Permit Applications

1. Il Palazzo, 2601 Mozart Pl. NW. Alterations to former Italian Embassy, including a nine-story addition and construction of underground parking for new gated condominium complex. Cost: $21 million.

2. Business, 2029 K St. NW. Alteration and repair of retail space in office building tenanted by George Washington University. Cost: $1.3 million.

3. Office building, 251 H St. NW. Construction of seven-story office building. Cost: $3 million.

4. Office building, 1313 L St. NW. Renovations to third through sixth floors. Four permits: $133,000-$165,000.

5. Parking lot, 900 Ninth St. NW. Creation of parking lot on site of old convention center for about three years or until development is ready to proceed. Cost: $5.8 million.

6. Warner Building, 1299 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Renovation to office space on third through seventh floors for Howrey LLP. Cost: $1.3 million.

7. Beyond Juice, 2001 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Interior renovation of retail space in office building for new Beyond Juice store. Cost: $70,000.

8. Madrigal Lofts, 811 Fourth St. NW. Construction of 12-story loft-style condominium building. Cost: $10 million.

9. Murano, 2117 10th St. NW. Construction of 12-unit condominium building. Cost: $2.5 million.

10. Restaurant, 3365 14th St. NW. Tenant fit-out of sit-down restaurant in end unit of Tivoli Square at corner of Monroe Street. Cost: $650,000.

11. Golden Rule Apartments, 901 New Jersey Ave. NW. Addition, alteration and repair. Cost: $6.2 million.

12. Retail, 1329-33 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Reconstruction of former Georgetown bar to house 5,200 square feet of retail space. Cost: $2 million.

13. Eckstine Flats, 3312-3318 Georgia Ave. NW. Construction of 12-unit, four-level condominium building. Cost: $1.5 million.

14. Pepco Northeast Substation, 101 Harry Thomas Way NE. Construction of 69-kilovolt substation. Cost: $4.5 million.

15. Apartment building, 1654 Euclid St. NW. Construction of 22-unit apartment building on site of existing apartment building. Cost: $18 million.

16. Houses, 1900-1916 Fourth St. NE. Renovation of and addition to structures for use as duplexes. Nine permits, $245,000 each.

17. Fire station, 3203 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE. Alteration and repairs. Cost: $1 million.

Permits Issued

18. The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW. Renovation to office space on fourth floor. Cost: $1.8 million.

19. Adams Alley, 2412 17th St. NW. Addition of three stories to apartment building; filling in of courts; and installation of new heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems. Cost: $1.3 million.

20. Salon/day spa, 2901 Georgia Ave. NW. Interior renovation to convert space to salon and day spa. Cost: $50,000.

21. Retail buildings, 1402-04 Park Rd. NW. Razing of two retail buildings as part of large-scale demolition. One housed the Waffle Shop; the other, Crescent Electric Co. and Elamanecer Restaurant. A new retail complex including Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Washington Sports Club is planned. No cost given.

22. Office, 1350 I St. NW. Renovation of office space for new tenant, Andrews Kurth LLP. Cost: $2.1 million.

23. Rocky Gorge at Fort Totten, 4816-4928 Seventh St. NE. Construction of 22 single-family houses. Twenty-two permits, $138,000 each.

24. Gallery Place, 707 Seventh St. NW. Base building renovation. Cost: $1.1 million.

25. Parker Flats at Gage School, 2035 Second St. NW. Interior demolition, roof replacement and structural repairs to condominium building at former Gage School. Cost: $950,000.

26. XM Satellite Radio, 1500 Eckington Pl. NE. Interior renovation of part of ground floor. Cost: $1.5 million.

27. Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, 400 Michigan Ave. NE. Installation of scaffold in dome for replastering. Cost: $826,000.

28. Office, 1900 Half St. SW. Renovation of 10th-floor office space for U.S. Coast Guard. Cost: $807,000.

29. Parking garage, 4180 Minnesota Ave. NE. Construction of five-level, open-sided garage. No cost given.

30. Apartment buildings, 1100-1104 and 1200-1204 Mississippi Ave. SE. Raze six apartment buildings. No cost given.

31. Historic Row, 800 F St. NW. Underpinning of existing office in conjunction with excavation, sheeting and shoring. Cost: $300,000.