The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41909 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Carlos and Ana Acosta, $503,135.

BERYL TERR., 41909 -- Carlos and Ana Acosta to Susan Crusoe and Eugene P. Farris, $565,000.

BOLDNESS CT., 25278 -- Samiullah Zaman to U. Suresh and Thiagarajan Suresh, $675,000.

DESTINATION SQ., 25184 -- NVR Inc. to Robert Schofield, $510,890.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40444 -- Mark Herb to Jannet and Christopher J. Allison, $939,900.

LENAH WOODS PL., 24130 -- Marqui S. and Stephen C. Simmons to Kristen A. and James A. Gulson, $937,000.

MASTERY PL., 25267 -- Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp. to NVR Inc., $115,384.

SERPENTINE PL., 24830 -- Jenny Lou and Lee Wesner to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $815,000.

VISIONARY CT., 41929 -- Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp. to NVR Inc., $111,575.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

AISQUITH TERR., 46133 -- Narinder and Charanjit Sivia to Lily Zandniapour and Nasser Gheta, $529,000.

ASHLEY TERR., 20496 -- Tresa Ready and William B. Holley to Inna and Mikhail Bespalov, $445,000.

BENTON CT., 55 -- J. Carl Setzer to Linda Johnson, $333,600.

BICKEL CT., 36 -- Christine E. and Kevin W. Scott to Rosa Quintanilla and Gladys Ochoa, $367,500.

BRANDY STATION CT., 20525 -- Susan and Jeffrey T. Ferguson to Sean W. and Anne Horner McCann, $705,299.

BRENTMEADE TERR., 20361 -- Myeong H. Lee and Do S. Jang to Bruce M. Giel, $500,000.

BRIARCLIFF TERR., 20335 -- Allyson Bannon and David F. Eide to Kathryn M. Adams and Ben P. Walls, $469,900.

BUTTERWOOD FALLS TERR., 20822 -- Frough and Jamshid Salehi to Sakuntala Kadambari, $475,000.

CAVENDISH SQ., 46683 -- Julianne M. Ruddy to Randall L. Van Allen, $535,000.

CHELMSFORD CT., 281 -- Varinderjit K. and Tejpal S. Gill to E.P. and E.L. Davis and Lois M. Davis, $391,700.

CRESTMONT TERR., 20579 -- Denise A. Kelley to Indira D. and Raveendra Vittala, $440,000.

DORRELL CT., 9 -- Christie A. and David G. Ainslie to Santiago Torres, $380,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46612, No. 200 -- Tameko T. Johnson to Stanley K. Fuesel, $330,000.

FALLSWAY TERR., 20376 -- Judith A. and Phillip H. Ringdahl to Jennifer L. Shaheen, $820,000.

FELSTED CT., 311 -- Holly D. and Bryce T. Davis to Janice R. Diuguid, $410,500.

FINCHINGFIELD CT., 210 -- Keonhay and Phaythoune Vongphachanh to William Nguamsanith and Seng Cookson, $400,000.

LOWERY CT. N., 21 -- Raynell and Patrick Brown to Christie and Melvin L. Belcher Jr., $637,500.

LYNNHAVEN SQ., 46518 -- Frederick Emil Rose to Jennifer and Ricardo Camacho, $296,324.

MARIAN CT., 9 -- Deborah A. Quincy to Miriam Gonzalez, $375,000.

MEANDERS RUN CT., 46421 -- Edward M. Mertic to Carrie and V. Pavone and W. Pavone, $717,000.

MONOCACY SQ., 46372 -- Ryan K. and Joel A. Strader to Gladys Villalta and Marden Salas, $370,000.

NOLAND WOODS CT., 20558 -- Karen M. and Brian L. Blonder to Judith and George Wolfe, $989,900.

OX BOW CIR., 47257 -- Jane A. and Stephen L. Biggerstaff to Nassima Magsudi, $851,000.

SAULTY DR., 47568 -- Giselle and Steve Hass to Katheryn Clarke and Eugenio Hillman, $700,000.

SOUTHALL CT., 6 -- Michael J. Wood to Lina Hashemr S. and Ali Gokce, $375,000.

VICTORIA FALLS SQ., 47392 -- Annie H. and Sean W. McCann to Michael III and Jennifer Spillane, $480,000.

WALES TERR., 46229 -- Christian Paul Becket Dickerson to Mathew and Judith Reid, $450,000.

WALES TERR., 46231 -- Amy and Jakub Coufal to Lyanna Ly and Tony Kwok, $455,000.

WATERBEACH PL., 20840 -- Lisa R. and John J. Cummings to Suzanne Moritz and Eric Burke, $685,000.

WEBLEY CT., 8 -- Nancy and Thomas A. Simonetti to Sidney and Michael Medford, $660,000.

WILLOWOOD PL., 46879 -- Steven Jakulski and Chad Menke to Amy L. White, $582,000.

WOOLCOTT SQ., 47682 -- Kelly M. and James K. Cook to John K. Bentley III, $455,500.

