Fairfax County

The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BAYLOR DR., 6906-Maria Isabel Mosquera to John A. and Karen S. Medina, $699,000.

BELLE HAVEN RD., 1739-John D. and Robin A. Billings to Edwin D. Miller, $645,000.

GOLF COURSE SQ., 6311-John William and Catherine R. Connolly to Mark A. and Rebecca A. Tromblay, $649,000.

MARTHAS RD., 2003-Rachel P. Poole and James Dougan to Michael D. Barth, $510,000.

MASON HILL DR., 2011-Walter T. and Margaret R. Conner to Ralph L. and Resheda Hagen, $952,150.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

AMBLER ST., 5701-Robert T. and Peggy L. Osborne to Paul E. Surachai and Kanlaya Intavong, $600,000.

APPLEMINT LANE, 6709-Scott D. and Rebecca A. Keenan to Robert J. McMenomy, $600,000.

CANDLELIGHT CT., 3816-James A. and Tracey C. Blagg to Gregory M. Ryan, $555,000.

CASTLETOWN WAY, 6111-Brent S. Freeman to Andrew Bobb and Kathelina Christine Off, $485,000.

CHILDS LANE, 2615-Peter P. and Nancy J. Tancredi to Sylvester J. and Sara G. Gorman, $810,000.

IRON WILLOW CT., 5810-Scott E. and Cynthia B. Guthrie to Amy Juedes and Craig Schneider, $496,000.

JOWETT CT., 5572-Constance M. Rother to Tyler P. Massey and Mary J. Derge, $532,000.

KATELYN MARY PL., 5804, No. 303-Nancy L. Berardinelli to Bradley J. Crofts, $400,000.

KEBLE DR., 6012-Margaret W. and Andrew T. Heinbaugh to George Simon, $532,500.

LA VISTA DR., 5709-Prabodh Pathak to Maria Cisneros, $465,000.

LARRUP CT., 7298-Son H. Nguyen to Duc Duong, $325,000.

MAYFAIR CT., 5301-Aurora and Ignacio Castaneda to Esteban Maldonado, $700,000.

MCKENNA WAY, 6560-Johanna J.R. and Clinton T. Boyer to James and Vickie Lee, $650,000.

OLD COACH CT., 6513-Richard M. and Andrea K. Bruns to Matthew A. and Marsha A. Wartel, $585,000.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6555-Charles L. and Rae Ann Weber to Masuma Wasiq, $510,000.

PATENT PARISH LANE, 6623-Ovid Sekhar and Bella Kumari to Edward W. Tracy, $542,600.

THURLTON DR., 6604-Tony G. and Jennifer S. Johnson to Frances R. Blair, $615,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6901, No. L-Robert S. and Deborah A. Alves to Manish Patel, $328,500.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 6018-Anthony R. and Christina L. Deldonna to Marbella Alvarez, $585,000.

WINDHAM HILL RUN, 6185-Gary B. Selmeczi to Brad J. and Angel M. Newman, $559,950.

Annandale Area

ABERDEEN CT., 8631-Marvin D. and Mary E. Marsh to Najebullah and Mohiba Zakhmi, $560,000.

BRISTOW DR., 4709-Robert H. and Rose E. Follett to Osman and Amie Koroma, $575,000.

CHAPEL DR., 8639-Tim A. Hoover to Susan S. Cam, $585,000.

MAXFIELD DR., 4518-James B. Smith to Tuyen H. Nguyen, $470,000.

MOCKINGBIRD DR., 8205-Philip N. Sabatino to William O. and Linda A. Rakow, $600,000.

MONTEREY DR., 4700-Joseph D. Hartsoe to Duc Duy Nguyen, $655,000.

NEWCASTLE DR., 7713-Richard A. and Anne A. McCormack to Heath M. and Paola V. Brown, $601,000.

NEWPORT GLEN PS., 7855-Edward W. Kloth and Soon W. Park to Ha M. Nguyen and Thuy T. Pham, $456,250.

PONDEROSA DR., 4705-Daniel A. and Linda J. Minsker to Stephen and Angela Niezgoda, $617,000.

REBEL DR., 7818-Remigio and Martha M. Leal to Seung W. and Tae H. Choi, $700,000.

RIDGE RD., 3700-F. Benjamin Purser and Karen T. Tamayo to Maura Orosco, $540,000.

VARSITY CT., 8502-Marcia F. and Alexander Montemayor to F. Benjamin Purser and Karen Tamayo, $603,500.

