The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


C ST., 1016-John C. and Sarah K. Hoctor to Jenifer Brown, $665,000.

C ST., 1412-John L. Marks and Kathryn M. McMahon to John J. Bucholtz and Laura T. Owen, $430,000.

CAPITOL AVE., 1932-Yanatou T. Camara to Ali Ouwattara, $185,000.

E ST., 1242-Philip Guire and Sarah Wilson to David and Heather Carson, $649,000.

E ST., 1245-Dawn K. Nichols to Maureen F. O'Brien, $550,000.

EASTERN AVE., 6232-Preston N. and Roberta C. Tolliver to Larry Barnes and Therese Phillips, $400,500.

F ST., 517-Charles F. and Mary A. Daum to Clark S. Cheney, $585,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 1209-Byron Elerby to Maegon Barlow, $309,500.

G ST., 1000-Jonathan P. Yates to Miguel Perez, $385,000.

HAYES ST., 4404-Edith Mae and Robert Lee Young to Yvonne B. Mukase, $150,000.

ISHERWOOD ST., 1610-Foster Colis to Ronnie Thaxton, $107,460.

KEARNEY ST., 1817-Madison Properties Inc. to George W. and Jeannette Sanker, $469,900.

MARYLAND AVE., 337, No. 5-Joel R. Yacks to Jonathan D. Owen, $342,700.

MILLS AVE., 2941-Innovative Real Estate Services Corp. to Douglas A. Druliner and Phetmano P. Phannavong, $399,000.

MONROE ST., 1242-Albert Ceccone and Paula P. Walden to Hugh James Dowd and James Jeffrey Mercurio, $570,000.

MONROE ST., 1505-Lawrence Cortez Childs to Bridget J. Olson and Jason A. Wright, $355,000.

MYRTLE AVE., 2832-Fikiri Guy and Paul M. Carr to Kaifa Anderson Hall and Tyrone L. Hall, $412,000.

NEWTON ST., 2619-Leslie R. Griffith to Michael Brown, $250,000.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 1313-Tristan B. Cameron and Jorge E. Carpio to Kelly Moira Fitzpatrick and Joan Sigler, $821,000.

OATES ST., 1235-Jeffery W. Rideout to Bobby Martz, $315,000.

ORLEANS PL., 628-Ronnie Speight to Rachael A. Isenhart, $315,000.

TERRACE CT., 1-Andrew Leighton Creemer to Margaret M. and Thomas P. Plack, $549,000.

V ST., 309-Blanca and Carlos Cruz to Hilary H. and Terry M. Washington, $275,000.

SECOND ST., 2424-Betty G. Muse to Susan C. Seiler, $265,000.

SECOND ST., 4413-Warren S. Anderson to Elias Seyum and Samueal T. Tesfazgi, $260,000.

THIRD ST., 724-Alberta Josephine Hill to Daniel J. and Dena G. Hernandez, $600,000.

FIFTH ST., 1022-Lucia Perdomo Sena to Julie Qureshi, $376,000.

SIXTH ST., 4713-Estate of Bessie M. Eskridge to Ronnie Byrd, $295,000.

SEVENTH ST., 805-Kenneth W. Pogue to District of Columbia, $217,365.

12TH ST., 510-Natteeporn Pruksavan to Sarah Salyers and Gary Woodward, $439,000.

15TH ST., 619-Natasha B. and Richard Rice to Christopher and Gail Pierce, $459,000.

16TH ST., 1204-Joyce M. Bell to Patriot Homebuyers Corp., $155,000.

24TH ST., 3028-Clyde Porter to Derek J. Martino, $424,000.

35TH ST., 186-Sylvia L. Hunter to Silvio Chuchon and Leoncio O. Coleto, $144,000.

50TH ST., 724-James A. and Sadie Edelen to Charles Mayhew, $196,000.


ASPEN ST., 616-Estate of Edward D. Mitchell to Gabrielle S. Nicolet and Victor A. Reinoso, $675,011.

BANCROFT PL., 2126-Nathan I. Finkelstein and Bancroft Place Trust to Mathew P. Appelget, $2.6 million.

BILTMORE ST., 1919, No. 4-Jeffrey A. Butts and Martha Wade Steketee to Paul Hoffman, $675,000.

