The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BORELAND CT., 10009-Barbara B. Cone and Jaronamo Cone Jr. to Esther and P.J. Adjei Prempeh, $449,900.

BREVET CT., 11655-Stephen and Sapho D. Hinkle to Debora A. and William F. Lisanty, $534,900.

CAMBORNE CT., 12488-Dawn M. and Robert J. Boyles to Jeanette M. and Jeffrey Poling, $589,000.

COLUMBIA SPRINGS WAY, 12321-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Yvonne R. and Anthony J. Lacava, $612,875.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12063-Leia M. Huggins Ellis and David Ellis to Zohra and Mujib A. Chenzaie, $370,000.

DIAMOND HILL DR., 8734-Sonia I. Ayala and Nicolas L. Vallejos to Rosa C. and Jesus A. Garcia, $540,000.

DOCHART SOUND LANE, 9891-Wylie Burge to James L. May, $399,900.

FORMBY ST., 12088-Melinda A. and Michael J. Rodgers to Marta Isabel and Carlos Perez, $535,000.

HEYKENS LANE, 12503-Joan Theresa Robinson to Joseph Clifford Hollingsworth, $327,000.

JENNELL DR., 12150-Washington Homes Inc. to Sonia M. and Jorge A. Gomez, $750,576.

KINLOSS MEWS, 9725-Deshaun and Merdith Davis Jr. to Joaquin Rams, $675,000.

LENNICE WAY, 9733-Susan G. and Sam Stevenson to Sheryl L. and Thomas W. Roberts, $595,000.

LINTON HALL RD., 8614-Carol M. and Cornelius Ennis to Roger Pin and Bochan Hing, $349,500.

LINTON HALL RD., 9348-Katherine and Dale A. Brock to Rachel and John Carter, $437,500.

MAIDEN CREEK CT., 12492-Richmond American Homes to Julian Christian Macovei, $735,795.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9765-Shandi D. and C. Victor Westergard to Ailaiah Srinivas Katakam, $335,000.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9774-Kristi M. and Michael R. Dierstein to Yong Chul Lee, $335,000.

MARK TWAIN CT., 9507-Richmond American Homes to Shazia and Abdul Rashid Momen, $609,320.

MOSS TOWER PL., 10213-Mohammad A. and Shafiqa A. Jaghori to Linda M. and Roger K. Ashpole, $559,000.

MURDO CT., 12218-Monica L. and Kevin L. Kelly to Kimberly A. and Paul Christopher Miller, $640,000.

NOLTLAND CASTLE DR., 12864-Candy S. and Durward J. Freer to Susan K. and Milford F. Marti, $510,000.

OGDEN PARK CT., 9151-Washington Homes Inc. to Ferris A. Crilly and Surinder K. Bhadare, $856,967.

ORMOND DR., 13090-Scott P. Streicher to Cecilia G. and Jose R. Garcia, $374,900.

PANTHER FALLS WAY, 9109-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Siva K. Adapa and Rajani Kanth Sangani, $389,510.

PARTRIDGE RUN WAY, 8761-William J. McAlarney to Rigoberto A. Andrade, $455,900.

PARTRIDGE RUN WAY, 8801-Donna K. and Larry D. Gunn to Katherine J. and Jeremy T. Hoffman, $451,000.

RIFLE RD., 10427-Centex Homes to Denise Skotzko and Lionel W. Carter, $366,480.

RUSTIC BREEZE CT., 9316-Richmond American Homes to Tran Tu Anh and Trang Cong Dinh, $606,715.

SHORTBREAD WAY, 9982-Tommy and Sharon Downing Jr. to Kenneth Beckwitt, $385,000.

STABLE FOREST PL., 8900-Karen C. Snowball and John S. Sloat to Geneva and Derrick Bagby, $325,000.

TAMAR CT., 12115-Mollie J. and Brian S. Sandman to Kim L. and Jon Cassandra, $550,000.

TARVIE CIR., 9516-Brookfield Braemar III Corp. to William L. Stone Jr., $516,190.

TULANE FALLS DR., 12273-Beazer Homes Corp. to Amy A. and Andrew S. Brunt, $534,855.

UNITED PARK WAY, 12296-Beazer Homes Corp. to Michele E. Lewis, $694,805.

VICTORY LAKES LOOP, 12617-Beazer Homes Corp. to Patricia and Robert Engelmann, $648,960.

WANSTEADT PL., 13481-Kendall B. Wilhelmi to Maria Roman, $465,000.

WANSTEADT PL., 13532-Sook Ja and Jung S. Rho to Randolph W. Stark, $465,000.

Dumfries Area

ASHMERE CIR., 4136-Laura S. Laurence and Robert A. Laurence to Sofia Belen and Leandro Pena, $340,000.

ASHMERE CIR., 4156-Carlos R. Lopez to Miguel L. Paz Vergara, $330,000.

BARRON HEIGHTS RD., 17581-Barry C. Landry to Sandra L. and John Johnson, $465,000.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17454-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kishan and Ravindra Gupta, $303,070.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17460-Beazer Homes Corp. to Linda Crawford and Thomas Williams, $330,950.