Baileys Crossroads Area

ELLERY CIR., 3575-Colin W. Miller to Juan F. Hernandez and Dorila Martinez, $657,000.

MUNSON CT., 5900-Andrew H. and Lisa S. Bream to Stephen C., John V. and Loann Sullivan, $575,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 302-Charles R. Adams and Bernadette Bernier Adams to Denise Graves, $350,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 312N-Tian J. Chen and Lier Song to Mark D. Richter, $221,150.

Burke Area

APLOMADO DR., 5842-Virginia D. Ashbrook to Marco A. Rojas, $470,000.

APLOMADO DR., 5907-Timothy P. and Montie R. Martin to Mohammed A. Shamdeen and Sanaa Shaki, $450,000.

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10056-Ben and Amira Youssef to Sung Ho and Unkyu Lee, $470,000.

CLOVERDALE CT., 9450-Emelinda Chicas to Todd and Ashley Magin, $406,000.

COVERED BRIDGE RD., 6105-Kiho and Young H. Kim to Steven J. and Gwen E. Whitmarsh, $607,100.

GARRETSON ST., 6245-Peter C. and Laura L. Meincke to Jong Rim and Mi Lee Ju, $667,500.

NEW ENGLAND WOODS DR., 5837-Sasan and Reyna P. Ebrahimi to Dave R. and Karen L. Bolduc, $631,000.

OAKLAND PARK DR., 5958-Dixon K. and Tracy L. Hicks to Phil J. and Theresa B. Kauffman, $680,000.

PACKARD WAY, 9422-Kathryn Z. Rhodie to Duong V. Ly and Nga Huynh, $351,900.

PARK WOODS TER., 6056-Boyd H. and Susan K. Cornell to William A. Montenegro and Carina Davila, $529,900.

SLOOP CT., 9519-Steven R. and Pamela R. Capenos to Hicham Moutawakil, $605,000.

STONECUTTER DR., 6701-Robert B. and Ana M. Holbrook to Somkiat and Prapornpun Nutcharoen, $650,000.

WALLINGFORD DR., 9433-Stephen L. and Martha F. Hampton to Chris Gagne and Nancy Wong Gagne, $671,888.

WILLIAM KIRK LANE, 9427-Tami L. Khoury to Asiah B.H. Hassan, $500,500.

WINTER PARK DR., 6119-Martin Gerard and Diann M. Anderson to Nguyen Ninh and Tran Nga, $625,000.

Centreville Area

AUTUMN CIR., 14157-Kristina L. O'Neill to Eun Jae Shin, $379,900.

CARDIGAN SQ., 14712-Harkesh and Sonia Manocha to Michael Osinaga, $375,000.

CHELSEY PL., 14515-Barbara A. Bridges to Omid and Kelly Javid, $381,150.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5865-Peter J. and Kathleen L. Hamm to Duc K. Ngo, $314,000.

CLAYBANK LANE, 5103-Thomas G. and Wendy R. Grome to Armando and Julie M. Garcia, $777,235.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14314, No. 305-Damon M. Fladung to Joseph A. Baehr, $259,900.

COMPTON LANE, 6943-Christopher R. and Jennifer L. Niebels to Amit Singh and Vaibhav Bhatia, $405,000.

COOL OAK LANE, 14420-Jessica L. Eckstein to Gregory K., D.A. and Kelly E. Hart, $266,000.

COREOPSIS CT., 5498-Pulte Home Corp. to Soon H. and Eui K. Kim, $833,250.

CRANOKE ST., 14832-Robert J. Lewis and Rebecca B. Spangler to Michael L. and Suzanne H. Arthur, $539,000.

FAIRFAX NATIONAL WAY, 6315-Sek Heng Lim and Kenneth Leong to Ruben D. Andrade and Norma E. Jiron, $1 million.

FOUNT BEATTIE CT., 13833-Cynthia A. Rossini to Scott A. Sabo, $395,000.

MEETING CAMP RD., 14609-Stephen D. Allman to Laura N. and Harold W. Poston, $700,000.

MIDNIGHT BLUE PL., 13414-Edward J. and Jennifer M. Rossi to Joseph Lee, $615,000.

OLD CENTREVILLE RD., 5873-Mildred V. Fairman to Bo Hwan and Sun Ok Suk, $710,000.

PICKET OAKS RD., 14427-Young J. and Kyung J. Bae to Susan J. Kim, $725,000.

