On the Ballot in Virginia

Today, Virginians are picking their next governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. They will also choose the 100 members of the House of Delegates, one of two chambers in the General Assembly. Some local offices and bond issues are also on ballots in Northern Virginia.

On the Ballot in Maryland

Voters in several Maryland cities will go to the polls today to choose municipal leaders and decide on ballot questions.

Annapolis will pick a mayor and eight aldermen.

Bowie voters will decide whether to establish a local police department, in addition to choosing a mayor and five City Council members.

College Park will vote on an effort to expand citywide policing, as well as select a mayor and four council members.

Gaithersburg voters will pick a mayor and choose two council members from four council candidates.

Greenbelt will select five council members from six candidates. Voters will decide whether the city should engage in collective bargaining with its police department.

Rockville will choose a mayor and pick four council members from six council candidates.

Takoma Park voters will pick a mayor and six aldermen, as well as deciding whether to adopt an instant runoff voting system.