The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

ACCOKEEK LANDING DR., 1208-Jenese Adams to Beatrice Bennett, $707,000.

ASHTON CT., 17102-Rosa R. and Danny A. Harris to Jeannette E. and Kevin R. Fuller, $502,500.

BERRY RD., 14617-Eve M. D'Antonio to Susan and Marvin Lewis, $269,000.

FARMINGTON AVE., 1205-Bellemead Corp. to Boris Y. Carter and Delma Thompson, $477,360.

POLLIN ST., 14204-Cambridge at the Preserve Corp. to Holly M. and David W. Krueger, $406,946.

Adelphi Area

AMHERST RD., 2012-Ena R. Morgan to Margaret Bih and Jean Koueno, $360,000.

GRIFFEN ST., 2411-Estanislao Recinos to Santos and Jose Pereira, $355,000.

IRIS PL., 10401-Arthur D. Hazlewood Jr. to Florence and Phillip A.T. Thompson, $400,000.

LINWOOD ST., 915-Thomas H. and Clara S. Beck trust to Irma and Cayetano J. Blanco, $340,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1927-Victoria D. Villatoro to William V. and Aida Robles, $125,000.

RIGGS RD., 7971, No. 1-Deisy Claros to Yanira Ruiz, $120,000.

SOMERSET PL., 715-Lazaro Martinez to Jose Ayala, $300,000.

TULSA DR., 10404-Bernard S. and Joan B. Kessler to Maria A. Sanchez and Salvador Ferman, $390,000.

Beltsville Area

CHERRY HILL RD., 11212, No. 302-Michelle L. Nunn to B.A. Sumner, $210,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11226-Olufisayo and Patrick O. Alakija to Alexander Oduro, $206,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11370, No. 103-1-P-Anand R. Mudambi to Elma Santos Melo, $120,900.

FRANCES DR., 11342-Jerome P. and Leslie A. Nataro to Javier and Dora Fernandez, $432,900.

QUEEN ANNE AVE., 11402-Daniel T.N. and Thu H. Vu to Kamini Arshad, $340,000.

ROMLON ST., 4507, No. 3-Dennis W. and Monica E. Brown to John C. Huffman, $90,000.

Bladensburg Area

BLUE HERON WAY, 4443-Della Ratta Inc. to Sanitria L. McKenzie, $135,436.

BLUE HERON WAY, 4461-Della Ratta Inc. to Carolyn S. and Robert L. Parker, $135,500.

QUINCY ST., 5108-Cristobal C. Flores to Oscar Escobar, $330,000.

VARNUM ST., 5428-Gina M. Pryor to Juana D.R. Santos and David S. Vasquez, $210,000.

54TH PL., 4208-Harold and Carole Hammonds to Jose D. Berrios, $255,000.

Bowie Area

AUDUBON LANE, 16214-Charles Njuguna to Sheila L. Lewis, $370,000.

BROOKSTONE TERR., 4804, No. 6-Michael D. Joshua to Chanel N. Smith, $275,000.

BROOKSTONE TERR., 4830, No. 11-JBN Realty Investment Corp. to Gifty Adu, $284,900.

CHELTON LANE, 12511-John R. Pearson Sr. to Scott M. and Brian T. Dressel, $321,000.

EARLY GLOW LANE, 3807-William R. Taylor to Craig D. West, $320,000.

ECHOLS CT., 15300-Sheila E. Mitchell to Rosana and Anthony R. Harley, $337,500.

EDDINGER RD., 16318-Ruth Jackson and Joseph Hayes Jr. to Charles Parr, $460,000.

ELAN CT., 3922-Pamela E. Hunter to Robert J. Hepp and Cheryl S. Myers, $275,000.

ELDBRIDGE TER., 3705-Coquette D. Washington to Joel Sam, $285,000.

ELKHORN LANE, 16318-Walter M.P. and Stephanie D. Smith to Romie Jean Charles, $305,000.

ELMCREST LANE, 3709-Dion L. Maybin to James V. Green, $287,000.

ELMCREST TERR., 16502-Stefanee Shelton to Danielle Y. and Michael M. Andrews, $280,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15612, No. 202-Zenobia Jones to Olubukola O. Osinusi, $245,000.

FILBERT LANE, 2709-Daniel R. Murphy Jr. to Gertie and Melvin E. Douglas, $349,000.

GRASON LANE, 11904-Douglas D. and Ruth C. Woodard to Terrence L. and Lori S. Glaze, $490,000.

HILLMEADE RD., 6801-Donald K. Houck to Lincoln Locke, $350,000.

HILLMEADE STATION DR., 12645-James E. and Laura J. Livingston to Catherine M. and Timothy P. Brown, $355,900.

KEYPORT LANE, 2706-Gena L. and Christian D. Zajac to Walter Rochmis, $361,000.

LANHAM SEVERN RD., 11913-Timothy F. Carter to John T. Stewart, $160,000.

MARIES RETREAT DR., 5202, No. 135-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to T. Durrick Coleman, $393,960.

