An Oct. 30 article on the Cedar Run District cross-country championships should have said that freshman Cristin Gonzalez, who finished third, was the top finisher for the Osbourn Park's girls' district champions. (Published 11/3/2005)

On a Battlefield cross-country team laden with younger, more inexperienced runners, Bobcats senior Jason Driscoll has trained almost completely on his own, a solo project to become as good as he can be.

The result has been a splendid performance this fall, including a second-place finish Thursday at the Cedar Run District championships at Culpeper High School.

"Most of our team is freshmen and sophomores, so he's basically doing it on his own," Coach Joseph Huddle said. "He's ranked in the top 10 in the state, which I think is quite an accomplishment for someone who basically has to push himself in practice."

Although Driscoll finished a minute ahead of his nearest teammate, Battlefield was able to pull out a second-place finish with 48 points. Osbourn Park's top four runners, led by senior Mitch Lopacki, finished third through sixth, and the Yellow Jackets won with a dominating 27 points.

Driscoll ran a time of 16 minutes 45.87 seconds on Thursday, well behind Culpeper senior Devin Cornwall, one of the state's hottest runners who conquered his home course in 15:57.39.

"Devin is running incredibly well right now," Huddle said. "When you face the No. 1 or 2 runner in the state in his last meet on his home course, that's not an easy task for anybody."

Osbourn Park's girls scored 36 points to win their race, led by fifth-place Leah Raskin. Battlefield sophomore Kelly Gass was the top area girls' finisher, taking second place overall with a time of 20:46.13 seconds, and the Bobcats were fourth with 89 points.

Fauquier sophomore Grace Loba (19:54.02) won the girls' individual title. The top four teams and top 15 runners qualified for next Thursday's Northwestern Region championships at Panorama Farms in Charlottesville.

Cedar Run District

at Culpeper High School



1, Osbourn Park, 27; 2, Battlefield, 48; 3, Culpeper, 59; 4, Fauquier, 113; 5, Osbourn, 141; 6, Stonewall Jackson, 159.


1, Devin Cornwall, Culpeper, 15:57.39; 2, Jason Driscoll, Battlefield, 16:45.87; 3, Mitch Lopacki, Osbourn Park, 17:08.97; 4, John Draper, Osbourn Park, 17:09.52; 5, Tyler Simmons, Osbourn Park, 17:15.19; 6, Joey Renton, Osbourn Park, 17:15.51; 7, Ben Chrisinger, Fauquier, 17:26.57; 8, Alex Strittmater, Battlefield, 17:56.43; 9, Benjamin Robertson, Osbourn Park, 18:03.68; 10, Danny Hanlon, Battlefield, 18:07.04; 11, Scotty Carver, Culpeper, 18:12.09; 12, Ben Gahagen, Culpeper, 18:12.35; 13, Eric Hoepker, Battlefield, 18:27.99; 14, Daniel Hammer, Osbourn Park, 18:28.76; 15, John Robinson, Battlefield, 18:30.50.



1, Osbourn Park, 36; 2, Fauquier, 44; 3, Culpeper, 86; 4, Battlefield, 89; 5, Osbourn, 116; 6, Stonewall Jackson, 149.


1, Grace Loba, Fauquier, 19:54.02; 2, Kelly Gass, Battlefield, 20:46.13; 3, Cristin Gonzales, Osbourn Park, 21:03.10; 4, Cassie Elliot, Culpeper, 21:06.12; 5, Leah Raskin, Osbourn Park, 21:09.41; 6, Stephanie Webber, Osbourn Park, 21:10.63; 7, Melissa Crist, Osbourn Park, 21:12.12; 8, Katherine Stodola, Osbourn, 21:15.21; 9, Leigh Spoden, Fauquier, 21:16.50; 10, Kaitlyn Vincie, Fauquier, 21:18.65; 11, Julia Wonch, Fauquier, 21:28.36; 12, Laura Andersen, Osbourn, 21:48.85; 13, M.J. Shofkom, Fauquier, 21:50.64; 14, Natalie Connell, Battlefield, 21:51.17; 15, Jennifer Lyons, Osbourn Park, 21:51.98.