WORTHINGTON CT., 16 -- Mohammad Zebarjad to Shawn H. Broughton, $386,000.

Ashburn Area

ABERDEEN TERR., 43999 -- Tahnee D. and William B. Blauser to Carolie A. Evers, $420,500.

ALLDERWOOD TERR., 44175 -- Zoe A. and Lawrenz A. Whitaker to Sudhir Tamarapu, $433,000.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20705 -- NVR Inc. to Martine and Eugene McCluskey, $833,240.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20709 -- NVR Inc. to Douglas W. and Lucia C. Ritter, $951,325.

BANCROFT CT., 21772 -- Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Carmela M. Brittingham, $97,850.

BARRETTS SQ., 43593 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Pedro Tello and Dilma E. Morales, $147,227.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20008 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Lisa H. and Matthew T. Pope, $784,646.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20033 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Lisa and Gerald M. McNeil, $664,676.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20057 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Ramin S. Gavani and Hairong He, $673,375.

BONLEE SQ., 43936 -- Gregory T. Pennell to Irineo Galicia, $425,000.

BONNIEBLUE CT., 42980 -- Jennifer and Dennis M. Leibold Jr. to David E. Parks, $575,000.

BROOKFORD SQ., 43221 -- Scott E. Small to Maria M. Renes and Miguel A. Rivas, $411,000.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20920, No. 302 -- Kenneth L. Brumbaugh to A. Costigan and Phylis Locklar, $350,000.

CHOPTANK TERR., 43953 -- Tamara L. Wolfgang to N. Sandoval and Consuelo Henriquez, $350,000.

CHURCHILL DOWNS DR., 42842 -- Bhavani and Durga P. Kodali to Phillip S. Vera and James D. Bushee, $465,000.

CROCUS TERR., 21129 -- Marilyn E. and Dexter R. Fink to Jo Ann Sahaj, $457,000.

DESERT FOREST DR., 20110 -- Belmont Land Partnership to C.D. Sampsell and Peter Hoffmann, $839,975.

FIELDGRASS SQ., 19940 -- Marian H. and Robert P. Wilson to P. Zarate and Orlando Turcios, $410,000.

FULTONHAM CIR., 21323 -- Rehana and Said A. Shah to Waheeda and Ghulam Ayobee, $650,000.

GLENBURN TERR., 20956 -- Lauren S. Tifft to K. Yarlagadda and Aravind Jasty, $539,900.

GREYMONT TERR., 20473 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Melissa A. and Michael J. Firetti, $335,379.

HANSBERRY TERR., 21364 -- Kristen H. and Collin M. Rogers to Christopher K. Mellin, $514,990.

INMAN PARK PL., 21540 -- Beth A. and Brad R. Patterson to Rebeca Mulroe, $630,000.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20886 -- NVR Inc. to L. Jewell Markee, $491,990.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20892 -- NVR Inc. to Erin L. and John A. Voss, $513,203.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20919 -- Marielle Packard and Jason L. Pool to Monali A. Bonde, $398,100.

KINGS ARMS SQ., 44033 -- Allan L. Christian to Deepak Cheruvath, $445,000.

LACEYVILLE TERR., 44032 -- Dana A. and David S. Graham to Fahra Haque and Zabed Chowdhury, $410,000.

MACEDONIA CT., 44095 -- Madaline and Frederick Leonelli to Alicia B. and Colin P. Donohue, $715,000.

MACGLASHAN TERR., 20257 -- Margaret C. Morris to Elizabeth T. and John D. Bray, $415,000.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20400 -- David T. Plumhoff to Saitip and George Fielding, $600,000.

MOHEGAN DR., 20267 -- Richmond American Homes to Xin Li and Yan Li, $137,397.

MOHEGAN DR., 20269 -- Richmond American Homes to Fretzel Cruz, $384,165.

MONMOUTH TERR., 21641 -- Rebecca H. and Asa M. Briggs to Tirumala and Prasad Geddam, $480,000.

NAPLES LAKES TERR., 19892 -- Meghan and Jeffrey Shipman to Shawn Springs, $669,900.

NAVAJO DR., 44284 -- Richmond American Homes to Ning Liu and Peter Wei Fang, $503,915.

NOOTKA TERR., 44277 -- Richmond American Homes to Vivian C. Reavis, $137,397.

PAGET TERR., 44107 -- Richard C. Chaney Jr. to Rafael J. Frias, $414,000.

PALLADIAN CT., 44222 -- Archie E. and Judith A. Campbell to Ann M. and Craig B. Cook, $699,000.

PALMER CLASSIC PKWY., 19974 -- Dong Woo and Doochan Hahm to Christopher Rovis, $860,000.

PALMER CLASSIC PKWY., 20038 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Michelle and Kirk A. Schwartz, $761,303.

PANDORA CT., 44033 -- Timothy W. Callahan to Laurie M. Martin, $674,900.

PATCHING POND SQ., 43497 -- Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Joshua G. Dudenhoefer, $97,850.

RIBBONCREST TERR., 43197 -- Marc Proteau and Helen Alexander to Donna M. and Kenneth Brumbaugh, $449,900.

RISING SUN TERR., 44095 -- Anne Rocktashel to Linda Yee, $471,500.

ROAMING SHORES TERR., 21083 -- Philip J. Law, trustee, to J. Giovinazzo and Mark Stinnette, $535,000.

ROOTSTOWN TERR., 20966 -- Darshan S. Kaur and Ranbir Singh to Ada and Allan D. Deocampo, $418,000.

ROWLEY TERR., 44317 -- Mi Hye Kim to Ginger Wright and Edwin G. Doster, $530,000.

SAXONY TERR., 44073 -- Lisa Zoppetti and Michael Fischbach to Najah and Hasan Atari, $545,000.

SCIOTO TERR., 20440 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Cary A. Casey, $417,760.

SHEHAWKEN TERR., 44221 -- Allison K. and Daniel M. Pettibone to Marsha A. and Matthew A. Canfield, $520,000.

SNOWSHOE SQ., 20576, No. 202 -- Rajaveni Bollam to Dandres Thornhill, $349,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 20957, No. 302 -- Amanda S. and Michael E. Wiegand to Yvonne Gail Miller, $278,500.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21009, No. 204 -- Delisa Lee and Chan Hen Jung to Wanda A. and Robert J. Zazzara, $248,600.

TWAIN TERR., 21384 -- Betty L. and Robert D. Klapmuts to Erika and Richard Vander Molen Jr., $536,000.

VICTORIAS CROSS TERR., 21325 -- Archana K. Rao and Tarik Josaitis to Beth Anne and Thomas Jason Bagby, $560,000.

WACCAMAW SQ., 20273 -- Richmond American Homes to Mohit A. Khan, $404,440.

WACCAMAW SQ., 20285 -- Richmond American Homes to L. Velusamy and Kathamuthu Rajendran, $427,790.

WINDING BROOK SQ., 21150 -- Coral A. and Robert Bruce Kemp to Leia M. and Christopher D. Olson, $400,950.

YORKSHIRE CT., 43568 -- Caleb Berg to J. Krzepicki and Anna Kraszewska, $625,000.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill Area

AIRMONT RD., 20563 -- Debra D. and Kenneth L. Axford to Jennifer W. and Charles K. Ince, $600,000.

Broadlands Area

AINSLEY CT., 21836 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Anne Chipman and Andrew J. Zipfel, $664,375.

ARBOR GLEN CT., 21482 -- Sheli B. and Jeffrey B. Gray to Andree S. and Paul J. Miller, $695,000.

BELLE TERRA DR., 22480 -- Loudoun Kline Vantage Corp. to Myung W. Kim and Muhammad A. Sipra, $729,180.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22099 -- NVR Inc. to Ravikumar Keepudi, $612,270.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22103 -- NVR Inc. to Maria and Nicholas Papageorgiou, $577,380.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22104 -- Joon K. and Du Han Song to Seema Dhoop, $579,000.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22105 -- NVR Inc. to Anne and Philip Suazo, $604,800.

CONQUEST CIR., 42783 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Heather Ann and Eric W. Hubbs, $712,933.

CONQUEST CIR., 42946 -- Centex Homes to Hannah and Simon Hahn, $683,675.

EMPEROR DR., 42685 -- Centex Homes to Zakia A. and Sayed Hashime, $708,690.

EVENING BREEZE CT., 42815 -- Keith W. Simms and Robin F. Rice to Tracy J. and Pete G. Dzwilewski, $739,500.

FALLING ROCK TERR., 21409 -- Sherry Cupac and Kathy Regan to Jeffrey S. Kay, $480,000.

FERNBROOK CT., 21391 -- William C. III and Carol Loring to Allison M. and Brett A. Knode, $650,000.

FIELD STATION TERR., 21548 -- Heidi D. Bradshaw to Stephanie Palmer, $415,500.

FRONTIER DR., 42671 -- Centex Homes to Joan P. Dolphin, $717,405.

HALBURTON TERR., 21935 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Dawn H. Dickerson, $449,663.

HIDDEN POND PL., 21308 -- Muhammad Ali to Hsien and Jeffrey S. Houston, $634,900.

HIGH HAVEN TERR., 22677 -- James M. Kelly to Nagarani and Nagaraju Narla, $447,000.

HIGHGROVE TERR., 43239 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Magnolia P. and Michael W. Inmon, $482,590.

HOLLY KNOLL CT., 42440 -- Philip S. Corso to Tresa R. and William B. Holley, $850,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43433 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Chandini Jagnanan and Ricky Anand, $702,094.

MECHANICSVILLE GLEN ST., 43474 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Xuefei Deng and Zhaohong Gan, $651,295.

MECHANICSVILLE GLEN ST., 43478 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Jeena and Joey Yoon, $677,578.

MINERVA DR., 23024 -- Gulick Group Inc. to Hashmatullah Ojadidi, $1.04 million.

MORRISONVILLE CORNER CT., 22737 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Naveen Vavilala, $653,599.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42785 -- Mark C. Giovannetti to Alcidia and Antonio Gomes, $715,000.

