The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

HIDDEN GARDEN LANE, 17505-Miller and Smith at Sandy Spring to Mian Salman Nasir, $1.06 million.

Aspen Hill Area

ASPEN HILL RD., 4313-Patricia Scott Evans to Nelson Cabrera, $400,000.

COSMOS CT., 15112-Leonard E. and L.E. Cook to Anura and Chulani C. Wickramaratne, $665,000.

INDEPENDENCE ST., 4307-Nelson Aleman to Manuel A. Lopez, $427,000.

MAGELLAN AVE., 13300-Sherman E. and Allen Moorefield to Ana E. and Santos H. Turcios, $450,000.

OAKVALE ST., 14414-G.I. and Ted A. Miller to Evangelina Flores, $446,000.

RUSSETT RD., 5203-Suhailiah Q. Jawad to Basilia E. and Juan Castro, $518,000.

Bethesda Area

ARIZONA CIR., 10275, No. 6-Hilda B. Morejon to Marco Antonio Cardenas, $500,000.

BULLS RUN PKWY., 9513-Alan Volkman to Scott Gardner and Carole Sherman, $600,000.

CHARRED OAK DR., 8908-Navid Farzad to Charred Oak Venture Corp., $823,500.

DUNLEER CT., 6111-Jaffee Slimani Corp. to Kallie H. and Mark A. Forman, $1.5 million.

EWING DR., 9525-Carole Sherman and Robert Scott Gardner to Ellen Chubin and David Epstein, $1.22 million.

HALBERT RD. E., 6527-Paul W. and R.D. Kolp to David J. and Lindsey A. Spindle, $795,000.

HALBERT RD. W., 6205-Douglas Construction Group Corp. to Maria C. Kozloski and Delanson D. Crist, $1.53 million.

HONESTY WAY, 7405-Emmanuel and H. Forestier to Elise B. and Eric A. Engels, $1.81 million.

HURST ST., 10113-Judy Wyant to Dana and Brian Gold, $737,500.

IPSWICH RD., 5908-Jonathan Cavanagh to Lien Anh N. Van Wagener and Stephen C. Van Wagener, $655,000.

LOWELL ST., 8806-Seneca Springs Corp. to Cathleen M. and Sean Fromm, $1.22 million.

MARENGO RD., 5607-C. Michael and C. Tarone to Stacey G. Grundman and Owen E. Herrnstadt, $925,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 5812-Margaret K. Wisdom, trustee, to Clodagh and Brian Olden, $669,500.

MCLEAN DR., 5602-John Evans to Rodostamo Douzoglou De Lopez, $935,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10305-Claudia Cabrera to Hans Christopher Hansen, $308,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10654, No. M-102-Jodi E. Segal to Valerie J. Bross, $384,900.

OAK PL., 5503-Daniel J. and N.C. Wattendorf to Margaret and Sunil Sudarshan, $799,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 9504-H.W. and David Rodbard to Bryan Jolson, $600,000.

PARKHILL TERR., 9310-Dermot M. Cotter to Helene R. Wilder, $625,000.

RIDGE PL., 8909-Yu Ya and J.C. Kwong to Nancie A. and Thomas R. Ruder, $665,000.

RYLAND DR., 5915-George and A.D. Magnanelli to Deborah A. and Donald J. Johann Jr., $600,000.

SINGLETON DR., 9409-Nezameddin Daryoush to Jacqueline R. and Gary A. Prince, $1.56 million.

TONE DR., 6408-William V. Eisenberg, trustee, to Scott Gardner and Carole Sherman, $700,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7401, No. 111-Beatriz Ramacciotti to Theresa Nnadu Kwakye and John Kwabena Kwakye, $345,000.

Boyds Area

BUBBLING SPRING RD., 14502-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Qianqian Yu and Wei Wang, $728,035.

KIMONO CIR., 14319-Smart Development Premiere to Yiu Cheung Tam and Anh Hue Ngo, $137,776.

KIMONO CIR., 14328-Smart Development Premiere to Xiao W. Ji and Xun Yi Zhang, $137,096.