BURLINGTON PL., 4444-Andrea F. Leifer to Jennifer E. and Marshall Macomber, $745,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1833, No. 404-Peter R. Muehrer and Thomas Robert Ross to Julie N. Karant, $287,500.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 218W-Hamid Reza Esfandiary and Parvaneh Modaber to Alicia D. and Dilipkumar J. Kapadia, $242,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 324E-Rose Marie Brierre to Donna and Steve M. Suddeth, $503,500.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 5408-Estate of Frances E. McFall and Mark D. McFall to Martin W. and Meredith M. Sumner, $800,000.

CHAMPLAIN ST., 2328, No. 406-Terri Ryan to Brian McKernan and Matthew W. Roberts, $812,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 1401, No. 108-Imam Malik Mohamed Nur to Kerry A. Lipsitz, $206,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2126, No. 14-Robert L. Brown to John Goelet, $1 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2725, No. 109-Timothy K. Yoo to Frank L. Finamore and Peter V. Velasco, $527,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4600, No. 411-Janis J. and Justin P. Keating to Stefaan Lust and Lubomira Paclikova, $350,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4701, No. 405-Robin A. Berrington to Stephen J. Schneider, $608,500.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5406, No. 101-George D. Crowley to Georgetown College, $185,000.

DELAFIELD PL., 415-Michael Finley to Alit and Thora Balk, $321,000.

ELM ST., 315-Michon E. Peck to Elsa J. and Milton J. Weinstein, $295,000.

EUCLID ST., 1437-Sean Kelly and Stevenson O. Munro to Garold J. Hyzer, $811,240.

F ST., 2030, No. 506-Edmund S. Sobieray to Jeffrey and Kaushalya Palmer, $220,000.

FESSENDEN ST., 3614-Susan B. Beyle to Parisa Salehi, $643,500.

FLORIDA AVE., 956-FM Properties Inc. to Andrew Kennedy, $319,000.

FORDHAM RD., 4150-Ben R. Butler and Sarah Dahlgren to Donald R. and Olwen T. Pongrace, $2.15 million.

FOXHALL CRESCENT, 4510-Christina M. Immelman to Anthony Herman and Melanie Stern, $1.42 million.

GEORGETOWN CT., 3932-Eva E. Koubek Revocable Trust to Nancy J. Horsman, $892,400.

H ST., 2401, No. 705-Linda Gray Cobey to Ami K. and Kaushik Patel, $280,000.

HAMILTON ST., 35-James Arthur Newsome to Andrea E. Mack, $375,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 4434-Angel and Isabel M. Caban to Nicolle Devenish and Mark Wallace, $2.8 million.

INGRAHAM ST., 1235-WFC Flagship Corp. to Girum Amanuel Berehe and Richard Torres, $405,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 1351-Barry W. and Doris A. Lowenthal to Patrick J. Wilkinson, $672,500.

K ST., 2201-Jerome S. Mayersak, Priscilla Marie Mayersak and Joseph W. Mayersak Irrevocable Trust to Syed B. Shah, $399,000.

KENYON ST., 1241-Anthony Sterling and Jerry Richard Cooper to Deborah J. Mangano and Sophie M. Mitrisin, $660,000.

KLINGLE RD., 3245-David W. Ferguson and Mark Allen Humphreys to Leslie Nicole and Mark E. Wyatt, $1.65 million.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1711, No. 331-Wall Family Partnership to Shahyar Niakan, $227,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4200, No. 812-Phyllis I. Kerdasha to Sharad Tak, $425,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4301, No. 4003-Thomas S.M. Clarke to Marilyn A. and Victor H. Reis, $670,000.

MINTWOOD PL., 1840, No. 404-Patrick W. Leary to Mark Cookson and Victoria L. Fort, $352,000.

MONROE ST., 1300-Case Rentals Corp. to Wendy Acosta and Jason M. Noker, $500,000.

N ST., 1115-Douglas A. Treat to Maria Teresa Gumiel Fernandez and Sudarsan Raghavan, $690,000.

N ST., 1300, No. 518-Erna Steiner to Roger A. Korman, $400,000.

N ST., 1440, No. 312-Bernard H. and Regina T. Busby to Mary C. Barry, $198,000.