STONESTILE PL., 22017 -- Aruna Sharma to Thomas W. Herbert, $696,000.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43254 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Selma M. and Tri Minh Tran, $539,770.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43259 -- Danish A. Zia and Khurshid A. Zia to Sirisha and Srinivas Kompalli, $465,000.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43266 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Kelly and Quang Nguyen, $551,080.

TUMBLETREE TERR., 43293 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Erica J. Sandman and Ryan E. Hall, $527,490.

UPPERVILLE HEIGHTS SQ., 22635 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Xiaoyu Wang and Xuesen Lun, $497,622.

WELBY TERR., 21515 -- Sandra K. and Philip E. Crewson to Jefferson M. Lasseigne, $470,000.

Dulles Area

BRONDESBURY PARK TERR., 21757 -- Carrie E. and William R. Pavone to John G. McGowan Jr., $437,300.

COLONNADE TERR., 45813 -- Saima and Mohammad Khan to Abdul Hayee Dar, $490,000.

EDWARDS TERR., 45852 -- Cynthia R. and Marvin V. Miller to Lisa Ferguson and Joseph T. Ernest, $459,900.

FONTWELL SQ., 22982 -- Athena Mid City Oakgrove Corp. to Mary Eunicarre and Bien Nicolas, $329,900.

FONTWELL SQ., 23037 -- Shuguang Liu to Nirlep K. and Jaswinder S. Rathour, $391,880.

GOLDEN SPIKE TERR., 21949 -- David M. Kuklish to Siyambalagoda B. Ranaweera, $450,000.

GRAND CENTRAL SQ., 45600 -- S.K. Allen and Hasan Z. Bataineh Jr. to P. Potluri and Kiran Parvataneni, $443,000.

JOSEPH TERR., 21102 -- Deonne L. and Carlo L. Puller to A. Khatun and Mohammad Ali, $525,000.

REGENTS PARK CIR., 21769 -- Susan P. and Montgomery B. Howell to Han N.T. and Victor J. Stemberger, $567,500.

REGENTS PARK CIR., 21829 -- James A. Jensen III to Rosa A. Diaz and Elvin G. Ramos, $675,000.

WARDEN DR., 43573 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Jiviben N. and Natvarbhai K. Patel, $805,819.

WHITEHALL TERR., 22985 -- Omar Balkissoon to Nadia Balkissoon, $444,000.

Hamilton Area

ALFALFA CT., 38286 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Kapsang L. and Gaston U. Gutierrez, $760,025.

BROADOAK PL., 38496 -- Equity Homes Corp. to Zhijian Chen and Huan Lu, $938,400.

VANNES CT., 17346 -- Karyn G. and David W. Papke to Susan McMahan and Douglas Sharpe, $899,990.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 33 -- Sharif Ahmed to Mohammad R. Alam, $78,000.

ADAMS DR., 37 -- Anuradha Iyer to Fredy Quintana, $235,000.

ADAMS DR., 51 -- Weller Tile and Mosaics Inc. to R. Torres and Maria Peneda Torres, $230,000.

ARROYO TERR., 19054 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Audrey L. Newton, $784,085.

BALLYBUNION TERR., 43802 -- Christopher A. Price to Anna Carin Rooney, $589,000.

BARKSDALE DR., 1301 -- Marilyn A. and James Avramis to Cekeste N. and Raul Hermosillo, $610,000.

BATTERY TERR., 611 -- Carla A. and Richard W. Lafever to Julie and Kurt Werner, $505,000.

BELLVIEW CT., 709 -- Kathryn A. and Charles M. Holmes to Tina S. and James T. Ford Jr., $580,000.

BLACK GOLD PL., 40647 -- M/I Homes of DC Corp. to M.S. Freedman and Audrey Greening, $1.13 million.

BLUE VIEW CT., 14066 -- Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Melanie C. and Michael R. Hunter, $704,897.

BLUEFIELD SQ., 825 -- Faiz Behgoman to Stella M. and Kevin A. Kelly, $469,000.

BRIDLE CREST SQ., 307 -- Michael A. Young to Danilo Castillo, $353,000.

BURBERRY TERR., 627 -- Laura J. and Michael D. Muirbrook to Katty Rojas and Jose O. Andino, $457,000.

BURSTALL CT., 43199 -- Mary J. and Mark I. Provus to Rebecca and Warwick Price, $600,000.

CARNABY WAY, 121 -- Ada and Allan Deocampo to Miguel A. Cabrejos, $338,000.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43610 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Wendy and Tipmuny Powers, $753,935.

CEDARGROVE PL., 119 -- Donna and Scott Thorne to Jo Anne and Kevin E. Culbert, $719,000.

CHESTERFIELD PL., 118 -- Betty L. and D. Warren Kinser Jr. to Wayne B. Webb, $545,000.

CLAIRMONT CT., 704 -- Carolyn M. and Earl K. Anderson to Hope G. and Dwight R. Stonerook, $655,000.

