The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

LAKESIDE DR. NE, 13768-W.L. Nichols trust to Martin M. and Constance J. Breland, $1.45 million.

MAIDEN LANE, 6813-Aileen C. Baltz to Mikhail Onishchenko and Nataliya Filatova, $577,000.

MIDTOWN RD., 7672-MB Maple Lawn Corp. to Josephine M. and James D. Jee, $617,592.

WHALEBOAT DR., 5900-Robert Weinberg to Thomas A. Backus and Jamie J. Mavrogianis, $339,900.

Columbia Area

BEECHWOOD DR., 6306-Elsie T. Downer to Michael P. and Janice D. Twardowicz, $400,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8551-Michele Hemelt to Jonathan Douyard and Jaclyn Schienda, $323,000.

BLUE POINT CT., 6042-James P. Dempsey to Chung Ja and Loraine Kang, $460,000.

BRANDYWINE WAY, 7116-Wren Cronan to Brent A. and Stacey M. Matson, $455,000.

CURTIS DR. E., 9245-Charles C. Simmons to Michael W. Pagan and Shahana A. Pagan, $576,100.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7391-Andrew Hollinsworth to Joseph C. Calabese and Domenico S. Calabrese, $340,000.

ELIOTS OAK RD., 5218-Amelia L. Rogers to Tim Passalacqua, $275,000.

ENDLESS OCEAN WAY, 8758-Michael T. Sacks to Michael T. and Anne B. Sacks, $576,468.

ENDLESS OCEAN WAY, 8760-The Ryland Group Inc. to James and Alice M. Jones, $511,286.

FALLEN STONE, 9565-Daniel Lizarraga to Timothy A. Schwartz and Erica L. Schwartz, $305,000.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10536-Nezzie M. Clark to Walter L. Clark, $165,000.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8916-Bertha Felicia Davis to Harjit and Amarjit Bhandhel, $243,745.

GREAT STAR DR., 5900-Cendant Mobility Financial to Thomas V. and Kathleen R. Russotto, $450,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10786-Amrit Baruah to Joseph and Jennifer Gilman, $224,500.

GREENVIEW WAY NE, 10806-William D. Johnson Jr. to Kyung Hi and Chang Ho Hwang, $415,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD. NE, 9395-James C. Johnson to Bonnie E. Johnson, $185,000.

KINDLER RD. SE, 7217-Michael E. Delaney to Keith W. and Tracy D. Sinclair, $489,900.

MELLEN CT., 9506-Edwin S. Addison to Michael and Linda D. Amara, $477,000.

MILLRACE CT. NW, 5901-Julie A. Ciccarelli to Sameer Bade, $260,000.

MORNING WIND LANE, 10538-Jonathan Frerichs to Yanfeng Mao and Bruce S. Lowden, $340,000.

NEW COUNTRY LANE, 11906-Jamie E. Lenes to Ross J. Fichter and Megan G. Adams, $350,000.

OWEN BROWN RD., 10228-Rashid Levieddin to Jeffrey Shapiro, $701,000.

PARALLEL LANE SW, 6220-Gary S. Selby to Soon Hee Sung, $349,900.

RED HAVEN RD. SE, 6362-Ralph E. Duvall to Michael S. Hobson and Cassia L. Beagle, $333,000.

ROVEOUT LANE E., 10121-Victoria Krivogorsky to Victor Hugo Jimenez and Deborah Kay Zagorin, $442,000.

SCARLET PETAL S., 6388-Young Y. Kim to Sharon S. Kim, $375,000.

SEA WATER PATH SW, 8133-Mark Williams to Christopher M. and Stephanie L. Miskiewicz, $502,000.

SOUTHERN STAR TERR. SE, 5011-Steven Mark Tove to Kathryn J. Griffin, $380,000.

SYMPHONY WAY E., 10720-Nataskia Lampe to Jae Sab Choi, $340,000.

SYMPHONY WAY N., 10730-Karen M. Ryder to Jane L. Chung, $328,000.

SYMPHONY WAY NE, 10797-Richard Reid Clayton Jr. to Vincent F. Vigari, $289,000.

THICKET LANE SW, 5640-Richard Barry Knapp to Rebecca L. Horne, $245,000.