PICKWICK RD., 5609-David M. and Lee A. Bergman to Tai Hwan and Yu Lee Kim, $725,000.

SEASONS DR., 14601-Kyung Ho Cho and Kyung Mi Kim to Charles R. and Janna Peters, $502,100.

STILLFIELD PL., 15127-Marco A. Monsalve to Gail E. Diggs, $750,000.

STONE CROSSING CT., 14636-Sonia I. Davalos to Venketesh Subramony, $362,000.

STONE RANGE DR., 14616-Matthew T. and Cheryl D. Bradley to Mauricio R. Colomo and Ricardo Pinaya, $380,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6176-Andres E. Lorca to Maria I. Recinos, $400,000.

SUMMER GARDEN WK., 13316-Ashok K. and Kusum Swami to Katherine and Sangpil Mun, $540,000.

Chantilly Area

AUTUMN GLORY WAY, 4809-Trajan Langdon to Tae H. Cho, $910,000.

GALESBURY LANE, 4312-Noreen V. Heidt to Bing and Chu L. Wang, $737,000.

LEITH CT., 13501-Donna M. and Nicholas Kimbaris to Matthew Battison, $551,000.

POPLAR TREE RD., 13634-Thomas A. and Estrella C. Baer to Roberto I. and Patricia C. Canenguez, $500,000.

REMBRANDT WAY, 13825-Hyun S. and Sang H. Park to Ji Sup and Young Yi Yang, $799,000.

Clifton Area

FOGGY HILLS CT., 13831-Jeffrey and Jennifer Conroy to Isaac Ghozeil and Elizabeth J. Maggio, $865,500.

POCOL DR., 5933-Susanna Y. Soh to Su Zan Park, $730,000.

SOUTH SPRINGS CIR., 6318-Carolyn A. Dikranis to Brian T. and Allison J. Greene, $635,000.

UNION VILLAGE DR., 6112-Raymond J. and Diane C. Figueras to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $655,000.

VALLEY RUN DR., 8122-R. Patrick Mitchell to David A. and Theresa M. Simpson, $945,000.

Fairfax City Area

ACOSTA RD., 3704-Mabel E. Laedtke to Robert B. and Laurie T. Magill, $760,000.

BURKE STATION CT., 9899-Jona K. and Ronald L. Logsdon to Ki K. and Em S. Eun, $950,000.

DOGBERRY LANE, 4029-Robert and Catherine G. Holden to Ramani Narayanasami and Kirtana Bhat, $499,900.

ELLINGTON CT., 5213-William Thomas and Nancy G. Lusk to Leah M. McElhaney, $527,000.

FAIR VILLAGE WAY, 12584-Hong J. Zhang and Xiaohua Li to Eun Ju Lee, Myoung Joo Chung and Yong Gi Kang, $635,000.

FARNDON CT., 4748-John L. and Amy B. Green to Ian and Karen Emmons, $647,500.

FIELDWOOD DR., 10810-Barbara J. and Chris D. Abetz to Ronnie A. and Nancy M. Stanfill, $854,100.

HARVESTER FARM LANE, 4358-Saleh M. Heidar to Keith T. and Rebecca E. Ferguson, $526,000.

HEART LEAF CT., 13114-L.D. and B.N. Stewart to Ho J. and Kyung H.H. Won, $849,900.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12697-Yong Wo Park to Ghumman Parminder, $529,000.

JOHNS PL., 12012-Jane A. Kroboth to Susan L. Smith, $535,000.

KILBOURNE DR., 4207-R.M. and B.J. Blagg to Telma and Graciela Medina, $553,000.

KINGS COLOR DR., 6118-Eric J. Martin and Mary P. Thomson Martin to Robert A. and Catherine G. Holden, $610,000.

LOWER PARK DR., 4237-Eric C. Vannell and Grace Mora Vannell to Cristina P. and Adrian Fundeneanu, $659,990.

MISTY CREEK LANE, 12793-Kawi Cheung and Mai D. Chan to Ai R. Chu, $975,000.

PENNERVIEW LANE, 13218-Kathryn H. Day to James M. Hardey, $483,500.

POMMEROY DR., 5301-Luis D. Garcia to Charles N. and Marlene Andrada, $564,888.

QUIET HOLLOW CT., 12336-David W. Burns and William H. Mullen to Christopher and Margaret Kennedy, $485,000.

RICHARDSON DR., 5238-Kevin J. Trizna to Keith and Marnie Jodoin, $566,000.

