The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

CRYSTAL SPRING DR., 103-Raymond Q. and M.C. Konieczka to David L. and Michele N. Peake, $564,900.

LOST CREEK DR., 1508-Donald E. and Cynthia Robbins to Susan and David Bossie, $1.03 million.

Aspen Hill Area

BEVERLY RD., 4116-Alton D. and D.F. Anderson to Suzanne M. Tsintolas and Efstratios D. Tsintolas, $885,000.

BRIARWOOD TERR., 14314-Timothy M. and D.H. Fauber to Valeria A. and Richard T. Reiter, $475,000.

GRENOBLE DR., 12915-M.W. and Kendrick D. Smith to Marken Smith, $397,000.

LIONEL LANE, 13801-Cecilio A. and G.C. Leonin to Angela Maria C. Dasilva and Moacir Dasilva, $440,000.

PARKLAND DR., 13208-Elviria R. Marclo to Bentura J. Flores, $390,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14416, No. 6-J.A. and Julie N. Knight to Latonia J. Parham, $258,000.

VANDALIA DR., 13119-S.M. and Rafael F. Duran to Napoleon Castillo, $415,000.

Bethesda Area

ACACIA AVE., 5216-Irene Jillson to Anne Sarah Rubin and John Lodge Gillespie Jr., $814,500.

ALTA VISTA RD., 5308-Georges and Olivia Korsun to Denise and Henri L. Fortin, $850,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 5818-Lillian Friedman, trustee, to Shawn M. and Marcus T. Wiseman, $1.58 million.

BROAD BROOK DR., 4845-Stacie L. and Franklin E. Giles to Brian Edward Abramson, trustee, $750,000.

BROOKES HILL CT., 6507-A. and Martin F. Oppenheimer to Brookemont Corp., $850,000.

DE PAUL DR., 9900-J.M. and Lawton L. Hollomon to Pamela Raja Rao, $625,000.

FERNWOOD RD., 9800-Nolton E. Fowler, trustee, to Zong Y. Hu, $690,000.

FORT SUMNER DR., 4915-Michael R. and Suzanne E. Bergmann to Elizabeth G. Asbury and Christopher Fitzgerald, $1.26 million.

GLENWOOD RD., 5304-Barbara and R. Gauthier to Elizabeth K. Hayano and Peter R. Jensen, $805,500.

GRANBY ST., 6912-Dale R. Schwartz to Hoss and Afagh Farivari, $860,000.

LYNBROOK DR., 4304-Christopher G. Guidi to Pierre Graftieaux, $840,000.

MARYKNOLL AVE., 7706-James K. and W.J. Meer to Michele Z. and Alan E. Greenberg, $1.13 million.

REDFORD RD., 4907-Frederick A.B. and Laura A. Meyerson to Emily and Matthew Warke, $805,000.

SONOMA RD., 6014-Paul F. and V.L. Oberlin to Joan G. and Paul C. Oberlin, $558,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7515, No. D-1-Charlotte Bonawitz to Gerardo R. Lopez, $230,000.

SWANSONG WAY, 7124-Rajani and Supratim Choudhuri to Folasade O. Ogunlesi, $485,000.

THORNLEY CT., 8025-D.P. and James R. Kozuch to Roger S. Edelman, $1 million.

TOMLINSON AVE., 8104-Kam F. and M. Tse to Priya B. and Satyan N. Ammu, $1.14 million.

WESTLAKE DR., 10300, No. P66-Melinda V. and Csaba Rozsalyi to Geena N. Goodhand Hubbarth and Jason S. Hubbarth, $290,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 1004-Haviland Bienstock to Edward and Alice Tauber, $429,000.

WRILEY RD., 5317-Fredric B. IV and Danielle L. Lortet Clarke to Rachel and Robert L. Rubin, $1.08 million.

WYOMING RD., 5227-Neeta T. Ragoowansi to Rachel L. Toker and Richard B. Katskee, $786,500.

Boyds Area

CORNFLOWER RD., 18402-Catherine A. and Richard P. James to Robert A. Shelhorse, $559,900.

KIMONO CIR., 14330-Smart Development Premiere to Liliana Venero, $137,151.

KIMONO CIR., 14334-Smart Development Premiere to Terrence V. Johnson, $138,849.

SENECA AYR DR., 21813-Pulte Home Corp. to Phuong Nguyen, $437,800.

