Reston Hospital Center

AUG. 19

A son, Christopher Lee Horner, to Erika Lynn Horner and John Durward Horner of Ashburn.

OCT. 3

A son, Christian James Bolton, to Jennifer and J.J. Bolton of Leesburg.

Fauquier Hospital

AUG. 25

A daughter, Jesmine Marie Coles, to Jennifer and Chris Coles of Bealeton.

AUG. 26

A daughter, Alexis Ramona Vazquez, to Brittany Dellinger and Justin Vazquez of Warrenton.


A daughter, Jessica Lillian Fredo, to Estelle and Joshua Fredo of Remington.


A son, Zachary Even Samuel Gough, to Sarah and Darren Gough of Delaplane. SEPT. 5

A daughter, Destiny Ann Woodson, to Stacy Berry and Larry Woodson of Bealeton.


A daughter, Casey Lea Evans, to Jenny and Brian Evans of Remington.

A son, Lucio Gonzalez, to Mary and Rigoberto Gonzalez of The Plains.


A son, Benjamin Clarke Morrison, to Ruana and Adam Morrison of Warrenton.

A daughter, Amberly Rose Amos, to Tamara and Robert Amos of Warrenton.

A son, Nolan Christopher Working, to Lori and Chris Working of Warrenton.


A daughter, Ashley Anne Dembeck, to Jodi and Anthony Dembeck of Marshall.

A son, Gabriel Isaiah Carter, to Bonnie and Aaron Carter of Marshall.

SEPT. 10

A son, Ethan Kai Perez, to Lauren and Dean Perez of Remington.

A daughter, Emily Danielle Sutphin, to Rebecca and Lester Sutphin of The Plains.

SEPT. 11

A daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Harrington, to Susan and Frank Harrington of Warrenton.

SEPT. 12

A daughter, Aaliyah Mikyah Williams, to Leslie Bray and Michael Williams of Warrenton.

A daughter, Alexandra Mae Van der Woude, to Daphrie and Matthew Van der Woude of Warrenton.

SEPT. 13

A son, Christian Robert Dart, to Jill and Andy Dart of Warrenton.

SEPT. 19

A daughter, Anna Nicole Berry, to Juliana and Christopher Berry of Bealeton.

SEPT. 20

A daughter, Jayla Rose Echevarria, to Lesmar Echevarria, of Catlett.

A son, Andrew Bauer Henrickson, to Elizabeth and David Henrickson of Warrenton.

SEPT. 23

A daughter, Jamisan Leigh Winner, to Michelle and Paul Winner of Warrenton.

SEPT. 24

A son, Dylan Palmer Olinger, to Helen and Darrell Olinger of Bealeton.

SEPT. 26

A son, Donyell Lamar Williams, to Trixy Robinson of Bealeton.

A son, Jesse Lee Costello, to Catherine and Richard Costello of The Plains.

SEPT. 27

A son, Juan Justino Lujan Jr., to Pamela Martens and Juan Lujan of Catlett.

A son, Aiden Joe Bugler, to Sara and Michael Bugler of Remington.

A son, Reyton Kristopher Bunch, to Megan Witherow and Kristopher Bunch of Sumerduck.

SEPT. 28

A daughter, Madison Hope Oswinkle, to Elizabeth and Douglas Oswinkle of Warrenton.

SEPT. 29

A daughter, Brianna Faith McMillin, to Nena McMillin of Warrenton.

Two sons, Brandon Keith Heiple and Jacob Alan Heiple, to Denise Heflin and Keith Heiple of Warrenton.

SEPT. 30

A son, Peyton Alexander Cole, to Kristina Cole and Khristopher Benford of Bealeton.

A son, Michael Adam Sisk Jr., to Amy and Michael Sisk of Warrenton.


To Submit an Item


Fax: 703-777-8437

Mail: Births, The Washington Post, Suite 100-A, 305 Harrison St. SE, Leesburg, Va. 20175

Details: Citing privacy and safety concerns, Inova Health System and Loudoun and Reston hospital centers do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing or mailing a copy of the hospital's proof of birth letter. Please note the child's sex and the family's town of residence.