MARIES RETREAT DR., 5210, No. 131-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Darren Croal, $365,791.

MARIES RETREAT DR., 5212, No. 130-Rocky Gorge at Fairwood Corp. to Stephanie J. Holmes, $358,119.

MAYCHECK LANE, 12008-John J. McDonald to Lauren M. and Steven W. Schmidt, $320,000.

MYRTLE AVE., 9215-NVR Inc. to Leslie T. and Michael R. Long, $493,425.

NORTHWICK PL., 3610-Betty J. Hay and Ernest Marshall to Mark A. and Marissa M. Thomas, $322,000.

NORWEGIAN CT., 15513-Agnes L. and Gary A. Smith to Clayton Kimbrough, $250,000.

OLD CHAPEL TERR., 6401-William H. and Joan B. Roache to Rhoda D. and Anthony Smith, $330,000.

PEACH WALKER DR., 15544-Maryalice C. and Thomas E. Davis to Nellie N. Obichere, $342,000.

PITTSFIELD LANE, 1605-Terrence Samuels to Stacey and Raymond O. Mohammed, $275,000.

PLEASANT VIEW DR., 14112-Gregory M. Hicks to William F. and Annick G. Kelley, $430,000.

PORT ECHO LANE, 1117-Judith S. and William G. Crawford to Gina Harmon, $345,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2237-Marissa M. and Mark A. Thomas to Nisha Estrada, $246,000.

PRINCESS ANNE CT., 2109, No. 21-Cynthia D. Venable to Bamidele Jayi, $223,000.

QUILT PATCH LANE, 12106-Christopher King to Babajide O. Otuyelu, $340,000.

RIVER PARK RD., 8403-Garland L. Christmas Jr. to Joseph M. Edwards, $655,000.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4783, No. 44-Deborah A. Atkinson to Eric A. Hoar, $265,000.

ROCKLEDGE DR., 12113-Harry W. Yeich, trustee, to Marshall Cheeks, $339,900.

ROUND TREE LANE, 12110-Sharon M. and Patrick G. Timmons to Michelle M. Young, $329,900.

SALEM LANE, 12407-Joseph R. Jones to Jana and John P. Peterson, $305,330.

SARAH LANE, 12402-Harmon Living, trustee, to Katie B. and Joel D. Reyes, $260,000.

SEABURY LANE, 12409-Richard P. and Eleanor T. Minor to Sandra and Jeffrey Welch, $445,000.

SHETLAND LANE, 12510-Karen M. and Deborah A. Trotter to Pamela and Kenneth F. Harris, $305,200.

STONYBROOK DR., 3020-Christopher Cavanaugh to Ying Wang and Rui S. Chen, $337,000.

SUDBERRY LANE, 2810-Ralph K. and Marion M. Weller to Sondra A. and Tracy A. Legall, $325,000.

SUTTON LANE, 12121-Gregory L. Baker to William Hughes, $355,000.

VICTORIA HEIGHTS DR., 12915-Barbara E. and Arnold G. Horner to Ruth G. Woollett, $330,000.

WESTWIND CT., 7302-Marc G. and Lorraine J. Shirley to Ahmad and Spozhmai Maiwandi, $440,000.

WHARTON TURN, 4022-Tracy L. Honeycutt to Neal P. Langermann, $364,900.

ZIRCON DR., 13301-James E. and Helen E. Henderson to Belva D. and Larry P. Cork, $475,000.

Brandywine Area

BELDING CT., 8410-Innovative Real Estate Services to Karin T. Lum and Scott A. Digruttolo, $249,000.

BOUNDARY LANE, 8413-Pamela L. Walker to Myron Brown, $119,000.

BURCH HILL RD., 6700-Deborah Shaw to Brigette E. Stewart, $310,000.

CRESTWOOD TURN, 12108-NVR Inc. to Teresita and Dagoberto Castillo, $467,325.

ELORA LANE, 8118-NVR Inc. to Jeanine M. and Keith A. Porter, $594,806.

KENNETT SQUARE WAY, 15418-Washington Homes of Maryland to Leslye C. Velasquez, $307,696.

WHEATLAND WAY, 12811-Allan K. Long Jr. to Robert L. Rambus, $325,000.

Brentwood Area

BLADENSBURG RD., 4020-Pete Lambden and Sons Inc. to Valorie and Irving Robb, $225,000.

WEBSTER ST., 3913-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Francisca and Pablo H. Reyes, $380,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ALTON ST., 3915-Joyce M. and Larry H. Muwwakkil to Evette Ginn, $165,000.

BALTIC ST., 6203-Reuben D. Mickles to Carolyn L. Lipford, $145,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 312-Sarah H. and Roy Scott to Walter Munn, $173,500.

CEDAR HEIGHTS DR., 1026-Anthony Clark to Pact Investment Inc., $125,000.

CEDAR HEIGHTS DR., 1100-Lisa L. and Sean E. Davis to Tina C. Johnson, $185,000.