RIDGELEA DR., 3726-Gee H. Han to Judith Wonus, $950,000.

RIVER FORTH DR., 4115-Peter Quidgley and Paola Holst to Bong Rae Kim, $545,000.

SAXON FLOWERS DR., 2931-Larry J. and Edith S. O'Brien to Timothy J. Bass, $700,000.

STOCKTON TEES LANE, 12231-Najibullah and Najia Mojadidi to Wharton B. and Reginald D. Rivers, $665,000.

SUMMIT DR., 5155-Ralph P. and Ann M. Jewell to Tony and Young Chung, $850,000.

THOMPSON PARK LANE, 2950-Parminder Kaur to Sampath and Isabel Krishnan, $758,800.

VALLEY OAKS CT., 12691-Todd and Rhonda Theoret to Kenneth and Lori A. Koffler, $950,000.

WHITE PEACH PL., 3119-Gavin E. Chaze to William J. and Diane M. Erny, $790,000.

WISTERIA WAY CT., 3503-Mark S. and Monica L. Caren to Dewayne C. and Alison J. Kendall, $755,503.

Fairfax Station Area

INNISVALE DR., 5904-J.R. and G. Kessler to Gregory S. and Joan V. Miller, $710,000.

LAKETREE CT., 7112-Michael N. and Molly A. Raymond to William B. and Sarah M. Rember, $925,000.

OX RD., 6580-Robert Westerlund to Judy A. Collins and Linda J. Bryson, $775,000.

WOOD POINTE WAY, 9104-Thomas L. and Linda J. Waddell to Yeon C. Lee and Heim M. Park, $715,000.

Falls Church Area

ALLAN AVE., 7225-Paul E. and Susan I. Patton to Rebecca L. Hartung, $528,280.

CHRISLAND COVE, 7510-Gary A. and Marcia A. Ambrose to Leslie Warfield, $665,000.

PARKWOOD TER., 3215-Robert A. and Joan M. Bishop to Jose L. Linares and David Becerra, $565,000.

ROSEMARY LANE, 3016-Thomas F. McMahon to Ramiro C. and Teresa N. Velez, $510,000.

STUART DR., 2914-Steven P. and Heather Saxton to Mitchell Jay Bardolf, $565,000.

TOWER ST., 7424-Nathan B. and Laura C. Crump to Steven J. and Sang Myoung Kim, $635,000.

VAGABOND DR., 7005-Syed Ishaq and Tammie Umbel to Roxana Zurita, $630,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CENTERSIDE CT., 7632-D.M. Wills to Jeremy L. and Regina L. Krasner, $1.18 million.

GERVAIS DR., 2011-Manish and Amita Upadhyay to Dae Wook Chun and Ji Yeon Song, $630,000.

GRAYSON PL., 2107-Rhonda R. and Stephen J. Scheller to James H. and Cheryl A. Rose, $722,500.

KINGS GARDEN WAY, 2285-Nancy J. Lucero to Andrew J. Haugh, $640,000.

PIONEER LANE, 2611-Warren E. Frank to Michael and Elaine Ethier, Justin Abbott and Jennifer Abbott, $630,000.

POWHATAN ST., 2120-Philip James and Margaret H. Moser to A. Kendall Toewe and Charles Nurmi, $677,500.

WESTMORELAND ST., 2227-Lauren M. Kivlighan to Coda Construction Inc., $555,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

HORN POINT CT., 7002-Pamela Levine to Caroline and Michael Dozier, $599,999.

Fort Hunt Area

EMERALD DR., 1106-Evelyn E. Shelton to Carl and Sandra Forti, $799,900.

KARL RD., 8116-Brian G. and Lara Richmond to Denise Y. Elfes, $575,000.

WOODACRE ST., 8318-Carol A. Fetgatter to Michael A. Smith and Allison A. Ingram, $663,000.

Great Falls Area

FALCON RIDGE RD., 212-James M. and Mary H. Temenak to Bruce C. and Julie A. Chesley, $1.565 million.

KIMBERLY PL., 1012-Daryl S. and Christina F. Brockman to Robert H. and Rebecca K. Zeiler, $1.34 million.

SHERLIN LANE, 809-Scott C. and Julie A. Rowen to Juan C. Marin, $1.301 million.

TIMBERCREEK TRAIL, 1027-Robert A. Camozzo to Douglas A. and Karyn M.C. Eliot, $1.735 million.