Burtonsville Area

ALMANAC DR., 14641-Y.B. and Song C. Chang to Ann M. Murphy, $347,000.

ALPEN GREEN WAY, 3666, No. 21-222-F.O. and Mobolaji A. Okulate to Olujide Ogunnusi, $265,000.

AUTUMN GLEN CIR., 3623-Troy F. Martinez Medley to Francisca Melendez, $326,000.

BUCK HILL CT., 14104-Theo and V.A.L. Esberry to Suka Nwani and Merch Otamba, $325,000.

COTTON TREE LANE, 3902-James Thomson to Vijay A. and Ericka M. Mathura, $340,000.

CROSSWOOD DR., 4241-Vincent Abell to Richard A. Miller Jr., $339,000.

REGALWOOD TERR., 4469-Nicole Allen to Sri Partowardojo and Rafael Gomez, $345,900.

SADDLE CREEK CT., 6-M. and David L. Peake to Francis G. Moxey, $480,000.

Cabin John Area

SEVEN LOCKS RD., 6930-John and D. Britti to Nalini and Praveen Kumar, $1.31 million.

Calverton-Colesville Area

BRANTFORD AVE., 814-L.S. and Christopher R. Flynn to Sharon M. Abney, $475,000.

BRUTON PARISH WAY, 3549, No. 24-Cecilia M. Masters to Vincent Abell, $145,000.

COLLINGWOOD TERR., 13305-Mary N. Farris to Lauren S. Chung and David Skerritt, $498,000.

HAWKSHEAD CT., 2606-H.S. and Dae W. Cho to Ahmed Eassawi, $502,000.

OLD FORGE RD., 13301-Stanley K. and C.R. Kulpinski to Jeffrey V. Lezama and Barbara D. Wesley, $670,700.

PARALLEL LANE, 2416-Robert W. and J.M. Fischer to James and Michelle R. Hilaire, $590,000.

ROSEMERE AVE., 907-Michael T. O'Brien to Giovanni Jubiz and Olga P. Diaz Ojeda, $315,000.

TURQUOISE TERR., 12755-Christina A. Cook to Noha Iesawi, $365,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 508-Helen S. Bean to Judy A. and Robert F. Bean, $223,334.

Chevy Chase Area

BROOKLAWN TERR., 3306-Sylvia M. Harris to Miriam L. and Guillaume De Decker, $810,225.

GREENVALE PKWY. W., 7004-Robert L. and K.E. Mitchell to Cinthia H. Schuman and Lawrence S. Ottinger, $1.37 million.

GREYSTONE ST., 5400-S. and Max Singer to Gladys B. Astudillo, $780,000.

MERIVALE RD., 4719-I.M. and Jordan L. Harding to Mark A. Goldberg, $906,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. 201-M.B. Schaeffer, trustee, to Joseph A. Lieberman, $1.2 million.

Clarksburg Area

MONEYWORTH WAY, 12815-Krista G. and Jeffrey D. Leichner to Manouchehr Ansari, $540,000.

SUGAR VIEW DR., 23615-Joanna Peschin to Stephanie and Javier Cantor, $594,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

BONIFANT RD., 116-Luis Portillo to Jose R. Portillo, $620,000.

FAIRDALE RD., 14517-Winchester Homes Inc. to Cyril Kenrick Hunte and Jacquelene Anderson Hunte, $755,915.

GALLAUDET AVE., 15408-Rudolph C. and M.F. Hines to Karen D. and Thomas S. Hattaway, $240,000.

HOLLY GROVE RD., 15527-M.C. and Robert Beverly to Pabla Leal, $255,000.

MARINE DR., 14409-Nerino and I. Aldrighetti to Katrina M. MacLeod and Timothy K. Horiuchi, $550,000.

Damascus Area

CANVASBACK WAY, 9932-C.D. and Howard U. Baker Jr. to Madeleine L. Herzfeld, $271,500.

VALLEY PARK TERR., 25729, No. D-6-Patrick J. Gawlik to Lilliam I. and Edwin J. Maysonet, $261,000.

Derwood Area

IRA CT., 17501-John J. and P.L. Blanchard to Tracey and Brian Bridgett, $4.7 million.

KEATS TERR., 16445-Dong Wan and Eun Kyung Roh to Diane and Garry Lyles, $542,000.

KEYPORT TERR., 7714-Samer Zelof to Scott M. Ross, $464,000.