CEDAR HEIGHTS DR., 1106-Lateara Sut and Ralston Mantique to Oladipo O. Olafunmiloye, $280,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 6109-Telli M. Abiola to Odunola Johnson, $140,000.

CHAPEL OAKS DR., 1206-Chaprella L. Collins to Mabel L. Hailes, $163,000.

CLOVIS AVE., 921-Glenn Newell Jr. to Toni R. Price, $200,000.

DRYLOG ST., 7000-George and Sharon Brooker to Lionel W. Jr. and Latasha S. Quarles, $255,000.

DUTTON WAY, 1101-Holly R. Bryant to Sheris M. Hunt, $195,000.

K ST., 5904-Emanuel L. Gore to Derrick Hayes, $205,000.

MENTOR AVE., 709-Charlene Wilson to Latasha Coleman, $170,000.

NEWINGTON CT., 912-Carla K. Thornton to Alicia N. Ford, $200,000.

NOVA AVE., 1509-MAFC Residential Inc. to Michael Davis, $170,000.

POSSUM CT., 422-Norma J. Yates to Jerome I. Furman, $185,000.

ROLLING DALE WAY, 4742-Shirnita R. and Michael M. Thomas to Ronda Rollins, $215,000.

SHADY GLEN TERR., 7338-Aderonke O.A. and Henry O. Bello to Muland Kalaw, $182,000.

SHADY GLEN TERR., 7443-Bonita J. Follins to Valerie Langham, $105,699.

SULTAN, 119-Ali Hessari to Christine M. Butts, $150,000.

ZELMA AVE., 301-James A. Bryant to Lucius Slade, $165,000.

60TH AVE., 1111-Kofoworola Akinadewo to Dina Urman, $240,000.

61ST AVE., 617-Monetta and Annie M. Moseley to Saul Rivera, $264,000.

70TH ST., 520-Bruce J. Ramos to Gloria Hammond, $181,000.

71ST AVE., 631-Mary Martin to Forte Corp., $175,000.

Cheltenham Area

GLOUCESTER LANE, 10419-Michelle Cruz to Nicole M. Thompson, $440,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ASSET DR., 6609-Trashaun D. Banks to Yuri J. and Annick N. Briggs, $300,000.

COLUMBIA PARK RD., 7116-Harold Adams to Rosa Yanez and Manuel Flores, $207,750.

COUNTRYWOOD CT., 1749-Joyce E. and Derek M. Rucker to Magno A. Ponce Ganadero, $186,000.

CREST AVE., 3024-Alexander F. Levy to Christopher W. Dyson, $400,000.

ELDERS HOLLOW DR., 10406-Marcia H. and Herman D. Evans Jr. to Bakari Haynes, $323,000.

GREELEY RD., 7008-Alice Harrington to Quacy February, $145,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 7601-Louise Swift to David McLaurin, $125,000.

HILLVIEW RD., 8407-Charles M. Johnson to Bernard Gibson, $375,000.

HUNT AVE., 1526-Alberto Edwards to Julio C.M. Tavarez, $195,000.

KYLE AVE., 3109-Samuel and Milca Guerrero to Marsha A.K. and Dalton B. Shaw, $315,000.

MICHELE CT., 905-Gregory L. Pryor to Fredi Rios and Carlos Martinez, $189,500.

MUNCY RD., 7602-Wesley C. Howard to Jose M. Machuca, $160,000.

MUNCY RD., 7744-7744 Muncy Road Land, trustee, to Evelyn M. and Neptali A. Caceres, $160,000.

OXMAN RD., 7601-Marie M. and Walter D. Brooks Sr. to Charles A. Nguti, $163,500.

PERRY ST., 6113-Kimniech M. Dupree Cunningham to Madison Properties Inc., $210,000.

SUITER WAY, 7839-Keith D. Myles to Miles A. Rawls, $228,000.

VALLEY WAY, 2427-Meseret Ketema to Felicia and Paul Ajayi, $240,000.

VERMONT AVE., 2105-Vivian A. Britton to Marcelina Reyes and Jose E. Gonzalez, $265,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1915, No. V-195-Paul E. Spruill to Kristi R. Harris, $118,000.

62ND AVE., 1710-Meloney Levy to John D. Crews, $293,550.

Clinton Area

APPLECROSS DR., 12904-Mary and Alonzo Angevine to Brandi Calhoun, $240,000.

APPLECROSS PL., 3600-James I. Elliott to Karen E. Johnson, $260,000.

BROOKE JANE DR., 6405-Carl V. Allen to Ronald E. Streets Jr., $300,000.

CHAD WAY, 8906-Sandra E. Washington to Agnes C. Rice, $325,000.

FOX RUN DR., 9905-Gregory Hawk and Kathy Coleman to Olukayode K. Okegbenro, $350,000.

GALLAHAN RD., 11901-Elizabeth E. Soper, trustee, to Jay Perry, $195,000.

GOLDFIELD CT., 7810-Mark D. Shuler to Fakeisha and Darrell Butler, $271,000.

GOLDFIELD CT., 7812-MAFC Residential Inc. to Dana L. Washington, $235,000.

