The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BREEZY POINT RD., 3924-Cynthia L. and Joseph S. Jacquez to Calvin Bing, $330,000.

DALRYMPLE RD., 3910-Jay and Kari Seymour to Leslie and Darren Helwig, $245,000.

E ST., 8221-John T. and Pamela Tolson to Gail E. Nyman and Donald L. Frederick Jr., $225,000.

GREEN LEAF TERR., 2405-Norman L. Riendeau to Robin Drury, $305,000.

SILVERTON LANE, 3432-Gina M. Kapiskosky to Lara J. and George Owings IV, $300,000.

EIGHTH ST., 6236-Peggy E. Hover to Christina Marie Cheeks, $220,000.

NINTH ST., 6124-Darla C. Nelson to Phyllis M. Weatherbee, $254,000.

Dunkirk Area

KNIGHT AVE., 1417-Rosalie J. and Danny E. Wright to Bernice Melito, $365,900.

RIVERSHORE DR., 11631-Joseph P. and Carol H. Jiacinto to Linda E. and Mark R. Delfs, $469,900.

TWO SISTERS LANE, 10955-Andrew Brown to Sandra Smith and Robin Tompkins, $534,000.

Huntingtown Area

BIRCH DR., 4139-Michael W. and Julie C. Johnson to Mary Kae and Theodore D. Davis, $359,900.

KIMBERLY LANE, 2435-William R. and Mary P. Gaver to Shelly M. and James P. Corcoran Jr., $489,900.

KIMBERLY LANE, 2455-Monica M. Haley and Andy L. Pierson to Kelly and Richard Lehnen, $473,500.

LADY ANNE'S WAY, 2716-Karen A. and John C. Cole to Wanda L. Mims, $659,900.

PRIMROSE LANE, 1520-Ronald E. Jr. and Rebecca A. Griffin to David P. Elkinton and Janis Hurst, $775,000.

ROBSHIRE MANOR RD., 25-Warren J. and Joanne C. Hoffmaster to Jaclyn M. Chappell and John Douglass Jr., $276,900.

Lusby Area

BUFFALO RD., 447-Martha L. and M. Wayne Clarke to Robert P. McLean, $135,000.

DOGWOOD DR., 471-Dogwood Properties Corp. to Barbara M. Humphreys, $224,500.

DOUBLE TREE LANE, 12100-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Peter M. Waters, $299,000.

RAWHIDE RD., 11309-Thomas Builders to Terrie and Patrick Maxwell, $271,940.

SAN JOSE LANE, 12446-Charles G. Hooper Jr. to Lidya E. and George E. Noah II, $230,000.

SKYVIEW DR., 504-Scott W. Babb to Felix M. Dealba, $246,000.

TEXOLN CT., 758-James A. Lowery Sr., trustee, to D. and D. Homes Inc., $28,600.

WHITE SANDS DR., 744-Dorothy Mae and Joseph A. Freda to Kathleen Hull, $205,000.

North Beach Area

BAY AVE., 8906-Craig N. Collins to Lynda J. Striegel, $800,000.

SIXTH ST., 3946-Brian C. Marshall to Gary Vincent, $265,000.

EIGHTH ST., 3535-Jaqueline and Bernard W. Cowger Jr. to Charles R. Shuff, $350,000.

10TH ST., 4014-Paulette and David Martinez to Mark T. Raffles, $250,000.

Owings Area

DEER CHASE LANE, 8150-Gilmore G. Gavigan Jr. to Michelle L. and Victor M. Dobro, $297,000.

DELORES DR., 110-Robert L. and Valerie A. Arends to Michelle K. and Druso Daubon, $455,000.

ONTARIO CT., 1105-Michael A. and Lynn M. Causey to Lisa M. Schaffer Huntley and Harold J. Huntley, $595,000.

Port Republic Area

MILLER'S WAY, 1541-Calvert Crossings Corp. to Laura M. and Bryan L. Carpenter, $250,000.

WALNUT RD., 2015-Seham A. Wooten to Jason M. Dillon, $240,000.