BUCKINGHAM CT., 4005-Evelyn C. and Robert Louis Larkin to Gregory Bendolph, $379,900.

CAJUN CT., 17501-Beazer Homes Corp. to Ghazala Tabussam, $418,520.

CAJUN CT., 17502-Nhut and Luan Thai to Billie Denise Slocumb, $475,000.

CAJUN CT., 17511-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kenneth Barnett and Joseph Heath, $429,760.

CHERRY HILL RD., 1544-Angelike Manthos to Lee Carolina Corp., $350,000.

CHISHOLM LANE, 17600-Donna L. and John P. Richards to Theresa and Ken Abrams, $555,400.

CLIFFVIEW DR., 15490-Shelia M. Bridges and Michael R. Bridges to Jamie L. and Jon K. Rickey, $529,900.

EDGEWOOD DR., 16206-Linda C. Darling to Thoi To Thi and Hong Nhat Nguyen, $375,000.

HAMPSTEAD RIDGE CT., 17615-Belinda A. Williams and Kevin E. Williams to Aissatou Bah, $475,000.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17485-Wray and Dwayne Jones to Gideon Amuah, $400,000.

KILPATRICK PL., 2421-Lisa M. Thompson to Stephen P. Clark, $200,000.

LANDS END CT., 5131-Christine P. Willis to Sandra D. Shiflett, $350,000.

LARKSPUR LANE, 15222-Capital Investments Corp. to Catherine M. and David M. Noe, $434,785.

MILROY DR., 17937-Letonia Levister to Aweis M. Mohamed, $280,000.

MONMOUTH CT., 16934-Christiana and Salome B. Frempong to Lydia A. Boateng, $305,000.

MONTVIEW DR., 15870-Annie R. and Lewis S. Wallace Jr. to Heather Dunnells, $425,000.

OLIVIA WAY, 5130-Ki N. and George J. Brown to Diane E. Jackson, $615,000.

PACIFIC RIM TER., 17307-Eric Mark Vardsen to Cheryl L. and Steven K. Furman, $385,000.

PONY RIDGE TURN, 3053-Sarabjeet Singh Gill to Shahid Malik, $460,000.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16582-Kettler Forlines Homes to Edna and Ibrahim Bangura, $480,025.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16602-Kacou Jean Aboi to Joselito Dela Vega and Carmela Ombos, $495,000.

SANIBEL CT., 5053-Cendant Mobility Relocation Co. to Diane M. Reusch, $359,900.

STREAMSIDE CT., 15238-Paula R. and Thomas J. Kuhl to Prudential Relocation Inc., $324,900.

SUGAR MAPLE LANE, 4901-Suzann Lynn McAchren to Holly Barstys, $329,000.

TULIP TREE PL., 3183-Elizabeth Larmore Lerner and Jason Lerner to Michael D. Green, $536,100.

VIDALIA CT., 3004-Harriette J. and Richard S. Girven to Socheata Chap and Chanty Khem, $570,000.

VIEWPOINT CIR., 15707-Robert A. Swartz to Shawn M. Baugh, $370,000.

WEEPING CHERRY CT., 3151-Frank O. and Akua F. Danso to Teresa M. Richard and James Smith, $548,000.

WINDWARD CT., 15509-Gayle A. Ratajczyk and Steven A. Ratajczyk to Krista R. Starr and Robert A. Swartz, $585,000.

Gainesville Area

BRIGHTVIEW WAY, 13468-U.S. Home Corp. to Madeline C. and Joseph A. Bernard, $611,208.

CAMDENHURST DR., 18154-NVR Inc. to Veronica Boyd and Gurdev Singh, $487,490.

CAMDENHURST DR., 18250-NVR Inc. to Wahid Beg, $496,940.

CAMDENHURST DR., 18257-NVR Inc. to Warren Dickinson and Vivek M. Dargan, $500,735.

CHUCKS PL., 4805-Melissa M. Peters and Edward L. Peters to Diane and Shannon Day, $626,000.

HULFISH WAY, 14387-Jaime A. and Ronald W. Graham to Elena Grivas, $374,500.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14572-Susan M. and Craig P. Moeller to Bradley A. Meda, $389,900.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14583-Engle Homes to Munir Majdalawieh, $331,188.

LAWNVALE DR., 4554-Deborah E. and Robert W. Breen to Caterina Ciuffetelli and Ricky D. Crochet, $790,000.

LICK RIVER LANE, 5600-Luisa N. and Donald A. Plata to Aina and Jack W. Downing, $680,000.

LINK HILLS LOOP, 8453-Renaissance at Lake Manassas Corp. to Jiang Xu and Yan Jin Cao, $766,660.

LIPPIZAN PL., 8401-Teresa A. George and David A. George to Christine and Mark Passa, $510,000.

MAIDENHAIR DR., 12125-Erik Leber and Chandy S. Hak to Sairan I. and Sirwan H. Aqrawi, $645,000.