GROVETON DR., 7011-Nancy A. Rowe to Paul Ntembe, $300,000.

GWYNNDALE DR., 9502-Evelyn and William C. Gaither to Michael J. Chisley, $292,500.

LINHURST DR., 9317-J.M. Gebhardt to Anthony O. Ibenacho, $260,000.

OAK LEAF PL., 9503-Willia J. Smith to Blanche C. Hudson, $260,000.

PLATA ST., 5904-Lisa M. Garrett to Yu Z. and Zhen J. Lan, $390,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 7804-Carlton T. and Dottie A. Williams to Grace I. and Desmond E. Njoku, $432,500.

SERENADE CIR., 7311-Raquel C. Harris to Kirsten Baity, $305,000.

SURRATTS RD., 7536-Janice R. Ferris to Linda J. Hicks, $237,500.

SURRATTS VILLAGE DR., 5911-Barbara N. Brown to Kevin V. Pinto, $180,000.

SYLVIA DR., 11821-Lakisia M. and Tony M. McCai Hull to Milzena and Terrance Cardwell, $325,000.

College Park Area

EDGEWOOD RD., 5010-Folasade S. Adepo to Afroza B. and Mohammad S. Choudhury, $336,000.

EDMONSTON RD., 8702-Danny E. and Adela Lopez to Julia and Maira C. Morales, $317,000.

GOUCHER DR., 5700-Susan L. and Robert T. Chu to Colin M. Stefan, $350,000.

IROQUOIS ST., 5012-Peter and Dorothy J. Basti to Rosario and Juan and Jose Zelaya, $308,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 9707-Robert B. Wood to Karl L. Kessinger, $330,900.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 5936-Ann and Ryan Claycomb to Aimee Gregory, $235,000.

48TH AVE., 8125, No. 410A-Parkside at Collge Park to Dimitrios Fragoyannis, $227,900.

50TH PL., 9014-Keith M. Tetter to Cecilia D. and Jose B. Marquez, $289,000.

51ST AVE., 9720-David E. Fellin to Edward R. Brady Jr., $215,000.

51ST PL., 9728-Vicki D. and Richard L. Heckman to Sara J. Villalobos, $335,000.

60TH PL., 8513-Robin and Michael Madden to Jose D. Campos, $315,000.

District Heights Area

BREWTON ST., 2106-Roy S. Monroe to Manuel E. Alvarez, $265,000.

CRESTWICK PL., 2700-Danielle V. Smith to Juanita D. Jackson, $237,000.

CRESTWICK PL., 2715-Lashon M. and Michael A. Jones to Tyronne F. Turner, $175,000.

CRESTWICK PL., 2732-Edgar Williams to Renee Palacios, $215,000.

CROSS ST., 7165, No. 102-Denie Robinson to Michell Yorkman, $120,000.

DENNIS CT., 1701-Minnie M. and Lester L. Blount Sr. to Nathaniel Long Jr., $265,000.

DUMONT ST., 7508-James F. and Mary L.M. Barnes to Leslie and Maurice R. Johnson, $380,000.

FOREST PARK DR., 1923-Chantay Yerby to Adeilia N. Braham, $186,000.

FORESTVILLE RD., 4107-Ruth B. Etheredge to Bernardo Ahlborn, $293,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S., 5749-Karlie J. Desrivieres to Michael L. Curley, $185,000.

NEARBROOK AVE., 3608-Gail Huntington to Dorothea and Thomas M. Coefield, $228,000.

PEMBERELL PL., 2331-Zeno W. Hickerson to Rachelle I. Lawrence, $150,000.

RAMBLEWOOD DR., 2105-Stephanie A. and Jerome Murray to Janaka Oliver, $254,000.

RICHVILLE DR., 8308-Jerry C. and Christine S. Williams to Yolanda Simmons and Ralph Ball, $232,000.

RITCHIE RD., 2805-Anthony Okosun to Marvin Rubio, $228,000.

ROCK QUARRY TERR., 5605-Lachelle P. Mitchell to Marrion and Peace Ainerua, $240,000.

ROSLYN AVE., 2508-Donna M. and Julian M. Souders to Lavencia Sugars, $245,500.

SPRINGDALE AVE., 3415-Beverly A. Granberry to Beverly A. Blowe, $113,000.

SUNVALLEY TERR., 6328-Hakim L. and Nicole L. Yates to Deborah Carter, $225,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2756-Angela M. and Frankie G. Coln to John H. Thompson III, $231,500.

TIMBERCREST DR., 2616-David Ritter to William O. and Tuesday T. Bell, $260,000.

WILLOW RIDGE CT., 3506-Toni M. and Donald S. Browning to Lakisha A. Price, $335,000.

Fort Washington Area

AQUARIUS CT., 11511-Aqueelha R. and Jahmal E. James to Abdulai Conteh, $550,000.

ARAGONA DR., 412-Charles R.W. and Margie R. Collins to Roberto C. Lozano, $360,000.

