The shooting of rapper Cameron "Cam'ron" Giles took place in front of a police officer who was in a marked car, according to court papers made public yesterday.

D.C. police have no motive or suspects in the attack, which occurred early Oct. 23 at a traffic signal in Northwest Washington. Authorities said that they hope to get more information from Giles, who was wounded in both arms as he sat in his 2006 Lamborghini, but that they have been unable to reach him.

New details emerged in an affidavit that police used to get a warrant to search the gunman's sport-utility vehicle, which crashed moments after the shooting. Police recovered two shell casings, a Nextel phone and fingerprints, according to the papers.

The documents, filed in D.C. Superior Court, reveal that the gunman fired shots not only at Giles and his Lamborghini, but also at a pink Range Rover carrying the rapper's entourage. No one in that SUV was injured.

Giles, 29, a prominent New York-based singer, was in town for Howard University's homecoming. He had left a nightclub with one passenger in his sports car, and he was being followed by friends in the pink SUV, police said.

The Lamborghini stopped at 1:20 a.m. for a light at New York and New Jersey avenues NW -- "directly in front" of an officer in a marked car, the papers say.

The officer works for D.C. Protective Services, an agency that protects city government property.

The affidavit quotes the officer as saying that a male passenger got out of a burgundy Ford Expedition that was next to the Lamborghini at the intersection.

The man walked over to Giles's SUV and suddenly began shooting "into the driver's side of the Lamborghini and the pink Range Rover," the affidavit states.

The gunman then hopped back into the Expedition and sped away, followed by the D.C. Protective Services officer in the squad car.

The Expedition crashed seconds later in the 600 block of U Street NW. The assailant and the driver were trapped in the wrecked Expedition but managed to escape after the gunman fired at least two shots to break a window.

Giles was treated at Howard University Hospital.

Investigators have located the owner of the Expedition and believe he lent the vehicle to associates, but they have been unable to learn their identities, police officials said.

Members of Giles's management have said they believe the rapper was the victim of an attempted carjacking or robbery. He was wearing jewelry worth more than $200,000 when the shooting occurred.

Although police have not ruled out a carjacking or robbery, they are investigating other possible motives, including road rage and retaliation for a perceived slight. They also said that Giles might have been targeted in a "hit gone bad."