The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

C ST., 7738-Eve and Robert L. Gandolfo to Linda Flowers, $350,000.

CHAVEZ LANE, 5050-Jerilyn R. and Daniel M. Coviello to Michael L. Richmond, $740,000.

DEFOREST DR., 7750-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Michelle E. and Joseph A. Entzian, $319,000.

GALWAY LANE, 2925-Walter J. Jr. and Dawn M. Grey to Jamie M. and Kenneth R. Moore Jr., $332,000.

SUMMER CITY BLVD., 4020-Carl R. Holmberg to Lauren K. Lebkicker, $167,146.

FIFTH ST., 6135-Deanna C. Jinks to Cheryl L. and Brian A. Cass, $160,000.

Dunkirk Area

FERRY LANDING RD., 3475-Leonard V. and Evalyn D. Owens to Mary Ann Beavers and Gerald L. Lucase, $375,900.

LACROSSE CT., 3145-Lyons Creek Overlook Corp. to Ann Marie and Joseph M. Thayer, $700,920.

LACROSSE CT., 3190-Lyons Creek Overlook Corp. to Vijay and Mukesh Mathur, $920,068.

THREE DOCTORS RD., 10311-Michael C. Evans to Prudential Relocation Inc., $700,000.

Huntingtown Area

BLACK OAK CT., 3420-Michael P. and Christina E. Rohlfs to Sarra J. and Jonathan P. Daniels, $445,000.

HILLSIDE DR., 2542-William Lewis and Frida Hudson to Alison E. and Jeffrey G. Tillett, $275,000.

HOLLOW WAY, 6390-Bay Development Group Corp. to Harley and Jane McCray, $250,000.

LLEWELYN LANE, 250-Diane E. Wood to Monica M. Haley Pierson and Andy L. Pierson, $415,000.

MAYFAIR CT., 1705-James G. IV and Cheryl A. Bare to Jenifer A. and Antonio Santiago, $740,000.

STEPHANIE'S LANE, 3109-Marrick Properties Inc. to Joanne B. and Anthony G. Williams, $770,948.

SUNRISE DR., 3841-Renee M. Arion, trustee, to Joseph C. Santos, $450,000.

WILSON RD., 193-Martha Thomas to Jennifer M. and Steven R. Boyce, $132,600.

Lusby Area

ALGONQUIN TRAIL, 12520-Christopher Mark Thompson to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $295,000.

EAGLE DR., 12830-Alfred and Geraldine L. Kisner to Inna V. Dobrikova and Anatoly A. Yakovlev, $55,000.

GRENADA LANE, 673-Stephanie K. and Jeremy M. Brannen to Sherrie L. Wise, $215,000.

HISPERIA RD., 12473-Richard W. and Tammy L. Shelor to Sheree A. Wasdin and Mark R. Kelly, $161,800.

PERRY LANE, 7335-James B. and Ruth W. Bird to Kimberly and Todd Purring, $1.28 million.

RIDGE RD., 12431-Dennis C. and Lorraine E. Capps to April M. Loeffler and Robert D. Joseph, $212,000.

SKYVIEW DR., 343-Theresa A. and Jan D. Priode to Raymond S. Rager, $300,000.

WAR BONNET TRAIL, 696-Mary C. and Wendell E. Hawkins to Patuxent Holdings Corp., $43,000.

WHITE SANDS DR., 708-Jennifer D. and Patrick M. Jones Sr. to Kimberly L. Mackall, $259,000.

North Beach Area

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8902-Robin J. Drury to Julie Milor, $230,000.

SECOND ST., 3921-John J. Jr. and Kristie M. Scott to Christine C. and Larry C. Barker, $269,000.

FIFTH ST., 3740-John Smith to Christine C. and Larry C. Barker, $265,000.

Owings Area

BAYBERRY CROSSING, 6890-Philip P. Jr. and Sarah V. Buffa to Anne Marie and Philip Michael Piccoli, $475,000.

Port Republic Area

AUGUST DR., 4375-Frank J. Cleary Custom Builder Inc. to Zhu Ying Jiang and Wei Dong Chen, $200,000.

ERIKA PL., 5044-Donna L. and Denny B. Smith Sr. to Andrew McClellan and Kelly Brannaka, $429,900.

