The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41906 -- Michael P. Alexiou to Janice Robinson Wells, $520,000.

BERYL TERR., 41938 -- Valentina L. and Brian A. Thomas to Tamer Moumen and Robert J. Wagner, $535,000.

BLACK ROCK TERR., 42255 -- Mark D. Stinnette to Farhana A. and Shahid Qamar, $409,900.

DESTINATION SQ., 25196 -- NVR Inc. to Lina C. and Robert Reinert, $481,690.

DESTINATION SQ., 25198 -- NVR Inc. to Heather R. Gardner, $118,954.

DESTINATION SQ., 25200 -- NVR Inc. to Maryam Karimian Tehrani, trustee, $464,690.

DESTINATION SQ., 25202 -- NVR Inc. to Gail E. Gregg, $119,195.

DESTINATION SQ., 25204 -- NVR Inc. to Mai Bui, $494,310.

GYPSUM WAY, 24787 -- Jan Y. and Timothy W. Viertel to Katia R. and Douglas R. Magee, $799,000.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40436 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Eunjoo and Sang Kim, $863,785.

MASTERY PL., 25267 -- NVR Inc. to Beverly and Sidney Peng, $658,400.

MASTERY PL., 25279 -- Two Greens Kirkpatrick Corp. to NVR Inc., $114,114.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24630 -- Han N.T. and Victor J. Stemberger to Lorena Gallo and David Bellinger, $399,900.

PEPPERBUSH PL., 42043 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Tanya and David Martz, $646,445.

PROVERBIAL TERR., 41834 -- NVR Inc. to Mayla A. and Kurt F. Wallschleger, $532,540.

PROVERBIAL TERR., 41836 -- NVR Inc. to Harpreet Jutley, $516,540.

PROVERBIAL TERR., 41840 -- NVR Inc. to Matthew Burton and Lauren Welch, $535,445.

PYRITE CT., 42030 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Bidya Shrestha and Manju Shrestha, $564,248.

PYRITE CT., 42031 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Doris Essiaw, $633,062.

PYRITE CT., 42034 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Claudia P. and Per Hamarin, $630,894.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ASHCROFT TERR., 20360 -- Jason R. Rowley to Constance H. Proctor, $485,000.

BEDFORD DR., 30 -- Marjorie M. and George H. Krueger to Lynda A. Young and John C. Young, $479,900.

BICKEL CT., 51 -- Rosemarie A. Fowler Williams to Kristina E. and Robert C. Van Horn, $341,500.

BRIARCLIFF TERR., 20355 -- Kathleen L. and John A. Short to Hatem Hijazi, $463,000.

BRINKS CT., 22 -- Margaret and Parviz Salehi to Olimpia C. Guerra, $474,900.

CHESAPEAKE SQ., 20451, No. 303 -- Allen M. Saunders to Hyun Ah Kim and Jae Hwe Ku, $347,500.

COSWORTH TERR., 20865 -- Silvana M. and Clyde B. Barretto to Brynn E. Calef, $450,100.

DANFORTH PL., 46464 -- Virginia Ellen Havely to Thomas J. Jr. and Laura K. Donohue, $639,000.

DEVENSHIRE CT., 1 -- Barbara A. and Thomas M. Strait to Karen W. and Timothy K. Tingler, $764,500.

DOMAIN TERR., 21144 -- Nilden Demir to Axel B. and Audrey C. Davister, $387,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46612, No. 201 -- Linda M. Allen to Carly J. Hassinger, $310,000.

DULANY CT., 23 -- Bashar Jaafari and Bassam Jaafari to Maria O. and Jose J. Rodriguez, $335,000.

ENVIRONS RD., 123 -- Mary Lynn Garms to Edwuin Ventura, $550,000.

FALLSWAY TERR., 20381 -- Audrey N. Greening, trustee, to Parissa Kharazmpour, $525,000.

GANNON WAY, 24 -- Akilah L. Ridley to Vasilly Mulyar, $285,000.

LAKE HAVEN TERR., 45529 -- V. Susanivar and Mario A. Hernandez to Ruth Y. Hermoza, $375,000.

MIDDLECREEK CT., 20619 -- Lisa K. Palley, trustee, to Yeon K.C. Lee and Jae Myung Choi, $705,000.

MILLARD CT., 15 -- Jacqueline D. and Orvail D. Orr to Gabriela Cowan, $390,000.

MUCKLEHANY LANE, 14 -- Paulette H. Zakrzeski, trustee, to Cari Z. and Robert C. Wilson, $525,000.

