These are excerpts from the victory speech of Governor-elect Timothy M. Kaine (D) and from remarks by Republican candidate Jerry W. Kilgore.


We've done it. We've done it.

Governor [Mark R.] Warner called on us to put aside our political differences and build one Virginia full of hope and opportunity for every one of its citizens. And we did it. . . . Tonight the people of Virginia sent a message loud and clear that they like the path of Virginia and want to keep on it.

Tonight we proved the naysayers wrong.

We proved that faith in God is a value we all can share, regardless of party.

Other than the birth of my three kids, there has not been a more humbling and more exciting moment.

We are going to keep working to give every Virginia child a world-class education. . . . We are going to tackle the growing transportation problems. . . . We are going to build on success that gave Virginia the second-lowest unemployment rate in the nation and make sure that prosperity spreads to every corner of the Commonwealth.

Senator [H. Russell] Potts ran an honorable campaign and should be congratulated. Jerry Kilgore waged a very spirited campaign. He has spent many years in public service. He deserves our thanks and respect.

We will celebrate tonight. Tomorrow we will get back to work to keep the Commonwealth moving forward.


Tonight I am delivering a speech I never dreamed I would give. Even though the votes didn't go our way, I have no regrets. This is a hard speech to listen to, but it is important. This is Virginia. While we can't all be election winners, we are still the luckiest people on earth. We meet as Virginians should. We meet with honor, with grace.

There are some things worth fighting for. That fight is not over.

Tonight we may have lost the battle, but we have not and will not lose this war.

To all the boys and girls watching this, you have now learned a valid lesson. It doesn't matter where you call home. Anything is possible with hard work.