MANDALAY CT., 6831-NVR Inc. to Sharon L. and Thomas R. Arensdorf, $592,520.

PAPER BIRCH LANE, 12104-Richmond American Homes to Hoan Kim Vu, $605,765.

RAINY DAY WAY, 12200-Susan M. Rouse and Todd J. Heron to Robert Sean Bobbitt, $599,999.

RATHBONE PL., 6833-Nicole E. and Michael O. Mornhinveg to Kelly R. Schaeffer, $649,900.

SHERINGHAM WAY, 16044-Back Cheol Own to Wenqing Wang and Yong You, $595,000.

SNICKERSVILLE DR., 14117-Kyong Nan Shin to Karen E. Nava, $630,000.

SNICKERSVILLE DR., 14183-NVR Inc. to Joy E. and Francis C. Luckenbill, $734,955.

SNICKERSVILLE DR., 14208-Jessica M. and Jonathan L. Rothfolk to Heami and Daehoon Kim, $880,000.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15776-Renaissance at Lake Manassas Corp. to Jacqueline and Frank Logrande, $843,945.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15810-Thomas Lombardo to Beverly J. and Rex E. Luzader, $1.225 million.

TACKHOUSE CT., 13513-Jill M. and David J. Krause to Monique M. and Mitchell W. Freeman, $357,500.

TRAPHILL WAY, 7249-Gail A. Kolb and Terrence E. Kolb to Susan D. and Derrick D. Mann, $377,500.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6912-Puja Hari to Oswald G. Graham, $338,990.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6942-Kathleen M. Peterson to Jin Nam Kim, $360,000.

VIRGINIA OAKS DR., 7743-Karen R. and Michael J. Topinka to Leia Huggins and David Ellis, $650,000.

VIRGINIA OAKS DR., 7822-Deborah C. and Don L. Walker to Susan S. and David B. Hollingsworth, $675,000.

Haymarket Area

ADDLERFIELD WAY, 5228-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Judy Sullivan and Marion R. Hales, $567,487.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6473-Patricia A. Spearman to Martha T. and David P. Munger, $552,469.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6571-Donna Lee McCullough to Humera K. and Syed W. Ahmad, $699,900.

BENGAL PL., 5614-Felix J. Vargas to Nancy and Thomas Sullivan, $580,000.

CHALFONT DR., 14383-Susan L. and Christopher J. Spring to Matthew G. Kestenbaum and Kathleen Fink, $685,000.

CHEROKEE RUN CT., 5692-Denise and Matt G. Ondrof to Jon D. Williams, $629,900.

CLEMENTINE WAY, 15035-Fengyu Lin and Frederick W. Lowery Jr. to Hui Ling E. Wong, $465,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 15279-Jung Soon Joh, Clara Kim and Sheoung S. Joh to John C. Kim and Kathy Stottlemyer, $720,000.

GUILFORD RIDGE RD., 14507-Mechele and Neil Greene to Corinne A. and Christopher Markiewicz, $460,999.

JUPITER HILLS LANE, 15070-Heather W. and Ronald D. Cooke to Leslie and Gary Cheek, $650,000.

LEGACY WAY, 15576-Dominion Country Club Partnershpi to Yvonne H. Cadwallader, $437,776.

LITTLE JOHN CT., 6939-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Lora A. and Paul A. Loconti, $487,500.

MELLON CT., 15529-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Kyung Mi Kim and Kyung Ho Cho, $742,128.

MICHENER DR., 6171-Margaret and John Bell to Sunil K. Gera, $559,480.

SEVEN PINES CT., 5835-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Franklin C. Lourng, $595,046.

SHERMAN OAKS CT., 5457-Sheila M. and Matthew J. Bater to Sherrie L. Morgan and Renne Kifus, $700,000.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5872-Eun S. Jeong to Sophia Tellakis Renalds and Steven P. Renalds, $685,900.

Manassas Area

BRIGHTON WAY, 7902-M.A. Hensley to Joy Relorcaza, $255,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 7969-Jose Cruz Chavez to Jose M. Cortez and Miguel A. Flores Cortez, $265,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8159-Laura S. and Jose R. Vasquez to Herbert E. Rivera Vasquez, $265,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8203-Oscar Benitez to Julio Cesar Castellanos Pena, $270,000.

COUNTRY ROADS LANE, 9530-Layne Brindley and Donald S. Brindley to Melvin M. Rodas Rodriquez, $485,000.

COVINGTON PL., 9542-Nancy Ann and Brian K. Umstead to Joann Vinson, $258,000.

DONSET CT., 7503-Patricia A. and Robert M. Engelmann to Patricia L. Ballon and Jose Manuel Zelaya, $485,000.

EMERALD DR., 7474-Laura and Jorge Viteri to Cledia M. Benitez and Melvin E. Contreras, $311,000.

FOLKSIE CT., 11020, No. 66-Anne L. Hunter to Jack J. Wynes, $262,000.

FOSTERN LANE, 9551-Dana L. and Richard W. Rice to Jong C. Joo and J.H. Kim Joo, $695,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7777-John Malloy to Tiffany M. Cormier and Mauricio A. Benavides, $280,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7793-Kendra S. Dean Parrett and Quincey L. Metcalf to Claudia A. and Jason S. Thompson, $285,000.

GENERAL LONGSTREETS LINE, 6809-Michelle L. and John B. Harrison Jr. to Elsie Jane and Victor Vega, $630,000.

HELMSDALE PL., 7627-Raelyn M. Stoddard and Jefferson H. Stoddard to Djakoure Raphael Agre, $350,000.

HELMSDALE PL., 7637-Phyllis A. Demko to Kerry C. Stenberg, $375,000.

HIRAM CT., 11026-John W. Bumbray to Helen A. and James N. Seay, $246,000.

HOWELL RUN CT., 7409-Margaret M. and Thomas R. Goedkoop to Robert K. Cunningham, $699,900.

HYDE CT., 7550-Mary S. Reed and Terry L. Reed to Jorge Saldivar and Sergio Munoz Munoz, $450,000.

JUDITHS GROVE CT., 11804-NVR Inc. to Sabrina and Scott A. Maile, $734,970.

KAHNS RD., 12718-Normand J. Carricut to Siroos Sekhavat Tafti, $414,800.

KESSLER PL., 11248-Rachel E. and John W. Carter to Lusiana Sumarna, $390,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 9419-Shirley L. and Daniel Tuggle to Roberto Padilla, $375,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9722-Spurgeon Wayne Smith to Jorge Ramiro Herbas, $450,000.

LANGHOLM WAY, 7402-Esteban Rivas and Carolina D. Villadeleon to Ricardo M. Salinas, $340,000.

LOMOND DR., 10004-Ly Quang Tan to Alicia Guzman and Juan Olguin, $440,000.

LYCEUM LANE, 5927-Maria E. and Alexander W. Whitaker IV to Diane L. and Steve E. Howell, $665,000.

MONTROSE WAY, 10519-Craig E. Nelson to Marivic M. and Juan P. Arches Jr., $360,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6097-Ridgedale Inc. to Sajid N. Choudhry, $462,034.

ORONOCO LANE, 10510-James A. Frunk to Betty Edith Vallejo, $300,000.

PHIPPS FARM WAY, 8722-Frances Diane and Ryan Shaw to Ernest W. Martin, $450,000.

QUAYLE CT., 10103-Molly and Charles C. Smisek to Laura A. and David A. Kline, $435,000.

QUAYLE CT., 10204-Joelle Marie Wood to Blanca E. Ochoa and Eugenio Romero, $420,000.

ROUND TOP RD., 8948-Donna L. Keeney and James A. Keeney to Maria M. Brizuela and Daniel Arriaga, $435,000.

SHILOH CT., 10122-Laure and Marius R. Ramaroson to Kiem Van Pham, $230,000.

SPILLER LANE, 12567-Milagros Zarzuela and Lemuel Zarzuela to Donna M. and Michael R. Helms, $639,900.

TANGIER WAY, 7490-Sharon L. Brown to Dingui Antoine Kouao, $305,000.

TOMISLAV ST., 8774-Sara J. and Tracy D. Tatom to Walter A. Ortiz Martiniez, $525,000.

TREYWOOD LANE, 6199-Mercy F. Lugo Struthers and Brent A. Struthers to Renato Rodriguez, $704,000.

VERNON ST., 8292-Dianne A. Nolan to John K. Luckow, $320,000.

VICKSBURG CT., 8806-Jeanne M. and Paul C. Converse Jr. to Kimberly B. and Bernardo J. Amenabar, $295,000.

WESTMORELAND AVE., 9419-Jose J. Madera to Miguel Osorto, $350,000.

WYCLIFFE CT., 8215-Stacey Jarrell and Gladys Virginia Moore to Iris R. Guevara, $295,000.

Manassas Park Area

ALLEGHANY RD., 7547-Nora L. Boykin and Bobby E. Boykin to Edwin Guzman, $364,000.

APPOMATTOX AVE., 7910-Ivan A. Hunter to Samuel D. Justice Sr., $250,000.

CARLINGTON VALLEY CT., 10116-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jane Y. and John S. An, $677,550.

GLENOLDEN PL., 7618-Boutsaba and Kongly Chanthavong to Toni M., Russell P. and Richard J. Klinc, $255,000.

MACE ST., 9310-Carol P. and Scott R. Lee to Oscar Alvarado, $360,000.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 8101-Lydia J. and Charles E. Barker to Teresa L. and Jason K. Hairfield, $330,000.

PINE ST., 7511-Carmela J. Carter to Anibal Montanez, $403,000.

RAINWATER CIR., 8116-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Mi Suk Chong and Chol Ho Kil, $306,000.

Woodbridge Area

ABNER AVE., 13014, No. 55-Gwendolyn E. and Andre T. Hill to Cadene I. Malcolm, $275,000.