CALVERT LANE, 700-Myrtle E. and Alfred T. Johnson to Steven H. Brown, $300,000.

CENTENNIAL DR., 1132, No. 302-Diana E. and Roswell E. Lee Jr. to Keith Walker Jr., $50,000.

CHALFONT AVE., 13015-Richard A. Gist to Sheryl L. White Banks, $270,000.

CHERRYFIELD RD., 6904-Deanna Crowder to Alisa Caldwell, $300,000.

CLAY DR., 8104-Betty R. Alderson to Parhat Yasin, $475,000.

DEN MEADE AVE., 7303-Vernon L. Smith to Maria E. Gutierrez, $280,000.

FLINTWOOD CT., 9012-James C. Williams to Francisca Otero and Roberto Garcia, $300,000.

GEMINI CT., 305-Timberlake Franklin Square Corp. to Hector Argueta and Sandra Y. Nunez, $562,540.

HICKORY DR., 11504-Timberlake Franklin Square Corp. to Sadatu S. Massaquoi, $363,018.

HIGHLAND VW., 10005-Leonard E. and Amanda J. Williams to Dawana and Reginald L. Clark Jr., $525,000.

JAYWICK AVE., 7606-Secure Investments Corp. to Adela and Esteban Ventura, $305,000.

JOE KLUTSCH DR., 6306-Tamebra Spence to Sophia Weir, $220,000.

KINGSWAY RD., 3105-Gwen E. and James K. Vanslyke to Cherise R. Hagans, $250,000.

LUMAR DR., 4000-Paul A. Underwood to Krause Design and Construction Inc., $215,000.

OLD FORT RD., 13331-Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp. to Gizaw Tesfaye, $587,809.

REID CIR., 13520-Monica T. Hua and Gesila Tsu to John P. Stroup, $220,000.

RIDGE BROOK CT., 13102-Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp. to Brian J. and Elaine M. Mulreany, $425,594.

RIDGE BROOK CT., 13104-Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp. to Matin D. Taheri, $466,390.

SERO PINE LANE, 810-Brian and Tracey Pinkston to Gwenith and James Holcomb, $595,000.

SPRING VALLEY CT., 1013-Kimberly A. Thomas to Raymond T. Rusten Sr., $173,500.

SWAN CREEK RD., 201-Michelle and Elisha White to Meloyde Batten Mickens, $535,000.

TAYLOR AVE., 1822-Smith Living Trust to Martin M. Medley, $300,000.

TRAFALGAR DR., 2105-Marquita M. and Robert L. Pickett to Ana M. Reyes, $305,000.

TRIBONIAN DR., 9806-McDaniels Development Co. to Henry and Yanci Morales, $145,000.

WOOD HOLLOW TERR., 7207-Lisa C. Waters Hubbard to Angela L. Tucker Burns, $172,000.

Glenn Dale Area

STRAWBERRY GLENN CT., 6100-Rachel D. and Cesar D. Martine to Alfonzo Vaughn, $778,500.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8649-Omar C. Bynum to Angela and Jose Gomez, $165,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8653-Jonathan R.R. and Philip M. Mason to Charles A. Haynes, $210,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8689, No. 102-Horace Manning to Milton L. Lattiboudeaire, $150,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8699, No. T-1-Lynda P. and John A. Loveys to Pauline T. Nisbeth, $198,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7720, No. 158-Giuseppe Montalto Jr. to David A. Marsh, $185,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7810, No. T-3-Ti Hesia Rudolph to Alex Jecrois, $179,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6520, No. 3-C-Hassan O. Idris to Crystal R. Foster, $253,000.

Hyattsville Area

MADISON ST., 4228-Robert B. MacGregor to Arthur S. Hayashi, $375,900.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 715-Deepnarayan Tiwarri to Leonette M. Bassi, $70,000.

59TH AVE., 5003-Kathy L. Little to Blanca and Carlos Cruz, $315,000.

Lanham Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 9208-Lillian Adjetey to Kwabena Manful, $375,000.

BELVA ST., 5515-Olivia O. Koroma to Florence and Frederick Opia, $298,000.

FORBES BLVD., 7012-Roma B. Jones to Quitiqua D. Hartridge, $298,900.

JOHNSON AVE., 7915-Ronie Loberto to Cesar B. Lemus, $220,000.

LAMONT DR., 6932-Bobby G. and Nadine C. Busbice to Terrence and Ursula Allen, $365,000.

LOWMOOR CT., 10404-Prosper and Josiane Alag Houssou to Nusiratu and Abu Kalokoh, $555,000.

Largo Area

BOX TREE DR., 2706-Washington Homes Inc. to L.M. Powell, $475,662.

BURNISHED WOOD CT., 13905-Washington Homes Inc. to Saphonia M. Butler, $516,488.

COPPER BEECH DR., 15709-NVR Inc. to Keith S. Bouchelion, $569,025.

GALESHEAD DR., 2711-NVR Inc. to Darrin R. and Helena E. Prailow, $583,800.

JOYCETON TERR., 129-Leahatonia Brunson to Dorinda M. Darko, $255,000.