Herndon Area

BRIGHTFIELD CT., 3401-Robert J. and Theresa M. Bruton to Robert L. and Dawn L. Sidney, $577,000.

CLEEVE HILL CT., 13397-Craig P. Reifsteck to Russell W. and Cheryl A. Elder, $405,000.

CLOVER FIELD CIR., 2506-David R. Ridley to Se Y. and Myung S. Lee, $460,000.

COAT RIDGE RD., 1519-Lynn D. and Elinor H. Nordseth to George M. and Julia Rudnitsky, $474,000.

EMERALD CHASE DR., 3038-Thomas E. and Melissa A. Johnson to Michael and Mercedita Berbano, $659,888.

LADYBANK LANE, 13215-Jay G. and Lori M. Manik to Peter E. and Barbara A. Doherty, $650,000.

LANEVIEW CT., 13110-Ronald P. and Edith M. Jordan to Richard S. and April D. Day, $706,000.

LAURA MARK LANE, 2476-Scott A. Wilson to Yuhui Wang, $485,000.

LAZY GLEN LANE, 13220-Alexandre Carriero to Courtney A. and Trevor B. Rice, $660,000.

MAGNA CARTA RD., 12681-James D. and Joan M. Selden to Alan C. and Carol A. Paterno, $563,000.

MISSOURI AVE., 304-Khalilullah Rafiqzad to Fatma Z. Rahim, $470,000.

MISTY WATER DR., 12532-John A. and Erin L. Voss to Don and Lian Hollenbeck, $631,000.

PHILMONT DR., 12504-Eugene P. Glazar and Christine Sacchetti to Betty M. and Dennis V. Beard, $835,000.

PURITAN CT., 2632-Gary B. and Ann M. Bunch to Jairo Hernandez, $545,000.

ROSIERS BRANCH DR., 12008-Ronald V.

and Mary A. Sears to Michael Curran, $654,480.

SHAKER DR., 1211-Elmer C. and Elizabeth R. Lineberry to Alvaro J. Decarvalho and Sharon Elsey, $865,900.

VIKING DR., 2616-Chung K. Ip and Kam N. Yap to Mary C. Shal and Audra S. Rodriguez, $510,000.

Huntington Area

ELMWOOD DR., 3407-Ali R. Mohamed to Pedro Borda, $387,500.

FARMINGTON DR., 2708-Gary F. Paumen to Michael Stefani, $380,000.

HUNTINGTON STATION CT., 2368-Charles L. and Donna M. Bryant to Patricia K. and Damon C. Penn, $535,000.

NORTH KINGS HWY., 6027-Juan F. and Haydis Chicas to David A. Downey, $386,000.

PINE GROVE CIR., 6105-Jose E. and Maria E. Arbaiza to Francisco Constancia, $360,000.

Hybla Valley Area

CARTER FARM CT., 2726-Marie H. Peak to Sadaf Zubair, $452,000.

CLAYBORNE AVE., 3206-Virginia M. Cox to Nydia Villegas, $415,500.

COBBLESTONE CT., 3804-Joseph T. and Katharine M. Earle to Andrew and Lara O'Neel, $541,520.

HOPA CT., 7423-Dan J. and Gloria B. Logan to Richard A. Schwabacher and Mary Ann Rametta, $745,000.

HUNTLEY MEADOWS LANE, 3718-Scott A. Marquardt to Frank A. Rose, $489,000.

Lincolnia Area

DAHILL PL., 4318-Jay S. Krutulis to David B. and Anita M. Klima, $699,900.

MEDINAH LANE, 6637-Flo Pickett to Mary E. Lawrence, $460,000.

PIMA ST., 6428-Dong C. Lee to Herbert L. and Tonya Y. Pringle, $779,000.

SPLIT CREEK LANE, 6211-Scott E. and Shelley J.M. Rubitsky to Karl J. and Chelsea M. Murphy, $575,000.

Lorton Area

BARROW FURNACE LANE, 8558-Zulkernain Bhatti to Nelson M., Roxana Y. and Gloria Hernandez, $689,000.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8964-Adam T. and Hope A. Carswell to Nafiza and Mohammed Monir Hossain, $782,000.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8311, No. A-Sharon A. Faith to Sondra F. Brown, $326,000.

FUREY RD., 9056-Mohammad Talib and Adina Gurbutwal to Sarah and Sayed Jawid Jawadi, $620,000.

GRANDWIND DR., 7737-Clifford and Leslie A. Diamond to Dorothy E. Croom and Geneva G. Vanderhorst, $630,000.