ALABAMA AVE., 15010-Hector Bonilla and Jose D. Medrano to Marcial Cruz, $393,000.

ALASKA RD., 15117-Kathryn Ivy Tetreault to Misaela Ambriz and Pedro Gomez, $389,000.

AMARA PL., 11606-Sharon Q. Gregory to Wondossen Lakew, $390,000.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1710-D.R. Horton Inc. to Truly M. and Tommy Marks, $493,865.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1712-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kun Yoo and Heung Yoo II, $542,230.

ARABIAN PL., 12217-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Cinia C. Palacios and Jose L. Pineda, $480,000.

AVIARY WAY, 3479-Ana B.C. and Luis M. Dacosta to Muhammad Ashraf and Sandra Trigo, $330,500.

AVOCET LOOP, 15644-Mark C. Mesterhazy to Tracy S. and David W. Bruce, $474,000.

AVOCET LOOP, 15682-Eli P. and Tonia D. Gerhard to Elaine and Kevin Stevens, $485,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14798-Mary Ann and Rick M. Doerflein to Mid-Atlantic Development Corp., $193,390.

BARKWOOD DR., 15076-Kathleen G. and Ronnie C. Rice to Sourdes Ortiz and Hermelindo Cezena, $500,000.

BARN SWALLOW PL., 16027-Lisa L. and Tony D. Tep to Robin and Timothy Leitch, $560,000.

BARN SWALLOW PL., 16041-NVR Inc. to Jeanne Katz, $477,590.

BARN SWALLOW PL., 16043-NVR Inc. to June K. Pauley, $491,365.

BARRISTER PL., 13200-Gail E. and Michael D. Lubeley to Pamela J. and John P. Brown, $710,000.

BEECHTREE LANE, 2850-Wanda K. Haskins to Ramon Hernandez, $279,900.

BELFRY LANE, 3470-Shakeel Chowdhry to Angela F. and Jose N. Gonzales, $311,000.

BENTLEY CIR., 13584-Dale R. Cooke to Stephanie Miranda and Bertha Enriquez, $285,000.

BERKLEY LANE, 3216-Patricia A. and William M. McKemy to Roman Mengesha and Getachew Tedla, $351,000.

BISMARK AVE., 14203-Deborah L. and Roger A. Bolland to German Rodriguez, $355,000.

BLOOMFIELD DR., 15588-Patti L. and Robert F. Williams to Julio C. Velasquez, $540,000.

BOBOLINK DR., 15814-Evette E. Soto to Kenneth D. and Kathleen A. Preslopsky, $469,000.

BOMBAY WAY, 12792-Lori A. Maldini and Peter W. Maldini to Rami F. Abbas, $397,000.

BRADDOCK DR., 3416-Nasir A. Khattak to Milton Herrera, $314,000.

BRADFORD ST., 3200-Matthew C. Ahmann to Alvaro F. Rodriguez, $354,500.

BRADFORD ST., 3238-Ralph Walawender to Lillian O'Neal, $344,900.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16778-Louis A. Birdsong to Lili Haile and Roman Woldeselassie, $345,000.

BRENTWOOD CT., 14479-Jose Rafael Villanueva to Lesa Jefferson, $279,900.

CALEDONIA CIR., 3496-John M. Christiansen to Lucia Matta and Gabriela Thomas, $317,500.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1442-Paul J. Gayet, trustee, to Miguel Diaz, $365,000.

CANDLEWOOD CT., 14790-Juan M. Reyes to Kathy L. Dennie, $268,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 11960-Samuel R. Steele Jr. to Lucy and Israel Nunez, $208,000.

CARDINAL CREST DR., 4005-Shawn M. and Christopher A. Baugh to Khadijatou and Charles L. Johnson, $549,950.

CARTER LANE, 1540-Jose Oroztico to Sonia Touchard, $345,000.

CASTILE CT., 12640-Shukria R. and Rafio Rhamatzada to Ana Maria Gomez and Julio C. Arias, $332,000.

CASTLE CT., 15102-Carolyn L. and Charles W. Cook to Leonel Hernandez, $344,000.

CATALPA CT., 15125-Patrice L. and Joseph G. Hill to Carlos Saavedra, $315,000.

CAVALIER DR., 12572-Donna K. Claussen and Roger Claussen to Charles W. III and Suzanne L. Harvey, $592,000.

CAVALLO WAY, 4821-NVR Inc. to Annalisa and Michael D. Griffiths Sr., $384,365.

CAVALLO WAY, 4823-NVR Inc. to Honey Y. and Guy E. Lattus Jr., $396,460.

CHARTER CT., 4742-Lisa R. Ray to Terrye C. and Roy Y. Sikes, $925,000.

CHATSFORD CT., 13402-Kingsman Investments Corp. to Angela M. and Jerry E. Poe, $270,000.

CHEVINGTON CT., 730-Centex Homes to Mai Phuong Huynh, $465,340.