MOCCASIN LANE, 7604-Harry R. Tyree to Irena S. and Peter G. Goldfarb, $365,000.

MUNCASTER RD., 18004-M.A. and Richard L. Hinesley to Steven A. Corsini, $437,500.

ROLLING DR., 5820-Thomas F. and M.H. White to Jayne B. and James E. Thomsen, $750,000.

WEATHERBY DR., 7519-Angelo Stazzone to Alexandra M. Witze and Jeff N. Kanipe, $369,000.

Gaithersburg Area

BAYRIDGE TERR., 1018-G.J. and Ricardo Diaz to Walter Huaman, $367,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 419, No. 133-Jean M. Garland to Nora Reyes, $245,000.

CLIFFTOP DR., 722-Susan and Daniel Stoughton to Karen Sihuiruan, $380,000.

CORAL REEF DR., 631-M. and Nadim Habib to Howard G. Draisen, $365,000.

CROSS COUNTRY CT., 56-K.B. and Warren K. Frey to Graciela Catera, $323,000.

DARBY CT. E., 28-W.L. and Fred P. Harich to Rosemarie Gutierrez, $349,900.

DUVALL LANE, 114, No. 105-301-Daniel M. Orozco to Juan Carlos Molina, $180,000.

DUVALL LANE, 122, No. 133-101-J.E. and Richard S. McKay to Miguel A. Rodriguez, $194,500.

FOUNTAIN GREEN LANE, 124-T.M. and Mark D. Devine to Sheryl Wells Lynch, $580,000.

GIRARD ST., 454, No. 367-Nada Appiah to Miriam Von Ballmoos, $200,000.

GOLDEN ASH WAY, 92-Jack W. Hsin to Kyoung A. and Doo Y. Park, $555,000.

HIDDEN PONDS CT., 3-Winchester Homes Inc. to Marilyn M. and Stephen W. Gammarino, $1.2 million.

IMPULSE LANE, 18804-Todd and S. Eauclaire to Deirdre and Ronald Allen, $557,000.

KENT OAKS WAY, 117-R.T. and Albert G. Heath to John L. Carter, $680,000.

KENT OAKS WAY, 604-Susan S. and J.M. Adamovitz to Traci J. and R. Michael Smullen, $1.03 million.

KERSTEN ST., 516-Victoria L. Lynn to Gail M. Davis, $805,000.

KILCREGGAN WAY, 19502-Hung Quang Lam to Annabelle R. Sangalan and Alexander M. Sangalan, $371,000.

LINDENHOUSE RD., 18905-Rosendo I. Medina to Humberta Medina De Martinez and Rene Martinez, $515,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LANE, 8420-Ralph E. Jr. and J.H. Aloi to Huongthu Nguyen and Tu T. Tran, $510,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL TERR., 18516-Francis Tormen to Fulvia and Nelson Lainez, $405,000.

NORWICH CT., 13-S.Y. and Steve D.I. Lee to Gerald J. Lindenberg, $569,500.

OAK SHADE RD., 4-Esther K. Wilson to Alireza E. Varkiani, $350,000.

OUTPOST DR., 11020-Jin H. and J.A. Lee to Sungshin and January H. Kwak, $380,000.

PLATINUM DR., 14220-Philip and Diane Lograsso to Xenia and Marc Busch, $800,000.

PRAIRIE LANDING WAY, 14701-Yong Wang to Yean Wang, $243,300.

RANCH PL., 13820-Jian Hua Ke to Weiyu Xie and Bradley Oscar Guhl, $570,000.

RED KILN CT., 3-Sandro Bernedo to Vilma E. Martinez, $385,000.

SHARPSTEAD LANE, 164-Rita R. Oristian to Vanessa and Marlo Pardo, $362,000.

STEVEN CT., 10, No. 222-Elizabeth A. King to Delio Jandres, $260,000.

TIFFANY DR., 769-Helen M. Hansen, trustee, to Carolyn and Burt Lancaster, $479,000.

TURKEY FOOT RD., 15209-D.K. and Ralph G. Tripp to Susan Mitchell, $825,000.

WAR ADMIRAL CT., 2-Wanda T. O'Brien to Sharla C. Cherry Quintanilla and David Quintanilla, $655,857.

WATER ST., 17, No. 21-D.K. and Kanaiyalal R. Shah to Aurangzeb Akhtar Moughal, $89,500.