RIVERWOOD TERR., 46575 -- Sumayatu and Mohammed Diallo to Shila and Hamid G. Barish, $408,000.

ROYAL PALACE SQ., 20751, No. 421 -- Beazer Homes Corp. to Michele M. and Richard B. Ringrose, $429,785.

SCOTSBOROUGH SQ., 47849 -- Martin David Jones to Peter C. Lierni, $555,000.

VINSON CT., 5 -- Sybilla C. and Kenneth R. Cass to Cheryl L. and Michael J. Wood, $670,000.

WATERFALL BRANCH TERR., 20727 -- Ali R. Reza to Brook Development Corp., $430,000.

WATKINS ISLAND SQ., 47620 -- David B. Bridson to Javad Zolfaghari, $455,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 46182 -- J.E. Hargrave and Donald Roth II to Joanne C. Goodwin, $710,000.

WESTWOOD PL., 47319 -- Franella Johnson to Melissa K.S. and John R. Mills, $795,000.

WHIRLPOOL SQ., 47690 -- Sidney Rankin to Hema and Srinivas V. Pratapa, $561,000.

WORTHINGTON CT., 8 -- Hollin K. and Jonathan F. Cook to Isai Amaya, $450,000.

Ashburn Area

AMANDA KAY CT., 43293 -- Lisa A. and Joseph G. Selner to Zulma Avilez and Omar Sejas, $749,000.

APOLLO TERR., 20809 -- Nancy and Patrick McManus to Brianne McManus and Jessica Held, $310,000.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20701 -- NVR Inc. to Victoria Dilanian, $907,315.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20708 -- NVR Inc. to Woong T. and Leeanne Yi, $1.1 million.

ASHBURN VALLEY CT., 20713 -- NVR Inc. to Lorna M. and Robert L.W. Miller, $1.25 million.

ASPENDALE SQ., 19580 -- Belmont Land Partnership to John B.W. Simpson, $558,756.

ASPENDALE SQ., 19590 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Linda W. and William P. Fosdick, $583,647.

BALLANTINE PL., 43425 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Nikki R. and W. Michael Ernst, $935,131.

BALMORAL TERR., 43692 -- Carol J. and Peter O. Jorgensen to James Gambill and Allison Aschman, $529,000.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20273, No. 301 -- William J. Evers to Pinak I. Hussain, $249,900.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20290, No. 200 -- Shaheen Ghafari to Payam Ghorbani, $293,000.

BRIGHTCREST TERR., 20396 -- Patricia W. Bogen to Kathleen McCoach, $364,900.

BROOKTON WAY, 43032 -- Amy K. and John J. Eiden to Kristin G. and David R. Korte, $689,900.

CHESTERTON ST., 42973 -- Alicia B. and Colin P. Donohue to Kathleen and Eric L. Perryman, $539,900.

CHETWOOD TERR., 20427 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Anne M. and Andrew D. Cather, $397,119.

CITATION DR., 20710 -- Judith A. and David Cali to Aldo and L. Villa and Lorissa Figallo, $531,500.

COOL FERN SQ., 20482 -- Kimberly Rudy Massengale to M. Birchmeier and Neil Birchmeier, $409,950.

CROCUS TERR., 21155 -- Cheryl Querry to Bharani R. and Bridget J. Paluvai, $460,000.

CROSS TIMBER DR., 20828 -- Ann M. and Robert J. Hogan to Laura L. and Douglas A. Burkett, $675,000.

DESERT FOREST DR., 20146 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Monique V. and Joseph A. Molina, $786,034.

HAZELTINE PL., 19952 -- Dena and Peter Vammino to Raynell and Patrick Brown, $937,800.

HYDE PARK DR., 22038 -- Renee E. and Antony C. Faulkner to Venu G. and Siva J. Gundapaneni, $820,000.

KENTUCKY OAKS CT., 20227 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Ranju Saroch and Manish Paliwal, $876,177.

KENTUCKY OAKS CT., 20243 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Kaysi A. and Jeffrey A. Sanden, $890,453.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20888 -- NVR Inc. to Ronnie and Robert Wieder, $489,490.

LABURNUM SQ., 43804 -- Omkalsum Hussein and Yaser Bishr to Lori M. and Charles W. Ganiear, $402,000.

LAWNSBERRY SQ., 43186 -- Kimberly B. and Mark J. Daniels to Lilly and Luke R. Whitis, $479,990.