CHOWNING CT., 16701-Jose A. Reyes to Wilson J. Mendoza and Xochil Mendoza, $278,500.

CLAREMONT LANE, 3828-Kay E. and Robert Gundel to Elena A. Goad, $460,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15108-Mildred M. Piper to Alfredo and Ana Argueta, $354,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15272-Camelia Gallardo to Sana Z. Naqvi, $260,000.

COHASSET LANE, 12907-Grace C. and Joseph Theodore McEuen to Francisco A. Castro, $400,000.

COLBY DR., 12314-Kenneth P. Morrison to Kimberley W. and Benjamin R. Ramirez, $369,000.

CORBETT PL., 1244-Myung Ja Han to Gwendolyn E. and Andre T. Hill, $372,000.

CORBETT PL., 1247-Darwin Robles and Eldo Gomez to Mousa Abbasi, $360,000.

CORCYRA CT., 3279-Kristin R. and Christopher W. Horton to Michael Ntow, $385,000.

COTTON MILL DR., 11795-Ann M. and Glenn K. Blanchette to Jennifer L. and John Holevas, $439,900.

COTTON MILL DR., 11981-Armeda S. Pallone and Michael Pallone to Tammy J. and Alan F. Smith, $300,000.

CRANES BILL WAY, 1368-Robert L. and Leticia A. Barrow to Jeffrey V. Ferlazzo, $380,000.

CREST DR., 16022-Robert D. and Lisa A. Williams to Digna E. Rodriguez and Jose G. Najera, $340,000.

CRITTON CIR., 11757-Anita Faye Negron and David Negron Jr. to Tricia Salzmann and Gregory Bamford, $362,250.

CUDDY LOOP, 14196, No. 304-Maria E. Slattery and Vera L. Horton to Joan McCarthy, $269,000.

DARA DR., 12751-Laura Kownacki to Joy F. Smith, $185,000.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14706-Aurelia C. and James M. Aguirre to Janet M. Huber, $345,000.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14809-Uris J. Delgado and Melcer Ismael Flores to Julio Cesar Martinez Medina, $453,000.

DARDEN DR., 3187-Henry J. Schneider to Lisa A. and Dale E. Gable, $559,927.

DELANEY RD., 13348-Faiza Ambreen to Rensso Morales, $410,000.

DENSMORE CT., 12211-Bradley S. Gold and Amiee M. Gold to Cintya Araceli Ugarriza, $335,000.

DOGUES TER., 13394-April F. Ryan to Elsayed Abouzeid, $455,000.

DORIS CT., 14195-Roberto Carlos Boteo Portillo to Jorge A. Rojas and Yeny B. Valcarcel, $376,100.

DULCINEA PL., 12732-Emmanuel K. Neto to Cheryl M. Blythers, $307,000.

ENSBROOK LANE, 4387-Sherrell R. and Timothy L. Cheppell to Maria and Pedro Cruz, $305,000.

ENSBROOK LANE, 4402-Hector Diaz to Telma Patricia Cardona, $304,900.

EVERETT AVE., 1306-Francoise and Herbert A. Bartholomew to Kim Nguyen and Gordon Schmidt, $360,000.

EVERGREEN DR., 4212-Catherine Y. Welborn to Gloria E. Harris Coffield and Rudolph Coffield, $415,000.

FALLBROOK LANE, 14097-Aurelio Agustin Cardona to Juan Domingo Rojas, $290,000.

FITCHBURG CT., 3406-Shannon C. and Thomas H. Mayhew to Ramon Valenzuela, $375,000.

FONTAINE CT., 14408-Francisco A. Rodriguez to Licelda Del Cid and Nelson L. Hernandez, $308,000.

FOREST LANE, 1505-Jose Samayoa and Norma Preciado to Agnes and Francisco J. Sevilla, $435,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3808-Flor D. Perdomo and Wilson A. Perdomo to Jeannette and Jose Duarte, $424,000.

FORT LYON DR., 3399-Donna C. and Michael W. Lewis to Bernadette S. and Michael J. Bannister, $395,000.

FOX RUN PL., 1206-Robert Aberasturi to Walther Adali Arriaza Osegueda, $310,000.

FRUIT TREE CT., 14910-Schaesta Amin and Nabi Amin to Jodi M. and Barry C. Hale, $620,000.

GAILEMONT CT., 11766-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Ninh S. La and Lien N. Tsan, $675,241.

GALT CT., 16603-Eura L. and Thomas C. Jordan to Hilda and Hector Sanchez, $272,500.

GARDENVIEW LOOP, 1031-Raina T. Briggs to Juan V. Dela Rosa Sr., $255,000.

GILBERT RD., 13814-Neftali and Jose Atilio Benitez to Margarita and Esteban Moron, $397,000.

GLENDALE RD., 4149-Rose M. Williams to Jose Rivera, $316,000.

GRAYSON RD., 14114-Dennis J. Smith to Miguel Martinez, $365,000.

GREENHALL DR., 12815-Kenneth Dwain Hubbard to Miriam M. Corado Lopez, $385,000.