WINERY CT., 9716-Meadow Ridge Seniors Village Corp. to Nancy N. and Randall D. Frey, $350,000.

WINERY CT., 9720-Meadow Ridge Seniors Village Corp. to Dorothy A. Burke, $339,800.

Germantown Area

ALDENHAM CT., 19101-Felix J. Mejia to Eliodora Corcho, $300,000.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12143-Chinny Williams to Daniel Aparicio Jr., $410,000.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 19962, No. 400-S.L. and Leoncio D. Afable to Randy N. Sonnenberg, $275,000.

ASHWORTH CT., 11708-Edward H. Holmes, trustee, to Jose A. Rodriguez, $278,000.

AUTUMN MIST DR., 18605-David G. Carter to Maciej K. Montwill, $400,000.

CHALET PL., 13211, No. 4-202-Andrea Hammond to Maryanne Burgos, $239,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13106-Patrick F. and Denise O. Kendall to Thu Huong Ma and Tung Dang, $360,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13260-Kurth A. and B.J.P. Smith to Qin Zhang and Junfeng Cui, $352,000.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12508-Shivani Johri to James R. Mathews, $280,750.

CRUSADER WAY, 13500-Carlos R. Neto to Ann Kim, $363,500.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13205, No. 64-Marcia A. Hill to Gideon Gaines, $180,000.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 19911, No. 186-Terri W. and Seth G. Hamm to Patricia Sugar, $298,000.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 19940, No. 224-Nina L. Larsen to Sandy Rim, $305,500.

HARVEST GLEN WAY, 13677-Deborah M. and Joseph Mattera Jr. to Jennie Eslabon, $400,000.

LIBERTY MILL RD., 18610-G.A. and Steven R. Dobay to Deer Harbor Investments Corp., $325,000.

LOCUSTDALE TERR., 11400, No. 367-Angela M. Gugliotta to Sharon D. Roth, $285,750.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13117-E. and Thaddeus Moore to Andrew C. Schwartz, $290,000.

OPEN HEARTH WAY, 13044-Ennio Ulloa to Juan F. Martinez, $285,000.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19122-Romano Gabriel Cabrera to Iliana F. La Rosa Zuniga and Pavel O. Guerra, $323,000.

PEACH CREST DR., 12213, No. 904-M-Celso Taborga to Andrew Meston, $204,000.

PICKERING DR., 12961-D.P. and Jose Z. Canaza to Santiago J. Herrera, $331,000.

PINNACLE DR., 12916, No. 4-Mark Chachula to Rene A. Kauder and Mark R. Eisenried, $370,250.

PINNACLE DR., 12934, No. 4-Catherine M. Carp to Tais S. Xavier and Patrick S. Carlos, $359,900.

POPPYSEED LANE, 18841-Katherine McGlaughlin to Christopher A. Daley, $262,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12319-Vitia D. and Oscar E. Garcia to Armah V. Sirleaf, $325,500.

ROYAL CROWN DR., 12509-Charles R. and Tess Paquette to Diane S. and Leonard Sileo Jr., $570,000.

SCOTTSBURY DR., 20942-R.M. and Johnny R. Roca to Vanessa Y. Colorado, $475,000.

SENECA CROSSING DR., 21211-David M. and Lisa A. Ricci to Enoka Ratnayake and Malluwa Priyantha, $680,000.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18707, No. 11-T-3-Stephen C. Knapman to Faranak and Gholamreza Makarehchi, $286,900.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18805, No. 7-302-Stacy E. Philipson to Ajanta and Pijush K. Roy, $331,000.

STAGS LEAP TERR., 18135-James A. Jr. and Katherine C. Ridgway to Jennifer E. and Jay W. Familant, $408,000.

STEEPLE PL., 19049-Satyajit V. and Bhavna S. Naik to Meetu and Anjney Jaitly, $415,000.

SWISS CIR., 18237, No. 1-33-Christoper F. Kosmaceski to Shannon R. Moxley, $234,000.

TIMBER HOLLOW PL., 12513-Francis L. Duve to Mary Louise W. and Thomas M. King, $287,118.

TIMBER OAK LANE, 20104, No. 213-Maria Iano to Mary and Fatah Kashanchi, $360,000.

TWINFLOWER CIR., 19600-Lynette Johnson to Nicholas F. Vela, $265,000.