TORRENT ROW, 9366-Gerald Jannetti to Deanna Moran, $280,900.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10566-Karen J. McDonaugh to Charles E. Lorenzetti Jr., $171,000.

VANTAGE POINT RD., 5563-Andrew M. Asher to Gwendolyn M. Cunningham, $330,000.

WATCH CHAIN WAY, 5970-Laurel A. Bowker to Raquel Cantu, $198,399.

WATCHLIGHT CT., 9038-Toy D. Offutt to Nevsa Alves Contessoto, $255,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY NW, 7589-Lawrence Epstein to Maria R. Caldera, $230,000.

Cooksville Area

MONTICELLO DR., 14012-Lloyd M. Sloan to Donna L. Gurfolino, $525,000.

RIGGS MEADOW DR. S., 14619-Kevin Kuykendall to Janice Johnson, $730,500.

Elkridge Area

GATEPOST WAY SW, 6208-N.P. Dodge, trustee, to Mark and Lisa M. McMahon, $636,000.

HUNT CLUB RD., 6113-Kyung S. Choi to Bok Young Park, $250,000.

KIT KAT RD., 7153-Daniel Eric Seline to C.O. Paul Morrissey and Kit Kat Road Partners Corp., $550,000.

LANDING RD. N., 4915-Elizabeth B. Weller, trustee, to Cascade Walthur Corp., $1 million.

PATUXENT QUARTER RD., 6328-Mitchell T. Arnone to Rocco and Barbara Giannini, $595,000.

PATUXENT QUARTER RD. N., 6245-Padraic W. Gray to Edward J. and Pamela Q. Colbert, $525,000.

PEBBLE CREEK DR., 7298-5072 Property Corp. to James F. Spurrier and Gudrun S. Spurrier, $413,420.

RISING STAR S., 5905-Kwang In Kim to Sherrita M. Dorsey and Calvin Peete, $715,000.

ROCK GLEN DR. E., 6084-Edward J.M. Colnert to Michael H. Gaunt and V.L. Gaunt, $270,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5944-Elwood Ott to Adrienne E. Boettinger, $246,000.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6283-Bianca M. Smith to Thomas Perone, $235,000.

Ellicott City Area

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7913-Michael P. Twardowicz to Paul J. Stalker, $364,900.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7959-Hyon Ock Kim to Colin and Therisa Steven, $325,000.

BUCKSKIN WOOD DR., 4321-Jared T. Healy, trustee, to Randall J. and Rhonda C. Meyers, $836,043.

CEDAR CREEK CT. W., 8410-Clint E. Peay to Yong Ae Kymm, $449,900.

CHAPEL VIEW DR., 8502-Sidney K. Jones, trustee, to Trip M. Kloser and Karen L. Kloser, $375,000.

COATTAIL CT., 4269-Louis Pinkney Toler Jr. to Carl A. and Pamela L. Bredberg, $460,000.

COLLEGE AVE., 3700-Myron Z. Brown to Joanne G. Novak, $271,050.

COLLEGE AVE., 4021-William R. McCormack to Sharon J. McCormack, $280,000.

DONCASTER DR. SE, 4499-Finney Profit to Matthew K. Buckley and Christine M. Nuckley, $610,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4986-Stephanie A. Lauretano to Jorge Aviles, $281,100.

DUNTEACHIN DR. SE, 5359-John F. Anderson to Preston T. Johnson III and Donella R. Henderson, $686,000.

FAWN RIVER WAY, 12311-Bryan Ayant to Mitchell T. and Belinda L. Arnone, $950,000.

FREDERICK RD., 11434-Hector C. Aguiniga to Willow Brook Corp., $700,000.

GLENMAR RD. NW, 8382-David Lee Wheeler to Thomas and Pamala Martin, $540,000.

HARBIN FIELD, 3028-NVR Inc. to Lawrence and Carol Bodin, $654,390.

HEDGEROW CT. NE, 8510-Scott Kasemeyer to David J. and Sharon A. Grimshaw, $529,900.

JOSIE CT., 5414-NVR Inc. to Soon Ok King and Youn Yang Oa, $675,215.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8384-Paul D. Zaruba to Catherine N. Bross, $230,000.

MOUNT HEBRON DR. SW, 2057-Jon Alan Cantor to Kathryn A. Badger and John L. Green III, $752,392.