KIMONO CIR., 14329-Smart Development Premiere to Nannette Johnson, $145,179.

POLYNESIAN LANE, 18414-Toll Maryland Partnership to Lisa B. and Irvin I. Thomas, $794,926.

SENECA AYR DR., 21823-Pulte Home Corp. to Jung Ok Cho, $179,667.

Brookeville Area

BROOKEVILLE LAKES CT., 19404-Warren H. and Nurith B. Weiner to Kathleen Meagher Hinman and Larry Edward Hinman, $1.3 million.

Burtonsville Area

ANGELTON TERR., 14110-Shawn and Amelia Hillman to Erica Starke Patterson and Donzell B. Patterson, $340,000.

REGALWOOD TERR., 4349-Arnel D. and Maria N. Belmonte to Carolina O. and Rexie M. Fernando, $345,000.

WILDLIFE LANE, 3807-Samrat Bhattacharjee to Emmanuel K. Sekyere, $343,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

CAITLIN CT., 1405-Ana V. Calleja to Alain Kouyate and Aissatou Diallo, $684,900.

CASTLE TERR., 3722, No. 119-137-Mahir H. Haroun to Fredesvinda M. Singh, $305,000.

CASTLE WAY, 3532, No. 10-56-Jonnie W. Arrington to Adindu D. Ezeocha, $300,000.

CRIMSON LANE, 12009, No. 219-Edith B. and Edwin U. Hernandez to Presca Citoye, $315,000.

CRIMSON LANE, 12015, No. 217-Elvira A. Arias to Hyacinth E. and Kihal C. Salmon, $307,000.

GRESHAM RD., 1102-Z.N. and Nehal Shah to Farhana Shah, $450,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 14408-Alicia A. Delcid to Nelson Morataya, $450,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001-Clementine M. Brown to Aster Gizaw, $166,000.

PARALLEL LANE, 2445-Ronald H. and Marilyn J. Lunt to Edith B. and Edwin U. Hernandez, $586,000.

SCOTT DR., 331-Michael H. Eidlin to Maria Catherine Lonsbury and Mark Douglas Arnold, $603,310.

TWO FARM DR., 12719-V.T. and Miguel F. Robinson to Fabrienne C. Robinson, $540,000.

WALDO LANE, 12505-Edward J. Dubin to Atlantic Investments Corp., $341,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BROOKVILLE RD., 7001-Carlton C. Hunt to Julia C. and Timothy W. Docking, $839,000.

CENTER ST., 5514-Wheeler Y. and G.M. Fisher to Rachel L. White and Stefan M. Meisner, $1.31 million.

CUMMINGS LANE, 3206-Shirley R.H. Weiner, trustee, to Mihaela B. and Timothy D. Pittman, $865,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 714-Elena Sanovich to Eily J. Hayes, $400,000.

ESSEX AVE., 4718-Howard N. and C.A. Newman to Sara Shea and Michael Christian, $808,000.

GLENMOOR DR., 3506-Jonathan and A.L. Cottin to Patricia E. Kennedy and Rodney J. Vieira, $700,000.

MCGREGOR DR., 8907-Jay P. and E.N. Lefkowitz to Kathy K. and Kenneth A. Ingber, $1.78 million.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 26005-Saul A. Panameno to Mary Lannett Selvadoss and Francis Selvadoss, $339,900.

SHEPHERD ST., 3501-H.D. and Barry D. Lebowitz to Julio Fernandes, $855,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. 203-S.H. and Stanley Bobb to Leslie M. Berger, trustee, $1.9 million.

Clarksburg Area

BENTON PARK CIR., 12921-NVR Inc. to Susan Park, $483,340.

BREWERS TAVERN WAY, 23339-Robert N. and Larissa Hyland to Timothy Kovac, $430,000.

BURDETTE FOREST RD., 23844-Yuanreng Hu to Carol L. Taylor, $843,500.

FOUNTAIN DR., 12213-J.Y. and Carolyn S. Terry to Stacie D. Canova, $507,000.