WHITE SADDLE DR., 19634-Diana Camp to Tunyaporn Soontornvong and Songphot Suphaphon, $334,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13105, No. 14-171-Stacy L. Young to Diana M. Araneta, $163,000.

Kensington Area

CALGARY AVE., 2601-A. and Francisco Castillo to Laura Marie Koehly, $470,500.

DENFELD AVE., 3821-Augusto C. Rios Jr. to Dennis L. Sharp, trustee, $555,001.

EDGEWOOD RD., 3329-James B. and L.G. Cunningham to Stephen A. and Ginger M. Cruz, $610,000.

STELLA CT., 10806-Barbara Ossowicka to David L. Winters, $410,000.

Laytonsville Area

PLANTER LANE, 7512-Christine M. Shannon to Valerie D. and John A. Long, $449,000.

SENECA VIEW CT., 25121-Jeffrey and Wendy Rose to Nancy S. and Joseph Liguori, $525,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BILLINGS CT., 19818-L.E. and William C. Stuart IV to Ricardo M. Barrera, $316,000.

ESKRIDGE CT., 8804-Timothy B. Wood to Robert N. Anderson, $300,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9908-Norma and Erlyn Gonzalez to Sounounou Conde, $255,000.

LAKE LANDING RD., 9907-Jong K. Park to Jong Hwan Bae, $295,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 9747-Hazel A. Prather to Svetlana Pavlovskaya, $235,000.

MARKETREE CIR., 8303-Sara P. Gray to Ginger K. and Sean D. McCarty, $501,000.

PENNYWISE LANE, 9319-Ana and Ciro Castro to Celeste Olivero, $700,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10151-Babs O. Ogunjimi Jr. to Mohammed Shajahan, $258,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8618-Amy M. Miller to Natasha L. Ezerski, $212,000.

WILD GINGER WAY, 8702-Robert J. Erkert, trustee, to Amy C. and Drew H. Pasek, $467,000.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

OSAGE ST., 1020-Maria G. Portela to Saul Barrero, $260,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 909-Evalina A. Meram to Thanh T. Huynh, $179,500.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEL PRE RD., 3742, No. 10-Sydney J. and B.A. Temple to Sandra C. and Tyrone Bell, $192,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3962, No. 7-Hortencia Guzman to Ulises Gomez, $220,000.

BLAZER LANE, 14108-Mitchell H. and P.K. Binder to Amy E. Spiceland Scofield and Jonathan D.F. Scofield, $489,900.

BURNING BUSH LANE, 14012-Lynn K. Brooks to Claire D. and Kye S. Pak, $476,100.

CANDOVER CT., 15022, No. 276-D-Genevieve A. Donnellon to Margaret H. and John W. Hill, $210,000.

CLEARFIELD RD., 4508-Zulma and Jose Umana to Godofredo Garcia Flores, $330,000.

DALEWOOD DR., 12408-R.T. and Robert K. Ater to Jason Goldberg, $310,000.

DELANCY DR., 4011-Shelley A. and Richard G. Winston to Daniel N. Tan, $350,000.

FLACK ST., 13006-Frank III and S.M. Pfennig to Gulsan P. and Syed M. Farooq, $435,000.

GUNSTOCK CT., 14408, No. 4-J-Carlita Sanchez to Lisa Suzanne Brodie, $275,000.

HEWITT AVE., 3380, No. 101-Manuel J. Rodriguez to Pedro Gomez and Marta Arguera, $190,000.

HIGHWOOD RD., 4217-George Warren Poland to Edgar Siuce, $399,000.

IDLEWOOD RD., 11701-Shannon K. Howley to Kathleen C. Posey, $280,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15115, No. 3-604-Anna G. Kessler to Evie Riley Ey and Julian E. Ey, $405,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3005, No. 3005-806-Jacqueline A. Lopes to George W. Wilson, $299,000.

LONDON BRIDGE DR., 2309-Kwing F. Lee to Kyalo Kibua, $300,000.

MAY ST., 3400-Christine T. Sutton to Reynaldo Padua, $420,600.

MAY ST., 3405-Ly Minh to Roberto Nolasco, $410,000.

MIDDLEVALE LANE, 13700-Connie and Benjamin Flores to Drusilla Key, $490,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE PL., 2405, No. 12-Armine Balikci to Jean B. Cadet, $269,000.

TARKINGTON LANE, 3501, No. 67-A-Lois M. Christeller to Emory N. Ellis Jr., trustee, $429,000.