N ST., 3325-Cornel and Hilary Metternich to Clare Kristin Miller, $1.7 million.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1316, No. 604-Mary Jill Nevius to D. Bruce and Paula Merrifield, $237,900.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 2801, No. 702-Lynne K. Sells to Stephen W. Dejter, $350,000.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 3101, No. 247-Marcia A. Horting to Diana Femia, $430,000.

NEW YORK AVE., 115, No. 5-Pamela Bergen Crow and Border Lee Crow to Prudential Relocation Inc., $425,000.

NEWLANDS ST., 2707-Leah F. Lewis Westerfield to Nko Umoren, $675,000.

NEWTON ST., 1495, No. 106-Dina Lisa Dajani to Stewart J. Bernard, $330,000.

OBSERVATORY PL., 2422-Alireza Farchtchi to Mehdi Ghias, $600,000.

OLIVER ST., 3218-John Donald and Judith B. Fisher to Nathaniel Porter and Ramya Sundaram, $633,000.

P ST., 316-Derrick A. and Yolanda A. Harper to Arshad Lqbal, $325,000.

PARK RD., 1730-John H. Stein and Marlene A. Young to Brook R. Rose, $785,000.

R ST., 1423, No. 101-Kristen M. Tenney to Andrew A. Reid, $345,500.

R ST., 3024-Andrew and Jane Field to Jenny Abramson and Jacob M. Maas, $627,100.

RIGGS PL., 1813-Randy M. Widen to Amy and Imran Javaid, $840,000.

RIVER RD., 4123-Elizabeth F. Luttrell and Nathaniel H. Luttrell Jr. Residuary Trust to Marie K. Kay and Sonny K. Oh, $692,000.

ROCK CREEK CHURCH RD., 724-Reginald T. Walker to Biniyam Geremew, $535,000.

RODMAN ST., 3880, No. 212-Dena and Pablo Moglia to Jan E. Cremeans Nelson and Christopher D. Nelson, $495,000.

S ST., 1833, No. 3-John T. Manolatos to Katharine C. Grim, $320,000.

S ST., 921-Marissa Colburn and Michael Steketee to Jeffrey M. Brier, $1.05 million.

SALEM LANE, 4501-Brij M. and Savita Malhotra to Demetrios N. Diavatis, $1.385 million.

SEATON PL., 130-Daryl P. and Lillian J. Drumming to Shahla Blackmon and Schain Lolatchy, $479,813.

SHEPHERD ST., 422-John E. Brown to Glaze Delmonica, $400,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 709-Judy A. and Leke A.T. Tazanu to Alem Abebe, $331,000.

SOMERSET PL., 527-Florentine Maldonado to Caleb Brenneman and Nancy Ketsche, $318,000.

T ST., 1512-David F. Toney to Stephen M. Szopa, $890,000.

UPSHUR ST., 1712-Keith A. and Kelli R. Lawson to Aileen N. and Anthony B. Chase, $825,000.

WARDER ST., 3121-Joseph and Kate Goodwillie Fenwick to Alfred Ekuban, $300,000.

WEBSTER ST., 634-Joshua Adler and Robb La Kritz to Todd Weinstein, $300,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2141, No. 103-Thiha Inc. to Christopher B. and Lynn A. Connors, $320,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 3100, No. 305-Jared Siegel to Michele Hinerman, $290,000.

SECOND ST., 5024-Emebet and Mulunesh D. Denekew to James Lewis, $475,000.

THIRD PL., 5727-Jeremy L. and Justin Kittrell to Maxine Legall, $396,000.

THIRD ST., 4924-Ilham N. Askia and Jonathan A. Rapping to Alana Frazier and Dorrian Weaver, $375,000.

FOURTH ST., 6827, No. 115-Sarah F. Taub to Puja Jayaram, $285,000.

SEVENTH ST., 4922-Karen Elaine and Rosa Lee Hill to Jose E. Lovos, $335,000.

NINTH ST., 5309-Maquita Alexander and Joseph A. Issac to Jose L. Villegas, $380,000.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 510-Phillip M.J. Doerr Family Trust to Joshua I. Cohen, $429,900.

11TH ST., 1111, No. 711-Corey L. Bowen to Brian D. Tittemore, $375,000.

11TH ST., 1404, No. 301-Terri A. Carter to Mark W. Hinman and David Gill Walker, $415,000.

11TH ST., 3633-Frederick D. Tinsley to Ahadu Woubshet, $575,000.