GRAND ELM ST., 12838-Michael Harris Clarksburg Corp. to Steven M. Koning and Demetra V. Collia, $608,980.

MURDOCK RIDGE WAY, 23222-Heng Yu Chang to Shangshi Liu and Quan Zhang, $627,200.

MURPHY GROVE TERR., 12841-Laveda and Craig Dart to Kimberly Ann Hock, $4.55 million.

RAINBOW ARCH DR., 23326-NVR Inc. to Daniel Cooperstein, $581,075.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

CARONA DR., 14513-Judy E. McClure to Jorge Rivera, $590,000.

EDNOR RD., 1504-R.P. and Emory C. Leffel to Jose M. Alas, $429,950.

NETHERLANDS CT., 1123-Raj K. and P. Chopra to Angela and Kevin McRae, $538,000.

OLD BONIFANT RD., 111-Maurice N. Gunraj to Mario Magallanes Villarreal, $900,000.

SOUTHVIEW CT., 20-Stuart M. and J.H. Ware to Melanie and Quentin Sahly, $455,000.

Damascus Area

NICKELBY DR., 24800-Erika James to Davina M. Marklin, $353,000.

PRICES DISTILLERY RD., 12650-L.K. and John C. Ross to Agha K. Ghahari, $209,000.

RIDGE RD., 26630-K.M. and Thomas T. Moon Jr. to Victor Solorzano, $449,000.

SHRUBBERY HILL CT., 24805-Thomas E. and P.P. Robinson to Elizabeth A. and Michael O. Lennon, $495,000.

Derwood Area

CLIFFBOURNE LANE, 17825-Lynn D. and D.J. Cairns to Madlen M. and Eric S. Zeher, $500,000.

KEYPORT TERR., 7726-Elizabeth S. Williamson to Allison P. and Jeffrey S. Reznick, $442,000.

ROSLYN AVE., 7000-Redland Express Corp. to Kevin K. Voritskul, $358,040.

ROSLYN AVE., 7024-Redland Express Corp. to George Pe Than, $326,990.

ROSLYN AVE., 7026-Redland Express Corp. to Tzu Lun Szu, $333,240.

WICK LANE, 6943-Norfa Y. and Jaime M. Gordillo to Claudia I. Zelaya, $495,000.

Gaithersburg Area

ALLISTON HOLLOW WAY, 8900-James E. and L.A. Forner to Rosemarie and Jack R. Davis, $565,000.

AMITY CIR., 8228-Robert E. Srour to Martha V. Herrera, $207,000.

BADGER DR., 10816-Anthony C. Launi to Indira E. Gendendaram, $232,000.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 640-Centex Homes to Jennifer and Joshua McKee, $504,930.

CENTERWAY RD., 9108-Yaa B. Amoah to Emmanuel K. Asigbetse, $300,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7915, No. 101-Camille Y. Jones to Alexandra R. York, $218,590.

CROSS COUNTRY PL., 8867-Idail C. and Daniel N. Matlock to Cherry Myint, $270,500.

DE SELLUM AVE., 212-Mary G. and B. Davis to Nu Ngoc Luu and Quy Gia Pham, $700,000.

DEER PARK WAY, 118-Patricia H. Drew to Nelly E. March, $350,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 318, No. 1-A-Christine M. Geronimo to Domitila and Rodrigo Rojas, $335,000.

EMORY WOODS CT., 114-Miguel A. Mendez to Ziaullah Durrani, $420,000.

FLEECE FLOWER DR., 303-Helga Dougherty to Cara B. Schoem, $385,000.

GARDENIA WAY, 18337-Jay S. and D.L. Feldman to Vernessa and Joseph A. Pollard, $501,500.

GIRARD ST., 444, No. 289-C.J. and Roy D. Taylor to Maria Vasquez, $232,500.

GIRARD ST., 446, No. 307-Carolyn Ortega to Ruth Etheredge, $226,000.

GOLDEN MEADOW DR., 19309-Blaine A. and Dianna H. Tuft to Katherine C. and James A. Ridgway Jr., $621,500.