HAYES LANE, 16514-Anwar R. and Tarifur R. Chowdhury to Kevin S. Brooks, $730,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4108-D.L. Howard and William Howard to Edward N. Butler, $305,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4309-Curtis Lloyd Totten to Luis A. Garcia, $336,000.

HOLIDAY CT., 4211-Lisa L. Miller and George C. Miller Jr. to Heber E. Rodriguez, $375,900.

INLAND LOOP, 1994-Ella M. Duckett and Nancy S. Goldsmith to Susan L. Gurny, $360,000.

JAVINS PL., 4502-Vicki P. and Lawrence R. Thompson Jr. to Aziza El Fadali and Omar Alsaadi, $535,000.

JOHN COFFEE CT., 2804-Janet P. and Stafford W. Mahfouz to Gloria E. and Bruce A. Minthorne, $625,000.

JOYCE RD., 13710-Martin Peyruc to Dagoberto Cortez Maldonado, $302,000.

KAYE RD., 4901-Carolyn Sue and Robert E. Riggle Sr. to Oudom Luangraj, $240,000.

KEATING DR., 13422-Connie S. Corley to Julia and Earl L. Dixon, $362,000.

KELSEY CT., 13310-Carissa D. Rose and Eddie M. Lawson to Paul and Charnita Allen, $359,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 1616-Juan Barahona to Filadelfo Reyes Lazo, $388,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 12902-Kenneth R. and Frances M. Karsten to Nelson Hernandez and Maria Juana Mendez, $355,000.

KETTERMAN DR., 13011-Coppertop Properties Corp. to Pablo Ayala, $380,000.

KEYSTONE DR., 13334-Lori M. and Richard J. Pruitt to Kenyatta M. and Janis T. Jeusi, $375,000.

KINGSWELL DR., 12904-Darlene J. and Charles T. Parks to Augustin Benavides Benitez, $375,000.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE DR., 12558-Julie E. and Matthew A. Braden to Mark R. Lovelace, $523,000.

KURTZ RD., 13101-Ruben Ochoa to Jose Abel Vasquez, $410,000.

LAMAR RD., 14507-Sirichai Ningcharoen to Jaime Martinez, $365,000.

LAUREL ST., 1107-Susan A. and Allan P. Chacey to Jay D. Alvey, $400,000.

LINDENDALE RD., 14105-Pilar and Ruperto J. Conwi to Margarita O. Campos and Juan F. Flores, $384,000.

LINDENDALE RD., 14113-Ruth Ann Green to Karen D. and Derrick A. Cauthorne, $327,000.

LOCK LOOP, 13496-Ricky D. Beebout to Millicent H. and Royford D. Robinson, $329,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2288-Alfredo Claros and Adela Diaz to Liliana Arce and Fernando Justiniano, $435,000.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15303-D.R. Horton Inc. to Afshan Khan, $517,865.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15307-D.R. Horton Inc. to Brian Yousefi, $598,167.

LOTTE DR., 12705-Aaron and Raffle Oriana to Cynthia Jean Lang, $210,000.

MADEIRA CT., 2934-Tanya and Everett Daley to Amy J. and Antonio K. Jackson, $312,500.

MADEIRA CT., 2944-June E. and Ronald D. Byrd to Monica R. and Todd A. Westgate, $336,750.

MADRIGAL DR., 14086-Lynda A. and William B. Cole to Michael W. Waclawski, $383,700.

MAHONEY DR., 13761-Deborah E. and Stan Gordon to Kendra and John Kay, $237,500.

MARINER LANE, 1941-Heidi J.M. and Michael T. Thorpe to Miriam Querbes, $350,000.

MENDOZA LANE, 15665-Diane and Steven N. Dickerson to Victoria Opoku Mensah, $415,000.

MILES CT., 5270-Jerome T. Moriarty to Katherine S. and W. Bruce Johnson, $394,900.

MIRANDA LANE, 16824-Jimmy Vu to Elias Yemane, $366,000.

MORRISON CT., 14115-Kamlayaporn Tangtanansaith to Nhan T. Nguyen, $250,000.

NATIONVILLE LANE, 13382-Whitney White and Isaac O. White to Margie and Thomas Mason, $415,000.

NELLINGS PL., 11633-Diana B. Folk and Christopher L. Folk to Ronnie S. Hassan, $370,000.

NICKLESON DR., 13229-Annemarie and Robert E. Kirkpatrick to Tevra E. Williams and Tommy L. Gilbert, $440,000.

OAK FARM DR., 13166-Barbara M. and Barney C. Owens to Bahar Ahmad and Dourkhanai Karzai, $538,350.

OAKHURST LANE, 11401-Jill and Paul X. Dougherty to Natalia M. and John C. Etcheverry, $625,000.

OAKLAND DR., 6209-Cheryl L. and Richard G. Tobasco to Zahida Parveen and Abdul Karim Toor, $550,000.

OCCOQUAN RD., 12803-Fuller Homes Corp. to Paul P. Smith, $810,923.

