and Guo M. Huang to Jill and Paul Wong, $380,000.

13TH ST., 3532-Nina A. Lambert and Diane A. Oliver to Seneca A. Dent, $525,000.

16TH ST., 3420, No. 402S-David Everett to Gretchen W. and Roy Goodrich, $454,500.

18TH ST., 1601, No. 908-Mark David Streetman to Nanda N. and Ranganath N. Setlur, $230,000.

19TH ST., 1625, No. 40-Robert T. Legg and Anita F. Puri to Debra L. Bonosconi, $489,000.

20TH ST., 1301, No. 213-Bryan K. Barr to Christina E. Bartlett, $395,000.

22ND ST., 1511, No. 31-Claire Oxley to Jeneane Collings and Bijan Sangani, $465,775.

23RD ST., 1111, No. S7D-Patrick M. Bryan to Dave W. Ferguson and Mark A. Humphreys, $1.175 million.

29TH ST., 1230-Alan L. Hoffman to William L. Massey, $1.05 million.

30TH ST., 1029-Sharon Goodman and R. Scott McNeilly to Seth M. Messner, $776,000.

31ST ST., 7028-Brenda Gibson to Shurnell Cathey, $1.1 million.

38TH ST., 3420, No. 416-Miya Hisaka to Lisa M. Powell and Timothy C. Watts, $379,500.

39TH PL., 2456-Erin E. and Matthew E. Harcourt to Jamie E. Miller, $840,000.

40TH ST., 4224-Amy Kerr and David Parker to Brideen A. Gallagher, $702,000.

45TH ST., 1607-Christopher Shawn and Sabine Carpentier Winters to Jose Esteban Casares Garcia, $626,500.

91/2 ST., 1915-Craig W. MacIvor to Tina M. Iski, $565,000.


BANGOR ST., 1446-Franklin Medley and Jean L. Williams to Thomas D. Beckner and Mauricio S. Ticas, $180,000.

C ST., 1627-Thomas S. Bruce to Maria L. Germano, $385,000.

C ST., 5446-Rosann C. Coleman to Fulvia Di Beneditto and Yohannes Kifle, $162,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1405-James S. Brathwaite to Michael R. Anderson and Sharon H. Dibbern, $515,000.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 147-Jamal M. Kadri and Sarah B. McClure to Ludmila Zawistowich, $1.01 million.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 913-James L. Meek to Pauline M. Tiffen and Dogan Turker, $636,000.

TEXAS AVE., 4808-Barbara J. and William A. Pegram to Alvin Elliott and Beverly McNeil, $231,750.

NINTH ST., 317-Susan M. Selbin to Nicholas John and Rebecca Gee Nowak, $917,000.

11TH ST., 532-Anna Kristen and Tracy A. Locklin to Laura M. and Ted H. Kim, $741,000.

16TH ST., 211-Estate of Oscar E. Piper to Aimee B. Tavares, $385,000.

32ND PL., 2104-Claudary and Vickiey Rogers to Sonja G. and William H. Harrison, $330,000.


BRANDYWINE ST., 21-Sarah R. Anderson to Marcus R. White, $305,000.

G ST., 108, No. 105-Librado D. Valencia to Alicia M. Marino and Bobby Jene Pittman, $480,000.

FOURTH ST., 1425, No. A108-Shelley Finlayson to Sherry Adamson, $334,000.