GOODPORT CT., 39-Davar Davari Fard to Tatiana and Garth Hall, $411,000.

INKBERRY CIR., 7-Anita J. Laico to Gail E. Herman and John C. Daniels, $510,000.

INSPIRATION LANE, 304-Thomas P. and P.A. Minnick to Susan B. and Joel T. Danick, $665,000.

KENDRICK PL., 182, No. 22-Matthew A. Kim to Homa and Fereidoon Rezvani, $376,000.

LAYTONIA DR., 7665-J.J. and William J. Bultman to Sergio Banegas, $260,000.

LAZY HOLLOW DR., 162-Jill S. and Jeffrey W. Degen to Dorothy L. Sellers, $421,550.

LONGPOINT WAY, 127-Eva and Boris Royzen to Jayaprabha and Sridhar Basam, $525,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL CT., 42-Mario and Pilar F. Villalva to Haydee M. and Juan Lizama, $317,300.

OUTPOST DR., 10620-Gang Dong to Xi Chen and Lixin Qie, $930,000.

PALMSPRING DR., 450-Cara B. Schoem to Eric Cockayne, $297,000.

PLUM CREEK DR., 7910-Wayne L. Russell to Carolyn R. and Stephen C. Craig, $760,150.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 813-Lawrence E. and Patricia D. Mize to Elizabeth and Shengqiang Li, $560,000.

PRINCE HALL CT., 7717-David B. Enabnit to Jose E. Alas Mejia, $381,030.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 722, No. 202-Mary L. Penrose to Jin Zhou and Hua Yu, $205,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 886, No. 101-Michael Mikusa to Clare M. Irangi, $145,500.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 206-Timothy C. Sweeney to Kevin Colquitt, $475,000.

SADDLE RIVER DR., 14164-Robert J. and J.S. Schniebolk to Jy Wei Jou and Po Kar Chu, $758,000.

SADDLEVIEW DR., 13801-Zili Li to Guodong Shao, $660,100.

SHADOW GLEN MEWS., 10-Barbara A. Zimmerman to Anna M. Hikoyeda and Michael R. Boshart, $672,000.

SOUR CHERRY WAY, 12310-Hanna Lee and Minsuk Kim to Anthony Carl Hartman, $467,000.

TAVERNEY TERR., 9322-Miriam E. Frieman to Maria De Los Angles Cruz, $315,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 127, No. T-102-Phillip Z. Massey to Linda K. and Sam Dovelle, $305,000.

TIMONIUM PL., 15208-M.K. and Steven C. Bauer to Donna K. Rismiller, $651,000.

TRAMS WAY, 9118-Wilson and Eugenia A. Amoako to Jose Orellana, $320,000.

TREWORTHY RD., 6-Victor I. and R.S. Littman to Wendy W. Cheng and Paul K. Stauffer, $680,000.

TULIP GROVE RD., 9125-John C. and K.M. Schleeter to Robert C. and Agnes O. Donaldson, $464,900.

TWELVE OAKS DR., 101-James J. and Maura Lyons to Shirin Ameli and Mehdi Keshti, $440,000.

WHEATFIELD DR., 19216-Long X. and Bi Fang Yang to Noreen Hamdani and Waqar M. Rizvi, $650,000.

WINERY CT., 9737-Meadow Ridge Seniors Village Corp. to Christina L. Verzi, $129,149.

Garrett Park Area

MONTROSE AVE., 10808-B.M. and Lex W. Barnett to Manouchehr Navai, $483,000.

Germantown Area

BAILIWICK TERR., 13941-Ruben Dario Quiroz to Ana Maria Rodriguez, $500,000.

BAYBERRY DR., 13322, No. 21-Zulay M. Ruiz to Erika Alvarado, $265,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20307, No. 102-Amy Elizabeth Gladhill to Michael P. Kenny, $250,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20313, No. 01-Flor M. Salazar to Jason J. Szymkowiak, $253,000.

CHALET DR., 18202, No. 2-69-D.K. and Kanaiyalal R. Shah to Jessica M. Casasola, $175,000.