GUNSTON COMMONS WAY, 8248-I. Ming Chen to Christopher P. and Marguerite S. Hughes, $630,000.

SINGLELEAF CIR., 8934-Jeffrey A. Vandaveer to Hilton Nunez and Gretchen Meier, $537,900.

SUMMERHILL CT., 7648-Ricardo M. Banzon and Consuelo C. Onate Banzon to Minerva Valenzuela, $515,000.

TANYARD LANE, 9082-Lee Nguyen to Minh Huy Ngoc Nguyen and Phuong Kim Chu, $530,000.

McLean Area

ALDEBARAN DR., 1224-Mariam Teketel Haile and Asegash Tsegaye to George B. and Pamela J. Parizek, $1.265 million.

ALVORD ST., 8295-Manouchehr and Shahnaz Faily to Michael F. Pusateri, $3.15 million.

BALLANTRAE LANE, 1326-James E. and Tracy H. Millar to Decker Development Co., $1.699 million.

BARBEE ST., 1827-Christopher E. McCarthy to Vinod Kamath and Aroti Hegde, $659,900.

BIRNAM WOOD DR., 8015-Albert E. and Lorraine M. Tegeler to Marilyn Adams, $850,000.

BUENA VISTA AVE., 1434-Souheil and Rama Hajjar to Antonios and Silvia Karagounis, $1.275 million.

CANAL CT., 7733-Daniel E. and Lisa A. Turissini to Forough Yazdani, Abdi Parvizian and Amir Reza Parvizian, $1.2 million.

CAPITOL VIEW DR., 7104-Kathleen M. McGann to Benchmark Development Group Inc., $850,000.

CLOVER LEAF DR., 8442-John I. and Mary R. Salomon to David M. and Amy L. Hunt, $2.05 million.

HARDY DR., 6222-David S. Haven and Patricia McPherson to James W. and Beverly J. Gnadt, $989,000.

MATTHEW MILLS RD., 7205-Reza and Debbie Rafi to Charles W. Katz and Rebecca Nassab, $1.625 million.

MCLEAN DR., 6653-Charles J. and Mary K. Jess to Sandra S. and John D. Van Valkenburg, $675,000.

MOSS WOOD LANE, 5905-Stuart D. and Dayle E.R. Thomas to Daniel D. and Pamela K. Dunning, $1.675 million.

TIMBERLY CT., 7601-Judith L. Miller to William H. and Holly H. Piper, $1.025 million.

TURKEY RUN RD., 816-Phyllis M. Sharp to Jeffry T. and Dianne W. Forburger, $1.6 million.

WESTBY CT., 1405-Jei Kwan and Jae S. Song to Kevin M. and Tracy M. Dillard, $1.107 million.

WINDROCK DR., 1205-James J. and Mary A. Martell to Daniel E. and Lisa A. Turissini, $2.425 million.

Mount Vernon Area

CHERRY VALLEY LANE, 8308-Stephen M. and Madeline R. Saia to Christopher G. and Lauren A. Santangelo, $590,000.

CHERRYTREE DR., 9011-Linda M. Maxwell to Thomas Breedlove, $569,500.

COLONIAL AVE., 3901-David K.H. and Young H. Kim to Mi Ja Yi, $532,300.

GREGORY DR., 8238-Gary J. and Melissa C. Scalph to David and Dora Robey, $560,000.

OLD MOUNT VERNON RD., 9216-Alexander C. and Meghan H. Magruder to Lisa B. Webster, $700,000.

North Springfield Area

CATHER RD., 5216-Richard and Patsy J. Yates to Ha and Harold Krivell, $511,000.

GARNER ST., 5301-Walter Burette Wade to Hanh H. Pham, $501,250.

INVERCHAPEL RD., 5402-Bertha N. Rojas to Wilver Galindo, $543,000.

JERVIS ST., 7404-Malkiat Singh and Kashmir Kaur to Milagros P. and Manuel Jiminez, $551,000.

MEADOWOOD FOREST CT., 5404-William J. Erbe and Dana L. Foley to Charles A. and Arinder J. Lind, $985,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 5333-Miles D. Smith to Kyaw Zay Ya and Lin Kyaw Swa, $480,000.

VICTORIA RD., 8948-Blaine L. and Beverly D. Bowen to Robert A. Petrasek, $595,000.

WENDY WAY, 5221-Gary R. and Katherine M. Piper to Robert D. and Mary Berry, $660,000.