JOYCETON TERR., 140-Mildred E. and Willie Patterson to Ahmadou Aidara, $263,000.

JOYCETON WAY, 100-Shirley M.M. Dominick to Kwamme A. Anderson, $255,000.

MOORES PLAINS BLVD., 2504-V.O.B. Limited Partnership to NVR Inc., $46,819.

SHELL DUCK CT., 1205-Mark and Dinah Outten to Sherri A. and Ian A. Minto, $450,000.

WILLOW SWITCH LANE, 2007-Artheia E. and Coretta Dingle to Coretta and Artheia E. Dingle, $506,629.

Laurel Area

ARBORY WAY, 15444, No. 221-Robert L. Rogers to Tekisha Everette, $220,000.

SOUTH ARBORY WAY, 7518-Keith L. and Annie M. Thornton to Robert Johnson and Unit 413, $185,000.

CLARE CT., 7608-NVR Inc. to Lizette and Ronnel Salvador, $685,016.

CLARKE AVE., 14000-S. and B. Investments Corp. to Lucila Guerrero and Jose A. Diaz, $305,500.

DARWIN RD., 6412-Kathleen S. Matthews to Nelsi A.L. De Canales, $375,000.

DORSET RD., 15611-Joan V. and Robert B. Dail to Genvieve Mitton, $180,700.

DORSET RD., 15613-Rosemary Treichel to Esther V. Raju, $170,000.

DORSET RD., 15704-Edith A. Brown to Monica Stratford, $140,000.

FOREST MILL LANE, 6211-Carmen J. Courtios to Evelyn A. Johnson, $295,000.

GORMAN AVE., 327-Billie J. and Warren R. Marton Jr. to Saints Real Estate Ventures Corp., $310,000.

KERR RD., 15811-Kevin and Daphne McCants to Deborah and Herbert Willis, $362,000.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 8415-Latrice D. and Daniel A. Rogers to Glen A. Reynoso, $321,000.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 12312-Lawrence M. and Gloria E. Johnson to Angie Giunta and Mary L. Reed, $440,000.

NICHOLS DR., 918-Melcar Raybar Inc. to Yata G. Ferrer, $165,000.

PAPERBARK TERR., 7224-V. Falls Corp. to Indar S. Schabra, $365,280.

PARK HALL CT., 15509-Carol Elwin and Danilo C. Garcia to Shivprasad P. Yadav, $410,000.

VISTA DR., 14004, No. 6-C-Cherrie N. Aqil to Yvonne Ojie, $165,000.

VISTA DR., 14014, No. 21-C-Charsett Brown to Akua Hall, $160,000.

VISTA DR., 14056, No. 57-C-Lori M. and Anthony Myers to Janvier Richards, $158,000.

Montpelier Area

CHERRY LANE, 9276, No. 86-Loretta M. and James A. Demino Sr. to Alice L. Echard, $185,000.

GOLDEN OAK DR., 13109-Michael G. Piatt to Beverly D. and Stephen B. Boateng, $347,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8148-V-Minica C. Sha and Daniel Roberson to Brenda Mahabir, $250,000.

OXWELL LANE, 8754-Donna L. and Victor W. Holland to Holly M. Dahl, $415,000.

PHEASANT RUN DR., 12107-Steven R. and Nick Havas to Leonora K. and Sean M. Hopkins, $220,000.

PLEASANT CT., 9205, No. 101-Helene L. and Alvin M. Freedman to Steven A. Kebeck, $405,000.

SNOWDEN RD., 9808-Omar and Fathia Saeed to Melissa A. and Ivan B. Baker, $560,000.

SNOWDEN WOODS RD., 12406-Dwight G. and Gail F. Whitted to Edith Henry and Michael Delaney, $595,000.

SUMNER GROVE DR., 9203-Sumner Grove Corp. to Marlene M. Small, $483,126.

Mount Rainier Area

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 3300-Warren M. Butler to Metro Development, $1.2 million.

30TH ST., 4605-Jeanette S. Prince to Joseph M. Devane, $160,000.

New Carrollton Area

FAIRWOOD RD., 6715-John Hinzman and Geoffrey Ennis to Elsy N.R. Alvarez, $234,900.

FONTAINEBLEAU DR., 7601, No. 2312-Anthony Johnson to Tsega Demmeke and Eskinder Afework, $110,000.

FONTAINEBLEAU DR., 7605, No. 2346-Kuburat Awesu to Halima Sule, $103,000.

FREDERICK CT., 7754-Marilyn G. and William R. Scannell to William E. Thompson, $126,259.

HANSON OAKS DR., 4080-Olayinka Ayeni to Barbara P. Humes and Lorna Johnson, $208,000.

MONROE ST., 5619-Neville A. and Wilhelmina Barrett to Ebun A. and Adebayo L. Ojomo, $290,000.

STANDISH DR., 6837-Miriam E. and Oscar R. Anderson to Claudia M. Villibord, $229,000.

WEBSTER ST., 6804-James Newson to Camilo and Ana Rivera, $265,000.