CHERRY BEND DR., 19045-C.A. and Frederic A. Lass to Martha Hidalgo Rubio, $330,000.

CHOCTAW CT., 20006-Rafael A. Giron to Omar Antezana, $294,000.

CHURUBUSCO LANE, 19337-Vicki L. Babyak to Johanna T. Cunanan, $345,000.

COTTAGE FIELD CT., 8-Ying Zhang to Chandan Karnik, $421,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13269-Jun C. and M.E. Campos to Maria T. and Antonio G. Aguilar, $303,000.

CREOLA CT., 13726, No. 195-Sarah Wang to Charina M. Cantarella, $325,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13543-Matthew J. Curry to Jessica L. and Jose D. Herrera Jr., $260,000.

DUNSTABLE WAY, 11211, No. 156-Bong J. and Heung S. Park to Kellie D. McCullough, $300,000.

JUMP DR., 14031-Brian S. and Deborah J. Wilson to Thomas and Carmiller J. Dorsey, $400,000.

KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12850-Michelle Ann Stokes to Kimberly A. McNamee, $326,600.

LEDBURY WAY, 11439-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Susan E. Hetrick, $293,400.

MEANDER COVE DR., 13203, No. 73-Marie T. Barone to Jose C. and Astrid M. Humanez, $264,800.

NUTMEG PL., 18641-Bernadine Meyers to Tiruayer Negatu, $265,000.

PALACE CIR., 11411-Nassim Nasr to Sreevidhya Pannickerkunnath and Madhavan Kozhipurath, $587,000.

PARTRIDGE WOOD DR., 19001-Viktoriya Grinberg to Mohamad El Tawekgi, $340,000.

PEACH CREST DR., 12217, No. 905-H-Nancy S. Kupperian to Linda M. Eastwood, $205,000.

PINEY POINT PL., 18905-Lori and Ollie Perkins to Diana C. Larach, $344,000.

RED ROBIN TERR., 18935-Joyce M. Kiser to Eveling Queirolo, $335,000.

RISING SUN LANE, 13322-Alireza M. Khodadad to Susan L. Adamkiewocz, $486,000.

RUSHWORTH TERR., 12012-Thomas S. and C.A. Aquino to Nancy W. and Ronald A. Isaacson, $610,000.

SAWYER TERR., 19060-Aracely V. and Jorge Hurtarte to Edgar H. Hurtarte, $390,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13033, No. 12-215-Colleen N. Pecorelli to Richard Lazzari, $255,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20547-Zenaida F. Chan to Michael C. Warch, $256,000.

SOJOURN CT., 21061, No. 63-Bizunesh K.T. Talbot to Maria Fernanda Sotomayor and Franz Michael Sotomayor, $399,000.

SUMMER OAK DR., 11711-Hector A. Lainez to Steven P. Cram, $325,000.

SUNNYVIEW DR., 12117-M.G. and John L. Leahy to Carlos Campos, $440,000.

SWISS CT., 14, No. 439-Christopher P. Tharp to Persha G. and Scott A. Campbell, $272,000.

Kensington Area

ASTORIA CT., 3504-Andrew P. and C.B. Stevens to Hugues A. and Anne C. Leblanc, $450,000.

COLCHESTER DR., 4307-Helena Nagy to Nelson Development of Maryland Corp., $440,000.

DRUMM AVE., 10416-Harriet D. and Raymond D. Clift Sr. to Stacey M. and Eric J. Kulongowski, $499,900.

FRANKLIN ST., 4025-Mary Sue Maddox to Eileen T. Healy and Patrick E. Bain, $950,000.

WHEATLEY ST., 10616-Patrick C. Welsh to Matthew H. and Susan T. Bechtel, $569,000.

Laytonsville Area

APOLLO LANE, 20817-Patricia K. Owens to Janet Gregory, $555,000.

GOSHEN VALLEY DR., 9145-Alfred L. and J.A. Gaspar to Aimavathi P. and Valentine Niles, $937,500.