OUST LANE, 6110-Mi Nan Ray and Thomas M. Ray to Alba and Marvin D. Segovia, $449,900.

PEPPER CT., 14902-Mary C. and Stephen Rambow to Sheryl and Bryan Wright, $550,000.

PERCH BRANCH WAY, 4566-Diane L. Howell and Steve E. Howell to Gerard Kelly, $337,500.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1948-David M. Holup to Dans W. Carbajal, $309,900.

POMANDER LOOP, 13433-Rachel C. and Michael S. Kraus to William Moment, $337,700.

QUARLES CT., 5419-Heather J. Flynn to Kimberly A. Winter, $290,000.

QUELL CT., 5018-Tayab Iqbal Paracha to Rami A. Elhage, $750,000.

QUELL CT., 5019-Ridgedale Inc. to Cheryl L. McDonald Conley and Mark A. Conley, $560,021.

RADBURN ST., 16192-Engle Homes Inc. to Shahida Parveen and Mohammad Sarwar, $459,425.

RADDOCK CT., 14319-Linda S. Soares to Gonzalo Reyes, $425,000.

RADFORD DR., 2002-Capital Investments Corp. to Rigoberto Guandique, $407,000.

RAFT COVE CT., 4058-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Holly L. and Antoine T. Salloum, $695,066.

RANDALL DR., 14326-Maria T. Castro and Juan Nelson Sanchez to Carlos A. Hernandez, $355,000.

RENATE DR., 1604-Desiree and Anthony Thomas to Randy L. Coffey, $209,500.

ROEBURN CT., 4205-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Deborah Ann Fiore and Donald David Caligiuri, $1.056 million.

ST. CHARLES DR., 5564-Sharon Y. and Robert M. Biggers to Dale R. Cooke, $360,000.

SERENDIPITY RD., 3612-Obaidullah and Rohina N. Rashid to Lilian Hernandez, $730,000.

SHERBROOKE CIR., 3543-Jennifer S. Parker to Anis Khachnaoui and Fethia Rezeiguia, $335,000.

SILVIA LOOP, 12868-Robin H. Tompkins to Colin J. Welch, $355,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4763-Roy Lee Jones Jr. to Courtney and Chris Brown, $275,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 3001-G. Menelik Swanson and Mark B. Swanson to Joanne and Rob Clements, $435,000.

STRICKLAND CT., 1845-Diane G. Gillam and John M. Gillam to Kiseong and Eung Sae Lee, $625,000.

SURRYDALE DR., 14369-Mayra C. Castro and Esteban Santana Montezuma to Avelar Javier Castro, $369,900.

SWEENEY LANE, 16817-R. Oaks Corp. to Cuong Q. Hang and Phuong Hue Thieu, $305,960.

TAMARACK PL., 14762-Linda K. and Raymond F. Crist IV to Manuel Valladares and Santos Cubias, $270,000.

TAZEWELL CT., 14605-Shelia C. Liwosz and Michael J. Liwosz to Maria and David Hernandez, $400,000.

TOBACCO WAY, 4909-Deborah L. and Paul W. Willemann to Rene Bonilla, $517,000.

TOTTEN RD., 903-Patricia K. and Mitchell K. Greek to Omer Villarroel, $312,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12594-Dave S. Schonberger to Donna Aucoin, $304,900.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12701-Shagufta and Khalid Riaz to Mahmood Qazi, $385,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12880-Teresa A. and Thomas J. Hinrichsen to Gisa M. and John C. Kent, $545,700.

VESTAL ST., 710-Hiromi Moroney and Daniel Moroney to Jennifer A. Brown, $569,000.

VINEYARD WAY, 13140-Debra L. Short to Julian and Lucinda E. Gonzalez Turcios, $339,900.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12269-Joyce L. and George A. Reible Jr. to Rory Jackson, $271,000.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15198-Carlos M. Lopez to Yimy Alexander Santos, $320,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2906-Wilco Properties Corp. to Sterling B. Williams, $260,000.

WHITAKER PL., 4627-Lisa M. and Eugene P. O'Sullivan to Jose Cruz Corea, $257,000.

WHITELY CT., 4686-Tomas E. Zaldana to Dawn Asper and Randall Turner, $232,500.

WILLIAMSBURG CT., 2905-Ali Imran to Muhammad Khurram and Abdul Karim, $267,500.

WINDJAMMER DR., 2207-Juana L. Montano and Zacarias A. Pimentel to Victor Lizarazu, $440,000.

WINSTON LANE, 16829-Eugene A. Morrison to Mesert Sorsa Tolla and Mesfin Z. Tereda, $380,458.

WOODLAWN CT., 12344-Subodh Prasad to Hugo S. Hurtado, $335,000.

WYNDALE CT., 3238-Janet Mishler and Edward C. Mishler to Hannah J. and Andrew W. Pike, $307,100.

YELLOW TURTLE PL., 5319-Andre A. McMilliam to Teresa R. and Ronald C. Cole, $392,000.