Prince Frederick Area

ADELINA RD., 1012-Gary D. Willis Jr. to Brian Mayer, $250,000.

CLAY HAMMOND RD., 1710-T. and T. Builders Inc. to Diana A. and Donnie L. Gribble, $275,000.

HIDDEN SPRING TRAIL, 50-Donald L. Mitchell to Crystal L. Stallard, $294,000.

MONNETT RD., 4900-Forrest R. Hanvey Jr. to John W. Hudson III, $140,000.

SIXES RD., 4550-Kimberley J. and Grover M. Ladd Jr. to Ryan Epstein, $252,625.

SOUTH SHORE TERR., 360-Tanga S. and J.K. Fitzgibbon to Joyce I. Russell, $310,000.

WALTERS LANE, 1515-Michael J. and Sage Pappas to Bridget and David Parrish Sr., $650,000.

WOODVIEW LANE, 4460-David E. and Heather Carter to Julie A. and James D. Benjamin, $295,000.

St. Leonard Area

AVENUE E, 1526-Paul S. Reamy Jr. to Christy L. Brower and Scott J. Kirsch, $268,000.

EUCALYPTUS DR., 5778-John O. Jr. and Donna M. Drew to Pamela and Patrick J. Tippett, $340,000.

MADELINE DR., 315-Harold J. and Lyndall L. Aurand to Michele L. and Michael A. Nastasi, $525,000.

Charles County

La Plata Area

KLINE DR., 9563-Patsy J. and Hans L. Putz to Robin Hoppmeyer and John A. Pompell, $159,000.

St. Charles Area

KEEPSAKE PL., 23-Larita Carney to Viola Bland, $185,000.

SMOKETHORN CT., 3531-Timothy D. and Dawn M. Burkhart to Shalonda Y. and Lorenzo Johnson, $340,000.

Waldorf Area

COTTONGRASS ST., 8956-Thomas R. Jr. and Kelly L. Clark to Stacy M. and Glenn M. Dennis, $470,000.

EAGLE CT., 4431-Roxie and Dale A. Carnegie to Gary D. Strobel, $197,000.

EAGLE CT., 4449-Yma S. Plater to Kimberly S. Williams, $168,000.

HICKORY VALLEY DR., 2969-James A. Benjack to Thomas R. and Sara F. Parent, $340,000.

LAWRENCE DR., 10950-Woodmeade Homes Inc. to Valerie C. Munson, $413,000.

LEMUR CT., 6336-Cathy L. and Marvin K. Wilder to Eric G. Watters, $310,000.

POSTON DR., 2600-Brenda R. and Richard L. Ford to Mohamed I. Amin, $304,000.

SAILFISH CT., 5002-James C. Battaglia to Jamie and Clarence A. Hutchinson III, $369,900.

SNOW OWL PL., 11331-James S. McGarry to Theodore V.L. and Teodoro R. Varela, $225,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2057-Susan M. Manson to Shelita M. Davis, $180,000.

St. Mary's County

Avenue Area

BOWLES RD., 20382-Greenpoint Mortgage Funding Inc. to Eileen L. and Sean D. Wallace, $240,000.

California Area

ASH CREEK WAY, 44516-Deborah A. Paris to Anne M. and Charles A. Kimberlin, $425,000.

LEANING PINE LANE, 44226-James J. Turner to John C. Gernand, $339,900.

RED OAK CT., 23358-Dallas Lee Rebmann to Keeram Lee, $211,000.

STONEY HILL LANE, 23196-Walter E. Rutter to Jennifer A. Powell, $300,000.

WESTMEATH WAY, 45522-Michael P. Begin to Lana K. Bartels, $183,000.

WILLOW OAK CT., 44680-George Richardson to Sandra S. Miller, $205,000.

Chaptico Area

STONEY HILL LANE, 24690-Joseph E. Morgan to Teresa M. and James E. Suite, $439,000.

Great Mills Area

BOYNE CT., 45570-Rebeca L. and Martin B. Fuerst to Christopher P. Lawing, $277,997.

CLIPPER DR., 22065-Jennifer Lynn Hall to John Leonard, $254,000.