CLAUDE CT., 109 -- Richmond American Homes to Maninderjit and Sarbjit S. Riat, $521,940.

CLAUDE CT., 119 -- Richmond American Homes to Kelly and Christopher Moskal, $498,190.

CLAUDE CT., 123 -- Richmond American Homes to Debra W. and Andrew J. McCully, $540,890.

CLAUDE CT., 126 -- Richmond American Homes to Trevor and Kimberley Lanham, $519,890.

COCHRAN MILL RD., 41877 -- Linda M. and William M. Parker to Jacquelyn N. and Cody W. Wood, $913,200.

CONNERY TERR., 116 -- Thomas Wickett and Kathleen Ryan to Huy H. Tran, $420,000.

COTON COMMONS DR., 43299 -- NVR Inc. to Pukhraj Kapoor, $757,235.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19385, No. 416 -- Elizabeth and Robert W. Ruedisueli to Anne Swanson and Mary H. Kinnie, $300,000.

DAVIS AVE., 317 -- Jennifer L. and Brett A. Gentrup to Thomas Maskey and Elizabeth Maskey, $385,200.

DEERPATH AVE., 417 -- Christine and Gary Bullard to Yvonne M. and Robert R. Watson, $459,900.

DRY MILL RD., 235 -- Brevan Developers Inc. to Janet Seymour Amendola, $1.1 million.

FORT EVANS RD., 102-A -- Susan Meade Lee to G. Chandler Fox Jr., $230,000.

FOX TROT WAY, 105 -- Amy M. and Albert D. Qualls to Lynn D. and Elinor H. Nordseth, $665,999.

GLEEDSVILLE RD., 19329 -- Cheryl Richardson and Carol Dow to Melissa D. and Brandon L. Pugsley, $576,000.

GLEN OAK WAY, 18254 -- M.B. River Creek P. Corp. to Donna J. and Robert E. Jones Jr., $813,036.

GLYNN TARRA PL., 42012 -- Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Matthew Dombrowski and Peggy Leung, $858,435.

GOSHEN FARM CT., 43845 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Paola and Paul E. Arbour, $1.25 million.

GRAFTON WAY, 205 -- Linda S. and Gary Wayne Hearn to Virginia and Danny E. Osteen, $540,000.

HAWKS VIEW SQ., 218 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Aaron T. Scarpelli, $402,682.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1123, No. 302 -- Carrie Ann Mansberry to Maria Carmela and George Arevalo, $255,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1134, No. 302 -- Lana J. Oatman to Anne B. and Robert G. Blaicher, $215,000.

HUNTON PL., 610 -- Jessica M. and David M. Allen to Fengyu L. and Fredrick W. Lowery, $699,900.

ICEHOUSE TERR., 19094 -- Tiffany N. and Brian R. Subach to Sayeda Jaghoori, $770,000.

JENIFER CT., 510 -- Annette and Edward Day to Rita and Joseph Arsenault, $555,000.

KIPHEART DR., 18775 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Kristine M. and Erik B. Milch, $794,865.

LAWFORD DR., 309 -- Thomas G. Finnen to Kristine and Steven Laign, $660,000.

LAWFORD DR., 412 -- Maile M. and Michael T. Bradfield to Kristin M.J. and Thomas Bendien, $685,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 729 -- Larinda K. and Michael R. White to Heather C. and John Binkley, $550,000.

MARLOW ST., 143 -- Jimmy Hsiao, trustee, to Ana R. Platero and David Nunez, $270,000.

MCARTHUR TERR., 535 -- Drees Co. to Tahira B. and Azmat Malik, $390,765.

MCLEARY SQ., 669 -- Lourdes Serrano and Abtin Vaziri to Amanda and Brandon Buhler, $449,900.

MEADE DR., 507 -- Jacqueline W. and Mark W. Graham to Barbara K. and Dwayne A. Jackson, $775,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 150 -- Olga Lovos and Sebastiana E. Diaz to Tatiana and Oswaldo Villanueva, $335,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 208 -- Alan R. Kase to Mid Atlantic Development Co. Corp., $205,000.

NORTH ST., 525 -- Kay Ann Fails and Jason S. Ruffin to Paz Madrid, $520,000.

NORTHLAKE OVERLOOK TERR., 43073 -- Jill Ann Estate Wilkinson to K. Mahendra and S. Rachamadugu, $562,000.

PARKERS RIDGE DR., 43194 -- Elaine E. and Michael J. Novajosky to Juan C. Aguirre, $700,000.

PATRICE DR., 618 -- Andrea J. and Mark Donofrio to Kimberly M. and Jeffrey C. Barnes, $649,900.

PINEVIEW SQ., 18489 -- Mark McFann to Tara J. and James M. Garvin, $499,900.

PLAZA ST., 66, No. 125 -- Douglas G. Thompson Jr. to Najib Ramia, $185,000.

RADFORD TERR., 621 -- Ronda F. Allen to Kenneth Alan Owen, $379,500.

RADFORD TERR., 630 -- Luz Estela and Douglas S. Strahin to Karen and Dennis Daley, $252,803.

