David L. Bulova (D)

Age: 36

Residence: Middleridge.

Education: BA, government, College of William and Mary; MA, public administration, Virginia Tech; attended Sorenson Institute for Political Leadership, University of Virginia.

Occupation: Senior environmental planner, AMEC Earth & Environmental Inc.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors, 2004-present; member and former chairman, Fairfax County Consumer Protection Commission; member and treasurer, Brain Injury Services Inc. Board of Trustees; member, Virginia Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Board; co-chairman, Middleridge National Night Out; former member and treasurer, Rotary Club of Annandale; volunteer coach/referee, Fairfax Little League and Burke Athletic Club soccer.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Our most critical issue is to maintain our quality of life while ensuring that fixed-income and young families can afford to call Fairfax home. The region faces a complex range of interdependent issues, such as adequately funding public education, confronting the problem of gangs, investing in multi-modal transportation systems and conserving our natural resources. The General Assembly must have the foresight to plan for how to deal with these issues and to make the necessary investments in our infrastructure. At the same time, we must diversify the local revenue base to reduce our reliance on the real property tax."

Why should voters elect you?

"I am a hands-on, energetic consensus builder with a proven track record of leadership in the community on a broad range of issues."

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Daniel W. Haugh (IG)

Age: 27

Residence: Woodburn Village.

Education: BSE, electrical engineering, electrical physics, University of Michigan.

Occupation: Systems engineer; electrical engineering analyst.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, Habitat for Humanity.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"This region can no longer depend on its highways when getting from one place to another. With gas prices at all-time highs and road upkeep cost soaring, we need more Metro stops people can walk to, Metro expanded closer to where long-distance commuters actually live and more walkways to allow for safe pedestrian traffic. We need to provide alternatives in order to guarantee the commerce and way of life for this region in the coming years. It took the two parties 20 years of studies to figure that out, but we must solve it now."

Why should voters elect you?

"My experience will help to find the best plan for Northern Virgina and its traffic crunch. Richmond will hear us."

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John Mason (R)

Age: 70

Residence: Farrcroft in Fairfax.

Education: BA, history, University of Massachusetts; MA, New York University.

Occupation: Consulting employee, Science Applications International Corp.; former vice president and director, Transportation Policy and Analysis Center.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, City Council, City of Fairfax, 1986-90; mayor, City of Fairfax, 1990-2002; past president, Old Lee Hills Civic Association; past president, Fairfax High School PTSA; past chairman, City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Advisory Board; past chairman, City of Fairfax Planning Commission; member, Governor's Commission for Rail in the 21st Century; past member, National Capital Area Chapter, American Red Cross; vice president for District operations, National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America; president, board of directors, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Transportation. With the anticipated growth in the Washington area (1.5 million to 2 million more residents over next 20 years), we are heading toward a crisis that will affect our thriving economy and our quality of life."

Why should voters elect you?

"Experience does matter -- a proven track record of working regional issues in a bipartisan manner."

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B. Scott McPherson (L)

Age: 32

Residence: Ardmore, Fairfax City.

Education: Three years active duty, U.S. Army.

Occupation: Home schooling my children; policy adviser, Future of Freedom Foundation.

Elected offices/civic activities: Volunteer, Fairfax Office of Historic Resources.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"Far too many children are trapped in a one-size-fits-all public school system that is failing them because it does not and cannot address their unique needs. Parents need real choice in how and where their children are educated. An education tax credit for those not using public schools would stimulate and expand alternatives to the government's failed system and make a quality education for all a realistic possibility."

Why should voters elect you?

"Virginia needs real leadership, not another professional politician."

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