LEMON SPRINGS TERR., 21044 -- Kathleen and Eric Perryman to Cruz Elena Gil, $432,000.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 44340 -- Sherri A. and Randall B. Meadows to Jennifer M. and Luis A. Rose, $825,000.

MARKHAM PL., 43304 -- Scott T. Hausch to Coale P. Anderson, $599,900.

MARYMOUNT TERR., 43302, No. 200 -- Jason C. Blades to Potomac Relocation Inc., $271,000.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20431 -- Eric B. Fuller to Madeline and Robert G. Sullivan, $620,000.

MILLSTEAD DR., 20214 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Parul S. and Saumil A. Kagalwala, $597,429.

MILLSTEAD DR., 20238 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Jennifer L. and David J. Conk, $645,591.

NAVAJO DR., 44288 -- Richmond American Homes to Veerayya Surapaneni and Jinesh Dani, $545,565.

NAVAJO DR., 44293 -- Richmond American Homes to Shimel and Redic Morris, $574,670.

NAVAJO DR., 44308 -- Richmond American Homes to Katrecia and Keith T. Nolen, $556,040.

OSAGE CT., 43570 -- Pamela and Brady B. Klepac to Deborah B. and Thomas J. Schwind, $592,500.

POTTER TERR., 44500 -- Diane Sheakley to Edward F. Kirkley, $405,700.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20131 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Hina Nabeel and Haider Nabeel, $418,275.

RAINSBORO DR., 20765 -- Edna and Michael Reyes to Jairo H. Rios Pularin, $681,400.

SCIOTO TERR., 20436 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Alan Chiet and Benjamin J. Chiet, $393,222.

SHEFFIELD CT., 21545 -- Xuan and Hien Vu to Gina Kristine Jackson, $633,000.

SHEHAWKEN TERR., 44263 -- Sandra K. and Keith M. Woodwell to Srinivasulu Pacharu and Satish Aytha, $520,000.

SMITH CIR., 19782 -- Anju and Sanjeev Anand to B. Nguyen and M. Ho and Alain Luong, $842,400.

STRAWRICK TERR., 21002 -- Ryan and Melinda McQuivey to Indu Gulalia and Kamiesh Lalwani, $424,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21029, No. 103 -- Leslie D. Bryan to Ramiz Taqi, $300,000.

TIPPECANOE TERR., 44209 -- Michelle L. Tessier to M. Akhtar and Mohammed Abdulbari, $462,250.

WACCAMAW SQ., 20279 -- Richmond American Homes to Zebun Nisa, $137,397.

WACCAMAW SQ., 20283 -- Richmond American Homes to Quratulain Javed, $377,415.

WAYSIDE CIR., 43388 -- Mary A. and Phillip E. Davis to Mary M. and Jeffrey L. Altenhof, $727,000.

WINOLA TERR., 20934 -- James B. and Sharon M. Davidson to Patricia Pavel and Al Christian, $635,000.

Broadlands Area

AINSLEY CT., 21832 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Andrea J. and Scott F. Lawson, $630,521.

AINSLEY CT., 21840 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to S. Tirado Padilla and Yamil Chaar, $712,803.

BANKBARN TERR., 21550 -- Lisa C. and David C. Phares to Susan Fleig, $460,000.

BELLE TERRA DR., 22437 -- NVR Inc. to Venkata G. Indukuri, $1.02 million.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22104 -- NVR Inc. to Joon K. and Du Han Song, $494,040.

CONQUEST CIR., 42942 -- Centex Homes to Karen and Gary Cole, $709,840.

DULLES GAP CT., 22729 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Jennifer and Dennis M. Leibold Jr., $772,564.

DULLES GAP CT., 22736 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Michael Louis III, $770,748.

GLEBE VIEW DR., 21433 -- Barbara R. and Thomas E. Kessler to Elizabeth A. and Anthony Renzette, $719,000.

HALBURTON TERR., 21931 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to P. and Sultana R. Parveen, $427,710.

HIDDEN POND PL., 21312 -- Sara Asiama to Hyun S. and Hak J. Lee, $652,000.

LAUGHING QUAIL CT., 43152 -- Esther and Dominic E. Owusu to Naa Afi Owusu, $895,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43469 -- Kulwinder Kaur and Malkit Singh to Oscar A. Tovar Saldana, $773,000.

MAPLETON CT., 21927 -- Jolie and David L. Perara to Susan W. and Guy M. Hicks, $895,000.

MILFORD DR., 40397 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Tanya Brennan and Andrew I. Dombek, $561,058.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42853 -- Kathryn M. and Thomas G. Lokar to N. Robinson and John Zbyszinski, $764,000.

SONG SPARROW LANE, 23019 -- Gulick Group Inc. to Grace Mora and Eric C. Vannell, $754,195.

SPRING MORNING CT., 42866 -- Sandra and Arthur P. Smeding to Jennifer M. and Gregory S. Early, $702,000.

STOCKHAM WAY, 23116 -- Centex Homes to Katherine A. and Allen J. Steele, $687,615.

STONESTILE PL., 22009 -- Sachin Bhagi to Tatyana V. and Douglas F. Acton, $715,000.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43278 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Kelly and Quang Nguyen, $546,680.

TATTINGER TERR., 43835 -- Allison Riley and Brett A. Knode to Dalson Chi, $446,000.

THORNHILL PL., 21505 -- Dina S. and Michael P. Flynn to Cindy M.B. and David C. Mayer, $708,000.

Dulles Area

BAGGETT TERR., 45435 -- Diana R. Smith to Daniel R. Labarca, $430,000.

BAGGETT TERR., 45472 -- Han Hoang and Anhdao Tat to Laura M. and Jose Barreto, $426,000.

BAGGETT TERR., 45510 -- Jonathan D. and Kelly P. Johnson to S. Palani and Karthikeyan Natarajan, $429,900.

GRAND CENTRAL SQ., 45544 -- Amy L. and Samuel R. Helwig to Rahul Thakkar, $452,000.

LENNOXVILLE WAY, 23361 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Wendy L. and Boniface A. Ngassa, $1 million.

POTOMAC HILL SQ., 23040 -- T. Cheong and T.N. Cheong and Sam Cheong to Kevin J. Thomas, $403,400.

REGENT TERR., 22919 -- Sidhant Rakheja and Chanchal Kaim to Zafar Iqbal, $428,000.

REGENTS PARK CIR., 21769 -- Han N.T. and Victor J. Stemberger to Carmen and Jorge Morales, $685,000.

WARDEN DR., 43581 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Pramada and Damodar Veerareddy, $810,036.

Hamilton Area

BATTLE PEAK CT., 17812 -- Kathleen H. and Douglas J. Evans to Monique S. and Michael R. Howley, $811,500.

BETTIS DR., 38599 -- Richmond American Homes to Lee Trey Bostick, $658,656.

MADISON AVE., 17708 -- Darlene M. and Richard W. Gleason Jr. to Tamra L. and Charles S. Spink, $599,900.

MIDNIGHT SKY PL., 38372 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Anne Gibbens and Kurt J. Nappi, $742,802.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 10 -- M. Alizadeh and Shazin Rossoukh to Mid Atlantic Development Co. Corp., $187,000.

ADAMS DR., 32 -- Maria Santos Acosta to Margarita Romero and Jose Romero, $22,400.

ADAMS DR., 44 -- Sharif Ahmed to Mohammad R. Alam, $76,000.

APPLETREE DR., 402 -- John W. Childress to Elmer Villatoro, $495,000.

BERMUDA DUNES TERR., 43696 -- Drusilla D. and John J. Lenart to Donna H. and Robert S. Watson, $699,900.

BERWYN CT., 18619 -- Stella Benetis and Gilbert Matta to Stacy L. and Michael P. Killough, $715,000.

BIRCH ST., 214 -- David Fritze and Renee J. Meintel to Richard T. Embrey, $458,900.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 715 -- Joo Choon Tan and John L. Chen to Robin and R. Bullen and William Lucas, $704,990.

BUCCANEER TERR., 18270 -- NVR Inc. to Janet B. and John A. Fox, $905,750.

BUCHANAN CT., 601 -- Richard A. and Julie B. Sayles to Allyson and David Eide, $650,000.

CANAL CREEK PL., 43267 -- NVR Inc. to Cemal Metin, $840,755.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43612 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Janice L. Downs, $663,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR TERR., 43492 -- Donna M. and Thomas Moran to Loretta C. McHugh, $779,900.

CHARANDY DR., 19208 -- Renaissance at Kings Crossing Corp. to Christina and Samuel Chung, $1.35 million.

CHARANDY DR., 19228 -- Renaissance at Kings Crossing Corp. to Ruth J. and Robert W. Lowry, $1.5 million.

CHARTERED CREEK PL., 19117 -- NVR Inc. to Zhila Soltani and Rambod Nejad, $930,000.

CLAUDE CT., 127 -- Richmond American Homes to Karen and Roger Stromberg, $626,840.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 501-K -- T. and B. Little and Michael Little to Jerry J. Audi Jr., $270,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TERR., 19375, No. 609 -- Muriel A. Jacks to Lisa R. and Ray John Chapel, $245,000.

DAVIS AVE., 311 -- Cora Lee Lukens to Debra E. and Walter D. Martin, $315,000.

EAGLE POINT SQ., 18369 -- Renaissance at River Creek Towns Corp. to Susan Ostrowski, $731,603.

EAGLE POINT SQ., 18371 -- Renaissance at River Creek Towns Corp. to Michele A. and Stephen E. Demay, $808,960.

EAGLESHAM CT., 18103 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Melinda and Adam Dilks, $995,975.

EMERALD HILL DR., 719 -- Kathy and Mark Cichocki to Amy Bobchek and Steven J. Krepps, $680,000.

FERNDALE TERR., 851 -- Michael M. Kavianpour to Erica and Michael A. Ball Jr., $444,000.

FIRESTONE PL., 43526 -- Vicky H. and John L. Ferrari to Cathleen C. and Raymond P. Porter, $1.38 million.

FOREST MILLS RD., 38042 -- Judy L. and William R. Casey to Penelope K. Loeb, $1.1 million.

FORT EVANS RD., 101-A -- Roman F. Kierzewski to Michael Jacques, $265,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 119-F -- Aamer Khan to Wali Sikandar and Farzana Sikandar, $250,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 125-C -- Todd D. Epstein to Michael Raupp, $253,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 130 -- Sarah S. and David M. Bilowus to Jorge Melo, $750,000.

GAINES CT., 317 -- Dana A. and Joseph S. Sacco to Lisa E. and Daniel F. Faules, $740,000.

HAWKS VIEW SQ., 212 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Imran Bashir, $422,336.

HERNDON CT., 19562 -- Brenda L. and Robert M. Tuttle to Jose R. Lara Albayero, $510,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1125, No. 102 -- Kaleen E. and Paul H. Baker to Jesse R. McReynolds, $252,000.

ICEHOUSE TERR., 19095 -- Ruby R. Qurashi and Gary C. Latham to Suzan A. and Charles K. Gallagher, $767,000.

INVERRARY CIR., 18402 -- Antje M. and James M. Presnell to Prudential Residential Services, $925,000.

JARED SQ., 524 -- Richard L. Lockhart Jr. to Barbara S. Boyd, $362,500.

KING ST. S., 609 -- Madeline Abbott and Shye Gilad to Dara O'Brien, $337,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43706 -- Gail and Jon C. Fallick to Mahmood and Nasima Jaghori, $675,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 709 -- Kimberley V. and Trevor S. Lanham to Michelle and Benjamin Fernandez, $540,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 712 -- Hairong He to Vanessa L. Jones, $560,000.

MARSHALL DR., 619 -- Melissa L. and Douglas R. Anderson to Cheryl and Louis S. Werts Jr., $634,000.

MCARTHUR TERR., 541 -- The Drees Co. to Corinne A. and James L. Trawick Jr., $361,775.

MCARTHUR TERR., 545 -- The Drees Co. to Lourdes L. and Abtin Vaziri, $360,720.

MCARTHUR TERR., 548 -- The Drees Co. to Rui Zhang, $359,965.

MCLEARY SQ., 645 -- Farzanch and Alireza Vaziri to Miguel Angel Pineda, $449,900.

MCLEARY SQ., 664 -- Crystal and Christopher Wolfgang to Sara Saverine, $455,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 121 -- Efrain Lovos to F. Membreno and S. Diaz Henriquez, $290,000.

NELSON CT., 1003 -- Mirsada and Zemir Zecevic to Karin A. and Stephen T. Athanas, $325,000.

NORTHLAKE OVERLOOK TERR., 43089 -- Paige and Eric Newman to Sara and Robert M. Marti II, $575,251.

OVERVIEW PL., 43284 -- Basheer Edgemoore Goose Creek Corp. to Michelle and Mark F. Kennedy, $1.33 million.

PURPLE ASTER TERR., 43588 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Margaret C. Stiteler, $804,417.

QUEEN ST., 208 -- Virginia J. Athey to Angela M. and Randall J. Levangie, $405,000.

RHONDA PL., 953 -- Ellen M. and Steven E. Sprague to Meena and Moti Lal Thohan, $675,000.

RIDGEBACK CT., 18800 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Sara K. and Thomas A. Dunn, $1.18 million.