Oakton Area

FLEMISH MILL CT., 11736-Philip L. and Dawn S. O'Neill to Kenneth R. Lee and Mara J. Sibley, $1.21 million.

FLOWERSTONE ST., 10945-Ralph P. and Catherine Baldassarre to Paul Kavitz and Camilla Sullivan, $990,000.

FOX MILL RD., 3106-Matthew D. White to Derek R. Arthur, $1.25 million.

PALMER ST., 2940-Thomas W. Schneider to Philip L. and Anne C. Lahar, $700,000.

TIMBERLINE DR., 11222-Angelo M. and Beverly A. Salera to John H. and Gayle E. Drisco, $850,000.

WEBER PL., 3011-Terry A. and Andrea Bresnick to James A. and Lynn Innocenzi, $1.127 million.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12165, No. T3-Charles B. and Donna Sewell to John G. and Rebecca K. Metzger, $474,000.

AUTUMNWOOD DR., 1634-Craig and Kim Garten to Joe B. and Megan W. Bennett, $931,150.

CABOTS POINT LANE, 2177-Gabriele M. Gatzert to Johnny Yun, $600,000.

HARPERS SQUARE CT., 10910-Michael L. and Heather L. Warstler to Stephen R. and Kristine M. Wooten, $450,000.

KARBON HILL CT., 11717, No. I-Paula L. Charles to Jorge and Luis Descaire, $345,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 379-Ryan T. Mallard to Cengiz Serhat, $365,000.

MEDITERRANEAN CT., 11657-Margaret M. Walsh to Ileana and Mike Trandafirescu, $569,500.

PADDOCK LANE, 2369-Ronald and Pearl L. Waxman to Alejandro and Blanca Perez Puelles, $669,500.

SOUTH BAY LANE, 2142-Lois N. Hollander to Daniel P. and Lori Russell, $1 million.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2434-Dale A. Huebner to Douglass R. Banerjee, $351,750.

SUMMERCHASE CT., 1514, No. B-Kimberly M. Liberatore to Karen M. Rausch, $311,500.

SUNDIAL DR., 1322-William M. Ludmer to My Hanh Burr, $561,000.

VIRGATE LANE, 11605-Robert L. and Dorothy R. Brewer to John J. Kelly and Kelli Ann Burke, $620,000.

WAINWRIGHT DR., 1807-Michael L. and Suzanne H. Arthur to Thomas McCammon and Ted Brown, $460,000.

WEDGEWOOD MANOR WAY, 1290-Daniel C. and Alison C. Wilbright to Jan M. Wiewiora and Joyce Beerbower, $625,000.

Seven Corners Area

LILY DHU LANE, 6508-Boyd Edward Harris to David A. and Kelly J. Fore, $765,000.

MEETING ST., 3037-Rose E. Rice and Doron Fields to Aleksandr Kozlovskiy, $550,000.

WORTHINGTON CIR., 3127-Shane R. and Bryn A. Smutz to Lindsay B. and Patrick G. Ruffini, $640,000.

Springfield Area

ARLEY DR., 8819-Richard A. and Evelyn Gaites to Michael A. and Katherine D. Guetlein, $599,900.

BONNIEMILL LANE, 7111-Daniel W. and Carol Ann Redfield to Kenneth A. and Lenore A. Marentette, $659,900.

GREEN GARLAND DR., 7718-Helmut M. and Christine A. Lorenz to Stephen M. and Sherry F. Young, $595,000.

HIDDEN KNOLLS CT., 7373-Donald and Robyn Budd to Arthur F. Sampson, $535,000.

JOVIN CIR., 8369-Jack L. and Amy L. Sine to Nadia W. Hussein, $474,900.

LOIS DR., 6823-Kye Mun Kim to Carlos A. Velasquez and Miguel A. Benavides, $524,900.

LOWMOOR CT., 7801-Ray H. and Virginia A. Morgan to Jeanne L. Eek, $634,900.

MENDOTA PL., 7619-Anna Santa Giannandrea to Michael D. and Michelle N. McMarlin, $526,000.

MILVA LANE, 6489-Barbara A. Bell to Roman R. and Ellen J. Lux, $505,000.

MORNING DEW CT., 8285-Hal C. and Stacey B. Murdock to Walter L. and Christine S. Carter, $580,600.

SHADOWLAKE WAY, 8819-Roger J. and Stephanie H. Messersmith to Craig L. and Laura D. Morris, $650,000.