67TH AVE., 4807-Gina Harmon to Mario Ferman, $236,000.

70TH AVE., 3907-Carston D. Zimmerman to Patricia A. Stancil, $260,000.

85TH AVE., 5408, No. 204-Vernita G. McBride to Deborah B. and James O. Young Jr., $65,000.

Oxon Hill Area

CREE DR., 1-Carol J. Robinson to Salomon Hernandez, $260,000.

DEVONSHIRE DR., 1113-Paula L. Remer to Ana Y. Martinez and Daniel Chavez, $176,000.

GLASSMANOR DR., 4906-Francisco Gomez to Jesusa Quispesivana, $248,000.

MARTIN DR., 5117-Irene J. Goode to Delmer H. Hernandez, $290,000.

OTTAWA ST., 5905-Gloria E. and Cecil Lampkin to Evtte M.H. Brown, $159,900.

SHOSHONE DR., 5801-Viola and Allyson Cook to Rizal Jaiman, $157,500.

SPRINGMAID LANE, 4704-C.B. Fosters Overlook Corp. to Teresa Miller, $303,400.

SUTLER TER., 1213-Pamala M. and Arthalia W. Threat to Dana Ellis Barnes, $257,000.

Riverdale Area

CREST PARK DR., 6000-Jinliang Qi to Olga E. and Alejandro P. Vivar, $440,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 6804-Carolyn S. Jennings to Graciela Quiroga, $280,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 4806-Helen D. Tyson to Erika Wilson and Eric Fuller, $262,500.

NICHOLSON ST., 5805-John M. Fogg to Paula Moreno, $198,000.

POWHATAN RD., 5400-Steven B. Gross to Liia Castillo and Neri Solis, $302,000.

QUEENSBURY RD., 4603-Ajay K. Singh to Lucia P. Sena, $385,000.

Suitland Area

BELLAMY WAY, 3038, No. 5-Windsor Villas Corp. to Zara V. Willis, $154,125.

HOMER AVE., 4768-Benny Clark to Maria Mejia and Heriberto T. Dubon, $260,000.

SILVER PARK TERR., 4124-Rhonda M. and Steven J. Neal to Jacqueline Davis, $210,000.

SUNSET LANE, 2951-Clifton and Arnisher Savoy to Rennie V. and Avion F. Lewis, $180,000.

TAMARA CT., 6212-Segal General Partnership to Frances M. and Valencia M. Jones, $305,000.

WESSON DR., 6015-M.U. General Partnership to Michael and Tamia Booker, $290,000.

Takoma Park Area

ELSON ST., 1525-Dora A. and Javier E. Fernandez to Maria Alvarado, $350,000.

Temple Hills Area

ACORN DR., 5205-Louise Young to Mwabilu L. Ngoyi, $315,000.

AFTON ST., 2214, No. 5-F-Retha L. Olds to Spencer Harris, $130,000.

ALEY RD., 5814-Mildred M. and Robert W. Hampton to Andrew T. Young, $210,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3132, No. 104-Herbert C. Cole to Neil Hawkins, $55,900.

DUNLAP ST., 3611-Lorianne N. Rayfield to Marlon Thomas, $143,000.

FISHER RD., 5701-Joseph R. Mo and Mary E. McDermott to Christian A. Cordova, $230,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3103, No. S-602-Preston G. Holmes to Tajuana and Keith Elam, $80,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3309, No. C-2-Dallas L. and Simone J. Simmons to Antoniese Starks, $125,500.

KIRBY DR., 2313-Linda K. Bullock to Melissa J. and Barry B. Bailey, $167,000.

LIME ST., 2707-Sara B. Lasher to Jeannette Churchill, $130,000.

LOCH RAVEN RD., 7003-Cecelia V. and Eslin S. Watson to Jermaine Bynum, $250,000.

LYONS ST., 4419-Carla L. Korn and Juanita C. Bland to Mayleen B. Jones, $197,000.

MORTON PL., 6505-Florence Macauley to Maria Zuniga and Carlos Chevez, $300,000.

OLD BRANCH AVE., 4601-Terrell A. Allen III to Stephanie L. Terry, $341,973.

POPPE PL., 4509-Therese A. Dahl to Ronnie V. King, $285,000.

SOUTHERN AVE., 3009, No. 23-Diane F. Lewis to Caprina Johnson, $108,000.

SOUTHGATE DR., 6121-Barbara J. Jones to Renee Johnson, $325,000.

WELDON DR., 4202-Samuel L. and Marian P. Lathan to Denise R. and Alvin G. Lampkin, $269,000.

21ST AVE., 4405-Roger W. Bynum to Miguel Zelaya, $300,000.

24TH AVE., 3610-Colease P. Dixon to Tracy A. Golden and Rose M. Tydings, $295,500.

26TH AVE., 3818-Tawana Molett to Jorge Menacho, $112,000.

26TH AVE., 3845-Kevin Nesbitt Jr. to Melanie A. Turner, $120,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

OLIVER ST., 1911-Antonio and Victor F. Alvarez to Cordilia and Christopher L. Haynes, $180,000.