LANDO CT., 8304-Patrick A. and Violette Y. Weiss to Lori L. and Mark S. Littrell, $750,000.

LOG HOUSE RD., 23505-R.J. and Donald R. Lowe to Marilou S. Abrantes, $733,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BUTTERWICK CT., 16-Siele Silue to Julyana Zodi Loren, $432,000.

CANADIAN CT., 19051-Kymberly Lee to Patricia S. Evans, $359,900.

ENTERPRISE WAY, 19600-Y.M. and Mohammad M. Din to Edima Elinewinga, $382,500.

HARRON VALLEY WAY, 20128-Michael C. and L.K. Bisignano to Stacy A. and David L. Chandler, $649,900.

HELLINGLY PL., 9759, No. 10-Kerry and Shonda M. Hampton to Karen and Anthony Torres, $93,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9811, No. 82-Ellen S. Richmond to Robert J. Carpenter, $195,100.

HIGHLAND HALL DR., 20721-Lois A. Bell to Akosua A. and Stephen Adapong, $395,000.

LOCUST POINT CT., 18514-Alain G. Sakou Mopoh to Edgar Galdamez, $290,000.

SAWGRASS CT., 4-Samuel D. and Deborah J. Kreiter to Gerry G. and Patrick M. Haughey, $730,000.

TINDAL SPRINGS CT., 42-Jennifer Davis to Robin Weiss, $415,000.

TROLLEY CROSSING CT., 20309-V.D. and John A. Long to Ramin M. Hakami, $405,000.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

BLOSSOM LANE, 10804-Gus Pelzer to Guillerma and Ruben Lopez, $450,000.

LA GRANDE RD., 1110-Elsie M. Hall to Joseph A. Piemontese, $440,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BAILEYS LANE, 15225-Ricardo B. Caceres to Marcello Monterrosa, $630,000.

BASSETT LANE, 15400, No. 46-1E-Angelo M. Ribaldi to Margarita A. and Tony R. Horsmon, $239,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3800, No. 8-8-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Penya E. Littleton, $171,227.

BERET LANE, 3309-L.K. and Daniel L. Jarboe to Michelle Ledgister, $465,000.

FLACK ST., 12829-Cynthia Weikert to Jose H. Puac, $385,000.

FLACK ST., 12910-G.C. and Tyronne C. Rajaratnam to Ana F. Bolanos, $370,000.

HUGO CT., 12-Brenda C. Johnson to Samuel D. Williamowsky, $390,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-W.C. Wohlfarth, trustee, to Howard O. Goldberg, trustee, $400,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15115, No. 3-Paul E. Grayson, trustee, to Phyllis W. and Irwin Bauman, $380,000.

MIDDLEVALE LANE, 13608-James S. and P.A. Halsey to Dawn F. and Peter D. Muench, $660,000.

MUMFORD DR., 2404-James J. and Charlotte M. Wiltshire to Louise M. and Michael L. Dunn, $525,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE CT., 7, No. 1-Saba Berhane to Betty Torres, $245,000.

PENNFIELD CIR., 14800, No. 407-Dorothy J. Cranford to James H. Lockhart, $325,000.

QUEENSGUARD RD., 1809-Ana L. and Camilo O.A. Rivera to Henrietta M. and Paul Green, $567,876.

ROBERT CT., 4302-S.N. and Mohamed S. Rahaman to Juan Paez, $415,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14104, No. 7-5-Pamela M. Nalevenko to Diana C. Riera, $264,500.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14201, No. 3-24-Nazir Nazari to Mitchel V. Capulong, $277,000.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14203, No. 7-23-William M. Shectman to Robert F. Fuson, $255,000.

WOODWELL TERR., 14201-Alhaji G. Kromah to Daysi D. and Juan A. Flores, $460,000.

Olney Area

BISHOPS CASTLE DR., 1907-James M. La to Trung V. La, $301,638.

ISLANDER ST., 19641-David J. and B.I. Eskenazi to Shannon and John Dorsey, $517,000.

MCGEE WAY, 2902-Jennifer L. Pearce to Erica and Kennedy Wilson, $300,000.

