Civisita Medical Center

AUG. 20

Sarah Marie Smith, a daughter, to Linda and Ronald Smith of Indian Head.

AUG. 29

Emma Marie McCarthy, a daughter, to Megan Cox and Sean McCarthy of Waldorf.

SEPT. 17

Alicia Desiree Thomas, a daughter, to Sadie Hogan and Alphonso Thomas of Newburg.

SEPT. 21

Jayla Samari Barbee, a daughter, to Erika Barbee of Waldorf.

SEPT. 22

Kamryn Leigh Biagi, a daughter, to Allison and Jason Biagi of La Plata.

Dohnovan Marciano Fratantuono, a son, to Christine and John Fratantuono of Prince Frederick.

SEPT. 28

Devin Asante Donkor, a son, to Porsche Taylor-Sparks and Philip Donkor of Waldorf.

Hailey Marie Richardson, a daughter, to Britney Richardson of Waldorf.

SEPT. 29

Stephanie Rose Link, a daughter, to Heather Link of Issue.

Ian Alexander Jameson and Ryan Vincent Jameson, twin sons, to Jamie and Paul Jameson of Hollywood.

SEPT. 30

Francis Richard Hungerford, a son, to Charlene Bee of La Plata.

OCT. 1

Carson Robert Yowell, a son, to Julie and Chris Yowell of Pomfret.

OCT. 2

Aspen Rayven-Callie Walker, a daughter, to Season Walker and James Douglas of Indian Head.

OCT. 3

Kymora Mariah Thomas, a daughter, to Alicia and Gordon Thomas of Nanjemoy.

OCT. 6

Joshua Ryan Miller, a son, to Janelle and Howard Miller of Mechanicsville.

Jillian Grace Horstkamp, a daughter, to Tanya and Eric Horstkamp of Indian Head.

Wes Logan Boyers, a son, to Jody and Geoffrey Boyers of La Plata.

Juliana Lynn Johns, a daughter, to Denise and Todd Johns of Waldorf.

OCT. 11

Alexandra Rominna Beard, a daughter, to Patricia and Kyle Beard of Indian Head.

Autumn Sierra Burch, a daughter, to Sharon Van Dyke and Wayne Burch of La Plata.

Elaina Christine Winkler, a daughter, to Mary and David Winkler of La Plata.

OCT. 12

Isabel Rose Raleigh, a daughter, to Sheri and Thomas Raleigh of Indian Head.

Shaniya Raynel Wallace, a daughter, to Dana Thompson and Raymond H. Wallace III of Indian Head.

OCT. 13

Seth Bryant Posey, a son, to April and William Posey of La Plata.

Megan Christine Youmans, a daughter, to Christine and James Youmans of Hughesville.

OCT. 16

Julyssa A'Niyan Waters, a daughter, to Tiffany and Justin Waters of Nanjemoy.

OCT. 18

Josh Alexander Kline, a son, to Darijana and Edward Kline of Waldorf.

OCT. 19

Adrian Daryl Evans-Jones, a son, to Deanna Evans and Daryl Jones of Waldorf.

OCT. 20

Amber Marie Coffey, a daughter, to Robin Hardy and James Coffey of La Plata.

OCT. 21

Marie Smallwood, a daughter, to Leslie and Rodney Smallwood of Waldorf.

OCT. 22

Mackenzie Patricia Meiser, a daughter, to Melissa and Michael Meiser of Swan Point.

St. Mary's Hospital

SEPT. 12

Tara Marie Tuemler, a daughter, to Lorraine and Michael Tuemler of California.

SEPT. 13

Reagan Marie Colbeth, a daughter, to Christine DeRosa and Todd Colbeth of Mechanicsville.

Samule James Dubinsky, a son, to Page and David Dubinsky of Mechanicsville.

SEPT. 14

Peyton Grace Lauterborn, a daughter, to Tracey and Francis Lauterborn of Waldorf.

Randolph Eugene Payne III, a son, to Amity and Randolph E. Payne II of Hollywood.

SEPT. 15

Jamesha Emiley Williams, a daughter, to Mary Quade and James Williams of California.