TOLEDO TERR., 3450, No. 518-Armina U. Morgan to Uchenna R. Onyewu, $123,000.

VAN BUREN ST., 4409-Lene A. Jens and Jeffrey J. Arnett to Amparo A. and James W. Duff, $514,000.

30TH AVE., 5717-Manuel A. and Sonia L. Ruiz to Manuel J. and Francisco C. Zamora, $292,000.

33RD AVE., 5821-Kenneth W. and James T. Stevens to Sandra and Gerson D. Martinez, $305,000.

36TH AVE., 5030-Gladys Guere and Ramon Reynoso to Jose E. Velasquez, $284,000.

36TH AVE., 5814-Jamela A. and Esther H. Constant to Filiberto C. Argueta, $246,000.

41ST AVE., 6208-Agatha G. and Martin J. Clune to Elizabeth P. Cartwright, $280,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BISHOPMILL DR., 4000-Jacqueline A. Smith to John O. Henderson, $252,000.

CLIRIEDEN LANE, 4807-Joyce A. Tabb to Lizvette and Rafael A. Manzano, $231,000.

COLONEL CONTEE CT., 14508-Christopher Scharven to Janice G. and Rodney E. Oakley, $312,500.

COPPER SKY CT., 7010-AMA Building Inc. to Rhonda A. and Michael Dobbs, $40,883.

COPPER SKY CT., 7013, No. D-1-AMA Building Inc. to Patricia Goodman, $40,833.

DORCHESTER PL., 16702-Robert M. McMahon to Henry A. and Mercy A. Akinlosotu, $265,000.

DORSEY LANE, 12407-Washington Homes Inc. to Norma A. and Albert S. Rollins, $446,353.

FENNO RD., 12202-Pamela Hawkins to Shawn H. Bryant, $210,000.

GOVERNOR SPRIGG PL., 14507-Donald D. Clay to Alexander Collery, $286,000.

GOVERNOR SPRIGG PL., 14527-Derrick B. Washington to Monricko L. Lyles, $290,000.

GREEN APPLE TURN, 9806-Ernest L. and Joan M. Varnell to Kena C. Morrow and Trevor L. Royal, $325,000.

JAMES ST., 8311-Stacie D. Brockman to Michelle Y. and Malachi E. Robinson, $325,000.

MIDLAND TURN, 9216-Linda S. Baug and Curtis W. Mauney to Ronald C. Jenkins and Wanda Y. Govan, $350,000.

OAKPOST CT., 7610-Patricia A. Warring to Carolyn Blake and James A. Barbarich, $312,500.

OLD ENTERPRISE RD., 180, No. 151-Denise L. and Orlando D. Edwards to Antwane D. Parker Sr., $205,000.

PINEMIST CT., 10307-Anissa M. Nas and Kahina Crawford to Yacub O. Whiting, $300,000.

PRINCE PL., 10103, No. 203-Vincent M. Bryan to Felicia Wallace, $112,000.

PRINCE PL., 10234, No. 17-104-Christiane G. Foronda to Bertina Williams, $105,000.

RITCHIE MARLBORO RD., 3002-Richard L. Cord to H.J. and G.P. Luckett, $105,000.

SHERWOOD DR., 9209-Allen S. and Claire Julie Beale to Blade M. and Vanessa Ronetz, $420,000.

SIMEON CT., 8908-Harry R. and Anna J. Worth to Quanda K. and George A. Harrell, $230,000.

SIMEON CT., 8925-Margaret K. Stovall to David Brunson, $200,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12613-Chinyere Uzo and Anthony Oruche to Tia F. Looney, $260,900.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12732-Cherry Living, trustee, to Tameka G. Bell, $320,000.

TRUMPS HILL RD., 8405-Sherrill and Dean Cavanaugh to John B. Deas, $325,000.

WESTPHALIA RD., 10414-Lisa L. and Frank Morris II to Derek D. Hamilton, $545,000.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 9809-Ina T. Bolton to Jose O. Zavala, $237,000.


Lake Arbor Area

BARRINGTON CT., 1823-Sandra and Joseph L. Massey Jr. to Gertrude A. Bastien, $323,000.

DAHLIA DR., 14907-Washington Homes Inc. to Joseph O. Olugbenga, $570,943.

GRAYVINE LANE, 3304-Anita M. and Charles Harrison Jr. to Olukayode Fakunle, $310,000.

LOTTSFORD VISTA RD., 3408-Chris I. Ibe to Sunday Ezeudu and Ebele Carpenter, $350,000.

PEPPERTREE DR., 14821-David A. and Judith B. Levy to Jeanette and Harry A. Gamble Jr., $455,000.

POST OAK DR., 1609-Alicia D. Hawkins to Latosha Y. Marshall, $249,900.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 743-Althea and Michael O. Augustine to Ebony M. Cabbagestalk, $220,000.

THAMESMEAD CT., 1807-Chauntel R. Kiser to Shelia A. Miller, $375,000.