NORTH AVE., 3416-William H. Vieth to Susan D. Becker, $75,000.

PARKERS CREEK RD., 2620-Joan E. and James F. Fittro to Kathleen F. Morrissey, $330,500.

Prince Frederick Area

CASSELL BLVD., 3704-Ophelia Peggy and Daniel P. Kane to Tracy Carnuchi, $315,000.

HARVEST GROVE LANE, 1875-Steven Neal and Karen Lynn Houston to Samidha Chitre and Abhijit Lele, $480,000.

MACRAE AVE., 16-Mary N. Gathy to Christine Zamary and John L. Wiseman, $314,000.

MONNETT RD., 4890-Forrest R. Hanvey Jr. to John W. Hudson III, $135,000.

PATUXENT REACH DR., 655-Stanton K. Calhoun to Donald Loveless, $445,000.

SOUTH SHORE DR., 4505-Joseph H. and Barbara J. Ezekiel to Christie and Harry B. Trueman, $250,000.

Solomons Area

CLIPPER CIR., 13201-Robert E. Tenuta to Sandra L. Derr, $279,900.

Solomons Landing Area

PELAGIC LANE, 213-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Sharon P. Eliassen and Andre Barbins, $784,640.

SUMMERSET CT., 546, No. 40-U S Home Corp. to James P. Conway, $503,023.

TWIN COVE LANE, 592-Marie Hardesty Lyons to Kimberly Ruth Gott, $275,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

FRASER RD., 3209-Samuel W. Jr. and Dorothy W. Casper to Laurie J. and Kenneth C. Wood, $235,000.

St. Charles Area

BALFOUR CT., 2069-Laura B. and Michael T. Kijewski to Taneka N. and Mark A. Hughey, $320,000.

CARDIGAN CT., 7-Deborah M. and John B. Scholten to Gregg C. Hardenburg, $287,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3933-Cherlyn P. Kilpatrick to Scarlet N. Rosa and Kim Sheridan, $213,000.

Waldorf Area

AYRES CT., 3121-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Dawn and Samuel Perminter Jr., $520,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4163-Jennifer M. and Scotty Williams to Bradley D. Knipmeyer, $203,000.

BRISCOE FARM RD., 4920-Charles B. and Theresa Clagett to June R. and W. Kent Chadwick, $338,187.

CYGNET DR., 11689-Madison Properties Inc. to Lucius and Farnetta Baker, $407,000.

KENBROOK CT., 2460-Jennifer A. and Garry Bumidang to Clevie S. Griffin, $417,000.

MILL HILL RD., 2980-Sherry F. and James B. Gatton to James C. Queen Jr., $565,000.

RED OAK LANE, 1742-Posey Properties Corp. to Lisa W. Bullock, $304,858.

SEAL PL., 6211-Patricia E. and Daniel H. Wilson to Shaun P. Willis, $220,000.

STONY COVE DR., 11358-Marietta R. Anderson to Marites and Roger S. Revels, $325,000.

White Plains Area

RANDALL DR., 9612-James S. and Elsie L. Depuy to Tracey M. and Stephen T. Wise, $331,000.

St. Mary's County

California Area

GRAPE IVY LANE, 44069-Erika L. Balenger to Suellen T. and R. Bruce Keiner Jr., $309,900.

MAGNOLIA DR., 21820-Christina L. and James E. Price to Theodore Dorics III, $295,000.

NOVOSEL CT., 45932-Marlene H. and Cloyd G. Blankley to Irene O'Neal, $158,000.

RUMSFORD LANE, 45292-Wendy A. Brewer to Charles Andrade, $161,500.

WESTMEATH WAY, 45512, No. B11-Mark and Gretchen Aldridge to Meredith L. and Christopher A. Irvin, $170,000.

Callaway Area

BLACK DUCK CT., 20956-Eric M. and Claire R. Gardner to Andrea and Wade L. Hampton, $325,000.

BOXWOOD DR., 44640-Matthew J. Stepura to Cynthia L. and Stephen J. Milback, $378,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

HANDEL DR., 37470-William and Peggy J. Vailati to Richard Eugene Peregory and Julie Ann Duke, $344,900.