RASPBERRY DR., 41350 -- V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Carolyn and Matt Elliott, $1.01 million.

RHONDA PL., 941 -- Elizabeth Hunt to Amelie D. and Timothy K. Hammond, $720,000.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44108 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Vivian M. Mitchell, trustee, $923,841.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44117 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Afolabi Lawal, $761,260.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44208 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Terrence S. and Michele Higgins, $843,885.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 546 -- Cheryl A. Capitan to Freddy E. Carpio, $315,000.

ROCKFORD SQ., 861 -- Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Mary M. and Rogers W. Thomas, $364,976.

ROLLINS PL., 1109 -- Mary K. and John L. Ferdinand to Angela Hayden and Joseph Gregory, $510,000.

ROY CT., 121 -- Richmond American Homes to Maria Gil and Christian Checa, $572,440.

SANTMYER DR., 821 -- Rayne and Kerry Reitnauer to J. Mahler and Christian Toro, $584,900.

SHANKS EVANS RD., 603 -- Jennifer A. and Richard E. Novak to Edgardo Diaz Avalos, $685,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18567 -- Lyuda and Vladimir Shamenko to Ritu and Ajay Bawa, $458,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 610 -- Michael J. Zech to Lisa and Dustin Devries, $673,200.

SPECTACULAR BID PL., 40816 -- Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Marilyn R. and Thomas E. Maultsby, $1.52 million.

SPECTACULAR BID PL., 40915 -- Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Steven F. Chien, $1.61 million.

SPENCER TERR., 211 -- Jeffrey S. Kay to Haesun and Jose F. Rodriguez, $465,000.

TAMMY TERR., 613 -- Judith A. MacDowell to Nazanin Soltani and Ali Tavakoli, $365,000.

THOMAS LEE WAY, 18770 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Heather A. and Scott E. Pospichel, $909,734.

THOMAS LEE WAY, 18775 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Susan B. and Jeffrey T. Ferguson, $917,958.

TOBERMORY PL., 17937 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Jayshriba R.S. and R. Chudasama, $961,057.

UNION ST., 9 -- S. and L. Homes Corp. to Marjorie D. and Lynn A. Jensen, $325,000.

VIOLA CT., 42816 -- James H. Pickren to Carla A. and Richard W. Lafever, $760,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 120-6, No. 9 -- Robert Williams to Sharon B. Iverson, $138,500.

WILDMAN ST., 302 -- Lucille L. Talbot to Anthony D. Robinson, $405,000.

WOODLEA DR., 1502 -- Ruth J. and Robert W. Lowry to Denise and Brian Makowski, $735,000.

WOODS EDGE DR., 1833 -- Edwards Landing Corp. to Stacey R. and Michael J. Scarnato, $720,769.

Lovettsville Area

BERLIN TPK., 13384 -- Jeremy A. Kusnetz to Ryan Teeter, $536,000.

CASSIA LANE, 38628 -- Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Patricia and Gary Willens, $695,308.

CASSIA LANE, 38689 -- Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Irene H. and Michael Woods, $678,230.

IRISH CORNER RD., 38881 -- Day Development Co. Corp. to Patricia and Ira J. Tabankin, $918,214.

MORNINGSTAR PL., 12011 -- Jayne W. and Warren W. Gross to Deanna and Jacob Silverman, $675,000.

OLD SPRINGHOUSE CT., 13655 -- Jana and Charles J. Davis to Robert F. Catania, $750,000.

POTTERFIELD DR., 32 -- NVR Inc. to Cathleen A. and Andrew W. Boyd, $529,390.

QUARTER BRANCH RD., 26 -- Jeanne E. and John M. Holden to Gerald Paxson James, $300,000.

Middleburg Area

JOHN S. MOSBY HWY., 35844 -- Edwin H. Kemon to Rachel Cara and Glenn S. Harshman, $450,000.

Purcellville Area

ALLDER SCHOOL RD., 36771 -- Virginia Country Homes Inc. to Martha W. and Jon W. Jansen, $845,000.

ASHLEIGH RD., 418 -- Mary Ann and Robert R. Henderson to Caroline R. Felt, $549,900.

CANDLERIDGE CT., 809 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Kelly A. and Robert Ian Munro, $566,322.

CANDLERIDGE CT., 820 -- K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Ketty Borja, $598,979.

ELDER TERR., 207 -- Toll Virginia Partnership to J. O'Halloran and Jason S. Pitts, $465,445.

ELLIOT DR., 600 -- Carolyn S. and David A. Higgins to Susan E. and Anthony W. Semiao, $580,000.

FALCONHURST DR., 16821 -- U S Home Corp. to Shaista Younuszada and Sher Shoja, $756,031.

GREYSANDS LANE, 619 -- Michael Harris Corp. to Gary R. Blickenstaff, $593,762.

HARPERS FERRY RD., 10966 -- Scott Leonard to Nancy and Edward Barber, $310,000.

HESKETT LANE, 36478 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Huma N. and Syed M. Zaidi, $922,505.