WAGON WAY, 13504-Jon A. Halverson, trustee, to Kevin M. and Stacey B. Tyser, $679,000.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14201, No. 6-24-Joanne E. O'Brien to Ashley Josh, $273,000.

Olney Area

CARNEGIE HALL CIR., 3211-Jennifer L. and William G. Sterling to Shelly M. Hall, $448,000.

CENTERFIELD WAY, 16814-Wayne N. and D.L. Jackson to Christine and Robert R. Reel, $442,500.

FOUNTAIN GROVE TERR., 2811-John C. and C.L. Caponiti to Michael J. and Jennifer L. Petronis, $659,900.

HEADWATERS LANE, 4231-John W. Dean to Amy M. and Michael P. Kuntz, $545,000.

KIRSTIN CT., 17415-Joel H. and N.E. Freibaum to Mary A. and Stephen B. Middelthon, $667,500.

LAFAYETTE DR., 17316-Richard V. and B.C. Pisciotta to Anat and Yaron Kaufman, $634,900.

WINDSOR HILL DR., 18154, No. 204A-V.K. and Allen M. Singer to Chad Loube, $225,600.

Poolesville Area

CONLON CT., 19500-R. Craig and K.J. Logue to Deborah A. and David P. Mowatt, $640,000.

CONLON CT., 19506-Daniel P. and J.S. Downs to Lynette R. and Keith B. Jacobs, $641,500.

Potomac Area

ALLOWAY DR., 10820-Robert Zastrow to Drive Land Alloway, trustee, $1.88 million.

CRIPPLEGATE RD., 11110-William T. and J.H. Petty to Kecia R. and Dennis O. Kane, $2.2 million.

FLOWER GATE TERR., 10104-K.S. and Regina B. Vasan to Kimberly P. and James M. Rallo, $1.57 million.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7864-Refael and Lynda K. Tohar to Heather M. and Michael S. Lawrence, $648,900.

HENRY FLEET DR., 11908-Joseph M. and M.P. Tiernan to Susan E. Astley Cass and Oliver Cass, $695,000.

KERSEY LANE, 1397-Johnny R. and E.W. Lane to Laura W. and Andrew P. Battiata, $860,000.

LONGHILL DR., 1401-Seyed R. and M.V. Golestaneh to Junyan Tian and Suzhi Li, $775,000.

RAYMOND LANE, 8212-Robert P. and N.W. Gibbons to Amy L. and Eric J. Pelletier, $700,000.

REACH RD., 9436-Scyrille D. Straus to Ana V. Calleja and Luis Roberto Preza, $899,000.

SNUG HILL CT., 15-Thomas S. and Anna G. Pines to Dana and Andrew H. Ettinger, $971,000.

STALLION CT., 12900-P.A. and Michael P. Young to Anthony W. Spinelli, $801,900.

WILLOW GREEN CT., 12409-H. and Guillermo Garcia to Leonardo Garcia, $750,000.

Rockville Area

ANTIGUA TERR., 10810, No. 190-Sandra L. Shuster to Cheri Ostroff, $437,500.

BRISTOL MANOR CT., 11902, No. 72-Jose M. and Katia Ortega to Galia and Raphael Ron, $685,000.

CARNEGIE CT., 3-G.S. and Thomas H.E. Moran to Chieh Ping Chuang, $625,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5704-Kimberly C. Cook to Anne B. Tishkoff, $322,000.

CHINKAPIN DR., 14126-Robert M. and Andrea J. Green to Jennifer A. and Brett S. Berstein, $1.13 million.

CROYDON AVE., 308-Laura A. and Aaron Rubin to Frederick K. Maier, $385,000.

ENGLISHMAN CT., 17, No. 161-Clement L. and J.A. McGowan to Marjorie J. and Erik C. Kane, $553,000.

GRAND CHAMPION DR., 1017-Byung Sik and Jung Kyung Kim to Rita S. and Leng S. Lewi, $535,000.

GREY HOLLOW CT., 11905, No. 76-D.B. and Paul H. Pashkoff to Loretta L. Wong, $750,000.

MCCORMICK RD., 2306-Alfred J. and L.B. Sklarew to Debra H. and Timothy M. Fauber, $745,000.

NATURE LANE, 405-Pulte Home Corp. to Anjana S. and Shobhit Arora, $1.26 million.