Drayden Area

PORTO BELLO CT., 46451-Mark G. La Croix Jr. to Colleen A. and Enzo Galli, $499,900.

Great Mills Area

ALTMAN CT., 45900-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Pamela Briscoe, $296,525.

ALTMAN CT., 45920-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Annette E. Perry, $280,400.

GREENVIEW CT., 22446-Melissa A. and Scott Drouin to Courtney Birst Wyrick and Brian C. Wyrick, $190,000.

HORSEHEAD RD., 45756-Mae Virginia Johnson to Adriana H. Hashinaga and Henry B. Bush, $185,500.

KILBEGGAN CT., 45532-Hickory Hills North Limited to Jonas R. Schommer, $231,448.

Hollywood Area

HALF PONE POINT RD., 24746-M. Joan McGarity to Nathan Karl Gutekunst and Lisa Mahala Sullivan, $650,000.

HILL RD., 24820-Stephen N. Sweeney to John J. Delozier, $150,000.

Leonardtown Area

CRYER CT., 41032-William Ford Cryer to Helen H. and Allen I. Choo, $755,000.

JENIFER CT., 23274-D. and E. Construction Inc. to Julie and Michael J. Walsh, $399,900.

KENTUCKY CT., 41921-P.F. Summers Inc. to Glynis K. and Carl J. Fresia, $399,259.

LITTLE HOLLY LANE, 44106-Jon D. Albright to Michael D. Crews, $298,000.

MATTHEW CT., 41645-Dillow at Singletree Corp. to Mary V. Mattingly Freeman and John A. Freeman, $125,000.

MCINTOSH RD., 23801-Tri Star Construction Inc. to Tara Zeier and Douglas Zeier, $319,900.

Lexington Park Area

BIRDSEYE CT., 21356-Richmond American Homes to Tarhesha and Marcus D. Ellis, $341,830.

CARMEN WOODS DR., 21372-Steven and Millicent F. Thurmon to Lynda A. and Richard Russell, $290,000.

CARRIAGE POST PL., 21314-Sandra M. and Chad A. Bias to Cynthia Randall Sakyi, $300,900.

MAUVY MOSS PL., 20895-Janis S. Brizzi to Marlyn and Calvin J. Spreitzer, $300,000.

MCDOWELL LANE, 22607-Dorothy M. Thomas to Su Chen Tsai and Chu Fa Tsai, $150,000.

PRINCESS CT., 48413-Arrowhead Corp. to Sonya Keys Chisholm and Rodney Chisholm, $388,230.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46660-Party Walls Inc. to Heather N. and David W. Howe, $354,629.

ROLLING RD., 45989-W. Michael Shaw to Jennifer D. Gallagher, $249,000.

RONALD DR., 21874-Karen L. Kennedy to Robert A. Gaestel, $136,000.

SEWELL RD., 47388-Margaret V. Butler to Gladys and Theodore Newkirk Jr., $5,000.

SPRING VALLEY DR., 22061-Robert V. Lowmiller to Rhonda L. and Timothy C. Frantzen, $198,000.

SUNBURST DR., 48379-James A. Spaith to Brenda A. Hyland, $299,999.

Mechanicsville Area

DOCKSER DR., 39997-Greg Wustner to Debra M. Settle, $239,500.

GLENWOOD LANE, 41130-Glenwood J. Coombs Jr. to Terese M. and Serge J. Lefebvre, $175,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35423-Clarke T. and Theresa L. Holmes to William Joseph Moran and Lannea L. Petrecca, $274,900.

STEEPLE CT., 28017-Samuel S. Langley to Roger T. Hughes, $499,800.

TRUE GRIT CT., 26237-Dennis and Laura Hallinger to Teresa Ann and Andrew F. Baran Jr., $415,000.

Piney Point Area

CRAB POT LANE, 17276-Marianne and Teodoro R. Tenorio to Janyce M. Wilkins, $374,900.

PINEY POINT RD., 17299-Wesley P. Goldston to Aubrey Elizabeth Larose and Dennis James Briggs Jr., $160,250.

Ridge Area

AIREDELE RD., 49830-John H. and Nancy Radebaugh to Gail L. and Larry R. Hamby, $540,000.