HUGHESVILLE RD., 38045 -- Julia T. and Richard E. Fifield to Marnie L. and Robert E. Hesson, $685,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 407 -- Dorothy K. and Douglas E. Evans to Elise Perier and William Sweeney, $350,000.

O ST. W., 230 -- William H. Gaestel to Janice K. and Jeffrey R. Heilman Jr., $369,000.

OAK GREEN LANE, 37519 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Larinda and Michael White, $666,210.

OAKRIDGE HAMLET PL., 18237 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Francine M. and Joe Sibio, $690,174.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 14855 -- Carol K. Evans and William A. Wall to Patricia Dailey and William S. Aiton, $799,000.

SEYZAL LANE, 14123 -- Christopher J. Lane to Jill R. and Tracy W. Colburn, $685,000.

WEXFORD PL., 37870 -- Karen Heck to Catherine L. and M. Todd Bates, $457,000.

WINTERGREEN DR., 701 -- Patrick Palmer and Jean A. McKenna to Claudia A. and Jay M. Jacobson, $600,000.

12TH ST. S., 410 -- Josie C. Murray to Judith L. and Watson M. Lohmann, $200,000.

Round Hill Area

BRISTOL TERR., 17525 -- Trisha N. and Grant A. Long to Muriel L. Sarmadi and Davy Lee, $365,000.

KENTSDALE SQ., 17363 -- Jessica P. and Scott W. Titus to Kathleen M. Key, $340,000.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17526 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Joseph A. Delaney, $494,957.

PRESTWICK CT., 35261 -- Kathleen R. and Michael E. Liddick to Nancy W. and David P. Barry, $969,000.

SWEETWOOD CT., 17601 -- Howard J. Jr. and Patricia A. Hollar to Jeffrey Peterson and Edward M. Mertic, $699,900.

South Riding Area

ADAMSTOWN CT., 25676 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Jose I. Flores and Jose M. Alvarez, $874,201.

ARTHUR PL., 25565 -- Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Kim M. and Timothy P. Stanley, $900,394.

BEACHALL ST., 43021 -- Mary Beth and David M. Anderson to Jasleen Mokha and Daniel P. Leach, $439,900.

BROWNBURG PL., 43771 -- Pulte Home Corp. to K. Pratapa and Venkat Veeramneni, $714,600.

BROWNBURG PL., 43779 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Huy N. Nguyen and Lan T. Nguyen, $639,150.

CARRINGTON DR., 25476 -- Patricia and Tony V. Phan to Soo Kyung and Dave H. Choi, $725,000.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43817 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Guillermo D. and Judith A. Orellana, $850,375.

COMMONS SQ., 25804 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Ann D. and Jeffrey P. Ryan, $509,900.

EUSTIS ST., 43007 -- Carrie M. and Joshua K. Briggs to Jennifer J. and Jonathan Thacker, $450,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43027 -- Kirk D. James to Melissa and Edward Krzysik, $440,000.

GOVER DR., 25526 -- Leann R. and Robyn E. Davis to Marivic and Redie Lorenzo, $499,900.

INDIAN HILL CIR., 25422 -- Tonya and Kenneth Pegram to Erin K. and Robert W. Soule, $455,000.

KATAMA SQ., 43176 -- Jaspreet Saini to Debarati Poddar and Kaushik Kundu, $430,501.

LANDS END DR., 26073 -- Laurie A. Madalena to Steve Wayne Alpough, $450,000.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43490 -- Nancy M. and Pedro P. Suriel to Tracey L. and Paul F. Rossano, $570,000.

MORSE DR., 25445 -- Mary Griffing to Eric J. Purvis, $329,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW DR., 43418 -- Sylvia E. and Melvin W. Sullins to Carlton L. Bjerkaas, $465,000.

MURREY DR., 26190 -- Robert J. McCashin to Kathy U. and David W. Perrett, $695,000.

NATIONS ST., 42662 -- South Riding Partners Partnership to Pao Chu Chen and Tai S. Chao, $721,364.

NIMBLETON SQ., 26139 -- Noralee and Jerry J. Reynolds to Aja Guerrero and Damon M. Fladung, $501,000.

PHAR LAP CT., 25788 -- NVR Inc. to Patricia A. and Kenneth M. Byrne, $1.36 million.

PLANTING FIELD DR., 25184 -- Roberta M. Moreland to Aileen L. and Ramon L. De Guzman, $577,500.

POST TIME CT., 27048 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Aneet K. and Gurpardeep S. Mann, $1.08 million.

PROVIDENCE RIDGE DR., 42260 -- Richmond American Homes to Melanie L. and Richard J. Grzesiak, $680,865.

SCARLET SQ., 43710 -- Peggy Shay to Maria and Gregorio Marcelo, $450,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25832 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Maritza and Oscar O. Urbano, $465,950.

UNICORN DR., 42461 -- South Riding Partners Partnership to Rong Ma and Jian Zhang, $651,295.

Sterling Area

APPLEGATE DR., 106 -- Lisa L. and Michael L. Grayson to B. Smedley and Nathalie Edwards, $499,900.