RIVERPOINT DR., 44113 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Jennifer J. Ro and Seong Jeon, $842,065.

ROCKFORD SQ., 864 -- Joyce Bush and Jerry Anderson to Nancy Araway and William F. Bethke, $470,000.

ROCKY CREEK DR., 19042 -- Jennifer F. and David Denton to Debra L. and Terry E. Holloway, $690,000.

ROZIER CT., 307 -- Cynthia S. and Michael S. Campbell to Heather and Peter Huene, $643,000.

RUSERT DR., 405 -- Nancye Schumann Sweet to Roberto H. Ramia, $445,000.

SANTMYER DR., 909 -- Dianna and Sean Cooper to Heidi G. and Greg A. Padgett, $670,000.

SHIRLEY SQ., 114 -- W.C. and Shannon L. Hamilton to Jose Cordova, $405,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18391 -- Emma Sullera to Sirva Relocation Corp., $490,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18506 -- Meena and Moti L. Thohan to Farhat and Khalid Mahmood, $470,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 827 -- Carla A. Studebaker to Ashwani Kumar and Amarjeet Kaur, $330,000.

SPRING CELLAR CT., 43421 -- Jody Terry to Shelby T. and Charles Patrick, $674,900.

STALLION SQ., 342 -- Margaret Haynes and Matthew Harvey to Cesar Quintanilla, $379,990.

STALLION SQ., 350 -- Lisa D. Vaughn to Jeffrey L. Rae, $389,000.

SUGARBUSH CT., 43332 -- Carol A. and Kenneth J. Wrable to Renee C. Pearson, $850,000.

TALL OAKS SQ., 877 -- Roberta Melinda Sloan to Rosalind D. Poe, $375,000.

THOMAS LEE WAY, 18790 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Kim M. and Paul E. Grim, $825,440.

TOWN BRANCH TERR., 212 -- Leslie and Jeffrey Sheldon to Susan Baggette, $437,000.

TUCKAWAY PL., 43568 -- M.B. River Creek P. Corp. to Sima Vatandoost and Rasoul Ahari, $1.21 million.

VERMILLION DR., 707 -- Mary K. and Richard L. Broderick to Robert Reece, $750,000.

WILD TURKEY WAY, 206 -- Samuel Brent Helmandollar to Michael Severin, $600,000.

WILLIAM ST., 413 -- Vicki L. and Douglas E. Adair to Deborah Z. and Douglas P. Saine, $629,999.

WILSON AVE., 204 -- Andrea J. and Richard E. Ryan to Sharon Moxley, $479,000.

Lovettsville Area

BERLIN TPK. S., 34 -- Hilda T. and Ray A. Cooper to Ita S. Zaky, $360,000.

CASSIA LANE, 38493 -- Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Vijay Kumar and Naranjan Ram, $679,243.

LIGHT ST. N., 10 -- Celesta L. and Steven G. Miller to Trisha N. and Grant Long, $374,900.

LOVETTSVILLE RD., 41386 -- Rachel and Wayne Kiehnau to Nina N. Habibi and James W. Black, $435,000.

POTTERFIELD DR., 47 -- NVR Inc. to Sadia and Syed N. Akhtar, $567,115.

ROCKY LANE, 39850 -- Jennifer and Kelly Noordam to Vicki C. and Mitchell C. Chen, $1.3 million.

STONEBURNER MILL LANE, 40644 -- Marvin S. Fink to Traci and Charles Brunner, $850,000.

Middleburg Area

REED ST., 5 -- B. Daniel and Leslie S. Hazel to George W. White, $750,000.

STONEWALL CT., 13 -- Kelly A. and Gregory W. Williams to Karen Patricia Woolley, $260,000.

Paeonian Springs Area

CATOCTIN RIDGE ST., 39947 -- Joycellen Rollins and Mary Green to Jessica D. and John D. Cooper, $275,000.

Purcellville Area

DAVIS DR. S., 411 -- Charles H. Magee Sr. estate to Beach Carpenter Properties Corp., $575,000.

DUNTHORPE LANE, 35711 -- Susan and Kristofer J. Lindamood to Penni S. and Kenneth D. Ivey, $950,000.

ELDER TERR., 211 -- Toll Virginia Partnership to Aimee Ly and Hung Do, $387,793.

ELDER TERR., 213 -- Toll Virginia Partnership to Rebecca Erskine and Ryan Tyler, $432,083.