NATURE LANE, 413-Pulte Home Corp. to Ellen S. and Robin Kearon, $1.12 million.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1204-White Flint Place Partnership to Scott A. Kurtz, $323,900.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1506-White Flint Place Partnership to Ki Taek Han, $559,800.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 311-White Flint Place Partnership to Shahin Nasseri, $312,700.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 409-White Flint Place Partnership to John J. Park and Hae Won Shin, $286,500.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 620-White Flint Place Partnership to Hrair H. and Elizabeth Pakhchanian, $271,500.

PENDER PL., 234-William B. Hayden Jr. to Wanida Volta, $435,000.

REDLAND BLVD., 540-Joseph L. Kitto to Matthew E. Flick, $595,000.

REGAL OAK DR., 1136-Geoffrey G. Bernstein to Jane and Harvey V. Storck, $695,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10412, No. 401-Argun B. and R.K. Gorener to Cassandra L. and Kyle W. Wexler, $269,900.

STONESTREET AVE. N., 712-E. and David M. Elliott to Mulunesh Woldemariam, $367,500.

WATTS BRANCH DR., 9706-Richard E. Lundberg to Allison M. and Chad A. Ellis, $915,000.

Sandy Spring Area

NORWOOD RD., 17613-Pettit Homes of Maryland Corp. to Cheryl J. and Robert A. Crim, $1.23 million.

Silver Spring Area

BIG ROCK RD., 10201-Nicholas L. and C.J.L. Port to Eva Sullivan Conlon and Frank J. Conlon Jr., $580,000.

BURGESS LANE, 9603-Michael Kaiser to Reynaldo Granados, $419,900.

HAMILTON AVE. E., 204-Cory and K.J.C. Gower to Amr Al Hindi and Shereen Faraj, $535,000.

HANNES ST., 241-Bradley L. and C.D. Durby to Joanna F. Fee and Jonathan M. King, $420,000.

LADSON RD., 308-L.M. and Parker P. Vito to Charles A. Niglio, $363,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 11417-Joseph C. Branan to Tiffany Montero, $370,000.

ROWEN RD., 805-Julie K. Ingram to Rebecca Holst Hurowitz and Aaron Alexander Hurowitz, $525,000.

SIDNEY RD., 10014-Jennifer N. and David M. Hurst to Daniell Dedles, $472,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. 107-Traci Hall to Shawn E. Lucas, $200,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. 502-Rafael Cisneros to Ismael Orlando Membreno, $180,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 1005-Heather A. Katz to Demetrios Poros, $280,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2244, No. W-102-Jeri L. Buchholz to Frank J. Hannold, $358,000.

Takoma Park Area

LARCH AVE., 1101-M.C. and Norman E. Patrick III to Edward Sarpong, $400,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7611, No. 410-Arthur Evenchik to Vivita L. Rozenbergs, $146,000.

MINTER PL., 7224-Aimee J. Gelnaw to Susan E. Blad Seldin and David E. Seldin, $501,000.

WILDWOOD DR., 7502-Mapalad Developement Inc. to Estrella E. and Theodore A. Deppner, $353,000.

Twinbrook Area

CLAGETT DR., 1223-Darlene Crawford to Karen Hovsepian and Tamara Ohanya, $361,000.

FORBES ST., 1612-A.J. and Adrian R. Ware to Shanto Rozario, $415,000.

HALPINE WALK CT., 204-Mohammed A. Ali to Sylvie Lanteaume, $608,663.

MAPLE AVE., 1000-Yu Lan Chen to Alejandro Flores, $395,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 1308-Mary H.M. Chapman to Salma F. Musa, $350,000.

Wheaton Area

DALEWOOD DR., 12022-Roberto and M. Dominguez to Horacio Matamoros and Yeny Milagro Santos Rosales, $305,000.

ECCLESTON ST., 2418-Paul W. and R.E. Meyerhoff to Linda M. Forslund and Benjamin W. McDonough, $375,000.

HILLSBORO DR., 505-Gregory and H.T. Brown to Carlos Cordon and Alison Z. Palencia, $410,000.

HUNTLEY PL., 10502-Albert J. Hovis to Tina R. Greenfield, $342,000.

SANFORD RD., 1804-Colin H. and D. Weir to Sam Koushan and Ana Silva, $399,900.

WINDING WAYE CT., 10-Kelli E. Palmer to Jesse F. Abner, $525,000.