Hollywood Area

CLARKES LANDING RD., 44700-Bayse Harry Reedy Jr. to Laura Ann Taylor, $227,700.

PEMBROOK DR., 23325-Qualshire Land Development Corp. to Yuan Shu and Chin Yun Su, $433,514.

PEMBROOK DR., 23375-Qualshire Land Development Corp. to Tamarah C. and Robert B. Dishman, $85,000.

PENINSULAR DR., 26442-William Andrews to Michael W. Nowotny, $325,000.

PINTO DR., 25140-Stephanie Burroughs to Richard W. Russell, $257,000.

Leonardtown Area

BEACHCOMBER LANE, 20202-Robert L. Calloway to Paula N. Main and Mark J. Pintek, $250,000.

BRETON BAY DR., 22500-Benjamin A. Garner Jr. to Chapel Point Development Corp., $650,000.

DOMITILLA CT., 41965-P.F. Summers Inc. to Peggy B. Bell, $114,000.

GUNNELL DR., 23641-The Villages at Leonardtown Corp. to Michelle A. and Scott I. Reeves, $406,392.

HANOVER DR., 22223-P.F. Summers Inc. to Evelyn N. and Stephen N. Sweeney, $145,000.

JUNIORS WAY, 40559-Joseph A. Long III to Cameron Construction Inc., $63,500.

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39790-Jeannette L. Kelley to Mary B. and Thomas S. Cullifer, $224,900.

POTOMAC VIEW DR., 21807-Gene S. and Martha Jean Weimer to Catherine E. and John R. Shoemaker, $329,900.

Lexington Park Area

ALTMAN CT., 45950-Oakridge Housing Corp. to Lynda Qui Chen and Si Qiang Chen, $270,615.

CARMEN WOODS DR., 21372-James W. Hollrith to Millicent F. and Steven Thurmon, $105,000.

DEFENDER ST., 21625-Aaron R. Schwarz to Joseph Patrick Feehan, $250,000.

DUNLEIGH CT., 46342-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Jin S. Jung, $273,331.

FLOWER DR., 46856-Tywanda A. Barnett to Carl Gordon Jr., $105,000.

HOLLOW LANE, 45755-Lee Ann and Barrie L. Riddoch to Eleanor A. and Daniel R. Hunt, $420,000.

KEEL DR., 48302-Zoe C. Johnson to Donna and Paul Shireman, $315,000.

LYNN DR., 21413-Clayton T. Dixon to Marco Bellosi Jr., $210,000.

MIDWAY DR., 46608-Louise S. and Dowd E. Laney to Edgar T. Cooper, $155,000.

OLD HERMANVILLE RD., 20440-Metropolitan Development Corp. to Karen M. and Roger P. Prueitt, $298,000.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 20510-Robert F. Wordsworth to Tara J. Weiland and Francis R. Currie Jr., $181,400.

RONALD DR., 21876-Denise A. Schmidt to Silva K. Musleh and John Lacey, $140,000.

SKIPJACK CT., 20812-Michael H. Sanders to Richard Beall, $369,900.

SORREL DR., 47068-LandDevco Corp. to Cecelia L. Standley, $411,000.

SURFSIDE DR., 48403-Andre R. Barbins to Janice and Billy E. Biggs, $425,000.

Mechanicsville Area

COCHISE CT., 30045-Duey L. Hippeard Sr. to Bret S. Dunbar, $254,900.

GLENN CT., 27042-Robert J. Jr. and Kristine A. Fuller to Robin and Dan Finley, $295,000.

HEARTS DESIRE LANE, 39793-Coy Ellsworth Manning to Jennifer Long and Brian Latimer, $185,900.

Tall Timbers Area

GODDARDS LANE, 17362-David W. Willett to Lighthouse Road Associates Corp., $550,000.

LOBLOLLY CT., 45161-Christopher J. and Cathy J. Couch to Marcia R. and Keith M. Olson, $425,000.

LOIS MARIE LANE, 45050-Angela M. and Warren S. Mooring to Theresa L. Capstaff, $280,000.