ELDER TERR., 215 -- Toll Virginia Partnership to Megan T. and Christopher G. Bennett, $421,067.

FALCONHURST DR., 16782 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Angela I. and Scott A. Bresnahan, $862,934.

HIGHLAND FARM PL., 38060 -- U S Home Corp. to Shannon L. and Edward Manning, $845,167.

MAPLE AVE. S., 604 -- Michael Harris Corp. to Alice A. and Walter B. Golden, $502,831.

MAPLE AVE. S., 641 -- Lisa J. and Edward L. Stephens II to Dora and Jose Ramos, $575,000.

O ST. W., 101 -- Mirazel G. and Randolph W. Gesell to Kimberly M. and Walton J. Leach, $285,000.

O ST. W., 106 -- Jay C. Conner to Gail and L. Ritter and Roger Ritter, $269,900.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 14809 -- Leslye Tees and Douglas R. Wakefield to Dana A. and Joseph S. Sacco, $895,000.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 16405 -- W. Candyce and Lawrence K. Allen to Leah R. Knode, $825,000.

SEYZAL LANE, 14123 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Christopher J. Lane, $557,770.

WILLOWIN FARM LANE, 19972 -- Wetherburne Homes Corp. to Gwen and James T. O'Neill, $994,370.

Round Hill Area

ARROWOOD PL., 17391 -- Lee M. and John M. Robinson to Jorge Lopez, $450,000.

CEDAR ST., 13 -- Mildred Irene Ceasar to Charles C. Fishback, $363,000.

FLINT FARM DR., 17009 -- Comstock Hamlets of Blue Ridge Corp. to Jackie and David Schrodel, $950,000.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17510 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Fahem Rao and Azeem Rao, $476,485.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17518 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Syed S. Masood, $479,673.

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17555 -- Round Hill Investors Corp. to Neil Kumar and Muhammed Sarwar, $442,602.

PRESTWICK CT., 35270 -- Russell R. Smith to Virginia M. and Stephen J. Hannah, $800,000.

TREE CROPS LANE, 16657 -- Ruth Lissak and Winston S. Sharples to Angela A. Boncz and Mark R. Latta, $449,900.

South Riding Area

ARTHUR PL., 25588 -- Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Lisa B. and Gary L. Kedda, $988,993.

CABIN POINT CT., 25667 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Joseph and Jasmine Tran, $880,100.

CEDAR HEDGE ST., 42802 -- Alison A. and Jeffrey Adler to Charles J. Culley, $476,000.

CHURCHILL GLEN DR., 43797 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Kristen E. Snider, $810,750.

COMMONS SQ., 25800 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Sekhar Puli and Narasimha Nadela, $518,000.

CREEK RUN TERR., 25606 -- Kathy and Young H. Han to Lori Chetakian and Kent R. Hugill, $629,000.

DOMINION GLEN WAY, 25818 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Niroth and Linda Thong, $745,000.

HUSSAR TERR., 25550 -- Bonnie J. Bailey to Norma J. and Henry Khachi, $435,000.

IRON BIT PL., 42868 -- Equity Homes Partnership to John G. and Martha M. Spaethling, $1.14 million.

LANDS END DR., 26063 -- Ronald D. Tucker to Ellen C. and Glenn F. Miller, $465,000.

LANDS END DR., 26210 -- Kathy U. and David W. Perrett to M. Hoopes and Christopher Warfield, $590,000.

OLANDER SQ., 42907 -- Ronda P. and Hooman Kazerani to James J. Richardson IV, $544,000.

PHAR LAP CT., 25781 -- NVR Inc. to Amy S. and Jozsef Geza Toth, $1.2 million.

PINEBLUFF DR., 25869 -- Tobi and Dennis Park to Heloi E. Stark and Jon D. Hoffmeyer, $759,900.

SHALER ST., 42827 -- M. Thyagarajan and Vijay Atmavilas to Sayed Faezea, $500,000.

SOUTH VILLAGE DR., 25798 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Mirian and Jose Samuel Portillo, $692,240.

SPECTACULAR RUN PL., 25756 -- Maura J. and Mark P. Graham to Kristin L. and Mark S. Kapp, $835,000.

TALAMORE DR., 26109 -- Kimberly S. and Kevin Bahumian to Rochelle and Robert J. McCashin, $900,000.

TURLOUGH TERR., 25828 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Joseph C. Benucci, $482,200.

UNICORN DR., 42457 -- South Riding Partners Partnership to Kaori I. and Philip L. Rothenberg, $731,934.