ARGUS PL., 405 -- R. Villanueva and Ernesto Escobar to Leydi Sanchez and Victor Avila, $339,900.

BRETHOUR CT., 727 -- Brienne A. and Robert Jason Bryan to Margarita Mamani Apaza, $349,900.

CAMBERS TRAIL TERR., 45504 -- Shane K. McIntyre to Isabel Kalwar, $404,000.

CAROLINA CT., 47 -- Gilma I. Arias and Samuel Ayala to Jorge M. Campodonico, $318,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 191 -- Sarbjit Singh Riat to Saul A. Jovel, $357,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 215 -- Katherine Tees and Paul F. Colville to Ana Urbina and Edgardo A. Mejia Jr., $355,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 250 -- B. Campos and Vidal Penado Lopez to J. Garcia and R. Machado and M. Hughes, $345,000.

COTTAGE RD. S., 65 -- D. Portillo and Maria Landaverde to Susan Landry, $502,000.

COURTYARD SQ., 46944, No. 302 -- Kimberly Urban to Mai Trinh, $350,000.

DOGWOOD CT. N., 202 -- Patricia A. and Robert Eugene Steele to Reza Katki and Manouchehr Katki, $454,000.

DOVE TREE CT., 103 -- Betty and Peter B. Bartman to Phung Ngoc Kieu, $528,000.

ESSEX SQ., 38 -- Juan C. Mejia to Blanca M. Diaz and Angel M. Pineda, $320,000.

ESSEX SQ., 55 -- Kathlyn V. Pence to Sonia Arauz and Luis Pacori, $317,000.

ESSEX SQ., 58 -- John Bentley to Karrie M. Rinder, $300,000.

EVERGREEN ST., 108 -- Ted Daly Campbell to Oscar Cerritos, $492,000.

GARFIELD RD. N., 111 -- Eleanor T. Tees and Ronald C. Kriston to Maria and Antonio Baiza, $475,000.

GARFIELD RD. N., 124 -- Margaret C. Poteet to Warren K. Savage, $300,000.

GILES PL., 102 -- Dalia Martinez Albayero to Susana M. Martinez, $310,000.

HOLBORN CT., 902 -- Wilfredo and Blanca Cruz to Jose S. Hernandez, $260,000.

HOWARD PL., 42 -- Mardo Ramirez to Kari Ann Thomas, $350,000.

IRONSTONE TERR., 46820 -- Khwaja H. Ahmed to Dessy Widjaja, $416,000.

JUNIPER AVE. E., 234 -- Debora L. and Frank A. Belcher to Rosa E. and Ronald Jimenez, $463,900.

KALE AVE., 123 -- Kristen E. and John T. Pickurel to Andrew Todd Wagliardo, $460,000.

KALE AVE., 157 -- Onzy S. Elam to Percy D. Morillo, $505,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21710 -- Saren K. and Veasna W. Ky to Wilfredo Alexander Najera, $401,500.

LEE RD. E., 1209 -- Saundra and Byron Andrews Jr. to Jose A. Segura and Julio Segura, $455,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 300 -- Jenny Novillo and Marco Novillo to Sulma Y. Solano and Maria D. Solano, $525,000.

MARCUM CT., 304 -- Gina Marie and H. Scott Best to Maria Hernandez and Gabriel L. Saquic, $225,000.

MARGATE CT., 1034A -- Jennifer N. Brent to Tracy C. Smith, $259,900.

MARGATE CT., 1042A -- Alexandra A. Early to Maria G. Palacios, $275,000.

PENNY LANE, 211 -- Dee A. Griswold to Philippa S. Oates, $430,000.

PEPPERIDGE PL., 123 -- Anne H. and Maurice E. Gouse Jr. to Sharon Guthrie and David Conger, $585,000.

RAMSGATE CT., 1048C -- Ernest C. Moreno to O. Quintanilla and Jose Nolasco, $290,000.

ST. CHARLES SQ., 104 -- Audrey L. Bushrod to Elsa Portillo, $310,500.

SEDGEMOOR SQ., 293 -- Assane Sy to R. Layton and Richard Ventry, $315,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22413 -- David A. Martin to Sue Tinger, $305,000.

STONEBROOK CT., 46704 -- Penni S. and Kenneth D. Ivey to Hanna and Minsuk Kim, $677,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 314 -- Pamela J. and David Edward Waldron to Leanna L. and Michael D. Wilson, $458,900.

TIMBER TRAIL SQ., 45458 -- Brian L. Stack to Geydy G. Espejo, $420,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46921 -- Sandra J. Sager to Luis Sanchez, $415,000.

VALERY CT. W., 317 -- Dang N. to Teresa Cruz and Johnny Lopez, $485,000.

VERMONT MAPLE TERR., 46778 -- Gregg T. Sherman to Jason A. and Michelle E. Lucus, $125,843.

Waterford Area

BANKFIELD DR., 15052 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Tamera D. and Robert P. Cosgrove, $1.18 million.

WRIGHTS LANE, 14857 -- J. Colene and William D. Laignel to James Garand, $708,600.