OVERLOOK DR., 4028-Charles S. Hare Sr. to Michael L. Pfau, $240,000.

PAUL MILL RD. SW, 3908-Cendant Mobility Corp. to Qinfen Zheng and Yan Guo, $775,000.

PEBBLE BEACH DR. NE, 3011-Ronald J. Watkins to Gerado and Valerie Puig, $625,000.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4621-Arlene C. Young to Bonnie Jane Germann, $410,000.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 3148-Edward F. Dircks to Michael Pfau, $375,000.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 4004-Heung Soon Park to Gannika Edwards, $435,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3391-Won Hee Song to Angie Heejung Kim, $326,600.

TRIADELPHIA RD., 13499-Joseph L. Lorditch to James A. and Lisa J. Reeves, $499,900.

TUSCANY RD. S., 10277-Stuart B. Milam to Vladimir Polyakov and Irina Suknova, $570,000.

WESTMINSTER RD., 2729-Hills Land Ellicott to Craig R. and Marsha T. Prescott, $515,430.

WESTMINSTER RD., 2736-Hills Land Ellicott to Audrey F. Johnson, $515,180.

WETHERBURN RD. E., 10336-Glenn Richard Fischer to Clayton Matthew and Karen Elizabeth Fisher, $801,000.

Fulton Area

SCAGGSVILLE RD., 11584-Donald L. Wessel to Lois and Leroy Peters, $600,000.

Glenelg Area

BURNTWOODS RD., 13785-Kenneth P. Hatfield to Robert Brian Goldberg and Marisa Pasekoff, $585,000.

Glenwood Area

BURNTWOODS RD. N., 14610-Victor L. Cohen to Gregory H. and Jill W. Symmes, $757,500.

Hanover Area

JULIE ANN DR. SW, 6400-Mark J. Nicholas to Barry and Ayana N. Bembry, $331,500.

Lisbon Area

FREDERICK RD., 16204-Robert M. Leidig to Kiran M. Dewan, $1.12 million.

Marriottsville Area

ENFIELD DR., 10767-NVR Inc. to Marcos Montenegro and Carolina Montenegro, $461,230.

ENFIELD DR., 10769-NVR Inc. to Mitchell T. Kim and Michelle Lee, $423,140.

GRANT FARM CT. W., 2125-Rosa L. Nesmith to Shawn and Lora Shannon, $757,000.

HILLINGDON RD., 10724-NVR Inc. to Manyuan Jin and Cheng Zhou, $393,240.

MEKENIE CT. N., 11917-Oak Hill Properties Corp. to Shahzad Meghani, $853,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9384-Godliver Hanson to Ebenezer and Rosalie Atse Ekuban, $251,000.

EVENING BIRD LANE, 9737-Skylark Ridge Partnership to Dong P. Park and Regina K. Kim, $497,640.

GLEN HANNAH DR., 10717-Anthony Bruce Haggart to Mark D. Horton, $229,550.

GLEN RIDGE DR., 9426-James S. Kimmel to Emerge Inc., $429,500.

GRAELOCH RD., 10514-Ronald E. Clement to Terry Winegar, $525,000.

HIDDEN POOL CT. SE, 8704-John J. Kiley to Nicola and Cheryl Depinto, $595,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9155-Rohun Beven to Anyelo O. Molina and Elda Molina, $186,000.

OVERTON DR., 9617-Todd N. Epley to Ngola A. and Marilyn T. Otto, $440,000.

REDBRIDGE CT. W., 9227-Gerard Bullock to Leonard Campbell and Dean Anne Evans, $265,000.

SUSINI DR., 8719-Grace Prowant to North Crossing Investments Corp., $350,000.

Sykesville Area

WINDY KNOLL NE, 810-Richard A. Wisniewski to Ollie Wayne and Laura Maryland Harlow, $470,000.

Woodbine Area

ELEANORS GARDEN WAY, 3219-Toll Maryland Partnership to Don Kim, $1.18 million.

LORENZO LANE, 3140-Toll Maryland Partnership to Daniel A. Wolde Rufael and Tsion Tesfayohannes, $1.18 million.

Woodstock Area

WADSWORTH RD. N., 10802-Nancy Gordon to Pyong Pak, $425,000.