William Page Johnson II * *

Age: 46

Residence: City of Fairfax.

Education: BS, finance, George Mason University; master commissioner of revenue designation, Weldon Cooper Center, University of Virginia.

Occupation: Commissioner of the revenue.

Elected offices/civic activities: Commissioner of the revenue, City of Fairfax; secretary and board member, George Mason University; vice president, Commissioner of the Revenue Association of Virginia; board member, Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board;

board member, Fairfax County Historical Society; past president and board member, Historic Fairfax City Inc.; past president and board member, Fairfax Noonday Optimist Club.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"We are blessed with a level of affluence and public service not shared by the majority of Virginians. From the fiscal perspective, the ability to continue to administer our own affairs and offer services is under significant threat. Over the last several years localities have been forced to accept an ever-increasing number of state services without additional fiscal support -- so-called unfunded mandates. This reduces our level of fiscal control and fosters a heavier reliance on real property taxes. I favor devolving more state services, such as DMV and Virginia income tax, with additional fiscal authority to localities."

Why should voters elect you?

"I have been innovative in my approach to public service by adding a DMV location and increasing electronic processes. I will continue to do so."

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