OXFORDSHIRE TERR., 18428-John M. and P. Mollish to James W. and Marcia S. Crown Jr., $490,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 18501-John and Cindy Maroulis to Mauricia and Paul Sagnay, $580,000.

Poolesville Area

BROWN RD., 17309-Carol A. Dutko to Vickie L. and Douglas M. Carlson, $375,000.

MOUNT NEBO RD., 14929-Sharon F. Louw to Juan A. Hernandez, $875,000.

SOPER ST., 17332-David P. and D.A. Mowatt to Rebecca L. and Jeremy D. Smalley, $379,900.

Potomac Area

BARTONSHIRE WAY, 1286-Chad A. and A.M. Ellis to Georgiana G. and Craig A. Bricker, $675,000.

BELLS RIDGE DR., 10912-Whei C. Chang to Kuanchan Chang, $840,000.

FALLS RD., 11409-Falls Road Partnership to Jerzy Lamot, $850,000.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7836-John M. Cooper to Hung Q. Tran, $450,000.

IRON GATE RD., 10218-Camberwell Properties Corp. to Seema and Arvinder Kakar, $1.15 million.

LAMP POST CT., 2-Carol Lucia Passo to Parviz Aryan Nejad and Manijeh Poorahrab, $855,000.

LARKMEADE LANE, 11019-Sheila Colton to Dana and Paul Pashkoff, $1.36 million.

PINEY GLEN LANE, 12210-Mark W. Clark to Betsy and Daryl Testa, $1.83 million.

RIVERS BEND LANE, 10513-Toll Maryland IV Partnership to Betty and Lawrence M. Sullivan, $2.37 million.

WILLOW VALLEY DR., 9021-Harry A. and A.D. Baker to Erin and David Stillwell, $925,000.

Rockville Area

ANTIGUA TERR., 10820, No. 150-Bruce R. Carey to Holly L. Prutz, $442,900.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12415, No. 544-Tracy and Mordechai Yitzhaky to Gerald S. Gelfeld, $247,000.

BRENT RD., 531-Robert A. Schaaf to Colleen B. and Robert J. Corbey Jr., $375,000.

COLLEGE PKWY., 854, No. 102-Sandra M. Sanchez to Wen C. Lee, $226,500.

EDSON LANE, 5809, No. 004-Peter Schissler to Deepa Avula, $435,000.

GARCIA LANE, 114-Rafael F. Aguilera to Margaret K. Snowel, $615,000.

GROVE RIDGE WAY, 5469, No. 125-Agnes T. and Brooks MacKintosh to David A. Samuels, $555,500.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10827, No. 1709-Farzam and Francesca U. Tamami to Marisa R. Padula, $411,790.

JASMINE HILL TERR., 13200-Steven J. Winebrenner, trustee, to Andrea and Lawrence J. Markovitz, $1,315,000.

MACON RD., 4713-Maria M. Wickum to Rene and Rafael Cruz, $415,000.

MONTROSE RD., 6330-Farshid Alizadeh Shabdiz to David Friesem, $510,000.

NEW MARK ESPLANADE, 212-Amparo Rueda De Torres to Angela Franco, $525,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 1109-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Kibum Kim, $298,900.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 205-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Carolyn M. Rosenberg, $165,500.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 206-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Farhad D. Ahdoot, $264,900.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 227-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Jeffrey Szekely, $351,700.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 317-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Vera L. and Jose F. Arena, $539,400.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 729-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Klarice Ghazarian, $489,800.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 11710, No. 919-White Flint Place Ltd. Partnership to Farbod Fakhrai, $302,900.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 803-S. and David Rebibo to Israel Sayag, $272,500.

STONEHENGE PL., 6132, No. 6-Patricia H. and W. Lin to Cam Trang and Son Nguyen, $652,000.

WAXWOOD CT., 10904-Mary M. Sherwood, trustee, to Michael A. Levin, $980,000.

Silver Spring Area

CAPITOL VIEW AVE., 9717-Alexandra C. Teaff to Nancy Scala, $339,900.