SEPT. 16

Kevin Robert Carter, a son, to Heather Wynne and Sam Carter of Callaway.

Ivan James Chiu, a son, to Lillian and Kenneth Chiu of Hollywood.

SEPT. 18

Quinn Owen Kneale, a son, to Darci and Thomas Kneale of Lexington Park.

SEPT. 19

Antwone Michael Mackall, a son, to Alneesah Bussey and Michael Mackall of Lexington Park.

Alissa Marie Hartsock, a daughter, to Carrie and Terry Hartsock II of Hughesville.

SEPT. 21

Cameron Xavier Thompson, a son, to Jesica Green and Myron Thompson of Lexington Park.

SEPT. 22

Aubrey Michael Sievers, a son, to Jessica and B.J. Sievers of Tall Timbers.

Hannah Whittenton, a daughter, to Cheri and David Whittenton of California.

Dalanyee Jaiden Knott, a daughter, to Dawn Bibb and Charles Knott of Avenue.

SEPT. 23

Emma Lee Auld, a daughter, to Michelle Messer and Wesley Auld of Mechanicsville.

Stephen Chase Proctor, a son, to Suzanne Gannon and Joseph Proctor of Lusby.

Mikayla Bonnette DeSarno, a daughter, to Saundra and Michael DeSarno of Lusby.

Keyon David Pates, a son, to Tabitha Beall of Hollywood.

Antwan Lorenzo Fenwick, a son, to Tawanda and Gene Fenwick of Lexington Park.

SEPT. 24

Anthony Robert Del Costello, a son, to Leslie and Vincent Costello of Golden Beach.

Jonah Albert Chaillou, a son, to Brenda and Thomas Chaillou of Callaway.

SEPT. 25

Devin Michael Evans, a son, to Sherry Jessup and Howard Evans of California.

Joseph Michael Schaefer II, a son, to Amber Tippett and Joseph M. Schaefer of Charlotte Hall.

Robert Craig O'Reilly Jr., a son, to Amber and Robert C. O'Reilly of Leonardtown.

SEPT. 26

Alyssa Renee Hutt, a daughter, to Amy and David Hutt of Great Mills.

SEPT. 28

Kylee Ashlyn Denney, a daughter, to Regina and Walter Denney of Mechanicsville.

SEPT. 29

Samuel Andrew Walls, a son, to Catherine and George Walls of Leonardtown.

Kayleigh Marie Wathen, a daughter, to Amanda Nutter and Bernard Wathen of Lexington Park.

Avionna NaShae Butler, a daughter, to Debbie Baker and William Butler of Chaptico.

SEPT. 30

Jovan Medley, a son, to Taneea Scriber and Joseph Medley of Lexington Park.

Mara KellyRuth Turner, a daughter, to Dawn and David Turner of Lusby.

Joshua Calvin David Willett, a son, to Crystal and Jason Willett of Mechanicsville.

OCT. 1

Jackson Edward Downs, a son, to Jenifer and Shawn Downs of California.

James Xavier Pease, a son, to Brandy and Joshua Pease of Great Mills.

OCT. 3

Sirus James Ordiway, a son, to Missy and Mike Ordiway of Chaptico.

OCT. 5

Trevon Maurice Rawlings, a son, to Angel Washington and Devon Rawlings of Great Mills.

OCT. 6

Ryan Anthony Watson, a son, to Brandy and Kenneth Watson of Hollywood.

Alinah Joy Sarratt, a daughter, to Jessica and Bradley Sarratt of Dameron.

OCT. 7

Wendell Gaymon IV, a son, to Patrice and Wendell Gaymon III of Lexington Park.

OCT. 9

Johnny Robert Thomas, a son, to Barbara and Roger Thomas of Drayden.

Cassidy Blake Isaacson, a daughter, to Lyn and John Isaacson of Lexington Park.

Crystal Tanoh, a daughter, to Gisele and Allah Tanoh of Lexington Park.

OCT. 11

Richard White Henson III, a son, to Amanda and Richard W. Henson II of Great Mills.