WATERCREST SQ., 43134, No. 204 -- Sue Duck Bak to Hyung Joon Bak, $260,000.

Sterling Area

APPLEGATE DR., 130 -- Melanie B. and Marc W. Clements to Hien Tran and Cam Huynh and Tai Vuong, $525,000.

ARGUS PL., 211 -- Paul Davis to Cristian Marin, $290,000.

BALDWIN SQ., 21827 -- Balazs Czviin to David L. Scher, $350,000.

BISCAYNE PL., 20 -- Eden Hanger and Thomas Dunbar Jr. to Yeni and Aldo O. Bonilla, $465,000.

BRUNSWICK ST. E., 204 -- Carrie C. Kerr to Margoth Andino, $416,500.

CAMERON CT. N., 233 -- Karen I. and John K. Walker to Juan C. Mejia, $575,000.

CAMERON ST. S., 105 -- Todd M. and Virginia R. Rose to S. Chansombat and S. Surakkhaka, $426,000.

COVENTRY SQ., 240 -- Sumeth S. and Cynthia M. Tan to Santos Castillo, $323,000.

DICKENSON AVE. S., 800 -- Luis O. Garcia to Luis F. Caballero, $433,000.

ESSEX SQ., 34 -- Ana L. and Carmelo Vazquez to Yared Amera, $290,000.

HOBBLEBUSH TERR., 46741 -- Betrand C. and Ngozi N. Ugwu to Carroll M. Williams III, $421,000.

HOBBLEBUSH TERR., 46746 -- Wendy M. and Carl Lee Lowder Jr. to Allison and David Malone, $410,000.

HOLBORN CT., 902 -- Jose S. Hernandez to Juana Perez De Javier, $320,000.

JASON CT., 607 -- John W. Lawson to Si Van Nguyen and Loc Van Nguyen, $482,000.

KALE AVE., 143 -- Nazmia and Hashmatullah Mojadidi to Analy Argueta, $505,999.

KENNEDY RD. S., 106 -- Sharon M. and Roberto Ireno Alcalde to Ricardo Franco Murcia, $489,000.

LINCOLN AVE. S., 306 -- Liz Cabrera and Jose P. Castro to Digna and Domingo Henriquez, $437,000.

MEADOWLAND LANE W., 280 -- Rebecca L. and Timothy J. Skone to Tricia Schuler and Ethan Wolff, $489,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 10 -- Violet R. and Robert M. Azmana to Aref Parsa, $400,700.

MONARCH DR., 25 -- Michael Dean Wilson to Maria and R. Segovia and Luis R. Cruz, $357,500.

NETTLE TREE RD. W., 804 -- Leila P. Feliciano to Flor D. Ramires and Antonio Rivera, $411,000.

PARK HILL CT., 104 -- Lisa E. and James R. Monge to Vanessa L. and Daniel C. Hart, $459,900.

REDWOOD RD. W., 704 -- Eulas Lee Rush to Jon S. St. Onge, $255,000.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 203 -- Nathalie Edwards to Noemy D. and Santos Hernandez, $285,000.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 226 -- Pamela V. Bassanelli to Carlos E. Torres, $315,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 105 -- Jaswinder and Tarlochan S. Hundal to Juana Pichinte and Sofia Urbina, $318,500.

SHERWOOD CT., 209 -- Oksana V. Novichkow to Lidia M. Serrano De Arajfo, $350,000.

SILHOUETTE SQ., 46643 -- Pamela S. Britt to Samatha and Ramana R. Devulapally, $506,100.

SILVERLEAF DR., 236 -- M.R. Faulkner and Dale M. Roberts to Ana M. and Jose R. Campos, $550,000.

VERNON CT. W., 303 -- George E. Hamilton to Victor R. Noriega, $470,000.

WARWICK CT., 1057 -- Anton K. Totchey to Dolores B. Diaz, $260,000.

WEDGEDALE DR., 43 -- Carolyn M. and Steven E. Magnus to Krishnamoorthy V. Keerthipadi, $359,900.

WILLOW TERR., 206 -- Lori A. and Dale M. Patton Jr. to Robert E. Bates, $345,000.

Waterford Area

BANKFIELD DR., 15019 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to R. Kroontje and Geoffrey Fuller, $899,738.

BARLOW DR., 14972 -- Toll Land IX Partnership to Martha G. and Paul D. Okerberg, $711,665.

NINA CT., 14550 -- Yinling M. and Gerald P. Lewis Jr. to Karen A. and Daniel D. Stephens, $689,900.