Polling places in Loudoun County are listed by election district. Listed within each district are precincts, followed by polling place and address. If you aren't sure which election district or precinct you live in, check your voter registration card or call 703-777-0380. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Blue Ridge District

Purcellville -- Emerick Elementary School, 440 S. Nursery Ave.

Round Hill -- Round Hill Center, 20 High St.

Hillsboro -- Hillsboro Elementary School, 37110 Charles Town Pike.

Hamilton -- Hamilton Baptist Church, 16 E. Colonial Hwy.

Philomont -- Philomont Firehouse, 36560 Jeb Stuart Rd.

Between the Hills -- Neersville Fire and Rescue, 11762 Harpers Ferry Rd.

Middleburg -- Town Office, 10 W. Marshall St.

St. Louis -- Banneker Elementary School, 35321 Snake Hill Rd.

Aldie -- Aldie Methodist Church, 39325 John Mosby Hwy.

Broad Run District

Stone Bridge -- Stone Bridge High School, 43100 Hay Rd.

Russell Branch -- Ashburn Elementary School, 44062 Fincastle Dr.

Cedar Lane -- Cedar Lane Elementary School, 43700 Tolamac Dr.

Dominion -- Dominion Trail Elementary School, 44045 Bruceton Mills Cir.

Farmwell Station -- Farmwell Station Middle School, 44281 Gloucester Pkwy.

Seldens Landing -- Seldens Landing Elementary School, 43345 Coton Commons Dr.

Newton-Lee -- Newton-Lee Elementary School, 43335 Gloucester Pkwy.

Catoctin District

Lovettsville -- Lovettsville Community Center, 57 E. Broad Way.

Waterford -- Waterford Elementary School, 15513 Loyalty Rd.

Lucketts -- Lucketts Community Center, 42361 Lucketts Rd.

Greenway -- Leesburg Baptist Church, 835 Lee Ave. SW.

Balls Bluff -- Balls Bluff Elementary School, 821 Battlefield Pkwy. NE.

Harper Park -- Harper Park Middle School, 701 Potomac Station Dr.

Evergreen -- Evergreen Mill Elementary School, 491 Evergreen Mill Rd. SE.

Clarkes Gap -- Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 605 W. Market St.

Tolbert -- John W. Tolbert Jr. Elementary School, 691 Potomac Station Dr. NE.

Dulles District

Sanders Corner -- Sanders Corner Elementary School, 43100 Ashburn Farm Pkwy.

Ashburn Farm -- Broad Run High School, 21670 Ashburn Rd.

Hillside -- Hillside Elementary School, 43000 Ellzey Dr.

Eagle Ridge -- Eagle Ridge Middle School, 42901 Waxpool Rd.

Little River -- Little River Elementary School, 43464 Hyland Hills St.

Mercer -- Mercer Middle School, 42149 Greenstone Dr.

Hutchison -- Hutchison Farm Elementary School, 42819 Center St.

Oak Grove -- Oak Grove Baptist Church, 22870 Dominion Lane

Leesburg District

West Leesburg -- Leesburg Firehouse, 215 W. Loudoun St.

East Leesburg -- Frances Hazel Reid Elementary School, 800 N. King St.

Dry Mill -- C.S. Monroe Technology Center, 715 Childrens Center Rd. SW.

Smart's Mill -- Smart's Mill Middle School, 850 N. King St.

Cool Spring -- Cool Spring Elementary School, 501 Tavistock Dr. SE.

Potomac District

Riverbend -- Riverbend Middle School, 46240 Algonkian Pkwy.

Algonkian -- Algonkian Elementary School, 20196 Carter Ct.

Potomac Falls -- Potomac Falls High School, 46400 Algonkian Pkwy.

Cascades -- Potowmack Elementary School, 46465 Esterbrook Cir.

Buchanan -- Guilford Elementary School, 600 W. Poplar Ave.

Claude Moore Park -- Heritage Farm Museum, 21668 Heritage Farm Lane

Sterling District

Sully -- Sully Elementary School, 300 Circle Dr.

Park View -- Park View High School, 400 W. Laurel Ave.

Rolling Ridge -- Rolling Ridge Elementary School, 500 E. Frederick Dr.

Guilford -- Sterling Middle School, 201 W. Holly Ave.

Forest Grove -- Forest Grove Elementary School, 46245 Forest Ridge Dr.

Sugarland Run District

Sugarland North -- Horizon Elementary School, 46665 Broadmore Dr.

Sugarland South -- Meadowland Elementary School, 729 Sugarland Run Dr.

Seneca -- Seneca Ridge Middle School, 98 Seneca Ridge Dr.

Lowes Island -- Lowes Island Elementary School, 20755 Whitewater Dr.

Mirror Ridge -- Sugarland Elementary School, 65 Sugarland Run Dr.