16TH ST., 2000, No. 303-Estate of Jean E. Laplace to Raphael E. Brykman, $469,000.

16TH ST., 2001, No. 205-Laura Elizabeth Bodnar and Stephen Michael Salvador to Allison A. Growney, $384,000.

18TH ST., 1545, No. 703-Sophia Sluzar to Jerry E. Keith, $278,000.

18TH ST., 3114-John Kent Minichiello to 3114 18th Street Corp., $600,000.

21ST ST., 1332, No. 501-Bethanne Fox and Brendon Shank to Jennifer and Peter Jue, $415,000.

21ST ST., 1403-Ingrid J. and Richard Suisman to Siamak Madani, $1.115 million.

21ST ST., 1705-Vincent Hurteau to Dana Powell, $1.56 million.

23RD ST., 1230, No. 515-William H. Bentson to Sanchitha Jayaram, $609,000.

26TH ST., 955, No. 109-Bizhan and Linda Beiramee to Elizabeth L. Flanagan, $407,000.

29TH ST., 1238-Joanne B. Jarquin to Donna K. and Russell M. Krapf, $825,000.

29TH ST., 1528-Vincent Renner to Katharine B. and Richard F. Bland, $1.25 million.

39TH PL., 2213-Betty McDonald to Audrey C. and L. Hayden Cadwallader, $718,000.

39TH ST., 3420, No. 704-Bronwyn Elizabeth Hughes to Peter J. Albert and Charlotte M. Mahoney, $506,000.

39TH ST., 3810, No. 122-Benjamin and Rebecca M. Kramer to Heather Schloss, $449,000.

46TH ST., 2241-Lindsey and Steve Gutterman to Carl P. and Susan H. Moyer, $1.295 million.


A ST., 417-Mark L. Phillips to James Michael Best, $1.395 million.

BAY ST., 1722-Friolan and Maria Mamani to Chloe Cromarty and John W. Haynes, $527,500.

BENNING RD., 5027-Ahmeci Camara to Olumide B. Ogunmakinwa, $230,000.

BURNS ST., 625-Estate of Emma Lee Rowland and Susan Arlene Rowland to Assata L. and Peter J. Hamilton, $290,000.

CHESTER ST., 2222-Federal National Mortgage Association to Andre Boykins, $176,000.

CHESTER ST., 2321-Linda A. Stephens and Estate of Ransom Washington to Wanda Tucker, $90,000.

D ST., 4040-Pyramid Properties to Martha Daba, $222,000.

GOOD HOPE RD., 2400, No. 103-James Wilbur Harris to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $52,500.

HARTFORD ST., 2207-George D. Hayes to Chibale and Toni Wills, $180,000.

INDEPENDENCE AVE., 911-Ashley P. and Joseph M. Simons Rudolph to Jennifer S. Tyler, $535,000.

IRVING ST., 2427-Gina D. Harper and Norman E. Pope to Marcus Craig, $127,400.

UPSAL ST., 157-Gail Marie Lee to Dennis Oparaugo, $230,000.

WESTOVER DR., 3135-Derek and Fred Wilson to Lori Jennings and Sophronia Stewart, $538,000.

SEVENTH ST., 23-Patricia E. and Robert C. Wilburn to Marian R. and Peter A. Penn, $1.05 million.

EIGHTH ST., 252-Sally Jo Patton to Kimberly Crichton, $765,000.

11TH ST., 231-Ellen C. and Paul S. Rundquist to Gregory Reed Corr, $729,700.

15TH ST., 260-John S., Kristine M. and Mary Jean Poptanich to Clare Loughlin and Ross R. Swanes, $500,000.

41ST ST., 1542-Annette and Franklin Davis to Tiffany Harris, $197,000.


HALF ST., 1222-Steve Ardekani to Franklin Raff, $330,000.

JOLIET ST., 122-Rubye R. Wilkerson to Mary Shields, $135,000.

M ST., 240, No. 709E-Joseitta L. Harris to Tracy Schmaler, $254,200.

THIRD ST., 811, No. 710-Thomas A. Sliski to Kenneth Kadlec and Richard A. Russo, $439,000.

FOURTH ST., 1435, No. B717-Estate of Jean Orr Shorter to Jonas F. Hanna, $136,500.