CURRAN RD., 9429-Ruth Lepson to Francesca J. Gianaris, $360,000.

DUNMOOR DR. S., 10616-Matthew J. McKenna to Tobin and Jennifer Eckel, $499,000.

FINALE TERR., 137-W.F. Rosenberger to Brian and Jenny Corrado, $396,000.

GABEL ST., 901-Hao L. and Thai N. Tran to Ramon G. Talusan, $440,000.

GRUBB RD., 8207-Lynn R. Golden to Kristen B. Callihan and Juan F. Pineda, $185,000.

HARVEY RD., 9314-Patrick R. and Tammy G. Thomas to Kathleen M. and Alexander W. Jordan, $775,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 1900, No. 519-Edward C. Anderson, trustee, to Patrice D. McMath, $150,000.

MARKHAM ST., 9923-Virginia A. Jenkins to Katherine B. and David H. Bradley, $420,000.

MELBOURNE AVE. E., 409-M. and Richard Yesuratnam to Maria V. Benitez, $405,000.

MENLO AVE., 10001-Janice M. Stein to Jose M. Guzman Maltez, $333,000.

MILES ST., 9013-Anh Hang to Peter Hang, $290,000.

NEWHALL ST., 906-Sylvia Losikoff to Alfred M. Hagler and Dereky Martin, $260,000.

NOYES LANE, 1714-Julia Villa to Rokshana Perven and Mohammad Mostafa, $660,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 11106, No. 80-Gwendolyn R. Williams to Lourdes Alarcon, $300,000.

REDDICK DR., 10018-Joseph D. and M.S. Quill to Cara L. and Joseph N. Eckhardt, $482,500.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 306-M.I. and William H. Galbraith Jr. to Michael V. Battaglia, $253,100.

TENBROOK DR., 10604-Thomas Martin to Hilde C. and Robert C. Singer, $405,000.

TENBROOK DR., 9919-Kevin G. McCrae to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $344,000.

THAYER AVE., 575, No. 403-Abdelali Benyahya to Otmane M. Barre, $120,000.

Takoma Park Area

BOYD AVE., 423-William T. Jr. and D.L. Johnson to Elizabeth J. Wilson and Christopher W. Wilson, $362,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 6914-Bernette J. and Damon J. Downs to Constance A. Street, $410,000.

ORCHARD AVE., 6425-Letebrhan Zerihun to Joahana Tingem, $349,900.

Twinbrook Area

CLAGETT DR., 1108-Victor S. Strosnider to Michelle and Albert Barcilon, $419,900.

WOODBURN RD., 317-L.I. and Gerald L. Cecil to Lidia N. Bortolini, $395,000.

Wheaton Area

ALBERTI DR., 1918-Robert J. and B.J. Zavatchan to Elsy N. and Jose Mejia, $474,900.

BLUHILL RD., 12126-Enelison A. Ayala to Martha Jacobs and Gergorio F. Cruz, $255,000.

BRISBANE ST., 1612-Susan Fletcher to Luis Javier Martinez, $399,900.

CLARIDGE RD., 11937-B. and Julio Salas to Miguel A. Perez, $273,000.

CLOVERHILL DR., 11311-M.B. and Paul F. Symborski to Alexandra Tsoy, $400,000.

HERMITAGE AVE., 2109-Paul R. Gowen, trustee, to Amy M. and Michael S. Lee, $543,800.

LOMA ST., 2601-Richard C. and J.M. Bigelow to Erin and Carey B. Nuttall, $425,000.

MALONE ST., 10702-Marilyn D. Barker to Zhanita Perez, $375,000.

PENNYDOG LANE, 10528-Innovative Real Estate Services Corp. to Jirakom Saipong, $427,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 515B-Bruce D. and G.K. Barnes to Barbara I. and Gary E. Libbin, $230,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 611-B-Bonnie F. Wexler to Manuel Terrones, $161,500.

WEISMAN RD., 2914-E. and Malluwa Priyantha to Grisilda Jayakody, $325,000.