TREASURE TREE CT., 8014-Traci M. and G. Maurice Allan to Christopher and Kirstyn Egan, $586,000.

Vienna Area

BROOKTRAIL CT., 1802-Wiley K. and Hillary K. Clawson to Jeffrey W. and Jill E. Lubore, $1.3 million.

CROWELL RD., 1521-Farideh Joneydi to Mani Mohtasham and Nobue Hamamoto, $750,000.

EAST ST. NE, 303-Walter R. and Mary K. Wenk to Sari Z. Dajani, $940,000.

FOLLIN LANE, 111-Jill M. Ririe to David B. Bridson and Doris Ligh, $676,500.

FOX RUN CT., 1705-Lawrence S. and Linda P. Hardy to Daniel C. and Alison C. Wilbricht, $800,000.

HIDDEN HILL LANE, 1401-Cheryl L. Freeman and Gerald A. Boutcher to Woojhong Scott Kim and Lili Zhang, $1.775 million.

HURSLEY CT., 1802-Joel C. McClung to Nelson N. and Lisa J. Chen, $900,000.

JOHN MARSHALL DR., 402-Thomas M. Newcomb to Dana M. Karp and Hank M. Messick, $615,000.

MACY AVE., 9504-Martin M. and Nancy R. McNerney to Mark D. and Grace M. Andringa, $1.15 million.

MANDOLIN CT., 9508-Peter and Ruth C. Wood to Alan B. and Lynne V. Lawhead, $810,000.

PIERIS CT., 2018-Edward S. Chang to Timothy J. and Yun Kyong H. Frank, $670,000.

TREVOR PL., 8005-Aleth Yu to Altanzul Batzorig, $599,950.

WEST OAK PL., 8531-William T. and Kathryn L. Allen to Kevin R. Graber, $551,000.

West Springfield Area

BELLEFLOWER DR., 7816-Thomas J. and Carolyn M. Fiscus to Thomas R. and Karen L. Conaway, $751,000.

CARRLEIGH PW., 7708-Coskun Karadag to David L. and Elizabeth L. Bruins, $596,000.

COMMACK CT., 6017-L. Lawrence and Mary M. Graham to Jennifer D. and John D. Cox, $652,000.

FARLEY ST., 6505-James E. Domst and Faith L. Koschmann to Remberto Hernandez, $490,000.

GREELEY BLVD., 6024-Kevin A. and Mary L. Wolff to Charles C. and Kathleen E. Denman, $619,900.

GREELEY BLVD., 8309-Norsratoll Gharabahdaghi and Parivash Jalaie to Enrique Gamboa, $550,000.

HADLOW CT., 7112-Hee S. Lee to Guity and Ira Deyhimy, $580,000.

MARCY AVE., 8206-Paul W. and Lois M. Boyer to Andrew T. and Margaret W. Heinbaugh, $633,750.

MILLWOOD CIR., 6319-Christiane J. Stroker to Jeffery J. Nadal, $500,000.

READINGTON CT., 8008-Charles D. and Cathleen M. Walton to William J. and Ursula M. Marks, $510,900.

SHERBORN LANE, 6103-Charles Capets to Roger and Susan Grooms, $680,000.

TIFFANY PARK CT., 9074-Young D. and Kuiyeon Cha to Ximena Zeballos, $405,000.

VIOLA ST., 7913-James A. and Diane E. Reid to Troy B. and Kristen L. Self, $600,000.

Fairfax City

The following sales were recently recorded in Fairfax City. The information was supplied to The Washington Post by the city's Real Estate Assessment Office. This list is published at least twice a month in the Fairfax Extra.

ALLISON CIR., 4230-Rosa E. and Jose A. Vigil to Freddis Hernandez Espinoza, $326,000.

FARMINGTON DR., 10110-James B. Marbert to Ali, Mohammed and Ayad Alzubeidy, $535,000.

JOYCE DR., 10716-Linda K. Hunter to Teresa Rocha, $450,000.

SIMPSON MEWS LANE, 10701-Diane M. and David B. Miner to Liou Yi Ching and George Tran, $859,000.

SPRING LAKE TERR., 10002-James C. Herbert and Kathleen H. Michener to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $615,000.

SPRING LAKE TERR., 10111-Phylis A. Hermann to Rosa A. and Jose A. Vigil, $565,000.

WILCOXSON DR., 3911-Arlene V. Roposh to Anh Nguyen, $405,100.