The following were among cases handled recently by the Washington Humane Society. The society operates its own shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW and the District's shelter at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730 or visit

Cat Rescued From Roof

SPRING RD. NW, 1300 block, Oct. 20. A cat reportedly was on the roof of an apartment building for four days. An animal control officer retrieved it. A resident of the building said the animal belonged to another resident, who allegedly said he didn't care that the pet was on the roof. The 3-year-old cat was made available for adoption at the D.C. shelter after no one claimed it.

Pit Bulls Wounded in Fight

28TH PL. SE, 1700 block, Oct. 20. Investigating a report about barking, a Humane Society officer found three fighting pit bulls and a mixed-breed dog in a back yard. The pit bulls had bleeding wounds and scars. The owner was told the dogs must be kept apart and taken to a veterinarian. When the owner could not suggest a satisfactory way to keep them separated, the pit bulls were impounded. Their wounds were treated, and they were held at the society shelter while the owner tried to make better arrangements for them. The mixed-breed dog was allowed to remain at home.

Thin Border Collie Impounded

MEIGS PL. NE, 1200 block, Oct. 19. Humane Society officers found an underweight border collie tied to a fence near an apartment building. A man came out of the building and said that he owned the dog and that it had been in the back of his pickup truck. He accused the officers of stealing his coat and wallet. The officers called police. The man told police that he had found his coat and wallet in the building. The dog was held at the society shelter pending an inspection of the animal's living conditions.

Pit Bull Tangled in Cable

FOOTE ST. NE, 4200 block, Oct. 24. Investigating a report about a dog outside a residence, a Humane Society officer found a black-and-white pit bull chained with a cable that was tangled in its legs. After no one answered the door, the dog was taken to the society shelter, where it was held pending an investigation.

Rain-Soaked Dog Impounded

INGRAHAM ST. NW, 800 block, Oct. 25. Investigating a report, a Humane Society officer found a small mixed-breed dog tied with a cable outside a home and soaked with rainwater. When no one answered the door, the officer impounded the animal, which was held at the society shelter.

Puppy Found in Stolen Vehicle

B ST. SE, 5000 block, Oct. 19. Police arrested the driver of a stolen vehicle and charged him with theft. The driver said he did not know who owned a 5-month-old German shepherd mix found in the vehicle. Animal control took the puppy to the D.C. shelter, where it was held pending contact by an owner or adoption.

Cat Abandoned in Apartment

ELVANS RD. SE, 2400 block, Oct. 19. Neighbors called animal control to report a cat left in an apartment. They said that the cat's owner had moved out several days earlier and that they had heard the animal meowing. With the help of the property management company, an officer entered the apartment and picked up the male cat, which was held at the D.C. shelter pending contact by an owner or adoption.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS